Pro Action Replay Codes by Neo Zero

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 02/22/03 | Printable Version

Final Fanasy 5
Pro Action Replay Code Guide
By Neo Zero (
Last updated: February 22, 2003
Verion 1.1

1. Intro and Notes
2. Character Codes
   2.1. Notes
   2.2. First Character
   2.3. Second Character
   2.4. Third Character
   2.5. Fourth Character
3. Item Codes
   3.1. Item Slot Modifiers
   3.2. Item Amount Modifiers
4. Miscellaneous Codes
5. Code Values
   5.1. Commands
   5.2. Items
   5.3. Map Status
   5.4. Jobs
6. Version Info
7. Credits/Disclaimer

1. Intro and Notes

All codes in this guide were made by myself, using the full English translation
patch from RPGe.

To have permanant effects with these codes, switch them on, save, switch them 
off, reset, then load your game.

2. Character Codes


2.1. Notes

For the Infinite HP codes, the max HP is displayed in battle, and 
occasionally flickers to 9,999, then back to the max amount. Out of battle, 
9,999 current HP is displayed. For Infinite MP, 999 is always displayed.

Command Modifiers
Fight			First Command
[Job Command]		Second Command
[Second Command]	Third Command
Item			Fourth Command

Command Values
Dummy01- Ddoes nothing.
Dummy02- Has the effect of the "Fire" Magic Sword.

Stat Modifiers
Max Attack values are FF (255).
Max level value is 63 (99). Max HP/MP/EXP to next level is auto calculated.


2.2. First Character

7E0501xx	Job Modifier

7E0502xx	Level Modifier

7E05080F	Max HP (9,999)

7E050CE7	Max MP (999)

7E050Exx	Head Equipment Modifier
7E050Fxx	Body Equipment Modifier
7E0510xx	Relic Modifier
7E0513xx	R. Hand Modifier
7E0514xx	L. Hand Modifier

7E0516xx	First Command Modifier
7E0517xx	Second Command Modifier
7E0518xx	Third Command Modifier
7E0519xx	Fourth Command Modifier
7E051Axx	Map Status Modifier

7E0524xx	Strength Modifier
7E0525xx	Agility Modifier
7E0526xx	Vitality Modifier
7E0527xx	Magic Power Modifier

7E20060F	Infinite HP

7E200AE7	Infinite MP


2.3. Second Character

7E0551xx	Job Modifier

7E0552xx	Level Modifier

7E05580F	Max HP (9,999)

7E055CE7	Max MP (999)

7E055Exx	Head Equipment Modifier
7E055Fxx	Body Equipment Modifier
7E0560xx	Relic Modifier
7E0563xx	R. Hand Modifier
7E0564xx	L. Hand Modifier

7E0566xx	First Command Modifier
7E0567xx	Second Command Modifier
7E0568xx	Third Command Modifier
7E0569xx	Fourth Command Modifier
7E056Axx	Map Status Modifier

7E0574xx	Strength Modifier
7E0575xx	Agility Modifier
7E0576xx	Vitality Modifier
7E0577xx	Magic Power Modifier

7E2086E7	Infinite HP

7E208AE7	Infinite MP


2.4. Third Character

7E05A1xx	Job Modifier

7E05A2xx	Level Modifier

7E05A80F	Max HP (9,999)

7E05ACE7	Max MP (999)

7E05AExx	Head Equipment Modifier
7E05AFxx	Body Equipment Modifier
7E05B0xx	Relic Modifier
7E05B3xx	R. Hand Modifier
7E05B4xx	L. Hand Modifier

7E05B6xx	First Command Modifier
7E05B7xx	Second Command Modifier
7E05B8xx	Third Command Modifier
7E05B9xx	Fourth Command Modifier
7E05BAxx	Map Status Modifier

7E05C4xx	Strength Modifier
7E05C5xx	Agility Modifier
7E05C6xx	Vitality Modifier
7E05C7xx	Magic Power Modifier

7E2106E7	Infinite HP

7E210AE7	Infinite MP


2.5. Fourth Character

7E05F1xx	Job Modifier

7E05F2xx	Level Modifier

7E05F80F	Max HP (9,999)

7E05FCE7	Max MP (999)

