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WARNING:  While the Main Walkthrough Portion of this 
Document is Relatively Spoiler Free, some sections
following that contain MAJOR SPOILERS, so only read
those sections if you do not mind or have already
played.  Be careful even then, since some of those
might contain spoilers for the SEQUEL (they're
marked, but be careful not to skip right to them
without realizing it).

UPDATE STATUS:  Wow...here I am, SEVEN YEARS after 
starting this guide, and somehow I find that I haven't
updated it once in nearly seven years.  I wasn't yet a 
Junior in High School upon starting this guide, and now 
it's been over a year since I graduated from College.  
It makes me feel old, looking back on it, but now I'm 
rambling.  The bottom line is, now at last this guide is 
finally complete, more or less (unless someone needs me 
to answer questions, etc, along with a few brush-ups
I'm still making here and there).  The face of the guide 
has changed a lot, now, since the English Translation is 
much easier to find, allowing me to make the Walkthrough 
part of this guide pretty much Spoiler Free.  However, the 
Character Analysis section is still here (and expanded) for 
your reading pleasure, along with an all new Plot Points 
and Theories section, for those of you who have completed 
the game (and possibly the sequel) or who don't mind Spoilers.  

C  L  O  C  K
T  O  W  E  R
(The First Fear)
A Walkthrough For A Highly Under-Recognized Game


System:  SNES		
Written By:  Mr_Mason_W2DS  
Began On:    July 23, 2001
Latest Work Finished on:  August 6, 2008
Version 2.0
This Document Copyright (c) 2001, 2008 Mr_Mason_W2DS 
You can contact me at MrMasonW2DS@hotmail.com

FOR THE RECORD:  As this Entire Guide is written by me, 
you may use this guide only for the purpose of helping 
you.  You may post it or show it to others for 
non-profit purposes ONLY.  You may not submit it to 
any kind of magazine (In America, you'd probably have 
no reason to for this game), nor sell it, nor put it 
on a CD for sale.  If you do post it anywhere under 
the set conditions that must be met, then everything 
must be intact, including all the credits, both to 
myself and to those who provided me with information.  
You may not take credit for this specific FAQ in any 
way shape or form, though if you are in the credits, 
you may take credit for that which you are credited for.
You may also use the information found here to make
an FAQ of your own (since the information belongs to the
Game itself and thus to the public) but please credit me
if this guide was your source, and especially if you
reference one of my own theories (such as in the Character 
Analysis section).    


1.0.  Table Of Contents
1.1  Credits
1.2  Intro To this Walkthrough
1.3  Story
1.4  Characters
1.5  Playing the Game
1.6  Maps Of The Barrows Mansion
1.7  Walkthrough Preface
2.7  Character Analysis
2.8  Plot Analysis and Theories
2.9  Closing


1.1  Credits

All of these people get credit for making this walk-
through possible.  I'm listing them according to the
help they gave.

--Tsama, CStarFlare, and Scissorman, for giving me
much needed storyline elements, such as translations,
who was who between Dan and Bobby, Etc.

--CStarFlare, and MzXr468 for helping with the S 
ending.  They were the source, and without them I'd 
still not know how to get it.  I also thank Gutsyness 
for relaying this information to me.  Huntz67 gets 
a LOT of thanks here, because CStareFlare told me 
that he was the original source who gave CStarFlare
and MzXr468 the information.

--Eric S. Hooten,  because his FAQ kept me from being 
completely lost the first time I played the game.  I'd
have never found my way around by trying to make sense
of all the Japanese!  Also, he is credited for my 
knowledge of the B and C endings, because it was using
his guide that I got these two endings.

--Lord Zero, whose guide confirmed what I thought
was the way to the A ENDING (as well as pointed out
something I wouldn't have known, since I always did
the thing in question, which will be pointed out
later in this guide).  It was also reading Lord Zero's
guide, and a compliment he paid to mine, that 
inspired me now (SEVEN YEARS later) to finally 
finish what I started, albeit looking somewhat different
from when I began.  So, many thanks to you!

--Similar thanks goes to Daemon_Machina, who used my
guide to make an awesome Map of the Barrows mansion
(Check it out!), and to anyone else who has used or 
referenced my guide...little things like that made me 
realize it was worth the effort.

--Goldie, of Don't Cry Jennifer forums, who gave me some
information from an e-mail straight from Clock Tower's
creator, Hifumi Kouno.

--Hifumi Kouno, who not only directed the games, but seems
kind enough to respond to the e-mails of his fans, making
him a valuable source of information as well as the creator
of a very great franchise.


1.2  Introduction to the Walkthrough

This walkthrough is made with the intent of being as        
formal, fun, informative (yet spoiler free in the walkthrough
section), and helpful as it can be, all at the same time.  
I'm hoping that I can give it just a touch of a professional 
feel, as this game lacks an officcial walkthrough in America
(Ex: Bradygames, Prima, etc).  So, I hope that this walkthrough 
can compensate for that; though I must admit, some great
walkthroughs have surfaced since I set out with this one years
ago.  This walkthrough is far less necessary than it was then,
if it's necessary at all.  But what can I say?  I feel that
I should finish what I started, even if it's extremely late.

I think that this Game, Clock Tower, is a wonderful game which isn't 
recognized nearly as much as it should be.  This is mostly 
because it (unfortunately) was never released in America.  
This is one of the most irrational decisions in video game
history, because the game was so advanced for an SNES 
game.  It'd have done well in the US, and was one of the
first console games ever to deal with cinematic-type 
horror.  It did quite well in its mood, considering what
the programmers' limits were.  But I digress.  I hope that
you enjoy this walkthrough, and I hope it helps you.  


1.3  Story

Jennifer and her three friends, Lotte, Ann, and Laura,
have been chosen to be adopted by the mysterious, yet
unquestionably wealthy Mr. Barrows, who lives in a mansion
known as Clock Tower (Hence the game's name) because of 
it's own, quite large Clock Tower, by whose chimes the locals
once tended their fields before it apparently stopped running 
nearly a decade before the game's events.  

Jennifer and her friends are led to their new home by Mary, or, 
as they often call her, Ms. Mary out of respect.  They're thrilled 
to have a new home, especially this particular home, which 
is obviously spectacular from the moment they enter the main hall.  

However, a place this big was bound to hold secrets..
And the secrets of Clock Tower are darker than those
of most estates..  Because Jennifer and her friends are
about to discover that the Barrows family is far from
normal..  That evil lives even within the wall of the most 
beautiful places.  And that there are some things 
worse than being in an orphanage..


