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                              MONSTANIA PAR CODES
Version:1.2 (Third version)
Author:Solomon warrior

User name:Solomon warrior
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FAQ Type:Patch Code List
1)Version history.
3)PAR codes(Pro Action Replay Codes).
4)About upgrade.
5)Copyright issue.
6)Contact information.
1)Version history.
-first FAQ.
-Teach you to modify Fron's status.
-Teach you to modify Tia's status.

-second FAQ
-Teach you to modify Chitta's status.
-Teach you to modify Mikey's status.
-Attack modifier added.
-Defence modifier added.
-Right hand modifier added.
-Left hand modifier added.
-Body modifier added.
-Relic modifier added.

-Third FAQ.
-Item List added
-Teach you to modify Marina's status.
-Teach you to modify Morin's status.
-Teach you to modify Marx's status.
-Teach you to modify items from slot 1 to slot 20.
I made this guide is to help you to beat the game and I do not 
responsible if some strange things happen if you use this guide.
Anyway,this guide is totally free.If you found any other codes,
please e-mail me or leave a message in GameFAQ's message board.
Please tell me too if you found some codes are not working correctly.
You can only get this FAQ at .
Sometimes, I received some e-mail.They asked me to give them
ZSNES emulator and rom.My advise to you is DON'T ever send that
kind of e-mail should find what you want by yourself.
Besides,giving rom to you is illegal.
3)PAR Codes(Pro Action Replay Codes)
You must have ZSNES emulator to get these codes work.

               FRON MODIFIER
7EC7BDE7=Fron's current level become 99
7EC7BE03=Fron's current level become 99
7EC7BFE7=Fron's current HP become 999
7EC7C003=Fron's current HP become 999
7EC7C1E7=Fron's max HP become 999
7EC7C203=Fron's max HP become 999
7EC7C3E7=Fron's current AP become 999
7EC7C403=Fron's current AP become 999
7EC7C5E7=Fron's max AP become 999
7EC7C603=Fron's max AP become 999
7EC7C7E7=Fron's power become 999
7EC7C803=Fron's power become 999
7EC7C9E7=Fron's strength become 999
7EC7CA03=Fron's strength become 999
7EC7CBE7=Fron's magic become 999
7EC7CC03=Fron's magic become 999
7EC7CDE7=Fron's agility become 999
7EC7CE03=Fron's agility become 999
7EC7CFE7=Fron's luck become 999
7EC7D003=Fron's luck become 999
7EC7D3E7=Fron's attack become 999
7EC7D403=Fron's attack become 999
7EC7D5E7=Fron's defense become 999
7EC7D603=Fron's defense become 999
7EC7D9XX=Fron's right hand modifier
7EC7DBXX=Fron's left hand modifier
7EC7DDXX=Fron's body modifier
7EC7DFXX=Fron's relic modifier

               TIA MODIFIER
7EC811E7=Tia's current level become 99
7EC81203=Tia's current level become 99
7EC813E7=Tia's current HP become 999
7EC81403=Tia's current HP become 999
7EC815E7=Tia's max HP become 999
7EC81603=Tia's max HP become 999
7EC817E7=Tia's current AP become 999
7EC81803=Tia's current AP become 999
7EC819E7=Tia's max AP become 999
7EC81A03=Tia's max AP become 999
7EC81BE7=Tia's power become 999
7EC81C03=Tia's power become 999
7EC81DE7=Tia's strength become 999
7EC81E03=Tia's strength become 999
7EC81FE7=Tia's magic become 999
7EC82003=Tia's magic become 999
7EC821E7=Tia's agility become 999
7EC82203=Tia's agility become 999
7EC823E7=Tia's luck become 999
7EC82403=Tia's luck become 999
7EC827E7=Tia's attack become 999
7EC82803=Tia's attack become 999
7EC829E7=Tia's defense become 999
7EC82A03=Tia's defense become 999
7EC82BXX=Tia's right hand modifier
7EC82DXX=Tia's left hand modifier
7EC82FXX=Tia's body modifier
7EC831XX=Tia's relic modifier

