EVO: Search For Eden Boss FAQ
By Mete Tanyeri

Boss Walkthrough


Hello and welcome to my second FAQ for Gamefaqs! It has come to my 
attention that no one has decided to do a boss FAQ regarding one of my 
favorite games of all time. Why not? I figured that the project would 
be fun and I don't mind going back to this game every now and then. 
There are fifteen bosses total in this game. The bosses are a pain, but 
with this guide, I'm sure you'll be able to tackle these foes on in no 
time! Like my last guide, this guide will also be short and detailed. 
You and I will be going through all the bosses together, so you won't 
be alone in this fight! I also hope you enjoy my work and if you have 
any questions or comments, please feel free to email me at the email 
address located on the top of this FAQ. Enjoy and good luck! 


January 28th, 2009 - This is the first day of writing for this FAQ. I 
have finished both the introduction and tips section. I also got done 
with finishing the sections for the Kuraselache and Debustega, the 
first and second boss of the game, respectfully! 

January 29th, 2009 - This is the second day of writing for this FAQ. I 
have pulverized both King and Queen Bee and finished their sections. 

January 30th, 2009 - This is the third day of writing for this FAQ. I 
have vanquished the Mother Prime Frog and her kids, made the 
Tyrannosaurs clan extinct for good, and showed the Mammoth Brothers who 
is the real boss around and finished their sections.  

February 2nd, 2009 - Sorry for the delay, but I'm back on track! This 
is the fourth day of writing for this FAQ. For this session, I took 
care of the Bird King, taking away his hopes of ruling the world 
forever and finished that section. 

February 3rd, 2009 - This is the fifth day of writing for this FAQ. I 
have wiped out the parents of the Yeti, made their son an orphan, 
denied a yeti from another era his promise of revenge for his clan and 
finished all of their sections. 

February 4th, 2009 - This is the sixth day of writing for FAQ. I have 
saved the whales from the Rogon King and his species, made short work 
of Queen Bee (once again), relieved the duties of a monkey reject who 
guards the doorway to Eden, and finished all of their sections. The 
final boss is next!

February 8th, 2009 - After four days, I finally came back to completing 
this guide once and for all  Bolbox has officially been slain and I 
have finished his section for good  I also have finished off the 
Credit/Thanks and Copyright sections, made the necessary changes, and 
have it sent to Gamefaqs.com for publication!

February 14, 2009 – I went back and corrected the rest of my grammar 
and punctuation mistakes. These will be the last changes to be made on 
the FAQ itself.  


Here are a few pieces of advice for you to consider before facing each 
and every boss that awaits you in this game. 

First and foremost, make sure you take the time to fight enemies. I 
highly recommend taking on those who offer a lot of EP (Evolution 
Points) at that point and time in the game. That way, it won't take 
long, so once you acquire enough EP, then comes the next, but one of 
the most important tips to consider. Also, I won't state which 
equipment is the best - I'll leave that up to you. 

Once you have earned enough EP, make sure you get yourself the best 
equipment available for your character. I'm not just talking just the 
jaws either - I'm talking about everything else in the body, such as 
agility or how high you can jump. If you are able to balance out your 
creature into a lean, mean, fighting machine, I guarantee you that 
victory will be yours, even if some of the damage the bosses hand out 
to you will be painful. 

Make sure you save your game before entering the arena of that specific 
boss. All of that work should not be wasted, especially with the hours 
that you used to make your character stronger. Besides, for all we 
know, the power could have turned off or you may turned off your Super 
Nintendo, but forgot to save, so it's a good idea to save when you can! 

Each and every boss has a specific pattern for you to learn and exploit 
against them. I'll reveal them here, but once you figure out how to 
deal with them, then they are a piece of cake really. 

If you happen to run low on life points, here's a trick that allows you 
to restore all of your life points! Well, there are a few ways really. 
You can either look around quickly for anything on the ground, like a 
plant or an egg or even a monster, and devour its contents for LP or, 
should you be on the losing end of the battle, go quickly into the menu 
and either extend your neck or shorten it. It won't cost much from your 
EP and it will restore all of your life points. Cheap, I know, but it 
does get the job done and it allows you to stay alive longer so that 
you can survive and win.

Finally, I suggest mastering the controls as soon you as can. How you 
play in the game is just as important as knowing your creature well. If 
you make any mistake during your battle, it may cost you the battle, 
which results in you fighting them all over again. Now you don't want 
that, do you?

Once you read this section and hopefully take my advice seriously, it's 
time to go through each boss battle, one by one. 

Warning - spoilers ahead! If you do not want to read the spoilers, 
that's fine. But I'm just warning you in advance!     

Boss Walkthrough

First Boss - Kuraselache 

This is the first boss that you'll encounter in the game, the most 
powerful of all fishes in this game. He doesn't like the fact that you 
are helping the strolities make the world a better place and figures 
that his kind are the only ones that should rule the sea. Therefore, 
he'll take out anyone that helps the strolities, which includes you! Oh 
yeah, well, we'll see about that punk   For starters, he's not exactly 
a walk in the park.  The moment his rant ends, he will immediately 
charge into you, biting you. Maybe twice if he's lucky! Your best bet 
is to quickly get out of his way as fast as you can. If you are 
equipped to the best of your ability, he should normally take out 
usually thirteen life points out of your creature with each bite. Not 
only will be charge and bite you, but he'll also turn around and swing 
his tail, from left to right, for extra damage. 

