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Hook for Sega CD
FAQ/Walkthrough (v. 1.3)
-By: Queso (el_queso_loco@hotmail.com)

                  __     __    _________    _________    ___   ____
                 |  |   |  |  |   ___   |  |   ___   |  |   | /   /
                 |  |   |  |  |  |   |  |  |  |   |  |  |   |/   /
                 |  |___|  |  |  |   |  |  |  |   |  |  |       /
                 |   ___   |  |  |   |  |  |  |   |  |  |       \
                 |  |   |  |  |  |   |  |  |  |   |  |  |   |\   \
                 |  |   |  |  |  |___|  |  |  |___|  |  |   | \   \
                 |__|   |__|  |_________|  |_________|  |___|  \___\

                                     /        \
                                    /   ___    \
                                   /   /   \    |
                                  /   /     \   |
                                 /   /__    |   |
                                /      /    /   /
                               /______/    /   /
                                          /   /
                                         /   /
                                        /   /
                                       |   /
                                       |   |


Table of Contents
  I. History
 II. Game Info
III. Playing the Game
 IV. Items
  V. Walkthrough
 VI. Credits

I. History
1.3 (October 18, 2003) - Minor changes
1.2 (August 22, 2001) - Didn't take very long for someone to find some minor
                        mistakes, corrections made (thanks!)
1.0 (August 20, 2001) - Submitted to GameFAQs
    (August 17-19, 2001) - Finally finished the walkthrough!
                              *cough* 'Bout time *cough*
0.7 (March 28, 2001) - After more than a year, worked a bit more on it
0.5 (October 10, 1999) - Started this FAQ

II. Game Info
     The game Hook is based on the 1991 TriStar Pictures film from Steven
Spielberg starring Robin Williams. Sony Imagesoft (yes, Sony) based the basic
plot on the movie, although the game itself has almost nothing to do with it.
The game is chalk full of voice dialogue as well as some short (and not very
good) FMV movies taken from the film.

     The game starts out with Peter talking to his children; they ask him if
the story of Peter Pan is true. Peter, now a grumpy corporate-type, tells his
children they shouldn't believe in such nonsense and to go to bed. Soon
however, the children are kidnapped by Captain Hook, who invites Peter to try
and rescue them. Thinking it's a joke by the kids, Peter yells for them to stop
hiding. Suddenly, Tinkerbell flies in and tells Peter they need to go rescue
his kids. But unfortunately Peter doesn't remember a thing and refuses to
believe he is Peter Pan.

III. Playing the Game
     Only two buttons are ever used in the game, not counting Start, the A
Button is used to attack and the B Button is used to jump/fly. To fly, you'll
need to find Tinkerbell and fill up your fly meter. When its full, just jump
and jump again and you'll hover in the air until the meter runs out. To stop
flying push the jump button again, you can fly again at anytime so long as you
have something left on your meter. You can also run, which will speed your
movement up. To run, simply use the A Button to attack and hold it down, then
use the D-Pad to walk until you start running. This will also help you jump
higher and farther.

     You start out with two health icons, if you are damaged one health icon
will become clear. To fill it back up again, you'll need to get a Cherrie or
Apple; those two items will replenish lost health. Leaves will give you an
extra health icon; the maximum is four health icons. Also be sure to keep an
eye out for Life-Ups while playing, to gain extra lives.

     Pan's Sword will also come in handy. This sword will shoot a fireball out
to attack enemies from a distance. But be careful, if you are damaged at all
you will drop the sword (but you will not lose any health) and you'll have to
wait until you come to another one in the game.

     Most stages have a boss at the end. To beat the level you have to hit the
boss three or four times, with the exception of Hook himself ofcourse. All the
bosses are different and might be tricky but most aren't particularly hard once
you know what to do. When you beat the boss, you'll have to walk a bit to where
(usually, but not always) the Lost Boys are standing and the level will be

IV. Items
-Not really an item, but essential to the game. Her fairy dust will let you fly
for short periods of time.

-Heals one health icon if you are damaged.

-Heals all your health icons if you are damaged.

-Gain an extra health icon, four is the maximum number of health icons you can

-Gives you extra lives, looks like Peter Pan with a x# (x1; x3).

-Better weapon; can attack from a distance.