               CHITTA MODIFIER
7EC865E7=Chitta's current level become 99
7EC86603=Chitta's current level become 99
7EC867E7=Chitta's current HP become 999
7EC86803=Chitta's current HP become 999
7EC869E7=Chitta's max HP become 999
7EC86A03=Chitta's max HP become 999
7EC86BE7=Chitta's current AP become 999
7EC86C03=Chitta's current AP become 999
7EC86DE7=Chitta's max AP become 999
7EC86E03=Chitta's max AP become 999
7EC86FE7=Chitta's power become 999
7EC87003=Chitta's power become 999
7EC871E7=Chitta's strength become 999
7EC87203=Chitta's strength become 999
7EC873E7=Chitta's magic become 999
7EC87403=Chitta's magic become 999
7EC875E7=Chitta's agility become 999
7EC87603=Chitta's agility become 999
7EC877E7=Chitta's luck become 999
7EC87803=Chitta's luck become 999
7EC87BE7=Chitta's attack become 999
7EC87C03=Chitta's attack become 999
7EC87DE7=Chitta's defense become 999
7EC87E03=Chitta's defense become 999
7EC87FXX=Chitta's right hand modifier
7EC881XX=Chitta's left hand modifier
7EC883XX=Chitta's body modifier
7EC885XX=Chitta's relic modifier

               MORIN MODIFIER
7EC8B9E7=Morin's current level become 99
7EC8BA03=Morin's current level become 99
7EC8BBE7=Morin's current HP become 999
7EC8BC03=Morin's current HP become 999
7EC8BDE7=Morin's max HP become 999
7EC8BE03=Morin's max HP become 999
7EC8BFE7=Morin's current AP become 999
7EF8C003=Morin's current AP become 999
7EF8C1E7=Morin's max AP become 999
7EC8C203=Morin's max AP become 999
7EC8C3E7=Morin's power become 999
7EC8C403=Morin's power become 999
7EC8C5E7=Morin's strength become 999
7EC8C603=Morin's strength become 999
7EC8C7E7=Morin's magic become 999
7EC8C803=Morin's magic become 999
7EC8C9E7=Morin's agility become 999
7EC8CA03=Morin's agility become 999
7EC8CBE7=Morin's luck become 999
7EC8CC03=Morin's luck become 999
7EC8CFE7=Morin's attack become 999
7EC8D003=Morin's attack become 999
7EC8D1E7=Morin's defense become 999
7EC8D203=Morin's defense become 999
7EC8D3XX=Morin's right hand modifier
7EC8D5XX=Morin's leftt hand modifier
7EC8D7XX=Morin's body modifier
7EC8D9XX=Morin's relic modifier

               MIKEY MODIFIER
7EC90DE7=Mikey's current level become 99
7EC90E03=Mikey's current level become 99
7EC90FE7=Mikey's current HP become 999
7EC91003=Mikey's current HP become 999
7EC911E7=Mikey's max HP become 999
7EC91203=Mikey's max HP become 999
7EC913E7=Mikey's current AP become 999
7EC91403=Mikey's current AP become 999
7EC915E7=Mikey's max AP become 999
7EC91603=Mikey's max AP become 999
7EC917E7=Mikey's power become 999
7EC91803=Mikey's power become 999
7EC919E7=Mikey's strength become 999
7EC91A03=Mikey's strength become 999
7EC91BE7=Mikey's magic become 999
7EC91C03=Mikey's magic become 999
7EC91DE7=Mikey's agility become 999
7EC91E03=Mikey's agility become 999
7EC91FE7=Mikey's luck become 999
7EC92003=Mikey's luck become 999
7EC923E7=Mikey's attack become 999
7EC92403=Mikey's attack become 999
7EC925E7=Mikey's defense become 999
7EC92603=Mikey's defense become 999
7EC927XX=Mikey's right hand modifier
7EC929XX=Mikey's left hand modifier
7EC92BXX=Mikey's body modifier
7EC92DXX=Mikey's relic modifier

