Speedrun Guide by MJEmirzian

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Super Robot Wars Gaiden: The Lord of Elemental (SFC/DS) Challenge Run
Revision 1 - 9/20/2011
By: mjfaqs@live.com

Challenge conditions: No upgrades, no allied units destroyed, low turncounts, 
and no save/load spamming for very low chances to hit or dodge.

The SFC and DS versions of this game are nearly identical.

1. Ratings
2. Playthrough

1. Ratings (based on the challenge conditions)

Since SRW Gaiden is somewhat different from other SRWs in terms of pilots and 
mech assignments, I'm going to talk a bit about each pilot in addition to 
tiering them.

High Tier:

Masaki - Like in previous games, his best attacks have very high morale 
requirements. This is bad news since it's difficult to raise morale in this 
game due to low enemy counts and the Rally seishin being expensive, rare, and 
single target. As the game wears on his non-morale attacks will barely scratch 
the paint of grunts and he'll have poor dodge rating and almost no HP. Yet 
he's still indespensible because his 130 morale ultimate attack ignores armor, 
allowing you to punch through even the nastiest end game bosses like paper. 
Just make sure he has plenty of Rally support to get him there.

Ryune - Better than Masaki in every way except that her ultimate attack 
doesn't ignore armor. Might not seem like much at first but her ultimate 
attack is excellent and she has one of the best dodge rates of any pilot, 
which is a valuable commodity since there's no Focus seishin in this game.

Tootie - One of the only pilots with a good ultimate attack that also learns 
Yell. She can Yell 3x and immediately use her ultimate attack, making her 
invaluable even though she never learns Fervor.

Precia - The best support pilot in the game. Learns both Supply and Rally plus 
Fortune for easy leveling. Her robot's ultimate attack isn't too shabby 
either. Still, you'll want to keep her out of the frontlines for the most part 
as her aim, dodge, and robots HP/armor are crap.

Zash - A solid support pilot that learns Rally. His best attack isn't that 
strong but it only requires 1 morale to use and he can spam it on grunts.

Yan Long - He has great seishins and pilots a top tier robot. Flame Wall is 
very useful and it can mow down rows of grunts when Fervored.

Shuu - Godlike, but you only get to use him in the last two Shuu scenarios.

Safine - Great ranged unit, again you can only deploy her in the last two Shuu 

Mid Tier:

Fang - He's only worth using if you can get him a powerful ultimate attack on 
whatever route you're in. Otherwise it's best to take someone who has Rally 
such as Zash or Presia.

Ahmad - He's a solid pilot best used to tank incoming grunts with the Iron 
Wall seishin active. His lack of Flash makes him fairly poor at dealing damage 
to bosses. Only joins permanently in the Baravia route if your turn count is 
under 250.

Mio - She never learns Fervor, limiting her boss killing potential. She does 
get Iron Wall and Flash, though, so she's pretty good for tanking or pulling 
multiple grunts and bosses and surviving. The main issue is that you can only 
learn the ultimate attacks for three out of Masaki, Ryune, Tootie, and Mio, 
and Mio just doesn't make the cut.

Jino/Tian/Rosary - Decent pilots that only join permanently on the Shuu route. 
You'll likely be preoccupied leveling your better pilots like Masaki, Ryune, 
Tootie, Yan Long, and Precia, though.

Low Tier:

Eris - Only useful for her Rally seishin.

Gennady - A mediocre pilot that you almost never have room for.

Xenia - Too weak and underleveled to consider using.

Becky - Gets some decent seishins but her robot isn't that great and she gets 
double act relatively late.

Maddock, Zeoroot, Ricardo - All 3 of these pilots only join you temporarily, 
if at all.

