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                     For the Super Nintendo version

                               Version 1.4
                              May 24, 2001
                 This FAQ is copyrighted 2000, Brother Reed
                        E-mail: Stealthman04@aol.com


1. Introduction to FAQ
2. Legal Information
3. Hoppers and Hazards
4. Getting the Point
5. Level Breakdown: Hints and Tips
6. Miscellaneous Frog Guts
7. Credits and Thanks
8. Contacting the Author


======================= 1. INTRODUCTION TO FAQ ========================

     Well, this is it. The very first Frogger FAQ on GameFAQs, and
possibly anywhere else for that matter. I guess that's because, being
the type of game that it is, Frogger is a difficult game for which to
write a FAQ. I mean, just hop across the street and into the bays; how
hard could that be, right? Harder than you think. But, ever attempting
the impossible, Brother Reed hereby presents to you the unofficial
Frogger FAQ.
     The timeless arcade game has finally come to the Super Nintendo
Entertainment System; but it's still the arcade game. I mean, there
isn't anything we haven't seen before. So, if you're one of those
people who has a Frogger arcade game set up in your house, no need to
go buy the SNES release, because it is EXACTLY the same thing. If you
want a NEW Frogger adventure, go buy the Playstation version. By the
way, did I mention that this FAQ is NOT for the Playstation version?
Good. Got that out of the way.
     Got questions? Additions? Vital strategies that I missed in my
clumsiness that you just have to share with the world? PLEASE send them
to me post haste and let me include them, credit given, in the world's
first ever Frogger FAQ. See the Chapter 8 of this FAQ for specific e-
mail instructions. So what are we waiting for? Let's get hopping!


====================== 2. LEGAL INSTRUCTIONS ==========================

     If you want your site to be able to boast this small and
insignificant FAQ, just e-mail me and ask permission; I will probably
let you post it. Just make sure that you give the name and address of
the site, because I want to have a list of all the sites where this is
posted. By posting this FAQ, you affirm that all of the following
conditions will be observed.

1. _ALL_ of this FAQ must be included in its original form. It must NOT
be altered, changed, added to, subtracted from, or otherwise tampered
with in any way, shape or form, electronically or otherwise.

2. My name, the version, and this fine print must be included.

3. This FAQ must not be posted with a banner add or anything similar.

4. I ask that you update this FAQ within a week of the time the update
is sent to GameFAQs. If you do not want the responsibility of updating
it, then don't post it.

5. You may convert this document to HTML, change the colors, add game
pics, etc., as long as the content remains unchanged, and I am
previously informed that the change shall take place.

6. YOU MUST NOT attempt to revise or update this FAQ apart from the
updates that I make myself. If you think it needs updating, tell me
about it. Don't take matters into your own hands.

This FAQ is intended for individual use. It must not be used for
financial purposes, i.e. buying, selling, bartering, etc. You may
however, if the web site allows, print this document for personal use.

Frogger is a registered trademark of its respective company(s). I am in
no way affiliated with Nintendo, Kanomi, Hasbro, Majesco Sales, and/or
any other persons/companies that are/were involved in the production
and marketing of this game. All copyrights are acknowledged that are
not specifically mentioned in this FAQ.


======================= 3. HOPPERS AND HAZARDS ========================

     Frogger has a very interesting concept. Get the frogs safely
across highway and river and into a warm, cozy stone bay on the other
side. There are several "characters" (hahaha) in Frogger, and so this
section will give you a brief over view of the nice, and the not-so-

     Your character. No, there is actually not one frog, but several
frogs, and you have the ability to gain even more as the game goes on.
The more the merrier. These are just small green blobs with legs
basically, and they make a little boing noise when they hop. Cute.

     Bay gators are bad. Why? Because they appear just inside the
safety of a bay, waiting to gobble up unwary green travelers. You can
still jump into bays occupied by bay gators, provided the head has not
fully appeared (this has occurred when you hear it growl).