-There's a lot of different treasures in the game; these will increase your

V. Walkthrough
*Note: I just made up the names for each stage,
       they describe what each one is basically about.

STAGE 1 - The Lost Boys
     The first part of this stage is pretty straightforward, make your way
through by fighting the Lost Boys and you'll soon come to some water. You can
swim underwater and out the other side (watch out for those fish), but if
you're damaged you can make a running leap onto the land above the water.
There's an extra cherrie up there for you. On the other side of the water
you'll encounter the fat kid, he'll roll up and down trying to hit you. Hit him
once to stop his rolling and once more to put him down. Keep moving and you'll
see Tinkerbell, this is your first chance to fly. Fill up your meter and you
can fly above the spikes to the very top, you'll also notice a tunnel part way
through. The tunnel is filled with spikes, but there is a 3-UP inside. If you
want you can get the lives, die, and repeat until you have 98 lives. On the
part above however, you'll find a kid riding up and down a tunnel on a
skateboard, just hit him and keep moving. Right after the skateboarder, there
is a cherrie in mid-air, you'll be able to get it by flying. Continue on and
eventually you'll reach a log and fight the stage's boss, Rufio.

     Rufio is very easy, he'll basically lunge at you with his sword. Jump over
him while he does this and when he pauses hit him. Hit him three times and the
stage is complete. Rufio will see the light and say that you really are the
Pan, he'll hand you Peter Pan's sword and you'll finally remember who you were.
The Lost Boys will start chanting and you'll go to the next stage.

STAGE 2 - The Forest
     In this stage you'll encounter sword-wielding pirates and pirate archers
as well as animals of the forest, most notably the bees. Try very very hard not
to disturb the beehives in any way! Touching them or attacking them will send
bees flying after you! You can hit the bees and they'll return to their hive
but you probably won't even get the chance.

     As soon as you start you'll see what looks (I think) like a hedgehog. Just
swing your sword and you'll get your first taste of what Pan's Sword can do.
The first tree of the stage has a leaf, go up a bit towards the hill then run
and jump up on the tree limb to get it. Continue jumping on tree limbs, minding
the beehives, and fighting your way past the pirate goons. After a lot of
jumping and jiving, you'll finally come to a 1-UP. Run and jump off the tree
limb but be careful, there is a chasm right after it, there's also a pirate
underneath it make sure you don't land on him. Once you're on the ground,
you'll see that you're on a platform, jump over the chasm onto the platform on
the other side. Watch out for bats, those little bloodsuckers have a tendency
to pop up out of nowhere. Keep walking to the edge of the platform and there is
another tree limb (might not be able to see it, but it's there), jump on it.
Smack down the next pirate and you'll have to make a running jump to a limb
farther away. You'll see a cherrie and some solid ground, if you want to get
the cherrie you'll need to get right on the very edge (don't fall!) and jump
forward a bit and back down to the ground. A few more trees full of baddies and
you'll reach the boss.

This boss is some kind of tree-hugger wearing some weird yellow costume, his
area consists of three trees with five limbs and holes on them plus one more
hole near the ground. He'll pop out of one of these holes while two others will
have boxing gloves come out of them. Hit him and avoid getting punched by the
gloves. When he goes back into the tree though, three acorns will fall down and
roll their way down the trees, try and jump out of the way when they're coming
at you. Once you hit the boss three times, he's defeated. Walk forward a bit to
where the Lost Boys are and the stage is complete.

STAGE 3 - The Mountain
     As soon as this stage starts up you'll be confronted by a pirate rolling
on a barrel as well as a strong one hurling rocks at you. Both will take two
hits to get rid of, you'll probably get damaged by one or the other if this is
your first time but try to hit the barrel-roller and jump over the boulders.
Jump on the platform where the rock-thrower was and jump to the one on the
left, from there make a running leap to the right. You'll see a blue plant with
something floating over it that looks like a fairy, but it isn't. If you try
and jump to get it the plant will reach up and bite you, some unique path of
evolution huh? A Pan-eating plant...Anyway, make your way up to a platform with
another blue plant on it, then make a running jump to a platform to the left.
You'll be on a slope with a rock-thrower right above you, hit him from below
when he isn't throwing a boulder, piece of cake.

