FAQ/Walkthrough by LadyPiri

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                      EARTHBOUND FAQ v 1.0

Written by: GWS Mara
Date: 08/6/95

Thanks to:  Everyone who E-mailed me asking for a FAQ for the game..seems 
            the guide can get lost! :)
            To Nintendo and APE....who made a fun and lovable RPG game for 
            RPG gamer's of all ages...and for including the book that 
            helped me write this! :)




Since you have this FAQ...you won't be needing the services of the HINT 
MAN you will find in various towns. Don't waste your money on him..he's
expensive and will tell you no more then what I am telling you here. You
will need even that $30 for items and stuff!

1)  After the meteor crashes, go outside and find Pokey at the crash site. 
    Talk to him, then return home. 
2)  After Pokey knocks on your door let him in and talk to him. Talk to 
    your mom who will tell you to get the cracked bat in Tracy's Room. Go
    back downstairs.
3)  Talk to your dog and get him to join you. On your way out of the house,
    the phone will ring. Go over and answer it. It's your dad. Talk to him,
    then hang up. Call him right back and save your game. Then leave the
4)  Go back to the Meteor crash site. Your dog will leave you and you'll 
    see Picky sitting by the tree. Wake him up and he will join you and 
    Pokey so they can return home. Walk past the meteor and Picky will ask
    you if you hear a buzzing noise. Even if you dont, say yes and you will
    then see a shaft of light come out of the meteor. Now your about to 
    meet Buzz Buzz!
5)  Talk to Buzz Buzz. He will tell you that he is not a bee, but a being 
    from 10 years in the future. He will tell you about Gigyas and how he
    believes Ness in the one who can save the future..along with 2 other
    boys and a girl. After his speech..head back down to take the boys back
    to thier house. Before you get there however..you will confront the
    Starman Jr., another being sent back by Gigyas to kill Buzz Buzz. You
    should by this time be atleast level 3 or 4 and with Buzz Buzz along,
    the fight will be very easy and very quick. Defeat him and Buzz Buzz
    will tell you how you must now on your guard for Giygas in already 
    beginning to influence the mind of people and animals. Now it's time to
    take the boys home. Thier house is to the left of Ness's house. 
6)  Go inside and talk to their dad. Go thru the scenes with thier dad and
    mom. Buzz Buzz will at one point land on thier mom's head and she will
    swat it thinking it's a dung beetle. When Buzz Buzz lands on the floor,
    go over and talk to him. Hear his dying words, find out about the "Your
    Sanctuary" places..8 in all..and receive the sound stone. This will
    record the sanctuary melodies. He will tell you the first one is right
    here in Onett, called Giant Step. So it's off you go to find it. Go
    outside and it will become daylight. Walk to the right of the house, 
    past Ness's house to find the path into town..that's where you are now
7)  When you first get to town, stop and the first building, the library,
    and talk to the lady at the desk. Get the area map from her..it will
    come in handy! Continue into town and visit the various buildings. Also
    if you go just to the left of the library, you will see a boy hanging
    around some trees. Talk to him and then go into the space in the trees
    and go up to find a secret hideout..one of the boys there will give you
    a Mr. Baseball cap for free!
8)  Stop at the drugstore and pick up the Tee Ball bat for $48. If you need
    more cash..remember to call dad! You wont have enough yet for the Cheap
    Bracelet, but you will soon so dont forget they sell it. Go back out 
    and head towards the bottom of town. You should come to an arcade at 
    one point, with some guys in black roaming around. Be wary of them at
    level 3 or 4..they can hurt! If you used your extra money for the 
    moment and picked up some hamburger's at the burger shop, you should be
    okay. Fight only about 1 or 2 at this point, then go back and call dad
    from the hotel and also stay a night if you have to. The fee isn't too
    bad at $35 a night. When you get to about level 5 you should be okay,
    but keep building levels till you are around level 7 before attempting
    to fight Frank inside. Also, dont forget, as soon as you get the $98, 
    make sure to go back to the drugstore and pick up that Cheap Bracelet..
    you will need it! By level 7, you should be able to defeat him and
    Frankystein Mark II with no problem and little healing. Once you defeat
    Frank he will tell you to go to Mayor Pirkle who will give you a key
    to get into the entertainer's shack at the north end of town.
9)  Once you have the key and get to the shack, open it up, but dont go in
    just yet. Talk to the hobos outside, one of then will give you a travel
    charm! Equip it right away...and dont forget to before you enter the 
    cave, make sure you have saved your game back at the drugstore with
10) Go inside the caves..and make sure you have as many hamburgers as you
    can carry on you..and follow the paths and ropes up thru the caves.
    Watch the mice..they can cause a nasty bite! The slugs are easy, but a
    pain cause they attack in pairs, and the black ants can also take a 
    chunk out. Dont use any PP points at this time..you will need them!
    If you aren't around level 11 when you get to the shining spot..dont
    attempt to fight yet. If you have to, go back down and walk around the
    caves more...even go back out of them and go back to the hotel to rest
    if you need to. Once you are at level 11, you should have no problem
    with the Titanic Ant and his cohorts. Throw 3 PSI "favorites" at them,
    and that should take care of them easily. Go past them when you defeat
    them to find Giant Step and record the melody on your sound stone.
11) Go back outside the cave and talk to the police man. No matter what 
    you tell him, he will tell you to go to the police station so it's off
    you go. Stop by and stock up on burgers if you need to, and hit the
    hotel too if needed before hitting the police station. If your at 
    level 13 when you get there..the police force will be easy. Talk to
    the police man on the left and he will ask to fight you. Again, at
    level 13 you should have no trouble. When you defeat the last officer,
    he will open the road to Twoson for you, so it's off you go. If you 
    did spend the night in the hotel, you would have received a psychic
    message from Paula asking for your help. Keeping her in mind you are
    ready to travel the road out of town. One the way out you'll see a 
    house. If you dont have room in your inventory, dont worry about 
    stopping here yet and getting the exit mouse. You wont need him at all
    at this point.


1)  When you first get to Twoson you can check out your area map to see 
    where things are. If you got spored on the way into town by the 
    mushrooms, head straight for the hospital. If you're okay, then you 
    can explore the town. There will be a department store that you can 
    call dad from and also pick up a better weapon, the slingshot. It's 
    an $89 investment, but well worth it. There's also various other shops
    you can check out too. Now though isn't time for shopping. Walk around
    and you'll come to Burglin Park. Walk and an head to the back where 
    you will meet and fight Mr. Everdred. You should be around level 14 by
    now, and he should be no trouble. Defeat him and he will give you a 
    clue about what happened to Paula..seems she has been kidnapped by 
    some unsavory characters and taken to Happy Happy Village.
2)  Before you start heading out though, first go down to the Apple Kid's 
    house and give him some food and $200. It seems like a lot but it will
    be well worth the investment! On the way out, talk to the mouse at the
    door and get the phone from him..you'll need it!
3)  You should also pitstop at the PolarStar Preschool before heading out,
    in Paula's room upstairs you'll find a box with a teddy bear inside. 
    When your ready, head to the right of the bus station and thru the 
    cave to the east. You'll come out in Peaceful Rest Valley. Start 
    walking to the north past a broken bridge. Eventually you'll get to a
    place with a wierd pencial shaped object. (use your check command to 
    examine it). Since you cant go further, head back to Twoson. As soon
    as you get out your phone will ring. (press "A" button to answer it).
    It will be Apple Kid telling you to come over right away. Dont bother
    checking his house, he's taking a rest in the park. Get the Pencil
    eraser from him and head back to the valley.
4)  Remove the pencil statue (use the pencil eraser like you would a
    hamburger), and continue thru the valley. Watch the oak trees for they
    can blow up in your face. If you catch a cold, use your PSI Heal. 
    Follow the paths around and you'll eventually get to the cave that 
    will take you to Happy Happy Village.
5)  Your first order of business will be to head to the cave entrance at 
    the top of town. Follow it till you come out at the house you saw from
    the valley. Go inside and making sure you have an empty slot in your
    goods, talk to Paula. She will give you the Franklin Badge which will
    help you defeat Mr. Carpainter. Before you can go back to town though,
    when you leave the house your old "friend" Pokey will be waiting for 
    you with a few of his pals. They should be no trouble for you and you 
    can defeat them easily. Then go back to town and fight any and all
    blue cult guys you see around. They give lot's of experience and you
    will need it. You can also check out the other places in the village.
    See the tips section on how you can also build up a few thousand 
    dollars easily while fighting the cult guys! If you need to, there is
    a phone in the drugstore and when you have enough money, pick up some
    more weapons and stuff. 
6)  When you're around level 20 to 21, head into the cult building. Talk 
    to the fast moving blue guys to get them to move out of your way. Work 
    your way over to the back door and go past the guy at the desk there. 
    You'll find Carpainter at the top of the steps. Talk to him and say you 
    dont want to be his right hand man. When you are done fighting him, he 
    will tell you about the Mani Mani Statue and give you the jail key. Go back
    and rescue Paula. For now, she's limited in weapons, but take her past
    the drugstore and get her equipped and stock up. Save with dad, then
    head to the cave you saw in town while walking around. 
7)  The monster's here are tough but give a lot of experience so Paula 
    will level fast. Stay close to the entrance and keep going back in and 
    out to fight the weaker of the monsters near there. When Ness is around
    level 25 and Paula is around level 19 it's time to head out to meet the
    next shining spot. Dont worry if Paula falls in battle, once you go to
    to melody area she'll be revived, but try to keep her alive if only so
    she can get the major experience from the enemy. Defeat the enemy and
    go record the melody of Lilliput Steps. On the way back through the 
    cave, again it's a good time to surprize enemies and gain more money
    and experience...never pass up the chances you get after defeating the
    shining spots!
8)  Take Paula back to Twoson and the PoleStar Preschool. Talk to her dad
    and then it's time for you both to head onward. Go back and talk to
    Mr. Everdred, get the wad of bills and head to the theater. Talk to 
    the band members outside, one of them will give you a ticket to get
    in. Go inside where the stage is and find the little girl in pink near
    the back door. She will take you in to meet the band. Talk to them and
    you'll find they are in trouble again and need $10,000 to get out of 
    it...and you just happen to have the wad of bills! See the show and 
    then go talk to the manager. Give (use) the wad of bills and the band
    will be free to leave. They will offer you a ride to Threed...so catch
    a ride with them. Now it's off you go to Threed!