While the shark is indeed an aggressive monster, notice how fast he is. 
You can use that speed against him to your advantage! How is that 
possible, you ask? Very simple. Make sure you're in a diagonal angle, 
right near one of the walls. The moment he starts charging towards you, 
immediately get out of the way! If done properly, he'll crash against 
the wall and will be temporarily stunned. Use that opportunity to 
quickly bite him a few times before escaping, even if you do get hit by 
his tail.  

This is the method I resorted to using against the king of the sea. It 
may take a few tries, at first, but once you take notice his pattern, 
it shouldn't be a problem in defeating him and moving on.

By the way, your reward, for defeating the king, is his meat, each of 
them rewarding you with 250 EP and 17 LP a piece! Of course, why need 
them when you have already taken out the time to strengthen your 
character and make him the best that he could be already? :D

Second Boss - Debustega

Of all the bosses you encounter in the game, this is perhaps the 
slowest creature, not to mention very jumpy. Since your character 
laughed at him, since you think he looks funny,  he'll get pretty mad 
and try to kill you for doing so. Thus, he'll occasionally jump in the 
air and try to land on you. Should he be successful, the damage will be 
painful! On top of that, he'll speed "run" towards you, while on the 
ground, and spew some kind of slime on you. These are the only two 
attacks to be concerned with and to be honest; he isn't much of a 
threat at all. 

To deal with him, I suggest getting yourself to the right of the 
screen, where there is enough ground for you to walk on. Make sure you 
wait until he jumps in the air and lands on your spot, which is when 
you should walk away. When he lands, immediately turn around and bite 
him.  This will cause him to jump to the spot that you're currently on, 
so just wait for him to land again and bite him once more. Continue the 
process until he does no longer exist. You could use the cliffs to stay 
above him and keep on biting him as well, another excellent method to 
consider. If you want to use the latter, make sure you are on the right 
spot and just keep on biting until you have no more room and he'll hit 
you, which will pause your efforts as he tries to land on you. 

Once Debustega can no longer live, he'll leave behind his piece of 
meat. Each of those pieces will reward you with 100 EP and 13 LP. This 
is good, as it goes towards a long way in getting some better equipment 
for the two boss fights ahead! 

Third Boss - King Bee

It looks like the king is not happy with the fact that you're changing 
things for the better, since he prefers to have his kind rule over all. 
Some of the bosses, depending on your skill level, may have been 
difficult or not. But compared to the past bosses, this king is 
ridiculously easy! He follows a strict pattern. Once he flies into the 
cave, he'll begin his assault by shooting six stingers towards you. If 
you did what I suggested and beefed up your character, each stinger 
should at least take away five life points. Then he'll try to finish 
you by charging at you with a bite. Then the process begins all over 

There are a couple of ways to defeat him. Either you can avoid the 
stingers by running away before turning around and waiting for him to 
fly close to you before biting him or you can bite him when he does get 
close, then jump in the air and bite him before he is able to fly back 
into the air. I suggest going with the latter route, simply because he 
can't touch you after you force him to fall repeatedly. Of course, you 
might miscalculate your jump and miss your opportunity of attack, 
enabling him to escape and renew his attack. As long as you don't 
become the victim of his six stingers, you should be ok. If you died, 
no worries - just brush it off and try again. If you are running low on 
life points, use the Evolution trick to restore your life and continue 
the battle. Follow my advice and he won't be a threat to anyone else 
any longer! 

Once you emerge victorious from this confrontation, the King Bee leaves 
behind pieces of meat, which gives you 300 EP and 18 LP a piece! If you 
haven't been strengthening your creature, now is the time to do so, 
because you got a tougher boss fight ahead!  

 Fourth Boss - Queen Bee

His wife is pretty angry at you for killing her husband, not to mention 
changing the ways of society in her time. Because of that, this may be 
a tough fight on your hands. Fact is, she is very quick! Her speed is 
her best weapon, especially when she charges in and bites you, which is 
her first act against you. If she's lucky to hit you, she'll fly away 
and shoot three fast stingers separately. These stingers are quick and 
do hurt a lot! But there is a way to avoid them. Jump when the first 
stinger hits the ground, stay on the ground when the second one flies 
through the air, then jump again to avoid the third. It may take a 
little bit of practice, due to a timing issue, but do it right and you 
won't be touched at all. 

If you are unable to shake off that pattern, chances are you will die 
quickly. If that strategy does not work, should your creature be fast, 
run away from all three stingers. Then immediately turn around and wait 
for her to come to you. As she flies in for the kill, counter back with 
a bite of your own  You could also wait until she misses her bite as 
you jump and pounce on her body for at least six points of damage. I 
know - it may be a longer strategy, but it is a safe way to kill her. I 
know this because it has worked for me. If you're lucky enough, try 
forcing her to stay on the ground by constantly biting her. If done 
correctly, she won't be able to fly back in the air, unless you 
overstepped it and allowed her to escape. 

