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				Fire Emblem 5 Strategy Guide
					By Dragoon T
					Version .04
                                                       Edited by Desmond Gaban


1: Introduction

2: Game Information

3: Unit Information

4: Walkthrough

5: Secrets

6: Acknowledgments

					Version History

            Version .04: No New Characters or sections, just a general clean up 
to correct a bunch of mistakes I found. 

            Version .03: More characters completed.(About half way done..) Once 
the character section is done(Next version hopefully) look for some menu 

	Version .02: Desmond Gaban is now one of the editors..thanks to him for many 
corrections and Information.
	Version .01: Initial Release(Not Released)

				Translation Note:
	Myself, Desmond,and Fox each have certain ways of calling certain characters. 
Throughout the guide you'll see names like Lionan and Lifis...These names are the 
same as Rivis and Rinoan...it just boils down to diffrent ways of translating the 
names. Known conflicts inlcude:

   Lionan= Rionan
   Lifis= Rivis
   Glade= Greid
   Almada= Armanda = Armada


	Fire Emblem 5: Thracia 776 is the latest Fire Emblem game to be released. 
Released September 1999 FE5 was unqiue in that it was released on the Super Famicom 
system instead of Nintendos main platform: the N64. Because of this FE5 has the 
distinction of being the last Super Famicom game ever made in Cartridge form.  Taking 
place BETWEEN Chapter 5 and chapter 6 in Fire Emblem 4 FE5 tells the Story of Leif 
as he strives to reclaim his home of Lenstar from the Thracian forces. The story 
actually flows into Chapter 7 of FE4 towards the end but manages to wrap it up nicely 
for the beginning of FE4's Chapter 8. FE5 is full of Cameos and actually has several 
returning characters available. It is also diffrent in that it plays more like FE3: 
Weapons have limited uses and once their gone they are GONE. Each chapter has one 
specific objective. The maps are smaller but this allows for greater strategy. 
Furthermore Conversations are now hidden..you have to figure out who wants to talk 
to who. Certain characters have Special Exclusive weapons available only to them 
and you have to play through the game Twice to see all the characters: Certain 
characters won't join if you recruit someone, and a little after halfway through 
the game you have to make a choice which results in diffrent stages and characters 
appearing. FE5 is EASILY the most complex game in the Series and has ALOT of Hidden 
stuff in it!

As usual, Intelligent Systems, Nintendo, N64, Super Famicom, and any other items 
or ideas belonging to someone else belong to them and not me. This Guide however, 
does. It was not written for profit and should never be used for profit. Any use 
of this guide must include this disclaimer. Use of this guide for Profit, and Use 
of this guide without giving me proper credit will be met with the appropriate legal 

 			Game Information

	Alot has changed since FE4 and this section will deal with it. Many familer 
things such as skills and weapons return, but with new complications. Certain things 
show up for the first time. There are new features, new ways to lose, new ways to 
win and even completly unique maps. Starting off will be the variety of maps you 
will face:

	Type number one:
		"Hello! I'm the boss! Come to my castle, kill me and then have Leif 
conquer it!"  This is one of the more common types of map and the one most familer 
to people. The objective is the same as it's always been: Get Leif to the castle, 
throne, whatever, Kill whoever has plopped their ass on it and then have Leif conquer 
it. There may or may not be reinforcements appearing throught the stage for the 

	Type Number Two:
		" You'd better run like there's a fire up your butt 'cause your being 
	A new type of map that is introduced in FE5 and probibly the most common of 
the new map types. Somewhere on the map is a red arrow. The goal of this map is 
to get Leif to the red arrow. Sounds simple? It ain't. These maps usualy have a 
mass of Enemys coming at your back..not to mention whatever is keeping you from 
the arrow. Add in the fact that everyone has to leave via the arrow BEFORE Leif 
or be considered Dead and you have a scenario that can tax your tactical ability.  
The Enemy ALWAYS has a Constant stream of reinforcements coming at you.

	Type Number Three:
		"Pick your Poison!"
	There is only one of these maps as far I've played(I've gotten up to chapter 
23..there are 24 chapters). In this map(Chapter 15) you have 2 blue arrows: one 
on the left and one on the right. The main Idea is you have to choose from which 
route your gonna invade Lenstar from. If you go east you'll have a Type 2 stage 
followed by a rather easy Lenstarr assualt. If you go west you'll have more stiff 
defenses to break through but get more characters and items out of it. BTW...If 
your going to go west then have Leif go to the church on the map first, that way 
you can get Suluf to join your team. I also don't recomend you don't go west if 
you have Orean in your party. One of the characters you can gain from the west route 
won't join you if Orean has. This stage has reinforcements.

	Type Number Four:
		"Defend the Damn Temple/Throne/Town/Whatever"
		My favorite type of the new map styles. This reverses the roles: Now 
YOU have your Ass on the throne/town/whatever and your supposed to keep the enemy 
from getting at it. Faced with Overwhelming Odds and near infinte reinforcements 
these stages put your defensive tactics to the test. These stages have a time limit: 
You basicly have to survive X number of rounds to win the stage. Savoir these when 
you can...their some of the most fun you can get.

	Type Number Four Variant:
		This is a combination of Type's 2 and 4. Not only do you have to get 
everyone out via the Red arrow but the red arrow is now on a castle that you have 
to defend until everyone is off of the map.  

