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The Final Fantasy 5 FAQ
Version 1.0
by Allen Childs

Questions (read em all! Some carry on to the next question and wouldn't 
make sense if you just went to a question)
Author's Note

This FAQ is actually going to be a FAQ. It isn't a walkthrough with 
other info that is called a FAQ, it is a FAQ. If you have ANY FF5 
question, I will answer it. I might not put it in the FAQ, but I will 
answer it. For instance, I wouldn't put "Can you get Sephiroth in FF5?" 
in the FAQ, because it is an extremely stupid question. Thanks for 
reading, and enjoy the FAQ.


Could you explain a little about FF5?

FF5's story is a basic, good vs. evil, medeival, quest story. It isn't 
about stopping an empire like FF4, FF6, and FF7 (thank goodness... FF4 
and FF6's were ok, but the evil empire theme got a little old by FF7). 
The intro shows King Tycoon, a king (duh), leaving on a Flying Dragon 
(Hiryu). His daughter, Lenna, tried to stop him from leaving, but he 
insists that he goes. The wind feels strange, and he is worried about 
the Wind Crystal, thus, he embarks to the Wind Shrine. Then, a Meteor 
hits Earth. Butz, a wondering traveller, sees the crash, and goes to 
investigate. There, he meets Lenna, and Galuf, a mysterious old man, who 
has lost all of his memory aside from his name. Eventually, Butz decides 
to go with Lenna and Gaulf to the Wind Shrine, to see what's up with the 
crystal. Heck, he doesn't have anything better to do! On the way, they 
meet a pirate named Faris, who happens to have the same pendent as 
Lenna... strange, eh? You can guess whats coming.
FF5 introduces the excelent Job system. You assign each character a Job, 
and they can use that Job's main ability in battle. Then, as he gains 
Ability Points (ABP), you gain levels in the Job. When you gain a level 
in your Job, you learn an ability, which can be used in the second 
ability slot. There are hundreds of Abilities you can learn, so there 
are infinite combonations of Job/Abilities. Also, when you master a Job 
(gain up to the highest level in that Job) you can use that Job's 
abilities in your Traveler Job, which has two empty spaces for any 
Ability you choose, not just one. So, the more Jobs you master, the 
better your Traveler class becomes.
I hope that helped.

What different versions are there of FF5?

Well, there is the original Super Famicom version, which is for the 
Japanese Nintendo. Then, there is the Playstation version, which has a 
few slight gameplay changes, as well as a couple of extra FMV scenes 
added (these are SPECTACULAR!). And, later this year, FF5 is being 
released to the PC, in ENGLISH! So, if you can't read Japanese (or don't 
feel like playing with a script), your time is near.

What are the "minor gameplay changes" in FF5 PSX?

As far as I know, the beginning credits (that show Butz running) aren't 
there... I tried it once, and I couldn't get it to show up. I hope it is 
there, because I liked that... You can run from the beginning, but with 
the Dash ability (thief), you can run even faster. I don't like the Dash 
ability, because you run TOO fast. Also, there is a swirly screen 
instead of the zoom in thing before you enter battle. Of course, there 
is the extra FMV, but you probably new that ^_^ Also, there is an option 
to save your place, but not save it to your memory card. Say, you are 
playing the Cleft of Demension and you don't want to save over your game 
outside on the world map, but you don't want to start over if you die, 
you can just save it with a Quick Save. It is useless when you turn off 
your PSX, but it is a lot quicker than saving to the memory card.

Which version would you recommend?

Well, if you already have the SFC version, I would recommend downloading 
the movies from a site, because the slight gameplay changes aren't worth 
getting, but seeing the movie is great fun. I think that if you are 
starting out new, you should get the SFC if you want faster play (no 
load time before battles) and don't mind the strange sound system of FF5 
PSX (explained next question). However, if you don't have a SNES/SFC but 
want to play it (and have a MOD chip, preferably) then get the PSX 

What is the strange sound system?

It is like either the music of the sound effects take over from scene to 
scene.  Like, in battle, the music is blairing, but you can barely hear 
the sound effects. But, at the load game screen, you can barely hear the 
music ^_^

How can I play FF5 on my American SNES?

Look in the place where you put the cart. See those grey tabs? Use a 
knife, screw driver, and some sort of chisel to get all of the tabs out. 
Those tabs block the SFC games from fitting in the SNES. Or, you can 
spend $15 on a converter (looks like a small Game Genie) so you can 
play. Oh yeah, that reminds me, if you have a Game Genie, just break off 
the tabs on it, because it is alot easier than in the SNES.