Trust me, this battle may take more than a few tries and if you survive 
long enough, it will be a battle that lasts into the night. Patience is 
a must for this battle - wait for an opening. When it is revealed, just 
go for the juggernaut. Chomp away at her and you'll win the fight for 

By the way, when you finally do win this battle, the Queen Bee leaves 
behind pieces of her honeycomb, enabling you to score a whooping 500 EP 
and 23 LP each! But why need them when you are about to exit that world 
anyway? :P

Fifth Boss - Mother Of Prime Frog

Life deals you both rewards and consequences and that's the case here!  
While you were able to save the poor stegosaurus from being tortured by 
the little prime frogs, once you re-enter the stage, a BIGGER frog 
awaits your return. She's not happy about the fact that you scared off 
her children and wants revenge. She then goes to claim that even 
reptiles fear her kind. Oh really? I think not! The truth is, this 
battle is very distracting, not to mention annoying. Her strategy 
consists of her letting her children out, whom like to jump all over 
you. Meanwhile, she tries to jump on you as her children distract you.  
That's all she does. There is no complex method from her here, just 
total distraction. As with all bosses in the game, she can be defeated, 
but patience is essential. This battle, just like the confrontation 
with Queen Bee, may last into the night and even the morning. 
Hopefully, if you have taken the time to beef up your creature with the 
right body parts, it shouldn't be a problem. 

Here's how I dealt with the mother prime frog and her kids. If you have 
a fast creature with a strong bite, quickly take out the children as 
fast as you can, ignoring the meat (only take the meat if you are low 
on life points). Then quickly bite the mother prime frog, whose 
reaction is to flinch with pain before jumping away from you and lands 
on the other side of the screen. If you are quick enough, quickly dash 
over there and get a bite in there before she's able to release more of 
her children. She'll jump away to the other side again. Her pattern 
never changes - release the children, jump on you, but if you're able 
to break the pattern and not let her get a word on you, edgewise, you 
should be ok. Don't let the children become your main focus in the 
battle, only kill them if you need some life points to survive. Focus 
all of your efforts on the mother prime frog. If you have a creature 
with a high jump in its arsenal, you can try jumping over the children 
and land on the mother prime frog for small damage. But your jaws are 
more useful for this fight than anything. 

Once you go back and forth, biting her before any of her children can 
get out, the fight should be easy. Nothing but a walk in the park! Of 
course, for some players, it may be hard, depending on their skill 
level. If you do die, no worries - at least you got a feel for how she 
works and you can capitalize on your mistakes and turn them into an 
advantage. Also, besides killing the smaller frogs, if you have a high 
stock of evolution points, use the Evolution trick to restore your 
health if you are really low on LP. 

Once you decimate the mother prime frog and her children, denying her 
chance of vengeance for eternity, she'll split into her last children, 
each of them giving you 250 EP and 7 EP! 

Sixth Boss - Tyrannosaurus Clan

The clan of the T-Rex are the strongest of the bunch in this part of 
the game, so far. This is one of the few times in the game where you 
are given a choice. They ask you if you either want to rule the world 
with them or not. Of course, you could go with one of the two bad 
endings in the game and see what pans out, but it's not a big deal 
really. Besides, when you choose that path, you'll be kicked out of the 
stage and you will have to re-enter the stage and be given the choice 
once again. If you did that ending, then go back in and choose no. If 
you said no the first time, great! Either way, the t-rex clan will be 
angry with your decision and decide to kill you. I was baffled when I 
discovered their pattern. All they do is rush forward to get close 
where you're standing and continuously biting you until you're dead. It 
should have been a stronger fight, but sadly, it isn't. 

Here's how I dealt with them. Make sure to just stand your ground and 
let them approach you with their speed. Once they do, make sure you 
bite first before the other does. If you have very strong jaws, your 
bite will cause major pain and force them back a few feet. They will 
come charging again and you will bite once more. Continue this strategy 
until the monster before you is no longer living. Stay in this stage 
and look for them - they are everywhere  You have to do battle with at 
least ten of them before the ground starts to shake - the beginnings of 
a tremor coming alive  When that happens, that's the game telling you 
that you emerged victorious  I should also add one more thing - if you 
happen to walk away from them as they are running towards you, chances 
are that they could also try jumping on your head, inflicting at least 
twenty-one life points on you - that's bad  If that happens, run away, 
then renew your assault. 

If the t-rex gives you no room to breathe and you're about to die, 
quickly execute the Evolution trick by extending your neck long or 
short. Again, it takes away a small amount of EP, but it will restore 
your LP, allowing you to continue the battle. 

Once you emerge victorious, I wouldn't worry about getting the meat 
from each t-rex, which supplies you with 250 EP and 27 LP from any meat 
that receive from that t-rex. Why? Because you are about to move on to 
a new world and earn a new body anyhow! :D

Seventh Boss - Mammoth Brothers

While these brothers are powerful, they aren't exactly smart. Like the 
Mother Prime Frog, who thought that reptiles were feared (until you 
showed up), these three brothers believe that even the yeti are afraid 
of them. Unfortunately, they don't realize that you are not yeti, but 
believe you to be one of them and, as a result, mistake you as an 
enemy. Therefore, you got not only one fight, but three fights in a row  
It's time to show them who the real deal is around here  Like all 
bosses, they too share a weakness - a pattern that can be exploited to 
your advantage. All they do is shoot out bubbles from their trunk, then 
charge at you. The idea is if you get too close and get hit by all 
three, followed by their vicious charge, chance are you could either 
take those hits and still be alive or be dead in one round of that 