     Continue up the slope until its high enough for you to reach the platform
above, keep jumping upwards until you reach another slope. Go all the way to
the right and you'll see Pan's Sword, if you lost it along the way here is your
chance to get it back! Go back to the left and keep going up past more pirates,
including archers, until you reach yet another slope, there is an apple on a
platform to the far right. Make sure you get it if you're damaged! Now go up
the slope and you'll see Tinkerbell, fill up your meter and go all the way to
the right. The platform above you is too high to jump to so you'll have to fly,
there is a different plant there though. This plant is up and walking about on
its roots, one quick swipe of your sword will take care of him though. Keep
going up until you finally reach the top of the mountain (you'll see some
trees). Go to the left and fly up to find a 1-UP, then go right and fly up
again to the platform where the Lost Boys are waiting and end the stage.

STAGE 4 - The Waterfall
     This stage can be rather tricky; the first part consists of flying from
one platform to another. Not too bad right? Well this stage also has an enemy,
a tiger, who can growl and stop you cold for a few seconds. If you're flying at
the time, you're definitely in trouble as your meter will probably run out
causing you to fall and die. At the beginning of the level go to Tinkerbell and
get your meter up, go past the first tiger until you reach the cliff. Jump off
and fly near the bottom of the screen, there's a life down there but there's
also a tiger and a pirate in a balloon shooting at you so be careful. Land on
the same platform as the tiger (he can't hurt you, only stun you if you're in
front of him) you can then jump from one platform to another until you reach
Tinkerbell. Refill your meter and keep jumping onward, you should see a
treasure above you, if you want to fly and get it that's okay but its not
really important. From the platform below it, fly to the right and keep going
until you see Tinkerbell again, once more refill your meter again. You'll need
to fly all the way to the top of the cliff, but when you get there you'll see
the first part of it is covered in spikes. To avoid getting damaged when the
meter runs out, you have to stop flying near the end of the spikes (probably
where the first step is) and then start flying again until you run out, this
will buy you enough time to be able to make it across safely. From there you
have to walk a bit, some pirates in balloons will either shoot at you or drop
bombs on you. The first one you have to swing at the bomb to destroy its
parachute, making it fall down quicker and opening up space for you. The second
one there's not much you can do but avoid his shots, the third one will blow
smaller balloons into the air carrying bombs, you can either hit the pirate
twice to kill him or hit the balloon to pop it. Finally you finished the first
part of the level.

     The second part involves some tricky swimming, first jump off the cliff
into the water. Swim forward and a helpful mermaid will lift you up so you
don't drown...unfortunately she lifts you up next to a floating bomb and a
balloon guy shooting at you. You can hit the bomb and it will explode, clearing
the way, the balloon you'll just have to avoid. You'll reach another floating
bomb and this time a guy dropping bombs on you, again swing at the falling
bombs to make them drop faster and at the floating one to make it explode. This
continues for a short while longer until you finally reach land, with the help
of a mermaid jump up on land and grab the cherrie there. Walk a bit to the
right and you'll see Tinkerbell in front of some spikes, you've reached the

     The boss is a pirate on a flying boat, as soon as he shows up he'll stick
his head out of the front of the ship. This is your first and best chance to
hit him. After you do some bombs will fall down from the sky. Try and avoid
these while flying to the other side of the stage. He'll alternate between
sticking his head out the front, back, or bottom of the ship. Whether you hit
him or not, bombs will fall down on top of you. Go back and forth from one side
to the other, when you hit him three times he's dead. Walk over to where the
Lost Boys are standing in front of a cave and the stage is complete.

STAGE 5 - The Cave
     When you start out this stage, fall down the first chasm to the right. At
the bottom of the pit, walk all the way to the right, sink and go underneath
the rocks to get a leaf and a 3-UP. You can die and repeat this as many times
as you want (well, the leaf will be gone but the 3-UP is till there) to get the
max (99) amount of lives (from GameSages, see Credits).

