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         |  _ {  | ___ |  |0|  |   \/   | | ___ | | | \ | 
         | /0\ \ | { } |  |0|  | |\__/| | | { } | |0|\ 0|
         |_____/ |_{ }_|  |0|  |_|    |_| |_{ }_| |_| \_|

            @@@"  "@@"  @@@"  @@@"  @   @  @@@"  @@@"
            @     @  @  @  @  @     @   @  @     @  @
            @@"   @  @  @@@   @@@   @   @  @@@   @@@
            @     @  @  @ @   @     "@ @"  @     @ @
            @     "@@"  @  @  @@@"   "@"   @@@"  @  @

                     For Super Nintendo (SNES)
                           Version Final
                         By Chris Zawada
                         User: antseezee
                   E-mail: chris@z-wad.com
		       Website: www.z-wad.com
                         Created: 02/29/04
                       Last Update: 03/10/11
                    Copyright 2011 Chris Zawada 

Author's Note
Batman has always been known as one of those mysterious dark heroes who 
resolves the problem in every situation. In Gotham City, Batman is the sole 
reason for their survival, and he fights off evil fiends who plan corrupt 
scenarios against the entire world. While actual Batman video games have been 
nothing worthy of superb, one of the final games to be produced during the 16-
bit era was Batman Forever. Unlike other beat-em-up games of its time, Batman 
Forever combined elements of fighting games, while adding that tint of action. 
The following guide will list controls for performing special moves, an actual 
full-game walkthrough, and fighting strategies. May you conquer the evil 
forces that dare go against you!

If you have any contributions, feedback, or strategies you'd like to have 
added to the guide, contact me via e-mail or on GameFAQs. I'll be more than 
content to add your segment of information, and will also provide credit. If 
you have any questions you'd like added to the Common Questions section, ask. 
I simply don't have the time to sit around thinking of questions. Provide me 
with what you want to know!

=03/10/11= vFinal
Final update.

=03/13/04= v1.0
Finished the FAQ. It's 100% complete. The walkthrough is complete along with 
everything else. Enjoy.

=02/29/04= v1.0
Started the FAQ. This is going to be my last project before attempting to FAQ 
Ninja Gaiden for the X-BOX. This game also has a bounty, and was #1 on the 
SNES Requested List, so it'll benefit someone out there.

- If you quickly want to find something in the guide, press CTRL + F, and type 
in the (#.#) located next to each section. This is a quick search function 
which can benefit if you're looking for help on a specific level.

          -    Table of Contents     -
          1) Introduction
          2) Game Basics
             > Controls
             > Character Profiles
             > Gadgets
             > Other Items
          3) Game Modes
             > Description of each          
          4) Walkthrough
             > Arkham Asylum                 (4.1)
             > Second Bank of Gotham City    (4.2)
             > The Circus                    (4.3)
             > Two-Face's Hideout: Warehouse (4.4)
             > Ritz Gotham                   (4.5)
             > Abandoned Subway Station      (4.6)
             > Wayne Manor Destroyed Batcave (4.7)
             > Claw Island                   (4.8)
          5) Codes
          6) Common Questions
          7) Copyright/Distribution/Reproduction Guidelines
          8) Proper Credits


- 1) Introduction          -
Many Batman titles simply have not had vaulting success. Most of the gameplay 
is simplistic beat-em-up action that has been emulated before. Regardless, 
Batman Forever was one of the last titles released (of Batman) for quite some 
time. Unlike games like Final Fight, and Batman Returns, Forever puts more 
emphasis on move lists. Players must now perform controller combinations to 
perform special moves and use gadgets. Unfortunately, if you can't perform 
these controls, then you're pretty much screwed. Other elements came into 
play. The sloppy hit control, and sluggish movement of your character is never 
a welcoming sign. Despite the authentic movie license, and fairly good 
graphics, these simply don't make up for a lackluster experience.

The storyline takes precedence along the same basis of the actual movie. 
Batman and Robin must combat Two-Face, and a new villain, the Riddler, as they 
conquest across Gotham City. A new mysterious character named Sugar and Spice 
helps in the resistance as well. Using plenty of fighting moves, and an 
arsenal of items, it's your duty to put an end to this mad violence.

Here's a brief excerpt from the instructions manual (credit to Akklaim):

A chance remark inside the high-tech corridors of Wayne Enterprises leads to 
madness! Join Batman and Robin as they battle Two-Face and a strange new 
menace who calls himself the Riddler. With his saucy sidekicks Sugar and 
Spice, Two-Face has all the necessary ingredients necessary to make mayhem! 
You'll see the Dark Knight battle all kinds of monstrous malevolence. You'll 
see a night at the circus turn into a free-for-all with Batman in the center 
ring! The action takes you from the Gotham City subways to the inner recesses 
of Wayne Manor as you fight one fierce foe after another to insure that the 
legend of Batman lives on...forever!


##### GAME INFO #####
Players: 1-2
Developer: Akklaim
Released: 1995
Rarity: uncommon
Special Features: n/a
Cover Art on cartridge: 
- Shows Batman swinging his cape with four other main characters' faces listed 


- 2) Game Basics           -
The SNES controller fits fairly well to the fighting theme of Batman, although 
it can be tricky to utilize at certain times. Similar to most fighting games, 
the four primary buttons on the controller each separately represent a 
fighting move. Most perform low/high kicks, punches, and things of that sorty. 
By combining directions on the control pad, and press button combos, Batman 
can perform special gadget moves.

KEY representation for each button:

             Y = Y button (pink)
             X = X button (pink)
             B = B button (dark purple)
             A = A button (dark purple)
             L = L button (gray, top left)
             R = R button (gray, top right)
   Control Pad = directional pad (black)
         START = start button (black))
        SELECT = select button (black)    

* Any controls specifying to press "forward" means towards the enemy.