Gaiden Stages:
	Certain stages in FE5 have special criteria that, when met, will open up a 
Bonus Gaiden stage. These Gaiden stages are often filled to the brim with excellent 
characters and items and always use the 'Night Combat' rules. Know Criteria for 
Gaiden stages are:

	Chapter 2 Gaiden: Vist all the houses in Chapter 2
	Chapter 4 Gaiden: Let all 6 Civilians flee the map
	Chapter 8 Gaiden: Capture the boss of Chapter 8.
	Chapter 11 Gaiden: Clear the stage within 20 Turns
	Chapter 12 Gaiden: Capture Seiram and clear the stage within 20 Turns.
	Chapter 14 Gaiden: Vist all the houses within Tahra's walls in chapter 14.
	Chapter 21 Gaiden: Have someone get captured before/during chapter 19
	Chapter 24 Gaiden: Get the Cure (Kia) staff

     Changes to the weapon system:

	Okay. There's a greater variety of weapons for you to slaughter you enemys 
with, but it comes at a price. Every weapon comes with a set number of uses ranging 
from 3-60. Once a weapon is broken thats it: You can't repair it. Saphy has a repair 
staff but that can only be used 5 times and should be used for 5 very Special Weapons. 
Furthermore the are weapons which give skills when equipped. These are rather 
straight forward: Equip something like the Elite sword and get the Elite skill. 
Weapons can also give a stat bonus when equipped. In this case as well as giving 
the Elite skill the Elite Sword gives a +5 Defense bonus as well. Weapons can have 
certain innate skills as well such as '2 Attacks' or 'Attack Bonus vs. something'. 
To further complicate matters there are special exclusive weapons that only certain 
people can use. These weapons are * rank and keyed to a certain person. Only the 
person the weapon is keyed to can use it. Also returning from FE3 is the Clt rate: 
the Percentage chance of a berserk hit.  Weapon weight also has an addtion: The 
weapons weight is asorbed by the characters body. Meaning that a weapon with a Weight 
of 9 is weilded by a character with Body 10 then the weapon weight does not effect 
the evade percetile. WHEW! That sure is alot! Oh yeah, one other note. Riazzah is 
no longer gender specific..Anyone pocessing a B is Light magic can use it. One more 
note..Magic is unaffected by Body, so there's no way to soak up it's evade lowering 
weight. Try to avoid using Fire and Dark Magic..the books are heavy. Fire magic 
sucks anyway, since Elfire is it's most powerful spell(Volcannon is nowhere to be 


	The Skills from FE4 make a return appearence but alot of them have been changed 
from what they once were. Another neat thing is through the game you'll find skill 
manuals which let you teach the person using it that skill..although their are some 
skills that lack manuals. Also some weapons will give you a skill when they are 
equipped. The following changes have been made to the Skill system overall:

	Sword Skills(Sun, Moonlight, and Shooting Star Hit) now work on any weapon 
as well as magic.

	Furthermore these skills can be used Simultaniosly.

	Malitia can learn Shooting Star Hit through a conversation with Shanam the 
fruit in chapter 15.

	No one will ever learn life.

	The following skills have no Manuals:

	Big Shield
	Shooting Star Hit

	The skills and how they work in FE5 are as follows:

	Wrath: Everyone's favorite skill has been given a Major overhaul. On a counter 
attack it raises CLT by 7 points for every Skill point the character pocesses.  Even 
though Stand Ground was changed, it still seems to work on it, although it seems 

	Stand Groudn (Formerly translated as "Pinch Strike"): PS now gives you the 
First Attack ALWAYS.  And it still effects Wrath, to boot!

	Awareness: It no longer prevents berserk hits but still keeps Skills from 
functioning against it. 
It nullifys the Extra damage of Arrows against flying units...but that's it. Iron 
Cutters, Pole Axes, Hammers, Knight Killers, and Shooters still inflict extra 
damage against their particuler units.

	Sun Hit: Functions the same as FE4...restoring HP equal to the Damage dealt.

	Moonlight hit: Functions the same as FE4 but since it can be used with Magic 
as well as Physical attacks it has now become the ultimate in Can-Opener technology.

	Duel: Works the same as FE4...Iniatiates another round of combat. It 
activates alot more often now..and can activate on No Retaliation attacks(In other 
words...If it activates on a character attacked by a Shooter the shooter will attack 

	Dance: Same as in all the FE games, Can only be used on 1 character.

	Big Shield: Same too..but it's now Keyed to the Baron class...Generals don't 
recieve it. Xavier is the sole exception.

	Life: Only Beldo (the last boss) has this skill.  Will restore a portion of 
character HP at the beginning of your turn.

	Charisma: Charisma gives a +10% to hit ratio and evade within a 3 tile radius.  
You no longer must bring Delmud within suicide range to use his Charisma skill, 
thank car!

	Elite: Same as in FE4...2x Experience

	Continue: Same as FE4...Strike again after you attack

	Advancing: No Longer a Skill, any Unit can pull Advancing off on someone if 
their speed is 4 higher than their target.

	Prayer:  The evade bonus is lower than it was in FE4, but it's always turned 
on now and increases in power as HP decreases.

	Bargain: Same as FE4, Half Price Buying and Full price selling, Shannam is 
the only character with this Skill.

	Steal: Allows stealing of items. If item is Less then stealers body weight 
then it may be lifted.  Targets with a speed higher than your thief's speed can't 
be robbed.

	The Stats:

	FE5 has changed the traditional stat system around. Magic and MDef are the 
same Stat and Body has replaced MDef. Body works like this: it affects Evade(It 
abosrbs Weapon Weight) It determines what can be stolen and it determines the 
maximum weight character the character can capture. 

Stat Explanation:

	Strength: This is the base damage you inflict with a Weapon.

		2 Functions:
			Magic Defense: Subtract this number from the amount of Damage 
a Magical Based attack does.
			Magic Attack: Base Damage you inflict with a Magical Attack

	Skill: Affects base chance to Hit, Base CLT rating and Wraith Clt Rating.

	Speed: Affects both base Dodging and Base Hitting Ability

	Luck: Affects base Dodging Ability

	Build: Max Capturing Capability.

