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"The Castlevania that didn't eat its Wheaties!"

Giving a 7 to a Castlevania game HURTS me. I have always loved this series and I was all excited when I heard Dracula X was coming out for SNES. Too bad it stunk! It is a huge step backwards from Super Castlevania IV. I suppose it is not that bad, but for a Castlevania game it is very disappointing. The game has a very impersonal interface to it; you go stage to stage with no real variations. There is the option of going to a few different stages to earn a different ending, but it doesn't make up for anything! Gone are all the neat whip functions and spinning rooms from CV IV. The bosses are no where near as cool as they could have been. Worst of all, this game can be beat the first day you get it with ease. Many players don't even consider this part of the Castlevania series. It is the black sheep of the Castlevanias.
So, as far as Castlevania games are concerned, it is a dud. It is an OK side scrolling action game though, with good graphics. I forgive Konami because they made up for it with the amazing Symphony of the Night!

Graphics=8.2 They start off with a bang and then fizzle out. The opening stage looks very good and then the graphics go down slightly from there. The endings are nice to watch though. The graphics never get BAD at any point, just sub-par for a Castlevania game.

Sound=7.3 The music is OK, but not as memorable as other Castlevania games. It seems like this game was designed by a whole different team of programmers or something. I step down from CV IV.

Play Control=8.7 Good, but not the 9+ I usually assign to a Castlevania game. The game is a lot stiffer and there are less obstacle based problems to over come. Your whip looks cool though, and it is still good for an SNES game.

Challenge=5.0 Oh my what happened HERE? Castlevanias are known for challenge, and this game is easier than any other one out there! Say it ain't so! Oh well, I guess we can't ALWAYS get what we want...

Storyline=6.0 Like the genesis version, it is kind of forced into the Castlevania legacy. People overlook this game when thinking of Castlevania because it is sort of an anomoly.

Overall=7.3 It really seems this game was not made by the normal Castlevania team. Something about it feels wrong. As a stand alone game, it is not too bad, but as for having the Castlevania name on it it falls short. It is expensive to get used because there were not many copies brought over to the US. I got mine for 14.99 and I still felt ripped off.

*BRU'S MUST GET OMETER*=6 Even if you like Castlevania, don't go out of yuor way to get this one-- or better still, here, have mine!

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 02/13/00, Updated 02/13/00

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