Villgust (Kouryudensetsu Villgust) Walkthrough v1.1

Last Updated: April 20, 2001
By: Xanathis (Xanathis@hotmail.com)
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~Table of Contents~~
1. Introduction
2. Walkthrough
 2.1 - Chasing Michiko
 2.2 - The Chosen One
 2.3 - Gora, the Dark Continent
 2.4 - Treasures of Evil
 2.5 - The Holy Bell
 2.6 - The Third Item of Revival
 2.7 - Quest's End
3. Characters
4. Best Equipment
5. Items
6. Spells
7. Cheat Codes
8. Links
9. Copyright
~1. Introduction~~
Kouryudensetsu Villgust (Better known as just Villgust)
Made by: Bandai
Year: 1992
System: Super Famicom (SNES)
Type: RPG
Difficulty Level (On a scale of 1-10): 6
Time Needed to Complete Game: 20-25 hrs.

Thanks go out to:
* Bandai for all their great games and Magic Translations for spending the
time and energy to translate the game.
* Major thanks to SiN (bgallo@earthlink.net)for providing all the cheat
codes and best equipment stuff.

Villgust is an interesting RPG for the super famicom (not to be
confused with the famicom RPG Armed Dragon Fantasy Villgust).
The game has strong roots in anime (based off an anime of the same name)
as the characters are very super deformed and cutesy (Heck...they're
bigger than the buildings in towns :P). In battles instead of a regular
pointer, it's a rabbit holding a carrot. As for the battle system,
it's pretty much what you would expect from an RPG. You see the backs of
your characters and they run up to attack the monsters (Lufia-like).
You can have a max of 5 characters in your party, thought
that was interesting since most usually limit you to 3-4.

The graphics for the most part are decent/pretty and sometimes stunning.
The music is enjoyable and doesn't get repetitive/tiresome or annoying
as does the music in some other RPGs. The game has a good balance
of gameplay/story, but is a pretty difficult RPG.

Some cool/interesting things to note about this game. One is that
there are magic levels for characters as well as regular levels. Another
thing is how stats get HUGE. Most people are used to seeing 999 or 9999
for the max of HP, but don't be surprised when your characters get HP
past 10,000 and on up. And don't be surprised when your characters get
attack and defense levels in the thousands. By the time I beat the game,
my characters had hit points in the 50 thousands and attack/defense levels
in the 20 thousands. Something else that's cool is that
when you get new equipment on characters, you can actually see their
portrait change to reflect the equipment in the status screens.

I could have put a section for equipment, but there really is no need
for it and would have made the file much bigger for no reason. There
are quite a bit of *SPOILERS* in this, so only use this if you really
need to. Finally, the walkthrough was split up into sections for easier

~2. Walkthrough~~
         <<<<<<2.1 - Chasing Michiko>>>>>>

Start a new game and watch the neat intro. When it gets done, a group
of people will walk up to you and assist you. They say they are
going to join a group called R.A.G.E. (Resistance Against the god of Evil)
and it seems you've been transported to another world. They'll give
you a weapon and offer to help you find your missing friend.
The game is in your control now.

Head right and down and you'll find the first town..Zolva.

Talking to the people roaming about in town, they'll tell you not
to go outside because of monsters. A lady will warn you about the
Tornado Tower. A guy in a house will say to check Tornado Tower
for your friend. Get equipment and items and prepare to head to the
tower. Walk south from Zolva and you'll see Tornado Tower right away.

Tornado Tower:
Items: Cure x2, Exit, Cure2

Walk right and all the way up, open the chest for a Cure. Go back
and take the stairs. Open the chest there for another Cure. Follow
the passage around. Right past the stairs is another chest with
an Exit inside. Go upstairs. Go down, right, up, then right and
up and get the Cure2 from the chest. Now heal up and go down
to fight your first boss - Kashim. 

When you defeat Kashim, he'll tell you that a guy named Gomez
took her down the stairs by him. Your party will run down the
steps and see Michiko there, but Gomez will blast the floor and
make it so that you can't get to her. Head back out of the tower.

Go back to Zolva and the villagers will be surprised that you
climbed the tower and mention that the monsters are gone. One
lady will tell you that the town of Kel is east beyond a bridge.

From the tower, go south-east. Cross the bridge. After crossing
the bridge, head west and then north a little and you'll find Kel.

This town has the first shop you'll see that you can buy magic from.
Go into the bar and talk to the man in front of the counter. Another
man will run inside and say there's monsters outside. Walk out of
the building to fight a monster. Then the mother of Maria (two of the
people that were roaming about in town), will run up and tell you
that her daughter has been kidnapped. In the bottom left house, the
man will tell you that the monsters live in a cave to the west that's
full of treasure.

Leave Kel and head west up the mountain. Go all the way west, then
all the way south, then all the way east, etc and continue circling
until you get to the top. Enter the mountain cave.

Mountain Cave:
Items: Cure x5, TNT x2, Exit x2, Short Sword, Leather Shield,

Go right and open the chest for a Cure. Now go left, open the chest,
and get a TNT. Go left and up, open the chest, get a Cure. Go right
and take the stairs.

A man here will say he hasn't seen Maria, but that she's probably
down below. Walk left to find an Exit item. Now go down. On the first
chance you have to go right, go that way. You'll find 3 chests with a
Cure, Exit, and TNT. Go all the way down and left, take the stairs.

Go all the way right, then down to a break in the path. Go down into an
area with three chests to find 2 Cures and a Speed. Go back up and take
the left path. Head all the way left then down and left to get a Short
Sword. Now heal up and head right to the boss battle - Ghoul. After
killing Ghoul, a travelling merchant will appear named Ali who says he'll
take Maria back to town. Open the chest and get a Leather Shield. Now exit
and head down the mountain.

As you're going down the mountain, you'll see Gomez and Michiko walk by.
There's nothing you can do right now to get to them so head back to
Kel. A woman in town will say that the priest and the girl (Gomez and
Michiko) crossed the bridge.

Leave Kel and head south-east. Cross the bridge you come upon. Head
south-west and cross another bridge. Go west and enter the city
of Windene.