		Something new to FE5 is the Capture command. Capture can be used when 
Users Body is greater then the person to be captured. If the victim has no weapon 
they are automaticly captured. If they have a weapon you have to take them down 
to Zero HP. Note that when using capture and when holding a person all stats save 
Luck and HP are reduced by half. By Capturing an Enemy you can strip them of their 
items and in a few cases having a that character being carried by someone they will 
join you next Chapter(Rivis and Seiram). Note that your party members and can pick 
and carry each other around the same way except there is no need to reduce HP to 

	Movement Stars and Leadership stars:
		During Leif's quest to retake Lenstar he'll be aided by many groups 
like the Fiana Braves, Magi Squad, etc. These squads retain their structure in 
Leif's Army, even though they say Leif's Army in their leadership squad. The leaders 
of these squads thus have a leadership rating that works a bit diffrently then Leifs. 
Each Leader gives their squad some sort of bonus: Ex: Evele gives the Fiana braves 
a Bonus to Clt and Evade.  Furthermore each Squad sometimes has a Subleader..but 
I don't know if the subleaders give a bonus. Note: Some Subleaders give a Bonus. 
Still working on WHICH Ones, as well as the Specific Bonuses given.

 Known Squads:

	Fiana Braves:
		Leader: Evele
                        Members: Othin, Halvan

            Something (Yakima?) Mountain Gang:
                       Leader: Dagudar
                       Members: Tanya, Marty	
	Magi Squad:
		Leader: Sety
			Sub Leader: Machua

        Dandylion Group(Pahns Gang):
				Leader: Pahn
					Sub Leader: None

       Rivis Gang:
		Leader: Rivis
			Sub Leader: Shiva

     Lenstar Knights:
	Leader: Glade
		Sub Leader: Selphina

	Furthermore some units have a Romantic Relationship and give each other 
bonuses when next to each other.	
           Known Pairs:
		Machua and Brighton
		Fergus and Karin
		Fred and Orean
		Saphy and Rivis or Shiva (Love Triangle)
                        Shanam and Homer (eww)
                        Selfina and Glade (married)
                        Dean and Linoan
                        Leaf and Nanna
                        Salem and Sara
                        Sleuf and Amalda
                        Miranda and Conomoor
                        Othin and Tanya
                        Pirn and Laura
                        Finn and Glade(Best Friends)
 Movement stars:
	A new additon is that certain characters now have a Movement star rating. 
These movement stars are worth a 10% chance each(So 3 stars equal 30%) of getting 
to move again after promforming an action.

	A new statistic is the Fatigue level which is initalized after Chapter 7. 
Basicly as a character moves, fights, and heals their fatigue level rises. When 
Fatigue is greater then Max HP the character cannot be used for the next map.

Weapon Levels:
	A Character often starts with a base Weapon Level like only E or D but, as 
they fight with that weapon, their skill will eventually rise.

	All Characters except Leif , Linoan, and promoted characters, promote at 
Level 10, although it is reccomended to wait until level 20. Leif promotes at the 
end of chapter 18.  Rionan promotes through an Event in chapter 21. In order to 
promote(For everyone else) you need the Item 'Knights Proof' 

Miscellanious changes:
	Night Combat:
		Certain maps are set to take place at night. These maps are pitch black 
except for a 3 square around each character. A Torch or Torch Staff may be used 
to light up the Surronding 10 squares with the Radius decreasing by 1 at the 
beginning of every turn. All Gaiden maps take place under Night Conditions.

		Indoors all units fight dismounted. Otherwise a unit may fight 
dismounted by simply dismounting as their action. Note all dismounted characters 
fight with swords.

	FAQ(Frequently asked questions)

	Q: Where can I find this game?
	A: National Console Support (NCS) has it for sale last time I heard.
	Q: Can I revive a dead character?
	A: No..The Valkyrie Staff is nowhere to be found in this game.

            Q: What about Characters I left behind on a Chase Map?
            Q: What About Characters that the Enemy Captures?
            A: You'll get them back in Chapter 21 Gaiden

	Q: Can I get Selis or Yuria to join my party?
	A: No...but at least you get Sety^_~

             Q: Can I convince Althena?
             A: No

	Q: Holsety is Infinete use...are anyother weapons?
	A: No. Holsety is only 50 uses once you get Sety on your party.

	Q: What do those scrolls with each of the God's weapon on them do?
	A: They increase the chance of certain stats raising with level up.

	Q: Who's Heim?
	A: Narga. Heim is the name of the Holy Warrior who used Narga.

            Q: How do I get Gold in this game?
	A: Aside from the Odd Prize from saving a village or killing a theif, the 
only gold comes from Selling Captured weapons.

	Q: My Equipment keeps breaking and theres no shop around!
            A: Use the Capture Feature! Shops are realitivly rare, and certains 
weapons can only be bought in certain chapters. Short Swords, Long Swords, Great 
Swords, Most of the Staves, and Great Lances cannot be bought at all! Take every 
oppurtunity you can to capture to restock your weapons...you can even get 
Replacements for Personal Weapons(Example: You can geta  Pugi from one of the Enemys 
on the east route to Lenstar)

	Q: Yurious keeps smearing me with Loputous! Help!
	A: Wrong game. The spell to watch out this time around is Beldo's stone spell.

	Q: Where is the Silver Harp?
	A: Who are you? Why do you always send me this questions? THE DAMN HARP IS 

            Q: I Killed everyone in the last Stage, but the center didn't open up!
            A: Put a Unit on each of the Pentagrams that were being guarded

            Q: Is there a way to keep Saias?
            A: If Sety dosen't Join, you get him

      Item Information

 Door Key:
	Opens doors

Chest Key:
	Opens chests

Bridge key:
	Lowers bridges

Theif Key:
	Acts as all three keys

Knights Proof:
	Promotes a unit

Medicine Bag:
	Restores all HP to user

Antidote Bag:
	Removes Poison status

	Lights up 10 square radius, decrease every by 1 every turn.