7E05FExx	Head Equipment Modifier
7E05FFxx	Body Equipment Modifier
7E0600xx	Relic Modifier
7E0603xx	R. Hand Modifier
7E0604xx	L. Hand Modifier

7E0606xx	First Command Modifier
7E0607xx	Second Command Modifier
7E0608xx	Third Command Modifier
7E0609xx	Fourth Command Modifier
7E060Axx	Map Status Modifier

7E0614xx	Strength Modifier
7E0615xx	Agility Modifier
7E0616xx	Vitality Modifier
7E0617xx	Magic Power Modifier

7E2186E7	Infinite HP

7E218AE7	Infinite MP


3. Item Codes

Slot Layout:
Slot 1		Slot 2
Slot 3		Slot 4


3.1. Item Slot Modifiers
Only codes for slots 1-50 are listed, then after that, every tenth, then from 
250-256. You should be able to figure out how it works to get the ones between.

7E0640xx	Slot 1
7E0641xx	Slot 2
7E0642xx	Slot 3
7E0643xx	Slot 4
7E0644xx	Slot 5
7E0645xx	Slot 6
7E0646xx	Slot 7
7E0647xx	Slot 8
7E0648xx	Slot 9
7E0649xx	Slot 10
7E064Axx	Slot 11
7E064Bxx	Slot 12
7E064Cxx	Slot 13
7E064Dxx	Slot 14
7E064Exx	Slot 15
7E064Fxx	Slot 16
7E0650xx	Slot 17
7E0651xx	Slot 18
7E0652xx	Slot 19
7E0653xx	Slot 20
7E0654xx	Slot 21
7E0655xx	Slot 22
7E0656xx	Slot 23
7E0657xx	Slot 24
7E0658xx	Slot 25
7E0659xx	Slot 26
7E065Axx	Slot 27
7E065Bxx	Slot 28
7E065Cxx	Slot 29
7E065Dxx	Slot 30
7E065Exx	Slot 31
7E065Fxx	Slot 32
7E0660xx	Slot 33
7E0661xx	Slot 34
7E0662xx	Slot 35
7E0663xx	Slot 36
7E0664xx	Slot 37
7E0665xx	Slot 38
7E0666xx	Slot 39
7E0667xx	Slot 40
7E0668xx	Slot 41
7E0669xx	Slot 42
7E066Axx	Slot 43
7E066Bxx	Slot 44
7E066Cxx	Slot 45
7E066Dxx	Slot 46
7E066Exx	Slot 47
7E066Fxx	Slot 48
7E0670xx	Slot 49
7E0671xx	Slot 50
7E067Bxx	Slot 60
7E0685xx	Slot 70
7E068Fxx	Slot 80
7E0699xx	Slot 90
7E06A3xx	Slot 100
7E06ADxx	Slot 110
7E06B7xx	Slot 120
7E06C1xx	Slot 130
7E06CBxx	Slot 140
7E06D5xx	Slot 150
7E06DFxx	Slot 160
7E06E9xx	Slot 170
7E06F3xx	Slot 180
7E06FDxx	Slot 190
7E0707xx	Slot 200
7E0711xx	Slot 210
7E071Bxx	Slot 220
7E0725xx	Slot 230
7E072Fxx	Slot 240
7E0739xx	Slot 250
7E073Axx	Slot 251
7E073Bxx	Slot 252
7E073Cxx	Slot 253
7E073Dxx	Slot 254
7E073Exx	Slot 255
7E073Fxx	Slot 256


3.2. Item Amount Modifiers
Replace xx with hex value for amount desired. (63 is the max amount.)
Only codes for slots 1-50 are listed, then after that, every tenth, then from 
250-256. You should be able to figure out how it works to get the ones between.

