Stage 1:  Amused To Death
Batcave:  You don't need to take any extra items.

Street:  Go to the right, battling thugs. To defeat the ones carrying guns,
either use your jump kick or use your batarang to disarm them before
attacking. Pick up the health icon, continue right and enter the Funhouse.

Funhouse:  Roll up to the Joker dummies and use your low kick on them.
Continue right, pulling yourself up the first block. To continue you must
jump upwards, from wall to wall. Watch out for spikes that appear as certain
blocks go down. Use the grappling hook to pull yourself up and continue
right. Also use the grappling hook to swing over spiked areas. 

BOSS (Toy Soldier Robot):  Jump onto the rifle, and then jump up and kick the
robot's head. After a successful kick, quickly jump off and go to the left to
avoid the falling objects. Repeat this process until the robot is defeated.

Rollercoaster:  When the Joker starts to throw bombs at you, go up to the
front of the car and kneel, kicking the bombs that don't go over your head.
Continue doing this until the view switches from side to front. At this time,
stand on the right edge of the car, punching the bombs that don't go over
your head back at the Joker. When the side view comes back, move to the front
of the car and get ready to jump to the car in front of you.

BOSS (Joker):  Stay low the entire time, rolling back and forth, kicking the
Joker from a crouched position. Do this until he is defeated.

Stage 2:  No Green Peace
Batcave:  Your inventory will automatically be scaled down. Take nothing

Forest:  Go right, using your spray gun on Poison Ivy's troops. Jump over the
small pods that drop from the trees. Use the batarang on the killer vines
continue right. Now you will have to climb up into the trees. Use the
grappling hook to pull yourself up to higher branches, and to swing from
branch to branch. As you go up, use the spray gun or smoke bombs on the
troops. When you reach the top, head to the right. Some of the trees will
fall away, so move quickly and use your grappling hook to keep from falling.
Continue right through the vines, spraying more troops. Use the grappling
hook to swing from tree to tree. When you reach the last one, drop to the
ground and head right.   

Greenhouse:  Go right. When the floor opens up to reveal the thorn pits, jump
immediately, spraying any troops that you run into. Keep going right until
you run into Poison Ivy.

BOSS (Poison Ivy and the Mutant Plant):  Kneel at about the middle of the
screen and use your batarang until you make the plant flash a couple of
times. It will then start dropping pods at you. Avoid them by taking small
steps to the left. After two come at you, walk back to the middle of the
screen, and use your batarang when the plants arm goes up. Repeat. If you get
used to the pattern, this boss is very easy to defeat. When Poison Ivy comes
out and shoots at you, simply kneel beneath her darts. Repeat the whole
process until the plant and Poison Ivy are defeated.

Stage 3:  Fowl Play 
Batcave:  Be sure to take the Flashlight. 

Museum:  Use the flashlight so that you can see the floor clearly. Go right.
Continue right after Batman and Robin separate. Jump over the explosives on
the floor. When you reach the tied up staff member, kneel and press the A
button to rescue him. Go back to the left and down the corridor where Robin
went. Press down on the control pad to take the elevator down to the
basement. Go left to area B. Go left once you are in area B, and go through
the open door into the security room. Rescue the security guard. Robin will
now enter the room along with the curator. Take the key and search for the
rest of the missing staff members. Talk to Robin on the intercom to find out
where the staff members are located, and use the key to get into all of the
rooms. After finding the last staff member, return back to the security room.
After rescuing Robin he will tell you  where to find the curator. Rescue the
curator and he will give you the combination to the lock that will open the
second floor vault. Go to the second floor and enter the vault.

BOSS (Vulture):  Punch the vulture when it swoops down at you. After one or
two hits, it will settle into a predictable pattern. Punch it until it is
defeated. Go right and up the stairs.                                