Skill Manuals:
	Teach a unit the skill the manual is for

	Increases stats

Holy Water:
	Increases Magic by 7. Decreases by one every turn.  

Stamina Bag: 
	Equip it on a Fatiqued Character(One who has surpassed their max HP with 
Fatique) and they may be used instead of having to wait a chapter.

	Unit Information

           The Roster:

		Once again your main character is of the Lord class and suffers from 
Chronic sucky leader syndrome. Using only swords this class is at a disadvantage 
during many of the chase style maps. Give him any power up rings you find to make 
him somewhat useful. It is also reccomended that he be given the Sun Hit Manual

		The Lord's promotion. This class has the unique distinction of offering 
nothing at all different from the lord class save starting at Level 1. Oh well...at 
least he gains levels fast.

	Axe Fighter:
		Given a major overhaul since Fire Emblem 4 these guys are DANGEROUS! 
High Speed and Skill results in an insane evade rate and berserk percentage. Treat 
these guys like a Swordfighter with a bigger stick. Luckily there are only 2 of 
them and their on your side.

		The Promoted form of an Axe fighter. Gains the ability to use Swords 
as well as Axes. These guys are some of the vicous fighters you'll face. Pocessing 
High stats all around treat them with extreme caution.

		Downgraded since FE4 their stats are nowhere near as high as before. 
As long as you don't throw an Axe user against them you should be okay. As they 
gain levels they vastly improve so watch out.

	Sword Master/Mistress:
		Everybody's favorite class returns! As Demonic as Ever these are an 
extreme threat. Treat them like you would a Rabid wombat because their just as 
viscous in close corners. Luckily you only run into one or 2 of them and their usually 
poorly equipped but be careful because they can surprise you.

		The Lucky Charms of the Fire Emblem world returns and as usual they 
are far from being magically delishious. The computer loves to give these guys 
killer equipment and they use Mob tactics against you turning these guys into a 
much bigger threat then they once posed. Use Can-Opener tactics around them.

		Vastly improved from previous FE games Generals can be a pain in the 
neck to fight. They are usualy armed with Master equipment and have close to a Twenty 
defense. When you add it to the fact their usually sitting on the Castle/Throne 
and gain a +10 defense from it you have a serious tactical hazard on your hands.

	Axe Knights:
		They gave the Axe Fighter a complete overhaul but seemed to forget to 
fix this class =p. There's nothing speical about it at all except as you get towards 
the end of the game these guys always seem to show up with Halberds(Anti Knight).

	Great Knights:
		An Axe Knight with bigger defense and....That's it.

	Pegasus Rider:
		Ugh. This class got a serious downgrade. No Longer pocessing the 
ability to use Swords mounted and lacking defense they are easy to shoot down. Their 
lightning fast though! Watch out 'cause the comp loves to use these with Knight 

	Pegasus Knight:
		Basicly a P. Rider with better stats. Still rather powerful, there's 
only one of these you'll face and you can convert her.

	Dragon Rider:
		It's almost a carbon copy of a PKnight...Seriously. It has SLIGHTLY 
Higher defense but that's it. 

	Dragon Knight:
		Muuuuch better defense wise and high speed as well. Unfortunetly all 
the flying classes were downgraded in FE5 =p

		Pocessing anything from Sandaa Storm to El-Fire to Wind these guys can 
be a pain to fry. They don't usually come in a mixed bag though..so if you fry a 
Wind Using mage except more on the way

		Enemy only Mage promotion. Usually armed with a Libro Staff and either 
Blizzard, Meteor or Sandaa Storm. Basicly shooters that can heal. Move in quickly 
and run 'em through in Melee combat.

	Mage Knight/Mage Fighter:
		Mage Knight Mounted, Mage fighter dismounted. A Fairly good class 
mixing the best parts of a Mage with a Social knight. They can use swords but don't 
bother.  Usual weapons include a Rapier and Torron.

		Asvels promotion, Sety's base class. Pocessing the Ability 
to(Potentialy) use any Staff or Magic except for Dark magic these can be a terror 
on the battle field. Feel glad you don't have to fight these!

	Ropto Mage:
		Seiram's base class. Like a reverse Sage. Uses Staves, Dark Magic, and 
Elemental magic. It has speed like a brick though.

	Dark mage:
		Ropto Mage promotion. Not much different from a Ropto Mage except they 
aren't as slow(but still pretty sluggish).  Good defense for a Mage and can capture.

		Thieves are some of your biggest pain in the asses. Pocessing the 
Ability to destroy towns and houses AND relieve you of all your weapons at the same 
time I recomend you target and destroy these guys ASAP.  Typically they're also 
good for borrowing spair Thief keys from.

	Theif Fighter:
		EXTREMLY Dangerous!! Pocessing the Innate power of Pinch Strike these 
guys can off you before you can draw a breath! Approch with extreme caution and 
beware...They can lift your valuables as well.

		The Enemy has these this time! These guys can be your biggest headache 
and have been clinicly proven to cause Migraines. The bane of any and all strategys 
Dancers should be killer or incapacitated as soon as possible. Laura is your dancer 
but she has to promote to it by talking to Pahn in Chapter 12 Gaiden.

		Isn't nearly as cool as it was in FE4. Rather bland actually. I..can't 
really think of anything else to say...

	Taking after Fire Emblem 3 FE5 gives you a large variety of characters to 
choose from to make your battle party. However, because of the new Fatique stat, 
alot more of them will be seeing battle action.

	This is just a section I made up. They don't say this in the game but I thought 
it would be interesting to see who is loyal to who and who fights with who.