     Think of swimming crocodiles as green logs with a death trap on
one end. These appear in level three and swim along in the last lane.
You can jump on their backs and hitch a ride (you'll have to
eventually), but if you get too close to the head... * snap *

     Yich! Slithery slimy serpents! It seems snakes are doomed forever
to such stereotypes, but in Frogger it is appropriate to dread these
reptiles, as they will swiftly bring death to Frogger should he wander
near one's head. Again, you may jump on its body with no adverse
effects. They appear first on the center wall and later on some of the

     Dragon flies appear randomly in the end bays of odd levels. Odd as
in the opposite of even, not odd is in peculiar. If you eat one by
jumping into a bay that it occupies, you get points.

     Another frog, possibly female (that is gathered from the supposed
bow on her head) that sits on a log out on the river and drifts
peacefully by, hopping every now and then to attract attention. This
valuable amphibian wants to get home very badly, and there's a 200
point reward for the one who sees that she reaches the bay safely. To
do this, merely pick her up by bumping into her and you will flash red.
This is to indicate that you are traveling with the log frog now. Enter
a bay with you passenger, and you get to pass go and collect 200

     Some groups of swimming turtles dive underwater, leaving you to
make a hasty jump to a safer foothold or plop into the raging river
(which, by the way, is a cause of instant death). Every third group of
turtles dives. They have four stages: Surfaced (they appear a normal
yellow), and several stages of diving, in which they get smaller and
darker three times and then disappear. You can stand on them until they
submerge completely.


====================== 4. GETTING THE POINT ===========================

    This section contains a small and simple chart of how you get
points in Frogger, as seen in the instruction manual.

WHAT YOU DO                               HOW MANY POINTS YOU GET
-----------                               -----------------------
Jump into a new lane .................... 10 points
Jump onto a log or turtle ............... 10 points
Reach a bay ............................. 50 points
Eat a fly ............................... 200 points
Deliver log frog to bay ................. 200 points
Finish level (5 frogs) .................. 1,000 points

It seems that you also get points depending on how much time is left on
the timer when you deliver a frog to a bay. The more time left, the
more points received. A warning bell (more like a cow bell) will sound
when you have only 8 seconds left. Also note that you only get points
the first time you reach a new lane, log or turtle. You can't rack up
points by jumping back and forth between lanes.

So what is the point of getting points anyway? Longevity. Need I be
more specific? EVERY 10,000 POINTS YOU GET AN EXTRA FROG! You need as
many frogs as you can possibly get, because it's so easy to squash the
little buggers. So enter the bays with flies while carrying the log
frog in as little time as possible to score maximum points.


==================== LEVEL BREAKDOWN: HINTS AND TIPS ==================

LEVEL 1: Getting Started

     Start out with your first of five frogs. You must get him across
five lanes of traffic, a stone wall in the center, three rows of logs
and two rows of diving turtles. Almost any fool should be able to do
     No, I don't have a whole chapter dedicated to telling you how to
control your frog, because it is entirely too simple. Let's go over it,
shall we? Now listen closely, because this can get a little confusing:
*speaks extra slowly, as if talking to someone dense* UP makes frog go
up, DOWN makes frog go down, LEFT makes frog go left, and guess what
RIGHT does... *listens for an answer but no one seems to know* RIGHT
makes frog go RIGHT, okay? Do we need to review that again? If so, read
that last sentence again. Then let's get on with it.
     Move your frog up when possible and right or left to avoid the
cars. In the sparse traffic stage 1 presents, you can probably just
wait for a clearing and then charge right through. If not, hop
horizontally between vehicles (you can hop as fast or faster than all
vehicles except for the red sports cars in lane 4) until the next lane
has an opening. Frogger often requires you to take into consideration
several lanes at a time, and this will come with practice. The wall is
a safe resting ground, but don't dally too long or your time will run
     There will be three rows of diving turtles, one of which you must
board. One group in three dives periodically and then comes back up.
Jump preferable on one that likes the sunlight and go from there to one
of the small logs, to the big ones in the middle. Try to pick up the
log frog if you see it, because gaining as many points as possible in
the early stages is essential for success later. Then catch a ride on a
larger (but still stable) group of turtles, and than onto one of the
long logs in front of the bays. From there you must press UP when in
front of a bay to enter. Don't hurry to jump in too soon, or you'll go
splat on the wall. Get the timing down now, because it only gets
tougher in succeeding levels. Hard time deciding which bay to enter? If
one of them harbors a tasty dragon fly, that should make the choice for


LEVEL 2: Watch Out for Bay Gators in Level Two

     In stage two the traffic is still fairly slow and spread apart,
and you should have no trouble if you don't get careless. The river
still moves slowly enough, and there are no notable changes in the
level other than the slight increase in traffic and the obvious bay
gators at the end of the stage.
     The bay gators should be none too difficult to thwart, just don't
jump into a bay bearing the zipper-like grin of a fiendish alligator.
Like I said earlier, if the bay gator is just beginning to move into
the bay, jump in anyway. He won't hurt you unless he has fully occupied
the bay. The log frog is especially important here because you won't
get any flies.