/Navigation Controls/
      Control Pad - character walks in specific direction
               Up - jumps
             Down - crouches
  Up + Left/Right - somersaults/flips
      Forward + Y - rolls
Up (while in air) - cape glides

- Rolling is useful for going under flying enemy attacks, or high 
punches/kicks. The cape glide allows your character to fly in the air (while 
slowly decreasing in height). Sort of like a momentary hang glide. Jumping and 
crouching can be combined with attacks to form aerial, and proned position 

/Fighting Controls/
              SELECT - Grappling Hook
                   B - low punch
                   Y - high punch
                   A - low kick
                   X - high kick
                   L - blocking
          R + Attack - back attack
            Down + A - sweep attack
            Down + Y - uppercut
         Forward + X - roundhouse attack
Forward, Forward + A - grab enemy
Forward, Forward + B - throw enemy (when enemy is close)
Forward, Forward + B - two-head smash (when surrounded)

- Most of your fighting in Batman Forever will involve pressing different 
buttons to enact combos. Although there is no active combo system in the game, 
you can spice up your moves to catch enemies off guard. The grappling hook is 
a commonly used item throughout the game. To target it in certain places, 
press SELECT + a direction to shoot it at certain spots. It becomes necessary 
to use it to get past certain areas, so get use to pressing SELECT + Up (rises 
to the upper floor). Uppercuts and roundhouse kicks are power moves, but also 
have a slight delay before being performed. You can experiment with different 
grapple moves to come up with tosses, and moves of similarity.

/Character Profiles/
Although the Batman series is noted down for its heroic-like episodes, and 
constant action, the series does have an established plot. Characters you will 
meet throughout the game end up being your friend, or demising foe. Some of 
them have twisted backgrounds, which led to their sinister attitudes, while 
others simply have uncommon traits. The following section will briefly state 
the background of each character. I'd like to give credit to Akklaim's 
instructions manual for the descriptions.

        l   l        l   l
        |+*+| BATMAN |+*+|
        l   l        l   l
   Millionaire Bruce Wayne felt responsible for his parent's murder in an 
alley outside a movie theater when he was a little boy. To deal with the 
senselessness of their death and his own anger, Wayne turned himself into a 
crimefighter second to none, spending countless years mastering martial arts, 
criminal science, and advanced gadgets engineering. To protect his privacy and 
strike fear into the hearts of criminals in Gotham City, Wayne came up with 
Batman. Equipped with a cape and cowl and a utility belt full of unique 
fighting devices, Batman set about the never-ending task of ridding Gotham 
City of crime. Operating from a Batcave hidden far below Wayne Manor, Batman 
responds to calls for help from the Bat-Signal at police headquarters, while 
continuing to exercise dynamic control of Wayne Enterprises' vast holdings.

   With the help of Dr. Chase Meridian, Bruce Wayne now wrestles with the 
obsessive drive that made him the Dark Knight, a drive that he hopes to 
understand as he battles against villains that know his innermost thoughts and 
are eager to exploit any weakness!

        l   l          l   l
        |+*+| TWO-FACE |+*+|
        l   l          l   l
   Doctors or lawyers might argue about what it means to be "criminally 
insane", but there's no doubt about Harvey Dent: he's stark raving kill-crazy! 
His world is evenly and absolutely divided into opposites: black or white, 
good or evil, life or death! Many years ago, while serving as the District 
Attorney of Gotham, Harvey Dent was horribly scarred by underworld kingpin 
Boss Moroni during an indictment hearing. The resulting left-brain damage 
turned Dent into a violent criminal. Dent went on a vicious crime spree until 
he was brought to justice by Batman and sentenced to life in Arkham Asylum for 
the Criminally Insane. Since then, he has obsessively plotted his revenge 
against Gotham and it's mysterious guardian. Dent now calls himself Two-Face, 
and it is a fitting name for this villain. He is of two minds about everything 
except this: a raging desire to destroy Batman!

        l   l             l   l
        |+*+| THE RIDDLER |+*+|
        l   l             l   l
   For a brilliantly talented young man to want only the notice and approval 
of his idol Bruce Wayne might be merely pathetic, if that desire didn't hold 
the seeds of a pathology that would bring his brilliance to the full flower of 
madness! When his employer Bruce Wayne dismisses Ed Nygma's brain-wave reading 
3-D entertainment invention as raising ethical concerns over mind 
manipulation, something snaps in the fragile psyche of the inventor. His hard 
work derided by his idol! Snubbed by the man he most wishes to be like! 
Revenge will be sweet, Mr. Wayne!

   Nygma discovers that his invention works as a "brain drain" with the 
capability to read and capture the neural power of others, increasing Nygma's 
knowledge by an order of magnitude! Is there no stopping the pondering 
powerhouse? He teams up with Two-Face to make use of Two-Face's criminal 
expertise in order to raise enough money to market the 3-D entertainment 
device. At the resulting crime scenes, the green-costumed Nygma leaves puzzles 
intended to goad Batman. Soon the media have dubbed Nygma the Riddler. Once he 
has accumulated sufficient capital to get Nygmatech off the ground, the 
results are immediate and impressive. He sells millions of his holograph 
devices as an entertainment, all the while siphoning off the neural power of 
his unwitting customers and making it his own. He even manages to overcome his 
physical frailty by building an armored suit that is more than a match even 
for the battle strengthened likes of Batman and Robin! His ever-increasing 
intelligences makes him all but impossible to outwit!

        l   l                    l   l
        |+*+| DR. CHASE MERIDIAN |+*+|
        l   l                    l   l
   Mental health never came in such a beautiful package! The lovely Dr. Chase 
Meridian is in love with two men: Batman and Bruce Wayne! As she helps Bruce 
Wayne struggle with the repressed memory of his parent's murder, the demons 
that drove him to become Batman come to the surface. When the expanding 
consciousness of the Riddler reads Batman's mind, he learns of Batman's 
affection for the beautiful doctor and kidnaps her: sweet bait to trap a 
flying bat!

        l   l       l   l
        |+*+| ROBIN |+*+|
        l   l       l   l
   Like Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson witnessed the murder of his parents and 
swore to dedicate himself to bringing the criminals to justice. Under the 
strong wing of the Dark Knight, young Dick managed to set aside his bitterness 
and thirst for revenge into a passion for righting wrong and battling evil. As 
Robin, he is Batman's trusted crimefighting partner. When one of them is in 
danger, the other is sure to help find a way out of it!

        l   l               l   l
        |+*+| SUGAR & SPICE |+*+|
        l   l               l   l
   Is she as sweet as she seems? Sugar is one of Two-Face's two consorts, and 
while she may satisfy his villainous sweet tooth, she's not a lady to be taken 
lightly! This super-fefined female is a formidable foe.

