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           Version 1.0

Table of Contents

1. Walkthrough

1. Walkthrough
a. Meteor!!!!
Items: Phoenix Down
In the beginning of the game you'll go through a pretty fast opening then a big 
meteor (looks like a potato)falls fom the sky which some old guys in and hits 
the ground. You get on your Chocobo and Ride. Now goto the east and you'll see 
the meteor. Now walk to the meteor and you'll see a girl with 2 zombies picking 
her up. They'll see you and fight you. These guys are so easy all you do is 
attack each of them once and they'll die. Then the girl will thank you then you 
get to choose your name. the name I will use for him throught the game is his 
default name Butz(He He) then you'll hear something to the east and you'll find 
some old geezer(the members call him that a lot)who has amnesia from a bump
on his head. He only remembers his name Galuf. After the chat Lenna and Galuf 
will leave to the Wind Shrine. Before you exit go to lower right of the place 
and you'll see a chest which has a Pheonix Down in it. All you do is go through 
a hidden passage thats in the tree to the chest then leave. And go west.

b. Pirate Trouble
Items: Leather Hat
Bam once you go west then go up the clumsy Boco will make Butz hit a wall. All 
of a sudden an earthquake occurs(several)and your dashing through the holes you 
have to fight a pair of zombies then when you dash more with your chocobo you'll 
have to fight another pair of zombies. Then you'll pick up Lenna and Galuf who 
fainted(Weaklings). After that mess Lenna will talk to you while Galuf is 
slepping(not!) and Butz will call Galuf an old geezer and Galuf will stand up
and know that he heard everything they said. They'll join you now. Now go into 
the cave you'll leave Boco behind because its too dangerous(???Wnen your on a 
Chocobo you never get in battles???) And you won't see him for a long time. And 
Now you'll be in the caves. Basically this get into about 10 fights in the 
caves. There is a recovery place in the entrance. Your people should be at Lvl. 
4 or 5. Also you will get a Leather Hat in a chest. Equip it to Butz. You'll see 
a pirate as you move on hit a skull switch and walk through a door. Follow what 
he did and go through the door. Go up and you'll see a ship that runs without 
air? Then you'll see another pirate walk around then leave. For fun you can talk 
to the tired pirates who think you're captian. No goto the walkway to the ship 
and go up to wheel and press A. Huh the ship wont move then you end up in deep 
poop as Ferris and the pirates catch you. Also you find out that Lenna's a 
princess(how convienient).

c. Tule Village
Items: Ether, 100 Gil, Potion (2), Pheonix Down(2), Tent(2), Leather Shoes(2), 
150 Gil
The pirate leader Ferris will help you guys out because Lenna has the same 
pendant Ferris has. Note: That was not a typo you will understand later. And 
will take you to the Wind Shrine. A pirate will ask you if he can take you 
there. Say "Yes" so you'll know where to go. When your there on the land go back 
in the ship and go down a bit then west to this quaint town. When you arrive 
there the true pirates will goto the local pub to get a couple(a lot) of drinks 
and Ferris will join. Enter the Pub and you'll see all the pirates except Ferris 
on the 1st floor who consumed all the beer! If you talk to the pirate near the 
bartender on the stool you'll find out that the guy loves the captain. Then go 
upstairs and go into Ferris's room and press A next to Ferris then Butz has a 
heart on his head then Galuf goes in and has a heart on his head too. Whats 
going on! Ferris will wake up and they'll get out of the hearts and now he wants 
to be alone. Go downstairs and go on the stool next to the dancers and press A 
they'll do a special dance for you :) now walk up to the piano since there out 
of the way and press A on the piano. He'll get better at it! If you play every 
piano in every pub in the game you'll learn a special song! Goto the shops and 
buy 2 broad swords. Then goto the armor shop and buy 3 leather hats and 1 
leather shield. Just press a on the pots and boxes around the town to find some 
items. Most of them are in the begginer's house but you should go there later. 
Also don't goto the house in the north yet. Now leave then equip everyone with 
their armor and weapons and armor and goto the Wind Shrine.