7E0740xx	Slot 1
7E0741xx	Slot 2
7E0742xx	Slot 3
7E0743xx	Slot 4
7E0744xx	Slot 5
7E0745xx	Slot 6
7E0746xx	Slot 7
7E0747xx	Slot 8
7E0748xx	Slot 9
7E0749xx	Slot 10
7E074Axx	Slot 11
7E074Bxx	Slot 12
7E074Cxx	Slot 13
7E074Dxx	Slot 14
7E074Exx	Slot 15
7E074Fxx	Slot 16
7E0750xx	Slot 17
7E0751xx	Slot 18
7E0752xx	Slot 19
7E0753xx	Slot 20
7E0754xx	Slot 21
7E0755xx	Slot 22
7E0756xx	Slot 23
7E0757xx	Slot 24
7E0758xx	Slot 25
7E0759xx	Slot 26
7E075Axx	Slot 27
7E075Bxx	Slot 28
7E075Cxx	Slot 29
7E075Dxx	Slot 30
7E075Exx	Slot 31
7E075Fxx	Slot 32
7E0760xx	Slot 33
7E0761xx	Slot 34
7E0762xx	Slot 35
7E0763xx	Slot 36
7E0764xx	Slot 37
7E0765xx	Slot 38
7E0766xx	Slot 39
7E0767xx	Slot 40
7E0768xx	Slot 41
7E0769xx	Slot 42
7E076Axx	Slot 43
7E076Bxx	Slot 44
7E076Cxx	Slot 45
7E076Dxx	Slot 46
7E076Exx	Slot 47
7E076Fxx	Slot 48
7E0770xx	Slot 49
7E0771xx	Slot 50
7E077Bxx	Slot 60
7E0785xx	Slot 70
7E078Fxx	Slot 80
7E0799xx	Slot 90
7E07A3xx	Slot 100
7E07ADxx	Slot 110
7E07B7xx	Slot 120
7E07C1xx	Slot 130
7E07CBxx	Slot 140
7E07D5xx	Slot 150
7E07DFxx	Slot 160
7E07E9xx	Slot 170
7E07F3xx	Slot 180
7E07FDxx	Slot 190
7E0807xx	Slot 200
7E0811xx	Slot 210
7E081Bxx	Slot 220
7E0825xx	Slot 230
7E082Fxx	Slot 240
7E0839xx	Slot 250
7E083Axx	Slot 251
7E083Bxx	Slot 252
7E083Cxx	Slot 253
7E083Dxx	Slot 254
7E083Exx	Slot 255
7E083Fxx	Slot 256


4. Miscellaneous Codes

7E09479F	Infinite Gil

-= Whole Party =-
These codes appear to change values for all four party members.

Max Strength, Agility, Vitality, Magic Power, Defense, and Equipment 
Weight values are 63 (99).
Evade% works differently. 63 does not give 99, it gives 63. Use 99 instead.

7E2723xx	Equipment Weight Modifier
7E272Cxx	Evade% Modifier
7E272Dxx	Defense Modifier
7E272Fxx	Magic Defense Modifier
7E2744xx	Attack Modifier

-= Glitch Codes =-

7E0B5201	Can't walk
7E0B5500	Screwed up battle (Freezes game)
7E0BBAxx	Scrolls through the map repeatedly
7E1FD7FE	Colorful Glitch/Freeze in battle

5. Code Values


5.1. Command Values

00 [Blank]		01 !Other		02 !Item
03 !Change		04 !Defence		05 !Fight
06 !Protect		07 !Kick		08 !BuildUp
09 !Chakra		0A !Escape		0B !Steal
0C !Capture		0D !Jump		0E !DrgnSwd
0F !Smoke		10 !Image		11 !Throw
12 !SwdSlap		13 !GP Toss		14 !Slash
15 !Animals		16 !Aim			17 !X-Fight
18 !Summon		19 !Peep		1A !Scan
1B !Tame		1C !Control		1D !Catch
1E !Release		1F !Mix			20 !Drink
21 !Health		22 !Revive		23 !Terrain
24 !Dummy01*		25 !Conceal		26 !Appear
27 !Dummy02*		28 !Sing		29 !Flirt
2A !Dance		2B !Mimic		2C !MgcSwd (Lv.1)
2D !MgcSwd (Lv.2)	2E !MgcSwd (Lv.3)	2F !MgcSwd (Lv.4)
30 !MgcSwd (Lv.5)	31 !MgcSwd (Lv.6)	32 !White (Lv.1)
33 !White (Lv.2)	34 !White (Lv.3)	35 !White (Lv.4)
36 !White (Lv.5)	37 !White (Lv.6)	38 !Black (Lv.1)
39 !Black (Lv.2)	3A !Black (Lv.3)	3B !Black (Lv.4)
3C !Black (Lv.5)	3D !Black (Lv.6)	3E !Jikuu (Lv.1)
3F !Jikuu (Lv.2)	40 !Jikuu (Lv.3)	41 !Jikuu (Lv.4)
42 !Jikuu (Lv.5)	43 !Jikuu (Lv.6)	44 !Call (Lv.1)
45 !Call (Lv.2)		46 !Call (Lv.3)		47 !Call (Lv.4)
48 !Call (Lv.5)		49 !Call (Lv.6)		4A !Wht/Blk (Lv.1)
4B !Wht/Blk (Lv.2)	4C X-Magic		4D !Blue
4E !*			4F !*			50 !Am?u*
51 !*			52 !*			53 !*
80 Equip Shield		81 Equip Armor	


