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                         Harvest Moon
                     Livestock Walkthrough
                        By Lucid Faia

                          VERSION 3

This is my second FAQ for Harvest Moon, one of the top SimRPGs for the SNES.
This walkthrough focuses on your livestock. Eventually, cows are your biggest
money-maker, so it's very important to raise them right. The eggs chickens lay
have several uses, all helpful to achieve your goal. Cows and chickens are
essential to your income, so it's extremely important that you take care of
them. The livestock aspect of this game is where its innovation really shows.
There are several ways to tend to your livestock, indoors and outdoors.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about livestock. Information on
buying and raising cows and chickens, egg cultivation, cow breeding, milk
sizes, the Cow Affection Score and more is inside.

This is not a manual for Harvest Moon. This is an in-depth reference guide on
one aspect of the game. By reading on, I assume you are experienced with this

I am always working on this guide! If I've missed something, please let me

This text is Copyright 2002 Adam Sweeney. If you want to use this "FAQ" on your
website, e-mail me and I'll consider it after I see your site.

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                       Table Of Contents

  i. Introduction / Copyright
 ii. Table Of Contents
iii. Version History

  1. Introduction To Livestock
  2. The Basics
  3. How To Buy Livestock
  4. Chickens
     4a. Taking Care Of Chickens
     4b. Raising Chickens (Egg Cultivation)
     4c. Produce (Eggs)
     4d. Pricing
  5. Cows
     5a. Taking Care Of Cows
     5b. Raising Cows (Breeding)
     5c. Produce (Milk)
     5d. Pricing
     5e. Cow Affection Score
  6. Selling Livestock
  7. Others
     7a. Dog
     7b. Horse
  8. Glitches
  9. Quest For A Perfect Score
 10. Questions And Answers
 11. In Closing

To find each section quickly, use the "Find" option on your text viewer and
search for the section number enclosed in brackets ([ and ]).

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                       VERSION HISTORY

Version 3 (04/29/09) - Removed obsolete contact info. Likely the final version
of this old FAQ.

Version 2 (01/01/03) - Happy New Year! Let's hope for a good year in 2003,
because 2002 sucked. I fixed a couple of typos and my first "real" mistake in
my FAQ. No, you do NOT need to feed chicks. Not until they mature into
chickens, anyway.

Version 1 (11/04/02) - First version. Hopefully this guide will make
everyone's Harvest Moon experience a little better.

              ==================================          [1]
                   Introduction To Livestock

Want animals on your farm? Well, you can! You can buy, sell, and raise cows and
chickens, in addition to having a horse and a dog. However, anyone will tell
you that this means more responsibilities for you, but the rewards are well
worth it. Livestock is crucial to your success.

              ==================================          [2]
                          The Basics

Livestock are living creatures, which need care. You must feed them and take
care of them on a regular basis or they will DIE. You have to feed your
livestock every day: one unit of fodder per animal is enough. But cows in
particular need special care if you want high-quality milk. You can make them
happier by brushing them and talking to them. Happier cows means better milk,
so it's in your best interest to keep your cows healthy and happy at all times.

              ==================================          [3]
                     How To Buy Livestock

In the bottom-right corner of the town is the livestock shop. This is your only
source of obtaining your first livestock. However, the owner is very protective
of his stock, and won't sell you livestock until you've established a source of
feeding them.

To get the livestock dealer to sell you livestock, you must have planted enough
grass to cover 16 or more squares on your farm. One bag covers 9 squares, and
you start the game with a free bag, so you'll need to buy a bag of grass from
the seed shop in town and plant it. One bag costs 500G.

And just because you've planted grass doesn't mean you're ready. You still need
feed for the livestock. One square of full-grown grass can be cut with the
sickle to reap 1 unit of fodder. Animals need 1 unit of fodder each per day,
lest they get sick. Remember, sick animals don't give produce, and won't be
happy. So, keep your animals fed. Before buying livestock, wait for your grass
to grow. Then cut it to save up fodder. Animals will eat full-grown grass
automatically if they are outside, but getting them inside and outside is a
time-consuming pain that is both unnecessary and wasteful. Keep your livestock
in their barns.

The livestock dealer also sells feed, but it's rather expensive, and he
recommends you use your own grass, so take his word for it.

Once you've got enough fodder and grass growing on your farm, you're ready to
buy livestock. One baby cow costs 5000G, and one chicken costs 1000G. When you
buy a chicken, it will appear just outside the livestock shop. You have to pick
it up and take it to your farm by yourself. Put it in the henhouse (The
rightmost building next to the silo) and feed it. Cows will be personally
brought to your farm by the dealer himself. Upon arriving to your farm, you'll
name the cow. It's in the stables to the left of the silo. Remember to feed it.