	Lenstar Warriors:
		Leif                Kein
		Greid              Alva            
		Nanna             Robert
		Karion	            Xavier
		Selfina            Finn

            Rivis' gang:

            Dandylion gang:

	The Magi Squad:
		Sety	Machua

	Fiana Braves & Mountain Gang:
		Evele	Daguda
		Oushin	Tanya
		Halvan	Marty


		Ralph	Ronan	
                        Hicks   Dashien


            Sleuf (Blagi)
            Irios (freelance)

	Ropto Cult:

	Royal Houses:
	Galzas	Saias
	Misha	Rinoan
	Children from FE4(Children of the Holy War):
	Delmud 	Sety
	Leif		Nanna

Holy Blood: 
	Through events and story you'll find out that several characters are actually 
carriers of Holy Blood and thus realitives of the FE4 characters. Holy Blood has 
no impact at all on FE5 but it's interesting to see who is related to who. 

Noba Blood:
            Altena (enemy)
Heim Blood:
            Yuria (dialogue-only)
Fala Blood:
            Yuria (dialogue-only)
             Saias (Bastard son of Arvis and Aida.)
Ulir Blood:
Dain Blood:
        Arion(Dialouge Only)
        Torobant(Dialouge Only)
Hezul Blood:
Baldo blood:
            Altena (enemy)
            Celice (dialogue-only)
Blagi blood:
Odo Blood:
Sety blood:
            Levin(Dialouge Only)
Tordo Blood:
            Kempf (enemy)
            Ishtar (enemy)
            Barat (enemy)
	Character List:

	Name      Class    Promoted Class
	Leif	   Lord	             Prince(Event Promotion)
	Finn	   Lance Knight  Duke Knight
	Kein	   Lance Knight  Duke Knight
	Alva	   Lance Knight  Duke Knight
            Glade      Duke Knight
	Nanna     Troubadour    Female Paladin
	Armanda Female Paladin
	Karion	   Social Knight	 Paladin
	Conomor Paladin
	Fred        Paladin
	Dalshein  Axe Armor     General
	Xavier     General
	Machua   Swordfighter   Mercenary
	Malitia     Swordfighter   Sword Master
	Shiva	   Swordfighter	  Sword Master
	Shanam   Sword Master
	Evele       Sword Mistress
            Oushin     Axefighter	  Mercenary
	Halvan 	    Axefighter       Mercenary
	Ralph	    Mercenary
	Galzas      Mercenary
	Asvel        Mage	  Sage
	Homeros   Bard	  Sage
	Sety	     Sage
	Fergus       Free Knight   Forest Knight
	Delmund    Forest Knight
	Robert       Bow Knight	  Arch Knight
	Selphina     Bow Knight  Arch Knight
	Eda	      DragonRider Dragon Knight
	Dean	      Dragon Knight
	Karin	      PegasusKnight Falcon Knight
	Misha	      Falcon Knight
	Miranda     Mage	  Mage Knight
	Orean        Mage Knight
	Irios           Mage Knight
	Seiram	      Ropto Mage  Dark Mage
	Sara           Shaman          Sage
	Rinoan       Shaman          Sage(Event Promotion)
	Laura         Theif	   Theif Fighter/Dancer(Event Promotion)
	Rivis	      Theif              Theif Fighter
	Pahn           Theif Fighter
	Saphy         Priest       High Priest
	Tina	      Priest        High Priest
	Suluf           Priest       High Priest
	Saias	       High Priest
	Brighton      Axe Knight  Great Knight
	Hicks          Axe Knight  Great Knight 
	Dagda         Warrior
	Marty	        Mountain Theif    Warrior	

   Character Descriptions:

	Son of Prince Cuan of Lenstarr and Princess Ethrin of Chalphy, The Noble and 
Holy blood of Baldo and Noba pound through Leifs veins. Pocessor of the 'Hikari 
No Ken'(Sword of Light) which was Given to his mother by Diadora and passed down 
to him, He was orhpaned as an Infant when his parents were ambushed crossing the 
Yied Desert by Torobant. Saved by the Young Lance Knight Finn he grew up in exile. 
Now, events will force him to accept his Birthright and lead him to liberate his 
ancesteral home of Lenstarr from the Invading forces of Freige, Alster,  and 

   Leif is your main character, and as such suffers from Chronic Fire Emblem Sucky 
leader syndrome. He has the Personal Skill of Continue, allowing him an oppurtunity 
to gain a second swipe with his sword following his first attack. His Stats, however, 
suck. Unlike Fire Emblem 4, where he had a Ridicuously high Skill, Power, and Defense, 
this time around Leif will have, at best, Medium high speed and luck. His greatest 
asset is the Hikari No Ken he starts with, which gives him +10 to his Luck score, 
Hits at range with a Lighting spell and when used as an Item heals him completly. 
During the course of the game, if you recieve one, it is reccomended that Leif be 
given the Taiyoken(Sun Hit) Skill manual.

	Lance Knight of Lenstarr, famous for his Involvment with Sigurd in the 
Invasion of Augustria. Finn returned to Lenstarr with Ethrin and Cuan after they 
left Silesia, but was left behind when Cuan and Ethrin left for the Yied Desert. 
During the tragic events which followed that chapter in Grandbells History Finn 
fled Castle Lenstarr with the Infant Leif and headed southeast to the Village of 
Fiana. Strong, Brave, and Steadfast Finn's loyalty to Leif and the Lenstarr Royalty 
is absolute. He considers his Hero Lance, given to him by Prince Cuan, to be his 
greatest treasure.

	Finn, not surprisingly, Wrecks havoc with his Hero Lance. The +10 it gives 
tio Luck, coupled with his own Natural Speed, allows him to evade most 
attacks...even against Axe weilders. You'd be well advised to include Finn in your 
squad, as he is one of the top units in the game. Finn pocesses the Innate skill 
of Prayer, which raises his dodging ability when his HP is at critical levels.

