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Date: Thu, 19 Feb 1998 17:56:22 -0700 (MST)
From: Michael Lo <>
Reply-To: Michael Lo <>
Subject: move faq for Super VG, a Super NES fighting game

Super VG is one of those Super Famicom games only from Japan
and it's not particularly great but I'll post this for completeness
sake.  The game is from a company named TGL by the way.

Satomi-she's the tavern-maid with short hair, she has a whirling
dragonpunch type move that fries your foe and a an attack from above
punch that ignites people too.  Fairly decent fighter overall
Dragon punch-back,down,down-back and punch.  The reach isn't great but
it has high dominance and knocks enemies down plus goes through fireballs
but it's still mainly an anti-air attack
Fire crash-half circle forward and punch.  She leaps off the screen and
comes back down.  This move will knock enemies down but highly inaccurate
Satomi also has a slide by going down-forward and punch

Yuka-she's the waitress with a ponytail.  She's essentially a Ken/Ryu clone
with some differences.  That said she's one of the toughest characters
Fireball-quarter circle forward and punch.  Standard fireball
Dragonpunch-forward,down,down-forward and punch.  Watch out this move
does not knock enemies down.  It has high dominance, good range and goes
through fireballs so I rate it above Satomi's but use it mainly for anti-air
Hurricane Kick-quarter circle back and kick.  This is a nice move, it
doesn't send you flying over fireballs but it hits 3 times.  This move is
actually a rushing energy punch that ends in a big kick.

Ayako-she's the techno dancer with the fan and micro-miniskirt.  Very quick
and agile but lacks power and good moves.  She has an antiair kick and
a rush move.
Drillkick-quartercircle forward and kick.  This is the antiair kick, up
close it hits 2 times and she also does damage coming out of it too, but it
doesn't knock down.
Belt attack-quartercircle back and kick.  She does a flip forward lashing
out with her belt.  It doesn't knock down either but it's the only range
move she has

Jun-wrestler girl with the blouse and headband, she's the Zangief character
ubiquitous to all SF clones.  A real so-so character with a throw move and
energy field.
Energy field-quarter circle back and punch-keeps foes away and hits twice
Flying backbreaker-full circle and punch-it's got good range and three
of these will knock out your foes.

Elirin-she's the girl in the playboy bunny costume.  Dangerous character
with a fair assortment of moves.
Wall kick-charge down,up and kick.  She jumps to a wall bounces off in
a jump kick.  Useful against fireballs especially with good timing
Flying punch-charge down,up and punch.  She does a little jump ending with
a big punch.  It has high dominance, hits about twice and goes through 
fireballs.  Really good move
Flamethrower-charge back,forward and punch.  She takes her lighter and
out pops a big flame.  It has twice the reach of Dhalsim's Yoga flame but
it doesn't stop fireballs, but if you time it right this move lets fireballs
pass harmlessly through you
Brass Knuckles-punch rapidly-she does a bunch of rapid punches

Chiho-she's the ninja girl in lederhosen.  Not the greatest characters
Fireball-quarter circle back and punch.  Your standard
Rush-charge back, forward and punch.  Quick attack but if blocked you do
a back flip a la Mortal Kombat making you vulnerable.
Chiho also has a air throw, forward and fierce punch when in air near aerial

Manami-she's the waitress girl with two ponytails and the big mittens.
As quick as Ayako, she has good moves and is a good character
Roll attack-charge back,forward and punch.  Roll attack ala Blanka or Kano
Retreating pounce-charge back,forward and kick.  She leaps back then pounces
forward on the opponent
Mitten strike-quarter circle forward and punch.  She shoots out her mittens
on a string.  Note that it does damage coming back too so your opponents
have to watch their jumps.
I think she has a slide like Satomi that is done the same way too but I'm
not sure as it has been a long time since I played this game.

Kaori-she's the barmaid with the glasses.  She's a dangerous character too
Kick Fireball-quarter circle forward and punch.  Fireball done with the leg
Rush Kick-quarter circle back and kick.  Like  Yuka's but doesn't knock down
Air Stomp-down and kick in air.  This can several times if done right
Air Stomp 2-down and punch in air.  This is a drill kick that hits several

Reimi-she's the girl who's dressed like a classical pianist.  She's
dangerous too.
Fireball-quarter circle forward (or was it back) and punch.  Your standard
Shoulder Ram-charge back, forward and punch.  Hits several times for heavy
Flip Kick-charge down, up and kick.  Surprisingly good range.  It knocks
down, has high dominance and yadada.  See dragon punch.  Very good move

Hope this helps