d. Time to get a job
Items: Broad Sword, Tent, Leather Hat, Cane
Go there and goto the southwest of the enterance and talk to the guy. Then goto 
the east and go up the stairs. You'll eventually find a Broad sword to equip to 
the person without the Broad Sword and alsofind a save point to save your game 
or use a tent. Yay! Continue on and you'll find WingRaptor a bird thats very 
Boss: Wingraptor
HP: 250
Startegy: Thanks to the Broad Swords and Armor you have all you do is contuisoly 
attack the bird and he'll be a big pile of feathers before he even closes his 
Get: Pheonix Down
Now continue on then you'll meat King Tycoon telling you to protect all the 
other crystal's then the crystals will lend you their mystical powers and you'll 
have 6 jobs availiable to choose from.
Knight, Monk , White Mage, Black Mage, Blue Mage, theif
You should listen to the tutorial if its your first time playing otherwise skip 

e. I love water
Items: None its the water
Bam now that you have jobs make Butz be a Knight, Lenna a White Mage and 
alternate with a Black Mage, make Galuf a Monk, and Ferris a Blue Mage(ferris 
needs the cool glasses!) then goto the dam which is southeast of the Wind 
Shrine. You'll find that the gate is locked(When does a Dam has a gate at all?? 
Also that can only be opened with a key???) then go west to the Town of Tule and 
goto the begginer's house and get all those treasures. Then goto the house in 
the north in Tule and Lenna is friends with him. He says he dosn't have any key. 
He'll give you the key to the dam door(he he)at night because he changed his 
mind. Goto the Magic Shop and buy all the spells especially Bolt. Then make sure 
that lenna has Level 1 White as an ability. Then leave and Ferris says his 
Pirates to leave back to the base and he'll stay with you and not drink when you 
go there from now on. Then open the dam door and keep on sailing, soon see a 
swirly circle from the water sucking the ship in and its not Levitian its.... 

Boss: Karlabos
Weakness: Bolt 1, Any thunder Attacks
HP: 650
Strategy: Have everyone be a Black Mage and do Bolt until he dies.
Guess what he's about to die and that bastard sucks in Syldra your only power 
source and you end up in....

f. I hate dead people
Items: Flail, Tent, 990 Gil, Pheonix Down(2), Potion, Antidote(2)
..The Tomb of the Wrecked Ships. Is't it an ironic name :(. Now you'll see 2 
strips of board around the plank. go down the first one. You'll see skipping 
stones but not enough. Stay there then some stones will surface and will lead 
you to a Flail. Eventually you'll reach some icky water. You'll eventually find 
a spot to rest but Faris won't tke of Faris's shirt. WOW! Butz and Galuf take of 
Faris's shirt and finds out Faris is a girl!! So Square still didn't give into 
gay activists. Ah well walk along and you'll see this annoying lady who likes to 
charm people who is blocking the exit. Galuf is the only one who doesn't get 
charmed then Galuf wakes everyone up and the fight begins.

Boss: Siren
HP: 900
Strategy: Simple just attack and have Lenna be a Black Mage with Level 1 White 
Mage abilities.
Attack normal with everyone else. Use fire when Siren is normal and use cure on 
her when she's undead. Also have Galuf use BuildUp if he's learned it yet.
You'll leave and start a walk to Worus.

g. To Carwen and beyind!
Items: Ice Rod, Antidote, Cabin
Basically you're gonna have to walk to the south to the town which is an 
annoying walk full of those annoying gatlings and Bighorn's! Inside the town 
talk to everyone and find out information about the North Mountain an its deadly 
flowers and one good flower. Remember to goto the Pub there to get better at the 
piano. Then goto the second floor and talk to the man who talks about King 
Tycoon's Hiyru!

h. Help your fellow dragon
Items: Pheonix Down, Soft
Go back north and you'll see an enterance to the mountain. There's not much here 
so this will be very brief. You'll reach a save point then Lenna will get a 
Mythril Helmet but will get poisened by an arrow Farris will come to the rescue 
and make a bridge to get through the hole. Then the fight will start.
Boss: Magisa
HP: 650
Statregy: Have everyone be a monk then continually attack her. She won't call 
her husband Forta but still if she does then
Get: Whip
Boss: Fortsa
HP: 850
Strategy: First KILL Magisa she will heal Fortsa then atack Fortsa with your 
monks. You'll win.
Get: Power Drink
Go up then watch as Lenna kills herself for the last Hirryu then the Hiryuu will 
be recovered and then bring Lenna back to Life. After that you can fly with the 
Hiryuu and you know where to go now.

