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"The Man Of Steel Comes To Save The Day On The Snes"

I can remember when I went to Blockbuster and I saw this game. The moment I saw it, it caught my attention. Well, I decided I'd write a review for it.

CONTROLS: The controls are easy enough to handle once you learn what everything does. Up moves you up, down moved you down, and so forth. B lets you jump, press twice fast to fly, Y to punch, X to do the Special, etc. The controls aren't complex like some games, especially by today's standards.

Replay: Once you beat the game once, you probably won't catch yourself playing it again for a while. The first time through, it's pretty fun. But, once you beat it, it gets kind of boring after a while. It will be a while before I play this again. This is just one of those games that once you beat it, it just kind of loses it a lot of its fun factor.

Ending: For what you have to go through, the ending was a little disappointing. I think the game designers could have created a heck of a lot more better ending than what they give us. For those of you who have beat it, you know what I mean.

Characters: The characters in the game were good, they needed to go a little deeper into them, but, they were good. The only problem I have is how one of the characters you play is a good guy when you play him, but for some reason turns evil with no explanation as to why whatsoever. Even though Superman is the title character, you play him in 3 out of 10 levels.

Music: Not the best in the world, but, I've heard a lot worse.

Graphics: The graphics are ok, but, I've seen better. The lighting and darkness in the game is pretty good though.

Story line: The story line can confuse you a little. One minute, you're in the streets of Metropolis fighting gangs. Next you're trying to destroy a really huge missile. Then you find yourself in some kind of factory run by Kryptonite. Where they found that really large amount, I'll never know.

Totally, I give it a 7 out of 10. Not the worst game I've ever played, but, not the best either.

Reviewer's Score: 7/10 | Originally Posted: 01/14/02, Updated 01/14/02

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