         <<<<<<2.2 - The Chosen One>>>>>>

Talk to the people and you'll find out that they are having troubles.
Go into the pub and talk to the bartender. A girl will come in and
get into trouble with the skeleton in the bar. You'll fight him and
she'll take you to her house. It turns out that she is princess Lita.
Monsters have taken over the castle and they ask you to help them.

Dawn Castle:
Items: Cure, Exit, Cure2 x2, Spark, Windene Shield

Enter it and head left. Take the stairs. Get the Cure from the chest.
Walk all the way up and get the Exit from the chest. Take the stairs

Walk all the way to the right and take the stairs. Get the Cure2 from
the chest and walk down. Get another Cure2 from the chest and take
the stairs. Follow the hall as it circles around. Walk past the stairs
to get a Spark from the chest. Now climb the stairs.

Circle around down and climb the stairs. Heal and then walk up
to take on the boss - LizardKing. He's extremely powerful but
takes some good damage from electric attacks. Once he's dead,
princess Lita will come in and give you the Windene Shield. She
also mentions that Michiko had been by and Gomez had said something
about Brune. She suggests seeking help from R.A.G.E.

The Woods:
Go west from Dawn and cross the bridge. When you enter the woods,
you'll be attacked by a powerful monster called the Forrest Mage. He
will stun the two girls in your party and then run. You all will
find that their legs are turning into trees. Shun will leave everyone
there and you get to take on the forest alone.

Go right and circle around, then go up, go right, then up again, then
right and up again, go to the right. You'll come upon some people
that are lost. They all will join your party...yay. As you move now,
you will notice trees moving. Ignore them.

Go up and left, then down, all the way left, up, right, up, right, up,
left to the weird little statue. You will encounter the Forrest Mage
again. Don't worry, you don't have to take him on. He will mention
that he works for the Windene Goddess and that evil is amassing in

Your new friends will decide to go to Gora and wait for you there.
The others will return to you and you're back on your way to finding

Head north. The farther north you go, the brighter the world gets
(just about blinded me ^^;). Enter the first town you come upon.

Talk to the people and it turns out the reason everything is
so 'bright' is because of an evil fog. You can get some much
better equipment here so buy up. The bartender mentions
that a prophet in a shrine to the north-east might be able to
help with the fog.

Leave Guen and head north-east. You'll come upon an object
in the sand. Search it to find out that it's the shrine
but that you're too small to enter. A creature will appear
and claim that he can help you. He casts a spell that shrinks
you all down tiny and then he eats you!

Monster's Insides:
Items: Cure3

Walk down and you'll see a little break in the wall on your left.
Walk left and get the Cure3 from the chest. Go back and walk down
some more. Just follow it down and you'll get into a boss fight
with 2 dullgoos and 2 curegoos. Kill the curegoos first so that
they won't repeatedly cure themselves and the dullgoos.

After killing the dull/curegoos, the monster will apologize (Seems
you gave him a bit of indigestion ^_-). He uses his magic to send
you into the shrine and out of his stomach.

Shrine Maze:
Items: Blizzard, Cure2 x3, Bomb, Cure3 x2, Small Shield, Exit,
Sun Orb

Talk to the prophet and he'll tell you to get the Sun Orb to get
rid of the fog. He then reveals some hidden stairs that lead into
the maze and heals your party. Walk down the stairs.

Walk up, left, down, left all the way, all the way up. Open the chest
for a Blizzard. Walk back down, take the down path, follow it right.
Open the chest for a Cure2. Follow it up and left, up, right to a chest
with a Cure2. Now take the upper passage to some stairs. Go down the

Go right and get the Bomb from the chest. Go back to the stairs and
walk straight down all the way. Go to the right and get the Cure3.
Go back left and up and take the passage to the right that you passed
to get to the Cure3. Follow the path as it snakes its way through
the floor until you get to some stairs leading down. Walk up from
there to a chest containing a Cure2. Now walk back down and take the

Heal and walk down to take on the boss - Shudder. Upon killing Shudder,
you get the Sun Orb. Some guy appears to say that he "won't forget this"
and then flies away. Oooook then. Open the 3 chests for a Small Shield,
Cure3, and an Exit. Leave the maze.

Talk to the prophet and he'll tell you to use the sun orb outside to
remove the fog. He then heals you and sends you out of the shrine.
Shun will use the orb and get rid of the fog so let's return to Guen.
Heal and stock up on any items you need. Exit the town and head north-west
towards the castle. A demon named Tap will jump you for getting rid of
the fog. Enter the castle now.

Welcome to the nature palace of Diene. Lots of goodies to buy here
for your characters - equipment, items, new spells. A person will
mention that Brune is to the west just past some mountains. Talk to
the king and he will tell you a legend about how the chosen one
will bring together the dragons to defeat the evil god.

Leave Diene and head west. You will encounter an earthquake. Keep
walking west until you find another town.

The people of Nam are worried because of the earthquake. Sounds like
some men were working in some tunnels and are trapped by the rocks.
Leave Nam and head south-east and enter the tunnels.

Nam Tunnels:
Items: Cure2 x3, Jolt, Life x2, Cure4, DefUp3, Break Sword, Exit

In the first tunnel, head right. You will find a chest with a Cure2.
Keep going right and come to an intersection. Go down and right to
two treasure chests. One has a Cure2 and one has a Jolt. Go back
up and take the stairs leading up.

Once outside, walk up and right. Walk around until you come to another
tunnel entrance. Go inside and walk all the way down. Get the Life from
the chest. Now take the path that goes right and follow it to two chests
with a Cure4 and a DefUp3. Go back outside of this cave and return to the
previous tunnel.

Once back in the first tunnel, go straight down and take the stairs down.
Follow it all the way left and take the stairs. Now that you're outside
again, head right and enter another tunnel. Walk left and down. Two people
will run up to you and tell you that others are deeper inside the tunnels
then run off.

Go left and grab the Cure2. Now go right. More people will run out, asking
you to save the others from the monsters. Heal and prepare for a boss fight.
Walk right, following the cave and more people will appear. They'll say
they are the last ones and yell monsters. You get to take on the boss- Cyclops.
After the Cyclops is dead, walk right and down to 3 treasure chests. Get the
Life, Break Sword, and Exit.

Go back to Nam. When you walk in a little, a man will walk up and thank you
for saving everyone. He then says that the way to Brune has been cleared
for you. An old man will tell you to cross Gadak Mountain then head
north-west to get to Brune.

