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    Dating Walkthrough by Lucid Faia

    Version: 5 | Updated: 04/23/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                  ==================================          [i]
                             Harvest Moon
                          Dating Walkthrough
                            By Lucid Faia
                              VERSION 5
    Harvest Moon is one of the finest games I've ever played, and is yet another
    reason why the SNES is still the greatest console in the world today. It hides
    it well, but this is a very challenging game. You have a period of two and a
    half "years" to fulfill many tasks, and you will be scored on your performance.
    One of the most popular aspects about this game is the ability to date girls.
    It's also the main aspect of the game that most people have problems on. Your
    dating skills are an important part of your end score, so if you want to go for
    a perfect score, you need to master the art of dating in Harvest Moon.
    My main inspiration for creating this guide was the misinformation in other
    FAQs, no offense to the writers. I've read wild, baseless claims about the
    girls' likes and dislikes. So, if you're reading this, forget anything you read
    in a different FAQ, because this is the tested, flawless real deal. Read on to
    shed some light on the truth behind Harvest Moon's girls.
    This is not a manual for Harvest Moon. This is an in-depth reference guide on
    one aspect of the game. By reading on, I assume you are experienced with this
    This text is Copyright 2002 Adam Sweeney. If you want to use this "FAQ" on your
    website, e-mail me and I'll consider it after I see your site.
    The only site that can host this "FAQ" is GameFAQS (www.gamefaqs.com).
                  ==================================         [ii]
                           Table Of Contents
      i. Introduction / Copyright
     ii. Table Of Contents
    iii. Version History
     iv. Work In Progress
      1. Introduction To Dating
      2. The Basics
      3. Eve
         3a. Locations
         3b. Gifts
         3c. Conversation, etc.
         3d. Strategy
      4. Ellen
         4a. Locations
         4b. Gifts
         4c. Conversation, etc.
         4d. Strategy
      5. Ann
         5a. Locations
         5b. Gifts
         5c. Conversation, etc.
         5d. Strategy
      6. Maria
         6a. Locations
         6b. Gifts
         6c. Conversation, etc.
         6d. Strategy
      7. Nina
         7a. Locations
         7b. Gifts
         7c. Conversation, etc.
         7d. Strategy
      8. Locations Of Gifts
      9. Gift Reaction Chart
     10. Festivals
        10a. Flower Festival
        10b. Harvest Festival
        10c. Star Night Festival
     11. Quest For A Perfect Score
     12. The Diary / Point-To-Heart Conversion
     13. Marriage
        13a. How To Get Married
        13b. The Basics Of Marriage
        13c. Scoring
     14. Questions And Answers
     15. In Closing
    To find each section quickly, use the "Find" option on your text viewer and
    search for the section number enclosed in brackets ([ and ]).
                  ----------------------------------        [iii]
                            VERSION HISTORY
    Version 5 (04/23/09) - Removed obsolete contact info. Likely the final version
    of this old FAQ.
     Version 4 (../../03) - This FAQ is nearly done. Keeping FAQs updated is
    hard, considering work, high school, and my new Final Fantasy X addiction. I
    still say FF6 is the best, though FFX makes a distant second. Anyways, the
    marriage section is finished, and I'm looking into children, though I'm making
    a separate FAQ for that, as it is a consequence of dating, and not directly
    involved with the process itself (To be honest, I hope someone else handles
    children...). Therefore, future versions of this FAQ will only be to correct
    mistakes, though I haven't made any yet, knock on wood... Maybe a bug snuck in
    while I was testing gift reactions, but I'll leave verifications to you!
        -Completed the Marriage section.
        -Omitted the would-be Children section. Look for it in a separate FAQ.
     Version 3 (11/04/02) - An upgrade to a near-perfect FAQ. With the exception
    of one rather large blemish (Marriage, Children), this FAQ is nearly done.
        -I've rephrased the strategy sections for each girl, as they were
    misleading. I've also reworded a few sentences here and there.
        -Added a question for Eve.
        -Milk and Fodder added to gift reaction sections. I was bored...
        -Near-perfect conversation sections, complete with affection score
    requirements for certain questions. There's not nearly as many score
    requirements as I thought there would be. Only scores from marriage remain...
        -Added to the Questions and Answers section.
        -Started the Marriage section. It's just started and under construction,
    but it will be ready soon.
        -Fixed a major mistake on the time it took for a pregnant wife to give
    Now that I've gotten legimate access to the internet, updates to these FAQs
    will come a lot sooner.
