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                 Clock Tower: The First Fear Guide
                          By Lord Zero
                           Version 1.6




1.- File History.
2.- Introduction.
3.- History.
4.- About this Guide.
5.- Characters.
6.- Manual.
7.- Adrenaline and how it's supposed to work.
8.- You can't run, but you can hide.
9.- Quick tips for those who want to get with it _alone_
10.- Item List.
11.- Maps and Rooms.
12.- Walkthrough.
13.- Frequently Asked Questions.
14.- Credits.
15.- Legal Stuff.


1.- File History.

-0.1 Start of the guide.(08/23/2001, N/A)

-0.2 Sections 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 done. (08/23/2001, N/A)

-0.3 Sections 6, 7 and 8 done. Started Clock Tower again to find the
rest of the endings.(08/23/2001, 20:43)

-0.4 Section 9 done.(08/24/2001, 12:52) Failed to find the F ending. How

-0.5 Sections 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 done. Last beta version. (08/25/2001,

-1.0 First released version. (Date? Probably 08/26/2001, but I'm not damn

-1.1 Found the G ending! Added a new question for the section 13. A massive
spelling mistake I seem to have on every guide of mine, but this one is
the first to receive the fix.

-1.2 Found the F ending. Surprised me. A LOT. Corrected the names of
several items, added the names of the rest of the keys... Added a new
question for section 13. (09/09/2001, 20:29) Ack... I've just killed a
roach with my hand... Gross...

-1.3 Ending A found!! Haha! I rule!! (Well, not exactly...) All endings
found. Final version? Probably, but I think I have a couple of things
to do before claiming a complete guide. (09/10/2001, 17:03)

-1.4 Added the two final items I hadn't before, thanks to CStarFlare.
Corrected several things, updated the credits, so on... Now I think
this is the final version. (09/20/2001, 17:08)

-1.5 To my surprise, I've received several mails regarding this game which
deserves another update. Found out the thingy about the West Wing Key,
a note about emulators, a new site to find the translation, and a couple
of PAR codes. Also the emails for the guys I left out in the credits
(oops). Whee... (10/28/2001, 19:15)

-1.6 Small update. Read the Introduction for a note I find important.
Added a couple of Faqs, a couple of sections updated. Hmmm... I'm tired.
(11/30/2001, 22:44)

-1.7 Email Change. Yay. Finally. (10/29/2002,16:35)


2.- Introduction.

Silent Hill, Sweet Home, Clock Tower: The First Fear.

I don't like "Survival Horror" themed games, mainly because they don't
scare me. Being honest, the three games listed above are the only ones
who sort of kept me tense, probably Clock Tower being the scariest thing
I've played.

Clock Tower was a Super Famicom game released by Human in 1994. It's
a point and click adventure like good ol' Sierra and Micropose's PC games,
with an slight twist: It's the first "Survival Horror" game for the Super
Famicom. That was probably the reason it never reached America's shores,
the game IS violent, while you won't see a drop of blood in the game,
it's not a game for kids.

1994 was the most terrible year for gaming, numerous games being
censored to death (Final Fantasy 6, Mortal Kombat, and even games tame
as Super Street Fighter was on the verge of being censored, putting
shorts to Cammy White -!-), and Clock Tower was going to be watered
down considerably. Just like Sweet Home, they just decided to never
release it, because it will be just stupid. Classic Examples are Final
Fantasy II, Bare Knuckles III and Thrill Kill, all of them losing
big points when translated to our standards.

(Thrill Kill is an special case, actually, but we're not talking
about that game)

Anyway, I've decided to write a guide for Clock Tower. Why? Because
I think I can do a good job with it, and I'm hyped with this game ^_^.
Besides, I haven't found that much information about this game on
the net except for a couple of FAQs, which at this time aren't completed
(Mr. Mason's one seems to be the most promising one).

And I love Bobby's theme.

NOTE FROM VERSION 1.6: Well... If I do have a problem, is my urge to
finish off guides. This update is what it's meant to be.

Eric Hootoon updated his guide with a comment I found very disgusting:
"It is also possible that some people pirated my old guide word for word
and now everyone knows what to do. Never took the time to read any of those
other guides, anyways, so I'll never know. Well, here goes anyways."

To be honest, this comment is just... stupid. I mean, why would you have
to say that stuff? If you were the first one, man, good for you, but don't
piss other people off. If my +2.1 megs of FAQs and guides have taught me
SOMETHING, is that you have to keep yourself with your work. Putting other
people down only makes you look like an idiot, kid, because this comment is
I don't expect anything from you, but that comment is simply off topic.

I will try to contact him, but I'm just posting this because I feel like
the competition has gone away from the rail.


3.- History.

You play as Jennifer Simpsom, an orphan whose dad dissapeared
mysteriously, while being a medic, after a home call. No one found the
body, not even where was the source of the call. Her mother died years
ago, so she ended in the orphanate.

Seven years later, she's adopted, along with three friends. Lead by a
woman named Mary, they end in a biiiig mansion with a biiiig Clock
Tower. Suddenly, Jennifer's friends dissapear.

She decides to look for them. But she hears an scream. Seeing that
things aren't looking exactly good, she resolves to look around for


4.- About this guide.

This file is better seen on 800X600, with a computer and a monitor, both
turned on. A Mouse is also useful.