Buy the way, I suggest that you only buy ONE chicken, and raise the rest by way
of egg cultivation. However, buy ALL of your cows, as breeding is too time

              ==================================          [4]

              ----------------------------------         [4a]
                    TAKING CARE OF CHICKENS

The great thing about chickens is that they are very low maintenance. All they
require is food. Retrieve fodder from the left side of the room and throw it in
the bin at the top of the room. Throw in 1 unit of fodder per chicken you have.
Don't throw the fodder on top of other fodder or it won't count; throw it
elsewhere in the bin. Remember that time stops in all buildings, so you can
take all the time you need to tend to the chickens. If you feed your chickens,
the next day, you'll find that all of the full-grown chickens have laid eggs.

In emergency situations, you can buy bags of feed from the livestock dealer,
but it's costly at 1000G.

Never put your dog near the chickens.

              ----------------------------------         [4b]

In the bottom-right corner of the henhouse is a nest. Place an egg here, and in
three days, it will hatch, and you'll be rewarded with a baby chick. In seven
they will mature into a full-grown chicken, and start laying eggs. You can only
cultivate one egg at a time.

              ----------------------------------         [4c]

You can use the eggs your chickens lay in a variety of ways. You can sell them,
give them away, or cultivate them. If you have multiple chickens, you can do
different things with each of the eggs.

If you choose to sell the eggs, you don't have to leave the henhouse. There is
a shipping bin in the bottom-left corner of the henhouse. Throw an egg in it
and the next day, you'll be rewarded with 50G per egg.

You can also give away eggs, though the only way it will affect your game in
any way is if you give them to one of the five eligible girls: Maria, Ann,
Nina, Ellen, and Eve. If you are married, it's really convenient to give your
wife eggs as gifts. All girls appreciate eggs, so they're great gifts.

Then you can cultivate the eggs, as described in section 4b.

              ----------------------------------         [4d]

               Buy   Sell
 Chicken      1000G  500G
 Egg           N/A    50G

              ==================================          [5]

              ----------------------------------         [5a]
                      TAKING CARE OF COWS

There's chickens... and then there's cows. Cows are high-maintenance animals,
and must be taken good care of. The milk they produce is ultimately your
biggest money-maker in Harvest Moon, so it's very profitable to have them.
First, I suggest you buy some tools from the tool shop in town. You'll want the
brush, which costs 800G, and the milker, which costs 1800G. Plus, the cows
won't give milk until they mature, which takes 21 days from the time you
buy/birth them, provided you take good care of them. It seems a little extreme
and expensive, but cows will more than pay for themselves over time, so don't
worry about it.

Keep your cows indoors. They don't tolerate bad weather, and it takes too long
to direct them anyways. Once you have a cow, talk to it and brush it once a
day. In the cow stables, there is a bin where you can take fodder from. Feed
your cows by throwing one unit of fodder into their respective stable. If you
throw fodder into the wrong stable it doesn't count, so watch it. When you
enter the stables, the cows will stand next to their stable, so you can tell
which one is theirs. Remember to only feed them one unit of fodder per day.

If you screw up by leaving a cow out in bad weather (I told you to keep them
indoors at all times...) or miss a feeding, it may get sick. Sick cows really
stick out. They move very slowly, their head droops, and their faces are blue.
If you talk to them, the game will let you know that they are sick. When a cow
is sick, buy medicine from the livestock shop (It costs 1000G...) and run to
your tool shed. Equip the medicine and use it on your cow. It will return to
good health, but it won't be happy. Don't let this happen.

In emergency situations, you can buy bags of feed from the livestock dealer,
but it's costly at 1000G.

Never put your dog near the cows.

              ----------------------------------         [5b]
                    RAISING COWS (BREEDING)

Breeding cows is a complete waste in my opinion, but if it's late in the game
and you want to do it just for fun, here's what to do.

The livestock dealer sells Miracle Potion for 4000G. Equip it as an item and
use it next to your cow. Stand right next to your cow and face it to insure
that it works. The cow will confirm it worked by stopping and making a happy
face. Remember you can only use this on full-grown cows. This cow will now
spend it's days in a special area at the bottom-right corner of the stables.
Remember to feed it everyday. You can't get milk from pregnant cows, but you
can brush them and talk to them. After 21 days, a baby cow will be born, and
you will name it. The mother cow returns to normal, and you can continue
collecting milk from it.