i. King's can be so STUBBORN!
Items: Silver Frames, Tent, Pheonix Down, 490 Gil, 1000 Gil(2), Elf Cloak, Speed
Ride your Hiryuu south west not WEST to the town of Worus(Where the town is next 
to the castle). Go down the stairs in the town and goto the house that's to the 
west. Inside their is a pot and contains the glasses. Be sure to buy 2 iron 
sheilds for Farris and Butz and 1 Iron helmet for Butz. Now goto the Inn to rest 
then goto the castle of Worus and talk to the King. He won't listen to you and 
say that it helps them the amplifier then all of a sudden NOT AGAIN! Another 
potato(meteor really) falls from the sky and hits the ground then the King 
leaves. You can explore the castle. If you go downstaire from the entrance DO 
NOT goto the rooms in the east. You can go in the dungeoun and free the 
prisoner. Do that then leave of to protect the water crystal.

j. Watch out for the Elephant Man
Items: Silk Robe, Maiden's Kiss, Ether, Silver Ring
Now go North with your Hiyruu to the Water Tower you won't like it here because 
some type of elephant is beating up everyone. Remember him from town. Obviously 
someone must've controlled him and you have to stop him.
Boss: Galura
HP: 1200
Strategy: Your gonna have to kick some Elephant but here. Watch out for Dash 
because its annoying. Have Lenna be a Black Mage  with White Powers and cure 
everyone while having Ferris be a Knight and Galuf staying as a Monk. He'll be 
done easy.
You had to risk your neck and have Animal Rights Activists petioining against 
you but still the crystal shatters but hey at least you get some jobs and meet 
Syldra possibly for the last time.
Jobs: Time Mage, Mystic Knight, Red Mage, Summoner, Berserker

k. What happened to Boco?? 
Items: Potion(8), Ether, Tent, 300 Gil
First goto the inn in Worus to heal everyone then goto that cave you left Boco 
in the beggining of the game. You see his footprints but he's not there. He 
must've went in the cave! Goto the pirate's hideout and you'll find Boco getting 
healed don't worry you'll be able to ride him soon.
Also talk to each pirate one will give you 8 potions! To get the 3 treasures in 
the room on the west side all you do is hit the skull switch on the southwest 
part of the hideout.

l. The many treasures of Tycoon Castle
Items: Maidens Kiss, Elixer(2), Ether(2), Pheonix Down(2), Giyamen's Bell, Heal 
Rod, Cabin, Katana, Hi-Potion, Shuriken
Talk to the Chancellor first then everywhere will be open and you can start 
getting all those good items:). Meet him again inside of the room the knight was 
blocking and you'll get a special treasure a Giyaman's Bell!

m. Portals Make Me Sea Sick
Items: None
Go Back to the Castle of Worus and talk to the guy in the bed who said he 
teleported through the meteorite North of here. Hmm Meterorite ay. Go to the 
meteroite that's  next to the Water Tower(or was). Then you'll see an opening go 
through the door and poof! You're in the meterorite in Karnack. Note: Please 
land your Hiryuu EXACTLY in front of the meteroite because you'll end up 
fighting Galura if you walk around the land behind the meteorite. Now walk North 
West then walk South when your in the west-most patch of grass. Then you'll wind 
up seeing the Town of Karnack.

n. Jail Sucks
Items: None
Goto the Town of Karnack now then goto the weapon shop and try to buy something, 
you'll get arrested and thrown into jail because you are considered a monster 
because you came out of that meteorite! Don't worry once you're there you won't 
go again. Now walk around for a while then you'll see the jail person near you 
use gunpowder and find that there is another cell just to the next of him then 
all of a sudden the preist wants to take Cid(The other Prisoner) out of jail 
because what he said was true! He'll also let you out. Goto the ship on the 
coast when you're ready but first goto town.