If you haven't been able to beef up your creature, except in a few 
areas that matter the most, then here is what you should do. If you 
have a fast creature with little power coming from your jaws, your best 
bet is to quickly run away and then turn around and wait for all three 
bubbles to arrive in your direction. Wait for the bubbles to disappear. 
When the mammoth charges you, jump and land on his head before crossing 
over to the other side. Then repeat the pattern again until they are 
defeated, and then chew on their meat before the second and third 
mammoth brother appears to challenge you. You could also jump over the 
bubbles quick, then turn around and kick with your hind legs to do some 
damage or wait for the brother to come near your proximity before 
executing a bite of your own, provided that you increased more power 
for your jaws. But whatever you do, just make sure not to stay close to 
that brother at all, unless you can somehow corner him and just keep on 
biting away until he is finished. I should mention that the bubbles act 
like a homing missile, so be careful not to get too close or jump too 
early or too late. Otherwise, you might land on them and your jump 
effort will not work until you try again. 

If you have taken my strategy into consideration and used it, chances 
are you won't need to use the Evolution trick at all. I didn't have to 
here, since it was pretty easy. All three brothers rely on the same 
method and that's a pity - I expected more of a challenge, but all I 
got was a joke! You'll know when the battle is done once the purple 
mammoth comes charging in and tells you more about what's going on now, 
along with how foolish her brothers turn out to be. Of course, you 
COULD try and kill her if you wish for her meat, but I didn't. I just 
let her go and continued on my way. I suggest you take the time to 
strengthen your creature before moving on to the next boss.

By the way, after putting each brother in their place for 
underestimating you and thinking you were a yeti, each piece of meat 
from the bros reward you with 250 EP and 28 LP! Once the battle has 
concluded, use those evolution points now so that you don't have to 
stand around and grind for awhile until you feel satisfied with your 
creature at this point...

Eighth Boss - Bird King

These bosses simply don't quit, do they? This is the second of three 
bosses to ask you whether you want to join their side and rule the 
world with them or not. Obviously, you want to continue your path to 
reach Eden and be Gaia's partner, so chose no. Just like the T-Rex 
clan, the Bird King is enraged by your actions and wants you dead. So 
be it! This guy's strategy is not too complicated. He just flies all 
over the place and shoots his orbs towards you. If you try to jump into 
him, you will get hurt and fall to the ground, killing any effort of an 
attack on your part for that moment. 

One of the methods that I described earlier, the one for both King and 
Queen Bee, can be used here as well. If you hit him, he'll fall to the 
ground. He'll try to fly into the air, but if you can jump over to 
where he is and hit him, he'll fall again. Sometimes, the orbs can be a 
pain, because they act like homing missiles, just like the bubbles 
coming from the mammoth brothers. You can use the platforms around you 
to either jump over them or get under them, your choice. But the main 
focus should be on the bird king and taking him down. If you got the 
best jaws thus far, you can do up to twenty-five life points a bite. I 
should also mention that he likes to stomp on the ground, creating a 
minor tremor. Best way to avoid this is by being away from him and 
jumping just as he lands, but if you stay on the ground, chances are 
you'll be hurt. 

I didn't use the Evolution trick all that much, because the recommended 
strategy prevailed for me. But if you do have a tough time against him, 
go ahead. Nothing should hold you back from restoring your HP. But 
otherwise, I wouldn't bother with it. You just got to be a little 
patient when dealing with the bird-king, but if you somehow managed to 
take the few hours to grind at a place where it was easy to deal with 
weak monsters, but longer to gain the evolution points needed, it's an 
easy fight. Otherwise, if you didn't, just play defense and attack at 
the right opportunities. Either way, the bird-king will be put to rest 
in no time!  

After slaughtering him, he leaves behind pieces of meat, each of them 
giving you 400 EP and 16 life points. That should go a long way if you 
still have yet to beef up your creature to the way you fit him to be in 
the oncoming battles. 

Ninth Boss - Sir Yeti

The mammoth brothers once thought themselves to be invincible against 
this new foe, but never met them yet. That's....strange. :P In any 
case, we come across the first of two boss battles, back to back, 
starting with this new foe. This new foe, Sir Yeti, wonders briefly how 
you got in, only to figure out the answer - the explosion that was 
created at the castle destroyed the wall of ice, enabling you passage. 
He then introduces himself as "ruler of the ice world", since he is 
apparently stronger thanks in part to a crystal. That's strange as 
well. To make matters worse, he doesn't like any kind of mammal that 
has a desire to evolve and become stronger. He asks if you are also on 
the same path. You are given two choices. You can either tell him "Is 
something wrong?" or "I stopped evolving." Either answer will do you no 
good, since he would respond with you talking big or you being a 
complete liar, and decides to finish you off. This isn't a hard battle, 
just a bit annoying, since he'll get in a few hits before you're able 
to get a hit or two in.