1.4 Characters

Note:  In this Characters section, information directly preceded
by an asterisk (*) come from the Clock Tower creator,
Hifumi Kouno, courtesy of Goldie from Don't Cry Jennifer

Jennifer Simpson: She and her friends are only fourteen.
Jennifer is a nice girl, who seems quiet at times, yet
always polite.  She's known to let her worry and 
curiosity get the best of her at times, however.  This
girl holds more agony inside than is obvious from the 
outside.  She lost both of her parents when she was 
small.  Her father was a doctor, and he simply disappeared
without ever being found as of the time the game
takes place.  Jennifer can only hope that her new life with 
Mr. Barrows can help her to move  on...And give her some 
resolution as to her past.  *In the orphanage, Jennifer was
a quiet girl, and this caused her to have a position of
standing on the sidelines, not being part of the popular

Ann:  Ann seems optimistic girl, and seems excited and
curious about her new adoptive father.  Ann doesn't 
seem to stress easily, as her optimistic expectations
rule out too much worry.  She can come across as teasing
with her friends at times (as a comment made by her early
on suggests).  *She was part of the popular crowd in the 
orphanage, and she wasn't quite close with Jennifer.  

Laura:  Laura seems the opposite of Ann.  She seems a bit
more introverted, quiet, and serious; also, she worries more,
and seems bothered by her intuition, by which she is set
ill at ease about the girls' new home.  She's one of the 
least optomistic people about the move.  This isn't
to say she's not excited--but she is probably 
least happy about the adoption out of Jennifer and her 
friends.  *She was also part of the popular crowd, and she
and Ann, despite their different personalities, seem to
have been close friends.  

Lotte:  It is now well known that Lotte is female, not least
of which reasons is her feminine figure, which is ironically
more noticeable than with the other girls, most likely in order to 
make sure that she is known to be female, since her clothing and
hair style are more gender neutral compared to the others.  
Admittedly, in spite of the graphical evidence, I once thought 
she was a male, partly due to the name, which I thought was a version of 
"Lot." In any case, Lotte seems insecure about the adoption, but not
for the same foreboding ill-ease as Laura.  Instead, it seems 
she fears that she will not live up to the expectations
of Mr. Barrows or ever grow accustomed to a new, presumably luxurious
and pampered way of life, a fear that is implied by comments made early
in the game by her and Ann.  Are her fears true, or unfounded?  *Like
Jennifer, Lotte was an outsider to the popular crowd in the orphanage,
and she is closer with Jennifer than the others.

Mary:  Apparently from the adoption agency, Mary has acted as the mediator 
between Mr. Barrows and his soon-to-be children.  She behaves in a 
caring manner towards Jennifer and her friends, and seems more than 
happy to take part in guiding the children to their new home.  

Simon Barrows:  A man of mystery..  He's apparently been a recluse for 
quite some time, not leaving his mansion, not even being seen in 
the past nine years or so.  It would seem that something
happened in his life nine years ago, something so devastating that 
he withdrew from the rest of the world.  He seems to be very lonely as of 
late, as implied by the adoption of Jennifer and her friends.  But 
he is burdened by a family secret that he doesn't wish to bear.
A secret that he couldn't escape, even when he tried to..  Can 
his new children help him to escape a destiny that's all too 


1.5 Playing the Game

Clock Tower is a fairly simple, yet unique, game
to play.  It's a point and click adventure, one
of the first to appear as a console game.  This 
annoys many people, but if you're into the game
enough to be reading this walkthrough, then you
probably aren't too annoyed, or you just won't
let something like that get in the way of this 
game.  Here are some of the main points of 

Controls:(According to SNES Control Pad)
Y:  Action Button.  Used for most 
things, walking, searching, talking, opening
doors, etc.

B:  Panic Button.  Used to get you out
of dangerous situations.

A:  Item Button.  Used to observe and 
go through your inventory.

X:  Makes Jennifer stop walking or running
and come to a rest.

Start:  As in most games, used to Pause.

Direction Pad:  Moves the mouse-style cursor.

L:  Run Left.

R:  Run Right.

--In order to move Jennifer, click in any 
direction, but not on an object..  She will
walk in the direction you click.  To make
Jennifer run, there are two methods.  Situate
the cursor on the side you want her to run 
to and double click, OR press the L and R 
buttons(for the SNES equivalent, not your 
keyboard if you have an emulator) which makes
her run in the corresponding direction.

--In order to talk to people or search items,
and open doors, situate the cursor over the
item/person/door, and if it can be searched,
opened, or if they can be talked to, the cursor
should become a bracket, enclosing the desired
destination.  Then, simply click with the action
button.  Voila!  

--When you're in danger, it will help to become
familiar with the panic button.  Whenever your in 
danger, and you can't hide and are forced into
confrontation (Or, at a certain time, when you
must flee), tapping the panic button rapidly 
can help you to escape.  Just keep tapping until
you are safe.  When you want to use an object or
exit a door, or climb up an area, etc, etc,
to defend yourself, remember to click on it with 
the action button first, then start hitting the 
panic button.  In short, this button provides
Jennifer with the resourcefulness and adrenaline
she will need to survive.

--Know when to hide, and choose your hiding places
wisely.  When being tracked by the Terrors of Clock
Tower, there's a chance you'll mess up and die if 
you're not careful.  Pay attention to every 
option and possibility.  Once you've found a hiding
place, click on it to use it to your survival needs.

--Pay attention to Jennifer's picture.  The color
behind the picture determines how strong Jennifer is.
Looking death in the eye is certainly known to 
deplete one's strength.  Here is a list of the 
colors, and what level of strength they represent.

Blue--Full Strength.  You're doing pretty well, and
the odds are, with good use of the panic button, 
you'll be able to survive, assuming you know what
resources to use and what places to hide.

Green--Reasonable Strength.  You're still doing 
okay, but you've been startled.  You're probably
doing as well off as with Blue Strength, but
just beware not to lose much more strength..

Yellow--You're pretty low on strength.  You still
have strengh left, but it would be wise to avoid
depleting that last bit of strength at all costs.

Red--You've used up all of your adrenaline and 
strength.  If you have to escape from a situation,
you'd best do so by means other than those 
requiring the panic button, as it's success rate
is questionable (though not impossible) in this
state of wild fear and fatigue.  That means a 
really close encounter will more likely result in
your death.

Your strength goes down a level or more whenever 
you do something strenuous, or go through
a startling or terrifying experience.  It rebuilds,
as you have time to rest and/or calm down, but
this takes a while.  As such, try to avoid such
strength depleting situations whenever possible,
such as by hiding as opposed to fighting. 
Jennifer's picture is also helpful for other 
reasons.  When it flashes, then you're in grave
danger.  This is usually when you must use the 
panic button, and is usually a sign that
your strength will be depleted a level.  Also,
when the picture closes in on Jennifer's eye,
showing surprise, the meaning, which is often
obvious, is that danger is very near, but 
escapable without use of the panic button.  This
is USUALLY a warning to start making tracks!

IF YOU DIE:  If you fall victim to the terror running
rampant throughout Clock Tower's corridors, then
you'll get the game over screen, saying "DEAD END"
(Which I find far more creative than "YOU DIED", LOL)
Don't worry, and certainly don't shut the game off,
because you can choose continue at the title 
screen and start right back in the room where you
met your demise, at the same point in the game.