   Spice is the second of Two-Face's duo of damsels. This gal's idea of a 
spice is bella donna or deadly nightshade: she's poison! She's tempting, it's 
true, but her icy heart belongs to Mammon. A gold digger who will use your 
soul as the spade!

One of the unique elements of Batman Forever's gameplay is the fact that you 
can use special gadgets. Unlike other beat-em-up games where you simply 
have "special moves", Forever expands on the topic of special items. Gadgets 
are small sidearm devices which allow Batman and Robin to perform above and 
beyond the call of duty. Many gadgets can assist the user in taking down the 
scum of Gotham City, while providing ranged/damaging attacks. Certain gadgets 
in the game can only be gathered by finding them via "Secret Blueprints" 
scattered throughout levels. Others can be exchanged before each mission. Here 
are some key rules about gadgets:

   - Each character can only carry five gadgets at a time, with three being
     designated as default gadgets, and two extra optional gadgets. Only your
     two optional gadgets can be exchanged for newly found gadgets.

   - To use a gadget, you must perform the button combo associated with it,
     WHILE it is equipped on your character.

   - Before each level, you're given a chance to reassign gadgets. Don't worry
     about being stranded with the same weaponry.

   - All gadgets have unlimited ammo, which means they can be used as many
     times as you desire. You just have to keep pressing the button combos
     designated to them as a disadvantage.

      //                        \\
     [[ Batman's Default Gadgets ]]
      \\                        //

   >> Select + Control Pad
"This is your typical steel hook connected to a strong wire. You'll mainly use 
this for swinging from place to place. It's also necessary for obtaining items 
out of the reach of Batman's grasp. To climb up to the next level, press UP, 
then SELECT, and the grappling hook will strain you up to the following floor. 
You can also use it to destroy window banisters, and objects which contain 
secret items. To swing with the hook, simply press SELECT, and the wire will 
be cast out. If it can connect with anything, you should see Batman start 
swinging back and forth."

   >> Down, Forward + B
"This nifty device is an offensive weapon. It basically acts like an exploding 
mine, as the first thing it comes in contact with (after being tossed), 
receives a plentiful amount of damage."

   >> Down + Forward + A
"A bat-shaped throwing weapon that causes minimal damage to enemies. However, 
when tossed in succession, they're very useful, and perfect for stunning 

      //                         \\
     [[ Batman's Optional Gadgets ]]
      \\                         //

   >> Forward + Down + A
"When activated, Batman tosses a small metal pellet to the ground which 
dispenses a large gray cloud of smoke. Not only does it cause mass confusion, 
but it also restricts your enemies from performing special moves."

   >> Hold down L trigger, tap A repeatedly
"Sort of like an upgraded blocking move. Prevents all physical damage against 
Batman's life bar, and even manages to protect against elemental/special 
attacks. Just takes some time to perform, that's all."

   >> Forward + Down + X
"Almost like a SWAT tactical flashbang, the flash pellet stuns all enemies on 
screen with a blinding light. If only I could toss one of these at my 

   >> Down, Forward + A
"Not as lethal as one would expect. These devices are gas canisters that 
reduce your enemy's attack power in half when released."

   >> Forward, Down + B
"Self explanatory. Batman launches a large pile of goo out of a Batweapon, 
which in effect, causes anyone to slip and slide. The opponent will then be 
lodged for several seconds, leaving them vulnerable to attacks without Batman 
fearing to be struck in retaliation."

   >> Down, Down + A
"Sort of like a restricting snake, the Bat Bola is a device that wraps itself 
around foes. Once the opponent is wrapped and tangled in wires, they are 
unable to return attacks against Batman. This is perfect for knocking some 
sense into the would-be criminals."

   >> Forward, Down + A
"Sends out a small jolt of electricity, which stuns opponents, and prevents 
them from counter-striking. Don't get any nasty ideas though."

   >> Down + Down + Down + B
"This is the best defensive weapon in Batman's arsenal. It's actually a small 
cube, which when tossed at the ground, causes for a giant blue ray to appear. 
This ray protects Batman from attackers until it has taken 3 hits, or runs out 
of time."

   >> Forward + Down + A
"Similar to slippery goo, except it's slightly more effective in keeping your 
opponents stuck. It will keep them immobile briefly, meaning you can lay down 
some ranged attacks while they're trying to mangle their feet out."

      //                        \\
     [[ Robin's Standard Gadgets ]]
      \\                        //

   >> Down + Forward + A
"A bat-shaped throwing weapon that causes minimal damage to enemies. However, 
when tossed in succession, they're very useful, and perfect for stunning 

   >> Select + Control Pad
"One of the most useful devices in the entire Batcave. The extending staff can 
be used for reaching extreme locations, knocking enemies back with, and loaded 
with ammunition for later uses."

   >> Forward, Down + Y
"When the extending staff is loaded with charges, this is what you get. Staff 
charges are dangerous explosive charges capable of hurting enemies (when aimed 
correctly), and also for destroying doorways/hidden passages."

      //                        \\
     [[ Robin's Optional Gadgets ]]
      \\                        //

   >> Forward + Down + A
"When activated, Robin tosses a small metal pellet to the ground which 
dispenses a large gray cloud of smoke. Not only does it cause mass confusion, 
but it also restricts your enemies from performing special moves."

   >> Hold down L trigger, tap Y repeatedly
"Similar to Batman's Cape Morph, this protects Robin from pending attacks, and 
acts as an invincible shield. Temporarily, of course."

   >> Forward + Down + A
"To perform this ability, you must stop the movement of the staff when it is 
directly horizontally across in front of Robin. When this occurs, darts will 
be shot out from the tip causing for any hit enemy to become sleepy and tired. 
Speeds of your opponents are cut in half temporarily."

   >> Away, Forward, Forward + X
"Emits a large blast of sonic energy which causes for enemy's attacks to only 
perform half their original damage."

   >> Forward, Down + B
"Self explanatory. Robin launches a large pile of goo out of a Batweapon, 
which in effect, causes anyone to slip and slide. The opponent will then be 
lodged for several seconds, leaving them vulnerable to attacks without Robin 
fearing to be struck in retaliation."