Sir Yeti only has one pattern - he'll try to come close to you and 
whack you with his fist, causing at least ten life points per hit, 
maybe more, if you haven't gotten solid body armor for your creature.  
The best strategy that I can recommend is to wait for him to jump to 
your proximity, but jump away a little, right before he lands, then 
come back, while you have little air left, and bite him. If you have 
the best jaws, that should push him back a little, allowing some 
breathing room. You can also wait for him to jump towards you and you 
can kick him away with your hind legs, although you have to get mighty 
close for some damage to occur. But I suggest using the first strategy, 
since it's safer. You could try getting in front of him and constantly 
biting him, but the problem with that strategy is that you're bound to 
get thrown back with every whack that he does. 

If you need to use the Evolution trick, either shorten or extend your 
neck to regain your life points back. This battle may last into the 
night if you take long enough, probably into the morning if it reaches 
longer. Some players that I've talked did have some difficulty against 
this boss. That's ok - if you die, brush off the last attempt and try 
again. Sooner or later, you will win. Unfortunately, for Sir Yeti, he 
lost the battle - and his life, due in part for underestimating a 
stronger creature like you. Unfortunately, for his son, he must go 
through life without his father. 

After you won against Sir Yeti, go ahead and bite his only piece of 
meat, which rewards you with 200 EP and 33 LP! But the ground starts 
shaking and a more dangerous newcomer awaits you...

Tenth Boss - Mother Yeti

Right after eating Sir Yeti's meat, his wife storms in and is very 
angry! She and Queen Bee only have one thing in common - they will not 
rest until they avenged their husbands. With no more words to follow 
from the Mother Yeti, she instantly springs into action and another 
battle rages on their domain! I'm going to be honest with you - this is 
perhaps the easiest battle in the game, right up there with the fights 
against both King and Queen Bee, respectively. I've seen how some 
players tend to get too close and keep on biting away, but that only 
halts her assault for a short second. She's very fast and she's able to 
execute this fast slap of hers that takes away at least twenty life 
points from you. If you do bite her, she'll blow a cool wind of ice at 
your direction. If you get caught up in that freeze, the damage itself 
is minimal - one life point away. If you do get caught up, that gives 
her enough time to slap you once or twice. 

I call this battle easy because of one thing - the cool ice that she 
blows in your direction. Start the fight by biting her once. She gets 
pushed back and does her thing with the ice. If you have a creature 
that can cover a length of distance with his jumping ability, not to 
mention being a quick creature, you can bite her as you land. All she 
can do is try to stop you with that cool wind of ice before trying to 
slap you. Once you got her into a corner, you could try biting her 
until she is finished or you can run all the way to the other side and 
wait for her to come to you, then get close and bite her once. Once 
that's done, all you have to do is rinse, wash, and repeat until the 
battle is finished. You could also turn your back to you and kick away 
with your hind legs or you could jump over the cool wind of ice and 
pounce on her head. I wouldn't recommend that, as she is fast enough to 
recover and get some pain in with her ice before slapping you. 

If you are the type of person who likes to take the battle up front and 
personal, get ready to be slapped a lot. If that happens, just use the 
Evolution trick and that should take care of your life points. 
Otherwise, stay away from her once you bite her, jump over the cool 
wind of ice, and bite her. Repeat this strategy and she'll go down in 
no time. 

Defeating the Yeti Mother, the son comes in and tries to put a guilt 
trip on you. I hate to say it, but get over it. This is all about 
surviving, after all - you were only doing your job  Once you emerge 
victorious against the Mother Yeti, she leaves behind her pieces of 
meat, each of them rewarding you with a whooping 500 EP and 38 LP  
Unfortunately, for the next boss battle, you'll be dealing with another 
member of their clan once more...

Eleventh Boss - Yeti Avenger

Enix didn't exactly give him a name, so I may as well give him a name. 
:P In any case, once you walk into his territory, you'll meet a new 
yeti, one who is not happy with the way things turned out for his 
brethren. He hears the cries of his ancestors, especially the kid yeti 
who cried out for his mother and father. That's too bad, but 
unfortunately, it may be the end of the road for you, especially with 
this new foe. Why are there too many yetis in the game as bosses? As if 
Enix didn't have any more original ideas left on the table! Anyway, 
this guy loves to hop in little steps until he gets close and charges 
in with a three-hit jab combo before finishing you off with a 
devastating uppercut that takes away nearly twenty hit points of your 
life1 If you bite him, he'll do a cannonball to the other side and 
renew his assault. 

This guy can try to pull off an Evander Holyfield all he wants, but 
he's a piece of cake to deal with, just like the rest of them  One 
recommend strategy is for you to jump in and bite him, in which he'll 
jump to the other side and try his punch combo. If that happens, dash 
away from you, wait for him to approach, then get in the air and bite 
him again. Never stay close in his zone, as you can get distracted by 
his three hits before his uppercut comes into play. Another strategy is 
to have your neck shortened if you're willing to stomach the three hits 
from his jabs. If you do that, that sets you up for a brief opportunity 
with your bite, but it's only a short window, since he's very fast.     
If you have a set of horns on your head, that's also a great way to 
deal damage. If you can figure out where he'll land, stay on that spot 
and he'll get hit. If he gets a bit too close, you can rush at him with 
your horns for a hit or two until they can no longer withstand it and 
break. You can always get them back and restore your life at the same 

Either strategy should allow you to prevail and deny his chance for 
avenging his clan! Once you have dominated him for victory, he'll leave 
behind a few pieces of meat, each of them rewarding you with 250 EP and 
16 LP! The next boss fight takes place underwater. At this point in the 
game, unless you like your current body, I'd like to try a different 
creature - one that involves a mermaid....