     Version 2 (09/23/02) - This version should have come way sooner, but my
    access to computers dropped dramatically for various reasons, so I couldn't
    submit the update for a while. Anyways, here's what's new...
        -Season Of Change: Tons of new conversations with girls, complete with what
    season they occur in and various other requirements. This makes the
    conversation sections much more useful.
        -Eggs added to gift reaction sections. I may add Milk and Fodder if I feel
    like it, but WHY would you even consider these "gifts"? Milk is your single
    biggest money maker, and who would appreciate Fodder?
        -A completed Point-to-Heart conversion chart. This should be helpful.
        -Fixed a few typos. Yippie skip.
     Version 1 (09/02/02) - First version. Hopefully this guide makes everyone's
    Harvest Moon experience a little better.
                  ----------------------------------         [iv]
                           WORK IN PROGRESS
     There are but TWO "big" things I have not tested, and that is how Dating
    affects a different score, the "Personal Happiness" score shown to you at the
    end of the game, and how it affects the "Ranch Master" score, which is
    basically the overall score. Version 1.4 will contain information about these
    two scores, and mistake corrections. Once I run out of mistakes to correct,
    this FAQ will be finalized. Also, if I find more things that affect a marraige
    score, they will be tested.
     For a while, I was puzzled by a bug that slightly varied the points awarded /
    penalized in certain situations. Since it occurs sporadically, and it's only a
    one point variation, I've decided that it's merely a bug until I'm proven
    wrong. Harvest Moon doesn't have the best programming in the world, and has
    plenty of glitches, so this is the most likely reason.
                  ==================================          [1]
                        Introduction To Dating
    Your dad wants you to work hard on the farm, but he also wants you to meet some
    nice girl, settle down, have a family; the whole routine. There are five
    eligible girls in town, and depending on your actions, you may sweep one of
    them of her feet. You can even marry a girl if she falls in love with you, but
    she can also abandon you if you treat her poorly. There are several ways to
    interact with the girls: you can converse with them, give them gifts, dance
    with them at the festivals, and more. It doesn't end there; after marriage, you
    can even have children. You can do just about everything.
                  ==================================          [2]
                              The Basics
    There are five girls: Eve, Ellen, Ann, Maria, and Nina. Each girl has a 1000
    point affection score that starts at 0 and ends at 999. By talking to her and
    giving her gifts, you can raise this score. But, keep in mind the score doesn't
    raise every time you talk to them, and some gifts will insult them, thereby
    lowering her affection score. If you're serious about a perfect score, I
    suggest chasing Eve or Ellen. And once you're married with a girl, ignore the
    other girls, otherwise your wife may consider it "cheating", lowering her
    score. If your wife no longer has feelings for you, she WILL leave you, so be
    careful. By the way, the girls may not ask you a question right off the bat, so
    talk to them a few times until they ask it. Remember that they will not ask the
    question again until you leave the area.
                  ==================================          [3]
    Eve is the most convenient of choices, as six days out of seven, you can find
    her at night, where time stops and you're free to do as you please. This gives
    you time to tend to your farm during the day and then flirt at night.
    Eve is a bargirl. She lives in the bar with the bartender and can be found
    there quite often. The hunter in the mountain is her grandfather, whom she
    loves very much. She's a carefree person, but is very serious at the same time.
                  ----------------------------------         [3a]
     Monday - Sunday (Day)
        Public Square or
        Next to Mountain Spa
     Monday - Saturday (Night)
        In the bar
     Sunday (Night)
        In the spa
     Rain / Snow (Night)
        In the bar
     Star Night Festival
        In the bar
                  ----------------------------------         [3b]
     Flowers      +8 Points
     Cake         +8 Points
     Tomatoes     +5 Points
     Corn         +5 Points
     Eggs         +5 Points
     Milk         +5 Points
     Wild Grapes  +3 Points
     Turnips      +3 Points
     Potatoes     +3 Points
     Summer Fruit +3 Points
     Mushroom     +3 Points
     Moon Flower  +3 Points
     Cave Herbs   No Change
     Fodder       No Change
     Weeds        -2 Points
     Fish         -8 Points
     P. Mushroom  -8 Points
                  ----------------------------------         [3c]
                          CONVERSATION, ETC.
    IN THE BAR (Spring, Less than 3 Hearts (120 Points))
     "It's my home made fruit juice. Do you want it?"