               MARINA MODIFIER
7EC961E7=Marina's current level become 99
7EC96203=Marina's current level become 99
7EC963E7=Marina's current HP become 999
7EC96403=Marina's current HP become 999
7EC965E7=Marina's max HP become 999
7EC96603=Marina's max HP become 999
7EC967E7=Marina's current AP become 999
7EC96803=Marina's current AP become 999
7EC969E7=Marina's max AP become 999
7EC96A03=Marina's max AP become 999
7EC96BE7=Marina's power become 999
7EC96C03=Marina's power become 999
7EC96DE7=Marina's strength become 999
7EC96E03=Marina's strength become 999
7EC96FE7=Marina's magic become 999
7EC97003=Marina's magic become 999
7EC971E7=Marina's agility become 999
7EC97203=Marina's agility become 999
7EC973E7=Marina's luck become 999
7EC97403=Marina's luck become 999
7EC977E7=Marina's attack become 999
7EC97803=Marina's attack become 999
7EC979E7=Marina's defense become 999
7EC97A03=Marina's defense become 999
7EC97BXX=Marina's right hand modifier
7EC97DXX=Marina's left hand modifier
7EC97FXX=Marina's body modifier
7EC981XX=Marina's relic modifier

               MARX MODIFIER
7EC9B5E7=Marx's current level become 99
7EC9B603=Marx's current level become 99
7EC9B7E7=Marx's current HP become 999
7EC9B803=Marx's current HP become 999
7EC9B9E7=Marx's max HP become 999
7EC9BA03=Marx's max HP become 999
7EC9BBE7=Marx's current AP become 999
7EC9BC03=Marx's current AP become 999
7EC9BDE7=Marx's max AP become 999
7EC9BE03=Marx's max AP become 999
7EC9BFE7=Marx's power become 999
7EC9C003=Marx's power become 999
7EC9C1E7=Marx's strength become 999
7EC9C203=Marx's strength become 999
7EC9C3E7=Marx's magic become 999
7EC9C403=Marx's magic become 999
7EC9C5E7=Marx's agility become 999
7EC9C603=Marx's agility become 999
7EC9C7E7=Marx's luck become 999
7EC9C803=Marx's luck become 999
7EC9CBE7=Marx's attack become 999
7EC9CC03=Marx's attack become 999
7EC9CDE7=Marx's defense become 999
7EC9CE03=Marx's defense become 999
7EC9CFXX=Marx's right hand modifier
7EC9D1XX=Marx's left hand modifier
7EC9D3XX=Marx's body modifier
7EC9D5XX=Marx's relic modifier

               ITEMS MODIFIER
7ECAA5XX=Slot 1 item modifier
7ECAA7E7=item's quantity in slot 1 become 99
7ECAA803=item's quantity in slot 1 become 99

7ECAA9XX=Slot 2 item modifier
7ECAABE7=item's quantity in slot 2 become 99
7ECAAC03=item's quantity in slot 2 become 99

7ECAADXX=Slot 3 item modifier
7ECAAFE7=item's quantity in slot 3 become 99
7ECAB003=item's quantity in slot 3 become 99

7ECAB1XX=Slot 4 item modifier
7ECAB3E7=item's quantity in slot 4 become 99
7ECAB403=item's quantity in slot 4 become 99

7ECAB5XX=Slot 5 item modifier
7ECAB7E7=item's quantity in slot 5 become 99
7ECAB803=item's quantity in slot 5 become 99

7ECAB9XX=Slot 6 item modifier
7ECABBE7=item's quantity in slot 6 become 99
7ECABC03=item's quantity in slot 6 become 99

7ECABDXX=Slot 7 item modifier
7ECABFE7=item's quantity in slot 7 become 99
7ECAC003=item's quantity in slot 7 become 99

7ECAC1XX=Slot 8 item modifier
7ECAC3E7=item's quantity in slot 8 become 99
7ECAC403=item's quantity in slot 8 become 99

7ECAC5XX=Slot 9 item modifier
7ECAC7E7=item's quantity in slot 9 become 99
7ECAC803=item's quantity in slot 9 become 99

7ECAC9XX=Slot 10 item modifier
7ECACBE7=item's quantity in slot 10 become 99
7ECACC03=item's quantity in slot 10 become 99

7ECACDXX=Slot 11 item modifier
7ECACFE7=item's quantity in slot 11 become 99
7ECAD003=item's quantity in slot 11 become 99

7ECAD1XX=Slot 12 item modifier
7ECAD3E7=item's quantity in slot 12 become 99
7ECAD403=item's quantity in slot 12 become 99

