FAQ/Walkthrough by Lu Aza

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Beavis and Butt-Head Walk Through Version 2.0

Table of Contents

BBH1} Happy Little Intro.
BBH2} Version History
BBH3} Characters
BBH4} Locations
BBH5} Items/Weapons
BBH6} Walkthrough
BBH7} Game Endings
BBH8} Thanks To
BBH9} Legal Stuff/Contact

Happy Little Intro.  BBH1

Chances are, if you're reading this, you must have somehow gotten you hands on 
an actual cart for this game, or downloaded a ROM and have no idea as to how to
beat this game.

Well, you're not alone. Unlike it's SNES counterpart, this game actually 
requires some thought to complete. However, a lot of the trouble you'll have 
with this game is that there are VERY FEW internal hints, leaving you to a 
painful round of trial and error in order to complete it.

Well, no more. Your friendly Essence of Evil {that's what Lu Aza means, people}
is here to show you the way. You'll maybe either laugh or cry at the small, 
inane jokes I crack, but in the end, you shall beat the game, and hopefully 
with the least amount of backtracking and annoyance that comes with it.

Oh yeah, like many Walk Throughs here, I've inserted little Find markers
in this file, in the form of BBH#'s. You should, by now, know how to use the 
Find function of your browser.

Version History  BBH2

Version 2.0:

-I corrected some errors.
-I'm actually resubmitting it because I originally took it down in protest
over the new GFAQs design.

Version 1.0:

-The first and most likely only version of this Walk Through. Everything is as
complete as it ever will be.

Characters  BBH3

The cast of characters that show up in the game.

Beavis: Our blond haired "hero" of the game that wears a blue shirt. He has a 
love of Chainsaws and saying "Heh Heh" every 6 seconds.

Butt-Head: Our brown haired, black/gray shirt wearing, braces quipped "hero." 
Loves saying "Huh Huh" every 6 seconds and Frog Baseball.

Todd: The blond haired "punk" with the oil can in various stages. In the show,
he's somewhat of an idol for our "heroes."

Earl: The bald "punk" that shows up in a few levels sporting what appears to 
be a gun that shoots suction cup darts. He's a minion of Todd.

Mr. Anderson: A beer and propane loving vet of several wars. His shed is a 
favorite place for Beavis and Butt-Head to steal stuff from. They have, at 
times, stolen his lawnmower.

Couch Buzzcut: The coach and Science Teacher of Highland Highschool. He hates 
our "heroes" with a passion.

Mr. McVicar: Principal of Highland Highschool. A bald man who stutters a lot. 
Our "heroes" always get him angry, which leads to ranting, hurling insults, 
or trying to kill them.

Mr. VanDriessen: The "hippie" teacher of our "heroes." In this game, he offers
up some advice... but he doesn't do anything else in the game.

Daria: The serious, intelligent and sarcastic girl that got her own spinoff, 
she's the butt {Huh Huh} of many jokes. In this game, she's only seen if you go
Couch Fishing.

Stewart: The boy that looks up to our "heroes." Always tries to impress them,
and his "worship" of them gets him into trouble. He's only seen if you go Couch

Burger World Guy/Stewart's Father: He's in Burger World, demanding service.

"Popular Girl": Shows up in various levels, she always tries to backhand our 
"heroes" and cause damage. I think she's based on a very minor character in the
show, but I can't recall her name.

Army Fellow: Based off a one shot character in the show. He'll kill you if 
you try to take the Classified Secrets File that covers a Ticket Piece.

Andersons Dog: Name says it all. She'll attack if you try and break into his 

Fat Dude: The fat, Texan hat wearing guy in the Hospital. He chases you down
when you steal his scooter. Based on a minor show character.

Fat Lady: Shows up in the Drive-In. She chases you down after you... uh...
come-a-knockin'-while-the-van's-a-rockin'. Well, close enough to it.