How can I play FF5 PSX on my PSX?

There is a code on the CD that tells if it is American or Japanese. If 
the code in the PSX doesn't match the one on the game, the game doesn't 
load. So, you have to install a chip that skips that check, or do the 
disk swap trick, which I wouldn't recommend. The only one that I think 
is easy enough to do is only available for the old PSX models, so I 
really won't get into that. Basically, send your PSX to a dude that can 
put a MOD chip in (about $15), or buy a PSX with the chip pre-installed.

Where does FF5 fit in on the FF timescale?

It was originally released in 1992, after FF4 (our FF2) and before FF6 
(our FF3). Unfortunately, Square released a simpler RPG that they 
thought would fit us dumb Americans better, which turned out to be one 
of the worst games of all time (Secret of Evermore).

How would you rate FF5 on a scale from 1-10?

10, easily. The ONLY game that I think competes in FF6 (our FF3), which 
is still not quite as good. The only things that I care about are story 
and gameplay. FF6 gets a 10 on story, 9 on gameplay. FF5 gets and 10 on 
both, although FF6 still has a better story than FF5. The Job system is 
just too cool not to be #1.

Is there a cheap way to beat Exdeath and NeoExdeath?

Well, sorta. If you have a lot of Gil before entering the Cleft of 
Demension, then you can make everyone a Samurai, and just do Coin Toss 
(their main ability) over and over. Make sure you have a lot of Gil 
before the final battle, because you would NOT want to have 4, level 1 
Samurais and run out of Gil...

Tell me about Shinryu and Omega!

They are about like Ruby and Emerald weapon in FF7, but harder. Coin 
Toss doesn't work on Omega, and on Shinryu, the battle is so short, you 
really have to have something with multiple hits (see below). Omega has 
a weakness for Thunder, but has Reflect cast on him at the beginning of 
the battle, so that doesn't work very well. Magic Sword Thunder3 works 
pretty well, but I prefer my method (because you only have to master one 
Job for both of them, and at the Final Floors (and with the help of an 
occasional Mover), that is really easy to do. Shinryu has a Holy 
attribute, and that is another reason why I like Monk. They take off a 
ton, but use their hands.

How do you beat them?

Ok, here is what you need to get/do:
Get at LEAST level 75 (that is so you shouldn't have much difficulty at 
Master the Hunter Job
Get 4 Coral Rings (preferable, but not a must)
Make 4 Monks with X-Attack (final Ability of Hunter) as their Ability
Use a Cottage and save your game

Then, enter the fight. With Shinryu, everyone should be able to 
withstand the attacks. Then, just have everyone do X-Attack (you might 
have to do one or two more next turn, but don't worry, you'll survive). 
You should be them without much problem. If you can't beat them the 
first time, try again. Part of it is luck, depending on how many times 
you/him miss, and how many critical hits you get. One attack with them 
means a LOT in the game, so just keep trying.

What are their stats?

Shinryu: lv. 97, HP 55500, MP 51000, Attack Power 175, Defence Power 60,
      Agility 87, Evade Rate 20%, Magic Defence 20, Attribute: Holy 

Omega: Lv. 119, HP 55530 

I got these from Tat's walkthrough. I hope he doesn't mind.

Tell me about the vehicles in FF5?

Well, you have a good bit. 
A Ship
A Ship/Sub
Flying Dragon
Black Chocobo

Give me Game Genie codes!

I don't know any, but I DO know some Gameshark codes for the PSX 
version... thanks to Gameshark Code Creators Club for these codes...
            Codes Made & Tested on 1.98 Version Action Replay