I'm playing this game on a ROM. I'm sure everything gets exactly the same
for the Cart, but due to several differences found on the translated
version of Seiken Densetsu III, probably there are some little
differences. So, if you see any mistakes, feel free to flame me.
(And we won't get jiggy with the legality of ROMs. The SNES and its
japanese counterpart are not reporting anything to Nintendo anymore, so
I just can support it)

Finally, the whole game is in japanese, and I don't know too much about
it, just a little Katakana, so if any "translation" or plot thingy is
wrong, feel free to flame me again. I have tried my best to interpret
this shadow of a plot.

NOTE FROM VERSION  1.5: (can't believe I forgot this before!) there IS
a translation available. Pick it up either in oneminuteleft.com, or

Finally, the Rooms and Items have been typed on CAPS, so they are easier
to find. I pretend to make this guide as informative and as simple as


5.- Characters.

*Jennifer Simpson: Jennifer is the main character of the game. In a sense,
you. Jennifer's dark past has made her, as it seems, quite a quiet girl.
She's fourteen years old, she has long black hair, and wears a blue
skirt with a white shirt (As well as an unnicanny abilitity to change
faces- play the game and you will know why)

*Mary: Ms. Mary is a woman who supposedly is leading them to meet Mr.
Barrows, the owner of the mansion, and supposedly the man who adopts
them. Later you will find out some disturbing things about her.

*Ann, Llote and Laura: The three friends who are being adopted by Mr.
Barrows. Laura is the blonde girl , Llote is the red haired
girl (I don't know what's all the fuzz about her, she's got BREASTS,
darn it), and Ann is the one that looks like Jennifer but with brown

NOTE FROM VERSION 1.4: Now, I think I was wrong ^_^. CStarFlare says
Ann has brown hair, and Laura has short blonde hair.
(What a mess)

NOTE FROM VERSION 1.6: Now, Enigmapopeia has told me the real names.
Finally. Dammit.

*Bobby and Dan: The two... things who inhabit the mansion. Bobby (Or
Dan, I don't know who's who, though everyone thinks Bobby is
the one with the scissors) is a short kid who wears a blue suit and
carries a pair of rather big scissors, and likes to give a super-close
shave to Jennifer (But soon you will realize she has no beard).
Dan is a kinda big baby who's hidden in the caves.

*Simon Barrows: The owner of the mansion. We don't know much about
him, but he seems to hide a great secret on his mansion.


6.- Manual.

Clock Tower is quite a simple game.

Y: This is the "Left Button" as I call it. Think of it as the left button
of your mouse on any adventure game. It's used to Activate things, Talk,
Look, Open, Use, and all those things you are supposed to do with your
left button. If you want to move around, move the cursor to the direction
you want to go, and press Y. Tap quickly to run.
If there's something to investigate or use, the cursor will change to an
square. Press Y to activate the action.

B: "Panic Button". If there's a way of getting out of problem using your
physical strength, you will have to use this button. When in danger,
tap this button quickly until you are safe. Ussually, when you face Bobby
or Mary, or any active and potentially dangerous thing, tap it. Always
gives you a little time to make tracks, but don't think you are completely
safe after this.
If your picture is flashing, is a good idea to use this button.

X: Stops Jennifer from walking or running.

A: Press and Hold to see your current inventory. Move left or right to
select an item, then release the button. Your cursor will change to the
item. Now click on wherever you want to use the item on.

START: Pauses the game. (How innovative)

L and R: Makes Jennifer run left or right.

Jennifer's picture shown on the bottom of the screen is your health and
radar. If it's blue, everything's alright.

If it's green, you're okay, but probably you are tired.

If it's yellow, something's been hurt, right? Better stop running and
take a breath.

If it's red, be careful. Anything could kill you. You could escape by
a lucky use of the panic button, but don't bet on it: RUN!

These levels go down when:

a)You get hit by Bobby (This is sort of deceptive, he sometimes kills
you on one simple hit). As a general rule, if he tries to hit you (not
to stab you), you will be able to fight back, or lose an energy level,
if he tries to stab you, you are doomed. He seems to stab you only if
he got you cornered.

b)You run around without someone chasing you (Read below)

c)You get attack by someone or something else than Mary.

d)You suffer a big scare.

These energy levels are a tough thing to manage, as the different events
of the mansion depletes these levels differently, and, sometimes,
adrenaline affects them much more than actual energy levels.

Jennifer will regain health if you let her rest for a while. She will
kneel and will take a few seconds to recover. It seems to take quite
a long time for her to kneel down when in CORRIDORs, or outside any
small room.


7.- Adrenaline and How it's supposed to work.

Adrenaline is a substance which is released from your glands when your
body thinks is on danger, to custom your body for attack and defense.
Ussually, the adrenaline tightens your muscles and makes you shake, and
when you are under an adrenaline rush, you are already "heated" for
running faster, jumping higher, or hitting the guy who's bothering your
girlfriend even if he's three times your size ^_^.

Adrenaline is an important part of Clock Tower. Jennifer will behave
somehow different when she's under the influence of an adrenaline rush.
Even if you are on red, if Jennifer's chased by Bobby, and is, of
course, on the verge of freaking out, she will be able to fend him off
with some ease.
She will run without losing energy.
She will be able to climb and jump things that she wouldn't be able to
do if she's quiet.

However, keep in mind that she's affected by adrenaline only when scared,
so, if she's not, she is vulnerable, and very weak. Remember you are
playing with a fourteen years old teenager, not with Joanna Dark or
Lara Croft.