	The Plucky Daughter of Finn and The Princess of Nodion and inheritor of the 
Blood of Hezul Lachesis, Nanna is nowehre NEAR the Priss her mother was. Kindhearted 
and caring, Nana took up the Healers Staff in addition to her sword to be of help 
to Leif. It is a not so well Kept Secret that Nana and Leif have a Crush on each 
other. Nanna's personal Treasure is the Dachi No Ken(Earth Sword) that belonged 
to her Mother. Like her Mother, Nanna is very Charismatic and can encourage nearby 
units to fight better.

	Nanna rocks. In FE4 she suffered a large lack of Offensive Prowess, but that 
was fixed this time around. Seriously except to her to Max at least Magic. Her gains 
are somewhat lopsided...some levels you'll gain nothing, others she'll gain 
something to almost every stat. Her Dachi No Ken acts like Leifs Sword, allowing 
her to cast the spell Riazzah at range. However, at close range it has the effect 
of Sun Hit with every attack.

	The leader of the Fiana Braves, a local group of fighters who protect the 
village from pirates and thieves, Evele is a direct Descendent of Bridget. However, 
unlike most of the Ulir house who specilize in Bow Combat, she has a fighting style 
similar to the Swordmasters of Issac. Noble and Brave, Evele will suffer a Tragic 
Fate early in the game.

	Evele is ONE of FE5's Jeigan, and is only around for a Few Chapters. Her main 
purpose to act as a Bodyguard for Nanna in chapter 5. There's nothing really to 
say about her.

	Leader of the Mountain Brigad, which works with the Fiana braves to protect 
the locals. Robust and Friendly, Dagda has a soft spot for his Daughter Tania.

	Dagda is the OTHER Jeigan^_~  Use him until you feel you don't need him to 
abosrb Damage.  His Hammer is also quite convinientlly matched off to the chapter 
1 boss' forehead.

	A somewhat dim witted Mountain Theif working for Dagda. He has a crush on 
Tania, but the feeling is not mutual. However, he will follow her to the ends of 
the earth.

	Marty has one thing going for him: Ridiculously High Body and HP. Use him 
for Capturing. Otherwise he sucks.

	The Loudspoken Daughter of Dagda and a Certified Tomboy, Tania has a Love 
Hate relationship with Oushin of the Fiana Braves.

	The Surprise character of the game. Tania gains DEMON Levels and will quickly 
become one of your better units. 

	A Remarkable Member of the Fiana Braves, Oushins Axe weilding Skills are 
second to none. Somewhat Coarse, him and Tania Care for each other very much but 
don't like to show it. Using his Custom Made 'Pugi' Axe, Oushin is a terror on the 

	Wondering who the Lackhe of this game would be? Look no further. To this day 
debates on wether Lackhe or Oushin would win a fight still rock the FE Community...

	Another Fiana Brave, Halvan is quiet and often overlooked. Him and Oushin 
have a Relationship similar to Kain and Abel of FE3 and Alec and Noishe of FE4. 
The 2 are constantly striving to prove who the better fighter is. With his Personal 
Hero Axe, Halvan belives that one day he will Surpass Oushin once and for all.

	Halvan proves to be a Darkhorse. Although he dosen't look like it he can be 
a solid member of the party. Just don't expect Oushin level carnage.

	The Adopted Sister of Evele. Both Evele and Malitia are VERY close, to the 
point they would take an Arrow for the other. Malitia bears a Strange birthmark 
on her Shoulder...

	Psycho Psycho Psycho..That describes Malitia. If Oushin is Lackhe with an 
Axe then Malitia is Lakche reincarnated. Her Personal Weapon, The Malitia No 
Ken(Sword of Malitia) wrecks so Much Havoc it isn't funny. If you don't use her 
then your nuts.

	A Bow fighter from a local town, Ronan could not watch the suffering of the 
people without feeling a Stirring in his heart. Saying farewell to his Mother he 
takes up his Bow and Arrow and pledges them to Leif's cause.

 	The other foot based Bow Fighter in FE5, Ronan dosen't have the sheer stats 
of Tania, but he makes it up with Movement stars and Personal Skills. Worth using, 
but considering the Lack of any really good bows you might wanna leave him in 

	A Young Theif who broke off of the Main Lenstarr theieves guild, Rivis formed 
his own Pirate group with his Best friend Shiva. He is head over Heels in love with 
the Priest Saphy.

	Rivis is potentially the most powerful unit you'll have. His base Combat Stats 
are ALL High, and depending on how much Body he gains from levels he'll be able 
to swipe pretty much anything from an Enemy. Use Rivis or weep!

	A Young Priestess from the Holy City Tahra, Saphy and her Sister Tina were 
captured by the Dandylion Group led by Pahn. During her stay there she found herself 
falling in love not only with Rivis but his friend Shiva as well.  Out of Love for 
the both of them she followed Rivis in his break off from the Main Guild. A Gentle 
souled person, Saphy pocesses a Unqiue Staff that can repair wear and tear on 

	Saphy is here for one reason..The Repair Staff! Pocessing 5 charges and the 
only one in the game, You should think long and hard about which Weapons you use 
it on. I suggest that you use it on AT LEAST the Hikari No Ken(Which will probibly 
need it around Chapter 8) and the Earth Sword.

	A Mysterious Young Warrior that says little and lets his action speak for 
him. Despite his unfriendly exterior he is fircely loyal to his Friend Rivis, and 
would lay his life down on the line for Saphy. Pocessing a Smooth and Unique 
Swordfighting Style, Shiva is a terror on the Battlefield.

	Shiva, quite simply, is awesome. Promoting to Swordmaster and coming with 
a Kill Sword, he is EASILY one of the more devastating units in the game. Like Rivis, 
Use him or WEEP!