Twelfth Boss - Rogon King

Before I even talk about this boss battle, I recommend going with a 
mermaid for this fight. You might be sitting there and ponder "Why?" 
This is simply optional. You do not have to follow my advice, for it 
doesn't matter who you use really. But a mermaid is fast and her bite 
is very strong, plus she has one-hundred hit points, which should be 
enough to have against this boss fight. If you want to take my advice 
seriously, here's what you need to do. If you have a 4-legged mammal 
creature already, jump into the ocean and go into your evolution menu. 
The only thing you can do, at this point, is keep on evolving the body. 
You'll know that you did the trick right when you evolve into the 
following forms in chronological order - seal, dolphin, a strange-
looking creature, and then finally a mermaid! I should also recommend 
that, in each form here, you should immediately save into your Book Of 
Life, as this is the only stage in the game where you can see them in 

So this is the threat that Gaia wanted you to save the whales 
from...him and his kind, that is! The king believes that they should be 
the ones to rule to sea. He backs that up by saying that the power of 
the crystal gives them that right to do so. In fact, he doesn't want 
the whales to regain their territory, since they are strong enough to 
take them on once they have evolved as creatures of land and have come 
back to retake their place. At this point, the king asks if you believe 
he has a point. This is the third of three bosses to ask a choice from 
you - a third ending, if you will, but not necessarily the best one. An 
amusing ending needless to say. Regardless, if you chose that path, 
you'll be kicked out of the level and have to go through it all over 
again. You don't want that do you? I thought so! So go ahead and 
disagree with him. In response, he'll ignore your opinion entirely, but 
not the fight. 

When I took on this guy, I came to discover that he only has three 
options. The first option is to conjure this yellow ball to follow you. 
If the ball does get to your creature, your vision will be limited, so 
you can't see much. That gives the Rogon two options to consider 
against you. He can either rush at you with a charging head butt or he 
can charge at you, swiping one claw into your creature. Either tactic 
will cost you 25 LP if it connects. That's all he does, really. There 
isn't much to him. 

If you took my advice and changed into a mermaid, you'll have a great 
chance in overcoming this pesky king. Once he unleashes that yellow 
ball of his, make sure to stay away from it at all times until it 
disappears. As that ball is following you, so does the Rogon King. Once 
that ball eventually vanishes, as he charges in, try to get a nice bite 
out of him before he can connect with his attack. It doesn't matter 
which route he takes, but as long as you are faster with your attack 
than he is, you'll get the job done. Simply put, bite and retreat. If 
you get hit, that's ok. But make sure not to stay too close to the 
king, just for a brief moment when you have an open shot for a bite 
attack. Also, if you attack from an diagonal angle, more specifically 
in the upper area, he won't be able to hit you much. If you do get 
caught in the light, rely on your instinct and bite if you feel that he 
is near you. Do not to be too concerned about the light - it is only 
temporarily and it vanishes after a short time. But he won't hesitate 
to retreat and create a new ball for you to deal with. If that happens, 
swim away from it and wait until it is gone, then get into an upper 
diagonal angle of sorts and let it rip when he nears close! 

Once the threat to the whales is no longer alive, he'll split into his 
own pieces of meat, each of them rewarding you with 300 EP and 31 LP!  
Once you speak with the whales and arrive back on your shore, you'll be 
given back your normal body. Make sure that it is properly equipped 
with the best defense, offense, and everything else, because you'll 
need it for the next three boss fights ahead. That said...it's time for 
a duel with an old foe from the past...

Thirteenth Boss - Queen Bee (Revisited)

...Say what??? What the hell happened here? Apparently, Queen Bee has 
been revived from the dead! According to the reborn queen, someone 
"living in the north" appears to have been great to her, since she was 
made big again and is now grateful to her. In exchange for what this 
creature has done for her, she will not allow you to pass because she 
is showing her respect for him. I hate to tell you, Queen Bee, but we 
beat you before and we'll do it again! The truth is, she's actually an 
optional boss - you can just skip that area and move on to the last two 
bosses in the game. However, if you feel like kicking her butt once 
more, that's not a problem! In any case, she's a little faster than her 
previous incarnation. That's all that changed for her, not to mention 
her skin color. She still uses the same pattern from last time.

If you currently have a creature that's a little slow and can't avoid 
the stingers, that's ok. Try my original strategy. Jump when she shoots 
the first stinger. The second stinger should pass through the air. The 
third and final one should try the ground again, in which you can avoid 
by jumping one more time. Once you land, she'll immediately fly into 
your proximity, attempting to nail you with her bite. However, just 
like last time, you can always bite a few seconds earlier before she 
does - it's all in the timing, really. Once she is down on the ground, 
quickly pound the bite button as much as you can so that you can score 
at least two or three hits before she is able to fly away to the other 
side. If she does manage to escape, dash the other way and avoid the 
stingers. If you get hit, don't worry about it - they take only 6 LP 
away from you. But it's her bite that's dangerous, costing you at least 
20 to 25 LP, depending on how solid your body armor is. 