        "Yes"     +4 Points
        "No"      +8 Points
    IN THE BAR (Spring, 150 Points or more)
     "I couldn't stand to be alone in that huge place. Don't you feel lonely
        "Sometimes"         +8 Points
        "Not at all"        +2 Points
     "Oh, what a coincidence to meet you here."
        "Yes"     +2 Points
        "No"      +8 Points
    MOUNTAIN, IN SPA (Spring)
     "You are pretty daring, aren't you? Shall I wash your back?"
        "Yes"     +8 Points
        "No"      +2 Points
     First time you talk to Eve
                  +8 Points
     Buy Eve Perfume
        Rose      +12 Points
        Lilac     +4 Points
        Violet    +8 Points
     Dance With Eve
                  +30 Points
     "It's the berry juice I made last year. It's one of the gifts from the earth.
    Want to try?"
        "Yes"     +8 Points
        "No"      +2 Points
    Dance With Eve
                  +30 Points
     Go to bar
                  +30 Points
     Eve's grandfather is trapped in the mountain cave. Do your daily chores, and
    then at night, head for the cave with your hammer. Break the rocks at the end
    of the cave to free him, and the day will end.
        Reward    +50 Points
                  ----------------------------------         [3d]
     Eve is ridiculously easy. By visiting her in the bar at night, you can give
    her presents and answer her questions over and over again. In fact, if you have
    the time and patience, you can max out her score in one night. Give her flowers
    during Spring and Summer, and mushrooms during Fall.
     I go to the bar at night and talk to Eve. When she offers her fruit juice, I
    refuse. I exit and reenter and repeat this process. Once I have 120 Points with
    her (3 Hearts), she stops asking that question, so I pick flowers for her.
    After about five flowers, she'll start asking a new question for you to answer
    over and over again.
                  ==================================          [4]
    Ellen is another convenient choice, as she can be found in the bar too, and
    she'll accept almost anything you give her.
    Ellen is a responsible girl. She lives in the restaurant in town. Her uncle is
    the livestock dealer, so she obviously grew up loving animals. She is the girl
    who gives you your dog at the beginning of the game.
                  ----------------------------------         [4a]
     Monday - Friday (Day)
        In front of the Livestock Shop
     Saturday (Day)
        Behind the Livestock Shop
     Monday - Saturday (Night, Spring)
        In the bar (You may have to exit and reenter for her to appear.)
     Sunday (Day)
        In the church
     Rain / Snow
        Back room of restaurant
     Star Night Festival
        Public Square
                  ----------------------------------        [4b]
     Eggs         +8 Points
     Milk         +8 Points
     Fish         +6 Points
     Wild Grapes  +6 Points
     Summer Fruit +6 Points
     Turnips      +6 Points
     Potatoes     +6 Points
     Tomatoes     +6 Points
     Corn         +6 Points
     Moon Flower  +6 Points
     Flowers      No Change
     Cake         No Change
     Cave Herbs   No Change
     Mushroom     No Change
     Fodder       No Change
     P. Mushroom  No Change
     Weeds        -4 Points
                  ----------------------------------        [4c]
                          CONVERSATION, ETC.
     "Hey, do you like animals?"
        "I love them"       +8 Points
        "I don't like them" +2 Points
     "Hey, do you like sweets?"
        "I love them"       +8 Points
        "Not really"        +2 Points
     "My uncle liked you. Please make friends with him. OK?"
        "OK"      +8 Points
        "No"      +2 Points
     First time you talk to Ellen
                  +8 Points
     Buy Ellen Perfume
        Rose      +15 Points
        Lilac     +8 Points
        Violet    +6 Points
     Dance With Ellen
                  +30 Points
     "I made this pumpkin pie. Do you want some?"
        "I want it"         +8 Points
        "I don't want it"   +2 Points
     Dance With Ellen
                  +30 Points
     Go to public square
                  +30 Points
     Ellen's bird, "P-Chan", is missing. See the fortuneteller in town first thing
    in the morning, then do your daily business. At night, you'll find P-Chan on
    the mountain, perched on the fence surrounding the fishing pond. Talk to it and
    Ellen will show up. After the conversation, the day ends.
        Reward    +50 Points
                  ----------------------------------        [4d]
     Ellen is another easy choice. It's really nothing to ignore her existence
    until Fall and then score 4 hearts with her in one day before nightfall. I've
    actually done this before. So, if you have a day off or you finish your work
    early, head to town and talk to Ellen. The best presents for her are Wild
    Grapes, Summer Fruit, and above all Eggs, but it's best to score points by
    talking to her.