              ----------------------------------         [5c]

With the milker you bought from the tool shop, you can collect milk from
full-grown cows. Depending on how well you treat your cow, you'll receive more
or less milk. Obviously, more milk means more money. Milk makes more money than
anything else in the game, and if you have multiple cows giving milk every day,
you're making serious money.

There are three sizes of milk: small, medium, and large. It's easy to tell the
three apart. Small milk is is a tiny container, medium is in a container with a
face on it, and large is in a huge container. You have two options with milk:
sell it or give it away. It's foolhardy to give something away that makes so
much money, so sell it. There's a shipping bin in the cow stables, so you don't
have to leave the building to ship milk. The milk size grows with your cow's
affection score (See section 5e).

              ----------------------------------         [5d]

               Buy   Sell
 Baby Cow     5000G  N/A
 Adult Cow     N/A   5000G  (If it's giving small milk)
                     8000G  (If it's giving medium milk)
                     10000G (If it's giving large milk)
 Milk (S)      N/A   150G
 Milk (M)      N/A   250G
 Milk (L)      N/A   350G

 Newborn cows cannot be bought or sold.

              ----------------------------------         [5e]
                      COW AFFECTION SCORE

Just like the eligible girls, cows have affection scores. The higher the score,
the more milk you'll get from it. However, there's no real easy way to raise
this score. You can only raise it, by brushing and talking to your cow, and it
only raises it's score once a day. Here's how certain actions affect the cows

 Brush the cow          +3 Points (Once a day)
 Talk to the cow        +1 Point  (Once a day)
 Feed the cow           No Change
 Milk the cow           No Change
 Use Miracle Potion     No Change
 Give cow medicine      No Change
 Hit cow with a tool    Varies*
 Don't feed the cow     -8 Points (+Random chance of cow getting sick)

*In case you do this by accident, the game allows a few "freebies" by not
lowering the score if you attack your cow. However, keep hitting the animal and
the score will plummet.

              ==================================          [6]
                       Selling Livestock

When you want to sell livestock, go to the livestock shop in town and let the
dealer know you want to sell and animal. Next, go to your farm. If you haven't
noticed before, there is an almost fenced-in area at the entrance to your farm
to the left of the shipping bin. Get the animal that you want to sell and bring
it to this spot. The livestock dealer will show up and make his offer. You
can't sell cows that aren't fully matured or chicks. If you like his price,
accept his offer and he'll take the animal off of your hands and give you some
money. If you're selling a cow, he'll offer more money if the cow is giving
more milk.

              ==================================          [7]

There are two other animals you can keep on your farm, though they don't do
nearly as much as cows or chickens. One is worthless, and the other is somewhat

              ----------------------------------         [7a]

At the beginning of the game, on Spring 2nd, Ellen will drop by your house and
ask you to take care of her dog. You'll accept (The game doesn't give you a
choice...) and then you'll name it. The dog nearly  completely worthless. He
doesn't do anything for you, and you don't have to take care of it. He does
have one purpose. If you don't have the dog on your farm, stray dogs will tear
up your fencing and scare your livestock. So, keep the dog around, but out of
your way so he doesn't stall you. Remember, you don't have to do anything with
it. You can even leave him out in rain/snow/hurricanes and it won't bother him.

              ----------------------------------         [7b]

In the first year, on Winter 1st, a calf will appear outside your farm. You
will name it and keep it. It stays in the single stable to the left of the cow
stables. Whistle (Press the R Button) to get your horse to come to you. After
21 days, your calf will mature into a horse. It will don a saddle and you can
ride it. You can get around your farm much faster this way. What's more, it has
bags on the sides of its saddle which have the same effect as a shipping bin.
This means you can bring the horse to your crops and use it for the shipping.
This makes collecting crops much easier and faster, and allows you to harvest
more crops at a time. Just leave it outside, it requires no maintenance.

              ==================================          [8]

Though Harvest Moon is a great game, it doesn't have perfect programming, and
some glitches that involve your livestock may occur. Here's what to look out
for and how to prevent it.

-If you have lots of livestock outside (Keep them INDOORS!) the game will lag
and you'll move a lot slower. This doesn't happen if you keep them indoors, so
keep them in their sheds.

-Outside of your farm, there's a chicken statue which holds a "Power Berry".
You're supposed to break the statue with a golden hammer and then place the
chicken near it. But for some reason, sometimes it doesn't work, and you'll
wind up losing the chicken and the power berry. I don't know how to prevent
this glitch and the only way to undo the glitch is to reset the game.

-This is easily the most ridiculous glitch. If you place your dog over a baby
chick, the dog will disappear, making it look like the chick ate your dog. You
can make your dog reappear by leaving the henhouse and reentering, but the game
will count it against you. Don't expect any eggs for a while. Remember to keep
your dog away from cows and chickens.