1)  After the band lets you off in Threed, your first stop should be the 
    drugstore. You will be able to pick up a few things to help you out.
    Then head on over to the left graveyard and follow the pathway around
    till you see the two Zombie guards. Go up to them and they will stare
    into your soul. Leave there and go to the hotel. Outside you will see
    a strange woman. Follow her into the hotel and to the room she leads
    you to.
2)  Inside the room, you will be attacked by ghosts and zombies. When you 
    wake up, you and Paula will be locked in a room. Go to the door and 
    try to leave and Paula will then put out a psychic call to Jeff, your
    next friend who will help you. 
3)  The scene now shifts to Winters where Jeff is sleeping in bed. Get up 
    and start for the door. Jeff's friend Tony will stop him first and 
    will join up with him. Head downstairs (dont go to the room with all
    the packages yet!) and go into the first room. Get the bad key from 
    Dr. Maxwell and go into the next room. Try to use the key..it doesn't
    fit! Go back and talk with Dr. Maxwell, he will give you his latest
    invention the Bad Key Machine. Now go back and open the lockers. When
    you're done, go back upstairs and get the boxes. You can drop the 
    ruler and protractor..they are worthless and you will only be able to
    sell them for $1 so the cookies are much more important! When you are
    equipped and ready, head out of the school. Tony will assist in your
    escape. Walk to the right to come to the drugstore. If you dont have
    any open spots (and you shouldn't) now's the time to sell something..
    You're best bet is to sell off one cookie for now...you can sell the
    bottle rocket he's got, but I wouldn't...it will come in handy soon!
    Talk to the girl in the corner near the phone and buy the pack of gum.
    Get the bubble monkey to join you by giving him (useing) a piece of
    gum. Now it's time to start Jeff's journey!
4)  Head to the left along the winding paths until you reach the lakeside.
    Talk to the watchers there. Go inside the far left tent to sleep. By
    now Jeff should be at a level he can start fixing things too and will
    do so during the night. When morning comes, find the phone tent and 
    save the game with Dr. Maxwell. Go to the part of the lake where you
    see the brown dirt patch. The monkey will ask for a piece of gum and
    Tessie will appear. Ride on Tessie to get to the other part of the 
5)  When you get off Tessie, head south till you come to the cave
    entrance. Go thru the maze inside. The monsters aren't too tough, just
    watch for the mouse's biting attacks! Save the game when you get to 
    the phone at the end. Go outside and talk to BrickRoad then head west.
    Go thru the Pond Cave.
6)  Inside the cave you'll come to a point where you will see a rope out
    of your reach. Give the monkey some gum to get the rope. For now, dont
    bother with the shining spot..only Ness can fight it. Continue out and
    you will be at Stonehenge. The monkey takes off after a pretty female
    monkey and you'll be on your own. Try to avoid the cave men and bears,
    but if you are around level 6 or so you shouldn't have too much of a
    hard time. When you run out of cookies or healing items, time to head
    out to the lab. Talk to Dr. Andonughts, Jeff's dad, and he'll tell 
    you about the Sky Runner. If you arent' around level 12 or 13 yet, use
    the Instant Revitalizer (use check to work it) and heal yourself. Go
    back out and fight a few more cave men and bears till you reach
    atleast level 13. Then head back to the lab and get the Sky Runner.
7)  Activate the runner by pressing "A" and it will take off to Threed. 
    When it locates Ness and Paula, it will crash down into the ground. 
    Jeff then joins up with you. Use the Bad Key Machine to get out and 
    go back outside. Stop again at the drugstore and the illegal arms
    dealer in back of the store to get better weapons, etc for Jeff. Save
    the game, then head to the south of town.
8)  Find the tent south of town and it will turn into a monster tent. You
    should have Ness at lvl.26, Paula at 25 and Jeff at 13. Use PSI Fire
    against the Boogey Tent and if Jeff got some rockets or bombs too. 
    Defeat the tent to get the Fly Honey. Head back towards the other tent
    and talk to the people inside, then head towards the hotel. At one 
    point, Apple Kid will call you and have his new invention delievered 
    to you via the pizza man..Zombie Paper! Go back to the tent and (use)
    the paper. Go to the hotel and sleep and during the night the paper 
    will capture the zombies. The back area in the left graveyard is now
    clear for you to enter it..so it's off you go!
9)  The passages are very to the point and along the way stop at the two
    coffins to pick up some stuff you'll need. Just as you are about to 
    leave though, Barf Jr. attacks you. He's not that tough if you Ness
    is at lvl. 27, Paula at lvl 21 and Jeff at 16...and PSI Fire should 
    work nicely. Exit the cave and you'll see a man there. Talk to
    him to find out about Saturn Valley Village. Continue north thru the
    valley. The armoured frogs are easy if Paula uses her PSI Freeze and 
    same on the crocks you'll meet there. It's not too long a trip north 
    and there are 2 gift boxes you'll want to stop and pick up. 
10) Find the cave entrance and take the short walk inside..at the other
    end you'll find Saturn Valley Village.

1)  Saturn Valley offers the best in hospitality! Take full advantage of
    the medical services if you need to get rid of any unwanted ghosts or
    for anything else. Also dont pass up a chance to stay the night at a 
    free inn! Saturn Valley Village isn't too big so talk to everyone you
    meet. Go up the left most ladder to the cave there and talk to all
    Mr. Saturns. One of them will give you an important password and
    instructions for the falls! Keep going up and you'll come to the items
    shop. It sports a phone, atm and you can pick up some great items too!
2)  When you're ready, save your game and head on out to Grapefruit falls.
    Walk behind the falls and wait the 3 minutes that you were told to by
    the Mr. Saturn. When the guy comes back you'll be let inside. 
3)  The corridors inside are pretty easy. Make sure to check each ladder 
    and door though! One of the rooms will sport a never leaving magic
    butterfly..so all you need to do is leave and reenter to catch it. Try
    to fight as many Fobbies as you can..they are very easy and give LOTS 
    of experience! Not to mention if Paula is running short of PP, she can
    use her PSI Magnet on these guys for quite a bit PP back! When you are
    around (and from here on out to make this easy...I'll list the levels
    in this order...Ness/Paula/Jeff/Poo  or for example...4/3/2/1 okay?)
    so at these levels 27/21/16 you should be ready to fight Master Belch.
4)  When you first encounter Master Belch, make sure to give him the Fly
    honey jar you won from the tent in Threed. After about 1 or 2 rounds,
    Belch will be too busy eating the honey to fight you other then maybe
    on occasional belch your way. Use Paula's PSI Fire on this guy and the
    fight wont take long. Defeat him and head out the back passage. 
5)  When you get out you'll be back in Saturn Valley. Go into the hot
    springs and clean up. Stay in the springs till its says you're healed.
    Now it's time to head to the cave entrance just in back of the spring.
    If you need to stock up again or atleast save your game, now's the 
    time! When you're ready, head to the cave. If the mushrooms get you
    spored, just head back to the spring for healing. Eventually, you'll
    be able to get thru the caves without getting spored. When you do, 
    level up to 32/29/27 before you attack the shining spot. The sprout
    is tough, but Ness's PSI "Favorite" and Paula's PSI Fire on the back
    row should help you out. Defeat the Trillionage Sprout and get the
    next melody of the Milky Well. Head back to Saturn Valley, save, then
    head back to Threed.
6)  When you get back to Threed, the sun is shining and all is returned to
    normal. The buses are back to running, so it's time to head back to 
    the bus stop. It's $6 to catch the bus, but well worth it. Catch the
    bus and you'll be headed out to the desert now. (Make sure when you 
    go to get the bus, you read the sign on the side of the street where
    the tent is, not the hotel. That's the one that will take you to the
    desert and Fourside!)
7)  Along the way the bus will run into a traffic jam and you'll be booted
    off the bus. Go into the drugstore and pick up a few things, then head
    out into the desert. If you get sunstroke, either use the wet towels 
    or have Ness use his PSI Heal B. Note the monkey cave north of the 
    drugstore (and NO they dont sell drugs..why they say drugs on the sign
    I still dont know!). Along the desert edges you'll find some gift
    boxes. In the middle of the desert, you'll come across some odd things
    like some sunbathers and even an oasis sporting another gift box. You 
    will also come across two sesame seeds..a black one and a white one.
    Find and talk to the white one first, then the black one and see the
    reactions from them! Also along the way you'll find a contact lens and
    a sign. Read the sign to find out what to do with the lens. Make your
    way east and you'll come across a house. Talk to the miner and give
    him some food...it will turn out to be a worthwhile endevor! Go inside
    where you can spend the night free and call home. Now it's time to 
    continue on to Fourside..it's up to you if you want to take the bus or
    not, but the walk isn't to bad for the young kids!

