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Best Couples For 1st Gen?

I have been reading the guide of this place but there is a problem to who should i make Ethlin marry, and please could any one give me just the best couples for all characters?.

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oh due to the patch i understood she wasnt married but she was in the road to be married, also how high are the caps for this game (diferent for units or just 20 for all like in FE5?)

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So diferent caps on promoted classes? thanks for the info the main probelm with the pairing guide of this site it says that incomplete so im asking more tips before i re-start to play (ATM im filming my run of Fire emblem Gaiden)

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Distant_Rainbow answered:

1. Ethlin is ALREADY married. You have no choice to her spouse; it is always Cuan.

2. It really depends on your preferences, and the easiest, decent couples are detailed in almost any walkthrough for this game. I'll just write down the most recommended pairings for newcomers, which are easy to make and all yield decent children:

Aideen-Midir or Jamuka
Aira-Holyn or Lex
Sylvia-Claude, or not pairing at all
Fury-Levin or Claude
Brigid-Holyn or Jamuka
Tiltyu-Azel or Levin

That's just one possibility, though; once you get used to the game, there can be many different ways to pair your characters for many different possibilities and playing styles to adopt in future playthroughs. It's one of the reasons why this game has such great replay value.
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Tables answered:

Unit caps are all 15 above the classes base stats - this means they're between 15 and 30 depending on class, usually predictably high in the stats you'd expect (such as swordmaster speed).

As for pairings:

Aideen: Midir, possibly Jamka
Aira: Lex
Lachesis: Beowulf
Sylvia: Either kill her before she can be paired (revive her with the Valkrie staff at the end of chapter 5 if you want the rankings), or Claude.
Fury: Levin, but Noish gives you an awesome Fee (pegasus knight) at the cost of a poor Sety (Sage).
Tiltyu: Levin or Azel - Levin gives an awesome Arthur (Mage) and a decent Tinny (Mage), but Azel makes both good.
Briggid: Hoyln, Dew works too.

As Rainbow said, there are many other pairings you can do. These are pretty much the best ones though.
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