• Killing carbunle in 1 hit

    If you have a mystic knight on your party, cast Fire 3 and in the next round hit Carbuncle with it. It will not show any damage, but it will kill him.

    Contributed By: 1Gigabyteofram.

Easter Eggs

  • Brave Sword or Chicken Knife ?

    Before venturing into the Cleft of Dimension, return to the Town of Mua.In the southwest, a door that was previously locked is now open.Through the door is a hidden path that will lead you to a man.He will offer to give you a Brave Sword or a Chicken Knife.The Brave Sword will get stronger as you win battles and the Chicken Knife as you run from battles.

    Contributed By: sabinz.

  • Free Potions in World II

    In Kelb town, enter the Inn. You'll find a man sitting on a table talk to him then sit on the chair on the LEFT (NOT in front of the man)! He'll give you some kind of wine then he'll give you an after meal gift of 8 Potions! You can repeat this to get 24 potions.

    Contributed By: Dark Locke.

  • Learn your game stats

    Take your airship slightly south of the Town of Karnak and submerge underwater. Enter the cave you see and talk to the man inside. He claims to be a psychic and will tell you how many battles you have fought, the number of enemies you've killed, your party's average experience, the percentage of the game's treasure you have collected, and the number of times you have saved your game.

    Contributed By: Not Dave.


  • Alternate Tycoon Castle Scene

    In world one when you get the Hiryuu ( Dragon ) you have access to Tycoon Castle. If you go, there's a scene involving Leena and Faris where Leena suspects Faris may be her long lost sister, Sarisa, and Faris denies it. But, if you wait until after you get the airship it's an entirley different scene involving Leena's childhood.

    Contributed By: WeirdSwordDude.

  • Defeat Catastrophe easily

    Before the battle with Catastrophe, equip a Wall Ring on one of your characters, and cast Float on that same character. Then, go into the battle. Whenever one of your characters is Floating, Catastrophe will always use Gravity100 to ground that character. However, because that character has a Wall Ring, the attack will be reflected back at him. He will continue to use Gravity100 for the entire battle, allowing you to use any attacks you need to beat him without the fear of being killed.

    Contributed By: LinkIII_IsBack.

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