     Most people think Eve is the easiest girl to settle down with. Personally,
    I've found Ellen and Ann to be easier in most situations, but it depends on
    your style of gameplay. Quite frankly, I don't chase Ellen unless I have a day
    off or a lot of extra time. I find her just outside the livestock dealer, and
    talk to her. I enter and exit the livestock shop and talk to her again over and
    over until nightfall. Since it's such a short trip, I can easily score about
    200 Points with her in one day without breaking a sweat. If you're looking for
    a gift for Ellen, it's eggs. No contest.
                  ==================================          [5]
    Ann is a little harder than Eve or Ellen, but it's still easy sailing.
    Ann is a breath of fresh air! She is a tomboy. She works with her dad in the
    tool shop and prefers keeping busy to doing nothing. She can almost always be
    found in the tool shop working on her own machine. She also has good taste in
    clothing, or at least that's what I think. It's quite funny to see how her
    reactions to various events differ from the other girls. She thinks hurricanes
    are exciting, and thinks rain is depressing (Because it's not hard enough.).
                  ----------------------------------         [5a]
     Monday - Friday (Day)
        Inside Tool Shop
     Saturday (Day)
        In front of the Tool Shop
     Sunday (Day)
        In the church
     Rain / Snow
        Back room of tool shop
     Star Night Festival
        In the spa
                  ----------------------------------         [5b]
     Cake         +6 Points
     Wild Grapes  +6 Points
     Summer Fruit +6 Points
     Mushroom     +6 Points
     Fish         +6 Points
     Turnips      +6 Points
     Potatoes     +6 Points
     Tomatoes     +6 Points
     Corn         +6 Points
     Moon Flower  +6 Points
     Eggs         +6 Points
     Milk         +5 Points
     Flowers      +2 Points
     Cave Herbs   No Change
     Fodder       No Change
     Weeds        -2 Points
     P. Mushroom  -8 Points
                  ----------------------------------         [5c]
                          CONVERSATION, ETC.
     "It'll be showcased at the shop one of these days so please try it."
        "Hum"               +8 Points
        "I don't want it"   +2 Points
     "Aren't I acting like a girl?"
        "No, no at all"     +8 Points
        "Not that bad"      +2 Points
    IN THE CHURCH (Sunday)
     "Ho-hum. It's boring, isn't it?"
        "Yes"               +4 Points
        "Not really"        +1 Point
     First time you talk to Ann
                  +8 Points
     Buy Ann Perfume
        Rose      +3 Points
        Lilac     +6 Points
        Violet    +15 Points
     Dance With Ann
                  +30 Points
     "Taraah, it's an Auto Harvesting Machine! Switch it on."
        "OK"      +8 Points
        "No"      +2 Points
     Go to Spa
                  +30 Points
     Ann has lost a "weathercock". It's a chicken-shaped wind measurer. Do your
    daily work first, then look in the henhouse. There it is. After picking it up,
    you'll give it to Ann and the day will end.
        Reward    +50 Points
                  ----------------------------------         [5d]
     Ann appreciates almost any gift you give her, and is the second easiest person
    to find in the game. You'll score most of your points with Ann from
    conversation, festivals, and the like. Mountain gifts are the best gifts to
    give her: Wild Grapes, Summer Fruit, and Mushrooms. When you're married to her,
    give her eggs.
     On the first day of Summer, the first thing you should do is head to the seed
    shop to buy new seeds. But since you're in town, stop by the tool shop and talk
    to Ann. She'll ask you to try her machine when she finishes it. Say "Hum" to
    add 8 points to Ann's score. Go into the bedroom, and then back to talk to her
    again. Repeat this process, and you can max out her score without losing any
    time at all, barring how long it takes you to get to the tool shop in the first
                  ==================================          [6]
    Maria's not hard to find or please, so it shouldn't take too much effort to
    chase her.
    Don't let the blue hair fool you. Maria is a serious, virtuous person. She goes
    to church regularly and has strong faith in God. She won't bother with you
    unless she believes you are virtuous, too.
                  ----------------------------------         [6a]
     Monday - Friday (Day)
        Outside the church
     Saturday - Sunday (Day)
        Inside the church
        Upstairs bedroom of Mayor's house
     Star Night Festival
        In the church
                  ----------------------------------         [6b]
     Summer Fruit +5 Points
     Mushroom     +5 Points
     Turnips      +5 Points
     Potatoes     +5 Points
     Tomatoes     +5 Points
     Corn         +5 Points
     Moon Flower  +5 Points
     Eggs         +5 Points
     Milk         +5 Points
     Flowers      +4 Points
     Cake         +3 Points
     Wild Grapes  +3 Points
     Fish         No Change
     Cave Herbs   No Change
     Fodder       No Change
     Weeds        -2 Points
     P. Mushroom  -8 Points
                  ----------------------------------         [6c]
                          CONVERSATION, ETC.