Leave Nam and go east past where there used to be rocks blocking the way.
Enter the cave and follow it to the exit. Head south and follow the mountain
around...and around...until you reach the top. At the top the characters
will talk a bit. Ok, time to keep on going...walk east and follow the mountain
around...and around...until you get to the bottom. Cross the bridge and your
characters will notice a woman acting 'fishy'. They'll talk to her and she'll
say that her daughter is missing.

When the woman leaves, head north-east. Cross the bridge you come upon.
Enter the city of Brune.

Brune is quite a big city. You'll hear about a show going on in town,
about the minister acting suspicious, and a ship that will leave for
Gora soon.

Enter the show in the middle of town. You'll see a mermaid who happens
to be the daughter of the woman you saw earlier after you crossed the
mountains. Leave town and you'll find the mom outside roaming around.
She'll ask you to save her daughter. Go back into town. The show is gone!
Talk to people to find out that the minister took everyone away to
his big mansion in the left part of town. Go there and the guard won't let
you in. When you walk away, Ali will appear and promise to leave the
backdoor open for you after he visits the minister.

Minister's Mansion:
Items: AtkUp2, Cure2 x3, Exit, Windene Pendant

Go to the mansion. From the guard, walk right and follow the wall of the
mansion all the way around to the back to the now open door. Walk right,
down, all the way left, and down into a room with an AtkUp2 and Cure2.
Go back to the hall we passed going down and follow it. Enter the room
there and take the stairs up.

Walk straight up and get the Cure2 in the room. Go back to the stairs
and walk straight down to get a Cure2 and Exit in another room. Go back
to the stairs again and go left. Take the stairs. Walk all the way
to the right and take the next set of stairs. Go to the prison cells
and you'll release the mermaid girl. Now you and 2 others get to
lead the way out.

Go upstairs, walk all the way to the left, and go upstairs again.
You'll see a door open that wasn't before. Shun will think he
hears Michiko. Shun will go dashing up just in time to see Michiko
get sent to the capital of Gora. Gomez will blast him and leave.
The goddess Windene will awaken Shun and tell him that he is the 
chosen one who must defeat Vile. Vile is trying to revive the god
of evil/darkness. Afterwards, she'll disappear and you get the
Windene Pendant which gives Shun the ability to use magic. Your party
will then catch the ship to Gora.

         <<<<<<2.3 - Gora, the Dark Continent>>>>>>

Welcome to the town of Rand. You hear a bit of news here. A place
called Teal has been taken over by Vile's troops but are in battle
with R.A.G.E. You'll also hear that Vile needs 3 items to revive the
god and that one of the items might be in Lun. Leave Rand and head
north until you see another town, that's Teal.

Before you reach Teal, your party will split up so as not to look
suspicious. After everyone enters town before you, you can go in.
You'll learn of someone named Geru that runs the local fortress and
that the RAGE group that was fighting here got wiped out. After
talking to everyone, leave town. You'll find everyone there including
some of your friends from before. They'll make plans to blow up the
ship and attack the fortress. Go back into town, stock up, and enter
the fortress.

Teal Fortress:
Items: Cure3 x3, Life, DefDn3, SpeedDn, Silencer, AtkUp3, Napalm

Walk straight up from the entrance to get to a room with a Cure3 and a
Life. Go back to the entrance and enter the room on the right for 2 more
Cure3s. Now head left from the entrance and follow the hallway to some

Upstairs, follow the path to a area where a bunch of halls meet. You'll
see a very tiny hallway leading left a little above you. Go there to
find a room with 5 chests - DefDn3, SpeedDn, Silencer, AtkUp3, and
Napalm. No go all the way down and to the left. Heal and go down and
right to fight the boss.

After the battle you'll be outside. You'll find out that Kui and Yuta
got hurt in the explosion and Chris and Fanna want to stay with them.
So join up with your other friends and you're on your way to Lun.

Walk north until you reach the end of the mountains on your left. Now
walk left until you reach desert. Walk north until you find the town
of Lun.

         <<<<<<2.4 - Treasures of Evil>>>>>>

Item: Light Key

If you go in the church, you'll find that it's empty. A man outside
will say the priest knows all about it. Go in the house in the bottom
right and talk to the cat priest. He will explain that Vile had come
for the sword (1 of the 3 items needed to revive the god of evil), but
a man named Gadish held them off. Then they returned with the Vile
commandoes and killed off the RAGE warriors like they did in Teal.
Gadish ran into the light tower to protect the sword. The priest
gives you the Light Key. Time to enter the Light Tower.

Light Tower:
Items: Cure3 x2, Life x2, Exit, Cure4, Speed, DefDn4, Silencer2

Use the lightkey to open the door. Now walk left and up all the way
around to a chest with a Cure3. Go down and take the stairs. Go up
and left to get a Life and a Cure3. Continue left and take the
stairs. Walk up and all the way right to a chest with a Life in it.
Now walk down. Get the Exit on your left and then climb the
stairs on your right.

Walk straight up to get a Speed and a Cure4. Go left and take the
stairs. Heal before you move anywhere. After healing, try and go
left to get into a boss fight with Gomez himself! Once you kill
him, get the DefDn4 in the chest on the left and the Silencer2
in the right chest.

Exit the Light Tower and go back to Lun. Talk to the priest and
he'll say that the mayor of Kaz knows where the Dark Sutra is. Leave
Lun and go north-east. You'll see a path leading up the mountain.
Follow the path up and you'll come upon some people. 3 Vile soldiers
are executing a woman. A fight insues between you and the soldiers.
The lady is Marie from Kaz. She'll thank you for saving her and then
leave for town. Walk down the hill and into Kaz.

When you enter Kaz, you will be attacked by Rushizu and a henchman.
Rushizu can kill characters instantly. Don't sweat it, you're supposed
to lose. When you wake up, you'll find yourself in prison with a
couple of RAGE members. Peter, Marie's brother, will spring you
from prison. The village chief will come in and tell you that the
Dark Sutra is in the basement of the church...or at least what was
once the basement of the church.