   >> Down, Down + A
"Sort of like a restricting snake, the Bat Bola is a device that wraps itself 
around foes. Once the opponent is wrapped and tangled in wires, they are 
unable to return attacks against Robin. This is perfect for knocking some 
sense into the would-be criminals."

   >> Down, Down, Forward + Y
"A small tip of Robin's extending staff is electrified. When within contact of 
an enemy, it causes for them to be stunned and shocked on the ground. Great 
for kicking the snot out of those traitors of society."

   >> Away, Forward + Y
"Located on each of Robin's wrists are special wrist devices. When activated, 
they launch out rivets that swing around the feet of opponents, and immobilize 
them temporarily. The rivets will shatter when you strike the enemy, or after 
a certain time period."

   >> Forward, Away, Forward, Away + A
"Sends out a large blast of heat energy that can fry the entire scene into one 
heck of a crispball."

      //                 \\
     [[ Blueprint Gadgets ]]
      \\                 //

   >> Down + Forward + Y
"Just like some old Soviet missiles, the homing batarang does exactly that. It 
seeks out enemies and strikes them three times before returning to the 
thrower. The only way an enemy can prevent themselves from being attacked is 
to avoid it, or punch it in mid-air."

   >> Forward + Down + X
"When released, Bat Cuffs seek the closest enemy and binds him/her in 
impenetrable shackles. While they wear off after a few seconds, this leaves 
your player with some vengeance time towards a disabled enemy."

   >> Hold Down, tap A repeatedly
"This causes for a false image of your character to appear out of the ground. 
Most enemies will fall for the trap, and attack the hologram instead."

   >> Forward, Forward + X
"Wearing these boots causes for your character to be propelled at enemies with 
extremely high speeds."

/Other Items/
Throughout Batman's navigation in Gotham City, you'll come across various 
powerups and items that will assist you along the way. While most of them are 
scarce, and hard to discover, they'll help restore lost life, or provide extra 
lives. Most extra items in the game can be discovered by destroying objects in 
the levels, such as plants, computers, hidden beams, and entities. Most of the 
time, it's necessary to use fighting moves or your grappling hook/extending 

   >> Small green tube
"Restores part of your life bar. Pretty much your simple life potion, when 
compared to RPG games."

   >> Large green tube
"Restores your life bar to full. Great for repairing savage wounds inflicted 
by your opponents."

   >> Green boxes clues
"These green boxes contain special clues from the Riddler. They're often 
spread about levels, and the riddles actually are hints on where to search for 
secret items. That, or it could just be a bunch of non-sensical information.

   >> Small icons
"Special time devices which give you more time in the 'Circus' mission when a 
time bomb is about to explode. Necessary to let you move onward in the level."

   >> Rare coins with Two-Face logo
"Collect these coins to restore your character to full energy, and collect as 
extra lives. If collected while spinning on the head side, you'll receive full 
energy AND an extra life."

   >> Small high tech disc
"Technology has never been so compact and useful. These are the stolen 
blueprint gadgets CDs which contain information, and able you to gather secret 
gadgets. There are usually several discs spread out that you must collect, and 
piece together to receive the secret gadget."


- 3) Game Modes            -
Akklaim was a tad more generous when they created Batman Forever. Unlike 
previous creations which were limited to simple head-to-head modes, or a 
straight-through adventure game, Akklaim featured both. In Batman Forever, you 
can go one-on-one in special training matchups which progressively get harder 
as you continue forward. There's also a complete standard game which features 
several interesting levels to intrigue the player. If anything, adventure mode 
also offers the ability to have two players compete as well, which can be both 
interesting and fun.

/Normal Mode/
If anything, this is the game's primary mode. You must select either Batman or 
Robin, and navigate them on a perilous journey to take down Two-Face, and the 
crooked Riddler. In between levels are brief cutscenes depicting the 
adventure, along with several thugs to fight on each level, and usually a boss 
near the end. The great thing about Normal Mode is that you can make exclusive 
use of Gadgets, which are pretty much customizable to your own likings.

- Before you can engage in Normal Mode, you have the option of setting four 
different features:

     }#1 -- (1 Player, 2 Player Cooperative, 2 Player Competitive)
          -> Single player let's you play by yourself. Two player cooperative
             has you and another human player fighting on the screen at the
             same time, except you do not damage each other. Competitive
             allows you to hurt each other.

     }#2 -- (Control Method 1, 2)
          -> Method 1 let's you back attack by holding the direction on the
             control pad (of where the opponent is behind you), and then
             pressing an attack button. Method 2 let's you back attack by
             holding down the R trigger, and combining it with an attack.

     }#3 -- (Music on/off)
          -> Self explanatory. Maybe some people don't like the gothic music.

     }#4 -- (Easy/Medium/Hard)
          -> Gives you the ability to customize the difficulty of the computer
             AI. Easy causes opponents to be sluggish, less damaging, and not
             as smart. As you increase the difficulty, the game becomes harder.

/Training Mode/
Basically like a simulation program, training mode allows you to fine-tune 
your fighting skills to perfection. It basically works like any fighting game 
where you select a character you want to take the role of, then must engage 
another target in a fierce battle. The difficulty starts out at the lowest 
level, but continues to progress higher and higher until you complete the 
entire mode.

- Before you can engage in Training Mode, you have the option of setting three 
different features:

     }#1 -- (Control Method 1, 2)
          -> Same as the above description. Relates to performing back attacks.

     }#2 -- (1 Player, 2 Players vs. Computer, Player vs. Player)
          -> Compete by yourself (against the CPU), with a friend, or against
             a human opponent. You can each select individual characters to
             take the role of.

     }#3 -- (Music on/off)
          -> Again, the hypnotic music can cause strange comas, well, for some
             players at least.


- 4) Walkthrough           -
While Batman Forever is a partial fighting/action game, most of the level 
navigating can be very tricky. Securing your objectives to finish the level is 
sometimes a daunting task. This section will basically outline where to go to 
complete each level, along with any helpful tips to defeating certain enemies. 
If you're stuck on a certain part, try reading through the ENTIRE content for 
that section as you may have overlooked something. I also recommend looking 
over the move lists to gain a sense of how to perform special moves to assist 
you in your battles.