BOSS (Penguin):  When he is on the ground, be aggressive. Punch and kick him,
then back off a little bit, jump over his thrusting umbrella and attack
again. After three successful attacks move away quickly, because he will fly
into the air. When he is in the air, throw plastic explosives at him to knock
him down, and then use the same ground attack described above. Throughout the
entire battle you must also keep jumping to avoid the helicopters bullets.
Repeat this process until the Penguin is defeated.

Stage 4:  Tale Of The Cat
Batcave:  You do not need to take any extra items.

City (Part 1):  Jump up, from wall to wall, until you reach the roof of the
building. Once you reach the roof, go right and enter the building. Now you
will be in an elevator and confront Catwoman.

BOSS (Catwoman 1st time):  Stay on the far right side of the elevator. Kneel
and use your low kick when she charges at you. Immediately follow that up by
jumping towards her, and while in midair moving back to the spot where you
jumped from. If you execute this move correctly, her whip attack won't touch
you. Repeat until the elevator stops. 
City (Part 2):  Follow Catwoman to the left and jump off the building after
her. While free-falling, stay in the middle of the screen. When she swoops
down at you, quickly move to the side, then head back to the middle. Do this
until she grabs a flag post and goes back into the building. At this point
stay to the left and use the grappling hook on a flag post to go into the
building after her. Chase her across the rooftops, jumping to avoid falling
billboards. Be careful not to fall in between the buildings. In the next
screen, go down the ramps and enter the doors that you see. In one you will
get a health icon and in the other you'll find Catwoman's cat, Isis. Keep
going down until you reach the alley.

BOSS (Catwoman 2nd time):  Stay in the corner, kicking her from a kneeling
position, then jumping at her, turning in midair and landing back in the
corner. Repeat until she is defeated. For variety use your batarang, stars or
plastic explosives as well.

Stage 5:  Trouble In Transit
Area 1:  Accelerate with the "B" button. Zigzag in between the other cars
that are on the streets. When you see the arrow appear, get ready to ease off
the gas and make a sharp turn. Try to keep as much speed as you can going
into each turn. You must complete this part in under seventy seconds to

Area 2:  Try not to ease up on your speed at all during this part. Watch the
arrows for direction. Destroy the cars ahead of you using the "Y" button. Try
to get the health icons that appear right before you face the boss. You have
sixty five seconds to complete this area.

BOSS (Two-Faces Car):  Stay behind the car, shooting at it and trying to
avoid the bombs that it shoots at you.  Shoot at Two-Faces car until it is
Stage 6:  Perchance To Scream
Batcave:  Be sure to take the Gas Mask.

Reception Hall:  Go right until you encounter Scarecrow. Continue right,
using the spray gun on the innocent victims, and battling the gun wielding
thugs. In the room full of gas, equip the gas mask. Spray the innocent
victims and battle the thugs. If you have to un-equip the gas mask, stay low
so that you don't get gassed. In the next screen use smoke bombs to knock out
the thugs on the balconies. Collect icons and exit to the right. You will now
be in another room full of gas. Use the same strategy as before and exit
right. In the next area use your batarang or stars on the thugs and spray the
innocents. Exit up the stairs to the right.

The Blimp:  Now you are on the Batplane chasing the blimp. Punch, kick and
jump over the gas-filled balloons. When you reach the blimp, go left,
battling thugs. Make your way to the front of the blimp. The next part takes
a lot of patience. Drop off the front of the blimp, turn around in mid-air,
and use the grappling hook to swing yourself to the right until you make it
inside the blimp. If you keep the directional pad pressed to the right and
move with a consistent rhythm, your results will be better. An alternative
way to reach the cockpit is to shoot the grappling hook straight up, pull
yourself up, jump right and shoot the hook straight up again. Repeat until
you make it inside. Once inside the blimp, go right, jumping over fires and
battling thugs until you meet up with Scarecrow.

BOSS (Scarecrow):  To defeat Scarecrow, stun him with the batarang, then
quickly move up to him and punch him. Repeat until he is finished.