Also, remember that Adrenaline only affects Jennifer while she's scared,
when the rush wears down, she will go back to her ussual self.

So don't be afraid to try new things if the guy with the rather big
scissors is hunting you!


8.- You can't run, but you can hide.

As ironic as it sounds, Bobby, with his nine years, is faster than you
may think. He appears wherever he needs to go when chasing you, and it's
virtually impossible to dust him. You are most likely to kiss the floor
once and for a final time than to out run him.

However, there is a safe way to avoid his haircut: Hiding. Jennifer is
not a martial artist, and since you can only beat him temporally, you
better go and find a good hideout before he gets you. Here are the safest
spots, in no particular order, as they are the most accesibles:

a)BATHROOM 1: If you enter here, Jennifer will lock the door. It's not a
good idea, since Bobby seems to always get you here.

b)ROCK ROOM: Knock the weak wall, and this serves as an instant
Lose-a-Bobby passage. Always works.

c)MASTER BEDROOM: If you've beaten the parrot before, you can hide
under the left bed. Always works (If the parrot's there, it will
seriously screw up your plans).

d)CLOSET TOOM: IF Bobby's chasing you down, Jennifer is able to climb
the cabinet, and hide. Always works.

e)CORRIDOR NEAR THE SECRET ROOM: There is a chance you will find Bobby
nearby, and this seems to works always: If you laid the board to cross
the broken path, and if you are coming from the right corridor, Jennifer
will take the board away and see Bobby falling down.
(If you are coming from the SECRET ROOM, simply go thru the right door,
and come back to lift it)

f) GARAGE: I don't know if it counts. If you go up the ladder, sometimes
he will pass you by, but most likely he will fall from the ceiling, not
only scaring you witless but to start another chase.


9.- Quick tips for those who want to get with it _alone_.

Much of the fun of the game is lost if you know where is going to appear
the kid with the scissors, and, since the game is sort of tough because is
on japanese (Is short, however, but you have 8 endings to find anyway),
here are the most useful tips for your journey:

a)As soon as you enter a room, look around for any kind of strange things.
If you see something moving, better get out of there. This is important on
rooms like the STORAGE ROOM and the MUSIC ROOM, since Bobby ussually gives
his location away (It's pretty funny to see his head on the MUSIC ROOM).

b)Most keys won't appear on your inventory (I think only the CAR KEY,
the GREEN KEY and the CAGE KEY appear), but if you find something (It
will be shown on the text [on brackets]) and does not appear on your
inventory, it's a key.

c)There are no dead ends on the game: Everything is used when needed.

d)Print out the maps and study them, the mansion is quite big and

e)There are some rooms that switch location, and one of them is sealed
on every game:

*MUSIC ROOM, CAGE ROOM or one of the BATHROOMs trade places.
*TROPHY ROOM and the MANEQUIIN ROOM switch places.
*One of the BATHROOMs is always sealed. Don't ask me why. I don't want
to know, either (Who knows what kinds of things does this family hides
inside it).


10.- Item List.

- COLOGNE: Found on the MASTER BEDROOM. Used to evade the dog on the CAVES.

- BLACK ROBE: Found on the CABINET ROOM. Used to evade the dog on the

- CAR KEY: Found on the wooden box next to the car. Used to start the car.

- INSECTICIDE: Pesticide. Found in the CABINET ROOM. Used to kill off the
papa roaches on the kitchen. Also can be used on Bobby *somewhere*, too
bad I don't know where ^_^.

- ROCK: Found on ROCK ROOM, and used there: to break the weak wall.

- HAM: Found on the KITCHEN. Used to avoid getting eaten by the prisioner.

- CAGE KEY: Found in the CROW ROOM. Used to unlock the poor crows.

- GOLD KEY: Found in the KITCHEN. Used to open the PHONE ROOM.

- SILVER KEY: Found in the PHONE ROOM. Used to open th RELIGIOUS LIBRARY.

- WEST WING KEY: Found in the Crow's nest. Used to get to the other
side of the mansion.
NOTE: I think there is a bug with this key. I recently tried to play
the game, and I didn't got the key when I looked into the nest. It
happens sometimes. Just restart the game (you are not very far anyway).
NOTE FROM VERSION 1.5: If you don't find it there, is on the box in

- CEREMONY KEY: Found in the CHILD'S BEDROOM. Used to open... probably

- ROPE: There are two of them: One in the CABINET ROOM and other in the
STORAGE ROOM. I haven't the faintest idea of what the hell are you
supposed to do with these.

- DEVIL IDOL: Found in the CORRIDOR near the secret room. Used on the
golden thing on the CHAPEL to access the CAVES if you didn't found the

- SCEPTER: Found in the MUSIC ROOM, behind the courtains, though
sometimes the "scepter" becomes a "Bobby". Wise move: Run away. If you
get surprised by the kid, you will have to end the game with the Statue.

- LANTERN: Found in the FIREPLACE ROOM, if you see your friend flying
out of the window. Used to get the GREEN KEY in the LIBRARY, by using
it in the hole in the wall on the far left.

- GREEN KEY: Supposedly, used to escape the prision, but I haven't
found the circumstaces to get there without having Lotte getting you


11.- Maps and Rooms.

This section is designed to help you memorize the rooms, and to recognize
them with ease. It also lists what you could do on each room.
|       |

NOTE: This is most likely still incomplete. As far as I know, these are
the actions in the game, but I may be wrong. Any help would be
appreciated here again.