/Arkham Asylum (4.1)/
+ SITUATION: Two-Face has staged a breakout from Arkham Asylum. He has also
              released several criminally insane inmates to start a riot, and
              cover his route of escape. Restore order to the facility, and
              neutralize all rampant threats.

Start off by going right, and taking care of the first inmate. Most of the 
criminally insane are fairly easy to kill; just watch out for the electrifying 
moves. Eliminate the second inmate slightly past the first. Continue through 
the doorway, and deal with two more opponents. Most enemies in this level will 
spawn from exploding doors, so be on the watch. The riddle's clue on the 
ground will tell you to look above for the answer. Look along the ceiling 
until you see a black hole. Walk under the hole, then press SELECT + Up. Your 
special device should hook directly up, and pull you to the above level. Go to 
the left, and destroy the gray safe in the background. Pick up the powerup, 
kill the inmate who drops down from above. Go right, and finish off the second 
inmate. Now go to the right to continue onward.

Deal with the two inmates along the catwalk. These ones a tad more jumpy, so 
be on the alert. Once you cross the bridge, look on the floor for a hole (in 
the new room). Press the R trigger + Down to drop down to the next level. Go 
to the left and right sides to reveal two inmates bursting out of their cells. 
Once they're rid of, use the same method from before to reach the above area 
(using your grapple hook/extending staff). You'll be surrounded by two insane 
prisoners. Quickly kill one to lessen the chances of taking extreme damage. A 
small pipe should explode below. Drop back down, and run up to the pipe on the 
right to climb through. You'll have to deal with a Creditor, which is 
basically a tougher opponent. If he starts shaking in electricity, he's immune 
to attacks. You can make quick work of him using uppercuts, and side kicks. 
Continue forward. You should now be in a room with a dead end. Walk back to 
the center portion of the room (with the shiny floor), and press R trigger + 
Down to drop down.

There should be some electric chairs you'll have to avoid. If you want, you 
can lure the enemies ahead of you into the electric beams to save some 
fighting time. Head through the doorway, and finish off two more inmates. 
These guys are a tad smarter as they'll attempt to surround you before 
attacking. Head into the final room, and you must fight off 8-10 inmates. The 
biggest problem is preventing them from surrounding you. I recommend extreme 
use of your gadgets. Two inmates will drop off at a time, in the center of the 
map. Keep your proximity away from them as they tend to jump kick on the way 

/Second Bank of Gotham City (4.2)/
+ SITUATION: Two-Face has wasted no time in causing chaos throughout the city.
             Right off the bat, he has taken the security guards hostage in
             the Second Bank of Gotham City, and is planning on stealing the
             city's pension fund from the vault. Intercept his operation by
             freeing the captured guards, and then thwarting his attempt to
             rob the bank.

You'll start off inside the lobby of the bank. Make quick use of the nicely 
dressed thug, and continue forth. Walk up to the three-computer terminal, and 
use your connection device (SELECT) to reach the upper area. Use the methods 
from before to reach upper levels. Now, go to your left, and there should be a 
guard. Walk over him to free him from captivity.

  **TIP: Try using the straight-up grappling hook under lighted doorways, and
         window beams. Special items and powerups are usually hidden up above
         after you destroy the object concealing them.**

After the guard is freed, continue to your right. When you reach the balcony, 
jump down, and fight off the thug from above. Go to your right, and fight off 
any more thugs who spawn in your path. The problem with this room is that the 
door in the lower right corner will not open until you finish off all thugs in 
the room. Explore the extremities of the room by using your connecting device 
to reach the upper right area. There are about 8-10 more thugs who will appear 
in the room, and then the door will open. Head on through. You'll now be on an 
elevator. Press SELECT + UP to burst out of the top of the device. It should 
start to rise by now. Go to your left, and knock off the three thugs. One of 
them has a flame gadget, so be careful. Destroy the plants in the background 
for life upgrades. A security guard should be located on the farthest left 
part of the room. Free him, and deal off the remaining thugs as well. Head 
back the same way you came, and the door back to the elevator should now be 
open. Suck yourself up to the top of the shaft, and it should start to move 

In the new room, continue to your right, and fend off the five thugs. They 
might try to surround you, so focus on eliminating one target at a time. Once 
all the opponents have been cleared out, the door on the right will open up. 
Continue through, and the elevator will lead up to the proceeding room. Again, 
kill the thug, and free the security guard. Keep going to the right clearing 
out the remaining six thugs. On the far right side of the map is an energy bar 
hidden inside a plant. Go back to the original door to exit the room. The next 
room that the elevator leads you to has about 8-10 thugs. Jump out of the 
sticky situation when surrounded, and use your blocking techniques to fend off 
their jump kicks. The security guard is located on the far right hand side. Go 
back to the original door to exit. The next room will have a nicely suited 
thug guarding one security person. Free him from captivity, and continue 
onward to the right.

This will bring you to the boss fight. You're going to have to kill 8-10 
random thugs who jump from above. The best strategy is to use power moves 
(roundhouse kicks, uppercuts) to knock the bad guys off the ledge of the 
elevator. The biggest conflict is to not get yourself knocked off the ledge, 
and to not take a pummel in the middle of the battle. It's really not too hard 
if you keep yourself focused.

/The Circus (4.3)/
+ SITUATION: Two-Face has taken the local circus show over at the Hippodrome.
             News reports show that explosives have been planted on site, and
             are ready to go off within 5 minutes in an attempt to lure Batman
             to the scene.

You have approximately 5 minutes of spare time at the start of the mission, 
but time can be extended by picking up small silver clocks on the ground. 
Immediately, two clowns will burst out of cardboard boxes and attack you. 
Quickly kill them, go right, and pick up the clock. Keep going right, and kill 
the clown who bursts out of the car. Now, check the riddler clue out, and use 
your SELECT device to reach the area straight above you. You'll receive a free 
clock. Jump to your left, and rid of BOTH clowns. One may fall off the ledge 
that you do not see. Again, run to the left side of the map, zoom yourself up, 
and rid of the remaining clowns. A gray steel platform should now be in the 
middle of the circle. Link up to there, then deal with the thugs who pop down. 
Go to the right platform, and a ladder should appear. If there's no ladder, 
then you must've missed a thug. Jump up to get taken to the next area.