     Okay, when you have your fill of lives you'll need to fly up where you see
the big snake popping its head out of the wall (right next to where the 3-UP
is/was). Fly all the way to the top, and continue forward, watch out for bats
and falling rocks. You'll reach an underground lake, go down and then up,
dodging giant snakes and killer fish on the way until you finally get out. As
soon as you're out you'll see two chasms, the second one though is filled with
spikes and has a 1-UP. If you didn't get the max amount of lives at the
beginning you can catch one more here. Go to the right of the chasms though and
you can get Pan's Sword once more. After that, fall down the FIRST chasm,
you'll land safely below whereas the other would land you on top of a snake.
Walk past the snakes, falling rocks, and quick sand to Tinkerbell. Get your
meter up, go to the right, and then fly upwards and to the left to the cave
exit. No Lost Boys here, maybe they were too scared?

STAGE 6 - Winter
     You start out in front of some spikes, jump over them and you'll encounter
two pirates with shields. In order to kill them you'll have to attack from
behind. Jump over to the next platform, there is a strong man who throws
snowballs at you and a 1-UP above him. Hit him twice and snatch the life. Next
you'll have to jump on a small circular platform, be careful not to fall. Jump,
the platform you are on leads to some spikes and then a leaf on another
circular spot, get it unless you already have the maximum. The platform above
you leads to an area with some birds plus some tigers from Stage 4. The tigers
will try to stun you so the birds can swoop down and hit you, jump up to hit
the birds and jump over the tiger growls and keep moving, don't even try to get
the cherrie between the two tigers and the spikes.

     You'll go past some pirates and they'll be a platform above you, continue
on the bottom one and get an apple there, then go up. Keep going up until you
reach a snowball-thrower, go past him all the way to the top and then down.
You'll see a 1-UP, keep going down past more shielded pirates until you reach
the bottom. You'll have to make a running leap over the first chasm and then
another jump to the next platform. Keep going and you'll finally reach the

     The stage has three platforms with two areas of spikes in between them.
The boss is a pirate in some strange machine that let's him launch bombs on
balloons at you, since he is bellow the spikes you can't damage him directly.
The key is to stand on one of the side platforms until he launches the bombs,
then jump over them onto the middle platform and hit the bombs to burst their
balloons and cause them to fall on top of the boss. Hit him this way three
times and the boss will be defeated. Then go over to where the Lost Boys are
standing and the stage is complete.

STAGE 7 - Above the Forest
     You begin this stage on the right, the screen will begin moving so you
have to stay ahead of it. Move left across the bridge until you see Tinkerbell.
Fill up your meter, this stage involves a lot of flying so always watch your
meter! When the land ends you'll have to jump on some tree branches, the first
few you can jump but when you get to one too high to jump just fly up as
quickly as possible. Jump and fly off this branch and you should see
Tinkerbell, float right underneath her so your meter is constantly filled...a
balloon pirate will fly by and try to shoot you. Avoid this and fly back to
Tinkerbell and refill your meter, then fly all the way across the screen to the
next branch.

You'll see another Tinkerbell, but be careful! A balloon pirate will quickly
fly through and try to hit you. When he passes, go ahead and fly to Tinkerbell
and stand underneath it to refill your meter. When you can see the next tree
start flying to it, about midway through another balloon pirate will fly by and
shoot at you, avoid him and land on the next branch. After this branch you'll
see a Tinkerbell floating above you and a 1-UP below you. Yet another balloon
pirate will fly above all of this and drop bombs. If you want to get the 1-UP I
suggest you jump and fall down into it, then quickly start flying and position
yourself between the falling bombs so they don't hit you, then fly back to the
Tinkerbell and refill your meter. Then continue flying left and another pirate
will come by, just avoid him and land on the next branch.

     When you do you should see another pirate dropping bombs. This one is hard
to avoid so be careful, if you're hit you'll stop flying so quickly press jump
again before you fall off the screen. As soon as that pirate goes by however
another one quickly swoops by to shoot at you. When you make it past all that,
you'll see a tree with a couple of branches and a cherrie below the bottom
branch. Fly down and get the cherrie then quickly fly up to the next tree.

     You'll see a Tinkerbell on the next branch and a bomb-dropping pirate
coming towards you. Wait on the first branch until he drops a bomb near you,
swing at the bomb to make it fall down faster and then walk down to the second
branch and fill up your meter as much as you can. Fly right over the next tree
and land on the one with Pan's Sword on it. After getting the sword, jump to
the next branch and then to one after that. You'll see land and the Lost Boys,
you finally made it through the stage!