5.2. Item Values

00 [Blank]
01 Empty
02 Knife [Knife]
03 Dagger [Knife]
04 Mithril [Knife]
05 Kunai [Ninja Ninja Blade]
06 MageMasher [Knife]
07 Guardian [Knife]
08 Kodachi [Ninja Blade]
09 Oricalon [Knife]
0A Air Knife [Knife]
0B Assassin [Knife]
0C Sasuke [Ninja Blade]
0D BroadSwd [Sword]
0E LongSwd [Sword]
0F Mithril [Sword]
10 Coral [Sword]
11 Ancient [Sword]
12 GreatSwd [Sword]
13 Slumber [Sword]
14 Defender [Sword]
15 Excalibur [Sword]
16 Ragnarok [Sword]
17 Javelin [Spear]
18 Spear [Spear]
19 Mithril [Spear]
1A Trident [Spear]
1B Wind [Spear]
1C Partisan [Spear]
1D Heavy [Spear]
1E Twinlance [Ninja Blade]
1F Holy [Spear]
20 Hiryuu [Spear]
21 Battle [Axe]
22 Mithril [Axe]
23 Ogre [Axe]
24 Warhammr [Axe]
25 Poison [Axe]
26 Earth [Axe]
27 Rune Axe [Axe]
28 Thor [Axe]
29 Ashura [Katana]
2A AirBlade [Katana]
2B Kotetsu [Katana]
2C Bizen [Katana]
2D Kiku [Katana]
2E Murasame [Katana]
2F Masamune [Katana]
30 Nimbus [Katana]
31 Rod [Rod]
32 Fire [Rod]
33 Ice [Rod]
34 Thunder [Rod]
35 Poison [Rod]
36 Lillith [Rod]
37 Wizard [Rod]
38 Staff [Staff]
39 Mithril [Staff]
3A Power [Staff]
3B Cure [Staff]
3C Light [Staff]
3D Sage [Staff]
3E Judgement [Staff]
3F Flame [Bow]
40 Frost [Bow]
41 Thunder [Bow]
42 Darkness [Bow]
43 KillerBow [Bow]
44 Elfin [Bow]
45 Yoichi [Bow]
46 Artemis [Bow]
47 Silver [Harp]
48 Dream [Harp]
49 Lamia [Harp]
4A Apollon [Harp]
4B Whip [Whip]
4C Chain [Whip]
4D Blitz [Whip]
4E Firebute [Whip]
4F Dragon [Whip]
50 Giyaman [Bell]
51 Earth [Bell]
52 Rune [Bell]
53 Tinker [Bell]
54 Sabre [???]
55 BloodSwd [Knight Sword]
56 Rune Edge [Sword]
57 Flame [Knight Sword]
58 IceBrand [Knight Sword]
59 Crescent [Boomerang]
5A Shuriken
5B Fuuma
5C Excalipur [Sword]
5D Beastkill [Whip]
5E Flail [Staff]
5F MornStar [Staff]
60 Wonder [Rod]
61 BraveBld [Knight Sword]
62 Soot
63 Chicken [Knife]
64 RisingSun
65 Silver [Bow]
66 Gust [Bow]
67 Mafuuji [Bow]
68 Avis [Bow]
69 DoomCut [Axe]
6A Giant's [Axe]
6B ManEater [Dancer Knife]
6C Thief [Knife]