Locations  BBH4

Home: Where Beavis and Butt-Head live. Alone for some reason. This is the point
where you go from place to place and put the Ticket Pieces you find.

Burger World: Where our "heroes" work.

Turbo Mall 2000: The place you'll backtrack to most often. Here you gain 
several Ticket Pieces and pawn off items for money.

Highland Highschool: A place where you gain some tips and a Ticket Piece.

Drive-In: The local Drive-In Theater. Once you pay $3.00 bucks, you can get in 
at any time.

Hospital: Where you go when you get sick. Worth a side trip at times because 
of the instant full energy boost.

The Street: Several items can be found here. Also where Tom Anderson lives.

GWAR Concert: Where you go at the end of the game.

Items/Weapons  BBH5



Burp: Main weapon. Very, very weak.

Cahinsaw: Found in Andersons shed. It's only used to cut down a single tree.


Fart: Main weapon. Just as weak as the Burp.

Bat: Butt-Head's most powerful weapon... and really the strongest weapon in the
game. Found in the Toy Store of Turbo Mall 2000.


Pea Shooter: Can be used by both Beavis and Butt-Head. Stronger than the Burp 
and Fart. Found at Burger World and the Yoghourt Store in Turbo mall 2000.

Dart Gun: Can be used by both Beavis and Butt-Head. Far stronger than the Pea
Shooter. Can be found on The Streets and in the Toy Store in Turbo Mall 2000.



Fishing Pole: Found in Andersons shed.

Pizza: Found in the couch.

Donut: Found in the couch.

Suitcase/Cassette Player: Some say it's a suitcase, I think it looks like a
cassette player.

Classified Secrets File: Found in the US Army Recruiting Station of Turbo 
Mall 2000.

Gum: Found in Highland High, under Mr. VanDriessen's desk.

Boot: Found in The Street.


Bird: Found in The Street.

Headphones: Found in Burger World.

Binoculars: Found in the Drive-In.

-Plot Related-

Bone: Found in The Street.

Shed Key: Found in The Street.

Cage Key: Found in the Pet Store of Turbo Mall 2000.

Bomb: Found in the US Army Recruiting Station of Turbo Mall 2000.

Snake: Found in the Pet Store of Turbo Mall 2000.

Boxed Snake: What you get when you take the Snake to the store owner.

Cat: What you get when you use the Pizza as fishing bait.

Chemical A: Found in the Science Room of Highland High.

Chemical B: Found in the Science Room of Highland High.

Chemical AB: Mixed form of A and B {duh}. 

Costumes: Found at the GWAR Concert.

Fries: Found in Burger World.

Dead Rat: Found in the Burger World dumpster. Mix with fries for a tasty 

Dead Rat With Fries: The tasty surprise.

Remote Control: Use to travel from place to place.

Rotten Hamburger: Found near the Burger World dumpster.

Scissors: Found in the sick room of the Hospital.

Pants: Found in the Bedroom of Home.

Soap: Found in the Yoghourt Stores bathroom in Turbo Mall 2000. 

Oil: Found in Cars "B" Us in Turbo mall 2000.

Ticket Pieces: 9 in all, found in various areas.

Full Tickets: Found on the GWAR poster in the bedroom at Home.

Walkthrough  BBH6

Hopefully, this will be the fastest, easiest way of going about things without
too much backtracking. If I find a faster way, I'll actually make a Version
2.0 of the Walk Through.

Stuff to remember:

-When I say switch characters, it means hit your start button and use B to 
switch between Beavis and Butt-Head. 

-C is the "action" button, meaning that hitting C lets you grab items, use 
them, read/talk to stuff/people, what have you.

-Each character has his own life bar. Switch between them when one is low on 
energy. However, if one dies, it's game over.

-Energy ISN'T restored when you go Home.

-Each character can only hold 4 items {items are shown on the left, weapons on
the right}.

-Each character can carry Items, so you have 8 item slots.