     "Do you believe in God?"
        "Yes"     +8 Points
        "No"      +2 Points
     "...Excuse me, do you like kids?"
        "I love kids"       +8 Points
        "Not really"        +2 Points
    IN THE CHURCH (Sunday)
     "Oh, you have come to listen to the priest."
        "Yes"     +4 Points
        "No"      +1 Points
     First time you talk to Maria
                  +8 Points
     Buy Maria Perfume
        Rose      +5 Points
        Lilac     +15 Points
        Violet    +8 Points
     Dance With Maria
                  +30 Points
     "Even if you don't believe in God, it's good to keep gratitude in your mind."
        "Yes"     +8 Points
        "No"      +2 Points
     Dance With Maria
                  +30 Points
     Go to church
                  +30 Points
     Maria has run away from home! This is the event I least expected. No, she's
    not at the church... Wait until nightfall, and then go to the Carpenter's
    house. Look around, and eventually, you'll find Maria.
        Reward    +50 Points
                  ----------------------------------         [6d]
     Maria is the easiest person to find in the game. Unless it's raining, she's
    either right in front of the church or in it. Flowers, Summer Fruit, Mushrooms,
    and Eggs are the best presents to give her, which covers the year, so she's
    actually rather easy.
     I like to visit Maria on Sundays in church. I assure her of my faith, leave
    the church, reenter, and reassure her. I repeat this process. Maria always asks
    this question so I'm free to earn as many points as I like.
                  ==================================          [7]
    Nina is considered by many people to be the hardest of the girls. But, none of
    the girls are hard enough so that you wouldn't choose them based on difficulty.
    Nina is actually quite easy; people think she is hard because others mislead
    Nina is an unrepentant plant lover. She is the daughter of the seed shop owner
    and is rarely seen anywhere where plants aren't nearby.
                  ----------------------------------         [7a]
     Monday - Friday (Day)
        By the seed shop
     Saturday - Sunday (Day)
        Top-left corner of mountain
        Back room of seed shop
     Star Night Festival
        Mountain Summit
                  ----------------------------------         [7b]
     Moon Flower  +8 Points
     Flowers      +4 Points
     Cake         +4 Points
     Summer Fruit +4 Points
     Mushroom     +4 Points
     Fish         +4 Points
     Tomatoes     +4 Points
     Corn         +4 Points
     Eggs         +4 Points
     Milk         +4 Points
     Wild Grapes  +2 Points
     Turnips      +2 Points
     Potatoes     +2 Points
     Fodder       No Change
     P. Mushroom  -4 Points
     Weeds        -4 Points
     Cave Herbs   -6 Points
                  ----------------------------------         [7c]
                          CONVERSATION, ETC.
     "Hey, do you like flowers?"
        "Yes"               +8 Points
        "Not really"        +2 Points
     "Do you believe there is a flower which blooms in Winter?"
        "Yes"               +8 Points
        "You're kidding?"   +2 Points
     First time you talk to Nina
                  +8 Points
     Buy Nina Perfume
        Rose      +8 Points
        Lilac     +8 Points
        Violet    +8 Points
     Dance With Nina
                  +30 Points
     "Hey, please! Eat this!"
        "OK"      +8 Points
        "No"      +2 Points
     Go to Summit +30 Points
                  ----------------------------------         [7d]
     Flowers, Summer Fruit, Mushrooms, and Eggs are the best choices for gifts.
    Take full advantage of all festivals and dances.
     I put off dating Nina until Winter, when you have tons of free time. Answer
    her questions outside the seed shop, then enter and exit the seed shop for her
    to ask the questions again. Start at morning and she'll be all yours in two
                  ==================================          [8]
                          Locations Of Gifts
        During Spring and Summer, you can find a bunch of these on the mountain.
    All year, you can buy them at the seed shop, which is a waste of money at 300G
    per flower. Buy them only during Fall or Winter if you are rich.
        Cake can be bought at the restaurant.
        These are found in Spring on the mountain.
        Obviously, these are only found during Summer, on the mountain. They look
    like green apples.
        During Fall, these are found all over the mountain.
        During Fall, you can find this next to one of the mushrooms at the bottom
    right corner of the mountain. It basically looks like a mushroom with spots.
