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                               MARCHEN ADVENTURE

               ___ ___ _____ _____ ___ ____    __ ___ ___    _  __
              |   |   |_   _|_   _|   |  | |  /_ |   |   |  |_|/ /
              |  -| | | | |   | | | | |    |   | | | | | |    / /_
              |___|___| |_|   |_| |___|_|__|   |_|___|___|   /_/|_|

                    for Super Nintendo Entertainment System

FAQ made by Damage_dealer (Igor Sheludko)
E-mail: damagedealer@ukr.net
Version: 1.00
This entire document is (C) 2009 Igor Sheludko.
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Table of Contents

01. Introduction                                                   |  INT01  |
02. Basics                                                         |  BAS02  |
03. Controls                                                       |  CON03  |
04. Walkthrough                                                    |  WAL04  |
05. Credits/Contact Info                                           |  CRE05  |


01. INTRODUCTION                                                         INT01

Marchen Adventure Cotton 100% is a shmup. Shoot-'em-up, to be exact. This game
is very popular in Japan, but somehow was never released outside of it. I did
a little research and found out that this game is part of big series of Cotton
games. The games were released for various gaming consoles such as Genesis,
Sharp X6800, Saturn, PlayStation One and even Dreamcast. The game we are going
to talk about this time is the SNES version of Cotton Adventures. It's story
is simple - little witch magician Cotton embarks on an epic quest to save a
person named Frill - the maker of her favorite sweet rice pasta. The plot is
silly, of course, but hey, it's a shmup, as I said above (and not even some
Gradius/Robotech-type shmup).

02. BASICS                                                               BASO2

The game contains seven stages, all of them have two bosses - the one in the
midpoint and the one in the end of the stage. You can't save in this game, and
you lose your score if you choose the "Continue" option. Before starting new
game, you choose on of the four "special move" setups:

1. Fire Dragon ~ Thunder ~ Twincle Star
2. Fire Fairy ~ Bubble ~ Twincle Star
3. Fire Fairy ~ Thunder ~ Barrior
4. Fire Dragon ~ Bubble ~ Barrior

I suggest picking the third or the fourth one, since they have proven to be 
most useful to me.

A few basic tips:

1. Pick up yellow and pink gems to upgrade your special moves and charge the
EXP gauge. The bigger the gem is, the more charge you'll get, and thus, the
more times you'll be able to execute the Special Moves.

2. After you beat each level, you get in a Tea Time mode where you collect 
various bonuses that fall from the top of the screen. The Tea Time is not
available after you beat Stage 7, though.

3. When fighting bosses, keep an eye on their color. When they turn dark red,
it means they're about to die.

4. You have 3 Continues (with 3 lives in each one).

5. Hold Y all the time to save yourself from the trouble of infinitely
mashing the button.

03. CONTROLS                                                             CON03

                                     | |                        
               L  ___________________|_|_____________________  R
              _,-'                                      ____ '-._
            ,'          S U P E R  N I N T E N D O  _,-'    `-._ `.
          ,'       ___     ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM   ,'     __ X   `. `.
         /        |   |                          /      /  \      \  \
        /      ___|   |___                      /   __  \__/  __ A \  \
        |     |           |        ,.       ,.  |  /  \      /  \   | !
        !     |___     ___|      ,','     ,','  |  \__/  __  \__/   | |
        \         |   |         ','      '.'    \ Y     /  \       /  /
         \        |___|         SELECT   START   \      \__/      /  /
          `.                  ___________________ `._  B       _,' ,'
            `-._          _.'`                   `-._`'~-.,-~'`_.'`
                `'~-.,-~'`                           `'~-.,-~'

D-Pad - Move your character
A button - use special moves
X button - select special moves
B button - throw bombs
Y button - shoot magic
START - pause the game

The L and R shifts and the SELECT button do not have any distinct use in this

04. WALKTHROUGH                                                          WAL04


Once you get a hold of controls, you'll immediately face your first enemies
here - they'rre flying fairies. They do nothing except flying. Avoid jumping
enemies and destroy the hordes of eyeballs.