1)  When you first arrive in Fourside, your first stop should be to go see
    Pokey. He will be in the Monotoli Building, just take the elevator up.
2)  After he kicks you out, go check out the theater, you're old friends,
    the Runaway Five are playing there. Buy the show ticket and first go
    see the manager. She will tell you that the band is again in trouble
    and that this time they owe her quite a bit of money. Oh well...not 
    much you can do for them at this point, but go talk to them inside and
    atleast catch thier show.
3)  If you plan on exploring the town, you wont find to much right now.
    The department store is still waiting for the grand opening so getting
    better weapons, etc is out for now. You will find a street salesman,
    but all he offers are some broken items, but Jeff might be interested
    in them for later. Dont forget to take the contact lens you found to 
    the 2nd floor of the bakery either, the guy there will give you quite
    an odd item for it!
4)  Once you're done looking around, head back to the desert. Go back to
    where the miner was and now you'll find he's dug a huge hole. Go 
    get some rest and save inside the house if you need to first, then 
    head into the hole. Talk to the miner and you'll find out about the 
    monsters he's found, and the moles! The paths are pretty twisty, and 
    without the map in the book it's hard to find everything, but with 
    some patience it can be done (just so you know, when I was playing the
    game to write this I didn't use the maps if I could help it so I too
    could see if without them I could find everything, and eventually, I 
    did find all 5 moles). Inside you will also find an exit mouse so take
    it along for safety. When you get to the mole who says "you fought the
    1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th strongest of us" or something like that, you will
    know you met the last mole and are ready to leave. If you still have
    the exit mouse when you defeat him, use it now! 
5)  Go back outside and talk to the miner. He will be so happy to have the
    moles gone and that he can get back to work. Head back to Fourside and
    along the way his brother George will stop you. Though they didnt find
    gold, he did find something even more valuable..a diamond! 
6)  Head back to Fourside and the theater. Give the manager the diamond 
    and she will be more then happy to let the band go. Say goodbye and
    head outside. If you walk around a bit, you'll notice the department 
    store finally opened up. Go in and pick up some weapons, but dont 
    bother getting anything for Paula just yet. If there's anything you
    dont need, either give it to her or call Escargo Express to come get
    it. Right now you need to stock up on good armor and weapons and also
    healing items. The Double burgers they sell are your best bet.
7)  On your way out, the lights will go out in the store and Paula will go
    missing. If Ness is around lvl.38 and Jeff is around lvl.33 or higher,
    you wont have too much trouble to get through the store. Work your way
    up to the fourth floor and you'll find the Dept. Store Spook. If Jeff
    kept any of his rockets, and a few of Ness's PSI "Fav" then he should
    be no trouble. Defeat him and you still wont find Paula though, but
    you'll get a clue as to where she is. But you're not ready to find her
8)  Go outside and go to the cafe you may have spotted when walking around
    town (It's near the hospital). Go inside and talk to the lady standing
    next to the wall. Then go back outside. Make sure you have some food
    on you and talk to the hobo on the right. For the food, he'll give you
    his spot. You'll find Mr.Everdred in the alleyway. Talk to him and he
    will tell you to look behind the counter in the cafe. Go back inside
    and "check" the wall behind the counter. All of a sudden you are 
    transported to another place!
9)  Things look awful weird in this place. This is Moonside. Though not 
    very big and doesn't have too much to offer, the main thing you will
    find here is the Mani Mani statue you've been looking for. If you want
    to stay at the hotel, or do anything else in town, say NO instead of
    yes. To get to the statue there's a few things you have to do first, 
    here's what you have to do. First talk to the "warp man" near the 
    hotel (if you dont know which one it is, talk to everyone, you really
    cant miss him!). He will warp you right next to the building that has
    the statue, but the guard wont let you pass. Go back up to the "warp
    man" by the hotel and talk to him again. This time you are warped 
    somewhere else. Keep talking to the warp men, and you'll get to a room
    with a "Mr T" looking guy in it. Talk to him, then talk to the shadow 
    you'll see in the room. Talk to the "Mr T" to get out of the room. You
    will find yourself in one of the hotel rooms and on your way out, the
    "shadow" guy will start talking to you and sorta join you. Along the
    way you realize that this is the guy that the guard was talking about,
    so head back to the guard. When the guard sees him, he will take off,
    leaving you access to the statue. To fight the statue, "check" it.
    If Ness is around lvl 40, and Jeff at lvl. 34, you shouldn't have any
    trouble at all. Again, have Ness use his PSI "Fav" and Jeff either his
    rockets if he's got any or just have him shoot it. It wont take too
    long to defeat it. When you do, you'll be back at the cafe in Fourside
    in a room. 
10) Go outside and Apple Kid will give you a call telling you about his 
    new invention, the Gourmet Yogurt Machine. However, it only makes 
    trout flavored yogurt right now. He says he's going to send it via
    Escargo Express. Right after you hang up, a maid from the Monotoli
    Bldg will come up to you and ask you for the yogurt, and when you get
    it to bring it to her at the building. Also you'll be approached by 
    a monkey that seems to come out of nowhere. He'll tell you the Tarah
    Rama is done fasting and wants to talk to you, then takes back off.
    The delivery man also comes your way, and you find that the package he
    seemingly dropped into a hole in the desert. Seems it's back to the
    desert you go.  
11) Take the bus back to the desert and go to that hole just north of the
    drugstore. Go down, but bring a skip sandwich, a wet towel and the 
    pencil eraser machine with you or you wont get very far. Everything
    else you will need you will find in the caves. There a mazes of
    passages in there, but eventually you'll wind up in a cave with the
    pencil statue that you have to erase. Beyond that is Tarah Rama. Talk
    to him and you will get the yogurt machine. He will also have you 
    follow a monkey outside who will teach Ness his first Teleport A spell.
    Use this to go back to Fourside. Go back to the Monoteli building. The
    maid will be outside and will take your yogurt machine. Follow her in
    and take the first elevator upstairs, then go to the other elevator
    and take that one. If you Ness is around lvl. 41 and Jeff is around
    lvl. 35 you shouldn't have too much trouble here. Find your way to the
    place where the clumsy machine is and start fighting it. Have Ness 
    heal and keep pounding on it, eventually, some people will run into the
    room and shut the thing off. You find the Runaway Five at the rescue.
    Go in the next room to find Paula. When you think you can leave by
    helicopter, Pokey takes it so go back outside and talk to the Runaway
    Five again. They will offer to take you back to Threed. 
12) Go back there and find the Sky Runner. Take it back to the Lab back in 
    Winters. Now that you have Ness, you are ready to go back to where the 
    shining spot is. If Ness is lvl. 43, Paula is lvl. 36 and Jeff is 
    lvl.37, you should be able to get Shroom pretty easy. Have Paula cast 
    a few PSI "Fire" and if you need to have Ness cast a PSI "Fav" and it 
    should be easy. Go back to the lab and take the Sky Runner now to 
    Summers, the resort beach town.

1)  When you first arrive the Sky Runner will once again crash, only this
    time it's a goner. Explore the town a bit. Things are very expensive
    in this town, so buy what you can. When you have worked your way over
    to the docks area, find a house where inside a man will give you the
    phone number for the Stoic Club. Seems this is the exclusive club that
    the captain's wife hangs in and you need to see her in order to cross
    the ocean. 
2)  Call the club and then go there. Talk to everyone and then talk to the
    lady by the door. She will ask you if you would like a "magic cake". 
    She will tell you to stop by a little cart outside, so outside you go.
    Get the magic cake from her and you will be in a "dreamlike" screen.
    You are being transported to Dalaam.
3)  When the scene shifts, you are now a prince in an eastern country. This
    is Dalaam. Talk to the guy and he will tell you to go to Mu and do
    your "training". Walk around the village and then go to the left hand
    side at the bottom. This will be Mu. Climb up the rope and begin your
4)  You will be tested right away, a person will tell you that you need to
    return to the palace. Dont listen! Stay where you are and this big
    ghostlike thing will appear. Say "YES" to everything he wants to do to
    you. Dont worry that you will lose all your HP, you wont die. When you
    allow him to do everything, you have passed the test. Go back to the
    palace and talk to the guy near the throne. He will teach Poo the 
    Teleport B spell and you will be transported back to Summers and Ness
    and the group. Now Poo joins you!
5)  Go to the Museum now and pay the money to get in. Find the guy on the 
    top floor. Give him Poo's ruby and follow him inside. Fight the monsters
    and then get ready to leave. Before you do though, the guy should give
    you a Hiroglyph Copy. You will need this soon so dont get rid of it!
    Go back out and you'll see the museum phone ringing. It will be a Mr.
    Spoon at the Fourside Museum. Have Poo use his Teleport B to get you
    back there.
6)  Go to the museum and pay the money to get inside. Talk to the guy 
    blocking the doorway. He will tell you about something strange he found
    but he wont let you in till you get an autograph of Venus at the 
7)  Buy a ticket and go inside. Venus will be in the same room the Runaway
    Five were in earlier. Get her autograph and see the show, then return
    to the museum. Give the guy the signed peel and he will let you in.
    Inside you will see a manhole cover. Go down it. If you are (and now
    it will be in this order Ness/Paula/Jeff/Poo), 48/39/40/29 this place
    shouldn't be too hard. Watch out for the ghosts for they can possess
    you. PSI "Freeze" works nicely on them. You will also find a room with
    a magic butterfly along the way...so you can use a few PSI's if needed.
    Follow the sewers around till you get to the shining spot. The Plague
    Rat of Doom doesn't like either PSI "Fire" or "Flash" to much, so use
    those a bit. Defeat him and get the next melody. You'll also find a 
    strange item, a carrot key. Now where would you use that? Remember the
    Rabbit statues back in Dalaam? Maybe that's where!
8)  Go back to Dalaam. First though, if you dont already have it on you, 
    get the Franklin Badge. Give this to whoever you want, but I always 
    let Ness carry it since he does the best damage. Armed with that, head
    for the southwest caves guarded by rabbits. "Use" the carrot key here
    and the rabbit's will disappear. Go inside. You should be around lvls.
    50/41/42/35 when you get here. It's not a big cave, but falling down the
    wrong holes can make you go in circles. Find your way to the shining 
    spot. This will be Thunder and Storm.
9)  These guys shouldn't be too bad. Have Paula and Poo cast a few PSI 
    "Freeze" and you should be okay. Defeat them and get the next melody.
    Go back outside and head back to Summers now. 
10) Now that you saved the captain's wife, he will (for a heafty fee) take
    you across the ocean. Pay him but beware..your trip wont be easy!
    Alone the way you'll meet the Kraken, but he's not that hard at your
    levels. Defeat him to continue your trip to Scaraba.

1)  When you get off the boat, you will be in a desert town (looks alot 
    like Egypt!). Be careful because this is a desert and anywhere out
    of town can cause sunstroke. Walk around looking at the various shops.
    The main thing you will need here is to get a piggy nose, other then 
    that, the rest is up to you.
2)  When you are ready, head south of town towards the pyramid. You wont 
    need you hiroglyph copy if you have this FAQ, since I'll show you what
    you have to do to get inside the pyramid. Talk to the Sphinx, and then
    starting on the top music button go in this pattern....

                    4          3
                       2   5

    Or in other words, starting at where 1 is, go to 2, then up to 3, then 
    4, then go to 6 and back to where 6 (1) is. If you are still confused,
    think of it as a pentagram or star. This will get you entrance into the
    pyramid. The passages aren't too complex. All the way to the right, you
    will find a room with a tile on the floor. Step on it then go back
    to the room where you saw the large casket. It will now reveal a hole
    that you can jump into. Fall down it and you'll find the Hawk Eye. Now
    your ready to leave. Make sure that Poo doesn't have the Hawk Eye on  
    him before you leave or anything you'll want shortly!
3)  Go outside and get ready to say goodbye to Poo for awhile. He will be
    wisked off to unknown places, so hopefully you didn't have him carrying
    anything important. You'll find a salesman out here, but a bit to the
    north is your main target. If you talked to the guy with the spear, he
    will have given you a "key". "Use" the key and you'll be able to get
    inside. This is Dungeon Man!
4)  Inside you'll find some kewl things including free sleep benches and 
    gift boxes. Work your way around to where the ropes are. Take the 3rd
    rope from the left and it will take you to the right place on the next
    level. Keep working your way up and eventually you'll come to what used
    to be Brick Road. Talk to his face and he will be more then happy to 
    join you on your quest. Go back outside and Dungeon Man will follow
    you. Find a small group of palm trees and walk thru them. Dungeon Man
    will get stuck and have to stay there for a bit, but that's okay. Keep
    walking to the end of the area and you'll find a guy there. Talk to him
    and he will tell you the only way you can get to deep darkness is by
    submarine. Hmm...wonder where you could get that! Go back to Dungeon
    Man and talk to his face again. He will tell you he has a submarine you
    can use. Take the hole that is now open and keep dropping till you get
    back to the first floor. Now you are on that platform where you couldn't
    get that gift box before. Walk around and you'll not only find the sub,
    but an instant vitalizer machine that's working very nicely. "Check" 
    the sub, and Jeff will fix it and you can now be on your way!
5)  You wont have control of the sub, so dont worry about getting lost. 
    It will drop you off in a very strange jungle like area. If you didn't
    get the things (especially the Hawk Eye) you needed from Escargo Express
    now's the last chance you've got. Now it's time to set out for the
    Deep Darkness!

