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                     ILLUSION OF GAIA -- FAQ/WALKTHROUGH

                   Super Nintendo - North American Version
                         Last Updated: 19 April 2003
                                 Version 1.0

                Written and compiled by Jeff Chan [Atom Edge]

 Copyright 2003 Jeff Chan [Atom Edge]  All rights reserved

 This document is the sole property of its author, Jeff Chan, who reserves
 all rights.  It is protected by "United States Code: Title 17 - Copyrights"
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 Illusion of Gaia and related articles belong to Enix Corporation and
 Quintet.  No breach of copyright intended.  Any and all trademarks and
 copyrights not directly acknowledged in this document are respected.

                       T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S

     I.  Forward
           - Revision History
           - Author's Note

    II.  Game Basics

   III.  Characters
           - Playable
           - NPCs

    IV.  Walkthrough

     V.  Gem's Mansion Side Quest

    VI.  Appendix
           - Items
           - Red Jewels
           - Monsters

   VII.  Frequently Asked Questions

  VIII.  Footer
           - Credits and Special Thanks
           - Final Notes

      *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

     I.  Forward

- Revision History -

*** Work began on this guide on 21 March 2003 ***

Version 1.0  - Conception of guide
19 Apr 2003  - First Draft and Initial Release
235 kb       - All sections 100% complete

- Author's Note -

Part of Enix's Soul Blazer saga, Illusion of Gaia is a hybrid with elements
of RPG and action-adventure mixed together, in a style similar to that of the
well-known Zelda series.  Probably considered the least popular of the
trilogy, Illusion of Gaia just always seems to go unnoticed.  That's just

This is an exhaustive walkthrough, covering every part of the game, right
down to listing the positions of each and every enemy to be encountered.  A
few notes on using the walkthrough:

* By saying left, right, down and up, I am referring to the actual screen,
  not the character.  Left means the the left-hand side of the screen as you
  see it.  Additionally, the cardinal directions are often used and are
  synonymous with the respective direction (e.g. left is the same as west).

* Do kill every enemy you encounter, with the exception of those found in the
  Seaside Palace and the Gem's Mansion bonus dungeon.  If you miss one enemy
  in any section, you will not gain the powerup for that section.  Use your
  radar to find out how many enemies are left per section.

* Use Herbs sparingly.  There are only a total of twelve in the game.  Those
  should be effectively used as to not waste them.  The only boss that should
  warrant them are the two Vampires, who you face twice.  And then, you
  should only use one per battle.  A handful of dungeons may pose a slight
  problem, but you should rely on Dark Spaces to heal for the most part.

Please note that this is a walkthrough and guide to the game.  As such,
spoilers are abundant and littered throughout the file.

    II.  Game Basics

-- Stats --

Will starts the game fairly weak.  He has a meager 8 HP, 1 strength and no
defense.  Not much of a warrior.  You will not level up like you would in a
regular RPG.  Instead, dungeons are laid out in sections.  Each section
contains a static, set amount of enemies.  If you defeat _all_ the enemies
per section, you will gain a boost in either HP, strength or defense.

Your life bar can be seen in the top left corner of the screen, under the
word "Player."  Each large red dot denotes 2 HP.  A half dot will denote 1
HP.  The enemies' HP will be displayed similarly in the top right corner of
the screen.

Dark Power, or DP, refers to the amount of Renews and Dark Gems you have.
Dark Gems are dropped by most all enemies upon defeat in sizes 1, 2 and 5.
You can collect them by moving over them, or by hauling them in with the
telekinesis.  For every 100 Dark Gems you collect, you gain one Renew.  Each
Renew works like a life.  If you are drained of all HP, you die.  However, if
you happen to have a Renew, your character will be revived and taken to the
beginning of the area, or the most recent Dark Space, and you get to restart
the area with half of your max life.  Max Renews are nine.  DP is listed at
the top center of the screen.

-- Items --

Your inventory can hold up to 16 items, no more, no less.  A full list of
items can be found in the appendix.  To use an item, enter the menu screen,
and select a specific item.  Then go back to the main screen and press the
"B" button.  This applies to most all items, be it eating an Herb, reading a
journal, or equipping an item.

Using this method on Red Jewels will cause the precious stones to be send
directly to Gem.  There is no difference between sending them to him in this
manner than by deliverying them by hand.  So, if your inventory is being
cluttered, and you need room because of Herb hording, than feel free to send
them over to him.

You can use the Remove method to throw away an event item that no longer
serves any purpose in the game.  This is useful if your inventory is filled
with Herbs, and you need to pick up a new event item.  Any important items
(i.e. those you will still have use for) cannot be thrown away, as the game
will not allow it, so do not worry about that.  NEVER throw away a Red Jewel
in this manner.  Use the previous method to clear those out of the inventory.

-- Dark Space --

These gateways serve as the all-purpose gas stations of Illusion of Gaia.
Here, you can speak with Gaia to restore health, free of charge, or save your
data.  Also, at certain points in the game, they will allow you to change
into characters and/or acquire new abilities.

-- Telekinesis --

This is the only skill shared by all three playable entities.  By pressing
and holding either the "L" or "R" button, a character will perform this
ability.  It serves two purposes: to move objects and block projectiles.

The former is used primarily to bring out-of-reach Dark Gems to you.  Less
often, but more importantly, it can be used to move statues.  This serves to
either free passages or solve puzzles.

The latter makes it act as a shield.  Most projectiles (not all) will be
negated if they run into the telekinesis ability.  This is a technique that
is invaluable.  Note that Will and Freedan can only block in one direction
at a time: the one they are facing obviously.  Also, if you are blocking in
the right direction, but the projectile does not run into the telekinesis
object, it can still hit you.  The projectile must run into either Will's
Flute or Freedan's sword guard for the attack to be negated.  Shadow,
however, has no such problems.  When he uses the technique, a fiery aura
surrounds him completely, so the projectile cannot go around it.  As an added
bonus, his version blocks all directions, so he can have his back turned and
still cancel an attack out.

   III.  Characters

- Playable -


-- Background --

He is the main protagonist of the game.  Will grew up in the quiet town of
South Cape.  A young child, he went to school and spent his afternoons with
his friends in the Seaside Cave.  He currently lives with his essentric

His father was Olman, the explorer, who took Will and an expedition to the
legendary Tower of Babel a year ago.  The expedition ended badly, as Olman
and the good majority of the entourage went missing, with only Will returning
to South Cape, completely devoid of any memories that could help in finding
the fate of his father.

To further set him apart from the rest, young Will seemingly possess psychic
powers, among them, the ability to move objects with his mind.  Of course,
the nature of these abilities are far more complicated than he could have
ever imagined.

-- Skills --

  Technique:  Jump Attack
  Performed:  Attack, then forward
   Acquired:  Initially has this ability.
Description:  Will performs a standard attack, then lunges forward with a
              second attack.  This attack deals slightly more damage than the
              first, standard hit.  If you connect with the first, this will
              usually cause a two-hit attack.  The great thing about this
              technique, though, lies in its invincibility.  While Will is
              performing the "jump" part of the attack, no techniques can
              harm him.  Aside from the obvious applications of avoiding
              damage while attacking, you can quickly pull this off to avoid
              any other attacks while advancing on an enemy.