	A Warrior in the Manster Army, he is forced to fight for Ledric when his 
Younger brother is Kidnapped and Imprissioned. Perhaps if Leif could save him then 
this Stalwart Warrior would lend his Mighty Axe to the cause...

	Dalshien is AMAZING! You woulden't BELIEVE what this Guy can do! Give him 
either a Killer Axe, or up his Weapon Skill when he promotes and give him a Knight 
Killer, and he can level a Battlefield. SERIOUSLY Expect him to Max Defense and 
Build!  (In the first three chapters!)

	A Manster revolutionary, he is waiting for a chance to rebel against Ledric. 
Perhaps if Leif could contact him then he might join the cause..

	Hicks Sucks. Seriously. His ONLY Redeeming Virtue is he gives you a Pole 
Axe..which you won't see for a LONG time at the point you can get him.

	A Member of the Royal House of Issac, He is currently a Slave under the 
pocession of Ledric. He too bears an Odd Birthmark on his shoulder and is scouring 
the Countryside for a similar marking. Perhaps Malitia could persuade him to help 
out Leif?

	The first time you see Galzas he appears as an Enemy and starts chasing you. 
At this point you have probibly Pissed your pants. He is a Level 20 Promoted 
Character with Near Max stats. He comes with a Master Sword, one of the best weapons 
in the game. After your done running screaming like alittle Pansy from him, you 
won't see him again until the Next to last stage, where you'll get a chance to convert 

Seiram:(Done by Fox Astron) 
	Seiram is one of two male members of the Dandylion team, Not including Pahn 
himself as Pahn runs the show, so he's not really a "member" by some nutty criteria... 
go fig. Seiram has Ropto cult ties, which isquite obviously reflected by his Ropto 
Mage class.Dedicated to helping his friend and leader, Seiram doesn't quite wantto 
let you into the Dandylion team's base, so you'll have to drag himin, screaming 
and kicking all the way. 

	Seiram isn't quite the strongest character at first, in all due honesty, he 
sucks. However, he wins the award for being the mostamazing turnaround character, 
if you give him the right scroll combo. My personal recommendation the combo of 
Baldo, Neir, Fala, Dain,Ulir, and Blaggi, which give an average net gain to 
everything, as wellas a nice massive increase to luck and defense. While Yotsumgand 
wielding might SEEM fun, do remember, that magic's weight directlyaffects speed, 
bypassing the build stat all together. Mypersonal preference for Seiram is to have 
him with Sandaa or Wind magic. (preferrably wind, if available) Seiram fits himself 
into a nitch by being able to Capture once he's promoted, aside from that,treat 
him as an evil sage. When handing out skill manuals, youmight consider giving him 
the Continue manual, which will let you getaway with using Yotsumgand on low speed 

T's note: Fox hasn't tried this yet but I've had GREAT Success with giving Seiram 
the Moonlight and Pinch Strike manuals. Pinch Strike insures that Seiram gets the 
first hit, and if Moonlight hits then their gonna be feeling the full might of 
Yotsumgand, which is a pretty powerful spell.

Tolud:(Done By Fox Astron)
	The Other Male of the Dandylion Team, Tolud is fiercely dedicated to keeping 
you on the other side of the fortress, and will need a littlebit of... persuading 
before he comes willingly. (At least you don'thave to drag him off of the map, 
screaming and kicking allthe way, like some red haired nut... :^) 

	Tolud, aside from the fact that he starts pretty average, turns out toend 
up quite similar to Malita at higher levels, excepting that he has no sword skills. 
He also starts with B level swords and has Awareness,which allows him to start off 
pretty high up the EQtree for a level 8 sword fighter. Give him the appropriate 
scrolls,but don't expect him to be anything huge, he's mainly here to use 
whileMalita's recovering from a maxed exaustion stat. If you're distributing skill 
manuals, Tolud would make good use of eitherGekkouken (Moonlight sword) or 
Taiyouken (Sun Sword).

Robert: (Done By Fox Astron)

	Robert is one of Selfina and Glade's team members. He starts out with Selfina 
in chapter 9, and probably wins the award for lack of dialog and plot purpose. (One 
line in the entire game, period.) 

	Robert's true purpose is to provide you with a decent Arch Knight, as Selfina 
doesn't quite make the cut. He gets good stats at higher levels, especially with 
scrolls, but you just have to hang in for the wait until he gets there. With a little 
luck, a few scrolls,and some Killer Bows, this guy could very well end up in your 
final combat team. A good canidate for the Duel Manual.

Kein: (Done by Fox Astron)

	FE1/3 had Kain... FE2 had Matilda... FE4 had Ares... FEV has Kein. Kein is 
another one of Selfina and Glade's team members, and he very easily joins the great 
FE knights. Albeit, he's quite similar to Robert in the fact that he has one line 
in the entire game... 

	Kein... Oh blazes, I cannot say enough good things about this guy, not only 
does he gain 5~6 stat levels, he's one of the few Lance Knights who I use indoors. 
I strongly recommend that you level Kein, with or without scrolls. With scrolls 
is nice, as he's a bit lacking in the Magic department. Kein's battle preformance 
is nothing short of spectacular, and expect him to level entire armies with a broken 
spear. If you really want a big Kein, try giving him the Wrath Manual or Pinch Strike 


	Loyal Lenstar lance fighter. Alva is under the command of Selfina.

	Sorry..not much to say here. Like Robert and Kein he has like ONE line in 
the game, so you don't really find out much about him. Whereas Kein was the 
Reincarnation of Kain, Alva is the reincarnation of Abel. Like Abel he gains speed 
and Skill very fast. If you REALLY like Lance Knights(And can Pick up some Knight 
Killer/Great Lances/Silver Lances) He makes a Great guy to use if you've picked 
all your favorites and need to fill in a few slots.


