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How do I beat (K. sludge)?

Where do i find k.sludge ?

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Hotaru answered:

Boombada is difficult to get though.

K. Sludges are very rare encounters on Monster Isle. They have 1000 HP, so you have to be able to do that much damage and do it quickly because they can cast Death (which always works unless you have a LifeBR on).

If Ryu has G.Dragon, then it's easy. 1 G.Dragon = 999 damage + 1 hit-all spell = death. If you don't have G.Dragon yet, you can still cast a 2nd tier Dragon spell for 512 damage, then spam on strong spells like BoltX (Bleu/Nina), Missile (from Barose), Hail, Fireball, etc. and hope you can kill them off in time.

They cast Death very often when low on HP, so be careful.
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captainluffy answered:

He is found on Giant Monster Island which is the northern most island in the map.

To beat him you must be at least around lvl 30+. The easiest way i know to beat him is to have the spell boombada, It is a spell you get in the cave next to farmland (rand's Hometown). Boombada is a spell that hits all targets and lowers the enemy's HP by 1/2. Then have Ryu cast FireDrgn, IceDrgn, or T.Drgn later in the same turn. In my game i had Nina get boombada because she will always go before Ryu and has more than enough AP to cast it. Those 2 spells should kill all 3 K, Sludges you encounter.

If you are having trouble keeping ryu alive make sure rand is in the front of your formation and nina in the far back. So ryu and nina are less likely to be attacked.
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