Final Fight 3
About - This is an FAQ on Final Fight 3. Why would you need an FAQ for a beat'em 
up game
such as this? Well although its a beat'em up, this game has Street Fighter like 
and moves. Although it is old, I just found it for a cheap price, and I enjoy 
it. So read on.

Latest Revision - 3/24/99

The moves list is incomplete, as I haven't figured out all of the moves and 
don't have the

Key: d = down
t = towards
u = up
a = attack
j = jump
s = special

To grab someone for a throw or super, simply walk up close to them (or use 
dean's reach grab)

Fire Blast: d to t + a
Guy Sticks out his hand and a burst of flame comes out.
Good Damage, many hits, more on it later.

Hurricane Kick: s
Good when surrounded, but not much damage and hurts your health.

Front Throws:
t + a = Shoulder Toss
Good to get people away fast. Poor damage.

a repeatedly = Knee Bash
Basically useless. Poor damage.

d + a = switch to back

Back Throws:
t + a = Suplex
His more damaging throw, but slow. Use on Bosses/Single enemies.

a repeatedly = Ground Punches
His best throw moves, good damage. Use on anyone. Pretty fast to come out, but 
you can be hit
out of it. Most powerful throw move.

Super (grab them from the front then):
Gut Blows: t to d + a
A powerful move, usable only when bar flashing super. Guy punches the enemy many 
times then
throws a fire blast. The punches only hit one person, but the fire blast can hit 

How to use Guy:
Use his attack combo to kill people, using the shoulder throw to get people 
away. His dashing
combo is quite powerful ( t, t, a repeatedly when near) but hard to connect. Use 
the ground
punches on bosses, along with jump kicks. He is extremely fast, and can roam the 
screen easily.
His dashing jump attack can be used to hit people off screen. The nun-chucks are 
his best weapon,
as he can do a massive combo with them. Avoid all other weapons as they do weak 
damage and eliminate
his combo. Guy is the best character to start with. His fireblast can be stuck 
on the end of
his combo if done before the final kick for incredible damage.

Electric Uppercut: t to up + a
Dean charges up, then uppercuts for a time, electrocuting anyone who touches it. 
Has a delay.
This move is useful for stopping running people, and for hitting people as they 
stand up.

Reaching Grab: d to t + a
Dean grabs an enemy. Same as normal grab but with more range.

Shocking Spin: s
Hits lots of people, same basic effect as other specials.

Front Throws:
t + a: Choke Slam
Decent Power, fast.

a repeatedly: Punches
Decent, sends enemy flying

d + a: Switch to back

Back Throws:
t + a: Punch to Choke Slam
Punches once, then choke slam

u + a: Backbreaker
My favorite. Most damaging throw for Dean.
Pretty fast, invincible during execution. Use on Bosses.

a: Punches to back of Head
Decent damage, self-explanatory.

d + a: Switch to front

Super: Thunder Slam : d, u, + a
Dean Grabs the enemy, and his hand glows, after which he does an electric choke 
slam, then
leaps into the air with them and slams them again, clearing out everyone on the 
with the downstroke, and damaging them. He lands on them afterwards sometimes 
for more damage. Its weaker than Guy and Haggar's, 
but since his super charges fast, it is a good trade off.

How to use Dean:
His punch combo can end with and electric shock for extra damage, tap towards 
and attack quickly
as he is finishing it. This will also hurt people who walk into it. If you are 
fast you can also use
the electric uppercut during the combo right before it ends. Just make sure your 
close when you do, or you will whiff. 
Dean is slow, but can deal out the pain. Keep using the punch combo, with a few 
throws when needed. When throwing, avoid the front punches, as you can be hit 
out of them.
His super bar charges really quickly, so do his super often. His dashing attack 
is a single hit, but travels
a good distance and can take out a lot of people, although it is weak. If you 
time it well, you can
stand over a grounded person and get them to stand up into an electric uppercut 
(works on a few bosses). Also, you can
do your dashing attack at the end of his combo at the same time you would do an 
electric uppercut.
His dashing jump attack can also be used to take out several people at once, as 
well as those off screen.
With the throwing hammer, he charges it before he throws it. Avoid other 
weapons, as they suck with Dean.
He is significantly slower than Guy, but can be devastating. Dean is my favorite 

Home Run Swing: d to t + a
Hagar does a double fisted uppercut. Good range, but slow.

Lariat: s
Same as other specials.

Front Throws:
t + a: Gorilla Press
He throws them far, but for pathetic damage. Only for throwing people away. 
Invincible during

j, then a: Spinning PileDriver
Awesome! Can damage people it lands on, as well as the person it is done to. If 
you land
without attacking, Hagar will drop the person. Massive damage. Should be used 

a repeatedly: Hits
Same as other peoples. Stick to the SPD.

d + a: Switch to back

Back Throws:
t + a: Suplex
Better damage than the gorilla press, but why bother?

j, then a: Inverted Suplex
Cool looking move, good damage, use this! About the same as the SPD.

a repeatedly: Same as front

d + a: Switch to front

Super: The Slamfest
t to d + a when you have grabbed them from the front
Haggar glows, then tosses them into the air, follows, does an inverted suplex, 
jumps back up,
then does a Super SPD. The SPD does massive damage to the victim and anyone it 
lands on. Very cool!