  Technique:  Psycho Dash
  Performed:  Hold attack until Will rapidly glows.  Then release.
   Acquired:  Itory Village Dark Space.
    Powerup:  From Gem after getting 20 Red Jewels.  Earliest chance is at
              Angel Village.
Description:  Will dashes forward at a high rate of speed.  When he covers
              about one-fifth of the screen, he will move back to his starting
              spot.  This is a fairly powerful attack.  Additionally, you can
              gain a powerup for this attack to further boost damage.  The
              technique can also hit twice, if Will manages to tag the enemy
              again when he recoils back.  Additionally, this technique is
              used often to destory certain obstacles.

  Technique:  Psycho Slider
  Performed:  Press Attack during a standard dash.
   Acquired:  Mu Dark Space.
Description:  Will cuts short his run, pauses momentarily, then slides the
              equivalent of half a screen.  It is a rather powerful attack,
              and can also be used to hit twice if timed right (generally,
              begin the slide as close to the enemy as possible).  Much like
              the Jump Attack, this comes with invunerability.  Just be
              careful, and take into consideration what your ending point
              will be.  Because the attack may make you invunerable, but you
              will not be once it ends.  Also, this is used to pass into
              further areas in a few dungeons.

  Technique:  Psycho Spin
  Performed:  Hold attack until Will rapidly glows.  Then press L and R
              alternatively.  Hold a direction to go into a high-speed run.
              Otherwise, allow the arrows to disappear, then control freely.
              Take note on the execution to be completely still when pressing
              L and R.  If you are running and press either, even with the
              full charged rapid glow, Will performs the standard telekinesis
              instead of the Psycho Spin.  You will not have this problem if
              you come to a complete standstill first, though.
   Acquired:  China's Great Wall Dark Space.
Description:  Will spins around in cyclone fashion.  If you hold a direction,
              he will go into a high speed run.  This run is capable of going
              up most hills, and forcing Will to jump many ramps.  As an
              attack, it causes Will to be invunerable, and damage any that
              come in contact with him.  Generally useful if you are mindful
              of your situation.  It falls short though, because you can be
              attacked out of it during the beginning, and if you are hurting
              an enemy with it, and it wears off, you are standing in the
              proverbial No Man's Land.

-- Evaluation --

Compared to the other characters, Will is obviously the most lacking in the
fighting department.  Not to say he is bad, but he isn't as good as either
Freedan or Shadow.  The range and coverage of his attacks just don't compare,
and he won't deal as much per hit.  Still, with his plethora of invincible
attacks, he makes an effective enough fighter against the peons in dungeons.

Of course, his main purpose is to get you from point A to point B.  Will's
Psycho attacks are made to move you around.  But if you're going to fight,
it is often better to use Freedan or Shadow whenever you can.


-- Skills --

  Technique:  Dark Friar
  Performed:  Hold attack until Freedan rapidly glows.  Then release.
   Acquired:  Diamond Mines Dark Space.
    Powerup:  Either from Gem after acquiring 30 Red Jewels (earliest chance
              is Watermia) or from the Dark potion in Euro.
Description:  This fires off a rather large energy blast from Freedan's sword
              that projects straight out.  On occassion, it will hit twice.
              The blast moves at the same speed that Freedan runs.  In this
              form, it isn't anything to scream about.  The attack is nice,
              but it is more hassle than it is worth to charge up for it.
              After you get the powerup, though, different story.  With it,
              when the blast hits and enemy or you manually detonate it by
              pressing attack again, the blast will split into four parts and
              spiral out.  This is easily the all around best attack in the
              game.  It is powerful, covers a huge area, and can hit multiple
              times to boot.

  Technique:  Aura Barrier
  Performed:  Hold attack until Freedan rapidly glows.  Then press L or R.
              Take note on the execution to be completely still when pressing
              L and R.  If you are running and press either, even with the
              full charged rapid glow, Freedan performs the standard
              telekinesis instead of the Aura Barrier.  You will not have
              this problem if you come to a complete standstill first though.
   Acquired:  Mountain Temple Dark Space.
Description:  Freedan will raise his sword, then summon two glass mirror like
              objects to orbit him.  These objects deal heavy damage.  Also,
              while summoning the objects Freedan is invunerable.  So you can
              effectively run into a group of enemies, stop, then perform
              this have it take out many opponents.  Otherwise, this is a
              rather bad attack.  It is cancelled rather easily, either by
              striking an opponent once, performing another action (such as
              telekinesis or attack) or by running out of time (the life span
              is incredibly short).  All in all, probably the worse ability
              in the entire game along with Earthquaker.  Also note, this is
              the only Dark Space acquired ability that is not necessary at
              one point or another.

  Technique:  Earthquaker
  Performed:  Press Attack as you are jumping down a level.
   Acquired:  Ankor Wat Dark Space.
Description:  As Freedan is jumping down, he will use his momentum to plunge
              his sword into the ground.  The resulting effect causes tremors
              to ripple across the area, freezing any enemies temporarily.
              From here, you can go and attack them for a short period of
              time without retaliation.  Generally, you'll only use this
              skill once the entire game.  Don't expect to get much use out
              of it.  On par with Aura Barrier for uselessness.

-- Evaluation --

Freedan is the strongest character in the game up until the last boss battle.
Early on, he is superior to Will in every which way, with longer reach and
more power per hit.  Once he acquires the Dark Friar powerup, Freedan becomes
far too powerful.  The attack takes out basically anything because of its


-- Skills --

  Technique:  Aura
  Performed:  Equip the item, then use it.
   Acquired:  Pyramid Dark Space.
Description:  Shadow becomes a liquid, then seeps through the floor.  You can
              only do this in certain areas of the Pyramid dungeon, but it is
              absolutely necessary in many cases.  Aside from that, it can be
              used to temporarily place Shadow out of harms' way, such as
              during the final battle of the game.

  Technique:  Firebird
  Performed:  Attack.
   Acquired:  Directly before the two final boss fights.
Description:  Instead of his normal attack, Shadow will fire a large Firebird
              as a projectile.  As you can imagine, this is and incredibly
              good move.  Only problem is that you only get to use it against
              two fights.

-- Evaluation --

His attacks are much more powerful than any other characters' and his reach
also complements his strength.  Aside from that, there's not much else to say
about Shadow.  He has no real abilities that make him too useful.  Freedan
is still the strongest for the most part because of Dark Friar.  Firebird is
great, but it is restricted to two boss battles (one of which, it makes no
difference at all).

- NPCs -

KARA:  She serves as the one truly dynamic character of the game.  Kara is
the princess at Edward's Castle, and as you'd expect, starts out as a fairly
stubborn girl.  Through the course of the game, her personality evolves from
not-at-all-tolerable to barely-tolerable.  Will, of course, grows to like
her.  There is more than meets the eye with Kara...