- BATHROOMS: There are three of them, though one is always inaccesible.
BATHROOM 1 is the misty one, and has a faucet (If you enter here before
going to the COURTYARD or FOYER 2, you will find Laura bathing with
Bobby). The other Bathroom doesn't has a faucet, but has a box with a
SURE YOU LEFT THE DOOR OPEN. It may be very difficult to survive if you closed

- FOYERS: There are two of them. The first one is the starting room. The
second one is betweem CORRIDOR 1 and CORRIDOR 2 (If you get there before
going to the COURTYARD or BATHROOM 1, you will see Bobby and Ann
jumping on bongee without the rope).

- BEDROOMS: MASTER BEDROOM is conected to the LIVING ROOM. It features
a cabin with the COLOGNE, a portrait of two babies, and a living mirror
(If you get attacked, tap PANIC!). Also has a sick Parrot, who is better
if you let it out, and take the matress, and press PANIC when it
gets near you. This will beat it to the rest of the game. Has two beds.
CHILD'S BEDROOM is located on the second floor, passing the SCREAM
CORRIDORS. Is quite easy to notice. The doll can be defeated by using
the PANIC button, but it also goes wisely after a wall if you manage
to get under her when she is about to tackle you.

- LIVING ROOM: Connected for some reason to the MASTER BEDROOM. It
contains a bleeding paint and an strangely intelligent TV. There is a
box on the top of a cabinet which is important to check for... something,
but the box is actually empty.
NOTE FROM VERSION 1.6: Errr... is not empty. It stores the WEST WING KEY
if you don't find it on the crow's nest.

- PHONE ROOM: Switchs locaton with the RELIGIOUS LIBRARY. Has a phone and
an armor (A friend of yours can be wearing it against her will). You will
find Mary here ocasionally, but she will dissapear once you leave the room.

- GARAGE: Pretty obvious ^_^. The CAR KEY is located on a wooden box here,
and you can try escaping with the Car if you try hard enough (Hint: three

- CHAPEL: This is the link between the mansion and the CAVES. It's pretty
easy to difference from the rest, mainly because of the altar. You will
use the SCEPTER or the DEVIL IDOL here.

- RELIGIOUS LIBRARY: Switchs location with the PHONE ROOM. It has a couple
of bookshelves, and a table with a chair. The important thing is to look
the paint on the wall, as it seems to be an important part of the history
line. If you have the SCEPTER, you can push one of the bookshelves to
reveal another important piece of the paint.

- SCREAM CORRIDORS: There are two of them, one on each floor, both on
FOYER 2. Connects the "visitor" part of the mansion to the "familiar" one.
You may hear an scream here, if you do, you can choose between looking
out of the windows to see Laura taking a leap, or not (This Affects the
endings). The scream won't happen if you see Ann killed by Bobby on

- COURTYARD and JAIL: These two are connected. The COURTYARD features
a pool, where you may find Ann doing sychronized swiming with Bobby.
The wooden "house" is the JAIL, where you may find... a prisioner.
If you reach the PHONE ROOM without looking the SECRET ROOM, or if
you are hurt and check the shelf on the KITCHEN more than once, you
will end up here, JAILED. If you don't have the HAM, kiss your ass

- STORAGE ROOM: This room is one of the most annoying in the game. It
has several boxes, and a cart, which you can pull. Using the pipe there,
you will break the wall, and find the SECRET ROOM. A Cat or a Bobby will
jump out of the box. The later always seems to go out when you *DON'T*
need him.

- SECRET ROOM: This room has a corpse, and several notes, and a bag.
Check all of them: They are supposed to belong to Jennifer's father.
Checking the body will result on a rather long TEXT, and an ugly
portrait of our heroine.

- MUSIC ROOM: Yep, even the Barrows family likes music (I suspect Bobby
likes Nine Inch Nails). It has a piano, which you can play, though it
ussualy results on an air attack. You can find the SCEPTER on this room.
If you don't find it, you will find a Bobby. The record player has a nasty
tendence of turning on by itself (creepy).

- FIREPLACE ROOM: So far, I haven't found an use for this room, though
it looks comfy with the fire and the table. Ahhh... NOTE: this REALLY
looks like the first study of the mansion of Realms of the Haunting, a
ground breaking FPS game, which was pretty scary, and it got you thru
heaven and hell to end the game -literally!. Well, the point is that
you went into the mansion to find your father, and you find his ghost,
inside an study that is QUITE similar to this room.

NOTE FROM VERSION 1.4: There is an use for this room. You get the
LANTERN here if you see your friend flying outta the window, and you
can use the broken window to escape Bobby (I haven't tried it!).

- ROCK ROOM: Click on the rock pile to find a ROCK. With it you can
break the weak wall, which will take you to the COURTYARD, also
providing a Lose-A-Bobby place to run when in need.

- KITCHEN: This one has the GOLD KEY, located inside the meat locker.
It contains a massive ammount of giant flying roaches, so having a
pesticide is a good idea. Inside the refrigerator is the always useful
HAM, and there are several things to look here.

- CROW ROOM: I've found this labeled by "CAGE ROOM", but I think is a
little misleading (I thought they were talking about the JAIL). The
only thing to do here is to find the CAGE KEY, and free the Crows if you
feel like being a good girl. They won't attack you, though they may find
a suitable prey to say "Nevermore" for the rest of eternity.