-Weapons aren't interchangeable. You can't just have Butt-Head drop the Pea 
Shooter and have Beavis pick it up and use it.

Now then, on with the mighty Walk Through.

Home: This is where you start the game. On the stand, you'll find the Remote, 
so grab it with whoever you want. Now switch characters {or just select 
Fart/Burp so you're not using the Remote} and stand in-front of the right 
part of the couch. Hit C and your character will shove his hand into the couch.
This will get you the Pizza. Do this again for the Suitcase/Cassete Player. 
and one final time for the Donut. Now that you have these 3 items, drop them.

Yes, I mean it. Go into the character screen, select the Pizza and hit Drop.
Do the same for the Donut and Suitcase/Cassette Player, because for now, you 
won't need them and they'll limit your ability to hold items. Worry not, you
can just pick them up later off the floor when you need them.

Now with those Items dropped, move on to the right and the Bedroom door will 
open instantly. Grab the Pants from under the bed, and then get the Camera 
from the open dresser drawer. Check out the GWAR poster if you want a password 
or to play with your settings/options.

Now leave the room, select the character with the Remote, select it as your 
Item and go channel surfing. Use the up/down keys to scroll through the choices
until you hit Burger World, then hit Start.

Burger World: You'll start off standing at the entrance. {And might I add that 
I love this stages music.} Go to the right immediately and you'll avoid Todd 
and a skateboard. Go as far as possible and then up. You'll come upon the 
dumpster and a little army of rats. Go to the right while avoiding the rats 
and grab the Dead Rat hanging from the edge of the dumpster and then grab the 
Pea Shooter sitting next to it on the right. Now go all the way left {while 
avoiding the rats and IGNORE THE ROTTEN BURGER} until the screen changes.

Welcome to the drive through of Burger World. Watch out for a skateboard coming
from the left and the "Popular Girl" from the right. If you're damaged, you 
might want to head all the way to the right to find a hot-dog that will heal 
you. {If you went for the hot-dog, you'll have to watch out for another 
skateboard and "Popular Girl" coming from the left.}

Anyway, go up to the door and you'll be greeted with a set of numbered keys. 
You have to enter an 8 digit code to get in.. the code? BUTTHEAD. {That's 
28884323 for you lazy people.} 

So now you're inside Burger World. Grab the Fries next to the fryer and dump 
them into it, followed by the Dead Rat. Grab the Dead Rat With Fries that 
comes from the little combo and head right, making sure to grab the Headphones
sitting next to the second fryer. Now go further right and you'll show up 
behind the counter of Burger World with Stewarts Dad demanding service. Give 
him the Dead Rat with Fries and a cutscene will happen.

At the end, you'll have $.50 on you and if you'll look at the floor, you'll 
notice that your rather.. unhappy customer barfed up a Ticket Piece. So 
exit the way you came in and head down, back to the dumpster. 

Once at the Dumpster, grab the Rotten Burger and you'll get sick. Now head 
down and back to the front of Burger World. From here, make your way to the 
main entrance and... enter, making sure to dodge Todd. Once inside, grab 
the ticket piece, exit and run to the left to a little TV with "EXIT" over it.
Use the Remote to leave Burger World and get back Home.

Home: Go into the bedroom, look at the poster and get a fresh password. Then
head out, go back to the TV and use the Remote. Scroll until you get to 
Hospital and select it.

Hospital: Be careful, there's atleast 2 Cops in your way. You can either try 
and run through them or, better yet, use the Pea Shooter to "kill" them. Once 
beaten, they'll leave a food item to heal you. But also beware of Bowling
Balls which, for some reason are rolling around the ground. Once at the 
doors, enter and head for the first white door.

Once inside, you'll get told to get on the table and a little scene will play.
Your energy will be instantly maxed out. With this done, head to the right so 
you clear the table then move upwards. Head left again so you're pushing 
against it {bumping into it is more like it} and press B to jump while 
holding left, so you're now on the table. Head to the left a little and grab 
the Scissors on the shelf. Now exit the room.