	Sety's apprentice, Asvel worships the ground that the Prince of Silesia walks 
on. Whenever Sety goes, Asvel goes. That is, until Sety, who was unable to leave 
Manster Castle, sent Asvel to help Leif.

         Asvel is...Like an Insane Cross Between Sety and Maric. He's argurably 
the most powerful Mage in the game. His personal weapon, Grafcalibir(Bad FE 
Makers..That should be Excalibur!) is the Replacement for Elwind. It has the HIGHEST 
Base Clt(40, largest CLT of any weapon in FE history, ever.) along with alot of 
power. Quite Obviously, Asvel was made for wind magic, But you'll also have pleasent 
results giving him Thunder Magic as well. Sety promotes into the Uber-Awesome Sage 
class, and gains his Staff Levels rather fast. All in All Asvel can safely be graded 
as 'One awesome little Wizard..'

	The Lover of Machua, the Second in Command of the Magi Squad led by Sety. 
Brighton is a Strong Arm Type of guy, often getting bossed around by Machua. He 
is, however, a Loyal and trustworthy companion.

	Brighton is the games Second Axe Knight, and unlike Hix is VERY powerful. 
He has Wrath, and that means Berserks out the Wazoo. If you ever need the Power 
of an Axe(I've found he works well with Halvans Hero Axe) then he's a great guy 
to use. He's ALSO one of the VERY Few Non-Swordusing Mounted characters I'll bring 
with me for an interior map, as He has very High Defense, Strength, and Skill.


	The Second in Command of the Magi Squad and Brightons Lover. Machua has a 
bit of a bossy personality, but she means well. It was she who spearheaded Leif's 
escape from Manster's Dungeon when she went in to Release Karin and Fergus. 

	Machua is worth using for the Sole Fact that she promotes into a Mercenary, 
rather then a SwordMaster like the other swordfighters. As a Mercenary she benefits 
from a Higher Defense then a Swordmaster, as well as strength. Due to her Previous 
Class as a Swordfighter she'll end up with a Higher Speed Skill then the other 
mercenarys. All in all she ends up rather balenced.


	Son of Beowulf, the Infamous Mercenry who fought on Sigurds Side during the 
1st half of FE4. Delmund also has ties to the house of Hezul, although he is not 
realted directly to either Elsotsian or Lachiesis(T's note: I don't know WHATS up 
with him..he's DEFINETLY Beowulfs Son(To a nameless girl)..but he can use the Blaggi 
no Ken, which only someone of Hezul or Baldo Blood can weild...Weird..)

  Fergus manges to break out of the Free Knight's trend of being about as Mobile 
as a Brick..by being SLIGHTLY more Mobile. Seriously..he has a decent, but not very 
high evade score. Fergus is an excellent follow through character, since he has 
both a High Strength AND Magic score...and the fact that he can use the EXCELLENT 
Beo No Ken Sword.

Note from Fox:  Fergus' stats mimic a certain Mercenary from hell named Oguma.  If 
you've played FE3, you already know how to use Fergus.


 	Karin was sent by Queen Fury of Silesia to drag back her Son and Inheritor 
to the Holsety Spell Sety...but was captured and imprisoned in Manster 
castle..where she met and fell in love with the rougish free knight Fergus. 

	What is it with the FE development crew and Psycho Pegasus Knights? Karin 
gets RIDICULOUSLY High Strength for a Pegasus knight...coupled with the Innate 
Speed of her class and a high Skill level...Karins one shortcoming is her low body 
score..which means that most of the good lances will Drag her Evade down...she is 
also rather inept with swords, so you don't wanna use her on interior maps. I 
recomend giving her a Thin
 Lance, Javelin and Knight Killer and go do some Air Raids on Calvary^_~


         ANOTHER Loyal Lenster Knight, Karion reunites and pledges himself to Leif 
once Hannibal saves him while fleeing from Manster Castle.

*Starts bowing and worshipping* If there was ever a Character you didn't think would 
kick ass then it is Karion. I can't praise this guy enough. Give him a Baldo and 
Heim Scroll and SERIOUSLY Excpect him to Max AT LEAST 4 stats. He gains Sword Levels 
ridicously Fast, he starts off with a High Lance Rank...Oh..Did I mention he's a 
Social Knight Competent with Lances? That he loses Practicaly NOTHING when he goes 
into an Interior Map? Dear Lord...THIS is the Guy to give your Sleep Sword and Hero 
Sword too. 

Misha:  (Gaps filled in by Fox)

    Misha is the Daughter of one of Deetvar/Ditoba (Translation varies) from FE4.  
Silesia has suffered under the rule of Grandbell, causing it's economy to collapse, 
leaving a hefty portion of the population quite hungry.  Misha and her mercenary 
squad of Pegasi joined the Manster army to earn money so that Misha could provide 
food to starving kids in Silesia. 

    Misha is often Debunked by most FE Players..but me being a Pegasus Knight fan, 
Decided to use her. She starts Promoted and lacks a high Strength, but her gains 
in Skill and Speed are better then Karins. Unlike Karen, she is a good choice for 
Interior Battles..and she comes with the Kaze Ken(Wind Sword) to boot! That, BTW, 
is the weapon of Choice for her, Mounted or Unmounted.

 Selfina: (House owner filled in by Fox)
    Gried's wife and Sub-Commander of the remaning Forces of Lenstarr..She has been 
hiding in Hannibal's house in the Mountains with several of her subordinates when 
she hears that Prince Leif still lives. Revealing her prescense, she and her forces 
Vow to remain steadfast until Leif can reinforce her.

   Selfina is the other Arch Knight you get, but unlike Robot she gets really low 
Stats. The best thing about Selfina is that, By having Karion talk to her Karion 
will get the Elite Sword, and by having her talk to Gried, you will get the Hero 
Bow. Other then that she isn't worth using.


  More characters to be added later....