Church Basement:
Enter the Kaz church and go behind the pillar on the right. Search it
and you'll find the entrance. You and the two girls will go
down into the basement. Talk to the old lady and prepare to fight
her. After you fight her, talk to her again to find out that you
have to enter the portals in a certain order.

Go down and right and enter the Green Portal. There's an item
shop straight up. Take the left path and enter the Red Portal.
Go up and take the Purple Portal. Go right and take the
White Portal. Go down, right, down, left...and enter the Blue
Portal. You get the Dark Sutra! Now head down and leave the

Outside, you'll find that you've been betrayed by John...dirty punk.
You are forced to hand over the Dark Sutra and then are hung up
to crucify. Luckily, your old gang of Fanna, Chris, Yuta, and Kui
come dashing up and save you all. You get the Jail Key as well.

Head back to Kaz to save the others.

Kaz Fortress:
Items: Cure4 x6, Life x3, Exit, DefUp2, SpeedDn

Enter the fortress and go right, up, left, up, right, up, left, down
into a room with 2 chests. Get the Cure4 and Life and then go up and
take the stairs down. Use the jailkey on the bottom right cell to
release your friends. They'll tell you Rushizu's weakness is when
she's asleep...so now you get to go find her. Your party will go
back up to the first floor. Take the stairs on your right up to
the second floor.

Go into the room on your left for an Exit and Life. Now head
right to a choice of 2 doors going up or down. Go up and right
to a chest with a Cure4. Go down and take the stairs. Follow the
hallway to a room with a Cure4 and SpeedDn.

Go back upstairs and to where the path had split and you went up
from. This time go down and right to the bottom right room to get
another Cure4. Now make your way left until you get to the bottom
left room. In the chest you'll find a DefUp2. Go into the room above
and take the stairs up.

Go right to the third room. In the chest there is a Life. Now go
right, up, and left to the second room over. You'll find 2 Cure4s in
there. Continue left to the last room. Heal up before attempting to
enter. When you try to walk in, you'll go into a boss fight with Bark.

When you kill Bark, you'll enter the room to find...Michiko's School
Dress?! Your friends wonder if she is Rushizu. You'll be sent out of
the fortress and all of your friends will talk. The others leave to
find information on the Skull Glass..the last item needed to revive
the evil god. Peter left a message with his sister to tell you to meet
at the Bren Inn.

Head westward from Kaz. You eventually see below you what looks like a
ring of rock with a castle in the middle. Walk down there and a man
will run up to you and ask for help. Kill the amazons chasing him and
he'll give you a Crpyt Key to the mausoleum behind the castle. Enter
the town.

Minx is under trouble from Vile. The castle has been taken over
by Vile's troops. Stock up on supplies, talk to the townspeople,
and then enter the castle.

Minx Castle:
Items: Cure4 x4, ElectroZap, Dragon Ring, Fire Sword

Go left and follow the long winding hallway in this broken down castle.
You'll come to a place where you can either go up or down. Go up and get
the Cure4. Walk all the way left to find an ElectroZap. Now go out the
back door. Go to the building and use the Crypt Key to open up the
mausoleum and go down the stairs.

Items: Life x2, Cure4 x3, Exit, Cure5 x2

Go all the way left and up. Get the Life and then head down. Following the
corridor, you'll come upon another chest with a Cure4. Continue on from
there to the big room with the caskets and treasure chests. In the chests
you'll find a couple of Cure4s, an Exit, and a Life. The 4 caskets on
around the central one are empty except for skeletons. Open the center
casket. In it is an inscription that says "When the fire dragon flies,
the path will be revealed". Go into the previous chamber with the
two dragons. Search the one on the right and his wings will flap.

Go back into the big room and you'll see that a hidden stairs
has been revealed. Go downstairs. In the chests you'll find 2
Cure5s. Prepare for a boss fight with the KingGhost and then
open the casket. After you defeat him, he'll tell you to check
his throne. Re-enter the castle.

Minx Castle (Continued):
Go right back to where the path split. This time go down and follow
the path all the way to it's end. Get the Cure4 and then take the
stairs up. Now follow the path to another Cure4. Keep heading right from
there and follow the path to a Dragon Ring. Go right and keep following
the path as before to the end and grab the Cure4. Go upstairs and walk
up to the throne. Search it to find the Fire Sword. Somebody will notice
a person lurking in the back room so run up there. You'll find a girl
named Mimi there. From her you'll find out that Rushizu really is Michiko.

Leave Minx and walk up past the rock circle then a little left and head
straight down through the southern desert. You'll come upon some bridges
leading to a city. Enter the city.

At least you've made it to Bren, the biggest city in Gora. Talk to
all the townsfolk, stock up on supplies/new equipment/spells, then
go into the inn and go to the bedroom. Talk to Peter and you'll find
out that the others are in the palace and they need your help. Into
the palace!

Bren Palace:
Go right and up. You'll find Bostov fighting a Vile soldier. He mentions
that Murobo is deep inside fighting Rushizu. Your party will walk in
and find that Murobo has killed Rushizu (Michiko). There's a bit of
story here as Shun loses his cool and Baros offers him the darkside.
You'll end up fighting Kashim again, just this time he's much stronger.
After he dies, there's nothing else you can do right now so leave the

         <<<<<<2.5 - The Holy Bell>>>>>>

More storyline will happen and you'll find out that you need to go to a town
to the west to try and find Palace Island. Leave Bren and head west. You
will come upon a town, but everyone's been turned to stone! Guess we'll
have to enter the tower then.

Stone Tower (for lack of a better name):
Items: DefDn6, Cure4 x6, Speed, Exit, Life x2, GlacierBall, AtkUp3, SpeedDn2

Go in and take the stairs up. Up and left, take the stairs. Go up and
take yet another stairs. Go right and open the chest to find a DefDn6. Go right
and take the stairs. Follow the winding hallway to a chest with a Cure4, then
take the stairs down. Open the chest there for a Speed. Go down the top
stairs to an area with 4 chests - an Exit, Life, GlacierBall, and AtkUp3.
Go back upstairs and this time use the bottom stairs.

Go down and to the left to find 2 Cure4s. Now go up and left until the hallway
branches. Follow the bottom branch and climb the stairs to find a Life and
a Cure4. Go back down and take the top branch and climb the stairs now.
In the chest is another Cure4. Now use the right stairs. Follow the path
down and to the right to get again a Cure4 and a SpeedDn2. Go downstairs.