1)  When you first get here, things will be okay to look at. Walk around
    and you'll find a variety of interesting people and things. Teach a
    monkey to teleport and it will give you the Monkey's Love. You'll also
    find a missionary and a secret salesman. Dont stock up too much, cause
    in Deep Darkness there are 5 things you can find that are worth having!
2)  Becareful in the deep parts, you will lose some HP. Along the way, you
    will come to a place where you'll see a gift box, and after that all
    darkness. Use your Hawk Eye now and everything will be revealed! See
    the tips section for the Magic Truffle locations. If you are atleast
    levels 56/49/48, this place shouldn't be too bad for you. Along the 
    way, you'll meet up with an old foe, Master Belch, only now he's called
    Master Barf. At one point, just when you might think it's a hopeless
    battle, Poo will appear out of nowhere with a kewl spell, PSI
    "Starstorm", which will help defeat Master Barf. For you trouble, you
    will get the Casey Bat, but look at the weapon chart before equipping
    it on Ness. Continue thru Deep Darkness and eventually you'll come to
    a cave entrance.
3)  This is Tenda Village. Seems the folks here are a bit shy, so talking
    right now to anyone seems impossible. However, there is a free in so
    take advantage of it! Go back outside, and you'll recieve a call from
    Apple Kid. Seems he's made an interesting discovery but before he can
    really say what, you hear him yelling for help..oh no! Head back to 
    Winters to find what the cause could be! 
4)  You're teleport spell will take you back to where the drugstore is. 
    Remember how Jeff got to his dad's lab? Well..that's the same way you
    need to get there now. Go back down to where Tessie is and hop on her
    back. She'll take you back to where you can get to the lab. Work your
    way back there and when you get there you'll find Apple Kid's mouse.
    Talk to it and he will tell you that Dr. Andoughnuts and Apple Kid 
    were abducted. He will give you a device called the Eraser Eraser. 
    Wonder where you'll need that!
5)  Go back outside and go to the middle of Stonehenge. See that brown dot
    on the ground? Walk on top of it and you'll be in a cave. Follow the
    paths around and you'll find the Eraser Statue. Get rid of it and keep
    going around the passages. There are a few that will lead you to the 
    same places, so dont worry about which ones you take. If you are 
    atleast 67/61/59/57 when you get down here, you should be okay. 
6)  Along the way you'll come to a room with an exit mouse in it. If you 
    are really poor on HP/PP, use it to get back outside and go back to 
    the lab and use the instant vitalizer, then head back again. Keep 
    going thru the passages, and eventually you'll find a room with the 
    missing Doctor and Apple Kid, along with a few others. The room beyond
    them is where your next foe, Starman Deluxe, resides. He'll call for
    some help during the battle, but if you use Poo's PSI "Starstorm" and
    Paula's PSI "Freeze" and "Fire" and use Ness to heal when needed, you
    should be okay. (You should be atleast lvls 67/61/60/58 when you meet
    up with the Starman or it could be a bit tough of a battle). Defeat
    the starman and you'll free the prisoners. Talk to Apple Kid and he'll
    tell you about the "Overcoming Shyness" book, but he's returned it to
    the library in Onett, so leave the base and go to Onett.
7)  When you get to the library, go to the room on the left and "check" 
    the bookcases to find the book. Take the book back to Tenda Village.
8)  Talk to the elder and give him the book. He will read it to the whole
    village and all of a sudden the villagers are no longer shy! He will
    in return give you some Tendakraut..keep this on you. Also, you might
    want to now make a quick side trip back to Saturn Valley and pick up
    7 Horn's of Life. A villager in Tenda will exchange Ness's next more
    powerful weapon for them! Find the villager who will move the big rock
    and then jump down the hole. You'll now be in Lumine Hall. This place
    is a bit of a maze..but offers you some fobbies to gain a level or so.
    Level up to 71/65/63/61 and then get ready to take on your next foe...
9)  ElectroSpecter isn't to bad...a few of Paula and Poo's PSI "Fire" and
    Ness's PSI "Fav" should help. Defeat him and drop down the hole behind
    him to get the next melody, then follow the paths around till you see
    another hole. Jump down and you are now in the Lost Underworld!

1)  When you first get down the hole, things sure do look strange! Ness 
    the rest will have become very small..and this place..not to mention
    the monsters..look huge! Dont think about calling for Escargo Express
    in this place..they wont come, but you will find some phones. Keep
    working your way around the place till you come to a huge looking
    wooden gate. This is Tenda Village II. The place you fell into is the
    Lost Underworld and this is the Tenda's home. They will smell the
    Tendakraut that the elder above gave you and let you in the village.
    You'll find the Tendite's friendly..but love to make a quick dollar, 
    so be wary of the guy who is the ATM machine. Talk to the big rock and
    it will tell you about the Fire Springs. Seems that's your next place
    to visit!
2)  Leave the village and head to the west. Dont worry about the strange
    eruptions you might see of pink or blue water..in fact..if you need to
    heal after a battle..look for one of the blue guysers...they will heal
    you! (Just stand on top of the hole and wait till it erupts again.)
    Work your way to the west and then south. Dont bother with the cave
    entrance you'll see to the north, it doesn't take you anywhere. Find
    the cave entrance to the southwest and this is Fire Springs. 
3)  This place is very tricky in the lay out. Without the map it's a bit
    hard to know where leads where, but just keep walking around. To get 
    to the boss though, you will need to eventually work your way to the 
    far right side on the first level and follow the ropes and caves up.
    The last melody is beyond the shining spot, but getting there wont be
    easy! These are one tough pair of dogs...get ready to rumble with
    Carbon and Diamond Dog!
4)  Carbon Dog isn't too bad..a few PSI "Freeze's" should do the trick..
    but watch out for Diamond Dog! If your around lvls. 73/67/65/61 it
    wont be too bad, but Diamond Dog is susceptible to nothing. You're 
    best bet is to just keep pounding and use whatever of Paula's and 
    Poo's spells can do the most damage. Have Ness heal the rest for if
    Diamond Dog gets his bite in, you'll be crystallized. When you finally
    manage to defeat it, go into the cave and collect the final melody.
5)  While the sound stone records it, something very strange happens..Ness
    all of a sudden finds himself in a very strange place! If you talk to
    the first guy you see, you'll find you're in Ness's mind, and the 
    place is called Magicant. Here you'll find some familiar things and
    people. You will find your mom and sis, and sis will offer to hold 
    stuff for you, so take advantage of it! Keep only your armor and 
    weapons on you for now. Inside one the buildings, you can also buy 
    some magic puddings and an Earth pendant...which I highly recommend.
    Keep walking around and eventually you'll come to a house where you'll
    see a headstone out front. This is Buzz Buzz's grave it seems. Go 
    inside and you'll meet the Flying Men. One will join you, but if you
    lose him you can always go back for more. Along the way you will also
    pick up Ness's next powerful weapon and will even met himself! Keep
    following the pathways and eventually you'll get to a strange sea like
    area. This is the Sea of Eden.
6)  You'll find an old enemy here, the Kraken, only now it's the Bionic
    Kraken. I'd fight them as much as possible, but you can hide from them
    by simply swimming behind the poles. Work your way around the Sea and
    you'll meet up again with an old foe, the Mani Mani Statue. This time
    though since it's in Ness's mind, it can use all the spells Ness can,
    so be careful! Ness's Nightmare as it's called will constantly keep
    tossing PSI "Fav's" and other spells of Ness's, so heal yourself as
    fast as possible. Use your Magic puddings and tarts to outlast him 
    for it will run out of PP eventually, but you wont if you use your
    puddings, etc. wisely! Once it runs out of PP, take your best shots..
    use your PSI "Fav" and heal when needed and you will succeed in 
    beating your nightmare!
7)  When you wake up, the sound stone will have split and Ness will be 
    filled with the power of the stone. Say hello to major HP and PP now!
    Now you are ready almost to take on the big guy..Gigyas!
8)  Teleport right from there to Saturn Valley and meet Dr. Andoughnuts 
    and Apple Kid.

1)  Talk to the good doc and he'll show you his latest invention, the 
    Phase Distorter. Unfortuanately, the first time you try to use it, all
    you'll end up doing is going up in smoke. He'll tell you that he will
    need a piece of Zexonyte..but it's an alien metal and wonders where
    you could possibly get it..hmm...wasn't that meteor in Onett of a 
    strange material? Teleport back to Onett, but be prepared for a
    different look to the place since you last saw it.
2)  While you were gone, Onett has been taken over by Giygas. The town 
    is dark and foreboding, but make your way back to the meteor site for
    now..there's not much you can do for Onett at this point. "Check" the
    area around the meteor and you'll find the piece of Zexonyte. Teleport
    back to Saturn Valley and give it to the Doc. This time when you get
    inside the Phase Distorter, it will work fine. 
3)  Take it back to the past, but you wont be able to get very far. Seems
    the new machine the Doc built that you travel back in is faulty, it
    blows a fuse and wont do anything else..oh no! Walk around a while
    and eventually the Doc will show up with his latest machine, the
    Phase Distorter 3. However there is one little draw back to this one,
    it cant transport you as a human! You will all have to be turned into
    robots, but since this is for the good of mankind..how can you refuse!
4)  Get turned into the robots and continue back into the past and Gigyas.
    The Phase Distorter 3 has the ability to not only revive you even if
    you die, but can save your game..so if you cant get very far at first,
    stay close to the machine. You should level up as high as you can 
    before attempting to get very far..when you can get past the first few
    monsters without totally dying, you're ready. Avoid what monsters you
    can, now's not the time to waste PP! You will see a few magic
    butterflies, but far and inbetween, so dont count on them. Make your 
    way along the passages till you will eventually get to a small cave
    like entrance. Go inside and you'll be in Gigya's turf finally!
5)  Here comes the show down..but who is there but your old "pal" Pokey!
    Getting rid of him wont be hard, dont bother trying to fight Gigyas
    right now, just concentrate on Pokey. When Pokey finally leaves, have
    Paula cast her PSI "Shield" on everyone and attack Gigyas. He can use
    the same PSI spells as you so be careful. Use your magic stuff to 
    refill your PP and have Ness be the one who heals everyone when it's  
    needed. At some point, Pokey will show back up, but wont stay for very
    long. As soon as he's gone, have everyone defend and have Paula use
    her "PRAY" command NINE times. The only time you'll need to do 
    anything is revive Paula if she dies..if the other 2 die, dont worry
    about bringing them back right now..you only need Ness and Paula. 
    Keep having Paula prey (if you lose count dont worry..just keep using
    Pray) eventually you'll be able to defeat Gigyas by praying..how I"m 
    not saying..there has to be some fun in this!
6)  Once you have defeated Gigyas, you'll see robot selves broken, but
    your "souls" will return to your normal bodies. Once that happens...
    you should be able to figure out the rest!

1) ONETT - A small town in Eagleland. Ness's hometown. Population - 3,500,
dogs - 2. Average tempature is 72 F. Sports an arcade, library, City Hall,
hospital, police station, burger shop, drugstore, hotel and bakery. Also 
near the sea, but dont think about buying any real estate there..it's very
expensive! This is where the famed meteorite crashed changing Ness's life
forever. Also home to the famed tour spot of Giant Step.

2) TWOSON - Paula's hometown. Population - 3,711, dogs - 1. Average 
tempature is 72 F. Home to Burglin Park, a well know outdoor market with
many vendors of all types. Also has a hotel,the Chaos theatre, bicycle 
shop, hospital, the PoleStar preschool, a bus station, Mach Pizza, and the
Twoson Dept. Store. Also home to 2 inventors, Apple Kid and Orange Kid. 
The outdoor market sports an egg shop, antique shop, banana shop, tool
shop, thrift store, bakery and a condiment shop. The Dept. Store has a
burger shop, bakery and a drugstore. The park is known to be the home of
the famed thief Mr. Everdred, so watch your pockets!