2. Playthrough

Resources Used:

Turncounts (Wendy Route): 
+4+6+2+5+3+4 = 221 turns, 45 scenarios

Turncounts (Baravia Route): 
4+2+6+3+4+3 = 218 turns, 45 scenarios

Turncounts (Shuu Route):
+6+1+5 = 232 turns, 43 scenarios

Total for all 3 routes: 671 turns, 133 scenarios, 5 turns per scenario avg

Challenge conditions: No upgrades, no allied units destroyed, low turncounts, 
and no save/load spamming for low chances to hit or dodge. However I did do 
more save/loading than usual mostly because double attack is extremely lame 
and unavoidable.


Chapter 1

S1 - 2 turns

Choose to 'go and look outside' (1st) to get the Jaomu mech. Get Masaki to lv 
2-3 by letting him counterkill the grunts in the SW corner. Use someone to 
weaken them first on turn 1 so Masaki can counterkill them all on enemy phase.

Choose to help Lan Gran (2nd), leads to S3.

S3 - 4 turns

Head into the middle and start blowing up grunts. They are fairly harmless. 
Luzorl will show up in the NW with some golems once the initial enemies are 
destroyed. He will start moving the turn after the golems appear so keep your 
distance. He'll retreat right after once allied reinforcements arrive on turn 
4. Luzorl is dangerous because he has double attack and your pilots are all 
very weak and will likely die if he lands both hits. Expect double attack (and 
block, and branching) to become a pain in the arse for most of the game.

S6 - 3 turns

Save enough EN for one of Tootie's strongest attacks. Once help shows up gang 
up on Luzorl to reduce his health so he flees. Try to keep everyones health 
topped off in case Luzorl double attacks.

S7 - 5 turns

Accel and hit the first grunt from the side. Once the first grunt dies 3 more 
grunts appear NE of Masaki's position. Start by range attacking the nearest 
drone then finishing it off while the other drone and boss catch up to you. 
Use Guts and counter the remaining drone and boss, then finish them both off.

Choose to "go along with Tootie" (1st), leads to S9.

S9 - 5 turns

Accel SW and start counterkilling the golems. Once Saphine starts moving NE, 
lure her back NE towards the temple gates. Use a Fervored attack from Masaki's 
ally then an attack from Masaki and if both hits land then she'll flee. Finish 
off the rest of the golems to continue.

S11 - 6 turns

Accel Masaki around the west end of the map and get into Luzorl's attack 
range. Place Norse Rei in front of the grunts as a distraction so Masaki 
doesn't get surrounded. You have to hit Luzorl for 0 damage for Tootie to 
appear next turn. If you clash with him or he dodges it doesn't count. Once 
you hit Luzorl and Tootie appears, Accel away and lead him towards Tootie. Hit 
him once with her Familiar attack and the scenario will end on the next enemy 
phase. It's possible to finish this in 5 turns but I made it 6 because Luzorl 
loves pulling random branchings or blocks and screwing you over.

S12 - 4 turns

When Masaki gets into the Cybuster, his SP is refilled, so feel free to use 
his SP before moving next to Cybuster. Granveil shows up from the SE on the 
player turn after Masaki gets into the Cybuster. Get Wizoll to face its back 
or side towards Granveil or Masaki then gang up on her to send her packing. 
Defeating her immediately ends the scenario.

Choose not to follow Yan Long (1st) which leads to S15. I mainly did this to 
keep turn counts low.

S15 - 6 turns

Move SW, start grinding down the grunts. Use MAP attacks safely if you can. 
Keep Flash up and wait for the two named bosses to approach. On turn 5 it's 
best to take out Laset first since he can hit Masaki so hard. Weaken Laset 
then have Masaki finish him off with Fortune to reach lv 13. On turn 6 use 
Masaki's best attack on Luzorl from behind which will deal a ton of damage, 
then do whatever else needed to lower his health below 50% so he flees.

S17 - 6 turns

Once you beat two grunts, the existing enemies disappear and then Saphine and 
3 grunts appear from the SW. Kicking her ass is pretty easy by now so go for 
it. She won't retreat this time. Again get Masaki a Fortune kill on the boss 
to get him to lv 16.