Now from here, just keep following the passages/taking the stairs (it's
straight forward, there's no branches or chests to grab) until you find
yourself in a room with 2 golem looking statues. Heal and then walk up
to take on the tremendously powerful boss - RockWizard. When you kill him,
the tower will disappear and you'll find yourself on the overworld map.
Go into the town.

Not much to do here except talk to the people. One person will tell you
to go and ask around in Rio, a seaside village. There are some nice new
weapons in the weapons shop though. After getting what you need, leave
Mol and walk south across a bridge.

When you hit the trees, walk east following the woods. When you reach the
edge of the woods, walk south and then all the way west back to the water.
Walk south, following the shore until you see a town. Before entering it,
heal because you'll be jumped when you go in.

Seaside Town:
You take but a few steps before some pirates attack you. Kill them and then
walk a few more steps to be attacked by more pirates. After you kill them too,
walk another few steps and a man named Gadish appears telling everyone to
put down their weapons (remember him? Murobo's good friend from long ago).
He'll give you information and then lend you all his ship.

As you sail, you'll suddenly be attacked by a Vile warship. It'll sink
your ship. Luckily, the mermaid appears to return the favor you did for
her by saving her daughter and gives you a ride to Palace Island on
a whale. You'll land in a town called Tia.

Talking to everyone, you find out that some Vile soldiers are looking
for somethin called the 'Holy Bell'. Besides that, there isn't much
to do in Tia although they do have some new spells. Leave Tia and go

You will come upon a bridge, cross it and go south to get under the
trees. Go straight east and you'll find a earthen ramp that leads up
the hill. Climb the hill and enter the town.

There's a palace here, but it's guarded. Talking to people, you'll find
out that the high priest of the palace knew about the holy bell, but he
got killed. Go into the house to the right of the palace. You'll find a
boy named Jim there. He'll tell you that the high priest said the holy
bell was hidden under the goddess statue and then reveal some hidden
stairs that lead to the palace.

Minv Palace:
Items: Cure4 x4, Cure5 x2, LavaBomb, DefUp3, Holy Bell

Go along the easy to follow paths/stairs until you get to the first time
the corridor splits up. Go down and grab the Cure4 then go right on the
hallway above. You will reach another split right quick. Go down and
get the Cure5, then go up. Follow the hall to some stairs and go downstairs.
Walk down, get the Cure4, and then go up the right passage. Follow it to
where it branches, go up to get the LavaBomb, then take the right passage
and follow it again. You'll find a Cure5 along the way. When you see a door,
walk left past it to get the Cure4 then go down to discover that the goddess
statue has been moved and the stairs underneath have been revealed.

Go down the two sets of stairs, then follow the path as it curves right, down,
then left. At the split, go up and get the DefUp3. Now go down and go along
the passage. You'll spot a chest on your right, inside is a Cure4. Go left
from there and follow the hallway to the end. You'll discover that the chest
is empty, but Ryukia will hear something upstairs. Make your way back to the
stairs leading up to the first floor.

Heal up and then climb upstairs. Try to walk down and you'll be attacked by
the boss - Geru, second captain of Vile (He was mentioned a long time ago,
but never seen). Kill him and you'll win the Holy Bell. Now you can walk
straight down and out the front door of the palace.

         <<<<<<2.6 - The Third Item of Revival>>>>>>

Go back to Tia and walk over to where the whale was. You'll see no whale,
but it'll swim up. Your party will ride it to the real Rio where you'll find
out that the Skull Glass has been found out to be in the Catz Mountains.
Of more concern is the fact that Vile's first captain, Garcia, is there
already looking for it. Talking to people, you'll learn that the Catz
Mountains are to the north.

Leave Rio and walk north. You will quickly see a ramp leading up the
mountain. Follow it east to the town of Catz. There's nothing to do
in town except buy some better equipment. Leave Catz and go east (ignore
the two ways you could go north of Catz, they are both dead ends).
Climb the ramp, go right, up the ramp, then left and follow it all
the way to the cave entrance.

Catz Mountains:
Items: Cure5, Exit, Cure4 x3, Antidote, LuckyCoin, Dragon Pants, Excal Sword,
Dragon Boots, Skull Glass

Once inside, walk down to find a Cure5 and then take the stairs next to the
chest. Up and to the right is an Exit. Now go up and climb the stairs. Walk
right to get a Cure4. Walk down past the stairs to another chest with a Cure4.
Go back up and take the stairs.

Walk up to a place where you have several choices to go. Go up to find 2 chests
containing a LuckyCoin and a Dragon Pants. Go back down and this time walk right
and down to get an Antidote. Go right from there to find the sword Excal. Equip
that bad boy for a big (and much needed) attack boost. Go up and use the stairs.

Run up and then all the way left to find Dragon Boots. Now go all the way down
and then left to a Cure4. Heal and prepare for the boss. Walk up and before you
reach the treasure chest there, you'll be attacked by Geru's brother, Garcia,
1st commander of Vile. Open the chest for the Skull Glass and leave. 

         <<<<<<2.7 - Quest's End>>>>>>

Back in the town of Catz, you'll come upon Pabor standing outside. He'll tell
you that you all are needed in Bren and to go to the Bren Inn. So leave Catz
and walk west back down the mountain. Once you get to the bottom of the mountain,
go north and you'll come upon a bridge leading to Bren. Go to the inn and talk
to Peter to learn....your Skull Glass is a fake! Baros is preparing the ritual
to revive the evil god! The rest of your people are already inside the palace
so we better hurry up. Peter gives you a potion to wake the sleeping Michiko.

Bren Palace (Take 2):
Items: Ultra Axe, Dragon Helmet, Synth x2, Cure6, Dragon Shield, Dragon Sword,
Slash Claws, Star Boomerang, Dragon Armor

Follow the halls and doors of the palace back to where you couldn't go farther
before because of a sealed door. Go right from there to find the Ultra Axe in
a chest. Now go left and up, through a door, right, through another door, then
left to get a Dragon Helmet. Walk right and climb the steps.