Proceed to the right, rid of the two clowns, and two thugs. Pick up the clock, 
and head back the same way. Go to your left this time, and watch out for two 
bright red clowns. They have some nifty moves. After you defeat them both, 
three energy bars should drop down from above. Head back, and use your 
straight-up technique to reach the upper area. Grab the clock. Go to your 
right, and use your hook to swing back and forth. Leap off onto the nearby 
platform, and swing to the next. You'll be fairly close to the end when you 
see another platform above you. Connect up there, fight off the remaining 
clown, then go right and jump to the ladder. In the new area, jump to the left 
platform, and kill the two clowns on the left side. Go to the right platform, 
and eliminate the two red clowns who leap from above. Now, a red clown should 
drop to a platform slightly to the right. Jump down there with him, eliminate 
the threat, and look to your right (until you see an elevated platform). Use 
your cable to swing back and forth, then release yourself while shifting to 
the right. Glide by pressing Up while in the air until you reach a platform 
across the screen with a clock on it. Leap to the right, and glide across to 
reach the second platform. Enter the edge of the screen to go to the next area.

This secret little area has two thugs, three energy powerups, and a Wayne 
Blueprint. Once you have picked them all up, head back to your left. Jump down 
into the pit, and then reclimb the ladder back to the upper area. Go all the 
way left, then drop down one level (R trigger + Down). A red clown should be 
waiting for you. Finish him off, then go right, and go back to the lower 
platform from before. A clock should be bouncing in the middle. Pick it up, 
and defeat the two thugs. Now, a platform on the right will explode, and lower 
itself for you. You can jump on it, then hook yourself straight up to get some 
great height on the level. If you didn't collect the clock on the right from 
before, glide over there and do it now. Once you've done so, head back to the 
platform which has two shining lights. Connect straight up under the lights to 
get sucked up to the final area.

Right off the bat, you'll be surrounded by two red clowns. Keep going to your 
right, and fend off the clowns. Near the right side of the map is a giant 
bomb. Press Up on it to end the mission.

/Two-Face's Hideout: Warehouse (4.4)/
+ SITUATION: The Batcomputer has searched and found a possible hideout for
             Two-Face, the dangerous fugitive. The CPU estimates the best
             possible position is located right between uptown and downtown,
             along with being near the river flowing east and west. This fits
             his split personality quite well. Bring down the harsh criminal
             before he causes more harm.

Your stealth entrance into the nicely organized warehouse is interuppted by 
two gangsters from above. Deal with them both, pick up the powerups to the 
left, then continue towards the right. Finish off the two other thugs, but DO 
NOT hit the safe with your hook and fall down. Pass by it, and the door on the 
right should open up once all enemies have been eliminated. In the next room, 
you'll be standing on some boxes. Drop into the small valley, eliminate the 
lone thug, then jump back to the left stack. Jump onto the small screw pegs 
posted in the background, and your character should hobble over to the top of 
the pile. Jump down, finish the remaining thugs on ground level, and go right 
(through the door). In the following room, shoot your connecting device 
diagonally, and look for a giant crate in the middle. When you swing back and 
forth, jump off, and continue this pattern using small circular pegs for extra 
boosts. You will come across thugs along the way, so be careful. Head to the 
far right side for the door.

You'll now be on a tall pile of boxes. Jump down, and watch out for the two 
metal smashers above. There are also two enemies you'll have to dispatch of, 
but they're just as common as any other foe. Once you make it across, head 
through the doorway to the right. The proceeding room will have a 
greenish/blue glow. Deal with the three thugs, and be very cautious as one 
pops out of a crate. Destroy any obstruding structures using your kicks, and 
pick up the three energy powerups which drop from above. Go to the right as 
usual. The new room has pegs in the background which look like switches. 
Whenever you see one, jump kick it to turn the switch. Anyhow, continue 
onward. Jump kick the first switch to drop a crate in the acid. Use the crate 
to boost yourself across, then go all the way to the right side. Disable the 
switch on the right, and go back to your left. A crate should drop down. Use 
it to reach the circular peg above, and jump on it so your character jumps all 
the way to the upper right part of the map. Blow up the switch to drop a crate 
to your left. Use that crate to boost for the pegs which leads towards the 
left side. Once up there, destroy this last switch. It destroys the crate on 
the right blocking your path. Head on through to reach the last echelon of 
this level.

You'll now be inside Two-Face's ultimate lair. As you can see, it's styled 
quite nicely with a decorative bi-color theme. Suddenly, Sugar and Spice (his 
deadly female servants) will surround you from both sides. The best tips to 
finish this battle is to try and focus your attacks on one character as usual. 
Use any type of slowdown/sticky goo if possible to immobilize them. Once 
you've finished both of them off, Two-Face will leap down into the center area 
of the stage. He's quite a powerful villain, and has damaging kicks, along 
with an aerial flip kick. Try using light contact moves, and shed roundhouse 
kicks whenever he gets within range. Aim for his face with your moves. He's 
invincible on any other body part. Sometimes he'll flip his coin for a 
powerful attack.

/Ritz Gotham (4.5)/
+ SITUATION: The launching of a new special box device at Nygmatech
             Corporation's party has been interrupted by Two-Face and the a
             mysterious gang dressed in green question marks. Report to the
             scene and clear out the chaos ramparting throughout the ballroom.

As usual, your hero will have an interesting entry. You should land on top of 
a water fountain. Beat up the two thugs, then head left. Now, kick the switch 
on the farthest left side to open the hole below. Use your hook and swing 
across by shooting it at a light, then leap over the newly opened hole. Kick 
the switch right next to the left one, and two thugs should drop into the pit 
below. Don't jump in. Do the same procedure to the right side, except kick the 
rightmost one first, then kick the inner one. Again, two more thugs should 
plummet into the hole. Now, go to the right of the screen to head to the next 
area. This long narrow hallway is full of switches. I solved it by basically 
kicking any switch that didn't turn green, or wasn't initially gray. Kick all 
of them, and defeat all of the thugs in the area (about 8-10) to open the last 
hole in the hall. Once it's open, jump down. A good tip is to hit the switches 
first, and strafe back and forth watching thugs plummet into the opened holes.