- LIBRARY: This room has four bookshelves, which may contain extremely
useful info... if you know japanese. If not, I think you gotta look the
two middle shelves to get the DEVIL IDOL, though it isn't consistent.
Also, you can find the GREEN KEY in the hole in the wall if you use the
LANTERN there.
(I Think I've read somewhere that you can hide between the two shelves,
but I don't believe it. I don't think even Bobby is such an idiot)

- TROPHY ROOM: Useless. Unless you want to see yet another corpse.
The corpse is in the cabinet, but you can't see it 'coz Jeniffer's
on the way (?). There is also a heart pulsating which falls to scare
you as ussual when you try to leave.

- MANNEQUIN ROOM: Also useless. Bobby ussualy appears behinds the two
middle mannequins. That is if you aren't shocked by seeing one of them

- CAVES: The caves have an assortement of things to do: An elevator
with a weird ability to turn itself off and to fuction without power,
a giant baby burping on the background, and, last but not least,

- CLOCK TOWER: The final stage of the game. Everything here will be
most likely automatic, but it's pretty cool to see it.
|      |
| MAPS |

Note: I've tried my best to keep them understandeable, but I
don't know about you. Anyway, the point of these maps is to make them
as simple as possible to understand them without having to look to
the key.
And yes, they look like the ones on Mr. Mason's guide. I didn't
copied them, but I had them on my head while doing my own. That
was unavoidable.



* This door can only be opened from the COURTYARD.
** This is not technically a door you could open, but is a door
*** These rooms switch location constantly.
# Inaccessable point (temporary or permanently).
/ or \ (Whatever looks better ^_^) Doors.
0 Stairs.

                               ______________           _________
                              |    | ***|*** |         |*** |*** |
                              | CH | LI | B2 |         | MR | CW |
          |     |    0        |                |    |  0         |
          | TR  |             |                |    |            |
                  |    |           |    |      |####|
                  |    |           | J  |      |####|
                  | SC |           |/___| ____ |####|---> This corridor
                  |    |                 |Pool||####| is pointless since
                  |   \*                 |____||####| it's never accesable
                  |    |        COURTYARD      |####| but the door is there
  |     | KI | PH \     0     | B1 | MBR | LVR | RR |        0   |
**\ GAR |_/__|____|  FOYER 2  |__\_|___\_|___\_|____|   FOYER 1  |
  |______/________/___________ /_______________/_________________#-|
          This door is obviously locked for the whole game<--------|
          since it would take you out of the mansion (duh)

B1 and 2= BATHROOM 1 or 2.


The "door" to this room is blocked off. You have to access from
the STORAGE ROOM by breaking the wall behind the cart. Also, this
corridor is broken, and you will have to use the board to cross
                               ______________           _|_______
                              | ***|    |    |         |    |    |
                              | MR | CR | FP |         | SR | ST |
          |     |    0        |                |    | 0 # BC     |
          | MAN |             |                |    |            |
                  |    |                       |####|
                  |    |                       |####|
                  | SC |                       |####|---> This corridor
                  |    |                       |####| is pointless since
                  |    |                       |####| it's never accesable
                  |    |          Somewhere    |####| but the door is there
         _________|___\|______    over here    |____|____________
        | CL | RL \     0     |   is the CLOCK      |    ###0    |
        |_/__|____|   ______  |   TOWER (You won't  /   _###_____|
        |_________/__|      |_|   get lost anyway)  |__|   |
Yet another pointless place. This balcony breaks apart<----|
when you reach it, stopping you from getting into places you are
not supposed to get (YET).



Note: Is important to note that the second and third floor of the caves
 ____    ____
|  \ |  | EL |
|  L |  |____|
|    |__|_/__|__________
|    |___ _______ _     |
|    /   \_______/| DAN |
|    |____________|_____|

L= Ladder from the CHAPEL to the CAVES.
EL= Elevator.
|             |

FIRST FLOOR (Second floor of elevator)
   |      |
   |  L   |
   |      |
   |  OB  |        ____
   |      |       | EL |
   |      |       |____|---->For some reason, you can't go back to the
 __|_/__/_|_______|__ \|__   elevator if you see Mrs. Barrows here.
|         |               |
|        /                /---> This lead to the previously inaccesible
|_________|_______________|     balcony in FOYER 1, but, of course you
                                have nowhere to go from there.

L= Ladder to the ENGINE ROOM.
EL= Elevator.

SECOND FLOOR (Third floor of elevator)
(I made this one from a side-view perspective I.E exactly like the game)
(You won't need this, I just made it for the hell of it)
|       |
|  ENG  |
   |    |
   |    |
   |    |
   |    |L________________
   |    |             |EL |

L= Ladder to the ENGINE ROOM.
EL= Elevator.


12.- Walkthrough.

NOTE: I'm quite possitive that, besides finding Bobby for the first time,
and getting the SCEPTER or the DEVIL IDOL, you can do anything at any order.
|                  |

The game has a few objectives which are almost always needed to complete.
*Go to the MASTER BEDROOM for the COLOGNE.
*Go to the LIVING ROOM and examine the box.
*Go to the CABINET ROOM and get the BLACK ROBE, by checking the chest
behind the cabinet, pushing the box, then checking it again.
*In the same CORRIDOR of the CABINET ROOM, examine the Nest, push the
box, and examine the nest again to get the WEST WING KEY.
*Go to the STORAGE ROOM, push the cart, examine the wall, and use the
pipe to break the wall and get to the SECRET ROOM. Check the notes, the
wall, the bag and the body last.
These things are important, and I will call them the "ussual things" if
you need to do them.