1.6  Map Of The Barrows Mansion

Simon Barrows has to be one of the wealthiest men
in Romsdaaren, Norway--His mansion is huge.  However, 
its layout is fairly simple, and after going over these 
maps a couple of times, you'll pick up fairly quick
on what's where.  I strongly suggest that you 
use it your first time through, because the game
is very confusing otherwise, unless you've got a 
translated version.  Some of the rooms are 
interchangeable, so I numbered them all rather
than list a room.  Below is the key, telling
not only what rooms go with which numbers, but
what some of the symbols stand for.

Symbols:  S: Stairs  L:  Ladder.  E:  Elevator. 
          U:  Door leading Up and Down.  
          R:  Door leading left and right.
          x:  Can't be opened.  
	  ~~~:  Dead end of Rocks.
  1.Foyer                           2.Collapsed Hall  
  3.Living Room                     4.Master Bedroom  
  5.1st Bathroom                    6.2nd Foyer
  7.Phone Room or Religious Study   8.Kitchen
  9.Garage                          10.Scream Hallway  
  11.Trophy or Mannequin Room       12.Hall of Idol
  13.Courtyard			    14.Jail Shed
  15.Cage Room,2nd BathR,or Library 16.Chapel
  17.Cage Room,2nd BathR,or Library 20.2nd Foyer Upst.
  18.MusicRoom,2nd BathR,or Library 22.ClosetRoom
  19.Libr.,Music,Cage, or 2nd BathR 23.Scream Hallway2
  21.Phone Room or Religious Study  26.Child's Room
  24.Trophy or Mannequin Room       27.Normal Study
  25.MusicRoom,Library,or 2nd BathR 28.Storeroom
  29.Secret Prison                  31.Foyer Upst.
  30.2nd Floor Elevator Hall        33.Cave 
  32.Outside Balcony		    34.Huge Cavern
  36.Cave Elevator Hall             
  35.The Cradel Under The Star

*Note1:  The Clock Tower, While being the Games 
Namesake, is only one room.  When you get there,
everything to do is obvious, so it isn't on the

*Note2:  Among ALL of the rooms that CAN be the 2nd
Bathroom, ONE of them will always be sealed off..
You can't even click on it..  Be aware that this
will happen, so don't think your game's messed up. 

                             1st Floor
                      _____________       _________
                      | 15|L16| 17|       |18 | 19|
     |  11 |  S        |          |   | S         |
     |_____R_ _________R__________R__ R___________|
           | U|   | 14|           |  U|
           |  |   |U__|           |   |
           |10|        13         |~~~|
           |  R                   |~~~|
    _______|_U|___________________R   |____________
____|8 |7 R     S     | 5 | 4 | 3 | 2 |	     S	  |
|9  |_U|__|     6     |__U|U__|__U|__U|	    1	  |

                              2nd Floor
                      _____________       _________
                      |25 |26 |27 |       |29 |28 |
     | 24 |  S        |           |   | S t  12   |
     |____R__ ________R___________R__ R___t_______|
           | U|                   |  U|
           |  |                   |~~~|
           |23|                   |___|
           |  |                   | E |
    _______|_U|___________________| 30|____________
    |22|21R    20     |  32      L|   |   31       |
  __|_U|__|  ____S____|_U__U______|__U|  _____S____|
  |_______R__|        |___________R___R__|

                           | L |
                           |   |
                           |   |
                           |   |
                           |33 |
                           |   |
                           |   |   _____
                           |   |   | E |
                           |   |   |   |
                           |   |   |36 |____________________
                           |   |___|__U|34 _________   | 35|
                           |   R_______________________R___|
                           |   |
                           |   |

APOLOGY:  I know that, with the rooms being numbered and so
many of them being interchangable, my maps may be confusing.
While I think I did a decent job of making these maps in shape
and accuracy, I admit that they may be confusing in the way the 
rooms are labeled.  Try to study the map until you are familiar 
with it.  I apologize for any inconvenience.

STRATEGY:  A good strategy for using this game is to copy
and paste it onto a text file, then open it in two windows.  
Set one window on the map, and use the other for reading the
guide.  This way, you won't have to waste time by scrolling
up and down the guide to see the map.


1.7  Walkthrough Of Clock Tower: Preface

I have made this walkthrough to show you how to get the 
different endings of Clock Tower.  These, I hope, are helpful
enough to aid you in your escape, and good enough to capture
your interest.  However, as many of the ending methods are
similar in many ways, there are many things that are copied
and pasted, so don't expect something entirely new when you
are reading the same instructions, except for special cases.
This walkthrough used to be way more detailed, story wise, as
when I first made this walkthrough (SEVEN YEARS ago!  Wow!)
English versions of the game were rare to come by; so I
thought it was a good service to explain (as far as I could)
what was going on.  Now, the walkthrough is far more to-the-
point than before, since it's fairly easy to find an English
version of the game. 

I do hint at certain things just to help the player confirm
that he/she has picked up on all the plot points he or
she should have picked up on at certain points; that said, the
best way to avoid even the mildest spoiler is to play through
the game as best as you can without a walkthrough at all.  
Still, in revamping this walkthrough since the game can be
played in English, I felt I had the opportunity to make it
free of most plot spoilers, at least insofar as I could.  
HOWEVER, take care not to scroll down past the Guide for
Ending G, as some things beyond that point are no longer
part of the standard walkthrough, and DO contain direct

The S ENDING is the most detailed Guide; after that, guides
for other endings will often say something along the lines
of "Do what you would to get the S ENDING except for (insert 
difference here)".  So, once you have familiarized yourself
with how to get the S Ending, it will be much easier to
get the others.

*Note:  A LOT of keys you get aren't in your inventory.  So,
if I don't say to get it from your inventory, it means that
it's automatically used when you open the corresponding 
door, or whatever the key goes to.


1.8  The S ENDING
You start out in the Foyer.  

Ms. Mary tells Jennifer and her friends to stay put as she goes to 
find Mr. Barrows.  That's a simple task..  Wow, the night will be 
a breeze if everything's that simple, right? Of course.  

Be sociable and talk to your friends, all of them...twice, in fact,
leaving Lotte for last both times, if you want the full effect of
the conversation.  Jennifer, being a responsible and generous
young lady, will volunteer to look for Ms. Mary and save Lotte
the trouble.

Once you hear a scream, you'll find that your friends are 
missing from the Foyer.  It may just be a joke, but like any
good friend, you'll want to find them ASAP, just in case.  
Check the entire foyer if you're a perfectionist and 
completionist (as I can be) but it's not necessary for
any reason at all.  If you do, though, you'll discover that the
front door is locked.  So don't figure on escaping the house
that easily, "if" you encounter any danger...
When you're finished searching the Foyer, through the door that
Jennifer originally left through, and then into the next door in 
the far left.  From this hall, go into the living room.  Search the
box on the chest, as there may or may not be a "West Wing Key;"
if not, you'll find it later, and if so, don't worry if it
doesn't appear in your inventory.  As I've said before, many 
keys won't.   

Next go to the Master bedroom (You can reach it directly from the