HAMLET:  Without a shadow of a doubt, Hamlet is the greatest character in the
entire game.  He also happens to be Kara's pet pig.  Undeniably smart, Hamlet
saves Will very early in the game, then manages to track the rest of the

LILLY:  Lilly is a denizen of Itory Village, where Lola is from.  Will's
grandparents send her to help Will throughout his journey.  Lilly has an
special ability to transform into a small flower at will and possesses
quite a bit of knowledge of the world around them.

LANCE:  One of Will's friends, his father went on the expedition with Olman.
Lance is both the most responisble and brave of all Will's buddies (though
this isn't saying much when one of the group happens to be Erik).  He will
eventually fall for Lilly.

SETH:  Another of Will's friends, Seth is apparently very bright.  Of course,
his story doesn't get developed much because fate is apparently very cruel
to him.

ERIK:  Erik is the last of Will's buddies, and the youngest as well.  Naive,
and seemingly not very bright, Erik serves no role to the story aside from
just being there.  He is the son of the richest person in South Cape, and
really likes bathrooms.

NEIL:  Neil is Will's long lost cousin.  He is also a capable inventor.  The
odd thing about him is that he lives like a hermit while his parents happen
to incredibly wealthy.  Aside from helping Will tremendously through the
course of his journey, Neil also finally takes on his own responsibilities.

BILL and LOLA:  They are Will's grandparents and are raising him after Olman
apparently disappeared following the Tower of Babel expedition.  Bill is a
nonchalant retired engineer.  Lola hails from Itory Village, and the queen of
unusually dishes.  She is also fond of humming a certain tune.

JACKAL:  Jackal serves as the game's resident vampire-wannabe.  You'll hear
mention of him early in game, and completely forget about him until the very
end when he finally makes his appearance.  All for nought, though, as he is
very easily defeated.

GEM:  The Jeweler Gem supposed controls the seven seas (according to himself,
anyway).  He is also a master of disguises, so he appears different in every
single town.  You can deliver the various Red Jewels you come across in your
journey to him and exchange them for various worthwhile prizes.  Aside from
that, he has some dark and unusual secrets that you can discover if you
manage to recover all fifty Red Jewels...

GAIA:  The essense of the earth.  She serves as the advise-giver, healer,
and save point of the game.  You'll see her often since Dark Space gateways
are everywhere.

    IV.  Walkthrough

[ South Cape ] --------------------------------------------------------------

   ITEMS:  Red Jewel (x3), Lola's Melody
   EXTRA:  Herb from Gem

The game begins in school (every gamer's dream, eh?).  Will starts off by
giving you a bit of background information on himself.  Class then ends, and
Will's buddies tell him to meet them at a certain place.  Talk to Lance (the
only classmate left) and he will tell you to go to the cave by the seashore.

Exit through the door at the left-hand side of the classroom and you will
emerge on the rooftop.  There is a shining orb here, and as you approach it,
it transforms into a doorway.  This leads to the Dark Space, where you can
meet Gaia.  She will foreshadow things to come.  You can save now if you
wish; aside from that, you can't do anything in Dark Space for now.

On the left side of the tower bell, you can walk into a small, unseen alcove.
Examine the area and you acquire your very first Red Jewel.  Now, next to the
bell is a break in the guard rail for the roof.  Walk down it, and you will
jump down to the grass below.  There is another break, this time on the rock
railing.  Jump down again and you can encounter Gem, the jewel dealer.  You
can give him the Red Jewel, but it is simpler to just ignore him for now.

Jump down once more to street level.  The first door leads to Seth's house.
There isn't any point to enter, but if you do, you find out that Seth's
parents are having a fight.  The house to the right is Lance's.  Enter it and
head down into the basement.  Examine the top-right blue jar and pillage the
second Red Jewel (what are friends for?).

From here, you can either explore town or head to the sea cave.  Exploring
town really doesn't do much, go down the bridge and all the way to the right.
Enter the boarded up door to find your friends.  Continue to enter and exit
the cave until you see the fisherman sitting on along the right side of the
bridge area with a pot.  Depending on your luck, it can occur really soon, or
you may have to do it several dozen times.  Once he appears, check the pot to
find the third Red Jewel.

Now enter the cave.  Talk to both of your friends, and then Erik will run in
with news.  No one cares.  Go and stand next to Erik to proceed.  The trio
coerces Will to demonstrate his special skills.  Walk down to the south end
of the table of face the statue to the right.  Hold either L or R, which
prompts Will to twirl his flute.  His Psycho power pulls the statue towards
him.  Now, talk to Lance and he will ask you to pick out the Ace of Diamonds
from four cards.  Choose any and you get it correct.  After showing off, you
can leave the cave, and you will find it is getting late.  Time to head home.

Follow the bridge back to Lance's house, and go right, up the staircase.  Go
north and up another staircase.  To your left is the school.  The first house
on the right is Will's home.  For now, walk along the front of school and
jump down the break in the railing again.  This time, speak with Gem and he
gives you three choices.  If you choose the first, he tells you who he is and
that if you see him in another area, he will look different.  The second
option will prompt Will to hand over all his current Red Jewels.  The third
will give you a list of all the items Gem will give you along the course of
your journey.  Choose the second option; Will hands over the Red Jewels, and
Gem gives you an Herb.

Jump back down to street level and head all the way around back to your house
and enter.  Apparently, a pig is destroying your home.  Try to go upstairs,
and Sir Oinksalot will shove you aside and make room for Kara.  After a bit
of dialogue, head upstairs.  Speaking to Lola only prompts useless dialogue.
Instead speaking to Grandpa Bill will trigger the next sequence, in which
everyone heads downstairs after hearing Kara scream.

Two soldiers take Kara away, but not before she says Will seems familiar to
her.  Apparently, your good grandparents are none-too-shaken-up after being
witness to an abduction and proceed to have dinner.  After speaking with them
and being told about the underground area of the castle, head upstairs.

After eating snail, of all things, you will wake up to the morning.  Head
downstairs and speak with Lola.  You get a letter from King Edward asking you
to bring the Crystal Ring to the castle.  You also get Lola's Melody.  Exit
the house and head to the north of town.  Talk to the guard and leave South
Cape.  Next destination: Edward's Castle.

[ Edward's Castle ]----------------------------------------------------------

   ITEMS:  Red Jewel

Enter and head to the right.  You'll come to the end of the hall with one
large pillar and two staircases.  There is someone hiding behind the pillar
and if you talk to him/her, you will get a Red Jewel.  Head up the stairs
until you get to the third floor.  From here, run across the bridge and enter
Kara's room.