Mid-Boss: Clownface

He has six "eggs" floating around him and changing distance. He is slow, so it
is easy to avoid him. Keep shooting the face and he'll be gone in a flash.

Continue moving through the eyeballs and axe-throwing dwarves. The laserbeam
frogs are pretty hard to avoid, so rush to the center of  the screen when you
see them. Blue devils are throwing lances at you. The lances do not change
their flying trajectory, thus can be easily avoided.

Boss: Pumpkinhead

Target the blue creature that's sitting in the mouth of the pumpkin. The boss
itself is pretty hard for a beginner. It scatters little rotten pumpkins all
over the screen, and then stomps the ground to make them jump in the air and
hit you. So be careful here. When he's flying towards you, just stay as close
to the left edge of the screen as possible, and he won't hurt you. Just look
out for the rotten pumpkins.


Some more eyeballs here. The clouds should be no threat to you. Jumping 
enemies eject some kind of yellow notes at you now. When passing the enemy
"totems", hit the upper parts of them to get through.

Mid-Boss: Flower

It keeps throwing bugs at you. You should aim at the little creature sitting
between the leaves of the flower, while evading the little bugs. Notice that
the flour has four blue petals that send out bugs, once all of them are gone,
the boss will be destroyed.

You'll encounter new enemies - Flying Knives. Fairies, eyeball fly at you here
along with dwarves who try to get you with their axes. When you'll reach the
area covered with ice, take note that you're almost at the end.

Boss: Snowman

He forms a snowball in front of him and smashes it with his baseball bat. The
snowball transforms into three little snowmen. Deal with this the same way you
dealt with the previous boss. After taking enough damage, he'll start jumping
at you. Fly under him to avoid being hit.


New enemies here - Reapers and Valkyries. You should get rid of the reapers
ASAP, as they keep following you and are very annoying altogether. There's a 
lot of screen-moving here, so it's a bit tricky.

Mid-boss: Mushroom

Pretty easy. It has two hands with green spiked balls. It throw these balls in
the walls that have formed. Move up and down to avoid them and shoot the head.

Jumping enemies will appear again, and a few groups of flying knives too. A
new enemy will interfere - a Flying Golden Lion. Treat him as a reaper with 
just a little more health. Get rid of him fast. He drops a Staff Sphere when
defeated. It might give you an extra life. Some more lance throwers here, so
when you'll start moving down, be very careful.

Boss: Underground Snake

The snake sticks its head out of the holes on the ground while throwing out
some rocks as he does it. Once you deal enough damage, it starts moving its
head. You'll have to rush to the right side of the screen sometimes.


Archers will start appearing from this level, but their arrows can be easily
destroyed. Archers sit on the trees and on the ground. It's better to remain
at the center and keep shooting the eyeballs.

Mid-Boss: Oaktree

Argh, I hate this boss. He's a meanie and has lots of health, too. Aim at his
mouth. Watch out for the spikes the come out of the water. They change their
position, so you should change yours too. Then the oak's large nose will grow
and a squirrel will start running on it, scattering the acorns that grow on
its nose. Move left and right to avoid them while holding Y to shoot the boss.
The spikes stay in water during this part of the battle. The little fish that
jump out of the water can also be dangerous. Repeat this process for five or
more times to finally defeat the oaktree.

Immeadiately after the boss battle ends, a swarm of eyeballs will appear so it
is best to stick to close to the left side. You'll meet waves of archers,
reapers and fairies again. The scarecrows keep throwing their heads high in 
the air.

Boss: Doll

This doll is floating in the air all the time. She will eventually spit out a
pair of lightballs that will follow you like Reapers. Get rid of them and
target the head. Then the doll will separate her head from her body, and the
body will start jumping all over the screen. Defeat it first, then go for the


Hmmm, this level is tricky. Keep avoiding the axes that are thrown by those
dwarves, and look out for the fireballs that pop out in the most inappropriate
moment. Keep killing the eyeballs until you reach the mid-point.