The next area places you on a steel platform with some elevating ledges. Fight 
off the two thugs, and swing to each platform using your connecting device. 
You'll reach certain beams which will explode in the center. If this starts to 
happen, quickly shoot your SELECT device to prevent you from plummeting back 
to the room 1 sewers. When it starts to explode, keep hanging, and wait for a 
moving platform on the right side to come towards you. Quickly jump off, and 
sprint to the right edge to reach the Riddler boss. He has a few pesky 
attacks, but in his human form, he'll usually only exhibit a leech attack with 
his staff. Simply overpower him with sticky goo, and reduce his attack power 
using flash/gas pellets. Uppercuts work well when he tries to close in on you.

/Abandoned Subway Station (4.6)/
+ SITUATION: As usual, Two-Face's henchmen have escaped after crashing the
             party, and are believed to be escaping via an old abandoned subway
             station. Unfortunately, the Gotham Police do not want to risk
             lives in the old frail structure that could crumble at any moment.
             Instead, they'd rather wish for a hopeful appearance of Batman and

You'll start off on one of the ends of the Gotham Subway system. Move to your 
right, and take care of the three thugs. You may want to leave the full Batman 
powerup bar (for later), in case you're under heavy attack. Keep moving to the 
right, and you'll have to deal with 5 thugs in total. Nothing exceptionally 
new, although a few Riddler gang members are tossed into the mix. After all 
opponents have been defeated, the door on the right will open up. Head on 
through. In the next room, you'll be forced to face two pairs of two thugs 
each. Once they're dead, head back to the left side, and two powerups will 
drop down. Pick them up, then continue on to the right side. There should be a 
hole in the floor. Fall down it. Your character should land on top of a moving 
subway car. Move to the right side, and continue to deal with the thugs. 
Careful as one of the masked raiders carries molotov cocktails. Be sure to 
avoid them. Once you've made it to the end of the train car, jump up, and you 
should land onto the tracks below.

Be careful though as an electric blue current travels through the rails. 
You'll have to jump over the current each time unless you want to suffer 
damage. There are around 5 total enemies along the tracks. Once you've killed 
them all, a hole will burst open in the tracks. Make sure to leap down. In the 
new area, continue to your left taking out any opponents who dare approach 
you. There are a few powerups along the way, including a few along the track 
lines. Once you reach the far left side, eradicate the remaining thugs, and a 
hole will burst open in the tracks. Jump down. That's it. Fairly simply, eh?

/Wayne Manor Destroyed Batcave (4.7)/
+ SITUATION: Right when you believed you fended off the evil forces that
             scoundrel throughout Gotham City, you receive an emergency alert
             from your home estate. Apparently, Two-Face Thugs have breached
             the defense perimeter of the Batcave, and defense systems have
             been disabled. Return back to your home, and defend it at all

You'll start off in the misty depths of your Batcave. Your precious amounts of 
money are being wasted by pointless thugs. Start off by going left, and taking 
care of the two suited thugs. You may pick up the Batman powerup if you wish, 
or wait till later. Fight off the two riddler enemies, then read the Riddler's 
clue. Suddenly, three thugs will start to approach you. Take care of them, and 
move towards the left side. Take care of the last thug, and two powerups 
should drop from above. You'll also hear an explosion. Return to the center 
portion of the room, and drop down. Now you'll be in the blue-colored Batcave, 
cozy for any flying creature. Move to the left, and take care of the Two-Face 
thugs. Eventually, a metal bridge will be destroyed (because of the Batcave's 
booby trap security). Leap down into the small hole. When you walk past the 
small computers, be very careful. They'll explode when you get within 
proximity. Simply walk towards them, then retreat back to avoid damage. 

Continue forward, dealing with the 5 or so odd thugs that approach you. Make 
your way past the Batmobile. Once you reach the far right side, and have dealt 
with the thugs, walk back to the small gray grate between the Batmobile and 
computer monitors. Press the R trigger + Down to drop down to the secret area 
below. Grab the Two-Face coin, along with the life powerups. Shoot yourself 
back up above. Go to the far left side (against the rock wall where you 
started), and kick the wall in. Head on in. Deal with the lone thug, and grab 
the two powerups on the left side. Now, start to head back to the far right 
side. You'll have to deal with more mysterious thugs appearing out of thin 
air. Once you've killed all the thugs, walk back to the Batmobile. It will 
start to slowly lower down like an elevator. It'll eventually stop, and you'll 
have to fight off 2 Two-Face, and 2 Riddler Enemies. It'll start to lower 

Once it reaches the bottom, walk off to the left side. In the next room, deal 
with the grand total of 4 enemies. You might have to strafe back and forth a 
bit to catch them all. Once they're dead, continue to the left side. This is 
the final battle. It'll mainly consist of 6 mixed thugs from both gangs. 
Nothing you haven't seen before. Just concentrate on using your gadgets to 
isolate the primary threats. After they're all eliminated, the level comes to 
an end!

/Claw Island (4.8)/
+ SITUATION: This is the final battle. Are you ready for it? As you're
             traveling along, you suddenly received an unauthorized message
             from the Riddler. He basically states that he kidnapped your
             girlfriend, Dr. Chase Meridian, and says she is on Claw Island
             with him. Looks like it's going to come down to the wire, eh?

You'll start off on one of the piers to Claw Island. Move on to the right 
side, and take care of the 4-5 thugs. You'll face an odd variety, but they're 
the usual mix from before. Make sure you pick the powerups up along the way. 
The pier will start to lower after all enemies have been defeated. When it 
reaches the bottom, walk to the left until you see a door inside one of the 
pillars. You'll now be sucked in to the next room. Quickly hold down the L 
trigger to block as one of the Riddler thugs quickly drops down from above. 
Two more thugs will drop down from above. Just hold down the block technique 
to ensure no loss of life. Finally, you'll have three more enemies to deal 
with before you can get out of this horrid pit. In the next room, move to your 
right side. Engage the enemies that come near you. Careful though as one of 
the floor panels will explode to reveal spikes. Either leap over it, or 
retreat back when you see the floor explode. You can use your grappling device 
via the roof to swing across. Once you reach the right dead end, continue back 
to your left, and take care of the 2 Riddler Thugs. Once they're dead, swing 
back right, but be careful as more floor panels will explode.