S18 - 1 turn

Event scenario. After the cutscene with Shuu you have an important choice to 
make. The route you choose (1st choice is S19 and 2nd choice is S20) is 
important later on in part 2, as it determines some route availability and 
which pilot(s) you can recruit. 

If you go to S19, you can only proceed to the Wendy or Baravia routes. If you 
go to S20, you can proceed to all 3 routes, but if you refuse Presia in S40 
you'll be forced onto the Shuu route, so you have to accept her into your 
party in S40 if you want to go on to the Wendy or Baravia routes.

Going to S19 gives you Damecus in the Falk (in Wendy or Baravia routes only). 
He's the only pilot who learns gekirei (rally) early at lv 33 as opposed to lv 
45 for most pilots. While it might not seem like much, having him in the last 
few scenarios where he can use Rally twice to boost a pilots morale by +20 can 
be invaluable. Going to S20 gets you Fang if you beat him in the enemy killing 
contest in S20.

S19 - 1 turn

Event cutscene.


S20 - 4 turns

Doesn't matter if you win or lose, just clear out the grunts asap. You're not 
going to beat Fang on a no-upgrade run without some lucky crits and/or double 
attacks on the grunts.

You have 3 choices. The 2nd and 3rd option scenarios can both be completed in 
3 turns. Choose the 2nd option since Tian is more useful than Damecus at this 
point in the game.

S22 - 3 turns

Beat up the 4 grunts with Tian. Afterward, choose yes (1st) to head to S24. 
This is an important step to saving Wendy which you really want to do on a no 
upgrade run.

S24 - 3 turns

Accept Shuu's help (2nd) then clear out the grunts. If you wipe them out fast 
enough (3 turns) you'll avoid reinforcements. Use Cyflash twice to get to S29.

S29 - 8 turns

Wait until turn 8 to kill the last golem so that the golden golem shows up in 
the far NE corner. Killing it takes you to S31 which allows you to save Wendy 
while avoiding S30.

S31 - 4 turns

Make sure to give Wendy the pendant when prompted (1st choice) so that you can 
save her later. More grunt slaying in this scenario.

S32 - 9 turns

Yan Long

Head straight for the 3 Rujanoll Kais. Split up your forces SW and SE around 
the city area so you don't end up bottlenecked. Carefully lower the 3 
Rujanoll's HP down to under 600 or so then use a strong MAP attack to kill all 
3 at once. Remember that increasing morale also increases weapon damage, so 
use Yell if you need to boost your AOE damage. The Rujanoll Kais have a lot of 
armor so you'll need some strong attacks to weaken them. 

Another example of why double attack is uncontrollable BS - you might 
accidentally double attack one of the Kais you were trying to weaken and kill 

S33 - 2 turns

I deliberately lost the match.

S34 - 1 turn

It doesn't matter who you sent out first aside from the stat bonus for Masaki. 
With Zeoroot, use Awakening then attack Shuu twice to get blown up. With 
Masaki simply move forward and use Cyblast. You have to pay a repair bill 
despite Zeoroots defeat being mandatory to finish the scenario.

S35 - 2 turns

Attack Shuu, get your health below 50% which will unlock a new ultimate 
attack. If he gets a lucky crit or double attack it's game over, of course. 
Counter during enemy phase 2 and he'll be defeated or flee.

S36 - 5 turns

Move onto the nearest NW elevation and use Flash while countering. Build up 
Masaki's morale so he can use his strongest attack.

S37 - 12 turns

To complete the scenario you have to reduce Luzorl's health to under 50% at 
which point he heals himself. Then you have to reduce it under 50% again and 
he'll flee. However even when he flees you still have to kill the rest of the 
grunts, so I suggest backing away from him and leaving him for last. Save your 
SP and strongest attacks for when reinforcements arrive and Luzorl starts 
moving. Start using Flash to lessen the chance of being owned by Luzorl's 
double attack.