LEVEL 3: Try Not to Croak in Level Three

     This is where beginners often lose their first frog. It is also
where most players gain their first frog. By the time the first three
frogs have reached their bays, you should have surpassed the ten
thousand point mark. The traffic has picked up considerably, and now
there is also another major change. Swimming crocodiles alternate with
the long logs just before the bays. You may have to jump on them to get
into your desired bay, just stay away from the head. The flies have
returned to raise your point total, so go for them if you can. I think
some of the logs are getting shorter now, but I'm not certain. I do
know that the river is increasing in speed, so keep developing your
     Don't think that you have to wait on each log/turtle that you come
to. For instance, if you are trying to get into a certain bay and you
are riding on the last string of turtles and the log you would have to
use is about to pass you up. As soon as you are lined up with the bay
with a log between you, do a quick double hop forward and spring right
from the log and into the bay. You will definitely have to employ this
method in the faster stages.


LEVEL 4: One Snake Bite and You're Hisssssstory

     No longer can the street be traversed in a straight line; you will
need to maneuver between cars.
     Now, as the stage title implies, a snake has appeared to trouble
your one place to stand, the rock wall in the middle of the screen. It
slowly and unwaveringly patrols its post. Most of the time you can skip
right by him, but he will still limit what turtles you can climb on.
You may end up sliding to the far left and be in danger of going off
the edge of the screen.
     If you find yourself in the aforementioned predicament on the
first set of turtles, get to as far right as you can and wait until you
get to the very left edge of the screen. Then, at the last nanosecond,
jump up. You should land on the edge of a passing log.
     Also, sometimes if you are waiting on the last lane of turtles to
try and get in the left most bay, you will be pushed off the screen
before a transport arrives. Note whether the last thing past was a log
or a gator. There is more space between gators and logs than there are
between logs and gators, you know? That doesn't make sense? Try it this
way. If the last thing past you was a log, wait for the gator to show
up and help you into the bay. If the last thing past was a log, get out
of there fast; you aren't gonna make it.


LEVEL 5: Hop Right Up to Level Five

     What? Has the world swallowed a hyper pill? It seems as though
everything has suddenly undergone a dramatic increase in speed. You
will need to sharpen your skills for this challenging level. The
traffic has intensified into a moving wall, and the river is racing so
fast it'll make your head swim! Stop for a moment and notice the
traffic patterns before you hop blindly into the mix; you'll thank
yourself later when you have time to take a breath. You will really
have to work hard to correctly time your jumps into the bays from the
backs of crocodiles and the short wooden stubs that would have been
logs in previous levels. What's worse is that those stupid diving
turtles always show up right where you need to hop, forcing you either
to wait for the next ride and hit the edge of the screen or jump onto
them and drown. In stages such as this and all those following, try to
get in the left-most bay first, because it is the hardest to enter.
Then go for the simpler ones. If you are transporting the log frog, go
for the easy finish to ensure your points.


LEVEL 6: Level Six is Pretty Slithery

     Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse. Now there is
not only a snake at the wall, but also on the big log at the center of
the river, and it's been too long since either has had a nice dish of
frog legs with ketchup. You're lucky just to cross the street (there's
never a crossing guard when you need one) let alone traverse the
rapidly flowing river.
     There really isn't any more strategy to give, you just have to be
fast and smart. I wish I could offer you an easy way out. The one thing
I can tell you is, if you lose a frog (and you WILL lose a frog) DON'T
PANIC! Panic is a gamer's worst enemy. What often happens is, when a
player loses one frog, he loses them all in a matter of seconds. Just
watch your step, and be fearless. One more thing, don't think you can
slide too close to a moving vehicle. Just barely grazing the edge of a
fender can squash you flat.