3) HAPPY HAPPY VILLAGE - There's not much here to see. It's home to the
strange Happy Happy Cult at the moment. Has a simple drugstore and an
outdoor stand with fresh eggs and bananas. Has a remote cabin in the
woods not know though who lives there. Does offer the only way to the 
Lilliputian Footprints, a spot of unknown magical power.

4) THREED - Population 1,500, Zombies - 2,000. Average tempature is 62 F.
Graveyards - 2, dogs - 2. Once known as a fun place, it's now home to a
wild group of zombies. The local circus is closed due to the zombies. It
has a hotel with strange inhabitants, hospital, drugstore and bakery. 
There is also rumored you can find an illegal arms dealer roaming around 
the town, but noone is sure of his whereabouts. 

5) WINTERS - Jeff's home at the moment. Offers the finest in boys 
education at the Snow Wood Boarding House. Population - 506, goats - 2.
Tessie watchers - 1,200, average age - 13. Average tempature - 1 F, and
the wind chill is -22 F. Winters is told to be where Tessie, the strange
lake creature resides, as well as bubble gum monkeys have been spotted 
here. Besides the school, there is a drugstore. Winters is also popular
for the Stonehenge tourist attraction, and the famed lab of
Dr. Andoughnuts, the worlds smarts man perhaps. Also rumored that a hidden
base for aliens is someone beneath Stonehenge, but due to unknown causes,
noone has returned to tell the facts. It also been said a strange place 
called Rainy Circle exsists somewhere in the mountains, but again, noone
has seen it for fact.

most people will never find this beautiful place, nor the Mr. Saturns. The
Saturn Valley is not on any map! The Mr. Saturn's though will welcome
you with open arms, offering about everything free! They have a free
hospital and hotel, and thier drugstores and items seller have some
terrific things. The Saturn Village boasts a wonderful spring which can
cure about any ailment. Grapefruit Falls is a wonderful place to take 
pictures, but it's been rumored that some kind of monsters base lies 
behind that powerful waterfall, so dont do any swimming! Saturn Valley
Village is also home to the Milky Well, another hot spring but of magical

7) DUSTY DUNES DESERT - Population - 5, average tempature is 99 F. Use
alteast a 50 SPF sunblock out here! Home to 2,000,001 cacti. Has one 
drugstore so stock up while you can. Home to the famed Desert Monkeys.
Has a tiny casino of sorts, but the odds are very against you. At the far
end of the desert there is some sort of mine, but what they will find or
are digging for is not known yet. Seems at one time, some traveler left
many boxes out, so make sure you get them. It's rumored that 2 sesame 
seeds are out there longing for each other. Also it's been known that
someone lost a contact lens out here and would be very grateful for it's
return. Look around for an illegal salesman, he's been spotted near the

8) FOURSIDE - Population 313,003, parks - 10, average income - $59,000.
A city in the heart of Eagleland, the place to go for a night out. Offers
a hospital, Dinasaur Museum, the Topolla Theatre, the Monotoli Grand
Hotel, a cafe, bakery and soon to be open Grand Dept. Store. The mayor
of town can be found in his building, the Monotoli Bldg. Though he tries
to keep the streets clean, you will find a few secret salesmen hanging 
around the city. It's been told that when the dept. store opens, it will
have a burger bar, grocery store, seasoning shop, drug counter, tools 
shop, sporting goods and toys. You might find another secret saleman
inside, but the exact location is unknown.

9) SUMMERS BEACH RESORT - Population - 3,800, surfers - 10. Average
tempature is 88 F. Home to 73,802 fish. Summers is the place for adults
only with expensive shops and hotels. The city offers a 5 star hotel and
resturant, as well as sightseeing ships, street vendors, a hospital, a 
gelato stand and a cultural museum. Also, if you are lucky enough, you can 
get into the exclusive Stoic Club. This town is known for also it's magic 
cakes and tarts. Other then that, bring your suntan oil..and your credit 

10) PORT OF TOTO - Population - 2,103, fishermen - 38. Average tempature
is 82 F. Sports 22 fine fishing and sightseeing boats. There is a grocery
store which offers inexpensive things, and a drugstore. It's said you can
get the elusive Stoic Club number from someone here, but noone has said
who it is. Because of a sea monster, the men are afraid to go out and
fish, but for a heafty fee, one captain willing be willing to take you

11) DALAAM - Population - 1,033, shrines - 1, prince's - 1. Average 
tempature is 70 F. Apart from the royal palace, there's only one store in
town. This is Poo's hometown though and he's the royal prince. The famed
training ground of Mu is known to people and when they go there they 
experience strange visions. To the south of town, there is a strange cave
guarded by Rabbits. It's said that behind those rabbits lies a mysterious
Pink Cloud place where beautiful music can be heard.

12) SCARABA - Population - 3,212, camels - 2. Average tempature in the
shade is 140 F. A mystical place of snake charmers and pyramids, Scaraba
is the only way to get to the Deep Darkness. The Sphinx holds the key
to the pyramid entrance, and allows only the pure hearted to enter. It's
said somewhere inside the pyramid is the Hawk Eye, a jewel of mystical
origin. Scaraba hosts for the sundrenched traveller a hotel and weapon
shop, a hospital, a snake shop, Hassan's shop, a seasoning shop, a grocery
store, and a delicacy shop. The famous Piggy Noses can be bought here. It
is rumored that somewhere on the south continent is a man who has turned
himself into a dungeon, but since the pyramid is unaccessable, noone knows
for sure. It's also been said that the Deep Darkness lies somewhere to
the south, but you can only get there by submarine.

13) DEEP DARKNESS - Population - 3,500, mosquitoes - 4,000,603. Average
tempature is 82 F. To get through this place it's said you must have
possession of the Hawk Eye. If you have that, the Deep Darkness wont be
so bad. Here in the lush jungle, you'll find talking monkeys who offer
hotel service, a missionary that will offer you goods, a doctor, an ATM
machine and of course, complete with a secret weapon shop. Hidden deep
in the waters here it's been said you can find the magic truffles, but
only if you have a piggy nose with you. If you wander to far into the
depths of this jungle, you could get hurt as well, for the deep waters
are home to not only strange creatures and monsters, but the very water
itself can harm you. It's said that those who are lucky enough to cross
this jungle, will find a hidden tribe inside a cave, but noone has ever
returned from here to tell for sure.

14) TENDA VILLAGE - If you are lucky enough to find this shy tribe and 
cure them, they offer the only way to the Lost Underworld. It's been said
that underneath thier village lies a strange place called Luminere Hall,
where strange words appear on the walls. 

15) LOST UNDERWORLD - Population - 503, dinosaurs - 17. Average tempature
is 85 F and it boasts 3 hot springs. In literally the inside of the earth
the Lost Underworld is also home to another, less shy group of Tendites.
The vast underworld can easily make you feel small and insecure. There are
some refuge spots, but the main village of Tendites is the one place you
can really feel safe. Home to the famed talking rock, as well as an ATM
machine where just for the withdrawl they charge an arm and a leg! Also
they have a hotel and a grocery store. In the underworld it's been said
that there are various guysers that can cure you of your ailments so
be on the lookout for these friendly eruptions. It said the only way the
underworld Tendites will admit you to thier village is if you have some
tendakraut, so dont forget to bring some! At the far west of the 
underworld, it's said there is a place of fire that if you can get past
the firey lava and fierce monsters, there awaits a place of strange and
haunting music. Noone has ever returned though to say for sure.


$    = PRICE 

S    = SHOPS
E    = ENEMY


NAME                 $    OFF.  RATE    COMMENTS/WHO CAN USE          LOCS.
Cracked Bat         18     4    1/16    Ness's first weapon             G
Tee Ball Bat        48     8    1/16    Ness                            S
Sand Lot Bat        98    15    1/16    Ness                            S                      
Minor League Bat   399    26    1/16    Ness                            S
Mr. Baseball Bat   498    38    1/16    Ness                            S
T-Rex's Bat        698    48    1/16    Ness                            S
Big League Bat    3080    54    1/16    Ness                            S
Hall of Fame Bat *1080    62    1/16    Ness                            P
Ultimate Bat      2298    68    1/16    Ness                            S
Magicant Bat         0    80    1/16    Ness                            G
Legendary Bat        0   110    1/16    Ness                            G
Gutsy Bat        *2980   100    1/16    Ness/Inc. Guts by 127           E
Casey Bat          *38   125     3/4    Ness/Lot of power,bad hit rate  G
Fry Pan             56    10    1/16    Paula's first weapon            S
Thick Fry Pan      198    20    1/16    Paula                           S
Deluxe Fry Pan     598    30    1/16    Paula                           S
Chef's Fry Pan    1198    40    1/16    Paula                           S
Non-Stick Fry Pan 1490    50    1/16    Paula                           S
French Fry Pan    1790    60    1/16    Paula                           S
Magic Fry Pan    *4790    50     1/4    Paula/Inc. Guts by 100/Bad Hit  E
Holy Fry Pan      3480    80    1/16    Paula/Inc. Guts by 10           S
Sword of Kings       0    30       0    Poo's Ulitmate Weapon           E
Pop Gun           *110    16       0    Jeff's First Weapon             G
Stun Gun          *150    24       0    Jeff                            G
Toy Air Gun        215    32       0    Jeff                            S
Magnum Air Gun       0    36       0    Jeff/Repair Broken Toy Air Gun (G)
Zip Gun            425    40       0    Jeff                            S
Laser Gun            0    48       0    Jeff/Repair broken item        (G)
Hyper Beam         850    58       0    Jeff                            S
Double Beam      *1000    66       0    Jeff/Repair broken item        (S)
Crusher Beam      1150    72       0    Jeff                            S
Spectrum Beam    *1650    78       0    Jeff/Repair broken item        (S)
Death Ray         2300    90       0    Jeff                            G
Baddest Beam         0    98       0    Jeff/Repair Broken Harmonica   (G)
Moon Beam Gun    *4450   110       0    Jeff                            G
Gaia Beam            0   125       0    Jeff/Repair Broken Antenna     (G)
Yo-Yo               29     6    3/16    ALL                             S
Slingshot           89    12    3/16    ALL                             S
Bionic Slingshot   449    32    3/16    ALL                             S
Trick Yo-Yo        998    46    3/16    ALL                             S
Combat Yo-Yo      1148    54    3/16    ALL                             S