o. Cruising Karnack
Items: None
You'll notice a lot of weird flames around town if you already haven't. Talk to 
the wizard with the green hat to find out why. Here is the place where you NEED 
to spend all you're hard earned Gil. Here are some Requirements that you're 
people sould get.
Name      Equip    

Butz      All Mythril and Glasses
Lenna     Mythril Blade, Plumed Hat, a Relic
Galuf     Plumed hat, Copper Pit Body, a Relic
Faris     Mythril Axe, Copper Hat, Iron Body, a Relic
Also buy EVERY SPELL you'll need them later.

p. Who keeps tryfling?
Items: Mythril Glove, Elixer(2), Cabin, Pheonix Down, Theif Glove, Green Beret 
Butz should have Double Grip now! It's optional but still very important! Also 
Galuf should learn Mantra. Now enter the doors and soon you'll find the 
engine.(It looks completely different from the ship).  Go through the first 
white door you see. In there you'll get a Mythril Glove Then go up the ladder in 
the south-west and go through there then to the right and go through the white 
door and you'll see a chest which has an elixer. Go back down and to the north 
west and a chest is their too. Now go in the center of the room to a white door. 
TADA! You'll find an elevator with a switch. Pull it. Exit that room and go east 
to the Treasure Chest. Then go west and inside the white door you'll find 
another white door with an elevator. Pull the switch then exit the room. Climb 
the ladder into the vents then go inside the white door to another elevator. 
Pull the 
switch then leave. Don't goto the White door's on top those are just other 
elevators. Nowon the bottom of this place there's 4 vents. I'll tell you where 
each one leads.
           ______           ______           _______          _________
          |  1   |         |  2   |         |   3   |        |    4    |

1. Nothing there just a waste of time.
2. Goto the save room and the door ahead is tons of switches.
3. You'll get the Thief Glove.
4. You'll get the Green Beret.

Now you'll see TADA! A bunch of anoyying switches. This part is pretty simple so 
i'll leave it up to you to figure this one out! An Elixer's inside of the chest. 
In the next room you'll see something take over the queen. And you'll fight 

Boss: LiquiFlame
HP: 3000
Strategy: Make 3 Black Mages and Butz stay as a Knight and Attack with Butz. The 
rest should do Ice 2 on the boss EXCEPT for when the boss turns into a hand when 
than happens ATTACK. If butz dies use Pheonix Down on him and Cure 2 him. 
Get: Flame object for the ninja.
Now go through the next room and you'll see a wolf who knows Glauf. He helps you 
then dies. Now you have 10 minutes to get our ass out of that castle! Find a 
good route I hope you know where to go and make everyone a Blue Mage except 
Butz. Then run out and you'll have to fight the boss.
Boss: Iron Claw
HP: 900
Strategy: This guys easy first have Lenna use Fire2 on all the bad guys then 
attack the "Sargeant" then he'll reveal who he really is Iron Claw. Make sure 
that one of your Blue Mages get hit with Death Claw then attack and he'll die 
and you'll learn Death Claw!
You'll exit and get these jobs.
Jobs: Geomancer, Ninja, Mediator
Now all the flames are released from the city and the wall from the Ancient 
Library too! But you have to go back to Worus to investigate a so-called Esper 

q. Free Snow Cones!
Items: None
Go back to Worus and goto the inn. Rest there then goto the castle of Karnack. 
You know when I said there's a room with a top and a bottom door goto the door 
on the bootom and you should be upstairs in water. Now go up and walk through 
the center of the waterfall and you'll be in the Water Tower. Keep on walking 
through the doors and finally you'll be in a big room with a bubble in the 
cener. Go there and you'll find Shiva.