Continue through the right side to proceed to the next area. Keep moving back 
to the far right, and far left areas. You'll have to deal with roughly around 
10-15 thugs. Once you're ready, go to the left side, and look for two handles 
that pop out of the wall. Time it right, and swing up the first and second 
ones. You'll now land on a platform. A Riddler light should turn on. Grab the 
life powerups. Jump down to ground level, and proceed right. Look for two more 
handle bars that pop up, and leap up to take you to the second platform. Grab 
the powerups, and turn on the second Riddler light. Now here comes the tricky 
part. On this second platform, you're going to have to jump, and fall, but 
make sure Batman lands on the top screw. It'll carry you to the platform on 
the far right. Just test the distance of a jump, and try to get Batman 
slightly before the screw. When you hit the third light, more screws will pop 
up. Continue towards the right using the new set of screws. When you swing off 
the second screw, quickly press up to perform a Bat Fly. This should delay you 
long enough to reach the platform on the far right side. Now that the fourth 
light is on, return back to the left side of the room. Go up onto the first 
platform. Then use the third top screw to swing to the left, and bat fly to 
reach the platform on the left. Turn on the fifth light, and grab the stones.

Go back to the first platform, and swing to the right via the two screws. 
Quickly bat fly for a last time to reach the upper top platform, and turn on 
the sixth (final) light. Now it's time to fight some Riddlers! You'll 
basically have to engage two holograms of the Riddler. Sort of like the first 
time you faced him, except more basic forms. Careful though as the hologram 
can conjure up Riddler thugs. Keep moving to the right. The real Riddler is a 
tad more aggressive, and has a few dangerous rolling/magic attacks. Use the 
same roundhouse kick strategy to get maximum range over him. After the three 
enemies are dead, you'll be sucked into a new room. Grab the health bars on 
the ground. Move to the right, and you'll have to kill Two-Face. Concentrate 
on attacking his face as it's his only weakness. The roundhouse kick is 
excellent for slapping him in the face while not taking damage. You'll then 
have to face the Big Riddler! He's sort of like a super pumped-up form with 
bulging muscles. Try to get in close, and perform an uppercut. Keep doing this 
when he rises from the ground. It's a lame strategy, but works well. Just keep 
jumping right before his feet, crouch, and uppercut.

Once that form is dead, the real Riddler will appear. You can use the same 
tactics from before. Quite a joke if you ask me.

   *The game will then show the Batmobile returning to Wayne Manor. We're
    presented with a text message saying that Two-Face has been defeated,
    the Riddler has been placed in Arkham Asylum, and Gotham City saved.
    Batman Forever! That's it. No fancy cutscene. Nothing. Just a low
    budget game that's very hard. Oh well.*

                     ---   [[[  THE END  ]]]   ---


- 5) Codes                 -
Thankfully, Akklaim added a few untinted measurables that allow you to expand 
the gameplay of Batman Forever. While the actual game may be fairly boring or 
flawed, these codes can add some replayability to an older SNES game. The 
following section will detail in-game codes, but no special adapter-like 
codes. I'd like to give credit to:


- for providing these codes.
  ""'\ CHEAT MODE /'""
- Press Left, Up, Left (twice), A, B, Y at the game start screen. If performed 
correctly and fast enough, you'll witness a brief "flash" on the screen. When 
this occurs, select the Normal game mode, and your character. You'll now be 
brought to a black screen with L and S in the center. You can select the level 
by pressing up or down, and the stage (or room) of that level by pressing left 
or right. This cheat also allows selection of all gadgets.

  ""'\ KILL ALL ENEMIES /'""
- Once cheat mode is activated, press START + L + R during gameplay to kill 
all visible enemies on screen. You can press it several times to kill boss 


- 6) Common Questions       -

)) Gameplay ((

<< How does this compare to other Batman games on the SNES? >>

- Well, first of all, there is only one other Batman game for the SNES, and 
that is Batman Returns. Batman Returns is a much better selection over 
Forever. Returns features classic fighting action similar to Final Fight, and 
the actual combat is much more fluent. Batman Forever simply suffers from 
cheap shots, poor hit detection, and just boring gameplay. No offense, but 
Batman Forever is a fairly bad game. Why write a FAQ for it? Because it needs 
one. The better choice is Batman Returns, or perhaps one of the newer Batman 
games available. Also, the Genesis version is nearly identical to the SNES one 
(except for a few graphical changes).

<< Who's better, Batman or Robin? >>

- Quite personally, I'm going to side with Robin on this one. Most people 
would say Batman (like myself), but Robin's extending staff has so many uses. 
The projectile attack is much better than tossing numerous Batarangs. Robin is 
a tad more agile as well.


- 7) Copyright/Distribution/Reproduction Guidelines      -
This FAQ/Strategy Guide/Walkthrough is my own published work, and copyrighted 
by Christopher Zawada. Whatever you do, DO NOT edit this FAQ in any way. DO 
NOT steal anything from this FAQ. If you want to use some information in your 
own guide, simply ask me. If you want to place this guide on your website, 
either link to the GameFAQs game page, or download the file and place it on 
your own web server. Basically, you can post this on your website as long as 
its in ORIGINAL form, and not linking directly to GameFAQs. Aside from that, 
all proper credit is due when necessary. Also, don't even think about selling 
FAQs. Trying to prosper off of other people's work will get you in big time 
trouble (coming from an eBay seller myself).

This is a list of the current known sites that host my FAQs:

- http://www.gamefaqs.com/
- http://www.ign.com/
- http://www.neoseeker.com/
- http://www.cheatcc.com/ 
- http://www.cheatplanet.com/


- 8) Proper Credit        -
I'd like to thank the following people for their help in making this FAQ 

)) CJayC (( for constantly updating GameFAQs, and dedicating his entire life 
to it. Takes a lot of effort to keep a site going this long.

)) Gamewinners.com (( for providing the codes for this game. Always a solid 
resource when it comes to cheats.

)) Akklaim (( for producing a fairly wasteful game. It's not to say that 
Batman Forever is bad, it just suffers from a low budget, and poor design. The 
lackluster ending, flawed hit detection, and other various elements come into 

)) World Of Nintendo (( for providing an online text version of the Batman 
Forever manual. This was very helpful in getting some background information 
for the game.

  "Some people make sacrifices to make other people happy." - Chris Zawada