STAGE 8 - Skull Cave
     Might as well warn you ahead of time, these last few stages are longer
than the rest so be prepared! As soon as you start this stage you'll see a
pirate coming towards you with a little flame floating in front of him. With
the Pan Sword swing at him from far away and kill the pirate, then wait until
the flame is closer to you and hit it to snuff it out. Quickly run through
before the flame comes back on. This flame is needed to light up the cave but
make no mistake, if you touch it you will get hurt. Walk a bit until you see
Tinkerbell, refill your meter and wait for the flame to come a bit closer
before jumping down to the next platform. Don't fall down either side of the
platform yet, go to the tunnel at the far right, they'll be a shield pirate and
a regular pirate followed by a 1-UP.

     Kill the pirates, take the life, and then go back to the platform. Now,
this is where the stage gets tricky. Either way you fall down the platform
something'll probably hit you. There are several tunnels on the left side,
filled with holes, spikes, enemies, and treasure...If you want to explore these
you can but I'll just describe the best way to finish the stage.

     Fall down the right side of the platform, you should be next to some
spikes and a bat will fly towards you. Keep going right and fall down the next
tunnel and continue going down past some shield pirates, until you see some
spikes followed by another shield pirate. Kill this pirate and the bat that
follows him, then continue forward and fall down yet again. You have a long
walk to the left until you drop down and see some spiders, kill the spiders and
walk down the steps. You'll see a new enemy, a skeleton pirate that throws
bones at you. While on the last step, crouch down and hit the skeleton, he'll
crumble into a pile of bones temporarily. Jump over him and they'll be another
skeleton, hit this one and walk past him. The skeletons will get up and follow
you, keep hitting them if you must until you reach a hole with a lot of spikes
in it. If you still have some of your fly meter you can fly down the hole and
probably not get hurt but make sure the flame is following you close by so you
can see where you're going! If you don't have any flight left you'll just have
to fall between the first spikes and hit the next row of spikes then fall all
the way down.

     At the bottom there will be a small platform with spikes on either side
and a Tinkerbell above it. Fill your meter and jump to the tunnel on the left.
Get the apple you'll find there, go back to the platform and fly to the tunnel
above you. There's a skeleton there so hit it and walk past him until you see a
couple more skeletons. Hit the first one and stand on his platform until the
second one activates, if the first skeleton comes back to life hit him again
then jump down to where the second one is and hit that one. Walk down a couple
of more platforms and the path separates right and down. The right passage is
suppose to be a shortcut I suppose but they're both about the same with similar
enemies along the way. The right one just has a secret passage with a hole that
you fall down into the other passage.

     If you took the passage down you'll notice an apple along the way to
regain your health, if you took the right you can back up a bit and find it.
Anyway, go right past some spikes and fall down. You'll see several sloped
platforms with barrel-rollers on them. Make your way through these as best you
can. At the bottom you'll have to jump some spikes with a spider above them and
then kill a frog that jumps out at you. Keep moving left, then down a few
steps, then right killing whatever animals stand in your way. When you reach
the cherrie above some more slopes, wait until the barrel-roller passes then
grab the cherrie and start heading down.

     At the bottom of the slopes you'll fall on a platform above some spikes
and the barrel-roller, kill him and jump to the left. You've made it to the
boss, but don't relax yet this one is a real pain! The boss is some kind of
skeleton king, he'll get up and throw his skull at you. If the skull gets too
close you can hit it and it'll stop then return to his body but the trick to
beating him is to just avoid the skull until you can get behind the skeleton
and hit him. You must hit him in the back to damage him, and you cannot hit the
skull and jump over him, there just isn't enough time. After damaging him four
times he'll finally die and you just have a short walk to the Lost Boys and the
end of the stage (finally!).

STAGE 9 - Pirate Harbor
     You begin on docks with a pirate archer and a shield pirate in front of
you, kill them and keep walking. There will be some kind of building with a
platform with a beehive on it. There are several pirates on top of this
building and a shield pirate walking towards you, kill him and climb up to kill
the others. Jump to the next building and kill the pirate there, then jump down
and go forward into a building.

     Inside some archers will be waiting for you, kill them and jump on top of
the crates and then to the next platform. To the right they'll be a pirate with
a boomerang guarding an apple, jump over the boomerangs he throws and hit him
twice to grab the apple. Then go back down to the bottom, jump over some spikes
and exit the building. As soon as you exit you'll come under attack by a pirate
throwing bombs at you from above. Avoid this and watch out for a barrel-roller
that comes at you as well. Go right and there'll be another bomb thrower on a
platform throwing bombs below you, jump down when it's safe.