6D Dancing [Knife]
70 R-Hand
81 Leather [Shield]
82 Bronze [Shield]
83 Iron [Shield]
84 Mythril [Shield]
85 Gold [Shield]
86 Aegis [Shield]
87 Diamond [Shield]
88 Crystal [Shield]
89 Leather [Helmet]
8A Bronze [Helmet]
8B Iron [Helmet]
8C Mythril [Helmet]
8D Gold [Helmet]
8E Diamond [Helmet]
8F Crystal [Helmet]
90 Plumed [Helmet]
91 Tricorn [Helmet]
92 Magus [Helmet]
93 Circlet [Helmet]
94 Goldpin [Helmet]
95 Ribbon [Ribbon]
96 Bandana [Helmet]
97 GrnBeret [Helmet]
98 Darkhood [Helmet]
99 Tiara [Helmet]
9A Leather [Clothes]
9B Bronze [Armor]
9C Iron [Armor]
9D Mythril [Armor]
9E Gold [Armor]
9F Diamond [Armor]
A0 Crystal [Armor]
A1 CopperPlt [Armor]
A2 Training [Clothes]
A3 Silver [Armor]
A4 Stealth [Clothes]
A5 DiamondPlt [Armor]
A6 Dark [Clothes]
A7 Cotton [Clothes]
A8 Silk [Clothes]
A9 GaiaGear [Clothes]
AA Bard [Clothes]
AB Lumina [Clothes]
AC Black [Clothes]
AD White [Clothes]
AE Mirage [Clothes]
AF Guard [Ring]
B0 Thief [Glove]
B1 Giant [Glove]
B2 Elf Cape [Ring]
B3 Cursed [Ring]
B4 Glasses [Ring]
B5 Running [Shoe]
B6 Mythril [Glove]
B7 Silver [Ring]
B8 Diamond [Ring]
B9 Strength [Clothes]
BA Power Ring
BB Angel [Clothes]
BC Angel [Ring]
BD Flame [Ring]
BE Coral [Ring]
BF Bone Mail [Armor]
C0 Leather [Shoe]
C1 Kaiser [Claw]
C2 Gauntlet [Glove]
C3 TigrMask [Helmet]
C4 Flame [Shield]
C5 CornaJar [Ring]
C6 Genji [Shield]
C7 Genji [Helmet]
C8 Genji [Armor]
C9 Genji [Glove]
CA Wall [Ring]
CB Coronet [Helmet]
CC Thornlet [Helmet]
CD Ice [Shield]
CE Cursed [Shield]
CF Rainbow [Clothes]
D0 Red [Shoe]
E0 Potion
E1 Hi-Potion
E2 Ether
E3 Elixir
E4 PhenixDwn
E5 MaidnKiss
E6 Revify
E7 TurtleShell
E8 Antidote
E9 Eyedrop
EA DragnFang
EB DarkMatter
EC Soft
ED LuckMallet
EE Dummy
EF Magic Lamp
F0 TentF1 Cabin
F2 Giant [Drink]
F3 Power [Drink]
F4 Speed [Drink]
F5 Protect [Drink]
F6 Hero [Drink]
F7 DrgnCrest
F8 OmegaMedl
F9 Ramuh
FA Shoat
FB Golem
FC Flame
FD Water
FE Thunder
FF by RPGe

Items 71-80 and D1-DF are blank/glitches.

* See Notes in Section 2.1.