She shouldn't be a problem and if she is, just use the Evolution trick 
to restore your life and continue the battle. Just like time, she takes 
patience and it may last throughout the night, but once you get great 
timing with the stingers and land in the bites, she'll go down in no 

After destroying her for the second time, she'll split into her own 
pieces of honeycombs, which gives you a measly 100 EP and 5 LP. A joke, 
really, but at least you don't have to worry about her anymore!

 Fourteenth Boss - Cro-Maine

Once you step foot into the path that leads into the entrance for Eden, 
you'll notice a huge caveman, who wields a large club, blocking your 
path. He begins a dialogue with you, as do the rest of the bosses, and 
introduces himself as Cro-Maine, the guardian of the cave that leads 
into Eden. He claims that he once belonged to the Monkey Tribe, but 
they rejected him due to him having less hair and was smarter than 
their clan. Just like Queen Bee, the one "living from the north" 
treated him with kindness and orders him to block off anyone trying to 
get in. Therefore, he can't let you pass. Alright, Cro-Maine, time to 
get your butt kicked and relieve you of your duties for eternity! I've 
seen some boss battles that were easy, but this boss is WAY TOO EASY, 
arguably the easiest boss in the game. 

Let's talk about him first. He does two things in the game - jump on 
your head and pull off a Babe Ruth and swing his club. If you get hit 
by the jump, that's minimal damage. The bad news, however, is that if 
you get hit by his club swing, you'll be knocked out of the level, 
forcing you to start the fight all over again. The good news is that if 
you don't feel prepared just yet, you can walk out of the level after 
he's done talking and go into stage in order to take on monsters to 
gain more evolution points for your upgrades. But you shouldn't be 
doing that, if you have taken the time to already grind and upgrade 
before coming into this fight. So just stay committed to the battle 
once you enter. Trust me, he's a piece of cake! 

So how do you go about defeating him? That's simple! He'll immediately 
start his attack by jumping on your head. When he does, run to the 
other side. When he is about to land, quickly turn around and bite him. 
He'll try to jump on the spot that you were on previously, so just dash 
to the other side and bite him. If you follow strategy, he won't be 
given a chance to try swinging his bat. If you try to jump in the air, 
though, that's different, since he will attempt his swing, so jumping 
in the air should stay off limits for this fight. There are three 
bananas sitting there in the middle of the stage, so if you need 
health, you can gobble that up quick before renewing your vicious 
assault on Cro-Maine. 

No need for the Evolution trick at all. He's a cinch. A piece of cake! 
In no time, he'll become extinct and will no longer be able to serve 
his new master! Once you emerge victorious from this confrontation, 
he'll split into his own pieces of meat, each of them rewarding you 
with the highest EP gain from any boss - a whooping 1250 EP! Not to 
mention getting back 36 LP as well, just in case you did lose a lot of 
health during the fight. Now that all fourteen bosses have been slain, 
this is the battle that you and I have been waiting for - the one 
"living from the north" awaits you inside the cave that leads to 

Final Boss - Bolbox

So after all this time, wandering through five eras, it all comes down 
to this moment. You finally meet the "one living from the north" - the 
one who is responsible for everything. He knows that you are the one 
that has been traveling to get to this point, the one that desires to 
be with Gaia's partner and rule Eden and civilization together. One 
problem though - he is not going to allow that. It turns out that he 
became a caveman by eating all the crystals that the dino-tribe has 
given him. This is odd, because he’s a huge amoeba...a very disgusting-
looking amoeba! He has decided that your time is over and he'll do 
whatever it takes to kill you so that he can rule in her place instead. 
One problem with that, Bolbox - you don't want any future happening, so 
I'm afraid that's not going to happen! So this is the last boss fight 
of the game. Luckily, I'm here to guide you! To be honest, this isn't a 
bad fight, as long as you are aware of everything that goes on. When 
Bolbox finally shows his true form, you will notice that eight spheres 
are circling around inside his ugly body. Each of these six spheres 
have creatures that you have to deal with before you can further damage 
Bolbox himself. I'll tell you what each sphere contains and how you can 
defeat them. 

Light Blue Orb – Food! This is definitely important, especially in the 
middle of battle. If you run out of LP and see this light blue sphere 
coming out, thank your lucky stars! You get a whooping 1000 EP and 
enough LP to restore it completely. 

White Orb - A little Ikustega doesn't get involved in your fight. He 
just runs away quickly. I suggest not going after him, since it's not 
worth the effort. If you are in his way, either jump over him or let 
him pass through. He won't harm you much if that happens. 

Yellow Orb - Debustega is back for round two and this time, you kind of 
have a disadvantage, since there are no cliffs to protect you. This is 
a fight done on the ground. The recommend strategy here is either 
kicking him when he's close or, if you have a short creature with dual 
horns, you try to get him into a corner and keep on bashing him. If you 
get hit with his puke or whatever it is, shrug it off and keep on 
bashing him. Another way at it is to let him jump to the other side, 
then as he lands, bite him or ram into him for damage. That's how I 
dealt with this creature. 