S38 - 9 turns

Move towards Lubicca while dodging Tootie's attacks. Finish him off then talk 
to Tootie. Clear the grunts and reduce Saphine under 50% to make her flee.

S39 - 4 turns

Grunt beatdown.


Chapter 2 (Wendy/Bairava Route)

S40 - 1 turn

Event scenario. You have to reject Presia if you want to get onto the Shuu 
route. If you're going for the Wendy or Baravia route, you can accept or 
reject her which leads to a different set of scenarios. If you accept Presia 
you'll be able to skip the 'Joining up with Presia' scenario later. If you are 
going for the Wendy route then you'll go to S93 and S94 if you reject Presia, 
or you'll go to S95 and S96 (in addition to skipping joining up with Presia) 
if you accept Presia.

The guide on gamefaqs is wrong. If you didn't go through S20 there is no way 
to access Shuu's route even if you finish the map by killing multiple enemies.

I refused Presia which leads to S41, declined to fight in S41 which leads to 
S46, then after S46 I choose explore the temple which leads to S48, S50 and 
then S55.

S41 - 1 turn

Depending on if you went to S19 or S20, you'll either be forced onto the Shuu 
route (S20), or onto the Wendy/Baravia route (S19).

I went to S19 earlier so I ended up refusing to fight and heading to S46.

S46 - 6 turns

Golem smacking. Get some XP for your lv 16-17 recruits.

S48 - 3 turns

If you clear this map fast enough, Luzorl won't show up. Proceed!

S50 - 8 turns

Pretty tough map under my challenge conditions. Lots and lots of grunts then 
two bosses both of which can double attack and destroy any of your units. Keep 
away from them until you're ready to gang up with strong attacks.

S55 - 7 turns

It's pretty hard to get Eris to die here so might as well let her live. 
Although the next scenario will definitely up the turn counts. Oh well.

S57 - 9 turns

Get Eris up to lv 23 so she learns Fervor, then drop a Fervored attack on the 
left side boss to make him flee. Use everyone else to clear out the grunts. 
Once the left side is clear, focus on the right side grunts. If Eris dies here 
you'll be forced onto the 2nd route.

S58 - 5 turns

Grunt cleanup.

S73 - 4 turns

Lots of retarded random crap can go on here since there are tons of enemies 
with double attack and ultimate attacks. Try pulling 1-2 at a time and slowly 
working through them. I suggest taking Masaki and Ryune since Mio's ultimate 
attack in this route is pretty lame.

S74 - 4 turns

Even grunts start getting double attack, meaning you're always at risk of 
being ORKOed. Try to keep Flash up at all times and play defensively instead 
of going into enemy turn without Flash. Raise Tootie's morale up and use her 
ultimate attack on the bugs. Use Fervored flame wall to take out the trash 

No clue whether S75/S76 or S77/78 are faster.

S75 - 8 turns

Open up with a flame wall on the 3 nearest grunts. Reinforcements will arrive 
from the SW on turn 4, then again on turn 7. The boss reinforcement from the 
SW on turn 4 has a ton of HP and high regen so you'll have to focus fire.

S76 - 8 turns

Enemies here will aggro if you're in their attack range, so pull at whatever 
pace you need to. If you have Damecus (I did) try to get him to lv 33 asap so 
he learns Rally/gekirei.

S79 - 9 turns

Use Zash to clear out some of the initial grunts by using his seishins. Once 
Masaki arrives, pull the bosses. Jino retreats at 75%, so focus most of your 
attacks on the other guy. Of course Fang shows up afterwards with more grunts. 
Save up some strong attacks to take him out and pray he doesn't bunshin or 
block or double attack and instantly kill your pilots lol.

S81 - 4 turns

Yan Long can one shot the grunts on this stage w/ Fervor thanks to elemental 
affinity - use him to solo the group of 7 to the NE. Everyone else can clean 
up the trash and pull the boss so you don't have to trek up the mountain.