5.3. Map Status Values

00 Normal
01 Blind
02 Zombie
03 Blind/Zombie
04 Poison
05 Poison/Blind
06 Poison/Zombie
07 Poison/Zombie/Blind
08 Float
09 Float/Blind
0A Float/Zombie
0B Float/Zombie/Blind
0C Float/Poison
0D Float/Poison/Blind
0E Float/Poison/Zombie
0F Float/Poison/Zombie/Blind
10 Mini
11 Mini/Blind
12 Mini/Zombie
13 Mini/Zombie/Blind
14 Mini/Poison
15 Mini/Poison/Blind
16 Mini/Poison/Zombie
17 Mini/Poison/Zombie/Blind
18 Mini/Float
19 Mini/Float/Blind
1A Mini/Float/Zombie
1B Mini/Float/Zombie/Blind
1C Mini/Float/Poison
1D Mini/Float/Poison/Blind
1E Mini/Float/Poison/Zombie
1F Mini/Float/Poison/Zombie/Blind
20 Toad
21 Toad/Blind
22 Toad/Zombie
23 Toad/Zombie/Blind
24 Toad/Poison
25 Toad/Poison/Blind
26 Toad/Poison/Zombie
27 Toad/Poison/Zombie/Blind
28 Toad/Float
29 Toad/Float/Blind
2A Toad/Float/Zombie
2B Toad/Float/Zombie/Blind
2C Toad/Float/Poison
2D Toad/Float/Poison/Blind
2E Toad/Float/Poison/Zombie
2F Toad/Float/Poison/Zombie/Blind
30 Toad/Mini
31 Toad/Mini/Blind
32 Toad/Mini/Zombie
33 Toad/Mini/Zombie/Blind
34 Toad/Mini/Poison
35 Toad/Mini/Poison/Blind
36 Toad/Mini/Poison/Zombie
37 Toad/Mini/Poison/Zombie/Blind
38 Toad/Mini/Float
39 Toad/Mini/Float/Blind
3A Toad/Mini/Float/Zombie
3B Toad/Mini/Float/Zombie/Blind
3C Toad/Mini/Float/Poison
3D Toad/Mini/Float/Poison/Blind
3E Toad/Mini/Float/Poison/Zombie
3F Toad/Mini/Float/Poison/Zombie/Blind
40 Stone
41 Stone/Blind
42 Stone/Zombie
43 Stone/Zombie/Blind
44 Stone/Poison
45 Stone/Poison/Blind
46 Stone/Poison/Zombie
47 Stone/Poison/Zombie/Blind
48 Stone/Float
49 Stone/Float/Blind
4A Stone/Float/Zombie
4B Stone/Float/Zombie/Blind
4C Stone/Float/Poison
4D Stone/Float/Poison/Blind
4E Stone/Float/Poison/Zombie
4F Stone/Float/Poison/Zombie/Blind
50 Stone/Mini
51 Stone/Mini/Blind
52 Stone/Mini/Zombie
53 Stone/Mini/Zombie/Blind
54 Stone/Mini/Poison
55 Stone/Mini/Poison/Blind
56 Stone/Mini/Poison/Zombie
57 Stone/Mini/Poison/Zombie/Blind
58 Stone/Mini/Float
59 Stone/Mini/Float/Blind
5A Stone/Mini/Float/Zombie
5B Stone/Mini/Float/Zombie/Blind
5C Stone/Mini/Float/Poison
5D Stone/Mini/Float/Poison/Blind
5E Stone/Mini/Float/Poison/Zombie
5F Stone/Mini/Float/Poison/Zombie/Blind
60 Stone/Toad
61 Stone/Toad/Blind
62 Stone/Toad/Zombie
63 Stone/Toad/Zombie/Blind
64 Stone/Toad/Poison
65 Stone/Toad/Poison/Blind
66 Stone/Toad/Poison/Zombie
67 Stone/Toad/Poison/Zombie/Blind
68 Stone/Toad/Float
69 Stone/Toad/Float/Blind
6A Stone/Toad/Float/Zombie
6B Stone/Toad/Float/Zombie/Blind
6C Stone/Toad/Float/Poison
6D Stone/Toad/Float/Poison/Blind
6E Stone/Toad/Float/Poison/Zombie
6F Stone/Toad/Float/Poison/Zombie/Blind
70 Stone/Toad/Mini
71 Stone/Toad/Mini/Blind
72 Stone/Toad/Mini/Zombie
73 Stone/Toad/Mini/Zombie/Blind
74 Stone/Toad/Mini/Poison
75 Stone/Toad/Mini/Poison/Blind
76 Stone/Toad/Mini/Poison/Zombie