Once outside, head right, past the Fat Guy on the treadmill. Be careful, as a
fellow tossing meat {an enemy} will be standing in your way. Dispatch him with
the Pea Shooter and grab the item he dropped if you got hurt in the fight. With
Meat Man gone, head to the right further, coming to the little Scooter. Face it
and hit C to start a chase scene.

If you're using an emulator, it's a cake walk, as you can just savestate. If 
you're using an actual cart... good luck, as you'll need it. If you hit 3 
Medical Cases in a row, {actually, if you hit 2 and dodge for a while, then 
hit another one, he won't jump on you; but he may on the next hit if it's just 
after hit 3}, the Fat Guy will jump on you, ending the game. 

When you manage to make it to a stairway, you're home free. After some 
crashing, you'll get the "Victory" music that plays whenever a "Boss" is 
beaten. Grab the Ticket Piece just right of the Fat Guy and then head to the 
right and out the door. Head to the right quickly, as a Cop will appear from 
the left to attack. Use the Remote at the EXIT point and go home.

Home: Bedroom, poster, password, you know the drill. Head back to the 
living room and drop the Pants, Scissors and Headphones, just like you did the 
stuff from the couch. It's time to go channel surfing again, and this time, 
scroll until The Street shows up and select it.

The Street: Head to the right and you'll meet Earl. Beat him down with the Pea
Shooter, take the item he drops and keep going to the right until you reach a

See that manhole cover? Stand over it and hit C. You're now in the Sewer and to 
the left is a hot-dog to restore energy. Head to the right, jumping over 
various sewage pits. You'll have to run {hold down A} and then jump to cross 
some of these... and make sure your timing is perfect, or else you'll hit 
dripping and jumping sewage. Also, beware of rats, as they're located in 
several place, just waiting to make your life miserable.

Once you get over the toxic pit that is Highland's sewer system, head up the 
ladder. There are 2 food items to restore energy. Also, grab the Bird to the 
left, it can be sold for cash.

With that done, head up to another area full of sludge and enemies. Grab the 
Dart Gun at the very start of this course, it's much better than the Pea 
Shooter. If you hit C over and over, you'll get a nice rapid fire from it.

Anyway, in this area, there are sewer pipes that spill toxic stuff on the 
ground here and there that have to be run jumped over, rats crawling around in 
various places, eagles that can't be killed, cars and various other crap that
you have to climb over and tires that, when jumped on, give you a spring 
effect, allowing you to jump higher.

After the second pipe spill, you'll find the Boot. I wouldn't pick it up, as 
its fishing use brings Earl into your house... an Earl that instantly kills
you and seems nigh unbeatable. But if you want it just for completeness,
grab it and head on.

After the Boot, you'll find Todd in 2 places; it's time to test out the Dart
Gun you just got. With rapid fire, he'll go down in 4 seconds flat, leaving you
undamaged. And after those Todds, it's just a hop, skip and a jump to the end, 
where you'll find the Bone.

Now, you have to head ALL THE WAY BACK through this course and the sewer. Make
sure to be careful of rats, spills and what not, but you'll notice that Todd
isn't anywhere to be found. Guess he wussed out; not such a badass after all,
are ya, Todd?! Anyway, once you're out, come back to see what's next. I'll 
just wait.

Okay, now you're back on The Street. Head to the left, beat down Earl again 
{the Dart Gun is god when it comes to fighting Earl} and look around. Notice 
how there's only 1 yard open to you? Head up into it and fight Anderson, who is
riding on his lawnmower. Once the "Boss" fight {note the Boss and Victory 
musics that have and are being played} is over, grab the Shed Key off the 
lawnmower and head right. 

See that dog? Well, if you go to the shed door, it'll break free and attack... 

The solution? The Bone you grabbed after your little romp in the sewer. Go 
over to the dog with the Bone selected, hit C and the character will toss it. 
The dog will run after it and you're free of being attacked. Now go to the 
shed with the Shed Key as your Item and enter.