Go left and into the first door you see. Get the Synth from the chest and then
continue left, following the path until you get to a spot where you can go either
up or left. Go left and get a Cure6 then take the path going up. You'll walk up
a little, right, and then down through a door. You want to go right here and go
downstairs. You'll find a Slash Claws, Synth, and Star Boomerang. Now go back
upstairsn and go straight down, following it to the bottom left room.
Inside you'll find the Dragon Shield and Dragon Sword. Go all the way to the
right and find Yuta fighting a soldier. He'll tell you to keep going and not
worry about him. Your party will climb the stairs.

Walk along the hallway and you will eventually find Kui fighting a soldier.
After he gives you some more words of encouragement, continue down the
hallway. Walk down through the door to find the Dragon Armor. Go right into
a big room. Heal and prepare for a boss battle. Go up and take on Gazus.
The dude is tough, you're going to need all that 40 or 50 odd thousand hit
points you have. Go along the hall and you'll come upon Chris and Fanna.
They'll tell you to go on and heal your party's HP/MP.

After your party climbs the steps, walk up. Two soldiers will charge in
and you'll leave Lemi and Bostov to handle them. Follow the hallway some
more and 2 more soldiers will rush up. Murobo and Ryukia will stay to
handle them. So now we are all alone with just Shun. Keep going and
enter the last room.

Shun will dash in and use the Holy Bell to shatter the Dark Sutra. Baros
is not pleased. So you get to tackle Baros 1-on-1. At least he deals a
lot less damage than some of the monsters you have been facing to get
to him. When you kill him...you might want to rejoice...but unfortunately,
Baros becomes Rushizu! Augh! Shun will give Michiko the holy water, but
is attacked by Rushizu...doh.

Rushizu is the last boss and can kick your butt mighty quick so what you
need to do is first use the Windene Shield on her. It will wrap her in
it's power. The next round, use the School Dress. It'll captivate her and
all she'll do is stare at the dress. Now hack away! Hopefully you'll kill
her before she stops staring at the dress. If not, then just keep your HP
up and keep hitting her. After she's dead, the ending will take place.

Watch the short but nice/cutesy ending.
Congratulations on beating Villgust, you deserve a pat on the back.

~~3. Characters~~
I'll only touch on the main heroes of the game here. There are a lot of
NPCs that you'll meet. Most of them only have small parts and do not need
to be listed.

__Michiko (human)__
"Girlfriend" of Shun. She gets warped into the world of Villgust
and taken captive by enemies. Shun's goal is to get her back.

__Shun (human)__
The hero. Brought to Villgust by the goddess Windene to be the chosen
one and to save the world. Only cares about saving his beloved Michiko.
Weapon: Sword
Magic: Able to use magic once he gets the Windene Pendant.

__Kui (human)__
Perhaps considered the leader of the group of RAGE hopefuls that join
you at the beginning of the game. He's one of the greatest warriors
you'll ever have in your party.
Weapon: Sword
Magic: No

__Chris (human)__
She's sometimes harsh, but usually kind. She cares deeply for the other
members of the group, especially Kui.
Weapon: Sword
Magic: No

__Yuta (human)__
Yuta is sort of a generic guy that's just..well, there. He doesn't speak
much, but is usually thoughtful when he does.
Weapon: Sword
Magic: Yes

__Fanna (human)__
Fanna is very kind and the strong magic user of your first group. She
also cares deeply for her group, seems to especially like Yuta.
Weapon: Bow
Magic: Yes, strong point.

The other group of RAGE members have a lot of parallels with your
beginning group. For instance, both Kui and Murobo are extremely
strong. Both Bostov and Yuta are sort of there and don't speak much.
Both Fanna and Lemi are very gentle and kind as well as the strong
magic users of the groups.

__Murobo (dog-human)__
Leader of a group of RAGE members he's very strong and resilient. He
is quick to act but is a kind-hearted soul.
Weapon: Axe
Magic: No

__Ryukia (cat-human)__
Ryukia is one of Murobo's people. She's always trying to look on the bright
side of things and is quite care-free.
Weapon: Claws
Magic: No

__Bostov (human)__
Bostov is a skilled ninja and a valiant warrior. The only character that
has a weapon that hits all the enemies on the screen when he attacks.
Weapon: Boomerang
Magic: Yes

__Lemi (elf?)__
Lemi is a very kind and gentle woman who cares for everyone. She tries
to help the others and tries to understand them.
Weapon: Some kind of magical stick/whip
Magic: Yes. It's her strong point.

~~4. Best Equipment~~

Weapon - Dragon Sword
Head - Dragon Helm
Arm - Dragon Gloves
Leg - Dragon Boots
Shield - Dragon Shield
Body - Dragon Tunic
Hip - Dragon Pants

Weapon - Dragon Sword
Head - Earth Crown
Arm - Earth Gloves
Leg - Earth Boots
Shield - Mirror Shield
Body - Earth Tunic
Hip - Earth Pants

Weapon - Dragon Sword
Head - Holy Crown
Arm - Holy Gloves
Leg - Holy Boots
Shield - Mirror Shield
Body - Holy Tunic
Hip - Holy Pants

Weapon - Dragon Sword
Head - Brave Crown
Arm - Silver Gloves
Leg - Silver Pants
Shield - Mirror Shield
Body - Belt
Hip - N/A 

Weapon - Fire Bow 
Head - N/A 
Arm - Great Gloves 
Leg - Great Pants 
Shield - N/A 
Body - N/A 
Hip - N/A 

Weapon - Ultra Axe 
Head - Battle Helm 
Arm - Battle Gloves 
Leg - Battle Pants 
Shield - Fight Shield 
Body - Battle Tunic 
Hip - Shoulder Belt 

Weapon - Slash Claw 
Head - N/A 
Arm - Goddess Gloves 
Leg - Goddess Boots 
Shield - N/A 
Body - Goddess Tunic 
Hip - Goddess Pants 

Weapon - Star Boomerang 
Head - Ninja Helm 
Arm - Ninja Gloves 
Leg - N/A 
Shield - N/A 
Body - Ninja Tunic 
Hip - Ninja Pants 

Weapon - Angel Staff 
Head - Crystal Crown 
Arm - N/A 
Leg - Knee Pants 
Shield - N/A 
Body - Robe 
Hip - N/A 
~~5. Items~~
+++ = you can't buy them in stores
?? = didn't figure out what they did