Living Room).  Look at the picture on the dresser for some 
story development, though you don't have to in order to finish
the game.  

Check the drawer of the dresser, to find perfume.  Pocket
the sweet smelling stuff, and leave into the hall.

Once out in the hall, continue to the left.  Suddenly, you hear
dripping water.  And such a sound, in a horror game, can't
be a good omen.  It's coming from the 1st Bathroom.  

Go into the bathroom.  Go through the door in the middle, 
not bothering to close it back (in fact, make a point to open
it if Jennifer closes it), and inspect the shower.

You'll make two discoveries, the second of which
is an active threat (and will be throughout the rest
of the game).  Run out of the bathroom and go through the
door to the far left in the hall, to the 2nd Foyer.   

Run up the stairs, and go to the far left, into the hall 
leading to the Closet Room. If you can't see the door, run a 
little to the right, then run back to the left, until the screen 
scrolls over enough to show the door.  Then go into the hall.  

Once in the hall, the first door you see is the door you should take--the 
closet Room.  There is a cupboard to the far left.  Click 
on the box on the other side of it, and Jennifer will begin
to climb over it.  Start tapping the panic button, fast!
You'll climb over; then you need to wait for your stalker to
leave.  Jennifer will climb back over to the other side, 
once she's safe.  

Click on the box on the other side again.  This time,
Jennifer can't make the climb--she doesn't have the 
motivation of having a homicidal psycopath behind her.
No problem (you're likely grateful), just click on the box
in the middle of the room.  Jennifer will push it to the 
cupboard.  Now click on the other box yet again.  This time,
Jennifer will be able to climb over, where she will open the
box.  There's a long, black cloak inside.  You have no idea
why, but you keep the cloak out of some intuition that 
it might be useful.  

There are two green cans of pesticide beside the door, which 
will also be important, so take one.  Now you can leave this 

If you didn't find a West Wing Key in the living room
box, then in the hallway outside the closet room, go to the 
far left wall, and examine the nest up there.  You can't reach it.
Between the options of the stick and the box in the
middle of the hall, opt to click on the box (the stick
won't work).  Jennifer will push the box over to the nest.  

Click on the nest again, and Jennifer will climb onto the box, 
and take a key from the nest.  Now, leave this hall into the
2nd Foyer.  

Once you're back in the 2nd foyer, go downstairs, and then go to 
the leftmost door.  You're on your way to the Kitchen.  The 
leftmost door in the foyer should lead to a hallway.  The kitchen
is the first doorway you see.  

Once you're in the kitchen, you see that there is a meat locker 
in the upper left corner of the room (the big metal thing).  
You should check it, with your pesticide ready.  In other words,
this is your first chance to use an item.  Go into your inventory, 
and go over to the green can.  Now, with the green can, click on 
the meat locker.  You'll find that it was a wise choice, as large 
cockroaches will try to swarm you.  They will die from the 
pesticide, and you will be free to take the key from
inside.  Leave the kitchen.  

You should get back to the 2nd foyer now.  There is a door in the 
middle of the first floor wall here that you must now take.  
This leads you to the Scream Hallway, where you may or may not hear 
a scream.  Do NOT look out the windows, EVER, after the 
scream occurs (if it ever does) but instead, "assume" that 
the scream comes from the other end of the hall.  With 
that in mind, hurry to the other end.  When you get there, 
no one's there.  (Note: this can also happen upstairs,
in Scream Hallway2, where you should follow the same
procedure of NOT looking out the windows.  This procedure
is a KEY point when trying to get an S ending).  The door
on the other end of the scream hall leads you to yet 
another hallway.

You are now in the back of the mansion, the West Wing.  
Go up the stairs to the left.  This will lead you to 
an upstairs hallway, where you should go to the right, 
until you go into another hallway.  Here, your destination is the 
middle door.  Click on it.  The room it leads to should look
like a child's room.

Click on the toy chest against the right wall (The one the clown
doll is sitting on).  You'll get a key from here.  Something
decidedly supernatural will occur, and you'll find
yourself face to face with a "small" threat.  Don't worry too 
much, though, and just walk calmly toward this new 
enemy, and when you get near it start tapping the panic button.  
You and the enemy will knock one another down, and only you
will survive unscathed.  

Leave the room by going out of the door you came through.
Once in the hallway, go all the way to the right, and 
keep going until you reach a hole in the floor.  Walk 
to and examine the hole.  Then, use the plank next to 
it to make a bridge of sorts.  Walk across it.  

Now, go to the door all the way to the right, examining the
weird part of the wall if you want to.  The door will
lead to the storage room.  There are two crates on a
carrier against the wall in the background.  
Click on them, thus pushing them aside.  Examine the crack 
in the wall that was behind them. Use the pipe against the shelf by clicking 
on it, and  Jennifer will break that portion of the wall down. Now,click 
on the hole there to enter it.  (Note:  I suggest that 
you do all of this rather quickly if you don't want
to risk getting an unpleasant surprise.  If, at any 
point in this room, you are ambushed, the way to escape is to 
run out into the hallway, go across the plank, into the door at the 
far left.  Then go BACK through it and run back across the plank, 
click on the plank, and Jennifer will pick it up.  This will ensure
your survival at least for now).

Once you've entered the hole in the wall (with or without
having been interrupted), you'll find
yourself in the secret prison.   Check the markings 
on the wall to the left, the two slips of paper on the floor,
and the bag on the floor for full story development.  If you
put the pieces together carefully, you should know something
disturbing now about a certain someone...

Now examine the body in the corner, the identity of which
provides a pivotal point in the game's plot.  There's
a note in the corpse's skeletal hand.  Let Jennifer read
the tragic words fully, which will also give you some 
insight into the type of horror you are dealing with; it seems
there is something even more horrific than anything you've
seen yet, waiting/living in a certain location ominously
hinted at in the notes you have read.  There's nothing
more to do here.  Leave the room the way you came, proceeding 
to the hall as quickly as possible from the storage room, 
as if you haven't already been ambushed there, you're still 
fair game for that.  If it happens, do as instructed before.

Make your way to the cage room.  This room, 
as you may find out, is one of the first interchangable
rooms.  It is normally room 15 or 19.  But can be
any of the others listed for it on the map key. 
Once you find the cage room, examine the table
in it, and you should recieve a key.  Use the  
key from the table on both cages.  

Now, leave this room.  Go back to the 2nd foyer,
and go into the phone room, which can be either
Room 7, or Room 21 on my map.  If it's really
the phone room, you will automaticly use the 
key you got from the meat locker in order to open 
the door.  Once you go in, if no one's there then
exit the room, and go back in.  Keep this up until
an event is triggered.  Leave the room as soon as
you have control (You'll understand why when
it happens).  Then re-enter the room.

Check the table in the middle of the room in order