Once in the shed, go left and grab the Fishing Pole behind the shovel. Now go
right and jump onto the box under the Chainsaw. Select Beavis as your character 
and grab it. Now head back out and go right, to the tree. Now, the trick is to 
cut down the tree with the Chainsaw.

You might be thinking "Trick? How hard can it be?" Well friends, at first I 
thought it was simple too... but it wasn't. 

See, you can just walk up to it, use the Chainsaw and cut it down. The trick is
that YOU HAVE TO BE to the left of the tree. You also have to use the Chainsaw
just far away enough from the tree so the TIP OF IT touches the tree.

If done right, Beavis will, after a second or two, cut the tree down and you'll
get a Ticket Piece. Now head out of the yard, to the left and go back Home.

Home: To the poster, password, come back out. Now it's time to try Couch 
Fishing... so grab the Pizza from the floor with the character who HAS THE 
FISHING POLE. Keep that as your selected item, head to the left section of
the couch and hit C. Now, the trick with is you have to hit the C button at a 
rapid rate until the red ball thing reaches the very tip of the pole. If you 
let up, even for an instant, the ball will, most likely, go all the way back 
down and you'll have to start all over again.

With the Pizza you get the Cat, which will land on the floor. Don't pick it up,
just let it stay on the floor. If you want, grab the Donut and beat up the Cop 
that shows up for energy. The Boot... well, only use it if you think you can 
somehow beat Earl and avoid instant death. The Suitcase/Cassette Player nets 
you Stewart, who gives you a hint about the second ending to the game before 
running off.

Now then, grab the Bird, Headphone and Pants. Go channel surfacing. Select 
Turbo Mall 2000 and get ready..

Turbo Mall 2000: You'll have to face atleast 3 Cops before getting to the 
entrance. Once you get there, go inside. Head right, jumping over shopping 
carts until you reach 'We "B" Cars' and enter. Beat down Todd and go to the 
"FREE SAMPLES!" stand, grab some Oil and leave. Head right again until you 
reach the Toy Store. Enter, select Butt-Head as your character, to the left 
and grab the bat. You'll lose your $.50, but you gain the single most powerful
weapon in the game and be able to destroy shopping carts for food.

A small price to pay for real ultimate power, eh?

{Note: You CAN cut out a second trip the Turbo Mall 2000 if you don't buy the 
Bat {which I don't recommend on your first play through} and, instead, go into
the Pet Shop and buy a Snake. Use the Find function and put in Turbo Mall 2000
to find my Walk Through on your second trip to this area for more information.}

Also note that when you get more cash, you can come back and buy a Dart Gun for
the character that doesn't have one.

Anyway, exit the store and go right again, smashing shopping carts when they 
come at you until you reach the Yoghourt Store. When you enter, the guy inside 
will rant and start throwing his Yoghourt right where you have to go through, 
but it's a slow arc, so you can run through without getting hurt. On the other 
side, on a table is another Pea Shooter. Give it to whoever doesn't have one.

Now head into the bathroom and move upward and walk along the sink, the rat 
here won't be able to touch you. Go to the third sink {the one furthest to the 
left} and grab the Soap. Make your way out of the Store, watching the Yoghourt 
and leave. Head to the left until you reach the elevator {it's marked 
elevator with a yellow 1 next to it} and enter, going to floor 2.

Now, you have to be careful as "Popular Girl," the skateboard AND the bowling 
ball are all here. Go to the right and enter the US Army Recruiting Station. Go
to the left and grab the Bomb.. BUT DON'T TOUCH THE FILE ON THE DESK OR YOU'LL 
DIE INSTANTLY. Now leave the Station, head right and go to the Pawn Shop.

