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How do I get Strago and Relm back again?

The guides say something about Owzer, but he won't show up.

Do I have to have gotten Shadow to do the quest?

nash_clovis provided additional details:

I saved Relm and she's sitting in the bed in Thamasa, but no one shows up in Owzer's mansion.

Is there a specific time I have to go talk to him before he disappears?

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LeviathanMist answered:

If I recall correctly, there's a square that you have to step on to enable the Owzer's Mansion events, and it's right at the front entrance of Thamasa (in the south part of the village). If you left Thamasa from the west, it won't trigger that variable - poor programming on Square's part. If you want to be sure, try leaving Thamasa from the south, then go back and see if Relm is still in bed. If she's not then you can go to Owzer's Mansion.
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LeviathanMist answered:

You have to go to the Veldt Cave and rescue Shadow (or Relm if you didn't save Shadow), and then you can go through Owzer's mansion and get Relm. You don't have to actually get Shadow, but you do have to save Relm/Shadow at the Veldt Cave before Relm shows up in Owzer's Mansion.
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SorrowTanuki answered:

Strago can be found by going to the Fanatic's Tower. Make sure you have Relm in your party and she will snap him out of his hypnotic daze.
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