How to use Hagar:
Throw Throw Throw! His punch combo is decent, but slow. His dashing attack does 
multiple hits, but
is hard to connect. So grab them, and throw them. He is a power character, but 
can get himslef killed
fast when he trys to grab people but can't get to them (esp. some of the 
bosses). Use the SPD and the Inverted Suplex, as they
are the most powerful. The slowest, and most powerful character, he has an 
incredible reach with weapons
esp the pipe.

f, d, df + a Rising Bird Kick
Lucia rises into the air and kicks the crap out of the enemy. Short range, good 

d to f in the air, + a Flame Kick
Lucia kick out her foot on fire. Good Damage.


t + a, shoulder throw
like Guy's

a repeatedly, knee attack
like Guy's

d + a, switch to back

t + a, Kick in the butt
Lucia kicks the enemy in the butt and sends them flying. Decent damage.

a, suplex
Best damage of throws.

d + a, switch to front.

Special, s
Demented Hurricane Kick
Like Guy's but funny looking.

Super = d, d, f, + a Super Kick
You must do this move without a grapple, so it is hard to connect, but it does a 
buttload of damage.
She does a combo, a rising bird kick, then a flame kick.

How to use Lucia:
Lucia is really fast, even more so than guy. Her dashing and normal combo's are 
fast, but kinda
weak. Use the rising bird kick and the flame kick, but be careful, she can be 
killed really easy
after she misses the bird kick. Use it when you are sure it will hit. Her super 
is really powerful,
but also really hard to get to hit. It will hit more than one person though. You 
just have to get lucky.
I suppose it could be used as an attack as they are standing up in which case 
they would take the whole assault.
Be careful, as you can be hit after the super just like after a normal bird 
kick. You are invincible during execution though.
A good tactic is to dash jump then use the flame kick at the end. Stick the 
rising bird kick at
the end of her normal or dashing combo for extra hits. It is also possible to 
chain her normal combo
into her dashing combo into a rising bird kick for massive damage. That is very 
hard to do, and I usually end up doing
it by accident. Anyway, Lucia should be used like guy, but a little faster and 
doing less damage.
As such, use her jump attacks more.

General Info
- With anyone, hold down and attack while in the air to do an attack that will 
stun the opponent
and cause you to land right next to them, allowing you to grapple and throw.
- Your combo can simply be performed by smashing the attack button after you 
connect with the
first hit.
- Almost any special can be thrown in at the end of a combo for extra damage. 
You can also throw in the dashing attack at the end
sometimes, leading to massive combos with Guy and Lucia.
- Often, you can simply stand over a grounded opponent and hit attack repeatedly 
to hit them as soon as
they stand up.
- Throws may knock other people down, but it usually doesn't hurt them. Only the 
SPD, Choke slam, and special throws do.
- Don't get surrounded. If you do, or are getting seriously beaten down, use 
your special,
but sparingly, as it hurts your health if you connect.
- If specials are done while dashing they are done as you move across the screen 
(except Dean, he stops)
- Don't let Andore's piledriver you, or the Baseball guys use their bat, or get 
hit by a grenade. It stings. Bad.
- All bosses have a pattern. Learn what atatcks you can get them with when they 
do what. Most (not all)
can hit you as soon as they get up, so stay away. A few can be attacked as soon 
as they get up,
but not many. Many also Jump, so watch the shadow and move (harder with Hagar 
and Dean, cause they
are slow)
- Supers have a limited time to use them, but use it wisely. It is better used 
on a full health
Andore than an almost dead normal guy.
- There is a door on the second to last stage that can be broken by throwing 
people into it.
You can go in, and skip the boss. (Who is a pain in the ass) You will end up in 
a computer room
as the second section after you go in if done right (break all computers).
- Play with two people. Much better. Just don't punch each other, or throw 
people into each other (gets real annoying).
- There is a section towards the end with an elevator full of Joe's (the 
midgets) Trap them all together
and use your combo, or just throw like hell.
- The endings are different, even if only slightly (I have not seen Lucia's 
- Throw when surrounded, as most make you invincible during the animation.

Thanks to JLong for the Dean Super and for Lucia's moves.

Copyright, etc.
No stealing from or saying this FAQ is your own work.
Etc, Etc.

I have no affiliation with Capcom except that of liking their games (esp. the 
Vs. series in the Arcade)

e-mail me at yoda2@ibm.net with anything I missed.

Thanks for reading this far. If you think I am stupid for making this, perhaps 
you are right,
but I was bored, and I got frustrated with this game, so I assume others would 
be too.