        Once the fisherman on the mountain allows you to fish, you can try to catch
    fish. This is the only way to get fish.
        There is a cave on the mountain. At the end of the cave are the herbs.
        These are the weeds that grow on your farm. There's no real reason to give
    these to a girl unless you're mad at one of them or something...
        Perfume can only be bought at the Flower Festival on Spring 23, and you
    have to use it at the Festival. I consider it a waste of money unless you're
        These are the crops you can buy from the seed shop during Spring. After
    harvesting them, you can give them away or sell them. It's better to sell them.
        These are the summer crops. Again, sell all crops.
        This comes from your cows. It comes in three sizes, and all three should be
    sold and not given away.
        These come from your chickens, and make excellent gifts. They are
    particularly useful once you're married, since you don't have to leave the farm
    to give your wife presents. These generally make the best all-purpose gifts,
    and are quickly retrieved from your own farm. If you don't have time to scour
    the mountain for a gift, grab an egg and give that away instead. All girls like
        This can only be found on Fall 11th on the mountain summit. You can give it
    to a girl, eat it, or sell it for 600G. Sell it.
                  ==================================          [9]
                          Gift Reaction Chart
                   Eve   Ellen   Ann   Maria   Nina
    Flowers        +8     0      +2    +4      +4
    Cake           +8     0      +6    +3      +4
    Wild Grapes    +3    +6      +6    +3      +2
    Summer Fruit   +3    +6      +6    +5      +4
    Mushroom       +3     0      +6    +5      +4
    P. Mushroom    -8     0      -8    -8      -4
    Fish           -8    +6      +6     0      +4
    Cave Herbs      0     0       0     0      -6
    Weeds          -2    -4      -2    -2      -4
    Rose Perfume   +12   +15     +3    +5      +8
    Lilac Perfume  +4    +8      +6    +15     +8
    Violet Perfume +8    +6      +15   +8      +8
    Turnips        +3    +6      +6    +5      +2
    Potatoes       +3    +6      +6    +5      +2
    Tomatoes       +5    +6      +6    +5      +4
    Corn           +5    +6      +6    +5      +4
    Eggs           +5    +8      +6    +5      +4
    Milk           +5    +8      +5    +5      +4
    Fodder          0     0       0     0       0
    Moon Flower    +3    +6      +6    +5      +8
     If you give the Moon Flower to a girl, you are wasting money. It only appears
    once a year and can be sold for 600G. Choose a different gift.
     Perfume can only be bought at the Flower Festival, on Spring 23rd, for 1000G
    per bottle.
     It doesn't matter if you pick flowers or buy them; they have the same value.
    That means you should NEVER buy flowers during Spring and Summer. As a matter
    of fact, you don't need to buy them at all. It's a waste of money.
                  ==================================         [10]
    Festivals are special occasions. On certain days, the townsfolk get together
    for one reason or another and basically throw a huge party. These festivals
    usually have some sort of attraction or another and are based on a theme. There
    are six festivals: The Flower Festival on Spring 23rd, the Harvest Festival on
    Fall 12th, the Egg Festival on Fall 20th, the Thanksgiving Festival on Winter
    10th, the Star Night Festival on Winter 24th, and the New Year Festival on
    Spring 1st. Only three of these festivals can have any affect on your affection
    scores, and you don't have to go to the festivals; the girls won't mind if you
    work on the farm instead. However, there are several other reasons to attend
    festivals, so you should take a look at them.
                  ----------------------------------        [10a]
                           FLOWER FESTIVAL
    The Flower Festival is held in the public square on Spring 23rd. Basically, you
    talk to everyone, look at what the merchants are selling, and end with a dance
    with the girl of your choice.
     This costs 1000G per bottle. I suggest you refrain from buying perfume unless
    you're rich. Personally, I don't NEED to buy perfume for the girls, so neither
    do you. I suggest you save your money, but here's how perfume scores with the
    girls anyway.
                   Eve   Ellen   Ann   Maria   Nina
    Rose            +12   +15     +3    +5      +8
    Lilac           +8    +8      +6    +15     +8
    Violet          +4    +6      +15   +8      +8
     The first time you talk to a girl, 8 Points for her score will be rewarded.
    Whatever she says to you changes depending on the number of hearts you have
    with her, marital status, etc.
     After talking to everybody, talk to the mayor's wife and she will move, giving
    you access to talk to the mayor. Talk to him and he'll ask you if you're ready
    to start the dance. Say yes, and then pick one of the five girls to dance with.