to pick up a key.  This key is for the Religious 
Study, so keep that in mind.  

For now though, go to the music room.  The music room 
can be room 18, 19, or 25..  Once you find it, search 
behind the curtain.  If you find anything behind the
curtain other than a Sceptor, then you have to beat the
game with the Statue.  In that case, scroll down 
past all of this to #7 in "IN CASE OF STATUE".  I can't
stress enough (without Spoilers) that, if for any reason 
you do not find the Sceptor upon your very first time 
opening the curtain here, it means that you will have to 
use the Statue.  

However, if you find a sceptor behind the curtain, 
take it, and leave the room.  

Now go back to the 2nd Foyer, and to the Religious Study, 
which can be room 7 on  the first floor, or 21 on the second 
floor, whichever one of the two that wasn't the phone room.  

There are two bookshelves here, which you should examine first.
Now examine the demonic-looking painting.  It looks like
some sort of demonic worship.  Now, go over to the desk, 
and observe the books, chair, and the corner of the desk.  On the
desk you should read something that will be very useful information
later in the game, and in fact relates to the game's very
Now examine the bookshelf to the left.  Jennifer will push it over,
revealing an extra portion of the painting.  Examine
it once, and then use the sceptor on it.  Nothing
will happen, though, as this is just a precaution to
take.  I think Jennifer compares the sceptor to the one in the 
picture, since sometimes she will not use the Sceptor
properly in absence of this step (unless I'm doing something
else wrong at those times).  

Now it's time to go to the chapel.  It's room 16.  You should
recognize this from the painting.  Examine everything in this room,
if only for minor plot development.    In the floor, there is 
a square outline inside of the star marking.  Make SURE to examine 
it.  If you've been piecing things together, you should feel
very close to a dark discovery.

Check the flower vase in the upper right corner.  Then 
use your sceptor on it.  If Jennifer won't do so,
then she still doesn't have enough evidence that
this is what must be done.  In that case, you'll
have to go back up to the religious study, and
examine both portions of the painting again,
then use the sceptor on the sceptor in the 
painting.  This has happened to me many times, and
it's frustrating.   After this, go back down to the 
chapel.  Then try to use the sceptor on the vase
once more.  If it doesn't work, examine the markings
on the floor again and then try.  It should certainly
work now.  Jennifer will wonder for a minute what's
supposed to happen, when a trapdoor opens inside of
the star!  


Go down the trap door..  You're now under the star...
This new area appears to be a huge cave.  Walk to the 
right, once you're at the bottom of the ladder.  You'll 
see a figure in a black cloak walking past a guard dog.  
Follow the figure.  However, the dog notices you.
When it barks, remember that you have a black cloak 
too.  So, use the perfume on yourself, then use the
cloak on yourself.  In your new disguise, your
canine foe will be non-the-wiser.  

Once on the other side of the dog, go all the way to the 
right, past the opening.  You will trigger an 
event.  Once it's finished, Jennifer must now go to the 
passage that was right beside the dog--into the Huge Cavern.  

Once here, walk to the right until you see a table and some
crates.  Those crates hold explosives.  You don't have an
explanation, so move on to the right, all the way 
until you enter the next "room".  There, you will find
two huge pillars framing a fancy red curtain.   

Again, having pieced together the facts you've
gathered so far will bring you to a chilling
realization about what this must be.  Examine the curtain.  
You will eventually, due to what happens, come to a shallow
body of water and to a steep slope (back in the Huge Cavern)
which Jennifer must climb.   Start tapping the panic button as
rapidly as you can.  Jennifer makes it halfway up, but
slides back down.  Keep tapping the panic button, and 
you'll be fine, despite the tension of the situation.

Jennifer will now run back to the entrance of 
this place.  Go through the cave in the background.
Once she goes into it, go all the way to the right.
There's an elevator.  Use the panel next to it
to enter it.  There are three other floors besides
this one--1st, 2nd, and 3rd.  Go to the 3rd floor.  

Jennifer will exit the elevator, and for a while
the events will be automatic.  Don't get too 
comfortable however.  If you should find yourself
under a direct attack, tap the panic button rapidly 
until Jennifer is again safe!

Congratulations, you have just guided Jennifer
through her horrific stay at the Clock Tower
Mansion...and you have, in this case, helped
her to achieve the best outcome possible in
the game!  

There are times in the game when you will
use the statue instead of the sceptor.  
This is, I believe, the correct way to
end the game, since the statue appears
in the sequal.  In the below portion
of the guide, I tell the only ways
I've ever gotten an S Ending in which the
statue was used.  Using the statue instead
of the sceptor has no real affect on the 
game, but here I will tell how to get it.
This isn't as descriptive as everything
above, as it's all in the S Guide Above.
However, certain parts that you haven't
read to yet if you've gotten the statue
will be descriptive.  Well, on with this
part of the guide:

1:  When you go to the Master Bedroom,
let the parrot out and click on the 
bed.  Use the panic button to wrap it
up in the cover.

2:  When the most common stalker attacks you from
the bathroom, hide under the left bed in the 
master bedroom.

3:  NOW go to the closet room (22), and
get the cloak.  

4.  In the hall outside of the closet 
room, get the key from the nest by 
pushing the crate up to it and examining

5.  Go through scream hall 2 (room 23) NOT
looking through a window if you hear a 

6.  Go to the Child's room, check the toybox 
for the chapel key, and defeat the enemy
by using the panic button.  

7.  Go to the Library(Room 15, 17, 18, 19,
OR 25), read the words on the second book
shelf.  One of the books says, mysteriously,
to look for the idol in the bosom of the 
statue upstairs.

8.  Now, go up to the Hall of Idol (12),
which is also the hall with the plank.
Examine the second statue you see.  You'll
find the idol you read about in the library!
It looks VERY important, but you don't know
what to do with it yet..  You'll have to
move on for now.

9.  Go to the storage room, move the 
crates, and break the wall down.  Go 
through the hole.

10.  Examine everything, the corpse last of

11.  Now, do EVERYTHING in the S Ending
guide that you haven't done already, 
except for everything pertaining to the
sceptor.  This means you never have to
visit the music room, but I still search
the religious study for plot reasons.  
You won't be able to push the book shelf over 
though.  (It may be particularly important
to examine the Religious Library if you're
trying for an A ENDING, so bear that in mind).

12.  Whenever you've done everything 
else on the S Ending guide, get to the 
chapel.  Examine everything in this room.
There is some sort of altar under a picture of some
sort of demon..  In the floor, there is a square
outline inside of the star marking.  Make SURE
to examine it.  

For now, You notice that the alter looks just right to 
place the statue on.  Could this be what the statue 
is for?  To find out, get the statue from your 
inventory and use it on the altar.  Sure enough, a 
trapdoor opens inside of the STAR!  

NOTE:  From this point on, use the portion of the
S ENDING guide titled "THE CAVES"

as you would "In the Case of the Statue."  Once you
hear dripping, however, pass the bathroom up and go
on to the Second Foyer.  Once you see what happens 