NAME               $    DEF.  COMMENTS                                LOC.
Baseball Cap       19    5    None                                      S
Bracer of Kings     0   30    Poo only/Inc. Luck 35/Prot. from Sleep    G
Charm Coin       6000   50    Increase Luck by 20                       S
Cheap Bracelet     98    5    None                                      S
Cherub's Band   *1790   70    Prot. from Sleep/Inc. Luck by 20          G
Cloak of Kings      0   20    Poo only/Inc. Speed by 40                 G
Coin of Defense  2000   40    Inc. Luck by 13                           S
Coin of Silence  2500   45    Inc. Luck by 16                           S
Coin of Slumber  1500   30    Inc. Luck by 10                           S
Copper Bracelet   349   10    None                                      S
Crystal Charm     600    2    Prot. Paralysis/Inc. Speed by 15          S
Defense Ribbon    389   40    Paula only/Inc. Luck by 15                S
Diadem of Kings     0   20    Poo only/Inc. Luck 30/Weakens enemy PSI   G
Diamond Band     9998   50    None                                      S
Earth Pendant    4000   16    Prot. from Fire, Freeze, Flash            S
Flame Pendant    3000   15    Prot. from Fire                         G,S
Goddess Band    *1980   80    Prot. from Sleep/Inc. Luck by 30          G
Goddess Ribbon  *6980  110    Paula only                                E
Gold Bracelet    2799   30    None                                      S
Great Charm       400    1    Inc. Speed by 5                         G,S
Hard Hat          298   15    None                                    G,S
Holmes Hat         59   10    None                                    G,S
Mr. Baseball Cap *199    6    None                                      P
Mr. Saturn Coin  1000   47    Inc. Luck by 18                           P
Night Pendant    3000   15    Prot. from Flash                        G,S
Pixie's Bracelet*1590   60    Prot. from Sleep/Inc. Luck by 10          G
Platinum Band    6899   40    None                                      S
Rabbit's Foot   *1800    3    Inc. Speed by 40/Prot. from Paralysis     G
Rain Pendant     3000   15    Prot. from Freeze                       G,S
Red Ribbon        179   25    Paula only                                S
Ribbon             89   20    Paula only                                S
Saturn Ribbon   *3980   90    Paula only/Inc. Luck by 40                P
Sea Pendant     *5000   20    Prot. Fire, Flash, Freeze                 G
Shiny Coin       4000   70    Inc. Luck by 30                           G
Silver Bracelet   599   15    None                                    G,S
Souvenir Coin   *6000   80    Inc. Luck by 35                           G
Star Pendant    *7000   30    Prot. Fire, Freeze, Flash, Paralysis      E
Talisman Coin    3500   60    Inc. Luck by 25                           P
Talisman Ribbon *3500   60    Paula only/Inc. Luck by 25                G
Travel Charm       60   --    Prot. from Paralysis                    P,S

NAME                   $   COMMENTS                                   LOC.
ATM Card               0   Use this to withdraw/deposit cash           --
Backstage Pass         0   Use this to get into the theatres            P
Bad Key Machine        0   Use this to open locked doors                P
Bag of Dragonite   *1000   Turns you into a dragon for one attack       G
Bazooka             *950   Jeff only/Hits many enemies with single att. S
Bicycle                0   Only one person can ride at a time           P
Big Bottle Rocket    139   Jeff only/Stronger then a Bottle rocket      S
Bomb                 149   Multiple enemies in a single attack        S,G
Bottle Rocket         29   Attack single enemy                          S
Brain Stone            0   Keeps you from being "held" in battle       --
Bubble Gum             1   Give to Bubble Monkey                        S
Carrot Key             0   Use to move Rabbit Statues                   G
Chick                *25   Hold on to it for a bigger prize            --
Chicken             *220   Sell for cash/will escape if you use it     --
Contact Lens           0   Exchange for pair of dirty socks            CH
Conter PSI Unit        0   Jeff only/Counters enemies PSI attacks      (G)
Cup of Lifenoodles  *178   Same effect as Heal 4                       G,P
Defense Shower         0   Jeff only/Use to inc. def. of all party     (G)
Defense Spray        500   Increases one persons defense                S
Diamond                0   Use to pay off Topolla theatre manager       P
Eraser Eraser          0   Use to get rid of eraser shaped statues      P
Exit Mouse             0   Leads you out of mazes, caves                P
For Sale Sign          0   Attracts customers to you any time           S
Franklin Badge         0   Deflects Thunder attacks                     P
Hand-Aid             *19   User fully recovers HP                       P
Handbag Strap        *39   Freezes an enemy during battle               G
Hawk Eye               0   Use to light up Deep Darkness               CH
Heavy Bazooka          0   Jeff only/Can be used multiple times        (G)
Hieroglyph Copy        0   Shows you how to open pyramid                P
HP-Sucker           *800   Jeff only/Takes enemy's HP & adds it to Jeff(G)
Hungry HP-Sucker       0   Jeff only/Takes all enemy's HP              (G)
Insecticide Spray     19   Spray on insect type monsters               S,G
Insignificant Item    *2   Find owner to recieve a Magic Truffle        CH
Jar of Fly Honey       0   Give to Belch during battle                  CH
Key to the Cabin       0   Use this to free Paula                        E
Key to the Locker      0   Use this first before getting Bad Key Machine P
Key to the Shack       0   Use this to open traveler's shack in Onett    P
Key to the Tower       0   Use to enter Dungeon Man                      P
King Banana            0   Moves monkey from doorway in Monkey Cave      P
Meteorite Piece        0   Give this to Dr. Andoughnuts for machine     CH
Meteornium         *2000   Sell for money                                E
Meteotite          *4000   Sell for money                                E
Monkey's Love          0   Freezes an enemy during battle                P
Multi Bottle Rocket 2139   Jeff only/Stronger then a Big Bottle Rocket   S
Mummy Wrap          *128   Freezes an enemy during battle              S,G
Neutralizer            0   Jeff only/Removes enemy's PSI on one person   G
Pair of Dirty Socks    0   Freezes enemy during battle                   P
Pencil Eraser          0   Use to erase pencil shaped statues            P
Pharaoh's Curse     *290   Poisons one enemy during battle               G
Picture Postcard       2   Nothing                                     S,P
Piggy Nose           300   Use to search for Magic Truffles              S
Protractor             2   Worthless/Use to Size up enemy in battle    S,G
Receiver Phone         0   Get calls from Apple Kid or Dad               P
Ruler                  2   Worthless/Measure enemies in battle         S,G
Rust Promoter         89   Use on mechanical enemies                   S,G
Rust Promoter DX     289   Stronger then Rust promoter                 S,G
Shield Killer          0   Jeff only/Destroys enemy's shield           (S)
Show Ticket           30   Use to get into Topolla Theatre               S
Shyness Book           0   Cures Tenda of thier shyness                 CH
Signed Banana          0   Give to museum guy to gain entrance to melody P
Slime Generator     *420   Jeff only/Freezes enemy during battle       (S)
Snake                220   Poison enemy during battle                  S,G
Snake Bag            290   Poison enemy during battle                    S
Sound Stone            0   Records "your sanctuary" melodies            --
Stag Beetle            8   Temp. freezes enemy during battle           S,P
Sudden Guts Pill     500   Inc. guts during battle                     G,S
Super Bomb           399   Same effect as Heavy Bazooka                S,G
Super Plush Bear    1198   Absorbs enemy attacks                       S,G
Suporma              *50   Plays song about the Orange Kid               P
Teddy Bear           178   Absorbs damage from enemy                   S,G
Tendakraut             0   Gets you into Tenda Village (Underworld)      P
Tiny Ruby              0   Give to museum guy in Summers                 P
Toothbrush             3   Freezes an enemy during battle                S
Town Map               0   Used to view Onett and Twoson                 P
Trout Yogurt         *48   Recover 30 HP/Poo 6 HP                        P
Viper                550   Poison enemy during battle                  S,G
Wad of Bills           0   Give to manager at the Twoson Theatre         P
Xterminator Spray    630   Destroys nearly all insect enemies on screen  S
Yogurt Dispenser       0   Gets access to top floor in Monoteli bldg.    P
Zombie Paper           0   Traps wandering zombies                       P

NAME                 &   HP   PP  POO     COMMENTS
Bag of Fries         8   24    0  HP- 6   Inexpensive but effective
Banana               5   25    0  HP- 6   Sold in Burglin park
Bean Croquette      12   42    0  HP- 6   Sold in Scaraba
Beef Jerky          70  150    0  HP- 6   Bought in Winters or Scaraba
Boiled Egg           9   42    0  HP- 6   One of Jeff's first items
Bottle of DX Water 198    0    1  PP-40   Helps Poo recover PP
Bottle of Water      4    0    1  PP-10   Helps Poo recover PP
Bowl of Rice Gruel  88  216    0  HP- 6   Sold in Dalaam
Brain Food Lunch   800  300   50  FULL    Inc both HP/PP 
Bread Roll          12   30    0  HP- 6   
Calorie Stick       18   60    0  HP- 6
Can of Fruit Juice   4    6    0  HP- 6
Chef's Special     298  216    0  HP- 6   Sold in Summers
Cookie               7    6    0  HP- 6   First food item you find
Croissant           18   60    0  HP- 6   
Cup of Coffee        6   12    0  HP- 6
Cup of Noodles      98   42    0  HP- 6   Expensive and ineffective
Double Burger       24   96    0  HP- 6
Fresh Egg           12   84    0  HP- 6   Keep till hatches into a chicken
Gelato de Resort    49   30    0  HP- 6   Sold in Summers
Hamburger           14   48    0  HP- 6   
Kabob               54  126    0  HP- 6   Sold in Scaraba
Kraken Soup        648  FULL   0  HP- 6   Fill's everyones HP to full
Large Pizza        238  240    0  HP- 6   Everyone recovers 240 HP
Lucky Sandwich     128  --     -   --     Recovers random HP/PP
Luxery Jerky       210  300    0  HP- 6   Sold in Lost Underworld
Magic Pudding      680    0   40  PP-40   Sold in Magicant
Magic Tart         480    0   20  PP-20   Sold in Summers
Magic Truffle       --    0   80  PP-80   Found in Deep Darkness
Mammoth Burger      98  204    0  HP- 6   Get in Lost Underworld
Molokheiya Soup     20   84    0  HP- 6   Sold in Scaraba
Pasta de Summers   128  108    0  HP- 6   Sold in Summers
Peanut Cheese Bar   22  108    0  HP- 6   Sold in Saturn Valley
Picnic Lunch        24   84    0  HP- 6   Sold in Dusty Dunes Desert
Piggy Jelly        222  300    0  HP- 6   Sold in Saturn Valley
Pizza               48  120    0  HP- 6   Call for delivery
Plain Roll          --   24    0  HP- 6   Trade in Tenda Village for it
Plain Yogurt        --  168    0  HP- 6   Trade in Tenda Village
Popsicle             7   18    0  HP- 6   Sold in Dusty Dunes Desert
Protein Drink       38   86    0  HP- 6   
PSI Carmel          --    0   20  PP-20   Find these in gift boxes, etc
Royal Iced Tea      78   60    0  HP- 6   Sold in Summers
Skip Sandwich       38    6    0  HP- 6   Walk very fast for about 10 sec.
Skip SandwichDX     98    6    0  HP- 6   Walk very fast for about 20 sec.
Spicy Jerky        140  252    0  HP- 6   Trade in Tenda Village