When I say "evade Bobby *somewhere*" is just a suggestion.
|          |

(Corrected now, thanks to CStarFlare)

This is the toughest ending so far. Find Bobby in the BATHROOM 1,
and evade him with the ROCK ROOM or the CABINET ROOM. Do the "ussual
things". Go to the CABINET ROOM, get the INSECTICIDE. Go to the KITCHEN.
Use the INSECTICIDE on the meat locker to avoid getting eaten by the
papa roaches. Take the key inside (I don't remember if you have to
get it, or you will get it automatically). Go to the SCREAM CORRIDOR,
but don't look out of the window if you hear the scream. Go to the
CHILD'S ROOM. Check the box with the clown to get a key (I guess),
and beat the doll. Go to the CROW ROOM, check the table to get the
CAGE KEY, and use it on the cage on the corner to free A crow. Now go
to the PHONE ROOM, and get out unless you want Mrs. Barrows to kill
you painfully with a kitchen knife (bwahaha). Get inside again, and
check the table to get another Key. Go to the Music Room, don't check
the piano, and check behind the courtain. If you find the SCEPTER,
go to the RELIGIOUS LIBRARY. Check EVERYTHING there, and the left
shelf. Jennifer will take it down. Check the part of the painting
now available.
Go to the CHAPEL, and check everything, and check the vase, and use
the SCEPTER on it. If it doesn't works, go back to the RELIGIOUS
LIBARY, and then to the CHAPEL, check everything, and now it would
work. She will put it there. Go into the hole to the CAVES.
Down there, when you get to the doggy, use the COLOGNE and the
BLACK ROBE. Go to the left to find Llot. Go back to DAN'S LAIR, use
the courtain, when you get to the ledge, tap Panic to escape and
burn the baby alive. Go to the elevator and select the third floor.
Even with the kid cutting out the power, you will get there.
You will appear at the CLOCK TOWER, with Bobby right behind you.
Jennifer will turn the clock on, making Bobby fall from the tower
to his doom. You will find Ann on the floor, but Mrs. Barrows
will try to choke you! tap PANIC to avoid getting a last breath
from her grip. The crow you freed before will come with its friends,
and will begin to attack the woman, who will fall from the ledge,
to join her two children on hell. Laura and you will escape the

NOTE: If you don't find the SCEPTER, you will have to finish the game
using the DEVIL IDOL. I think you gotta avoid going into the CABINET
ROOM to escape from Bobby, so the ROCK ROOM and the MASTER BEDROOM
(If you've taken care of the parrot, of course...)are the recommended
choices. Go to the LIBRARY, read the two middle bookshelves, and go to
the BOARD CORRIDOR, and get the statue. Do whatever's left, and go to
the CHAPEL to use the EVIL IDOL on the gold thing to go into the CAVES.

NOTE FROM VERSION 1.4 (Thanks to CStarFlare!): You can get this
ending with Ann or Laura (Llote is supposed to dieeeeee!!!!). IF you
want Ann to die and run away with laura (pervert!), just go and see
Ann falling from the skylight in FOYER 2, and don't check the armor
in the telephone room. And, of course, don't try going into the
bathroom for your first destination.

|          |
| ENDING A | (This one gets the "Toughie!" award)

Follow the same instructions to ENDING S, and get the MEAT from the
Now, when you go to the PHONE ROOM, and, if you don't find Mary, go
outside, and into the room again until she appears. She will make you
drink something which will make you lose your senses.
You will awake at the JAIL. Talk to the prisioner, who happens to be
Simon Barrows, and quickly give him the HAM unless you want to be
eaten ^_^. Talk to him again, and he will tell you a couple of things.
Llot will take you out, but Mary will dispatch her. Use the stick to
knock her out.
Now, do everything you haven't done (INCLUDING FREEING
THE CROW!)(Darned crow), and go to the CAVES, use the COLOGNE and the
BLACK ROBE when you face the dog, go to DAN'S LAIR and get rid of the
baby, and go to the elevator. CHOOSE the THIRD FLOOR. You will
beat Bobby using the engine's noise, and you will find Ann! Who is
alive! For a little while, that is. After that supreme act of violence,
Ms. Mary will try taking you out, but the Crows will come to repay
their debt with you, saving you and sending Mary to her death.
(This one scared me)

|          |

Go to FOYER 2, evade Bobby with the BATHROOM 1 or the ROCK ROOM. Do the
"ussual things". Go to the LIBRARY, examine the two middle shelves,
now go to the corridor of the STORAGE ROOM, and check the weird wall.
Now check the statue to the right of the weird wall to get the EVIL IDOL.
Go to the CHAPEL, check everything, and put the EVIL IDOL on the gold
thing. Go down on the hole that will appear, and you will appear at
the CAVES. Go ahead following the cloaked figure, and, when the dog
smells you and starts to bark, use the COLOGNE and the BLACK ROBE on
yourself. Go right until Jennifer finds Llote, and now go back and go
to DAN'S LAIR. Watch the scene while you run away from the baby (I
press PANIC normally because I get paranoid, I'm not sure if it helps),
and when Jennifer tried to climb the ledge, tap PANIC! She will fall,
but try once again, and you will escape, making a nice Dan BBQ.
Go to the elevator, and press 3. Between 2 and 3, Bobby will laugh,
and will cut off the power for the elevator. Luckily, you will survive
and reach your destination. You will appear at the CLOCK TOWER,
second floor. Jennifer will climb the ladder with Bobby on your tail,
but in the ENGINE ROOM, Jennifer will turn on the clock, driving Bobby
mad, and making him fall off the tower. Mrs. Barrows will appear, and
try to choke you, but tap PANIC, and you will send her to a shocking
death. You will be free, tired and scared, but alive.
|          |