     The building to the left of you is optional, it contains Pan's Sword but
is very hard to get and probably not worth the frustration. If you do want to
get it here are some tips: When you first enter, tap your controller four or
five times to the right, then make a running jump (attack, hold, and walk/jump)
over the spikes. This should buy you the critical seconds to make it to
Tinkerbell and hover over the spikes. When your meter is full land on the
platform and walk all the way left. Again do a running leap across the spikes.
When you're over jump and fly up above the first row of spikes. When you're
above the second row is the critical stage; you can try alternating between
stopping your flying and letting yourself fall, and then right before you hit
the spikes start flying again. Or you can let yourself fall on the spikes as
soon as possible, and walk across them until you can fly to the next platform.
The second one is easier but you do have to take damage. On the third platform
is a skeleton guarding Pan's Sword and a Tinkerbell. Hit the skeleton, grab the
sword, fill your meter, and make your way back down.

     Outside, get underneath the first bomb-thrower and hit him twice after
he's thrown a bomb. Walk forward ignoring the other one and jump on a few
platforms above some spears. When you get to the next to last one, you'll see a
bomb-thrower guarding the last platform. Jump forward but quickly fall back on
the same platform you were on. While you're in the air, he should throw a bomb
at the last platform. After the bomb explodes quickly jump on it and hit him
and any bombs he throws at you. Go forward into the next building.

     Once inside you'll see some spikes, a platform with a passage above it,
and then more spikes. For now just jump on the platform and keep going forward
over more spikes and platforms, then exit the building. Outside again you'll
have to jump a few platforms above spears and kill a boomerang pirate. Next
you'll have to dodge a lot of crossfire, above you a pirate will shoot bullets
at you, to the right they'll be a boomerang pirate, and another gun-totting
pirate above him. Avoid their various projectiles and jump on the platform to
kill the first pirate.

     If you walk to the left and onto a small mast and jump to another mast you
can re-enter the previous building and explore it if you want. If not keep
going right avoiding as many of the projectiles as you can. Climb up and then
jump above some water filled with spears to get to the boss. The boss is a
pirate with a lance and shield riding a bird. Basically it's Joust on SEGA CD.
First things first though, jump on the first mast and get your meter filled up
by Tinkerbell. When he comes at you fly and avoid him until he stops, then get
behind him and hit him. This is harder than it sounds, he's pretty quick!
You'll probably have to fly up and down several times; there is an apple on the
upper-left mast if you need to regain health. Once you hit him four times he'll
fall off the bird and you can continue to the right where the Lost Boys are
waiting and end another long stage.

LEVEL 10 - Hook's Ship
     You begin once again on the docks, go forward and jump over the
spear-filled water and into the ship's mouth to enter it. There are some
regular, shield, and archer pirates here that you should be able to make short
work of. Climb up the platforms and into the passage way on your right, kill
the archer on the next platform and jump a couple of more. Kill the shield
pirate, jump over some spikes and kill another archer then exit deeper into the

     Here you'll find a barrel-thrower on a slope and a barrel-roller coming at
you. Kill the roller, then jump over the barrels and hit the thrower. Go
forward and past another roller to the next exit. You'll have to jump some
tricky holes filled with spears onto some platforms, then fall down and go
left. There's a platform with an archer on it, jump to him and kill him then go
down. The exit to the left leads to a room with a bomb-thrower and a leaf, get
it if you need to otherwise jump over the spikes to your right and you'll find
a boomerang-thrower. Kill him and go through the next exit, this next room is
pure hell. There are a ton of pirates shooting at you, first go to Tinkerbell
and fill up your meter, avoiding the bullets as much as possible. Then make
your way up the platforms, dodging bullets and killing pirates with every step.
Take your time, if you rush you're more likely to get hit. You'll see a 1-UP
along the way and an exit, you can take the 1-UP then go to the exit and back
and the 1-UP will re-appear but so will all the pirates you killed so it's
pretty much suicide. Once you get to the top after killing all the pirates,
take the cherrie there and then go to the exit.