NAME                $   USE WITH/ON
Carton of Cream     4   Trout Yogurt, Banana, Lucky Sandwich, Popsicle
Jar of Delisauce  300   With any food item
Jar of Hot Sauce    3   Pasta de Summers, Pizza, Cup of Noodles
Ketchup Packet      2   Bag of Fries, Hamburger, Fresh Egg, Magic Truffle,
                        Croissant, Double Burger, Bean Croquette, Kabob,
                        Beef Jerky, Mammoth Burger, Spicy Jerky,
                        Luxury Jerky
Salt Packet         2   Boiled Egg, Picnic Lunch, Chef's Special, Brain
                        Food Lunch
Sprig of Parsley    2   Rice Gruel, Peanut Cheese Bar, Piggy Jelly
Sugar Packet        3   PSI Carmel, Rock Candy, Magic Pudding, Magic Tart,
                        Bread Roll, Calorie Stick, Plain Yogurt
Tin of Cocoa        4   Cookie, Gelato de Resort, Skip Sandwich,
                        Skip SandwichDX, Plain Roll

NAME              $   COMMENTS
Cold Remedy      22   Cures colds
Guts Capsule     --   Permenately increases guts by 1
Horn of Life   1780   Completely cures unconsiousness and other conditions
IQ Capsule       --   Permenately increases IQ by 1
Luck Capsule     --   Permenately increases Luck by 1
Refreshing Herb  80   Cures colds, sunstroke, crying, poison, feeling 
                      strange and nausea
Rock Candy       --   Permenately increases random attribute by 1
Secret Herb     380   Cures all bad conditions and unconsiousness
Speed Capsule    --   Permenately increases Speed by 1
Vitality Capsule --   Permenately increases Vitality by 1
Vial of Serum    58   Antidote for poison
Wet Towel        24   Cures sunstroke

For PSI, the symbols I will use are: 

 = A
 = B
 = C
 = D
 = E
 N  = NESS
 PO = POO       

NAME       WHO    PP   ENEMY  D/R        COMMENTS
Special A   N     10   ALL   40-120 HP   Based on Ness's favorite thing,
        B   N     14   ALL   90-270 HP   Also will dec. enemy's shild by 1
        C   N     40   ALL  160-480 HP   " 
        D   N     98   ALL  320-960 HP   " 
Fire    A   P      6   ROW   60-100 HP   Also dec. one enemies shield by 1
        B   P     12   ROW  120-200 HP   " 
        C   P     20   ROW  180-300 HP   " 
        D   P     42   ROW  240-400 HP   " 
Freeze  A   P,PO   4   ONE  135-225 HP   Dec. Enemy shield by 1
        B   P,PO   9   ONE  270-450 HP   "
        C   P,PO  18   ONE  405-675 HP   "
        D   P,PO  28   ONE  540-900 HP   "
Thunder A   P,PO   3   ONE   60-180 HP   Also dec. enemy shield by 1
        B   P,PO   7   ONE   60-180 HP   Double damage
        C   P,PO  16   ONE  100-300 HP   3x Damage
        D   P,PO  20   ONE  100-300 HP   4x Damage
Flash   A   N      8   ALL   -------     Enemies suffer from crying, 
        B   N     16   ALL   -------     numbness, feeling strange or
        C   N     24   ALL   -------     unconsiousness
        D   N     32   ALL   -------     "
        A   PO    24   ALL  270-450 HP   Dec. enemy's shield by 1
        D   PO    42   ALL  540-900 HP   "
LifeUp  A   N,PO   5   S/A   75-125 HP   Recovers HP
        B   N,PO   8   S/A  225-375 HP   "
        C   N,PO  13   S/A   FULL        Full HP one ally 
        D   N     24   A/A  300-500 HP   Recovers HP 
Heal    A   N,PO   5   S/A    ----       Recovers cold, sunstroke, sleep
        B   N,PO   8   S/A    ----       Heal A + nausea, crying, poision,
                                         feeling strange
        C   N,PO  20   S/A    ----       Heal A, B + numbness, diamondized
                                         and unconsiousness
        C   PO    38   S/A    ----       Same as above
Magnet  A   P,PO   0   ONE    ----       Absorbs PP from one enemy
        D   P,PO   0   ALL    ----       Absorbs PP from all enemies
Shield  A   N,PO   6   S/A    ----       Reduces damage by half
        B   PO    10   S/A    ----       Reflects damage at enemy
        E   N,PO  18   A/A    ----       Everyone in group gets shielded 
        D   PO    30   A/A    ----       Same as above
Psychic Shield
        A   P      8   S/A    ----       Reduces enemy's PSI attacks by
        B   P     14   S/A    ----       A + Reflects back
        E   P     24   A/A    ----       Everyone in group
        D   P     42   A/A    ----       Power shield
Offense Up
        A   P     10   S/A    ----       Inc. Offense during battle
        D   P     30   A/A    ----       Inc. Off. to max of last amount
Defense Down
        A   P      6   ONE    ----       Dec. enemy defense
        D   P     18   ALL    ----       Decrease all enemies defense
        A   N      6   ONE    ----       Puts enemy to sleep
        D   N     18   ALL    ----       "
        A   N      8   ONE    ----       Puts enemy into numbness
        D   N     24   ALL    ----       "
Brain Shock 
        A   PO    10   ONE    ----       Causes enemy to feel strange
        D   PO    30   ALL    ----       "
        A   N,PO   2   A/A    ----       Teleport to place you've been
        B   N,PO   8   A/A    ----       " but needs less space

Here's a few things in the game I thought you might enjoy.

1)  Try sneaking up on enemies where possible. You can save yourself the
    trouble of fighting, but can still get all the same experience, money
    and presents if the enemy is carrying them.

2)  Magic Butterflies give you back 20 PP, so use PP carefully if you are
    in a place where there might only be one or two of them around.

3)  Anywhere in the known world except caves and the lost underworld, you
    can take advantage of Escargo Express. Use them often to store unneeded
    items! Things you cannot get them to take are your ATM card, sound
    stone and the receiver phone.

4)  Check all trash cans on your journey..some hold more then just garbage!

5)  Dont be afraid to use an Exit Mouse in a cave that might be too strong
    for you at the time. It's better to go back out and in to gain 
    experience then to keep dying cause you will be revived with half your
    money and no PP. 

6)  In Happy Happy Village, the Self Service Stand offers you Fresh Eggs.
    Though nothing will happen to you if you dont pay, if you talk to the
    guy watching the stand he will fight you. Buy as many fresh eggs as
    possible while walking around town gaining levels, and wait till they
    turn into chickens. Once they do, you can make a huge financial 
    profit! If you paid only a few dollars, or nothing, you can sell the 
    chickens for a modest $110 a piece..not a bad days work!

7)  If you pick up a For Sale Sign in Twoson, you can call people to come
    buy your unwanted items no matter where you are. This can be very 
    helpful when you are in places that you can get lots of gift boxes and
    have lots of unneeded things.

8)  If you get a wierd mushroom growing out of your head, head for the
    hospital. There is an old guy there that will buy it from you for

9)  If you dont see any change after you put down the Zombie Paper in
    Threed, spend the night at the hotel. During the night the zombies 
    will go to the tent clearing the way for you to go to Saturn Valley.

10) Jeff is a very handy boy to have around. When his IQ level goes up,
    he can fix a variety of different items. Here's the list of what and
    at what IQ he can fix things. 
    BROKEN ITEM               AFTER REPAIR                      IQ LEVEL
    Machine                Counter PSI Unit                          1
    Spray                  Defense Spray                             1
    Iron                   Slime Generator                          10
    Air Gun                Magnum Air Gun                           12
    Laser                  Laser Beam                               24
    Water Pipe (Pipe)      Shield Killer                            30
    Cannon                 Spectrum Beam                            32
    Gadget                 Double Beam                              34
    Tube                   Hungry HP Sucker                         36
    Trumpet                Defense Shower                           40
    Bazooka                Heavy Bazooka                            45
    Harmonica              Baddest Beam                             55
    Parabolic (Antenna)    Baddest Gaia Beam                        65

11) Watch enemies such as the Live Oak, Smiling Sphere and other exploding
    monsters. Once they are destroyed, they will quickly depleate your
    HP, so make sure to attack them last if they are with other non
    exploding enemies. Once the battle is over, your HP will stop cycling. 
    The battle wont last long if you dont!

12) When in doubt of how to operate or fix something, use the "check"
    command. There are some places it's the only way you can move on in 
    the game.

13) Certain monsters will give you some great prizes. Here's a list of
    who will give some of the game's better items, weapons. Watch out
    though, some have pretty high odds!
    NAME OF ENEMY             TREASURE                     ODDS
    Bionic Kraken            Gutsy Bat                     1/128
    Starman Super            Sword Of Kings                1/128
    Chomposaur               Magic Frypan                   ---
    Ghost of Starman         Goddess Ribbon                 ---
    Major Psychic Psycho     Star Pendant                   ---
    Whirling Robo            Meteornium                     ---
    Hyper Spinning Robo      Meteorite                      ---
    Master Barf              Casey Bat                      ---

14) Paula's PREY command not only will help you in the final battle of the
    fight against Gigyas, but can help during your normal trip as well.
    Here's a list of what effects the PREY command can do at random.

    WARM LIGHT - Paula increases the HP of friends and foes alike.
    VERY SUBTLE LIGHT - Up's everyones HP twice as much as the warm light.
    DAZZLING LIGHT - PK Flash zaps everyone.

    MYSTERIOUS LIGHT - Envelops party and ups thier PP.

    GOLDEN LIGHT - Maxs out one randomly choosen characters HP.

    SHEET LIGHTNING - Causes same damage as the PK Flash.

    RAINBOW COLORED LIGHT - Brings all desceased party members back.

    MYSTERIOUS AROMA - Puts everyone to sleep temporarily.

    THUNDER - Strikes all parties with Brain Shock.

    HEAVY AIR - shrouds all parties in fog, causing defense to drop.

15) The Franklin Badge works anytime there are monsters who can shoot out
    lightning, not just on Mr. Carpainter. When you get to places where
    you think there are lightning monsters, make sure to have in on you!
    Two good places are the dept. store in Fourside and the Cave of the
    Pink Cloud.

16) In the Deep Darkness, there are 5 Magic Truffles waiting to be found.
    Come armed with a Piggy Nose! Here's where you can find them (atleast
    the general area. Once you get a whiff of them, it will give you 
    exact directions where they are).
    A) When you first get into the water, go around the first bend and go
       down and to the left. (in deep water, not shallow)
    B) Near the wilderness trader you'll see one big tree not on the green
       part, but the brown part.
    C) To the left of the 2nd gift box you'll find one. (all the way over)
    D) After you see the crashed Helicopter, and right before you get to
       the next patch of land, look just north of the shallow part (in
       the deep water).
    E) After you meet Master Barf, keep going all the way north and in the
       deep water (it will be right near where the shallow water is just
       beginning..you should see a few flowers in the shallow water, go to
       the right of them) you will find one on the right.

17) When you see the monkey with the hair bow on the grassy part of Deep
    Darkness, talk to her and teach her teleport. She will give you the
    Monkey's Love.

18) When in certain caves, you can evade a large group of monsters by
    simply leaving the room and coming back in. Each time it will give you
    a different amount/group of monsters so if you aren't ready to fight
    a bunch of them yet...avoid them!

