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Asked: 5 years ago


I was fighting Chickenlips, in the forests outside Miranda. Sabin was hardly damaged and I expected him to use Fire dance. But, it said: Tigernreak
Sabin jumped quickly in a thing like when Cyan uses swordtechs. He attacked the enemey and caused more than 3000 damage! What was that and when can I let him do it? I only had Earring, and Black belt as relics.

Accepted Answer

From: TriforceSD 5 years ago

You must have been in critical status (kneeling and with less than 1/8 HP left). When more than 25 seconds have passed and you are in said critical status, the character has a 1/16 chance of performing their respective desperation attack. You just witnessed Sabin's. Just a little while ago, in my playthrough, Edgar happened to be low on HP and he did his "Royal Shock". Really neat when it happens. All characters except Umaro and Gau have them, IIRC.

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