Wendy Route

S82 - 10 turns

Make sure your morale heavy pilots like Masaki and Ryune get the most kills to 
build their morale. Use flash liberally on the turn before enemy 
reinforcements arrive. The boss has double act so lure him carefully and kill 
him in one turn. Use Rodney's Iron Wall to pull grunts or the boss with a 
fairly high chance of survival. Iron Wall is pretty useful for tanking groups 
of grunts or boss pulling so use him often. You can finish this map sooner if 
you don't care to recruit Eris, but if you were going for the Baravia route 
you'd probably have let Rodney or Eris perish or leave earlier anyway.

S85 - 5 turns

Yeah, I sent Simone packing, but this scenario has a lower turn count than 
S92, so that's how it goes. Pretty standard map with two bosses. The 2nd boss 
arrives as reinforcement on turn 3 enemy from the SW.

S95 - 4 turns

Since I went through 'meeting up with presia' I'm headed to S95 then S96. Yan 
Long is a pretty godlike unit on a no upgrade run because the game 
automatically upgrades him after Yan Long's Training. 

Anyways, deal with the trash while pulling the bosses as soon as possible. 
Masaki and Ryune should both have double act. Tootie should Yell and use her 
ultimate while getting resupplied. Have Masaki and Ryune build morale or have 
Rally cast on them. Presea is pretty useful by now as she has both supply and 
gekirei. Once Masaki and Ryune hit high morale levels it's pretty much over 
for the bosses. If Presia is lv 42 by the end of this scenario she'll get an 
ultimate attack.

S96 - 6 turns

Uh oh. All the grunts have double act now. Pull carefully as the chance of 
dying is high. Keep Flash up on almost everyone and place your highest evasion 
units in front. If the game decides to, you will lose units to double act + 
double attack BS. You definitely want to kill Fang before Zet arrives to avoid 
S97 and S101.

S98 - 2 turns

Position Masaki to the east of Ismile and Ryune to the west. This will cause 
Ishmail to stand in place on enemy turn and put its back towards Ryune. You'll 
get Becky, Damecus, or Presia as a reinforcement on turn 2. Use them to Rally 
Ryune to 20 morale then use 2-3x Fervored ultimate attacks on its back (keep 
Flash up too). Try to counterkill it on enemy turn 2. If you reach turn 3 
you're probably screwed because Ishmail tons of HP and if Ryune runs out of EN 
for her ultimate attack you're in trouble. Masaki is more or less useless 
without upgrades as his default, non-upgraded attack will barely scratch the 

S99 - 5 turns


Again with the double act trash. They aren't bunched up enough for Yan Long to 
hit on turn 1. Use lots of Flash, high evasion units in front, and expose your 
units backs as little as possible. Once the grunts are dead two Volkruss and 
some grunts show up. The Volkruss show up in the SW and SE. They take a 
beating but your ultimate attacks should be able to slay them pretty easily. 
The SW Volkruss doesn't immediately aggro so pull it whenever you're ready.

S100 - 3 turns

If you gave Wendy the pendant in S31, you can convince her with Masaki then 
Ryune and she'll be saved. Her unit will also auto destruct, saving you the 
effort of killing it. The other two bosses retreat at 75%. On turn 1 just hang 
back and wait for them to approach. Talk to Wendy on turn 2 so her unit 
disappears, then lure the bosses NE towards where your allied reinforcements 
will arrive on PP3. No offense to Ryune and Masaki, but they are pretty 
worthless on a no-upgrade run without enough morale to use their ultimate 
attacks. They won't even be able to scratch the paint of the bosses with their 
default attacks. Deploy pilots with Rally or Yell and pummel the bosses with 
ultimates to make them flee.