A few words are exchanged, and the guard will kick you out.  Head back down
to the first floor and head to the left.  Enter the first door you can, with
the guard standing next to it.  Talk to the fat-ass King Edward and he'll ask
if you brought the Crystal Ring.  If you say yes, Will won't be able to
produce it.  If you say no, the king will be none-too-pleased.  Either way
you are thrown in prison, and the even-more-of-a-fat-ass queen isn't any help

[ Edward's Prison ]----------------------------------------------------------

   ITEMS:  Red Jewel (x3), Prison Key, Herb
MONSTERS:  Bat (32), Brown Bat (1), Tentacle Eye (16), Skeleton (14), Brown
           Skeleton (2)

This is the first dungeon of the game, and according to ye ol' RPG law, it
has to be simple.  Indeed, none of the enemies are difficult, there is no
boss (though a special enemy at the end) and none of them truly poses a
threat.  Any melee range enemies can be killed by repeatedly hitting them
with your flute, or performing the Jump Attack.  Any projectiles thrown your
way can be blocked by the telekinesis.

This place has close to no puzzles and is very linear.  No backtracking to
speak of.  Use this as a training ground to get used to the fighting style of
the game if you are not already accustomed.  Get used to killing all the
enemies to load up on power-ups.

You must examine three things in the prison cell: the ball and chain, the
moss in either the northeast or southwest corner, and the cell door.  Now
wait for about half a minute and a loaf of bread is tossed to Will.  Eat it
and wait some more.  Eventually Will's father will speak to him through the
flute.  An gem then falls into the left wall enclosure.  Use the flute (L or
R) to bring the gem to Will.

After doing that, wait near the cell door.  Eventually Hamlet (Kara's pet
pig) will come to see you.  Tied to Hamlet is a letter from Kara, and the key
to your cell.  Open your menu screen and equip the key.  Exit the menu screen
and use the item on the cell door.  The left side cell is still locked, and
you can open it with your key as well.  But all you will find is a prisoner
in armor who is under the delusion of being able to escape on his own.  In
the right side cell is an entrance to Dark Space.

Head all the way south and prepare to fight for the first time.  This first
room has three Bats.  Kill each one (it will take three strikes a piece).
Now exit through the only other door.  Kill this one Bat and head south.
Take out three more Bats and head across the bridge.  On the other side of
the bridge are two more Bats that need to be dispatched.  There is a Skeleton
trapped in an enclosure, and a small break in the railing facing the river.

Step in front of the break in the railing and wait for a Tentacle Eye monster
to appear.  Strike it three times, then hold down L or R to twirl Will's
flute.  This will block the projectile attack by the Tentacle Eye.  Then
strike it two more times to defeat it.  Use the Telekinesis to pick up the
Dark Power gem and watch as a blue energy destroys part of the enclosure,
freeing the skeleton.  It takes six strikes to kill it.

There is a second break in the railing to the southwest of the Skeleton
enclosure.  Kill this Tentacle Eye as well.  Be sure to stand a bit away, or
the Telekinesis won't be able to block the projectile.  Now head south and
dispatch two more Bats.  Head across the bridge and kill the Skeleton along
the way.  There are two more Bats to kill and another Tentacle Eye.  Upon
doing so, a blue energy will open up a new passage and, because you just
killed all enemies in the area, your strength will be augmented.  Head into
the next area.

Head up the stairs and find two more Bats.  As you approach the two statues
blocking the south passage, a lily flower will appear.  Ignore it for now.
Use the telekinesis to move one of the blocks, thus creating a new passage.
Dispatch two more Bats and a Skeleton.  As you head down the steps, the lily
will leave you.  Avoid the two things circling around.  If you touch them,
you will be damaged.  Kill the Bat, then the Tentacle Eye.  Head up the
steps, and finish off one more Bat.  You are now at a fork in the road.

Go to the northwest and take care of the Skeleton.  Then head back and down
the stairs.  Kill the Skeleton here and the Tentacle Eye.  Strike the switch
and head up the stairs to retrieve an Herb.  Now head back down and hit the
switch again.  Take out the Bat and the Tentacle Eye.  Move ahead and defeat
another Skeleton and Tentacle Eye.  Upon defeat, your defense will be
increased and the obstacle will be taken away by another blue energy.

Enter the next area.  There will be two Tentacle Eyes flanking you.  Kill
one then turn around and use the telekinesis to block the projectile attack
of the other.  Kill it as well.  Head around the area dodging the falling
spears (not at all difficult).  Then kill the Skeleton and head up the stairs
and through the maze.  Take the right route when you can to avoid being
trapped by a spear.  The Bat will likely wander into the trap and get stuck
by the spears.  Wait for it to make its way out and kill it off.

The switch is rusted, so head upstairs.  Kill three Bats and a Skeleton.
Fall off the ledge into the switch to reveal a hidden room.  Enter it to grab
a Red Jewel.  There is also an apparition that will give you a hint.  Exit
out and head back along the path.  And you will come up across a group of
bats.  You will battle them in an area that looks like this:

  +----------------------------+    The "xx" denotes an obstacle.  B1, B2, B3
  |                            |    and B4 are each a regular Bat (that has
  |  xx B1  B2  MB  B3  B4 xx  |    slightly better defense then the ones
  |  xx    xxxx    xxxx    xx  |    before, though they still have only 3
  |  xx    xx        xx    xx  |    HP.  The "MB" denotes the main Bat, the
  |  xx    xx        xx    xx  |    brown colored one.  Stand at "P1" and
  |  xx                    xx  |    attack to safely kill B1 and B4.  Stand
  |  xx    xx   P2   xx    xx  |    at "P2" to safely kill B2 and B3.
  |  xx    xx        xx    xx  |    Either position is sufficient to kill
  |  xx    xxxx    xxxx    xx  |    the MB.  This one takes ten strikes.
  |  xx                    xx  |    Upon defeating them, you will open up
  |             P1             |    a passage way via a blue energy.  Your
  |                            |    HP will also be raised.
  +---------------------+      +

Go through the new passage and you will emerge in a hallway.  To either side
is a switch.  Each does nothing when you strike it.  In the left side of the
hall is a rose.  It gives you a hint to play the melody.  Enter the menu
screen and equip Lola's Melody.  Play it, and wait a day short of forever for
Will to finish.  At that point, a Strange Voice will tell you to go to the
right side.  It then tells you to strike the switch on the count of three.
A counter will appear over Will's head and count to three.  When you see "3,"
strike the switch and a door appears.

There's a switch you cannot access to the right.  Head left and take out the
Tentacle Eye.  Then kill off the two more Bats, a Skeleton, and another
Tentacle Eye.  Head up and you will find a dead-end with four Tentacle Eyes.
Go to the right and stand in between where both Tentacle Eyes will appear.
This way you can attack two at a time.  Three hits and they should both be
dead.  Turn around and use telekinesis to block the projectiles.  Then head
around and kill both of these Tentacle Eyes as well.  This will cause a blue
energy to appear and destroy the blocks in the middle, revealing a Dark Space
gateway.  With no where else to go, enter.

The first thing you notice is that there is now a statue of a knight to the
left.  Speak with Gaia and she tells you that you are able to morph into a
different form.  Stand infront of the statue and you will be transformed into
Freedan.  Now leave Dark Space, head across the area, and using Freedan's
superior range, strike the switch to form a bridge.