            Infinite Money
                                             3002E947 007F
                                             8002E948 9896
            One Fight for Level 99
                                             3002E503 007F
                                             8002E504 9896
                                             3002E553 007F
                                             8002E554 9896
                                             3002E5A3 007F
                                             8002E5A4 9896
                                             3002E5F3 007F
                                             8002E5F4 9896
            1st Character Max Status
                                             8002E506 270F
                                             8002E508 270F
                                             8002E50A 03E7
                                             8002E50C 03E7
                                             8002E524 6363
                                             8002E526 6363
            2nd Character Max Status
                                             8002E556 270F
                                             8002E558 270F
                                             8002E55A 03E7
                                             8002E55C 03E7
                                             8002E574 6363
                                             8002E576 6363
            3rd Character Max Status
                                             8002E5A6 270F
                                             8002E5A8 270F
                                             8002E5AA 03E7
                                             8002E5AC 03E7
                                             8002EAB4 6363
                                             8002E5B6 6363
            4th Character Max Status
                                             8002E5F6 270F
                                             8002E5F8 270F
                                             8002E5FA 03E7
                                             8002E5FC 03E7
                                             8002E614 6363
                                             8002E616 6363
            Have All Jobs
                                             8002E840 FFFF
                                             3002E842 00FF
            One Fight for Job Master
                                             3002E53C 00FF
                                             3002E58C 00FF
                                             3002E5DC 00FF 
                                             3002E62C 00FF
            Have All Magic
                                             8002E950 FFFF
                                             8002E952 FFFF
                                             8002E954 FFFF
                                             8002E956 FFFF
                                             8002E958 FFFF
                                             8002E95A FFFF
                                             8002E95C FFFF
                                             8002E95E FFFF
                                             8002E960 FFFF
                                             8002E962 FFFF
            Save Anywhere
                                             8002E144 0080
            No enemy
                                             8002F6A8 0000
            Time Alway's 00:00
                                             8002E94A 0000
                                             8002E94C 0000
            Have All Weapons Set 1
                                             8002E640 0302
                                             8002E642 0504
                                             8002E644 0706
                                             8002E646 0908
                                             8002E648 0B0A
                                             8002E64A 0D0C
                                             8002E64C 0F0E
                                             8002E64E 1110
                                             8002E650 1312
                                             8002E652 1514
                                             8002E654 1716
                                             8002E656 1918
                                             8002E658 1B1A
                                             8002E65A 1D1C
                                             8002E65C 1F1E
            Have All Weapons Set 2
                                             8002E65E 2120
                                             8002E660 2322
                                             8002E662 2524
                                             8002E664 2726
                                             8002E666 2928
                                             8002E668 2B2A
                                             8002E66A 2D2C
                                             8002E66C 2F2E
                                             8002E66E 3130
                                             8002E670 3332
                                             8002E672 3534
                                             8002E674 3736
                                             8002E676 3938
                                             8002E678 3B3A
                                             8002E67A 3D3C
            Have All Weapons Set 3
                                             8002E67C 3F3E
                                             8002E67E 4140
                                             8002E680 4342
                                             8002E682 4544
                                             8002E684 4746
                                             8002E686 4948
                                             8002E688 4B4A
                                             8002E68A 4D4C
                                             8002E68C 4F4E
                                             8002E68E 5150
                                             8002E690 5352
                                             8002E692 5554
                                             8002E694 5756
                                             8002E696 5958
                                             8002E698 5B5A
            Have All Weapons Set 4
                                             8002E69A 5D5C
                                             8002E69C 5F5E
                                             8002E69E 6160
                                             8002E6A0 6362
                                             8002E6A2 6564
                                             8002E6A4 6766
                                             8002E6A6 6968
                                             8002E6A8 6B6A
                                             8002E6AA 6D6C
                                             3002E6AC 006E
            Have All Armor Set 1
                                             3002E6AD 0081
                                             8002E6AE 8382
                                             8002E6B0 8584
                                             8002E6B2 8786
                                             8002E6B4 8988
                                             8002E6B6 8B8A
                                             8002E6B8 8D8C
                                             8002E6BA 8F8E
                                             8002E6BC 9190
                                             8002E6BE 9392
                                             8002E6C0 9594
                                             8002E6C2 9796
                                             8002E6C4 9998
                                             8002E6C6 9B9A
                                             8002E6C8 9D9C       18
            Have All Armor Set 2
                                             8002E6CA 9F9E
                                             8002E6CC A1A0
                                             8002E6CE A3A2
                                             8002E6D0 A5A4
                                             8002E6D2 A7A6
                                             8002E6D4 A9A8
                                             8002E6D6 ABAA
                                             8002E6D8 ADAC
                                             8002E6DA AFAE
                                             8002E6DC B1B0
                                             8002E6DE B3B2
                                             8002E6E0 B5B4