Follow the same directions as the ENDING S or B (and probably
others), but select the second floor of the elevator. You
will end up in the first floor of the CLOCK TOWER. Get out
of the elevator, and you will find Mrs. Barrows, who will try to stab
you. Use PANIC to take her down, and run away to the left. Choose
whatever door you want (I recommend to choose left because sometimes
she will get you while you run at the right door), and run at the
ladder when you get to the OUTSIDE BALCONY. Mrs. Barrows will grab your
leg, use PANIC once again to avoid getting thrown down. Now, when you
get to the ENGINE ROOM, Jennifer will press both switches and Bobby
will go mad with the sound of the engines, and you will survive...
|          |

Go to BATHROOM 1, evade Bobby. Go to MASTER BEDROOM, get COLOGNE, go
to LIVING ROOM, check the box, go to CABINET ROOM, get the BLACK ROBE,
outside the room, check the nest on the wall, then push the box, and check
the nest again. Go to CHILD'S ROOM, check the box with the clown, then
beat the doll. Go to LIBRARY, examine the two middle shelves, go to
BOARD CORRIDOR, and get the DEVIL IDOL from the statue to the right of
the weird wall.
Now go to the CHAPEL, check everything, use the DEVIL IDOL on the gold
thing. Go down to the CAVES.
Go right until the dog barks at you. Use the COLOGNE and the BLACK CAPE.
Go right until you find Llot. Now go to DAN'S LAIR, and when  you get
to the ledge, tap PANIC until you can climb over, burning the baby alive.
Now go to the elevator, and select the second floor. Go right, and you will
find Ms. Mary. Not knowing any better about the situation, you will run
to meet her, only to meet you death on the evil Mrs. Barrows' hands...
|          |

Exactly the same as ENDING D, but select the third floor. Bobby will cut
the power to the elevator, and he will jump with you. Unfortunately,
you have nowhere to run this time.
|          |
| ENDING F | (This is my favorite ending so far)

To get this ending, do EVERYTHING you have to do to get the S ending,
IN THE CAVES! Instead, just go and find DAN'S LAIR, open the courtain,
and press panic to climb the ledge (And probably, just tap panic all the
way) to escape from Dan. Now, go to the elevator...

You won't have to choose a floor. You won't need to, either. You won't
even have the chance to do it.
|          |

So, I was wrong. Well. This is about as easy as the next one. Go to the
BATHROOM 1, evade Bobby. Go to the SCREAM CORRIDOR, LOOK out of the
window to see your friend dying. Now, go to the GARAGE, get the CAR KEY,
which is on the wooden box next to the car, and use it three times on
the car. It will start, and you will... escape?
|          |

This is the easiest ending to get. Go to FOYER 2, evade Bobby. Go to
GARAGE, get the CAR KEY which is on the wooden box next to the car. Use
the CAR KEY three times on the car, and the third time, it will start.
Too bad you are not getting anywhere alive.


13.- Frequently Asked Questions.


Q.- What a coincidence. The FAQ section is number 13... hmmm...
A.- You've discovered my secret. I'm Lord Barrows. Err... you... what...
(cough) that isn't a question!

Q.- is there a translation for this game?
A.- (You dirty pirate ^_^) yes, there is a translation available, but,
right now, I don't know the exact URL for it. Ask in the gamefaqs.com
Clock Tower Forum, there you can find the responsible for the patch.
I found it: the URL is http://agtp.romhack.net
It's great ( a little glitchy ^_^, but I wouldn't complain!)
It's also available on oneminuteleft.com (thanks to Okonomiyaki Uchan
[InFaMOusAnGeL82@aol.com] for notifying this!)
(Don't be scared! Is just a game ^_^)
TO WHOEVER ASKED ME TO SEND HER THE ROM, I think you can find it
there. Don't ask me for it.

Q.- I Don't get the WEST WING KEY from the nest. What's going on?
A.- Check the box in the LIVING ROOM. Thanks to (DarkSunok@aol.com)
and Gladrius (gladrius@hotmail.com) for clearing this out.

Q.- Why is Jennifer's face on those weird colors?
A.- I think is another bug. Most likely. Her portrait turns orange and
green, and then you just get a random health level. Very weird. Happens
when leaving rooms after you evade Bobby.

Q.- Why can't I get the EVIL IDOL?
A.- Because you haven't checked the LIBRARY. However, once I checked them
and still couldn't find the statue, but that was the only time.

Q.- I can't find the SCEPTER! Bobby's coming out of the courtain!
A.- You will have to end the game using the EVIL IDOL.

Q.- Is there any difference between finishing it with the EVIL IDOL or the
A.- Is easier (and safer) to finish it with the EVIL IDOL, but in the end
I think there is no difference.

Q.- Who is Mrs. Barrows?
A.- Mary! She's Mary, the mother of the twins! You will find about her
on the SECRET ROOM. Besides, you will probably notice that in the end,
at the CLOCK TOWER, she changes her face to a twisted one with the same
skin color of the twins.