77 Stone/Toad/Mini/Poison/Zombie/Blind
78 Stone/Toad/Mini/Float
79 Stone/Toad/Mini/Float/Blind
7A Stone/Toad/Mini/Float/Zombie
7B Stone/Toad/Mini/Float/Zombie/Blind
7C Stone/Toad/Mini/Float/Poison
7D Stone/Toad/Mini/Float/Poison/Blind
7E Stone/Toad/Mini/Float/Poison/Zombie
7F Stone/Toad/Mini/Float/Poison/Zombie/Blind
80 Wounded
81 Wounded/Blind
82 Wounded/Zombie
83 Wounded/Zombie/Blind
84 Wounded/Poison
85 Wounded/Poison/Blind
86 Wounded/Poison/Zombie
87 Wounded/Poison/Zombie/Blind
88 Wounded/Float
89 Wounded/Float/Blind
8A Wounded/Float/Zombie
8B Wounded/Float/Zombie/Blind
8C Wounded/Float/Poison
8D Wounded/Float/Poison/Blind
8E Wounded/Float/Poison/Zombie
8F Wounded/Float/Poison/Zombie/Blind
90 Wounded/Mini
91 Wounded/Mini/Blind
92 Wounded/Mini/Zombie
93 Wounded/Mini/Zombie/Blind
94 Wounded/Mini/Poison
95 Wounded/Mini/Poison/Blind
96 Wounded/Mini/Poison/Zombie
97 Wounded/Mini/Poison/Zombie/Blind
98 Wounded/Mini/Float
99 Wounded/Mini/Float/Blind
9A Wounded/Mini/Float/Zombie
9B Wounded/Mini/Float/Zombie/Blind
9C Wounded/Mini/Float/Poison
9D Wounded/Mini/Float/Poison/Blind
9E Wounded/Mini/Float/Poison/Zombie
9F Wounded/Mini/Float/Poison/Zombie/Blind
A0 Wounded/Toad
A1 Wounded/Toad/Blind
A2 Wounded/Toad/Zombie
A3 Wounded/Toad/Zombie/Blind
A4 Wounded/Toad/Poison
A5 Wounded/Toad/Poison/Blind
A6 Wounded/Toad/Poison/Zombie
A7 Wounded/Toad/Poison/Zombie/Blind
A8 Wounded/Toad/Float
A9 Wounded/Toad/Float/Blind
AA Wounded/Toad/Float/Zombie
AB Wounded/Toad/Float/Zombie/Blind
AC Wounded/Toad/Float/Poison
AD Wounded/Toad/Float/Poison/Blind
AE Wounded/Toad/Float/Poison/Zombie
AF Wounded/Toad/Float/Poison/Zombie/Blind
B0 Wounded/Toad/Mini
B1 Wounded/Toad/Mini/Blind
B2 Wounded/Toad/Mini/Zombie
B3 Wounded/Toad/Mini/Zombie/Blind
B4 Wounded/Toad/Mini/Poison
B5 Wounded/Toad/Mini/Poison/Blind
B6 Wounded/Toad/Mini/Poison/Zombie
B7 Wounded/Toad/Mini/Poison/Zombie/Blind
B8 Wounded/Toad/Mini/Float
B9 Wounded/Toad/Mini/Float/Blind
BA Wounded/Toad/Mini/Float/Zombie
BB Wounded/Toad/Mini/Float/Zombie/Blind
BC Wounded/Toad/Mini/Float/Poison
BD Wounded/Toad/Mini/Float/Poison/Blind
BE Wounded/Toad/Mini/Float/Poison/Zombie
BF Wounded/Toad/Mini/Float/Poison/Zombie/Blind
C0 Wounded/Stone
C1 Wounded/Stone/Blind
C2 Wounded/Stone/Zombie
C3 Wounded/Stone/Zombie/Blind
C4 Wounded/Stone/Poison
C5 Wounded/Stone/Poison/Blind
C6 Wounded/Stone/Poison/Zombie
C7 Wounded/Stone/Poison/Zombie/Blind
C8 Wounded/Stone/Float
C9 Wounded/Stone/Float/Blind
CA Wounded/Stone/Float/Zombie
CB Wounded/Stone/Float/Zombie/Blind
CC Wounded/Stone/Float/Poison
CD Wounded/Stone/Float/Poison/Blind
CE Wounded/Stone/Float/Poison/Zombie
CF Wounded/Stone/Float/Poison/Zombie/Blind
D0 Wounded/Stone/Mini
D1 Wounded/Stone/Mini/Blind
D2 Wounded/Stone/Mini/Zombie
D3 Wounded/Stone/Mini/Zombie/Blind