LEVEL 7: Jump Right into Level Seven

HAVE MERCY! Oh, sorry. It's just that this stage is so fast and frantic
that if you're not careful you'll be re-paving the road with frog guts.
Not a pretty site. The river is flowing at extremely high speeds, the
red sports cars are racing by in threes, and the relentless snakes are
yet hanging around to make you miserable. If you can get through this
level with a few frogs, you have a fighting chance at the last and most
difficult frog trap yet. Wait, you say. How could any level be more
difficult than the one I just beat? You're about to find out.


LEVEL 8: Level Eight is the Toughest Yet

     Not only is the traffic going faster than ever, especially the red
cars that cross the screen in a second's time, but also the cars are
more evenly spaced so there are no large gaps. To make things worse,
when you get out of the traffic, TWO vile serpents are patrolling the
center wall. The river is racing at top speed, the logs have been
shortened, and not only that, but now there aren't any logs in the last
river lane, just gators, and they have a lot of space between them.
Already know you that which you need. You need only fine tune your
speed and accuracy to make it past this final test of your amphibian
abilities, and hey; a couple of extra frogs wouldn't hurt either.


!!!!! 1-8: Beyond the Levels

     If and when you complete level 8, you will be given a brief and
highly anticlimactic message saying, "Great job! You wrapped the
levels!", and then you will start at !!!!! 1. This is a stage exactly
like level 1, all the traffic and things are back to normal, but all of
the snakes are still there. You will have to get through the whole set
of levels again, with all the snakes wearing you down and chipping away
at your extra lives. Should you make it through this time, you will
then start once again at !!!!! 1. Does this ever end? My personal
opinion is, no. The purpose of Frogger is to get as many points as
possible, mostly by getting through the levels as many times as
possible. So go as far as you can until you either die or get bored.


==================== 6. MISCELLANEOUS FROG GUTS =======================

     Mostly this section is for the posting of things that anyone wants
to say. Meaning, you are supposed to e-mail me with any comment,
strategy, etc., so long as it pertains to Frogger, for me to post, and
in turn, people to read. So PLEASE, I'm begging you, write to me with
SOMETHING that I can post here. I don't care if you are reading this
fifty years after the original date and people no longer know or care
about Frogger, I (hopefully) will still be around and more than happy
to put it in. I reserve the right to edit and/or add a title to any
entry containing strong language or bearing no title. Before, though, I
have just a few things to say:

A WORD ABOUT SCORES: by Brother Reed
     This game is so much like the original arcade game it makes me
sick. Why, you say? Isn't that a good thing? Well, not entirely. You
see, on the original game, high scores were saved because the game was
never turned off or unplugged, and this game is the same way. There is
no battery backed game pack memory, which means that unless you plan to
keep your SNES on for the rest of eternity, you cannot keep your high
scores. So much for motivation...


======================= 7. CREDITS AND THANKS =========================

This FAQ and the strategies contained within written by: Brother Reed

ASCII original title art by: Brother Reed

Thanks to CjayC at GameFAQs for posting this FAQ, and having the best
gaming site on the web

Thanks to Hasbro, Kanomi, Majesco Sales, and Nintendo for this simple
yet perplexingly challenging game

Thanks also to the other sites that post this FAQ. I will update this
list every time a new FAQ posts this. If this FAQ is posted on any site
not listed, that site has illegally leeched the file, other than
vgstrategies.about.com. Al doesn't even have to ask me to use this FAQ.
He's EARNED the right.

*GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com)
*Video Game Strategies (www.vgstrategies.about.com)

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======================= 8. CONTACTING THE AUTHOR ======================

     Well, that's pretty much a wrap. If you find any typos, additions, corrections,
suggestions, or if you have any questions regarding the game or this FAQ, e-mail to
Stealthman04@aol.com. Try to be nice and exclude any strong language. The latest version
of this FAQ can always be found at gameFAQs.com. If you see this FAQ on any site other
than those listed above, it has been illegally leeched. Please tell me about it and I
will take care of it.
     Meanwhile, aside from any of the things mentioned above, (i.e., typos, additions,
new sites posting my FAQ, etc.) I will probably not have to update this. It is fairly
complete in its current form. Hope it helped you out.