     In this room you'll be doing some hard flying through spike-filled
tunnels. Go to Tinkerbell, fill your meter, then fall down to the spikes and
quickly start flying before you hit them. Fly forward and soon you'll come
across a barrel-roller, he's basically there to waste your time so you fall and
hit the spikes. Try to hit him once and then fly over him so you don't take up
to much time. After him they'll be another Tinkerbell where you can refill your
meter. Keep flying and then when the floor drops let yourself fall to save
time, then fly back up and into another Tinkerbell. If you go forward another
barrel-roller will come at you, lure him back to the Tinkerbell so you can hit
him safely. The last part of the passage is hard, you'll have to fly up and
then repeatedly let yourself fall and fly and back up. This can save you enough
time to hopefully make it to the end without dying but still, you will most
likely fall and hit the spikes just before the end.

     After surviving that ordeal, you'll find yourself in another room with a
Tinkerbell. You'll also be assaulted with a barrage of barrels coming down on
you, jump over these and fill your meter up a bit. Then get underneath the
barrel-thrower and fly up to kill him. Return to Tinkerbell, refill your meter
and then walk to the left and get on the platform. Jump up to the second slope
where you'll see another barrel-thrower, fly over and kill him. Then land on
his platform and fly to the next platform, kill the pirate there and jump over
the spikes and towards the exit.

     Ah you're finally outside and on top of the ship, walk a bit to the right
and you'll see the fat Lost Boy standing in front of a slope. Run towards him
and he'll roll himself down the slope killing tons of pirates along the way,
make sure you keep up! Once at the bottom, keep walking right and you'll
finally face Hook himself! Basically what you have to do is wait until he
swings at you and then immediately hit him, otherwise he'll block your attack.
This is very hard to time because you have to attack almost at the same time he
swings and you could get hit. Try to stay on the left side of the slope and
jump at him attacking; that usually does the trick. After four hits Hook will
fall off, he'll try to hang on by his err...hook...which will suddenly turn
into a grappling hook, but fall down anyway.

     The stage will end and a short cut-scene will play showing Rufio coming
down with your kids and untying them. Suddenly a sword will fly through the air
and hit Rufio! After a few dying words to Peter, Rufio dies, murdered by
Hook...In a rage Peter flies off to fight Hook once more! This time Hook will
attack you with his grappling arm, now what you need to do is jump so he
launches the hook diagonally into the air and then come down and hit him while
he's bringing it back. After three hits, the hook will fall off but you still
have to fight some more. Just as on the ship you'll need to hit him almost
immediately after he swings at you, but this time he moves a lot and keeps
moving towards you. There's only so much land so hit him four times before you
get trapped in the corner. If you do, his wig will fly off and he'll be
defeated at last.

     Another cut-scene will start up showing Peter talking to his kids next to
the crocodile clock. Hook will jump out and try to attack Peter but he takes
his kids and flies off, Hook hits the crocodile causing it to fall on top of
him. Then the scene shifts back to the Lost Boys, Peter comes down and tells
Tinkerbell to take his kids home. Peter tells the Lost Boys that he has to go,
and gives them his sword. He flies off as the Boys say goodbye.

     A short FMV will play showing Tinkerbell and the kids flying off the
island, then the credits will play. After the credits they'll be a final
cut-scene where Peter returns home and changes back to his old self. Tinkerbell
comes down and asks him when he'll come back and have another adventure. Peter
tells her that he can't go back but that he's learned that life is the biggest
adventure of all. After a silent moment, Tinkerbell flies off...One final
crappy FMV showing Hook's hook and the game is all over! Congratulations!

VI. Credits
- Thanks to Anonymous for pointing out minor errors.

- Thanks to GameSages.com for Stage 5's infinite lives trick.

     I'd also like to thank Arrawnt, AmanDK64 (long time no see), ArchO,
J_Dawg007, Kilgamesh, Dalieu, and the rest of the gang for support,
inspiration, and all the good times. I'd also like to thank my family, for
well...everything! And ofcourse thanks to GameFAQs.

If you want to contact me you can e-mail me at el_queso_loco@hotmail.com

Hook is (c)1991 TriStar Pictures.
Hook the game is (c)1992 Sony Music Entertainment.
This file is (c)2001 by Queso.