Sell the Bird and the Headphones. You'll have $3.30. Now we have to go all the
down to the first floor and then left until we reach the Laundromat. Now, if 
you just have the Soap and Oil, you MAY be able to enter.. the last time I 
checked, I didn't need the Pants to get in.. but, of course, you DO have the 
Pants, so you need not worry but having to go all the way back Home for them.

So once inside, head all the way to the left, past the sleeping Old Lady to the
last machine.. and MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE OIL AS YOUR ITEM. If not, then the 
Old Lady will wake up, trap and kill you. But if you have the Oil and hit C, 
the door will open silently and you'll be alright. Now grab the Ticket Piece 
and you'll notice the Pants, Soap and Oil are gone. But hey, they served their 

Now with nothing left to do for now, leave Turbo Mall 2000 and go Home.

Home: Poster, password, channel surf to Drive-In and go.

Drive-In: Head to the booth, face it and talk to the guy inside to pay him 
$3.00. Now go to the Snack Bar, dodging the rat and enter. Make the Bomb your 
Item and hit C. You'll toss the bomb and the Grape Soda Machine will explode, 
partially flooding the place. Now leave and head right.

When the screen changes, you'll notice that there are blue patches on the 
ground. These patches limit your walking speed, meaning unless you jump, you'll
move at a near crawl. However, there are rats in-between many of these patches,
meaning that if you don't time your jumps, you'll hit them and lose energy.

When you make it to a rocking van, go right and grab the Binoculars, then go 
further right for a food item. Go back to the van, make the Camera your Item,
move up to the window and hit C. You'll snap a picture and then a really
Fat Lady in a green leotard {ugh, a giant jelly bean} will come charging 
out. Now you have to run to the left and she'll chase you. This is where the 
blue stuff is your worst enemy. You just have to run and jump for it. If you 
stay too long, she'll hit you.

Let her chase you to the Snack Bar and then GO INSIDE. Run across the screen a 
few feet and she'll slip, fall and be "beaten." Go up to her {she poses no 
threat now} and grab the Ticket Piece. Leave the Snack Bar and go home.

Home: Poster, password, channel surf, select Turbo Mall 2000. 

Turbo Mall 2000: The last time you'll need to come here. Go straight up to 
the second floor to the Pawn Shop and sell the Binoculars. You'll get $1.90 
from them. Now head back down to the first floor and all the way to the left.. 
and just before leaving, you'll see the Pet Shop. Go inside and grab the Snake 
in the very middle of the store. Bring it to the guy behind the counter and 
he'll wrap it for you. While he's busy, grab the Cage Key from atop the 
register, then wait for your now Boxed Snake. Once on the counter, grab it and 
head right, to the cage. Use the Cage Key to open it, freeing the bird.

How does it react? It drops EGGS on you. But it's worth it, because you can 
grab a Ticket Piece. Now all you have to do is dodge the eggs but, see, it 
follows you, so your best bet is to run out of the store.

Now go back up to the second floor and head for the US Army Recruiting Station.
Use the Boxed Snake and the Army Guy will freak out, then duck and cover. Grab
the Classified Secrets File and the Ticket Piece. You can also get a new bomb,
which can be used to blow up toilets for food items. Just leave the 
Snake and go home, your time here is over.

Home: Poster, password and then go Couch Fishing. The Classified Secrets File
will catch Daria... and she'll blab about many things sticking to Gum. After 
this channel surf. Scroll to Highland Highschool and get going; you're close 
to seeing GWAR.

Highland Highschool: This can be the most annoying section of the name, all
because of Buzzcut in room 102.

Speaking of which, head right, waste Earl in the hall, go to room 102 and 
enter. Buzzcut will be operating some electrical device. On the blackboard,
"DO NOT MIX A & B" has been written. Obviously, in order to get ahead, you'll 
have to do the opposite of what it says.

But where to find Chemicals A and B? Why, they're in the room, but right in the
line of the machine. You have to Burp/Fart Buzzcut into being red faced to get 
him to stop, then be a speed Ninja to get them before he starts up again.

