• Code

    At main menu hold L+R on controller 2 and press A,A,B,B,X,X,Y,Y,A,B,X,Y,A,B,X,Y on controller 1. Press L+R on controller 2.Debug Mode
    At main menu hold L+R on controller 2 and press A,A,B,B,X,X,Y,Y,A,B,X,Y,A,B,X,Y on controller 1. Press B+Start on controller 1.Finish Level
    On the main menu, press B, X, B, X, B, X, B, B, B, YInfinite Thermal Detonators
    During any side-scrolling level, hold A + B + X + Y and press SelectInvincibility and Display Coordinates
    On the main menu appears, press Y, Y, Y, Y. When you start a game, use L/R and the control pad to manipulate the logo and text.Play with Star Wars Logo/Intro Text
    At the Title Screen, press A, B, A, Y, A, X.Seven Continues (Instead of three)
    At any regular sidescroll stage, hold down Down+X+Y+A+B at the same time..Sound Test
    At the title screen, press A, B, A, B, A, B, A, BView Credits


  • Passwords

    LBRHFRAttack On Sail Barge (BRAVE)
    WDSMNNBEmperor's Chamber (Brave)
    WDSMNNEmperor's Chamber (BRAVE)
    HLQMVLEmperor's Chamber (EASY)
    PPNNZYEmperor's Chamber (JEDI)
    QDQGKHEndor (EASY)
    MFWHQMEndor (JEDI)
    TLVHFTEwok Village 1 (BRAVE)
    QYXYHBEwok Village 1 (EASY)
    XNHPSFEwok Village 1 (JEDI)
    NVBJJHEwok Village 2 (BRAVE)
    LFWLTQEwok Village 2 (EASY)
    KQMLXPEwok Village 2 (JEDI)
    BGSWLDFinal Stage (EASY)
    ZZSTXZFinal Stage (EASY)
    TXQLTMFinal Stage (JEDI)
    VKCDFDInside Barge (BRAVE)
    VKCDFDInside Barge (EASY)
    XXVPBGInside Barge (JEDI)
    KXVZZDInside Death Star (BRAVE)
    BPFFZQInside Death Star (EASY)
    DSFYGDInside Death Star (JEDI)
    GPTDZCInside Sail Barge (BRAVE)
    JVPLHPJabba's Hall(BRAVE)
    ZJLMRJJabba's Hall(EASY)
    YQYHJNJabba's Hall(JEDI)
    VDLBGGJabba's Palace(BRAVE)
    LZLKJFJabba's Palace(EASY)
    ZPNKKZJabba's Palace(JEDI)
    ZKQHQDMillenium Falcon I (BRAVE)
    CPMRZYMillenium Falcon I (EASY)
    CPMRZVMillennium Falcon 1 (EASY)
    VCYNNPMillennium Falcon 1 (JEDI)
    BWHPHZMillennium Falcon 2 (BRAVE)
    RMNVLCMillennium Falcon 2 (EASY)
    NJHPHLMillennium Falcon 2 (JEDI)
    CDWLTYPower Generator (EASY)
    BPSDVSPower Generator (JEDI)
    MKYXVNRancor Pit (BRAVE)
    VTYMZXRancor Pit (EASY)
    BZGBJXRancor Pit (JEDI)
    LBRHRFSail Barge (BRAVE)
    QZNFPPSail Barge (EASY)
    MSDZZRSail Barge (JEDI)
    WCBMKSShield Generator (BRAVE)
    WCBMKSShield Generator (Easy)
    DDDQYZSpeeder Bike (BRAVE)
    ZCTKFCSpeeder Bike (EASY)
    CQQBKPSpeeder Bike (JEDI)
    BGFSMHTattoine (BRAVE)
    RLGQMNTattoine (EASY)
    RRSBTSTattoine (JEDI)
    RVKFKGTower (EASY)
    BZCBCBTower (JEDI)
    KHWKCBTower Entrance - Vader (BRAVE)
    VQXDQJTower Entrance - Vader (EASY)
    VGKSNJTower Entrance - Vader (JEDI)

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