                                             8002E6E2 B7B6
                                             8002E6E4 B9B8
                                             8002E6E6 BBBA
            Have All Armor Set 3
                                             8002E6E8 BDBC
                                             8002E6EA BFBE
                                             8002E6EC C1C0
                                             8002E6EE C3C2
                                             8002E6F0 C5C4
                                             8002E6F2 C7C6
                                             8002E6F4 C9C8
                                             8002E6F6 CBCA
                                             8002E6F8 CDCC
                                             8002E6FA CFCE
                                             3002E6FC 00D0
            Have All Item Set 1
                                             3002E6FD E1E0
                                             8002E6FE E3E2
                                             8002E700 E5E4
                                             8002E702 E7E6
                                             8002E704 E9E8
                                             8002E706 EBEA
                                             8002E708 EDEC
                                             8002E70A EFEE
            Have All Item Set 2
                                             8002E70C F1F0
                                             8002E70E F3F2
                                             8002E710 F5F4
                                             8002E712 F7F6
                                             8002E714 F9F8
                                             8002E716 FBFA
                                             8002E718 FDFC
                                             8002E71A FFFE
            All Infinite Set 1
                                             8002E740 6363
                                             8002E742 6363
                                             8002E744 6363
                                             8002E746 6363
                                             8002E748 6363
                                             8002E74A 6363
                                             8002E74C 6363
                                             8002E74E 6363
                                             8002E750 6363
                                             8002E752 6363
                                             8002E754 6363
                                             8002E756 6363
                                             8002E758 6363
                                             8002E75A 6363
                                             8002E75C 6363
            Have All Item Set 2
                                             8002E75E 6363
                                             8002E760 6363
                                             8002E762 6363
                                             8002E764 6363
                                             8002E766 6363
                                             8002E768 6363
                                             8002E76A 6363
                                             8002E76C 6363
                                             8002E76E 6363
                                             8002E770 6363
                                             8002E772 6363
                                             8002E774 6363
                                             8002E776 6363
                                             8002E778 6363
                                             8002E77A 6363
            Have All Item Set 3
                                             8002E77C 6363
                                             8002E77E 6363
                                             8002E780 6363
                                             8002E782 6363
                                             8002E784 6363
                                             8002E786 6363
                                             8002E788 6363
                                             8002E78A 6363
                                             8002E78C 6363
                                             8002E78E 6363
                                             8002E790 6363
                                             8002E792 6363
                                             8002E794 6363
                                             8002E796 6363
                                             8002E798 6363
            Have All Item Set 4
                                             8002E79A 6363
                                             8002E79C 6363
                                             8002E79E 6363
                                             8002E7A0 6363
                                             8002E7A2 6363
                                             8002E7A4 6363
                                             8002E7A6 6363
                                             8002E7A8 6363
                                             8002E7AA 6363
                                             8002E7AC 6363
                                             8002E7AE 6363
                                             8002E7B0 6363
                                             8002E7B2 6363
                                             8002E7B4 6363
                                             8002E7B6 6363
            Have All Item Set 5
                                             8002E7B8 6363
                                             8002E7BA 6363
                                             8002E7BC 6363
                                             8002E7BE 6363
                                             8002E7C0 6363
                                             8002E7C2 6363
                                             8002E7C4 6363
                                             8002E7C6 6363
                                             8002E7C8 6363
                                             8002E7CA 6363
                                             8002E7CC 6363
                                             8002E7CE 6363
                                             8002E7D0 6363
                                             8002E7D2 6363
                                             8002E7D4 6363
            Have All Item Set 6
                                             8002E7D6 6363
                                             8002E7D8 6363
                                             8002E7DA 6363
                                             8002E7DC 6363
                                             8002E7DE 6363
                                             8002E7E0 6363
                                             8002E7E2 6363
                                             8002E7E4 6363
                                             8002E7E6 6363
                                             8002E7E8 6363
                                             8002E7EA 6363
                                             8002E7EC 6363
                                             8002E7EE 6363
                                             8002E7F0 6363
                                             8002E7F2 6363
            Have All Item Set 7
                                             8002E7F4 6363
                                             8002E7F6 6363
                                             8002E7F8 6363
                                             8002E7FA 6363
                                             8002E7FC 6363
                                             8002E7FE 6363
                                             8002E800 6363
                                             8002E802 6363
                                             8002E804 6363
                                             8002E806 6363
                                             8002E808 6363
                                             8002E80A 6363
                                             8002E80C 6363
                                             8002E80E 6363
                                             8002E810 6363
            Have All Item Set 8
                                             8002E812 6363
                                             8002E814 6363
                                             8002E816 6363
                                             8002E818 6363
                                             8002E81A 6363