Boss: Shiva
HP: 1500
Strategy: If you still have the Flame object from beating LiquiFlame throw it 
and all the bad guys around her should die. Now just use Fire2 with Lenna and 
Attack normally with everyone else and Shiva wil be done. 
Get: Ice Esper Shiva!
Now its time to goto the Ancient Library! But don't walk on the sand yet that's 

r. I hate reading
Items: Phoenix Down, Ether
I hope that you have 2 or 3 people at level 15 and 2 other  or 1 other person(s) 
is at level 14 or level 16. That way you can make the level 15 people be Blue 
Mages and get hit with Level 5 Doom then make the other person(s) kill the page. 
Page 32 does Aero 2, Page 64 does L.5 Doom,  and P. 256 does Moon Flute. Keep on 
going and you'll soon find Fire Esper Ifrit.
Boss: Ifrit
HP: 3000
Strategy: Make 4 Black Mages and do Ice 2
Get: Ifrit
Keep on going and a bookshelp will let you pass. Soon you'll see Mid then fight 
Boss: Byblos
HP: 3600
Strategy: Make 4 Blue Mages and do DeathClaw then Attack
Talk to Mid he has a secret entrance to upstairs then he'll leave and you know 
what to do.

s. Off to Jacole
Items: None
Go back to Town and make sure that you don't touch the sand. Then goto the Pub 
on the second floor then Cid and Mid will talk. Then goto the steamship and 
finally after an event you'll have control of the ship! 
Now go to the souhwest and Jacole will be the town with mountains surrounding it 
on the map. Learn about the skull switces and the cave but don't go there yet 
also goto the Pub and play the piano to go off to Cresent.
t. The Chocobo's The Word
Items: None
Now sail all the way to the town of Crescent. Make sure though that you have 2 
Thunder throwing objects. Now goto Cresent. Watch your ship sink(sob). Then go 
around and enter the inn. You should see 2 kids and a man there. Talk to one of 
the kids then talk to the man. He'll talk about the Black Chocobo. Time to 
investigate. Leave town and go south into the patch of grass to wind up at 
Chocobo Forest. You'll only see one Chocobo there though. A black one! Run after 
him then press A up to him and you caught him. And also remember the 2 pieces of 
crystal your that flew away when the castle exploded. Well he has 2 of them.
Jobs: Archer, Bard
Now of to Butz's hometown Lix(He He)

u. Faded Memories
Items: None
 This place has Ninja weapons Galore! Talk to the people and they'll say how 
they remember you if you go in your old house and press A on the music box and 
remember what happened before. Here buy lots of Shuriken's, 4 Thunder, 1 Flame, 
and 1 Water. Also they have Ether here! And its cheap! Buy some then leave and 
go west. To where? Istory.

v. Ramuh's Lightning Show
Items: Ramuh
Time to goto Istory Falls. Here walk around the pacth of grass in the NW that 
looks like a square and a Toad will come out of the center and now you'll have 
the Magic Attack Toad. Also let the sheep kick you out of the fence and you'll 
learn the love song. Now go outside the town and go across the bridge and you'll 
see Ramuh!

Boss: Ramuh
HP: 4000
Startegy: Use Deathclaw

You'll get Ramuh and all you do is just use the item "Ramuh".

w. King Tycoon floats around
Items: Shuriken(2), Size
First you have to goto the ancient library but before that remember the sand I 
told you not to go in. Go in there now. All you do is have all Summoners and do 
Ramuh and make sure one has Learning and hope he does Aqua Rake before you kill 
him. Once you do talk to them Cid and Mid in the Ancient Library. Somehow they 
saw your dad in the Quicksand Desert! Now go out and to the top left and you'll 
enter the Quicksand desert talk to Cid and Mid and fight the Sand Worm!

Boss: Sand Worm
HP: 3000
Strategy: Use Aqua Rake
After this go out of their through the exit in the southeast and walk south and 
you'll find the ruined city. Enter their and you'll see Lenna's Dad a couple 
times then he'll lead you to a trap door. Now you'll transport to under Cresent 
and it'll start shaking. Eventually you'll see a big room with a couple beds in 
the center, some books on the right and a switch in the bottom left section. 
It'll say if you wanna pull it say no then yes. You'll have access to 3 treasure 
chests which contain 2 shurikens and size. Now continue up and you'll see your 
ship and an airship! Cid and Mid will fall down from the sky right next to 
you(how convenient) and talk about it. They'll try it out and find out a 
monsters on it(Darn Hobo's!).
Boss: Clayclaw
HP: 2000
Startegy: You don't need any this guy is so easy. Just use Bolt 2 with the 
people who have Black Magic and Attack reguraly with everyone else.
Now you can fly.