The problem? In order to effect him, you have to take damage, meaning you have
to get hit by the sparks. If you're too slow or injured, this will mean your 
death.. so, good luck, my friends.

Please note, you don't ACTUALLY have to use the same character to grab them 
both to get Chemical AB. Like, say Beavis grabs A and you have to retreat, but
he's too damaged to survive another round. Switch to Butt-head, Fart your way 
to redness, grab Chemical B and he'll get Chemical AB.

Once you have Chemical AB, leave and head right. Watch out for skateboards, 
"Popular Girl" and Earl. Once you reach room 108, enter. Under the desk you'll

You can take to Mr. VanDriessen for now worthless hints if you want but it's 
best to just leave. Watch out for Earl coming from the left and keep going 
right until you reach a yellow door marked "PRINCIPAL."

Enter and you'll see a Ticket Piece land on Mr. McVicar's head. Use Chemical AB
and it'll explode, knocking McVicar out cold. Now grab the Ticket Piece and 
head home, being careful of Earl, "Popular Girl" and skateboards.

Home: Use the Gum as bait and go Couch Fishing one last time... and guess what 
you'll catch? That's right, the final Ticket Piece. Go to the GWAR poster and 
check 'em out; two Full Tickets. Now press C again to grab said Full Tickets.
All that's left is to end the game..

But what ending will you get? Look at the next section to find out.

Game Endings  BBH7

There are 3 endings to this game-

Bad Ending: Beavis and Butt-Head die during the game. You're cast into the 
depths of Hell itself... and to add insult to Eternal Torture, Beavis and 
Butt-Head must wear their Buger World uniforms.

Normal Ending: After getting the Full Tickets, channel surf, select GWAR 
Concert, go right and show the man your Full Tickets. Walk past him to the 
right, go into the entrance and rock out to GWAR.

Best Ending: After grabbing the Full Tickets, grab the Scissors and the Cat,
Channel surf, select GWAR Concert and go there. Show the man to your right the
Full Tickets, walk past him and then IGNORE THE ENTRANCE. Keep going and have 
the Cat selected. When you reach the first green pole, keep pressing C as you 
walk. You'll soon throw the Cat, it'll run away and a dog will chase after it.

However, you're not out of the woods yet... the most powerful and annoying 
enemies ever appear: Bouncers. They take forever to kill, they throw bananas at
you {no joke} and they keep coming, 2 at a time. You have to fight your way 
past them to the back entrance. It's a set of green double doors that say "NO 

Once inside, you're STILL not out of danger. There's one Bouncer left and he 
can't be beaten by normal means. See that ladder to the left of him on the 
stage? There's a rope right next to it. Cut that with the Scissors and that's 
it, he's beaten.

Now go all the way to the right and you'll spot the Costumes sitting on the 
floor. Pick them up, go around the curtain you'll rock out to GWAR on stage in 
full {well... minimal} leather slave clothes.

Congratulations are in order, for you have gotten the best ending of this game.

Thanks To  BBH8

Normally, this is the section where the author thanks everybody for their help,
the game company, GameFAQs, what have you...

But I have NOBODY to thank. I had absolutely no help, I'm not going to thank
SEGA or Viacom New Media for this game, for the simple fact that they could 
have done a better job actually helping you out in-game.

If I had anybody to thank, I guess it would be me... but I always found that 
kind of arrogant, so I won't do it.

Legal Stuff/Contact  BBH9

Copyright 2004-2007 by Lu Aza {kylepiscesATyahooDOTcom}

Unlike your normal author, I don't care who uses this Walk Through.

Yes, that's right, I don't care if you post this on your little sites, rip off
every other word or what have you. The copyright thing is just a formality.

If, for some reason, you email me at the address above, don't be surprised if 
you don't get a response. I'm not going to offer any help or support outside 
of this file. Besides, if you can't, for some unknown reason, understand part 
of this, you can always go back to trial and error and figure it out yourself.