Head across and kill the first Bat.  Head up further to face another Skeleton
that needs its ass kicked.  You'll come across an area to the left with those
moving spike-like things.  Take the high road (literally) and make your way
across.  On the other side is a Brown Skeleton.  Kill it, then its head.
Upon doing so, a blue energy will open up the path.  Defeat the two Skeletons
as you continue along.  Four more Bats, a Tentacle Eye and a Skeleton are
blocking the way.  Head up the stairs, following the spike-like things and
back down.  You're now at a fork.  Head left, kill a Skeleton and grab the
Red Jewel from the chest.

Run all the way to the right and up.  Dispatch the Brown Skeleton.  This will
prompt a defense boost and a blue energy will shatter the next obstacle.
Follow the path and you will enter into the next area.  Here, Freedan will
immediately revert back to Will.  Go up to the barrel, around to the other
side, and search the bottom barrel.  Surprise, surprise, it is another Red

Head north and you encounter a "Itory" girl named Lilly who saw Will change
form.  The conversation reveals that Lilly was sent by Lola to rescue Will.
Apparently the Elder calls and she runs off by changing into the lily flower
from earlier before.  Head up the steps, across the dark room and through
some more stairs.  You'll be back to the first floor of the Edward's Castle.
(Hah!  Inescapable prison, my ass.)

[ Edward's Castle ]----------------------------------------------------------

   ITEMS:  Meat

Go all the way up to Kara's room.  The maids, it should be noted, do not seem
to give a rat's ass that a prisoner has escapded.  Go around the soldier
standing guard (sleeping, of course).  Speak with Kara, and she will follow
you as you make your great escape.  On the first floor, if you try to leave
via the front door Kara will tell you to go pick up some food in the cellar.
The guard to the throne room is sleeping (tight security, as usual), and the
guard at the far left end will actually encourage Will.  It would seem that
an escaped prisoner who happens to be kidnapping the princess isn't something
to be worried about.

Anyway, go downstairs to the basement.  Go a bit left and examine the first
barrel without a lid.  You will obtain a Meat item.  Now head back up to the
first floor and leave via the front door.  The two will head back to Will's
House in South Cape.

[ South Cape ] --------------------------------------------------------------

   ITEMS:  none
   EXTRA:  Defense Force boost from Gem

Will and Kara will appear in a dishevelled home.  Go upstairs and Kara will
reveal that this was the work of "Jackal," the hunter the fat-ass queen hired
for whatever reason.  Lilly will come and explain that Will's grandparents
are safe in Itory village.  Before you leave, take Lilly's advice and see the
townspeople, or rather one person, Gem.  Give him the four Red Jewels you
acquired since last seeing him, and in return, he will boost your defense.

There's nothing else of interest around town, so head home.  Apparently, Kara
and Lilly took it upon themselves to clean Will's home for no reason.  Talk
to Lilly and choose to leave town.  Kara will ask Will a question, but it is
inconsequential what answer he chooses.

[ Itory Village ] -----------------------------------------------------------

   ITEMS:  Red Jewel, Inca Statue A
   EXTRA:  Life Force boost from Gem

You appear on a seemingly empty grass range.  Lilly asks you to play Lola's
Melody, so do so.  Of course, this prompts a bunch of houses to magically
appear.  Lilly and Kara run off, so you can have the always obligatory
RPG-style-explore-the-town time.

The middle stack of wood contains the eighth Red Jewel.  If you feel like
making the hike all the way back to South Cape, you can get the Life Force
boost from Gem.  There's no point to head into Lilly's house as no one has
anything useful to say.  Likewise, there's nothing of interest in any of the
houses, less you want to learn the background of the Itory.

Walk up to the stone area and enter into a Dark Space Gateway.  You will now
be granted the Psycho Dash ability.  After you get this, head out of Dark
Space, and run (not walk) down the stone ramp to enter into a new area.

As you try to head away from the tombstones, a voice will call out to Will.
Approach the flowers behind the tombstones.  Speak with him and the Elder
asks if you were summoned by your father.  If you say No, then you will just
have to be asked again and say Yes, so save yourself the trouble.  On the
second question, again you must answer Yes, less you be asked again.

Ignore the grass ramp (it will just take you back to the town area) and head
down the ladder, and into the cave.  Walk up to the last row of statue heads,
the third, and stand on the left side of the right statue.  From here, head
straight up until you hit the wall.  If you use the flute to strike it, you
should hear a different sound then striking other portions of the wall.  Use
the Psycho Dash on this spot to reveal a hidden passage.  Inside, you acquire
the Inca Statue A.  If you go speak with the Elder again, he will give you
some clues to your quest.  Speak with Lilly, and she will take you to your
next destination.

[ Home of Moon Tribe ]-------------------------------------------------------

   ITEMS:  Inca Statue B
MONSTERS:  Caterpillar (6)

If you head up to the raised area, you can speak with "shadows."  After doing
so head into the cave.  You are given 20 seconds to kill six Caterpillars,
each with 6 HP.  At this point in the game, Will should be attacking for 2 HP
a strike.  The Jump Attack will deal 2, then 3 HP.  The Psycho Dash will kill
an opponent instantly, but it takes too long to really use.

Just walk around toward the top left, going wide (hug the statues) as to not
prompt the Caterpillars.  They should all be heading to the right if you do
this correctly.  Go up behind the left-most one and strike with the Jump
Attack.  This should cause it to harm the others as well.  If you attack them
in this manner, it avoids having the Caterpillars split up, forcing you to
chase them.  You should finish them off with time to spare.

If you fail, just exit the cave, reenter, and start over.  Once you have
finished, you will have access to Inca Statue B.  Exit the cave and speak to
Lilly to go to the Inca Ruins.

[ Entrance to Ruins ] -------------------------------------------------------

   ITEMS:  none

Try to get into the cave, and you will find Kara has be staking this place
out.  She and Lilly will wait by the entrance while Will does his thing.
Enter the cave.

[ Larai Cliff ] -------------------------------------------------------------

   ITEMS:  Blue Block, Herb (x2), Wind Melody, Red Jewel
MONSTERS:  Mudman (23), Four-Head (27), Caterpillar (10), Slime (29),
           Floating Head (11), Blue Caterpillar (11), Guardian (16), Castoth

Head across the bridge and into the next gateway.  You will encounter three
Mudman enemies right off the bat.  Then you will find a Four-Head enemy that
shoots projectiles either in the cardinal directions, or the diagonals.
Remember, you can block projectiles with the telekinesis.  After taking care
of the Four-Head, defeat two more Mudman enemies and continue along.  Now,
charge a Psycho Dash then head down the steps.

You will face three Mudmen and three Four-Heads.  Use the telekinesis to
block if need be.  Upon defeating all six of these goons, you will gain a
boost in defense.  Go through the exit on the left.

Clear out the five Caterpillar on floor level.  Then go up the stairs.  Take
out the Mudman, and before heading further, charge a Psycho Dash.  Approach
the left and find a Mudman and Four-Head.  Use the Psycho Dash to quickly
dispatch the Four-Head, then strike the Mudman to death.  Further is another
Four-Head.  Ahead is a ramp, but it leads nowhere so ignore it.