-If you try to buy an animal and sell an animal at the same time, the game may
freeze. Reset the game to fix it.

-This is the only glitch that's supposed to help you. If you give a cow miracle
potion and then medicine, the cow will give birth in 2 days instead of 21.
However, even with this it's more profitable to just buy the cow. Do the math.
Miracle Potion costs 4000G. Medicine costs 1000G. A new cow costs 5000G. Using
the fast breeding trick costs the same as a new cow, but takes a wait of 2
days, whereas you get the cow instantly by buying it.

-This really isn't a glitch, but is is helpful. If you try to sell a cow during
Fall, a hawker may come by and offer a trade. His offer is one baby cow for a
couple of magic beans. Accept the trade. Equip the beans as a tool and plant
them at the mountain summit. Next Sunday, go back and you'll discover a
beanstalk! Climb it to find a golden chicken and a golden egg. Take the egg,
and sell it to the peddler in town for 10000G. That's enough to get two cows.

-Again, not a glitch, but a useful tip. If you hold the L, R, Select, and Start
buttons as you are going to bed, you will view the game ending. After all the
ending sequences, your scores will be revealed to you, including your best cow
affection rate. Save before you do this, and feed the cows before viewing the

              ==================================          [9]
                   Quest For A Perfect Score

At the end of the 3rd Summer, the game will end and you'll be scored on how you
did. The game will look at your livestock and give you a score.

For a perfect score, you need a henhouse full of chickens and 12 cows in your
stables. This is quite a task. It's easy to get 12 chickens once you have one,
but you'll be shelling out 5000G for each cow. Remember, your field of grass
has to grow with the number of animals you have. 12 chickens and 12 cows equals
TWENTY-FOUR BAILS OF GRASS PER DAY. That's a LOT. It helps to have the golden
sickle, and a very large field.

You'll also be scored on the highest affection rate you ever got with a cow.
This means only one of your cows needs to be truly elated with its life, but
it's best to brush and talk to all of your cows every day, to insure they're
all happy.

You can only raise a cow's affection score 4 points a day, but remember you're
only being scored on the highest score acheived with one cow. It IS possible to
max out the score at 999. But you have to have the cow before Summer 20 of the
first year and take care of it every day. Of course, when you count in events
like hurricanes and the Star Night Festival, and the possibility of
accidentally missing a day, I advise you have your cow before the end of the
1st Spring. Brush it, talk to it, and feed it every single day. Missing a
feeding devastates your score, and if you truly want that perfect affection
score, you can't afford to miss many feedings.

Here are the objectives to achieve for a perfect score (as it relates to

 -12 Cows
 -12 Chickens
 -Very high affection score with one of the cows

              ==================================         [10]
                     Questions And Answers

 Q1. How do I plant grass?
 A1. Buy a bag of grass from the seed shop and plant it the same way you plant
crops. After several days, the grass will be long enough to cut (With the
sickle) and use as fodder. Grass regrows during all seasons except Winter, but
can only be planted during Spring and Summer.

 Q2. I want to keep my animals outside. What should I do?
 A2. Well, collect logs from the storage near the top of the farm. Then make a
fence with them by making a rectangle or some other closed in figure. You have
to push your cows outside (It helps if you use the bell), but you can carry
chickens (one at a time). Place them in the fence, which should have grass in
it, and close it in. But here's a much better tip. Keep the animals inside
their sheds. It saves time, energy, and there's less of a chance to screw up.

 Q3. What's the highest cow affection score I can get?
 A3. You can only raise a cow's affection score 4 points a day, but remember
you're only being scored on the highest score acheived with one cow. It IS
possible to max out the score at 999. But you have to have the cow before
Summer 20th of the first year and take care of it every day. Of course, when
you count in events like hurricanes and the Star Night Festival, and the
possibility of accidentally missing a day, I advise you have your cow before
the end of the 1st Spring. Brush it, talk to it, and feed it every single day.
Missing a feeding devastates your score, and if you truly want that perfect
affection score, you can't afford to miss many feedings.

 Q4. Can my animals die?
 A4. Yes. Miss several feedings in a row, and the animals you didn't feed will
die. Leave a cow sick too long, and it will die. Feed your animals every day
without fail, and always have cow medicine in your tool shed. Remember you can
buy feed and medicine from the livestock dealer.

 Q5. How do I buy grass?
 A5. In the town, there is a seed shop in the upper-right corner. In this shop,
during Spring and Summer, you can buy bags of grass for 500G each.

              ==================================         [11]
                          In Closing

Thanks for reading my FAQ; hope it was helpful!

-Lucid Faia