there, hide in the Master Bedroom.  From that point on,
follow the S Ending Guide bearing one thing in mind:
In the Phone Room, NEVER examine the Suit of Armor.
It may also pay to never enter the 1st Bathroom, though
I'm almost 100% certain that it won't matter as long
as you don't go in before going to the Second Foyer.

Then you will have the same Rank (the S Ending) but
there will be one difference; whether you consider
it a small or significant difference depends on
what how you look at it.


1.9 The A ENDING

To get the A ENDING, do EXACTLY as you would for the S
ENDING (whether or not you go for the "Slightly Different
Variation") except for a couple of things.  

First of all, after getting the Key from the Meat Locker
in the Kitchen, you'll immediately want to get the 
Ham from the Refrigerater..

Second of all, never go into the Secret Prison.  That's
right, completely ignore the parts of the S ENDING guide
that tell you to go into the Secret Prison, meaning you
should never move the two crates in the Storage Room,
and you definitely should never use the pipe to break
a whole in the wall leading to that room, at least not
until further notice.

Once you go into the Phone Room, just as you did with
the S ENDING, go in and out of it over and over until
you trigger an event.  If you've played through the
S ENDING, you'll realize that this event is playing
out somewhat differently than it did on the S Path.

After the events in the Phone Room have finished, you'll
find yourself in a totally different location (The Shed) sitting
opposite a certain character.  Use the ham on that character
as soon as you can.  When you are able to exit through a door
on the far right, DON'T.  Instead, select the two-by-four block
of wood right beside the door.  

Do check out the Religious Library and examine everything
in it you can.  I always did just for the sake of the 
plot developement, but evidently it's also a MUST 
for this ending (thanks to Lord Zero for this one)!

Once you have left the Shed, carry on with the exact same
path you would follow for the S ENDING, and you'll 
end your journey with the A ENDING.  Decide for yourself
whether or not it is in fact the "Second Best" ending.


2.0 The B ENDING  

To get the B ENDING, do exactly as you would in the
S ENDING except for one difference...go into the 
Scream Halls until you DO hear a Scream, and then 
immediately look out a window.  After witnessing
the event, carry on as usual with the S ENDING strategy
FULLY (other than the one difference mentioned), and 
you'll end up getting the B ENDING.  

Just remember, after getting off the elevator, there
will still be a moment in which, though the threatened
death is slightly different from the S and A endings, 
you will have to tap the panic button rapidly to survive.  
If you should find yourself in immediate danger, use the 
panic button!

If you're following the S ENDING Path "For a Slightly
Different Variation" then you'll have to be sure
to examine the Suit of Armor in the Phone room when
you go there.  Remember, however, that the B ENDING
will be exactly the same no matter which path
for the S ENDING you were following (with the one
difference suggested in each case) to get it.


2.1 The C ENDING

Do exactly what you would for the B ENDING, except
that, once you board the Elevator in the Caves, you 
should press the button for the 2ND Floor instead of for
the 3rd Floor.

Once you exit the hall that you find yourself in just
off the elevator, you will trigger an event.  Tap
the panic button when it becomes obvious that you're
in danger.  Run through the door on the left side
of the screen, then click on either of the doorways
in the next hall; they both lead to the same
place (The OutSide Balcony, Room #32).  

Climb the ladder in the background, and while climbing
it, it will become obvious that you should tap
the panic button rapidly.  Do so, and from that 
point on, the ending should play out on its own.


2.2 The D ENDING

Do everything that you would do for the S ENDING, 
except NEVER enter the Secret Prison, NEVER
enter the Phone Room (which means you will
never enter the Religious Study) and NEVER click
on the shelf beside the calendar in the Kitchen.
If you find out that you must enter the Religious
Study (if you get the Scepter instead of the statue)
then save just before entering the Phone Room, and
if you trigger an event in that room, restart
and keep entering the room until you do NOT trigger
the event, and get the key and leave.  HOWEVER, I 
recommend you play as though you were going for
the S ENDING (aside from the differences mentioned
here) in "In Case of Statue" as it's much easier
to pull this ending off if you don't have to use
the Scepter.

Aside from this, play all the way up to the elevator in
the Caves using the S ENDING Guide aside from these 
differences.  Then, on the elevator, select the 2nd
Floor.  Go out into the hallway beyond the one you
exit the elevator into, and ENDING D will take
care of itself.


2.3 The E ENDING

Do the exact same things as you would for the D ENDING
except that you should select the 3rd Floor once you
reach the elevator in the caves.  From that point
on, the E ENDING will play out on its own.


2.4 The F ENDING

To get the F ENDING, follow the same exact path for the
S ENDING up UNTIL you have just passed the guard dog.
DO NOT continue to the right end of the screen, but 
instead go directly into the cave.  From then on,
follow the S Ending guide, and you'll find yourself
getting the F ENDING.


2.5 The G ENDING

Getting the G Ending is very simple.  Follow the S Ending
Guide until you have hidden for the first time, having 
GONE INTO THE 1st BATHROOM upon hearing the dripping sounds.
Then, after hiding, go into either of the Scream Halls until
you hear a scream.  Look out one of the hallway's windows.
Then proceed immediately to the Garage.  There is a crate 
behind the car, where you will find a key.  Use the key
on the car repeatedly until Jennifer finally drives away
into "safety."  Watch the credits roll, then see the ending.
But will Jennifer's ordeal be over without permanent


2.6 The H ENDING

The way to get the H Ending is almost identical to
getting the G Ending, but not quite, so follow these
instructions.  Follow the S Ending Guide up until you have 
hidden for the first time.  Then, proceed 
immediately all the way to the Garage.  There is a crate behind 
the car, where you will find a key.  Use the key on the car 
repeatedly until Jennifer finally drives away into "safety."  
Watch the credits roll, and then afterwards you'll see the 
ending...can escaping really be that easy?


2.7  Character Analysis  _SPOILERS_

Do NOT read any further unless you have beaten the 
game or do not mind to read spoilers...this Character
Analysis and the following section are in light of things 
you will have discovered throughout the game.  From here 
on until the "Closing" Section, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS,
so if you want to read the Closing but don't want
any SPOILERS, scroll all the way to the bottom of the page
without even glancing at the text.

Who are Bobby and Dan?  What's up with Simon 
Barrows?  What's the whole truth about Ms. Mary?
All of these questions are about to be answered, as best
as I know how.  If you've beaten the game, then you know 
that there's a lot to these characters, especially
more than is explained in the beginning of this
guide.  So, just sit back and read, and you will
see what seems to be, and what I believe to be, the
deal with these characters.

MS. MARY (MARY BARROWS):  She really turned out to be 
the mother of the Barrows Twins, and the wife of Simon
Barrows.  It is my opinion that the girls did NOT
know she was Mrs. Barrows, but rather thought she was 
working with the adoption agency.  My reasoning is that
when Jennifer sees her name as "Mary Barrows" on her