S102 - 4 turns

Yan Long

All enemies will aggro from turn 1, so you should back off a bit and allow 
them to approach, then start killing on turn 2. Spam Flash, Rally and dump 
ultimate attacks. Try to conserve Presea's SP for Supply instead of Rally. Use 
Zash and Eris's Rally first. I suggest focusing down the first two bosses on 
turn 2 then clearing out the grunts on turn 3, then taking out Ishmail on turn 
4 who will arrive after the first set of enemies are dead. Don't waste all of 
your SP/ultimate attacks because Ishmail has 57k health and takes a beating. 
Ishmail will aggro as soon as it appears so make sure you are near the NE 
corner to avoid double attack + double act bull.


Baravia Route

S82 - 9 turns

Make sure your morale heavy pilots like Masaki and Ryune get the most kills to 
build their morale. Use flash liberally on the turn before enemy 
reinforcements arrive. The boss has double act so lure him carefully and kill 
him in one turn. It's very possible to get unlucky and lose units. I killed 
Eris in this version of S82 to get onto the Baravia route.

It's possible to get onto the Baravia route earlier (S77, S78, S81, S83, S84) 
but I went with my most recent save.

S85 - 5 turns

In this version of S85, I arrived here because I killed Eris in S82, not 
because I rejected Simone. Pretty standard map with two bosses. The 2nd boss 
arrives as reinforcement on turn 3 enemy from the SW.

S86 - 4 turns

The boss will move and attack so pull him after dealing with the frontline 
trash. After you kill the first boss another boss and 3 grunts appears from 
the NW. Once he's dead the scenario is over. Simone might appear but I 
finished too quickly.

S87 - 2 turns

Since I got here with a turn count under 249 Ahmad joined my party. He doesn't 
have Flash but does have Iron Wall. Iron Wall is expensive but it lets him 
survive boss attacks so he can still attack without too much risk of dying. 
Move forward a bit on turn 1, then on turn 2 use lots of move+attack (P) AOEs 
to tear up the rows of golems before they can do anything. Mostly Masaki, 
Ryune, and Yan Long. Use Ahmad's Awakening x2 to help mop up. 

S88 - 6 turns

Yan Long

Oh boy, again with the double act, double attack grunts. Conserve your SP and 
pull the grunts at your own pace. I used Ahmad's Iron Wall to pull and tank 
most of the grunts. Let Masaki and Ryune build up on the trash as much as 
possible. After clearing out the first wave of crap the boss will arrive in an 
even bigger mech from the SE. He might even use seishins like Iron Wall. Make 
sure nobody is near the SE area when the reinforcements show up as they'll 
probably be destroyed. In fact you should probably retreat up the hill so you 
don't risk any double attack + double act BS. As usual once the boss is in 
your face you have one turn to kill it with ultimates.

S89 - 3 turns

Use Mio's Iron Wall and Flash and place her in golem attack range but out of 
boss attack range. Move Masaki NE towards where your reinforcements will 
arrive and place him in boss attack range. Deploy pilots w/ Gekirei or Yell 
then reduce the boss below 50% to make her flee. Clean up the rest of the 
golems to finish.

S90 - 4 turns

Yan Long

A Duraxyll and Euclid show up in the NW area after clearing the first wave so 
save up your SP and ultimates. As usual all of the grunts have double act + 
double attack so pull them with Iron Wall and mow them down before moving onto 
the bosses. You can either back off from the NW before the reinforcements 
arrive, or surround the NW and finish off a grunt on player phase, then try to 
kill the reinforcements before they can act.

S91 - 3 turns

Yan Long

Hopefully you can rescue Wendy since you need to conserve your SP and 
ultimates for the other multiple high HP bosses. Convince her with Masaki then 
Ryune and her unit will self-destruct, saving you the effort of having to 
destroy it. I doubt it's possible to do a no-upgrade clear of this scenario if 
you can't save Wendy as you'll run out of SP and ultimate attacks pretty 

Take out the Duraxyll and grunts, at which point you'll face another Duraxyll 
and the Baravia. Conserve Masaki's SP and ultimates because you'll want to use 
them on the Baravia. The Baravia has almost 6000 armor, so it's best to use 
Masaki's ultimate attack which ignores armor.