Further are three more Four-Heads and a pair of Mudmen.  The next stretch
has three more Four-Heads.  Upon defeating the last one, you will gain a bit
of HP and a blue energy will create a shortcut.  Go through the entranceway.
You will emerge at a ledge with a treasure chest.  You now have the Blue

Head back into the room, down the new shortcut and all the way to the right
to enter the previous room.  Go around the spike pit and use the Blue Block
on the hole in the floor.  Blocks will fall from nowhere and create a new

Head down the stairs and take out the Four-Head.  Notice that there is a
break along the stone railing?  You can jump down that area.  Don't bother
just yet.  Head across the little bridge and kill off two Mudmen and another
Four-Head.  Once this is done, a blue energy will further open another way.
This new way is just a shortcut back to the beginning.  With that exception,
there are three places you haven't gone yet: the earlier break in the stone
railing (we'll call this Break #1), then a second break in the next section
with a latter going down.  The second break and the latter lead to the same

Go down the second break and take out the Mudman.  Enter the new area and
dispatch two more Mudmen.  Now use Psycho Dash to break through the statues
and retrieve an Herb from the chest.  Backtrack until you are back outside.

Jump down Break #1 and enter the cave.  Charge up a Psycho Dash.  Now go
ahead and defeat two Four-Heads flanking a cooridor.  Charge up another
Psycho Dash and walk further ahead.  Take out two more Four-Heads and a
Mudman.  Go down the stairs and use a Psycho Dash to crush the statue which
is impeding your path.  Defeat three Caterpillars and receive a boost in
strength.  Go through the door to the north.

In this new area, destroy three Slimes.  You now have a ramp and a staircase.
The former leads nowhere just yet, so go down the steps and encounter a
Floating Head and two more Slimes.  Climb up the stairs, dispatch three more
Slimes.  Then go down the steps and enter the door.

You appear on the outside with two Blue Caterpillars.  Dispatch them.  If you
examine the skeleton, you get an all too obvious clue.  Head to the right and
up the ladder.  Kill of the Four-Head, which causes a blue energy to create
a new ladder.  This only serves as a way back up to the earlier area you
jumped down from.  Instead, go left and into the entrance.

You come into a room with four gold statues and four gold plates.  The
objective is to use the telekinesis to move each statue onto a gold plate.
However, if you get too close to a statue, it will become a Guardian monster,
and attack you.  Should this happen, you can leave and come back, and the
statues will be back.  This also happens to be a cheap way of getting tons of
Dark Gems, by fighting them, leaving and coming back.  For some reason, the
upper-right statue will not drop any Dark Gems.  It doesn't seem to matter
which statue goes on which plate, so just move them so each one covers a
plate, and a doorway should appear.  Obviously, enter it.

You will have to pass through an intermittent hallway.  When you emerge, you
will be in an area with quite a few monsters and more gold plates.  Head down
past the first two plates and a skeleton that will give you hints, and down
the steps.  Down on the bottom level, kill two Blue Caterpillars and step on
the leftmost plate.  This causes blocks to create a new passage way.  Step on
another switch to further the passage.  Here, kill off a Four-Head and one
more Blue Caterpillar.  Once those two are taken care of, step on one final
plate to finish the path and destroy the Four-Head in the way.

Make sure you enter into Dark Space, and change into the Dark Knight Freedan.
Head up the stairs and kill the gauntlet of three Four-Heads.  Upon killing
the final one, a blue energy will create a shortcut, and you will receive
your defense is augmented.  Head out through the door and you will learn the
Wind Melody.

Now head down the new stairs, and backtrack to the outside.  You'll have to
pass the connecting cooridor and the Guardian room.  Once outside, head down
the ladder and into a previous cave.  Head up the stairs, across the raised
area, and back downstairs.  Circle around, and using Freedan's superior
reach, smack the Floating Head until it dies.  A blue energy will open the
path further, so you can now use the ramp.

In this new area, take out the two Slimes that are accessible.  Go up the
stairs and you will encounter two more Slimes and a Floating Head.  Defeat
these monsters, and you receive a boost to your HP.  Go to the southern exit.

Here, activate each one of the Guardians and kill it.  There are three.
Ignore the ramp for right now.  Next up is a Floating Head.  Go downstairs
and kill another Floating Head.  This will prompt a blue energy to open up a
passage way via the ramp.  With no where else to go, hop down the ramp and
jump across the water.

Go to the southeast and up the staircase.  Defeat three Slimes along you way.
Go on further and you will encounter two more Slimes and a Floating Head.
Obviously, ignore the ramp as it leads back to the earlier area.  You are now
at a fork in the road.  Take the northern pass (the western passage leads to
a dead end) and keep going.  Ignore the steps for now.  You will reach a dead
end with a treasure chest and a Guardian enemy.  Activate it, then kill him
off.  The chest contains an Herb.

Now take the stairs that you passed a second ago.  Destroy the Floating Head.
Further down is a hall with a Guardian flanking each side.  Activate them one
at a time and kill them off.  Continue down and remove two more Slimes.  Turn
and go to the right.  You will find a door.  Go past it for now.  As you head
further down, you will see several Guardian that are still in statue form.
These are unique in that they are not activated by proximity.  Instead, if
you hit the switch on the far side, all of them come to life.  If you want,
you can use the telekinesis to position the statues however you want before
starting the fight.  I find it simpler to leave them as is, though.  Once you
are ready, strike the switch, then dispatch your enemies.  Upon killing the
last you should receive a defense boost.

Now go through the door to the outside.  There are immediately two Four-Heads
that deserve to have their asses kicked.  Further ahead lies a pair of Blue
Caterpillars and a pair of Mudmen.  Keep going ahead to find another doorway
and another Four-Head.  Kill it and receive a boost in strength.  Furthermore
a blue energy will lead back to an earlier area.  Go through the door.

Head up the steps and eliminate the three Slimes.  Head to the right and up
to find two more soon-to-be-dead Slimes.  You will pass a pair of Guardians,
as you make your way to the steps.  On the floor level, you will come across
another set of switch-activated Guardians.  Now, before heading up the steps,
take the little piece of land near the water and head into the long runway.
There are four Slimes here.  After you have thoroughly kicked their asses,
go back, up the steps, and run down the ramp, you'll access a new section.

There is a doorway here.  Ignore it for right now.  If you head down, you
will encounter four Floating Heads and a single Slime.  To avoid getting
swarmed by the Floating Heads, activate only one at a time, then retreat back
up the stairs.  This way, the Floating Head will chase you, and you get to
fight each one at a time.  When you kill all four Floating Heads and the
Slime, you will receive a boost in HP.  There is a exit in the south as well.

Choose to go to the north door first.  Here, you will first encounter two
Mudmen to the left.  Go all the way to the left and down to find a pair of
Caterpillar.  Kill them off then circle back to the door.  From here, head
down, past the Dark Space, and up the steps.  Kill of the four Blue
Caterpillar.  The last will grant you a strength increase.  Head all the way
down to grab a Red Jewel.  Now go back toward the Dark Space (the skeleton
will give you a clue if you want) and transform back to Will.  Now head back
through the door.