father's patient list, she seems to react as though
she hadn't known that Mary was a Barrows.  In the end,
Mary turned out to be quite the opposite of a caring
adoption case worker.  She was full of hatred, and she was
very evil.  Whether she was tainted upon birthing demonic
children or whether she married into the Barrows family
for that very purpose in the first place (the family has
a history of such demonic happenings), when Jennifer 
encounters her, any show of genuine kindness shown by
Ms. Mary is only a front.  Regardless of Ms. Mary's
initial feelings for her husband, she later made him a 
prisoner when he couldn't accept their demonic children.  
Mary seems to be crazy as well as evil, possibly suggesting
that she was indeed driven insane by her children's abnormal
birth rather than being originally evil.  Several times in 
the game, she  says some absurd things, such as disgustedly 
calling Jennifer a thief despite her own obviously worse 
offense (murder), and speaking as though killing Jennifer is 
merely an act of parental discipline.  Whether she is purely 
evil or simply driven insane (and thus in some sense a tragic 
villain) by a love for her tainted children, she now partakes 
in the demonic rituals of the Barrows family heritage (perhaps
because it nurtures her evil but beloved children), and 
ultimately forces Jennifer to either kill her or be killed.

SIMON BARROWS:  You ultimately discover that he is
a prisoner in a cage.  It would seem that he really 
DIDN'T want the evil family burden of the Barrows.   
The Barrows family apparently has a family religion 
centering around demon worship, which has marked their very 
genetic line, leaving them prone to having demonic, deformed 
children on occasion (whether this happens at random or due 
to a deliberate summoning is never explained), but Simon 
evidently didn't want to have any part of such evil.  When 
he discovered that his children had been tainted, it seems 
he rejected them, as Quintin had done to his son generations 
before.  It is reasonable to believe he tried to use the 
Clock Tower against the children, but that Mary found out 
his plan and outsmarted him, ultimately imprisoning him, 
where he remains imprisoned.  He likely dies of starvation 
before the game is over, as Jennifer is the only survivor 
in the sequel.

BOBBY BARROWS:  The most frequent enemy in the game,
Bobby apparently has a demon inside of him.  In fact,
it seems his very soul is demonic rather than human.  
Whether due to rituals or to a Barrows Family
curse (due to the family religion), Bobby was born
with a bloodlust and a deformed mind.  It seems Bobby
has the natural desire to kill, a desire nurtured by
his mother's all-too-willing approval.  His weapon of
choice, quite possibly because it can also act as 
a sheild (Protection since he's nine years old, and 
even if it's hard to kill him, he can apparently feel pain), 
is a pair of oversized hedge clippers, or perhaps these
scissors were specially fashioned by his mother.  
In any case, he's a terror to behold.  Because of the
second game, I'm inclined to believe he's wearing 
some cheap mask, as in the sequel he is said to have 
worn one..  Jennifer, in her fright, sees this
as his real face.  Judging by the fact that falling from 
great heights on multiple occasions doesn't even scathe him, 
Bobby may be a being that can be killed only by complete 
destruction--like getting ground up in Clock Gears.  
He's much more dangerous than his mother for this reason.  It
is possible that he acts as a guardian for his brother, a role
that may very well be a sacred one in the Barrows religion if
his brother is seen as a type of incarnate deity.

DAN BARROWS:  Of the twins, he is the most affected by the Barrows 
Curse/Religion. Like his brother, he has a demon spirit for a soul, 
it seems. He is a huge, monstrous creature, who, as though he were a 
baby, can only crawl because of his massive size.  He is kept and 
protected in the caves,where his mother and brother possibly feed him 
the corpses of their victims, which is perhaps the biggest 
purpose behind their murdurous ways, besides adhering to the 
Barrows' bloodthirsty religion.  He is very slow, because of his
limited mobile abilities, but he is very strong and resilient, and 
may have inherent magical abilities, possibly being the source of much 
of the supernatural evil in the  mansion, given that he is pampered and 
possibly even worshipped by his mother and brother (the picture above 
the altar in the Chapel resembles Dan very much).  For this reason, 
it is possible that creatures like Dan are seen as incarnations of 
some sort of deity in the religion of the Barrows family.  Whether his 
mother believed in and practiced such a thing all along or began to 
believe (and practice) it after birthing him is unknown.  

in the US, NOT "The Struggle Within")
Dan's different appearance in the sequel has raised many questions.
In his return, he looks more like his brother, normal in size and 
form.  Being grossly affected by the Demonic deformities common to 
the Barrows family, in the original game Dan's demonic spirit
seems to have worked in a unique fashion, as if the demon used 
his human body for a core to form upon, growing its own physical 
manifestation around and engulfing his body.  This would possibly 
serve as protection for the demon, since, if it was ever destroyed 
somehow, it could simply retreat from its own physical body, and 
into its core, which grew inside as a normal (looking) boy.  
Thus when the demon is finally burned, its outer flesh acts as a 
shield for the concealed body within.  Jennifer's mesmerized reaction 
to the burning mass (shown in the opening to the sequel) suggests that 
she noticed that there was something more to the demon than the outside, 
and in fact it may be that fact that drives her over the edge and causes
her to lose her memory of much of her plight.  The limp of Scissorman 
in the sequel might be seen as a result of Dan's natural body (having
been in use for less than a year) being weaker than Bobby's, who had no
problem walking normally with the giant scissors.  And the way Dan 
claims to have a memory loss could have been more than an alibi, but 
an excuse to learn correct speech, and figure out a world he's never 
seen before as the Instructors tried to "restore his memory".  Despite
the possible disadvantages of being relatively new to using his human 
body, Dan retains much of his former power in the sequel, being able to 
influence others to do evil things and being so resilient that only a 
complete exorcism from the Earthly realm can stop him.
WALTER SIMPSON:  Jennifer's father, a doctor.  It turns out that the
occasion of his house call when he disappeared was the birth of 
Mary Barrows' twin boys.  When he delivered the babies, apparently
without having any clue as to the Barrows Family history, one
of them (or perhaps both of them; the translation makes it seem
that way) ate his hand.  Seeing that they were already horribly
deformed and bloodthirsty, he knew that the children were demonic.
However, Mary overpowered him, probably helped along by the fact
that he had lost a hand and was likely weakened by the shock of
it.  It is unlikely that Simon helped Mary do this, since Simon
seems to have been vehemently against taking part in being an
approving father to the demonic children.  In any event, Walter
Simpson ultimately died of suffocation from being trapped in
the Secret Prison, which was evidently sealed airtight.  The
last thing apparently on his mind was his daughter, Jennifer,
whose name he wrote three times in his last log before breathing
his last.


2.8  Plot Points and Theories  _SPOILERS_

Many things have already been covered in the Character Analysis
section, but I do believe there are a few lingering questions.

WHICH ENDINGS ARE "AUTHENTIC":  (Very minor Spoilers for the Sequel, as