Red Orb - A giant Profasu emerges from that orb and it is not as simple 
as you believe. He temporarily stays on the ground until you bite him. 
That's when he'll immediately fly around the lair, in a constant 
circle. When he reaches the lowest point during his flying, bite him. 
Then try to quickly dash away. If you're quick enough, he'll just miss 
you from an inch or so. You should quickly turn around and wait for him 
to come back to that low point and bite him again. If your horns do 
more damage, by all means, go for it! Like with the others, make sure 
you keep an eye out on Bolbox. If his head or arm...or whatever you 
want to call it, extends to hit you, quickly bite him before he gets a 
chance to hit you. Make sure you stay away from the profasu as you're 
doing this, so that you don't deal with getting hit by both of them at 
the same time. Then go back and kick the profasu's butt until he is 

Green Orb - A Zinichthy is what comes out of this orb. Some called it 
the most difficult monster to deal with, but I didn't have much of a 
problem. The idea for this fight is to wait for him to quickly charge 
in towards you. Just as that fish does, bite him a second before he 
does. Once he's on the ground, continue to bite him as much as you can 
before he can escape. The problem with this match up is Bolbox. As the 
Zinichthy is biting you, Bolbox will reach out and hit you with his 
"head", doubling the damage  If that's the case, quickly use the 
Evolution trick by either shorten or extending your neck, and you'll be 
able to stay in the game. 

Purple Orb - you'll take on a red swordsman here. He'll try to fly 
towards you and swing his sword to inflict pain onto your creature. 
He's easy though! Just get into a corner and either bite or ram him to 
death - he won't be able to move a muscle. 

Orange Orb - A giant Prosauro emerges from this orb and does battle 
with you. It's only dangerous attack, as far as I'm concerned, is when 
it takes a deep breath and screams, getting in a few hits. It's a bit 
distracting, because you may get by both the Prosauro and Bolbox as 
well. If you can get him into a corner, all the way to the left of the 
stage, and keep on biting or ramming him with your jaws or horns, he 
can't do much. Just be careful and pay attention to Bolbox, as he could 
extend his "head" to hit you while doing battle with the Prosauro. 

Blue Orb - A jellyfish??? You got to be kidding me! As usual, just bite 
at it a few times until it vanishes for good...or does it? It actually 
turns into a giant jellyfish! If you have beefed up your defense, the 
pain isn't that bad to deal with and he's hardly an aggressive 
creature. If you bite the creature, he'll fly back into the air. All 
you have to do is jump in the air and bite the monster, then once he 
falls, immediately get on the attack and keep on biting him until he is 
no more. It's not that bad at all! 

In between attacking all of these creatures, you also need to keep an 
eye out on Bolbox, as his "head" (if you call it that) stretches out to 
where you are and will try to hit you. This gets to be a pain, 
especially when you are completely focused on the monster before you, 
and you realize that you got hit by Bolbox's head and was unable to 
fend it off in time. The best thing to do, in this situation, is to 
never have your back turned to Bolbox. You should always stay to the 
left of the screen, looking right, while facing off your current 
opponent. That way, you'll get a good view of what's going on and you 
can counter Bolbox's attack easily. Then go back and continue your 
assault against your current opponent without any worries. Once you do 
finish off that enemy, immediately go back and strike Bolbox's "head" 
at least four times. In response to your four bites, Bolbox will pause 
and his animation will glow as a random sphere pops out of his body. 
You just have to go back and forth in between in order to get the job 
done. I should mention that Bolbox may use his body to move forward in 
order to give you no room to breathe and eventually crush you. You can 
stop him by turning around and biting his "head", forcing him to 

If you managed to gain a lot of evolution points before the final boss 
fight, then go crazy with the Evolution trick, because I guarantee you, 
sometimes, you may get into situations that might cost you a game over 
a couple of times. Either extend or shorten the neck to regain your LP 
and continue the fight against Bolbox and his minions. 

Once all the creatures from Bolbox's random orbs are finished, quickly 
dish out some more damage on Bolbox's head until he releases his death 
cries. Once he is vanquished from the face of the Earth, quickly move 
on forward until you reach the end of the cliff and see Gaia’s face 
appear at the black sky. From that point on, you might as well put down 
the controller and give yourself a pat on the back! You have won 
against all the bosses and have completed EVO: The Search For Eden! 
Good job! Congratulations on achieving victory! Sit back, relax, and 
enjoy the ending!  

First off, I'd like to thank my family and my friends...true friends, 
who have believed in me, loves me, and supports me in the things that I 
do and accomplish. Without you guys, I wouldn't be here today! 

I'd also like to thank Enix for making this game and Nintendo for 
allowing it to have a life on the Super Nintendo. It was an incredible 
experience from start to finish. 

Thanks also goes to Gamefaqs.com for publishing this small, but 
detailed boss FAQ on their website. 

And finally, to my parents and siblings - you know who you are. I love 
you all!


The EVO: Search For Eden boss walkthrough has been written by me, 
starting on January 28th, 2009 and was completed on February 8th, 2009, 
and therefore cannot be copied in any way, shape, or form. All rights 

Should you wish to use the information for your personal gain, then you 
are free to do so, but if you want my boss walkthrough to be published 
on your website, then please contact me at the email address located at 
the top of this FAQ. Thank you and I hope you enjoyed reading my FAQ as 
much as I loved writing it!