x. Your dad is SO annoying
Items: None
Now with the ship fly to the ruins and then all of a sudden it seems your dad 
rose up the ancient city. It's so high you can't reach there or can you. also 
your party's level should be 17 if not fight more because once in the ruins you 
don't want to fight any of the people. So now go back to where your ship came 
from(i'll call it the lzone from now on which is located on the tip in Cresent 
Island). Cid and Mid will talk about Adamntium(X-Men rip-off) and how it can 
help. Galuf remembers something and makes you goto the Tycoon meteorite. Now in 
their you'll see some crystals. Pick it up and leave but some annoying blue 
turtle is in your way.
Boss: Adamanti
HP: 2000
Strategy: Use Level 5 Death OR if you don't have that make everyone Black 
Knights. Have Lenna Heal and the rest do Ice 2.
They'll install and you'll get your rest. Now here's the crappiest part cid says 
there's cannon's guarding it. They're tough! 2 ways
Have Lenna be the Healer or do Bolt 2 to a cannon. Ferris should do Bolt 2 to 
that same cannon. Galuf attack with Magemash to the same Cannon. Butz attack 
with a 2 handed Coral. Or just Ramuh them. Soon you'll find the master cannon. I 
basically don't consoder him a boss(its a cannon?)so
here's what to do make ferris be a Summoner with Blue Magic then do Level 5 Doom 
and kill those other cannons. After that just Ramuh him to death and prepare to 
enter the city.

y. Lonka Treasure
Items: Gold Armor, Gold Shield, Ancient Sword, Elixer, Shuriken, Pheonix Down, 
Make Ferris be a thief so you can dash and see secret passages towards items. 
It's pretty easy over here. Eventually you'll meet up with your dad and he'll 
tell you to kill someone.
Boss: Aruekoebies
HP: ???? / 2nd Time ????
Strategy: I know something. Attacking is VERY useless. Make Ferris be a Blue 
Mage, Lenna Heal, Butz Attack, and Galuf throw shurikens(that's why I said to 
buy so much) he'll be done then come back to life! Just do Level 5 death with 
Ferris and he's dead.
He'll talk and be in the Crystal room. Just follow they'll be no fighting. This 
is a very big spoiler if you haven't beat him so bewarned!

You enter there and the King will be possesed and try to kill you and wen you 
least suspect it another meteor falls from the sky(how convenient) and in comes 
Cara who knocks sense into King Tycoon. Cara says hey Dad or something like that 
and Galuf finally remembers evverything! Then Butz looks at the Crystal(you know 
something bad's gonna happen) and it shatters. Then aroud this time Butz says a 
bad word. Exdeath appears inlike 2 seconds(boy he doesn't waste time) and iss 
about to take the crystal's and leaves. Then the King kills himself to protect 
you then he and now you get some cool jobs.
Jobs: Dragoon, Dancer, Chemist, Samurai 

z. Three Meteor Points
Items: None
This is the section with the most bosses rather than the end. You might get 
stuck finding the last meteor which is where the Lonka Ruins was.
So lets start.

Boss: Titan
HP: 2500
Strategy: This guy is TOUGH. First make sure all your members are healed. Then 
try to use Gill Toss with your Samurai. When he dies he will do Earth Shaker 
which takes lots of damage. Or just use Shiva and Cure2.
Now the next one.

Boss: Pyuro Boros
HP: ???
Strategy: Party requirements are Butz a knight, Lenna a White Mage, and Ferris a 
Samurai. First Ferris do Gill Toss. Most will die. Just have Lenna keep on doing 
Mute on one of them then attack with the rest and so forth. They're not that 
Last One.

Boss: Kimira Brain
HP: 3300
Strategy: Boy change Ferris to a White Mage with Level 2 Black Magic. Now Attack 
with Butz do Black magic with Lenna or heal and have ferris heal or do Black 
Magic. He should be done.

Now you can goto the next world. But first stock up on shurikens and try to get 
every spell then go in. Also get lots of Ethers!