Here, go all the way to the south and through the exit.  You will emerge in a
room with _many_ gold plates.  Play the Wind Melody and a single plate will
begin to glow.  Stand on this plate for about 10 seconds, and a passage way
will open up.  If you want, you do not even need to play the song.  So long
as you stand on the plate for the right amount of time, the doorway will open
up.  The correct plate is marked with an X:
  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
 |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|  In this new area, head down the first ladder.
 |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|  Use the Inca Statue A on the quite obvious slot.
 |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|  Head back up the ladder and go to the left.  Go
 |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|  Down this next ladder and insert Inca Statue B
 |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|  into its slot.  Now go back up the ladder and
 |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|X|_|_|_|  enter the Dark Space.  Save your game, and
 |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|  change back into Freedan.

You are about to face your first boss.  When you are ready, step on the gray
square in the middle of the three poles.  You will be swept to a new section.
The ladder is useless, as it just takes you back to where you came from.
Enter the door and face...


 BOSS FIGHT:  Castoth [40 HP]

 The room is quite confined, making mobility somewhat limited.  Castoth has
 four different attacks.  The most common has a line of fire going down each
 lane of walking space.  If you stay on the lane nearest the entrance wall,
 then you won't ever get hit.

 The second attack has a lightning and fire hybrid attack bouncing off every
 wall in the room.  This is easy enough to avoid as you can see it coming a
 mile away.  The good thing is that Castoth cannot have more than one of
 these at any given time.

 The third attack is simply a claw swipe from either of the hands.  Again,
 if you stay along the wall, you are golden.

 The final attack is a series of laser blasts coming from Castoth's head.
 If you stand in one of the bottom corners, this attack cannot reach you.
 You'll know when he will use this attack, because it is telegraphed by him
 suddenly shaking violently.

 The first order of business is to eliminate the hands.  Each takes five
 swings of Freedan's sword (10 shots if you are using Will for some reason).
 At the start of battle, position Freedan to the left side, and just keep
 swinging.  Before Castoth can even do anything, you should elimiate that
 hand.  Now move over to the other hand and take it out.

 At this point, dodge around for awhile, as you still can't hurt Castoth
 just yet.  Once he widens his eyes, though, it is fair game.  Continue to
 smack him with your sword.  You can reach him from the wall with Freedan's
 sword, so do not worry about the fire-lines.  The only reason to pause is
 when you are forced to dodge the pong-wannabe attack.

 Cut your offense short when you see him shaking and getting ready to use
 the lasers.  Once he starts firing, you can no longer attack him.  At the
 end of the laser barrage, the hands come back.  Rinse and repeat to win.
 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Once you put him out of his misery, Freedan will revert back to Will and a
door will appear along the northern wall.  Go through the door and enter a
cooridor.  At the end is a hole in which you are to jump down into.  Once you
land, you are on top of the Incan Gold Ship.

[ Incan Gold Ship ] ---------------------------------------------------------

   ITEMS:  Red Jewel

Head to the right.  If you wish to speak to the people, they inform you you
are their (slightly shortened) King.  Of course, this is of little use to you
so instead, go down the stairs on the right.  If you want, you can head all
the way to the right, and have your Queen mistake you for her husband
(and although she thinks you're the King, she will still follow the RPG
mandate of explaining things to you that you _should_ already know, if you
were the King.  No big loss.  Head downstairs via the door on the left side
(near the entrance).  At the far end of this room is a treasure chest.  Open
it for the Mystic Statue.

Head back out to the deck.  The child has now stepped aside and you can climb
up a long ladder.  Speak with the man in the crow's nest, and the ship starts
moving.  All that climbing has got to be tiring so head back into the cabin
and go to sleep on your wooden bunk bed (fit for a king!).  You will lapse
into a dream sequence.

Head downstairs and start up a dialogue with Will's mother Shira.  When given
a choice, it makes little difference what you say, except a very slight
difference in response.  When you awake (or are rather awaken), the Incan
ship is decrepit, and the people are long dead.  Lilly, Kara, Lance, Erik and
Seth are all onboard.  Head out to the deck and speak with Seth, who gives
you a Red Jewel.  Now head back into the cabin and all the way to the right
to find Kara, and the skeleton of the Queen.  Examine her skeleton, which
will prompt the next sequence of events.  Head all the way out to the deck.
Eventually, Will will end up on a small raft with Kara.

[ Raft Sequence ] -----------------------------------------------------------

   ITEMS:  none

When you wake, talk to Kara.  She will ask if you're alright.  It doesn't
really matter which you choose.  If you say you're fine, she'll tell you that
you recover quickly.  If you say you're a bit unsteady, then she will tell
you that you've been unconscious for half a day.  Talk to her again.  Now
enter the menu screen, and use the Meat.

The next day, talk to Kara.  After that, smack one of the fish with your
flute and get scolded by Kara.  Then just wait.  For a long time.  You'll
eventually enter the fourth day...

Talk with Kara twice, and this will prompt a jar to float to your raft.
Examine it to find out the plight of someone named Sam.  Speak with Kara
twice more to end the day.

You'll notice that you have close to no health left.  Stand to the left of
the flag and just hit the attack button until you are at full health.  Once
you've done that, speak with Kara.  After she moves into place, stand on the
right side of the flag and hit a fish.  It will flop onto the raft and Kara
eventually eats it.

On Day 12, you really have nothing to do.  Just follow along with the story
sequence until you reach the next day.  The same can be said about Day 18...
just follow the story until the event ends.  The sharks can't and won't
attack you.  On the final day, talk to Kara.  Eventually Will will fall
unconscious (and still manage to narrate for you!).  The sequence will end,
and you will be woken up on land.

[ Oakton ] ------------------------------------------------------------------

   ITEMS:  Red Jewel

Once you're up and about, speak with Kara.  Now exit the little house and
search the pot to the right for a Red Jewel.  Speak with Kara again, and the
pair head off to Freejia.

[ Freejia ] -----------------------------------------------------------------

   ITEMS:  Red Jewel (x3), Herb
   EXTRA:  HP Jewel (boost HP), Strength increase from Gem

A man will approach the couple and suckers Kara into staying at the hotel.
Follow them into the hotel and find Lilly.  Head upstairs and to the room at
the far end.  Grab a Red Jewel from the pot.

Now head outside.  Go to the rightmost area of town.  Stand one space to the
left of the door and head straight down.  You will jump into the grass.
Follow the path into a hidden area.  Speak with the druid-like dude and he
will slip you a Red jewel.

Go back to the street, and head up the alley to the left of town.  Examine
the overturned garbage can to get an HP Jewel which will boost your HP.
Examine the standing garbage can for an Herb.

