Hints and Tips by Anonymous

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Brandish begins with Varik falling into Ruins Area 1. There 
are forty-five dungeons divided into fours major sections:  
RUINS AREA, TOWER, CAVE, and FORTRESS. Your goal is to find 
your way out of the intricate maze by fighting monsters, 
discovering hidden treasures, and solving riddles in order 
to return to civilization.

* To make the game easier to play, change the walking 
pattern of Varik to "Rotate" (see Configuration: L/R Key 
in the manual).  

* Rest periodically to increase your HP by pressing the LEFT 
and RIGHT Button on the controller, simultaneously.

* When you enter a shop, sell your gold bars to accumulate 
more wealth. This will allow you to buy stronger shields, 
weapons and magic. NOTE:  Selling combined gold bars will 
be more profitable, because they accrue interest.

* Use limitless weapons as your main weapons.  Save the 
stronger weapons for encounters with Boss monsters.

* Alter the Game Speed (see Configuration in the manual) to 
help you get through certain rooms or to defend yourself 
from difficult monsters.

* When your Level, Arm Strength, Magic Endurance, or 
Knowledge increases throughout the game, it is a good idea 
to save that information (see Save under Options Menu in 
the manual).

* Rooms that have several monsters is a clue that they are 
guarding precious treasures. Don't avoid them, challenge 
yourself, Varik! By attacking certain monsters, you will 
be able to find additional treasures, passageways or 
increase your arm strength. 

* Warp Zones are areas that transport you to a different 
part of the map. Some are tricky so it is a good idea to 
look for switches to control the Warp Zones, buy some Warp 
Magic at a Magic Shop, or refer to the map frequently to 
confirm where you are.

* When you advance to areas with several monsters, it is a 
good idea to close the door behind you to protect 

* To defend against monsters who attack from far away, such 
as the Archer, Coelacanth, Black Magic and Gargoyle, it is 
best to corner them against a wall and render them 

There are floor and wall switches which will open doors. Be 
sure to look all around you for plaques, decaying walls, 
doors and switches. But be careful where you step because 
you may fall down to the Basement! Items in treasure 
chests, such as sledgehammers and keys, will be very useful 
on this floor.

On this floor, you will have an unexpected encounter with 
Alexis. To get passed the rolling rock, shield yourself 
from shooting arrows and walk over all the switches except 
for the last switch (the second to the last switch triggers 
the rolling rock). When the rock begins to roll towards 
you, run backwards and hide in the cubbyhole on the right 
side of wall.  

In the last room of Ruins Area 5, you must flip the switches 
appropriately in order to stop the bars and create an easy 
passageway in the next room. It may help if you slow the 
speed of the game when positioning these bars.  If you can 
get through this room, you can succeed to floor 6!

This floor is all Warp Zones. It is a good idea to refer to 
the map frequently and take notes. Be sure to walk all 
around the rooms because Warp Zones may be hidden. There 
are no monsters on this floor. 

This is the final and most challenging floor of the Ruins 
Area. There is a Warp Zone in the beginning of this floor, 
so good luck getting through!  Talk to the Ghost of a Girl 
to get information. In order to receive a key and proceed 
to the tower, you must defeat the Wizard in the last room.  
It is best to keep your back against a wall, use your shield 
for protection, and attack with your strongest sword. NOTE:  
Only one wizard is real, the other two are imaginary. You 
must kill the real wizard in order to proceed.

When you move to the Foot of the Tower, you must defeat the 
Giant Crab to receive a key. This key will only take you so 
far before you will need to return to Ruins Area 10.  Talk 
to the Ghost of a Girl and she will give you a token of her 
thanks. Be sure to look at doors before you touch them on 
this floor.
* In general, after you talk with someone on a particular 
floor, it is a good idea to go back and talk to them 
later, and you will receive more information or treasures.  

A Goblin will give you some insightful information for 5000 
gold pieces. Be careful of what may be behind certain 

Talk to the Imprisoned Woman and try to help her find her 
boyfriend. This will require you to go down a floor to 
search for him, but she will give you a treasure.  

In the room with the four pillars, beware of the switch in 
the middle of the room that will release four Headless 
monsters. Use Invisibility Potion to fight them.  If you 
are strong enough to challenge them, you may find some extra 

You will have the chance to meet another warrior named Gadie 
in the "Southeast Room". In order to figure out the floor 
switches, read the plaque on the wall and remember where you 
met Gadie.

To kill the Rakshahsas, use Invisibility Potion and attack 
when they are not looking.

The Nicksy will ask you to help the people in the cave by 
getting the water to flow again. If you help them out, the 
Nicksy will give you a token of her thanks.  

You will need to search hard for switches to allow you to 
cross the water. Touch stone plaques and keep some extra 
gold bars on hand for when you get stranded.

Keep some Invisibility Potion on hand to help you fight 

On the perimeter of this floor, there are many crumbling 
walls which will lead you to secret passageways. To get to 
other sections of the maze, you must return to Cave B4 and 
go to the stairway in that area. If you are strong enough 
to kill the Iron Knight (the monster with the highest 
Defense Strength), you will receive a reward.

Don't be afraid to fall into the large hole, it could lead 
you to new places.

Be sure to check the walls around you, it may help you get 
to other parts of the maze. There is a special order to 
opening and closing the 10 treasure chests. You must defeat 
the Ninja before moving onto the Dark Zone. It is best to 
attack from far away using Barrier Magic or the Ring of 
Anger, and attack up close with the Sword of Flames. You 
may have to slow the speed of the game.

Follow the monsters to lead you through the maze. Use the 
magnifying glass or steel balls to check areas in front of 
you. It is best to kill the Tatsujin with Fire Magic.

Take off your shield of darkness in the Fortress. When 
defending yourself from the Manticore in the room with all 
of the treasure chests, use Heal Magic and your strongest 
sword. In the large room with switches around the 
periphery, there is a post that remains constant to the 
southwest of the warp zone. Face north and touch the post.  

When you touch the Green-eyed Wall, beware of the Erase Eye 
who will confuse you by erasing parts of the map. It's a 
good idea to discover most of the maze before touching the 
wall and setting this monster free. 

Read all the plaques on this floor to get extra hints. To 
get through the room with all the switches, you must begin 
in front of the right switch and then use the code which was 
on the plaque in the room below (L=turn left, R=turn right, 
J=jump and F=forward). When you flip all 5 switches in the 
final room and the Warp Zone maze, one path will open up and 
lead you to an exit.

Use Heal Magic before jumping into holes. Watch out for 
evil imitation treasure chests, that can kill you. Try 
jumping over them.

FORTRESS 5, 6, 7
You will need to do a lot of traveling between these floors 
before succeeding to the Backbone level.  

Kill the Bezalhydra to get a hold of a powerful sword and 
key which will bring you victory.

Congratulations, you've made it to the final stage! To get 
past the last room, use the Planet Buster sword, Star Shield 
and all of your power to kill the final monster, King 
Berebus. It may help to slow the game speed in this room.  
Good job, Varik!