NOTE FROM VERSION 1.4: CstarFlare says that her skin is always that tone.
I'm not sure, but I can't say I know more about the game than him ^_^.

Q.- And where is Mr. Barrows?
A.- He is the prisioner on the jail. I have to find further information
about him. He never says anything of any importance, So I can't know
exactly what's the deal with him.

Q.- Who is Dan and who is Bobby?
A.- Don't ask.

Q.- Have you played CLOCK TOWER II or III?
A.- Nope, and probably, I won't.
(hey, people, I don't have a PSX. I truly like this game, but seeing the
next games don't give me any urge to play them. If on christmas I get
a PSX 2, I could find them. Sorry Larson, I don't have as much time like
to play games that aren't on my priorities. University is getting a lot
out of me.)(Don't be disturbed)

Q.- What's the matter with the historyline?
A.- Interesting question. I guess that Mrs. Mary Barrows is just inventing
the whole "Adoption" thing to have more victims. She seems to do several
sacrifices to feed Dan with them. What is her goal, I don't know, but
if something's for sure, she or her kids aren't christians, or even humans.

NOTE FROM VERSION 1.4: We haven't found everything, kiddies. There are a
couple of lines left out of the translation ("Something's got my arm", and
"The game of tag is over!", I think), and through game shark we've found
another face for Jennifer (Not the orange one which seems to be a bug)
where she seems to be dead (even melting). And we can't forget the knife
we've found with the Game Shark.
There are also 4 other Clock Tower. The best is yet to come, as it seems.

Q.- Are the images in the game digitalized?
A.- I don't know, but Jennifer seems to have several actress if that's
the case (She really looks ugly in the SECRET ROOM).

NOTE FROM VERSION 1.4: CStarFlare sez that the picture looks so horrible
because it was traslated from the PS to the SNES. Makes sense, but I don't
think the PS version was released before the SNES version.

Q.- Any games you recommend?
A.- Silent Hill, by Konami (For PSX), and Sweet Home, by Capcom (Famicom,
the translated ROM is somewhere on the net). And, for the Arcades,
play either House of the Death I and II (The second one is FREAKISH HARD!)
by Sega or Carnevil, which is the coolest shooter I've played (I don't
know who is the developer, though).

Q.- And why does Bobby likes Nine Inch Nails?
A.- Err... his theme is pretty much NiN styles... and... (*runs off*)

Q.- Which part really freaked you out?
A.- Many, actually. First, when I found Bobby in the pool.
Second, the F ending. I was watching TV, and when I turned around
*CLANK!*... then the blood.
The A ending scared me, but not as much as the two places already

Q.- Favorite ending?
A.- F ending. Good way to end it.

Q.- Favorite scene?
A.- Ann hung on the shower looks downright sadistic.

Q.- Anything to say about the G ending?
A.- And so, Jennifer returned to the orphanage. She was discovered in
her room three days later...


That's the translation for the G ending.

Q.- Any gameshark codes?
A.- Nope, though there are a couple of weird things thru PAR codes:
7fca4709 - the "melting face"
7e132306 - The dagger will replace the first slot of the inventary. Use


14.- Credits.

- Human, for making the game. Too bad they never translated it, but, hey,
maybe that's good.
- Nintendo, I guess, for making the system... (Bleh).
- BIG THANKS to Ghideon Zhi and Sneakytonberry for helping me to get the
F and A endings. Gidheon Zhi is (I think) the responsible of the
translation, also, but I'm not too sure ^_^. I don't have their emails
cause I picked them up on the boards, but thanks.
- Another BIG THANKS to CStarFlare (sailordeathscythe@hotmail.com) for
helping me out in several things.
- Tsama, from the boards, posted the PAR codes. Thanks for letting me
steal them ~_^.
- Gladrius (gladrius@hotmail.com) and (DarkSunok@aol.com) for clearing
the issue about the West Wing Key.
- Okonomiyaki Uchan (InFaMOusAnGeL82@aol.com)for the note about
- Cyrille Bockstal (daniel.bockstal@skynet.be), for pointing out the F
ending. Thanks!
- Mr. Mason (Mrmasonw2ds@hotmail.com) for helping me out the first time
I played. He has a good guide on gamefaqs.com, though now it's pretty
incomplete (He says he will update it often, so I guess it's okay, and
he probably knows more about the game than myself)
- CjayC, for publishing my guides on gamefaqs.com, the coolest game site
on the net (He still hasn't screamed at me).
- Of course, my hands for helping me type this thing (It would be quite
a goal to do it without their help ^_^), and my brain for having the
strenghth to avoid getting fried by my college's maths.
- And you, the reader, for reading this!


15.- Legal Stuff.

This file is owned by Lord Zero (lordzero@icnet.com.ve)

You MAY distribute, print, read, show to your friends or enemies this
guide freely, AS LONG as you credit Lord Zero as the author, keep
the copyright on it, and is used for non-profit purposes. You MAY NOT
change ANYTHING on this guide, adding or taking anything out of it,
including banners, links, or anything else. You MAY NOT distribute this
guide on any non-electronic media. All I ask from you if you wish to
publish this guide on your site, is to keep it updated, and to notificate
me of your URL.

All Rights Reserved. Anything not mentioned on this text can be discussed
via email to the address below.

Copyright 2001-2002 By Lord Zero (lordzero@icnet.com.ve).

The last version can always be found in gamefaqs.com.
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