Stage 7:  Riddle Me This
Batcave:  Be sure to take the X-Ray Goggles

Maze of the Minotaur:  All directions given in this area (such as up, down,
left or right), refer to the overhead map, located in the upper right hand
corner of the screen. Start out by going down three squares, right two
squares, and then down one square. At this point use the x-ray goggles. You
will notice that you can now see through the wall. Use a plastic explosive on
the wall. Go down two more squares, left one square, down two squares, left
one square, down two squares and then step on the question mark. The answer
to the riddle is the symbol in the middle. After transporting, go left two
squares and step on the question mark. Now you should be in the lower right
hand corner of the overhead map. Go left one square, up four squares, right
one square, up four squares and step on the question mark. From this spot go
up four squares to the door with three keys to choose from. Pick the "C" key,
go through the door, and step on the question mark. Now you should be in the
upper right of the map. Go right one square, up one square, right one square,
and jump over the question mark. Use the x-ray goggles, throw a plastic
explosive, go through the wall, and step on the question mark. After
transporting, go left one square, jump over the question mark, use the x-ray
goggles and a plastic explosive, go through the wall, and step on the
question mark. From here go up one square, right two squares, down two
squares, left one square, and down one square. Now you will be in an area
with the commissioner and his daughter. Answer the riddle with the letters

BOSS (Minotaur):  Move quickly in and out on the Minotaur, punching him once
or twice then moving away. When it pins you against a wall, jump off the wall
and over the Minotaur's head. Punch it in the back until it turns around.
Then start moving in and out again. Repeat this procedure until it is

Chess Board:  Go right, avoiding the pawn's spears. Destroy the rooks that
are in your way. When the Riddler starts dissolving the squares in your path,
keep jumping to the spot where the two different colored squares meet. This
way you will be far enough over to safely jump the gaps. Quickly attack the
rooks that are put in your path while squares dissolve behind you. Continue
right, avoiding the pawn's spears. Move left underneath the rook that is
trying to squish you, then go back to the right where you will meet your
final challenge.

BOSS (Riddler's King and Queen):  Jump kick the King and Queen while they are
in the air, and step aside when they try to land on you. After one of the
pieces is destroyed, punch and kick the remaining piece until it starts to
push you. If it pushes you towards a gap in the board that the Riddler has
created, jump up and spring off the chess piece over the gap. If the piece
starts to push you to the right and there are no gaps in the floor, run from
it until you are one screen length away. When the chase ends, stop and wait
for it to land in the middle of the screen. Position yourself to the left of
the piece and try to execute both a punch and a jump kick when it moves up.
Repeat this process until the piece is destroyed.

Stage 8:  The Gauntlet 
Batcave:  Take no extra items.

Penguin:  Use a jump kick to get close to him, then jump over his umbrella
thrusts and attack. After three successful attacks (including the first
kick), move away so that he doesn't fly into you. When he lands, move in
close and use the same strategy as above. Repeat until he is defeated.

Scarecrow:  Throw your batarang to stun him, then quickly move in and punch
him. Repeat until he is defeated. 

Clayface:  Roll up to him and attack with low kicks. When he turns into a
ball jump over him twice as he comes at you. When he throws clay blobs at
you, move back and jump over the second set of blobs. Continue rolling up to
him and using low kicks until he is finished. 

Catwoman:  Jump up from wall to wall until you reach the upper platform. Go
right. Use the grappling hook to swing over to the far platform to the right.
When Catwoman charges at you, use a low kick on her. Then jump towards her
and while in mid-air move back to your original position. Continue this
attack until she is defeated.

Man-Bat:  Go right until you reach the rooftop where Man-Bat is waiting for
you. Stay in the middle of the screen. Just as he's about to fly into you,
step aside and punch him. Now he will come at you from the side. Either kneel
so that he flies over you, or make a couple of very fast punches to keep him
from running into you. Repeat.

Joker:  Stay in the middle of the screen. Time your punches so that you keep
him from running into you while he's using his jet-pack. When he starts
attacking you on foot, chase him from side to side and keep punching. If you
keep close to him he won't have a chance to throw any bombs at you. Keep
attacking until he is defeated.