Item         Cost      Effect
----         ----      ------
Antidote     100       recover from poisoning
AtkUp        300       raises a character's attack in battle
AtkUp2       +++       raises a character's attack more than AtkUp
AtkUp3       +++       raises a character's attack even more than AtkUp2
Blizzard     +++       ice damage in battle
Bomb         1400      explosive damage in battle
Cure         70        recovers a little hp
Cure2        200       recovers more hp than Cure
Cure3        500       a very powerful healing item
Cure4        800       an even more powerful healing item
Cure5        1500      restores an amazing amount of hp
Cure6        +++       the most powerful healing item
DefDn3       +++       decreases an enemy's defense a lot
DefDn4       +++       decreases an enemy's defense even more than DefDn3
DefDn6       +++       the strongest item to decrease an enemy's defense
DefUp        1000      raises the defense of a character a little in battle
DefUp2       +++       raises the defense of a character moderately in battle
DefUp3       +++       raises a character's defense tremendously in battle
ElectroZap   +++       powerful electric damage in battle
Exit         200       exit from a dungeon
GlacierBall  +++       strong ice damage in battle
Jolt         +++       electric damage in battle
LavaBomb     +++       high fire damage in battle
Life         1000      revives a character
LuckyCoin    +++       raises "luck" - affects evasion, chance of hitting monsters
Napalm       +++       medium flame/explosive damage
Seal         400       mutes
Silencer     +++       silences an enemy
Silencer2    +++       a stronger version of Silencer
Spark        +++       electric damage in battle
Speed        +++       raises a character's speed in battle
SpeedDn      +++       decreases an enemy's speed in battle
Synth        10000     adds mp
TNT          250       flame damage in battle

~~6. Spells~~
Spells are bought in shops that you find. Think about what spells
you really want as each spell caster can only learn 8 spells.
Gust and Quake affect all enemies on the screen, which I guess
would be why they cost soo much more than other spells.

Item         Cost      Effect
----         ----      ------
Antidote     400       cures poisoning
Bolt         800       minor electric damage
Bolt2        6000      medium electric damage
Bolt3        15000     strong electric damage
Cure1        500       minor hp recovery
Cure2        2000      better hp recovery
Cure3        8000      major hp recovery
DefDown      800       decreases enemy defense
DefUp        2000      increases a character's defense power
Gust         1000      minor wind damage
Gust2        17000     medium wind damage
Gust3        25000     strong wind damage
Ice          1200      minor ice damage
Ice2         12000     medium ice damage
Ice3         40000     major ice damage
Fire1        500       minor fire damage
Fire2        3000      medium fire damage
Fire3        8000      strong fire damage
Life         10000     revives a dead character
Quake        20000     minor earth damage
Quake2       30000     medium earth damage
Quake3       65000     major earth damage
Slow         600       slows down an enemy
Strong       3000      increases a character's attack power
~~7. Cheats~~
Stuck in the game? Needed that added bit of power or item to beat a boss?
Well here's a bunch of codes that can help you with that. Be sure to
email SiN (bgallo@earthlink.net) and thank them for all the codes.

Quick Notes:

1) Using the Level 99 codes are not recommended, as you don't get the level
bonuses associated with levelling up.
2) Level Up Every Fight code is recommended in place of the Level 99
3) Equipment Modification codes caution: unknown if the equipment stays
in inventory if code is used then turned off (suggestion: use the item
modifier codes and equip the items instead).
4) Equipment Modifier, Spell Modifier, and Item Modifier codes require
a hex number in place of the 'xx' the listing for each of the items
follows the Character Modification Codes section.
5) For those who want the 'best' equipment, a listing for the strongest
Atk and Def equipment for each character is listed at the end of this

---Character Modification Codes---

-Character 1 Codes (Shun)-


Max HP:

Level Up Every Fight :

Max MP:

Equipment Modification:
7E0724xx - Weapon
7E0725xx - Head
7E0726xx - Arm
7E0727xx - Leg
7E0728xx - Shield
7E0729xx - Body
7E072Axx - Hip

Spell Modification:
7E072Exx - Spell 1
7E072Fxx - Spell 2
7E0730xx - Spell 3
7E0731xx - Spell 4
7E0732xx - Spell 5
7E0733xx - Spell 6
7E0734xx - Spell 7
7E0735xx - Spell 8

Item Modification:
7E0736xx - Slot 1
7E0737xx - Slot 2
7E0738xx - Slot 3
7E0739xx - Slot 4
7E073Axx - Slot 5
7E073Bxx - Slot 6
7E073Cxx - Slot 7
7E073Dxx - Slot 8
7E073Exx - Slot 9
7E073Fxx - Slot 10

-Character 2 Codes (Kui)-


Max HP:

Level Up Every Fight:

Max MP:

Equipment Modification:

Spell Modification:

Item Modification:

-Character 3 Codes (Chris)-


Max HP:

Level Up Every Fight:

Max MP:

Equipment Modification:

Spell Modification:

Item Modification:

-Character 4 Codes (Yuta)-


Max HP:

Level Up Every Fight:

Max MP:

Equipment Modification:

Spell Modification:

Item Modification:

-Character 5 Codes (Fanna)-


Max HP:

Level Up Every Fight:

Max MP:

Equipment Modification:

Spell Modification:

Item Modification:

-Character 6 Codes (Murobo)-


Max HP:

Level Up Every Fight:

Max MP:

Equipment Modification:

Spell Modification:

Item Modification:

-Character 7 Codes (Ryukia)-


Max HP:

Level Up Every Fight:

Max MP:

Equipment Modification:

Spell Modification:

Item Modification:

-Character 8 Codes (Bostov)-


Max HP:

Level Up Every Fight:

Max MP:

Equipment Modification:

Spell Modification:

Item Modification:

-Character 9 Codes (Lemi)-


Max HP:

Level Up Every Fight:

Max MP:

Equipment Modification:

Spell Modification:

Item Modification:

---Weapons And Armor Listing---

1. Swords
2. Axes
3. Boomerangs
4. Bows
5. Claws
6. Staves
7. Shields
8. Other Armor


10 Light Sword (6 Atk)
11 Short Sword (15 Atk)
12 Sting Sword (30 Atk)
13 Break Sword (70 Atk)
14 Bold Sword (270 Atk)
15 Long Sword (600 Atk)
16 Gust Sword (1300 Atk)
17 Angel Sword (2000 Atk)
18 Fang Sword (4000 Atk)
19 Fire Sword (1500 Atk)
1A Dragon Sword (10,000 Atk)
1B Excal Sword (6000 Atk)


1C Hand Axe (8 Atk)
1D Iron Axe (130 Atk)
1E Battle Axe (1200 Atk)
1F Hard Axe (2500 Atk)
20 Super Axe (4000 Atk)
21 Ultra Axe (6000 Atk)


22 White Boomerang (6 Atk)
23 Black Boomerang (210 Atk)
24 Silver Boomerang (1000 Atk)
25 Gold Boomerang (2000 Atk)
26 Storm Boomerang (3500 Atk)
27 Star Boomerang (5300 Atk)


28 Short Bow (6 Atk)
29 Long Bow (29 Atk)
2A Fire Bow (100 Atk)
2B Gold
2C Bolt


2E Iron Claw (190 Atk)
2F Silver Claw (1000 Atk)
30 Diamond Claw (2200 Atk)
31 Ice Claw (3900 Atk)
32 Slash Claw (6000 Atk)


33 Light Staff (6 Atk)
34 Light Staff (150 Atk) [same name, different staff]
35 Nymph Staff (600 Atk)
36 Angel Staff (1400 Atk)


37 Dragon Shield (2000 Def)
38 Wood Shield (4 Def)
39 Leather Shield (20 Def)
3A Small Shield (65 Def)
3B Light Shield (185 Def)
3C Large Shield (700 Def)
3D Fight Shield (200 Def)
3E Windene Shield (50 Def) [Quest Item]
3F Mirror Shield (1200 Def)


40 Light Helm (8 Def)
41 Leather Tunic (20 Def)
42 Gloves (6 Def)
43 Brave Boots (20 Def)
44 Leather Boots (8 Def)
45 Dragon Helm (2000 Def)
46 Dragon Tunic (4000 Def)
47 Dragon Gloves (150 Def)
48 Dragon Pants (1000 Def)
49 Dragon Boots (600 Def)
4A Iron Helm (10 Def)
4B Iron Tunic (22 Def)
4C Fight Gloves (6 Def)
4D Iron Pants (10 Def)
4E Fight Boots (8 Def)
4F Earth Crown (80 Def)

50 Earth Tunic (100 Def)
51 Earth Gloves (20 Def)
52 Earth Pants (80 Def)
53 Earth Boots (70 Def)
54 Guard Helm (6 Def)
55 Light Tunic (19 Def)
56 Cotton Gloves (4 Def)
57 Guard Pants (10 Def)
58 Guard Boots (8 Def)
59 Holy Crown (80 Def)
5A Holy Tunic (100 Def)
5B Holy Gloves (60 Def)
5C Holy Pants (70 Def)
5D Holy Boots (20 Def)
5E Brave Crown (14 Def)
5F Brave Gloves (10 Def)

60 Belt (18 Def)
61 Brave Boots (100 Def)
62 Silver Gloves (90 Def)
63 Silver Pants (120 Def)
64 Feather Boots (14 Def)
65 Breast(plate) (22 Def)
66 Cotton Gloves (7 Def)
67 Knee Pants (10 Def)
68 Great Gloves (45 Def)
69 Great Pants (140 Def)
6A Battle Helm (200 Def)
6B Battle Tunic (700 Def)
6C Shoulder Belt (900 Def)
6D Battle Gloves (60 Def)
6E Battle Pants (50 Def)
6F Goddess Tunic (1800 Def)

70 Goddess Gloves (70 Def)
71 Goddess Pants (300 Def)
72 Goddess Boots (100 Def)
73 Ninja Helm (450 Def)
74 Ninja Tunic (2300 Def)
75 Ninja Gloves (120 Def)
76 Ninja Pants (90 Def)
77 Crystal Crown (400 Def)
78 Robe (1600 Def)
79 Knee Pants (110 Def)

---Spells Listing---

7A Fire1
7B Fire2
7C Fire3
7D Bolt
7E Bolt2
7F Bolt3

80 Ice
81 Ice2
82 Ice3
83 Gust
84 Gust2
85 Gust3
86 Quake
87 Quake2
88 Quake3
89 DefDown
8A Slow
8B Weak
8C DefUp
8D Fast
8E Strong
8F Cure1

90 Cure2
91 Cure3
92 Antidote
93 Life
94 Dispell
95 Sleep
96 Stun
97 Stone
98 Unlock

---Item Listing---

99 Cure
9A Cure2
9B Cure3
9C Cure4
9D Cure5
9E Cure6
9F Life

A0 Antidote
A1 Synth
A2 Seal
A3 LuckyCoin
A4 Exit

---Battle Items Listing---

A5 Speed
A6 Catfood
A7 AtkUp
A8 AtkUp2
A9 AtkUp3
AA DefUp
AB DefUp2
AC DefUp3
AE Bomb
AF Spark

B0 Jolt
B1 Gale
B2 Blizzard
B3 Snowflake
B4 Snowball
B5 Napalm
B6 Tornado
B7 ElectroZap
B8 Glacierball
B9 LavaBomb
BA Silencer
BB Silencer2
BC Silencer3
BD DefDn
BE DefDn2
BF DefDn3

C0 DefDn4
C1 DefDn5
C2 DefDn6
C3 Paralyzer
C4 SpeedDn
C5 SpeedDn2

---Quest Item Listing---

C7 SunOrb
C8 LightKey
C9 JailKey
CA DarkSutra
CB CryptKey
CC HolyBell
CD SkullGlass
CE HolyWater
CF SchoolDress
~~8. Links~~
http://xanathis.cjb.net - My website
http://magic.weyland-yutani.net/ - Magic Translations, You can find
the translation patch there along with other translations.
http://rpgd.emulationworld.com/ - a great site for translation info
http://donut.parodius.com /  - another good site on translation news

~~9. Copyright~~
This walkthrough is 2001 Xanathis. Websites are free to
display/distribute this on their site as long as:
1. It is not done for commercial gain
2. It is fully intact which means no editing done to it
3. You do not try to claim it as your own work