    You'll be awarded 30 Points with the girl you dance with. If you attend the
    festival, you have to dance with one of the girls. If you're married, dance
    with your wife.
                  ----------------------------------         [10b]
                           HARVEST FESTIVAL
    The Harvest Festival is also held in the Public Square, on Fall 12th. Everybody
    brings food and puts it in a big pot, in the hopes of making the ultimate stew
    or something. The concept is over my head, but this is another opportunity for
    major points with the girl you're chasing. You don't have to bring food here,
    though everybody wants you to. (Side note: Bring a fish and you'll get a Power
     Each girl will ask you to say something, do something, et al. No matter what
    the question is or who is asking it, answering "Yes" is worth 8 Points, and
    answering "No" is worth 2.
     Same as the Flower Festival. The dance is worth 30 Points.
                  ----------------------------------        [10c]
                          STAR NIGHT FESTIVAL
    The Star Night Festival is on Winter 24th. It is celebrated everywhere. On the
    morning of Winter 24th, you will be given an option on where to go to watch the
    stars. There are five locations, and one eligible girl for each location. After
    talking to everybody at whichever location you pick, talk to the girl and the
    festival will end. Here's where to find each girl.
    EVE           Bar
    ELLEN         Public Square
    ANN           Spa
    MARIA         Church
    NINA          Mountain Summit
    For whichever location you pick, you will receive 30 Points for the girl that's
    also at that location. Your livestock will automatically be taken care of so
    don't worry about them.
                  ==================================         [11]
                       Quest For A Perfect Score
    At the end of the 3rd Summer, the game will end and you'll be scored on how you
    did. Your affection scores with the girls weigh heavily on your final score.
    If you want a high or even perfect Ranch Master rating, you need to obtain a
    perfect score with one of the ladies. So, if you have decided to go for a
    perfect score, select Eve or Ellen, because their scores can be maxed out in
    very little time, leaving you much needed time to focus on other things that
    you're scored on. And if you don't feel like staying up all night, you can max
    out their scores over a long period of time with very little effort.
    If you choose Ann, Maria, or Nina, they are your first priority (besides the
    harvest). If you have no crops to ship, start each day by visiting them in
    town. If conversation won't award points, then get them a gift. If you have any
    free time at all before nightfall, use it with the girls.
    For each girl, there is a strategy section in this guide. Here I've detailed
    "cheap" strategies (overly easy ways to win their hearts in as little time as
    possible). Using these strategies, it is possible to get perfect score with ALL
    of the girls in a very short amount of time.
    So, here are the objectives to acheive for a perfect score (as it relates to
     -Perfect Affection Score (999) with at least one girl. (It wouldn't hurt to
    get all five.)
     -Married once.
     -Two children.
                  ==================================         [12]
                               The Diary
    To have a rough idea on where you stand with a girl, check her diary. The
    girls' diaries are found in their bedrooms.
     Eve          Bar
     Ellen        Restaurant
     Ann          Tool Shop
     Maria        Mayor's House
     Nina         Flower Shop
    Each diary has a certain amount of hearts in it. This gives you a rough idea of
    how you rank on your affection score.
     1 Heart      0 Points
     2 Hearts     50 Points
     3 Hearts     120 Points
     4 Hearts     200 Points
     5 Hearts     250 Points
     6 Hearts     300 Points
     7 Hearts     400 Points
     8 Hearts     500 Points
     9 Hearts     600 Points
    10 Hearts     800 Points
    The most points you can have with any one girl is 999, and the highest number
    of hearts you can get is 10.
                  ==================================         [13]
                  ----------------------------------        [13a]
                          HOW TO GET MARRIED
    Once you've decided to marry a girl, you may do so under a few conditions.
    First, you must have at least 5 Hearts (250 Points) with the girl. Next, you
    must have upgraded your house at least once. To upgrade your house, speak to
    the carpenter inside the mountain treehouse. He'll upgrade your house once if
    you provide him with 5000G and 250 logs of wood (Chop tree stumps to get
    wood.). You can also get a second upgrade for 10000G and 500 logs. Once you
    have at least one house upgrade and five hearts with the girl of your choice,
    you're ready.
    On a Sunday, visit the village. You should see a shabby white-haired person
    instantly. This is the Hawker. He's a wandering peddler (Who never has anything
    to peddle...), and will sell you a Blue Feather provided you've met the
    standards in the above paragraph. The Blue Feather costs 1000G, and is used as
    a tool.