D4 Wounded/Stone/Mini/Poison
D5 Wounded/Stone/Mini/Poison/Blind
D6 Wounded/Stone/Mini/Posion/Zombie
D7 Wounded/Stone/Mini/Poison/Zombie/Blind
D8 Wounded/Stone/Mini/Float
D9 Wounded/Stone/Mini/Float/Blind
DA Wounded/Stone/Mini/Float/Zombie
DB Wounded/Stone/Mini/Float/Zombie/Blind
DC Wounded/Stone/Mini/Float/Poison
DD Wounded/Stone/Mini/Float/Poison/Blind
DE Wounded/Stone/Mini/Float/Poison/Zombie
DF Wounded/Stone/Mini/Float/Poison/Zombie/Blind
E0 Wounded/Stone/Toad
E1 Wounded/Stone/Toad/Blind
E2 Wounded/Stone/Toad/Zombie
E3 Wounded/Stone/Toad/Zombie/Blind
E4 Wounded/Stone/Toad/Poison
E5 Wounded/Stone/Toad/Poison/Blind
E6 Wounded/Stone/Toad/Posion/Zombie
E7 Wounded/Stone/Toad/Poison/Zombie/Blind
E8 Wounded/Stone/Toad/Float
E9 Wounded/Stone/Toad/Float/Blind
EA Wounded/Stone/Toad/Float/Zombie
EB Wounded/Stone/Toad/Float/Zombie/Blind
EC Wounded/Stone/Toad/Float/Poison
ED Wounded/Stone/Toad/Float/Poison/Blind
EE Wounded/Stone/Toad/Float/Poison/Zombie
EF Wounded/Stone/Toad/Float/Poison/Zombie/Blind
F0 Wounded/Stone/Toad/Mini
F1 Wounded/Stone/Toad/Mini/Blind
F2 Wounded/Stone/Toad/Mini/Zombie
F3 Wounded/Stone/Toad/Mini/Zombie/Blind
F4 Wounded/Stone/Toad/Mini/Poison
F5 Wounded/Stone/Toad/Mini/Poison/Blind
F6 Wounded/Stone/Toad/Mini/Posion/Zombie
F7 Wounded/Stone/Toad/Mini/Posion/Zombie/Blind
F8 Wounded/Stone/Toad/Mini/Float
F9 Wounded/Stone/Toad/Mini/Float/Blind
FA Wounded/Stone/Toad/Mini/Float/Zombie
FB Wounded/Stone/Toad/Mini/Float/Zombie/Blind
FC Wounded/Stone/Toad/Mini/Float/Poison
FD Wounded/Stone/Toad/Mini/Float/Poison/Blind
FE Wounded/Stone/Toad/Mini/Float/Poison/Zombie
FF Wounded/Stone/Toad/Mini/Float/Poison/Zombie/Blind


5.4. Job Modifier Values

00 Knight
01 Monk
02 Thief
03 Dragoon
04 Ninja
05 Samurai
06 Berserkr
07 Hunter
08 MysticKnt
09 WhiteMage
0A BlackMage
0B TimeMage
0C Summoner
0D BlueMage
0E Red Mage
0F Mediator
10 Chemist
11 Geomancr
12 Bard
13 Dancer
14 Mimic
15 Normal


6. Version Info

1.1- February 22, 2003
Aw, jeeze... I can't believe I forgot about this. Someone e-mailed me asking 
for more codes, so now there's full sets of codes for the 2nd-4th characters. 
Tons of stuff has been added/changed.

1.0- August 7, 2001
First release. Many item and character codes and values covered. I'll be 
finishing the item and Command lists in the next release.

7. Credits/Disclaimer

Credit goes to...
- Squaresoft, for making the game. They should've released it in English a lot 
sooner, though.
- The ZSNES team, their emulator enabled me to create these codes without any 
great deal of trouble.
- RPGe for translating the thing.

This guide is in no way affiliated with Squaresoft, and is non-profit. This 
file and its contents may not be re-transmitted or published publicly by any 
means without my permission FIRST.