Mid-boss: Rock Giant

When compared to the previous mid-boss, this one is laughably easy. All it can
do is moving slowly while spraying out some rocks. Just stay at the left and
destroy the rocks from afar. It also jumps occasionally, but it's nothing.

Continue onward. The path will split in two tunnels here, and strongly advice
you to take the lower one, cause it's a little easier. There are lots of fire
balls in both tunnels, but the lower one has less of them. Watch out for the
laserbeam frogs yet again. You may want to use your special moves here a few
times. Fire Dragon/Fire Fairy should be enough. Once this long trip is over,
the last boss of this stage comes to play.

Boss: Firebird

More of a Fire Cockatrice, I guess XD. It charges left and right and throws
rocks in the air and shoots three feathers in front of itself. Shoot its head
for a while, and it'll go down.


In this underwater level look out for the seahorses falling from the ceiling
and jumping at you. Be sure to dodge the lances that are thrown at you.

Mid-Boss: Giant Crab

The first part of the battle is really easy. Just stay at one spot and hold
the Y button. Once the crab starts to change his color, he'll be spitting some
bubbles with little crabs at you. Defeat them in a similar way to the Stage 2

The second part of the stage is pretty much the same, but the laserbeam frogs
will appear in addition.

Boss: The Eel

Now this boss is rather complicated. In addition to having high HP, he's damn
hard to shoot too. First he'll be swirling around the screen, so move up and
down to avoid being hit. Then he'll start leaving green pieces behind him that
you must destroy. The nest part is when the stream will carry you, and the 
boss will be throwing out some blue bubbles at you and ram you. Do your best
to dodge his attacks, and use special moves if you feel the need.


This stage is very hard, but it's no wonder - you're about to face the last
stage of the game. You'll face dozens of eyeballs, lance throwers and a lot of
other crap. I can't really help you out here, you must be very skilled and a 
little lucky to survive.

Pre-final boss: Doppelganger

This evil twin keeps leaving pink flames behind herself at a high speed. Hold
Y and move up and down to avoid them. Then she'll start creating three red
beetles  to cover herself from your attacks. The beetles explode after a while
and you must avoid them by moving to the top left corner of the screen. This
battle is long and tiresome, but the next one is going to be even worse.

Final Boss: Succubus Lady

The boss uses four subsequent attacks: 1. she throws a lightning wave at you,
which can be avoided by staying close to her and moving to the left (otherwise
you are dead); 2. she rams at you - fly up or down depending on your position;
3. she throws her shield at you - avoid it by moving up/down again; 4. she
fires five lines of flames at you, which can be avoided (if you're lucky) by
flying to the top left corner of the screen. She repeats this sequence all the
time, and it's really hard to keep up with her. If you do beat her, you may
congratulate yourself on beating this uneasy game and try playing it with 
different special move setups!

                   __________   __________   __      __
                  |          | |          | |  |    |  |
                  |   _______| |___    ___| |  |    |  |
                  |  |             |  |     |  |    |  |
                  |  |____         |  |     |   \   |  |
                  |       |        |  |     |    \  |  |
                  |   ____|        |  |     |     \ |  |
                  |  |             |  |     |  |\  \|  |
                  |  |          ___|  |___  |  | \     |
                  |  |         |          | |  |  \    |
                  |__|         |__________| |__|   \___|

05. CREDITS/CONTACT INFO                                                 CRE05

Credits go to:

Nintendo - for making SNES
Success - for making this game (and Metal Max Series that I adore!)
SBallen - for putting it on GameFAQs
ritchie - for his little unfinished FAQ and helping to understand the story

This guide is copyright (c) Damage_dealer 2009.
It is only meant to be posted on www.gamefaqs.com
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If you've found a mistake, feel free to e-mail me at any time, though I don't
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