in it's information you find out very very early in the Sequel and in
fact can deduce from the instruction manual before you even play the game)
Well, at the time the game was released, it's probably true that ANY 
of the endings were authentic.  However, the sequel shows that only 
Endings A, B, and C could be the authentic endings in the Clock Tower 
universe if the Sequel is to be included in that Universe.  In some way, 
these are the most cinematic/dramatic endings, so it makes sense.    

TIME WILL CAUSE ADHERENCE?  What's the deal with the Clock Tower driving
the Scissorman to his own self inflicted Demise?  It would seem that 
whichever Barrows originally had the mansion built in Romsdaaren Norway 
rejected the evil of the family religion and, perhaps using an ancient
means of fighting evil, erected a special Clock Tower infused with
some special kind of power.  That power could bind the brand of evil
that breathes life into the Demon Children sometimes born in the Barrows
family, and it is released whenever the Clock Tower gears are working.
Mary evidently realized this, and at some point shortly after the birth of
her children she stopped the Clock Tower from running (it was evidently
running on the actual day/night of their birth according to the opening
for "The First Fear" on the PS1).  She imprisoned Simon then, most likely
because he tried to use the Clock Tower as a weapon against his children
or she knew he WOULD try.  Note:  It would seem that the gears really
do possess some special quality, as opposed to simply driving Bobby
mad because of the noise; notes in the game specifically say "Time Will
Cause Adherence," as if it were a solemn guarantee, whereas Bobby's merely
reacting to a loud noise would be, at best, an unpredictable event.

For more background on this, read the next part; but be warned that there
are there are SPOILERS for the sequel contained in the rest, for the
sake of explaining these things fully; that said, these Spoilers concern
the BACK STORY of the sequel mainly instead of the "present-day" plot of
the Sequel...but it is particularly interesting back story (that
largely determines the location of an entire level in that game), so if you
want to discover it IN the Sequel, please skip ahead to "THE BARROWS
CURSE"  If you're okay as long as the "present-day" events of the
sequel aren't ruined, then this section is no Spoiler threat to you (as
long as you've played the SNES Original, of course) and it will help you
fill in some of the gaps as to the nature of this game's namesake,
the Clock Tower.  Otherwise, what you've already read is plenty enough (and
all that could have been deduced anyway before the sequel was released).
Some reference the sequel to will fill in some gaps.  In the Sequel, you 
discover that Quinton Barrows, Master of the 13th Generation of the Barrows 
Family, had discovered a way to exorcise the "Devil Children" that his family 
was known for breeding.  He was branded a traitor for this, as he rejected the 
apparently evil religion of his family (which evidently brought a curse upon 
all  Barrows, though those who practice the family religion evidently look
upon the curse as a gift) and killed his own son, who was the Scissorman
in his generation (and possibly the original Scissorman).  Quinton did
this using a Door that devours whatever enters it; that door was found
in a cave beneath the original Barrows Castle.  It is reasonable to believe
that whoever built the Clock Tower in the original game used a similar 
power (though not by identical means) as that which was used to "exorcise 
the Devil Children" by Quinton.
THE BARROWS CURSE:  All that can really be said about the Barrows Curse
is that it evidently afflicts even those in the Barrows family who do
not WANT to take part in the family religion.  This would explain
why bystanders like Simon fathered demonic children 
despite their obvious resistance to the concept.  Why this curse has
such a strong hold on the Barrows Family has not been explicitly
stated by the original developers, and since subsequent owners of
the series have shown little interest in the original plot, there
is no official, canonical answer to this question.  It is reasonable
to believe that the rituals of the Barrows family involved a blood
pact, so that the very bloodline of the family was marked, regardless
of whether or not those carrying that blood willed it to be or not.
It would seem to be that same Curse that, at least when a Demonic 
Child is present, can cause several supernatural atrocities to occur,
such as a hand reaching out of a mirror and the reanimation of
a corpse (in the PS1 version, the FIRST FEAR).  It is the sequel which
reinforces this information, but since all of this -can- possibly be 
deduced from the first game, there's no need to include direct Spoilers 
for the Sequel on this topic.

THE BARROWS RELIGION:  The nature of the Barrows Family's religion
is obscure in that, for the most part, they seem to follow a 
generic brand of demon worship.  Upon closer inspection, it seems
that there are certain specific elements of the religion.  Because
the picture above the altar in the Chapel (and on the fresco 
in the Religious study) looks very much like Dan, it's possible that
the Barrows family religion revolves around trying to incarnate some
sort of dark deity into a physical form.  In Bobby's and Dan's
generation, Dan would seem to be that incarnation.  Whether this 
demonic incarnation happens randomly as a result of the Barrows' 
family's history with the religion, or whether it may only happen when 
one or both parents specifically perform certain rituals or cooperate 
with those rituals is never explicitly stated.   (Minor Spoiler For the 
Sequel)  The Sequel gives certain indications that the Barrows Religion 
involves deliberate mockery of Christian beliefs, as certain symbols & 
images of the Barrows religion seen in the sequel parallel Christian 
symbols &  images but in a dark, sinister version.  Such parallels 
would seem to make the "incarnation" of the Demon Children a direct 
and intentional mockery, by the Barrows' demon-centered Faith, of the 
Christian belief in the Incarnation.  Such details give the Barrows
religion an even darker and more sinister edge by having it mock 
something good and holy.  It is almost certainly the Barrows Religion 
that causes the Barrows Curse.

JENNIFER'S MOTHER?  Some say that the corpse sometimes found in the
Trophy Room, which will attack Jennifer in the FIRST FEAR version of
the game, is in fact Jennifer's mother, who, according to that same
theory, must have gone to the house with Jennifer's father.  While,
to my knowledge, there is no official statement confirming this,
it does make sense that Jennifer's mother accompanied her husband
to the Barrows Mansion, as for her to have disappeared separately
from her husband would make Jennifer the victim of a painful 
coincidence (though that too is possible; or her mother may have
died from grief over the father; such possibilities are worth
mentioning and should not be dismissed).  So it is not impossible
that the corpse in the Trophy room is that of Jennifer's mother;
however, it is noteworthy that, if that's the case, Jennifer never
seems to realize it, as she doesn't attach any emotional significance
to discovering the corpse, unlike her heartfelt display of cradling
her father's skeletal remains.  It's also interesting that, if this
corpse is Jennifer's mother, it isn't skeletal like her father's, 
though it should be ROUGHLY the same age; admittedly, it is possible
that the body was mummified, being found, after all, in a taxedermy
room.  However, again, there is no official confirmation of this
theory, so ultimately the player can decide what he or she believes 
about this.

2.9  Closing (END OF ALL SPOILERS)

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