    Now, wait until a Saturday with normal weather. Go to your tool shed and equip
    the Blue Feather as one of your items. After tending to your livestock and
    crops, seek out the girl. Walk up to her and "use" the Blue Feather a few
    times. If you've done everything I've told you to do, she'll accept. You'll see
    the wedding ceremony and the day will promptly end. The girl now lives with you
    as your wife (Which is the reason for the house extension.).
                  ----------------------------------        [13b]
                        THE BASICS OF MARRIAGE
    You can't get married and expect to maintain the same lifestyle you've been
    living. Once married, you have certain responsibilities you have to uphold,
    lest your wife gets mad and leaves you. Your wife will basically stick around
    your farm, doing whatever. Remember that there is still an affection score. If
    you neglect your wife and it falls, she may leave you.
                  ----------------------------------        [13c]
    It's not that big of a section, but this is what everyone is interested in.
    This is the single reason people other than newbies read my FAQ. How do certain
    actions affect your affection score with your wife? One of the odd things I
    noticed was that not talking to your wife, or "cheating" on your wife, did NOT
    lower your score. I know it makes no sense, but that's the way the game was
    made. That doesn't mean you can forget she exists; you have a curfew. Be home
    before 6 PM and you'll be fine.
    All gift scores remain intact, first of all. Unlike every woman I know, the
    girls of Harvest Moon never seem to change their minds about what they like...
     Giving a gift to another girl
        No change
     Dancing with another girl at a festival
        No change
     Going to bed with your wife
        +2 Points
     Going to bed without your wife
        No Change
     Your wife goes to bed without you (6PM)
        -2 Points
     Going to bed automatically after an event (Such as a festival)
        No Change
    I can't believe that's all I've found so far. The girls in Harvest Moon are
    unbelievable. What girls do YOU know will get up at 6AM, go to bed with you at
    5PM, and allow you to flirt and dance with other women? Well, just so everybody
    knows, there were a LOT of things to test, but most of them had no bearing on
    your wife's affection score.
                  ==================================         [14]
                         Questions And Answers
     Q1. How Do I Get Married?
     A1. See Section 13a.
     Q2. Where do the girls go on rainy days?
     A2. On rainy days, all girls are in their bedrooms, no exceptions.
     Q3. How do I tell how many points I've scored with a girl?
     A3. Watch the game ending. You can view the ending at any time by holding the
    L, R, Select, and Start buttons while going to bed. At the end of the ending
    sequences, your scores will be revealed to you. Remember to save before you do
     Q4. When should I get married?
     A4. I cannot stress enough the importance of not getting married too early.
    Marriage is a responsibility, and your cash flow will slow down sharply. A
    perfect score is easy enough to get, depending on the girl you chose. But for
    the best ending sequence, you need to get married, stay married, and have two
    kids. The optimal time to get married would be just enough time to have the two
    kids, but late enough so as not to disturb your schedule too much. It takes one
    month for your wife to get pregnant, and two months for her to give birth. The
    game ends at the end of the third Summer. The time span of the game allows for
    a third child, and while it's possible to make Eve, Ellen, and possibly Maria
    fall in love with you in three days or less, there's no way to get the 5000G
    required the the neccessary house extension first.
     Q5. You've referred to the girls' "difficulty".
     A5. The difficulty I refer to is how hard they are to please, among other
    things. Eve and Ellen are automatically easy choices because they appear at
    night, when time stops. Maria appreciates most gifts, and is the easiest girl
    to find, so she's also easy. Ann and Nina are a little harder, because they
    require more long-term strategy. Ultimately, you can score very high with all
    of the girls in a short amount of time, so it doesn't matter.
     Q6. What are the maximum values for the girl's scores?
     A6. The highest score you can get is 999 Points and 10 Hearts. You only need
    800 Points to get 10 Hearts, you you can raise the score up to 999.
     Q7. This girl isn't asking me a question that you said she would!
     A7. Talk to her until she does. Usually a girl has something other than a
    question to say to you. When you talk to her, the game randomly picks which one
    she goes with. As a matter of fact, girls almost always have two things to say
    to you. Keep talking until you find the other.
     Q8. Any suggestions for getting my wife pregnant?
     A8. Yeah. Read my FAQ.
     Q9. Any final advice?
     A9. Enjoy the game. Don't be too much of a perfectionist, and have fun with
    Harvest Moon. Master it once if you must, but then have fun with it.
                  ==================================         [15]
                              In Closing
    Thanks for reading my FAQ; hope it was helpful!
    -Lucid Faia

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