On turn 1, wait for 2 grunts and the Duraxyll to approach. Kill those 3 then 
convince wendy on turn 2. Take out the other two bosses on turn 3 or 4. If you 
run out of SP or ultimate attacks you're probably screwed.


Shuu Route

S40 - 5 turn

You must have passed through S20 (Rivals) during Chapter 1 in order to get on 
the Shuu route.

I chose to fight in this scenario to avoid S44. Very easy scenario, just mow 
down some more grunts. If you choose to fight you must finish the map by 
killing multiple enemies, otherwise you'll be sent onto the Wendy/Bairava 

S42 - 5 turns

Grunt beatdown.

S43 - 7 turns


On enemy turn 1, 6 grunts will show up near the boss. Build up Masaki's morale 
and gang up on the boss. If you're playing no upgrades and don't get lucky 
crits or double attacks it will take two turns to wear the boss down.

S44 - ?

Fang shows up in a 26k HP unit in this scenario and immediately starts 
attacking. It's possible to complete this scenario with no upgrades and no 
deaths, but you have to do save/loading to avoid double attacks and maybe get 
a few double attacks or crits of your own.

The best strat is to ignore Fang and build up morale on the grunts while 
conserving your SP/attacks. Of course Fang can proc double attack at any time 
and likely kill any of your units. Once you've cleared out most of the initial 
grunts and Masaki and Presia have their best attacks available, gang up on 
Fang and kill him in 2 turns. You have to kill Fang before the other boss 
reaches you and starts attacking, because it's not likely you'll survive both 
bosses and a bunch of grunts attacking you.

S45 - 7 turns

This map is similar to S44 except no Fang to deal with. You also get the 
chance to beat up on grunts before facing the bosses instead of being 
immediately attacked by Fang.

S56 - 7 turns

Build up Tian and Masaki's morale on the grunts then unload on the bosses. 
Laset flees under 50%.

S58 - 5 turns

Grunt cleanup. If you're on the Shuu route I suggest letting Yan Long solo the 
first set of golems (make sure to use his ultimate attack once) so that 
Saphine learns her ultimate later when she joins. Saphine can still help by 
weakening the golems as long as she doesn't kill any.

S59 - 5 turns


More random BS can happen in this scenario, since enemies all have double 
attack and can one shot your units with their 50 morale attacks. Keep Flash up 
at all times. You might want to refrain from attacking (unless it's a killing 
blow) just to have Flash up for enemy turn.

S60 - 5 turns

Yan Long

Since I chose to fight in S40, I'm headed to S60. If you avoided Fang in S44 
you'll have to face him now. The scales are a bit more even since you now have 
several boss killing ultimate attacks. Try to get Presia a Fortune boss kill 
so she learns Resupply.

S62 - 5 turns

Yan Long

Pretty standard fight. Grind up the trash for morale, pull the boss and then 
dump ultimate attacks.

S63 - 7 turns

Yan Long

If you want to rescue Rosary, rush past her to pull Zet and kill him. Use 
Tootie's Yell + ultimate to destroy Zet quickly.

S64 - 6 turns

Yan Long

Convince Fang with Masaki to make him join you or run away. I didn't get Fang 
because I didn't feel like save/loading S20 until I won the contest. This is 
probably the only mission in the game where you get to control a unit with 
boss level HP and regen. Yan Long can cause some heavy damage with flame wall 
if he hits the reinforcements that line up along the NE border.

S65 - 6 turns

Yan Long

I didn't deploy Tian because golden golems appear as reinforcements if he's on 
the map. The next scenario is quite difficult with Masaki and Ryune vs an 
Ismile. You should get Masaki to lv 45 so he learns Fervor for the next 
scenario, and get Ryune Double Act. Let Masaki get all the kills if you have 
to, he needs Fervor.