                                  29 codes total
Please, don't sue me. I am giving you full credit. I did NOT make these 

What is the record time for beating FF5?

Well, mine is about 11 hours. My longest was about 20.

What is the record lowest level at the end of the game?

Someone in Japan beat it at level 9... ouch... he must have had a LOT of 
Elixers on him (well, at that low of a level, a Hi-Potion would do the 
trick! ^_^)

How well did FF5 sell?

Very. I don't know the exact number, but more than FF7. I don't think it 
is as many as Dragonquest 3 or 6, but I know it was a lot, and it is 
considered to be the best Final Fantasy in Japan... personally, I don't 
like Dragonquest much...

What do you think is the best Job?

Well, the best would have to be Monk. Buildup and Kick are cheap as 
heck, and if you have high levels, one Kick should take out a whole 
random battle (well, not at the very end, but for most of the game). 
Plus, Monk is essential in my Shinryu and Omega strategies :Op Samurai 
is definately the cheapest, but actually, it isn't cheap at all. It is 
expensive ^_^ the only really good thing is Coin Toss, and it takes off 
9999 on everyone each time you use it, but it takes off 9999 Gil per 
person, too ^_^ Ninja and Thief are great Jobs to master, and you need 
to master Elementist with one person, at least. I will provide info for 
all Jobs soon. It will tell the advantages and disadvantaged of all 
Job's stats. I will rate Jobs by the quality of their stats, and I will 
rate them on how good their Abilities are. I will also rate each of 
their Abilities.

Do you have any other strategies for the final bosses?

Yes. Chris K's Exdeath Strategy gave me some good tips. Thanks man. Here 
is what I would recommend:
Beat CoD all the way up to Necrophobia (VERY near the end), and use the 
save that he uncovers. Then, walk very near the save until you find some 
Movers. They come in sets of three. Use Bahamut to kill these guys. They 
aren't very hard. You will get 199 ABP for this (and a ton of Gil, so 
you can rack it up for Zeninage for NeoExdeath :Op) and you can master a 
small Job in about 2, and a large one in 5 or so. You need to master 
Monk, Black Mage, White Mage, Knight, Samurai, Ninja, and Thief with 
everyone. You need to master Caller and Time Mage with one person each, 
too. Chemist is a must, for the effect all trick. I would recommend all 
of these because they each have something good. HP+ for Monk, MP+ and 
their magics for White and Black Mage, strong fighting abilities, 
Samurai for Coin Toss, Ninja and Thief for speed and evade rate.  Here 
is what I gave to the people:
Butz - Suppin (Traveler)
White Magic
What he does: Uses Zeninage whenever he doesn't need to heal, and heals 
when he needs to heal.

Lenna - Mimic
X Magic
Black Magic
What she does: Uses Chougou on someone, then does X-magic with a group 
magic and a single magic. Then, the single magic should effect everyone. 
I would use Flare for the single and anything for the group.

Faris - Traveler
Time Magic
What she does: Uses Time Magic for Haste2, then does Zeninage.

Kururu - Traveler
Call Magic
What she does: Uses Golem on party, and then uses Zeninage.

In my opinion, there is no way you can lose with this method. I know 
this is similar to Chris K's guide, but it needed to be in here.

What are some secrets that I can do to enhance replay value?

Well, first, make a save at the end of the Cleft of Demension, and one 
on the world map. Here are the things you can do:
Get a Black Chocobo and go to the Phoenix Tower and North Mountain to 
get Phoenix and Bahamut summons. 
Get all of the Legendary Weapons.
Go to the sunken tower of Walse in your sub and get the hidden Job 
Get a perfect ending
Beat Omega and Shinryu
Get all Black, Time, White, and Call Magics
Get All BLUE Magics! (HARD! But I know someone that has done it)
Master All Jobs ^_^ That is tough without the help of Movers...

How do I get a Black Chocobo?

You HAVE to get one in world 1, but you can get another in world three. 
Go to the Forbidden City on the Crescent, and then go through the back 
left and through the house, over to the left corner. then, in one of the 
halls, there is a hidden passage on the left, which takes you up to some 
stairs, which lead outside. Then, walk to the left to a Chocobo forest.

How do you beat Gogo?

Do nothing. Just defend when you are bored, and sit there. With a few 
minutes left, he will say congrats, you have done what I asked, you may 
go now. (or something like that)

Please don't edit this FAQ. I don't care where you put it, just put the 
whole thing there. You can take info from it, but make sure you say that 
it is my info. Thanks for cooperating.

*Author's Note*
PLEASE send me your FF5 Questions! Any of them! If you know a good 
question that you know the answer to that I have, please tell me! I will 
put it up! Thanks a bunch, and see you next update!