7ECAD5XX=Slot 13 item modifier
7ECAD7E7=item's quantity in slot 13 become 99
7ECAD803=item's quantity in slot 13 become 99

7ECAD9XX=Slot 14 item modifier
7ECADBE7=item's quantity in slot 14 become 99
7ECADC03=item's quantity in slot 14 become 99

7ECADDXX=Slot 15 item modifier
7ECADFE7=item's quantity in slot 15 become 99
7ECAE003=item's quantity in slot 15 become 99

7ECAE1XX=Slot 16 item modifier
7ECAE3E7=item's quantity in slot 16 become 99
7ECAE403=item's quantity in slot 16 become 99

7ECAE5XX=Slot 17 item modifier
7ECAE7E7=item's quantity in slot 17 become 99
7ECAE803=item's quantity in slot 17 become 99

7ECAE9XX=Slot 18 item modifier
7ECAEBE7=item's quantity in slot 18 become 99
7ECAEC03=item's quantity in slot 18 become 99

7ECAEDXX=Slot 19 item modifier
7ECAEFE7=item's quantity in slot 19 become 99
7ECAF003=item's quantity in slot 19 become 99

7ECAF1XX=Slot 20 item modifier
7ECAF3E7=item's quantity in slot 20 become 99
7ECAF403=item's quantity in slot 20 become 99

               FULL ITEM LIST
01=Short Sword-Attack +5[Fron]-Right hand weapon
02=Long Sword-Attack +15[Fron]-Right hand weapon
03=Bastard Sword-Attack +20[Fron]-Right hand weapon
04=Broad Sword-Attack +20[Fron]-Right hand weapon
05=Magic Sword-Attack +30[Fron]-Right hand weapon
06=Short Bow-Range 4[Tia]-Right hand weapon
07=Long Bow-Attack +5, Range 5[Tia]-Right hand weapon
08=Wood Arrows-Attack +5[Tia]-Left hand weapon
09=Iron Arrows-Attack +10[Tia]-Left hand weapon
0A=Silver Arrows-Attack +10, Strong against undead[Tia]-Left hand weapon
0B=Magic Arrows-Attack +15, Passes through enemies[Tia]-Left hand weapon
0C=Weird Stick-Attack +10[Chitta]-Right hand weapon
0D=Very Weird Stick-Attack +20[Chitta]-Right hand weapon
0E=Big Hammer-Attack +40[Marx]-Right hand weapon
0F=Boomerang-Attack +15[Mikey]-Right hand weapon
10=Morin's Harp-Attack +12[Morin]-Right hand weapon
11=Frying Pan-Attack +1[Marina]-Right hand weapon
12=Cloth-Defense +3[All]-Body armor
13=Leather-Defense +7[All]-Body armor
14=Chain Mail-Defense +20[All]-Body armor
15=Marina's Dress-Defense +2[Marina]-Body armor
16=Wooden Shield-Defense +2[Fron]-Left hand weapon
17=Leather Shield-Defense +4[Fron]-Left hand weapon
18=Large Shield-Defense +10[Fron]-Left hand weapon
19=Defend Ring-Defense +5[All]-Relic
1A=Power Ring-Attack +5[All]-Relic
1B=Pendant-Luck +20[Females]-Relic
1C=Ribbon-Magic +20[All]-Relic
1D=Condor's Eye-Agility +20[All]-Relic
1E=Life Ring-AP max up by 20%[All]-Relic
1F=Fairy Ring-HP max up by 20%[All]-Relic
20=Magic Arrow-Attack +15, Passes through enemies[Tia]-Left hand weapon
21=Mikey Wear-Defense +6[Mikey]-Body armor
22=Elf-Defense +4[Morin]-Body armor
23=LL Shirt-Defense +5[Marx]-Body armor
29=Cure Cactus-Complete HP recovery
2A=Cure-all-Complete HP and AP recovery
2B=Wonder Leaf-Complete AP recovery
2C=Magic Berry-Complete HP recovery
2D=Boom Cactus-Drop the cactus and it will explode
2E=Rage Cactus-Temporary Attack up
2F=Defense Cactus-Temporary Defense up

-you may have to replace XX with suitable value. 
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