19) It's rumored that the Ego Orb is the monster that carries the elusive
    parabolic (antenna). It's a hard monster to find too. (It's a bright
    gold, round monster). If anyone ever gets it..please let me know! I
    even called Nintendo and asked if they found it..and believe it or not
    they haven't ever found it either!

20) Make sure you dont just turn off the game after you beat Gigyas and 
    go home. Remember that photographer you kept meeting on your journey?
    Now you can see all the pictures he took of you and your friends!

If at any time you have trouble with these codes...please EMail me and
let me know. Not all codes work for the same GG, so it's possible you 
might get strange effects.

(c) 1996, Game Genie Code Creators Club(tm), All rights reserved.
This material may not be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system,
transmitted, or published, in any form or by any means, electronic,
mechanical, photocopying or otherwise, without being fully credited
or without the prior written permission of the club.  E-mail to
gwsmara@aol.com-The Game Genie(tm) is a product of Galoob Inc.(tm)

Created by:    lrdrokol@aol.com

               This is better than the start up level code...because it
               affects your HP and PP.  You'll get maximum after 1 battle...
               works for all characters.

Created By:    lrdrokol@aol.com

EE64-54A1      "MULTI-TASK CODE"

Swap O' Rama
1. Turn off GG.
2. Got to a shop and BUY!!!!
3. Turn on the GG and you will scroll thru out all the shops in the GAME!!!
4. If you found a particular item turn off GG to buy.
WARNING: There is only so far you can go before your game will freeze, so
         SAVE your game each time before using code. Remember the last
         items you can buy before the freeze so you can turn OFF your GG
         before you go past it.

Buzz Buzz is back!!!

Yes Buzz Buzz will JOIN your party all you have to do is....
1. Turn on the GG
2. Get out of a room....
3. Buzz Buzz joins you.
5. Turn off GG.

Future Change!

This will allow you to talk about stuff that happen and stuff that will
happen... just talk to anyone and turn on the GG!  Or use it in battle it
will SCROLL through various messages...use this to your advantage...
1. When "Poo" scenario occurs...turn on the GG and talk to your master...
2. He will talk to you regularly and he will talk to you as if you passed
your test...
3. Turn off the "GG" and WALLAH!!!!  You got Poo... to join your party
without going through his test....

There are lots of places to use this.. like:
1. MoonSide - Talk to the guy blocking your way...
2. Tenda Village - Talk to the STRONGEST Tenda...

CREATED BY: Strato 508@aol.com
DATE: 6/18/96

NOTE: Do not turn on your Game Genie until your are out of the setup screens.

Weird sound test.  Start a new game and you will go to a blank screen with
some VERY weird sounds and music playing.

Sound test.  Start a new game and when you get to Ness's house, press the
left direction.  Ness will start walking and will walk through several scenes
of the game while almost all of the music from the game plays.

(c) 1995 Lewis Galoob Toys, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Excerpts from Game Genie(tm) Code Updates made available for the 
private use of Game Genie owners. NO COMMERCIAL USE WITHOUT 
AUTHORIZATION. This file may be freely distributed FOR PRIVATE, 
NON-COMMERCIAL USE as long as it is not altered and all text 
remains intact.
Game Genie is a product of Lewis Galoob Toys, Inc., and is not 
manufactured, distributed or endorsed by Nintendo of America Inc. 
Super NES is a trademark of Nintendo of America Inc. Game titles are 
trademarks of their respective owners.
Game Genie is a trademark of Lewis Galoob Toys, Inc. 
U.S. Patent No. 5,112,051.
Earthbound(tm) Game
1.      DB23-77D1       Start with a level 9 character
2.      DE23-77D1       Start with a level 15 character
3.      7423-77D1       Start with a level 50 character
4.      1723-77D1       Start with a level 100 character
5.      EE23-77D1       Start with a level 255 character
6.      EE2E-7D01       Start with a super strong character
7.      BB2D-5461       Start with a lot of H.P.
8.      BB2F-54A1       Start with a lot of PSI
Earthbound is a trademark of Nintendo of America Inc.



Here's the list for the 9 main bosses you'll find at the "Your Sanctuary"
locations. (I know..there are 8 spots, but the last one has both Carbon
and Diamond Dog remember?) Also, with the EXP. Given, that is divided up
into how ever many of your party members are still alive when you defeat
the monsters, not per each person!

NAME                  WEAKNESS                               EXP.     HP
Titanic Ant           Paralysis, Sleep                       685      235
Mondo Mole            Paralysis, Flash                      5791      498
Trillionage Sprout    Fire, Freeze, Sleep                  30303     1048
Shroom                Fire, Flash                          96323     1700
Plague Rat of Doom    Fire, Flash                         115272     1827
Thunder & Storm       Fire, Flash, Freeze, Sleep          129026     2065
Electro Specter       Fire, Freeze                        261637     3092
Carbon Dog            Flash, Freeze, Paralysis             None      1672
Diamond Dog           Almost None                         337738*    3344       
* You get these EXP when you have defeated both Carbon & Diamond Dogs.

Here's the list for the rest of the lesser bosses and other monsters.

NAME                      HP       PP        OFF.        DEF.        SP.  
Starman Jr.              200      999         11          10          1
Spiteful Crow             24        0          5           3         77
Coil Snake                18        0          3           4          2
Runaway Dog               21        0          4           5         26
Frank                     63        0         12          17          7
Pogo Punk                 35        0          8          10          3
Yes Man Jr.               33        0          8           9          4
Skate Punk                31        0          7           8          5
Black Antiods             34       25         14          13          4
Franystein Jr.            90        0         15          18          4
Crooked Cop               75        0         15          18          5
Captain Strong           140        0         20          24         15
Rowdy Mouse               36        0          7          20          5
Attack Slugs              30        6          9           2          1
Mobile Sprout             79        9         17          12          6
Cranky Lady               95        0         16          18          6
Unassuming Local Guy      73        0         18          13          5
Li'L UFO                  82        0         18          17         53
Ramblin' Evil Mushroom    60        0         15          10          5
New Age Retro Hippie      87        0         19          14          5
Annoying Old Party Man    99        0         20          25          6
Spinning Robo            113       17         21          22          7
Territorial Oak          145       41         26          30          5
Mole Playing Rough       103        0         22          28          9
Mr. Carpainter           262       70         33          45          8
Mr. Batty                 86        0         25           5         29
Happy Happyist            94        0         19          25          8
Mighty Bear              167        0         29          31          7
Gruff Goat                45        0          8          23         12
Worthless Protoplasm      38        0         11          21         27
Mad Duck                  51        0         12          24         30
Cave Boy                 314        0         21          33         79
Arachnid                 216        0         61          30         23
Elder Batty              294        0         66          72         33
Strong Crocodile         417        0         85         131         17
Handsom Tom              133       16         27          25         11
Trick or Treat Kid       142        0         30          37          7
Smelly Ghost             194       50         35          89         10
Putrid Moldy Man         203        0         36          41          9
Urban Zombie             171        0         31          24         10
No Good Fly              100        0         23          13         10
Zombie Processor         176        0         28          19         30
Slimy Little Pile        616        0         45          71         10
Armored Frog             202        0        108           7         37
Plain Crocodile          234        0         40          55         10
Zombie Dog               210        0         39          51         30
Violent Roach            209        0         30          26         35
Foppy                    120       10         29           9          1
Master Belch             650        0         50          88         16
Rainboob                 232       42         41          63         20
Skelpion                 137       20         41          23         37
Criminal Caterpillar     250      168         37          16        134
Smilin' Sphere           233       60         50          65         17
Cute Li'l UFO            162       25         49          32         58
Crested Booka            265        0         53          73         17
Bad Buffalo              341        0        164         104         11
Noose Man                231        0         47          52         18
Desert Wolf              247        0         57          67         33
Desert Coil Snake        270        0         52          80         18
Guardian Digger          386      110         59         129         17
Mad Taxi                 253        0         53          68         38
Crazed Sign              295       98         64          96         17
Gigantic Ant             308       81         54         112         17
Annoying Reveler         288        0         58          77         17
Scalding Coffee          190        0         55          20         23
Mystical Record          263       35         63          78         20
Musica                   292        0         69          85         21
Enraged Fire Plug        309        0         60          81         14
Evil Mani Mani           860       88         86         145         15
Sentry Robot             372        0         77         105         17
Clumsy Robot             962        0         88         137         83
Department Stork Spook   610      290         82         135         19
Dali's Clock             296        0         65          66          4
Abstract Art             301       60         67          79         19
Robo-Pump                431        0         70         113         19
OverZealous Cop          325        0         69          75         18
Tough Guy                342        0         69          75         18
Shattered Man            694        0         72          92         18
Tangoo                   371        5         96          99         19
Kraken                  1097      176        105         166         21
Kiss of Death            333        0         91         100         19
Conduction Menace        445      238        107         107         20
Great Crested Booka      452        0        100         110         20
Beautiful UFO            339       15         86          87         59
High Class UFO           433       72         93         103         60
Guardian Heiroglyph      470      126         94         106         20
Fierce Shattered Man     516        0        101         116         12
Guardian General         831        6        109         214         21
Pitbull Slug             217       11         79          77          2
Zap Eel                  370        0         97          93         29
Hard Crocodile           522        0        110         128         23
Demonic Petunia          478        0        102         111         26
Even Slimier Little Pile 326        0        103         101         22
Hostile Elder Oak        609       76        134         146         14
Big Pile of Puke         631        0        120         158         16
Manly Fish               500        0         83         114         22
Manly Fish's Brother     526      210        114         123         24
Master Barf             1319        0        136         177         24
Whirling Robo            374       36         78          90         18
Military Octobot         604        0        138         147         26
Lesser Mook              401      190         76         102         17
Starman                  545      155        103         126         24
Atomic Pover Robot       594        0        119         133         25
Mook Senior              501      700        108         122         25
Starman Deluxe          1400      418        143         186         27
Starman Super            568      310        112         129         24
Hyper Spinning Robot     553       83        122         130         28
Fobby                    240       19         98          84          5
Wetnosaur               1030        0        126         172         17
Ego Orb                  592        0        125         140         17
Chomposaur              1288      320        139         183         17
Soul Consuming Flame     602        0        131         262         30
Psychic Psycho           591      252        124         144         30
Major Psychic Psycho     618      574        145         152         31
Evil Elemental           564        0        121         136         30
Molecule                 280       21        118          97         18
Loaded Dice              307        0        146         113         77
Electro Swoosh           543      338        140         156         40
Carefree Bomb            504        0        135         215         31
Ness's Nightmare        1654      882        172         253         31
Ghost of Starman         750      462        152         170         46
Evil Eye                 720      400        141         162         38
Wild 'N Wooly Shambler   722      212        171          38        144
Bionic Kraken            900       60        155         195         42
Ultimate Octobot         768        0        147         176         43
Nuclear Reactor Robot    768        0        147         176         43
Mechanical Octobot       768        0        163          81         44
Final Starman            840      860        178         187         47