S66 - 23 turns

It is possible to complete this scenario with no upgrades and no deaths, but 
you might have to do more save/loading than usual. You have to dodge/attack 
Ismile until Masaki has enough morale to use his ultimate attack. You might 
want to get Ryune to 120 as well to help out, but mostly save her SP for the 
Love seishin to keep Masaki alive if he gets hit. Attack it from behind with 
two of Masaki's Fervored ultimate attacks while he is under 1/4 HP (to proc 
Underlying Strength) and it will go down.

S67 - 6 turns

Yan Long

Your next goal should be getting Rally for Presia and Zash. Presia learns it 
at 38 so she should probably have it already. Make sure to get Zash to lv 41 
by the end of the scenario so he learns his ultimate. Every scenario from now 
on should be in preparation for the final scenario. You'll want Presia with 
120 SP, Yan Long and Tootie with double act, and Zash with Rally at lv 50. 
Side characters like Tian, Jiao, Rosary, etc. are second in EXP priority.

S68 - 6 turns

Yan Long

After clearing out the trash, you'll have to pull the bosses carefully as you 
can only aggro both of them at once. They have double attack levels so high 
that they almost always double attack. Try tanking with a highly evasive unit 
like Ryune or just wait for one to aggro on its own while the other stays put.

S69 - 7 turns


Work through the trash on the east hill while building morale. Once you finish 
off the first boss, two more bosses and some grunts appear from the west. This 
is the first scenario where Rally will come in handy since Masaki and Ryune 
appear on turn 4 and could use a morale boost. The reinforcements all start 
moving immediately. Wait for them to approach up the hill so you have a slight 
height advantage. Dump your ultimate attacks while using your minor characters 
or possibly flame wall to mow down the grunts.

S70 - 6 turns

Yan Long

Zet will randomly use any of his seishins including Iron Wall and Flash. Use 
Rally to boost Masaki and Ryune's morale. There are very few enemies to beat 
up on for morale so distribute kills judiciously. Gatswo has an enormous 
amount of armor so Masaki's armor ignoring ultimate will be most effective at 
dealing damage. Even with Iron Wall up, Masaki's ultimate will tear Gatswo a 
new one, so make sure to get him to 130 and use it. Don't worry too much about 
using Tian/Jiao/Fang since you'll get Shuu and Saphine next.

S71 - 1 turn

Basically a last chance to level up anyone who needs it. Well it would be, 
except you can MAP attack all the golems in one turn using Neo Granzon.

S72 - 5 turns

Yan Long

Deal with the grunts as they approach and build up your morale. Shin-Nagazadd 
starts moving on turn 4 EP and the Volkruss images start moving on turn 5 EP. 
Shuu won't ever aggro on his own so you have to provoke him or move next to 
him. Start pulling the two closest Volkruss images and Shuu on turn 1 or 2. 
Work on killing them and recruiting Shuu before Shin-Nagazadd starts moving. 
Make it an absolute priority to recruit Shuu as soon as he's been pulled. Shuu 
can immediately start dumping Fervored ultimates or AOEs on the golems and 
Volkruss images which will clear them out in short order. Reserve enough of 
Shuu's SP to use two Fervored ultimate attacks on the boss. Don't waste 
Masaki's ultimate on the Volkruss images, save them for the boss. Everyone 
else can go nuts, though.

You'll probably end up having Shin-Nazagadd move towards you, but that's ok as 
long as you've killed the Volkruss images in that time. Attack the boss with 
Black Hole Cannon to break its invincibility (that's the 2nd to last attack). 
Attack with fervored ultimate attacks from Masaki and Shuu and the boss will 
easily die even if it's using Iron Wall. The scenario ends when Shin-Nagazadd 
is defeated.