Ignore the druid-like people for now.  The house to their right has a Dark
Space gateway.  Further to the right of the backstreets, and man will block
your path.  Enter the large building nearest him and go up to the roof.
There are two ledges here you can jump off of.  Choose the rightside one and
emerge behind Mr. Genius-Watchman.  If you head into the room in the
northeast, you get some information on Erik's whereabouts.

Go back outside and go down.  Head up the ladder.  Jump off the building onto
the roof of another.  Enter the house to find the missing laborer behind a
plant.  Exit the house and go back to the two druid-like people in the back
alleys.  Turn the laborer in and get a Red Jewel.

Now, head into the house closest to the city entrance, and go up to the roof.
Cross to the right and meet up with Gem the Jeweler.  Hand over your gems, if
you haven't already sent them to him.  You should have fourteen, more than
enough to grant a boost in strength.

Head to the back alley home where a druid-like guy keeps slamming the door
shut.  Examine the door and you will hear Erik.  Hit the door with your flute
to bust it open and charge in.  Speak with Erik to learn about the Diamond
Mine.  Exit town when you are ready.

[ Diamond Mine ] ------------------------------------------------------------

   ITEMS:  Herb, Red Jewel (x3), Elevator Key, Mine Key A, Mine Key B, Memory
MONSTERS:  Lizard (27), Land Worm (20), Floating Eye (23), Purple Land
           Worm (6)

At the start you can see a Lizard monster.  Take him out.  Up further ahead
is a Land Worm.  Two hits should kill it.  It can fire a projectile, but the
telekinesis will block it.  Further ahead lies two more Lizards and another
Land Worm.  Head all the way north and turn to the left.  Encounter another
Land Worm.  Finally, there's one more Lizard ahead.  Upon killing it, you
will get an increase in HP.  Head through the door in the corner.

Go to the right, and destroy a Lizard.  There's an elevator here, but it is
of little use to you right now.  Up ahead is... another Lizard!  Further left
is yet another one of the Lizards.  Defeat it and speak with the prisoner.
Then take your flute and crush the ball and chain with a single attack (Will
has been working out).  Now go further north.

You will find another enemy and for once, it isn't another Lizard.  It is a
Floating Eye who can fire a laser beam.  Do not try and block it with your
telekinesis, or you will be hit.  Avoid the laser instead.  Go left and up to
find another Lizard.  Head right and down and kill one more Lizard.  The
Floating Eyes can still attack you through the enclosure, so be wary.  To the
right side of the enclosure is a Land Worm.  Take him out and a blue energy
will release the Floating Eyes.  Kill them as well.

Go to the right and around to the southwest to kill off two more Floating
Eyes.  There's one more further south, but ignore it for now.  Enter the
eastern enclosure and dispatch three Land Worms and one Lizard.  Now go free
the prisoner and he'll give you a very good bit of advice.  Head south and
take out two Floating Eyes and a Land Worm.  Go right and up to find a
treasure chest for an Herb.

Now go down and to the left.  Fight off the Lizard and a Land Worm.  Go up to
find another Land Worm.  Head up the ramp for another Lizard and another Land
Worm (wouldn't you think they'd try a little variety for this dungeon?).  Hit
the switch.  Go to the left and down.  Stand infront of the different colored
rock to safely take out the Land Worm.  Upon doing so you're given a strength
increase.  Hit this switch.  Also hit the switch in the north and west.  The
middle section is now opened up.  Go into this passage.

Head to the right and kill the Lizard.  Go down the bridge and to the left
for another Lizard battle.  Charge a Psycho Dash, and head down, then to the
right and find a Floating Eye.  Use the Psycho Dash to kill it quickly.  Go
up and to the left and down the stairs.  Ignore the passageway and go to the
left.  Kill off the Land Worm.  Then go up and kill off another Lizard.
Before going to the right, there is a section in this wall that will cause
Will's hair to blow.  It is in the upper right corner.  When you find it, use
the Psycho Dash on it to reveal a prisoner.  In return, he will send three
Red Jewels for you to Gem.  Now, go all the way to the right and kill off one
more Land Worm.  In doing so, a blue energy frees a Dark Space gatewaay and
gives you a defense boost.

Enter Dark Space and change into Freedan.  Exit and go all the way around and
enter the passageway.  Go down and to the left to enter a wooden enclosure
area.  There are two Lizards, three Floating Eyes and one Land Worm in this
area.  When you're through with this little gauntlet, head to the right and
up the steps.  Then run across the two ramps.

Go up and take out a Land Worm.  Go down either the ramp or the stairs, it
does not matter.  In this area, kill off two Land Worms and a Lizard.  Go all
the way to the right and enter the doorway.  In here, there are four Floating
Eyes that are activated when you get close.  By killing the one in the upper
left, a blue energy will open up the path further.  Go ahead and face off
against two more Floating Eyes and two Lizards.  The top right Lizard's
death prompts another blue energy to open the passage further.  In this next
section, there are two Land Worms and a Floating Eye.  Killing all will net
you a HP up.  The Floating Eye's death causes a third blue energy to further
the path.

Head all the way north and enter the Dark Space gateway.  Change back into
Will.  Now in this dead end there is one area along the north wall that
recedes in the most.  If you stand in front of it, you'll notice that wind is
blowing Will's hair (or Freedan's).  Use the Psycho Dash to break through the
wall and enter.

In this area, there seems to be nothing save for another Dark Space gateway.
Go through it, and gain the Dark Friar ability for Freedon.  Backtrack all
the way to the area with two ramps, but a wooden section divider.  Go up the
stairs and use Dark Friar to blast the Land Worm on the far end.  You will
get a defense boost and a blue energy removes the obstruction.

Now run across the two ramps and enter the newly accessible door.  In here is
another laborer.  Cut his chain and he gives you the Elevator Key.  You have
to now backtrack all the way back to use it.  There is a shortcut though.
After backtracking through two very large rooms, you arrive at the area where
you had to hit four switches.  Go to the western strip and you can jump down.

Use the Elevator Key on the gate and head down the passageway.  Head down and
to the left to step on an undersized piece of wood.  After awhile it takes
you to the other end.  Go down south.  You emerge in an area with three
holes, one of which is fenced off.

Head to the leftmost one.  In here are six Purple Land Worms.  Kill them all
to get a boost to strength.  There is Mine Key A in the southeast corner (it
will shine).  Head out of this room and use the key on the gate.  You need
one more.  Enter the right hole.

Navigate the wooden enclosure (quite simple, very linear).  There are five
Lizards, and four Floating Eyes here.  Since the area is so camped, just
power up Dark Friar and let it rip through the enemy ranks.  At the very end,
rescue the laborer to get the Mine Key B.  Head back and use it on the gate
to open it.  Enter.

Head all the way south and free all of the laborers.  Sam will teach you the
Memory Melody.  He also takes away two useless items so it doesn't clutter
your inventory.  Now leave the mines and return to Freejia.

[ Freejia ] -----------------------------------------------------------------

   ITEMS:  none

Go into the hotel and to the room with all of Will's buddies.  Use the Memory
Melody here.  After a sequence of not-so-interesting dialogue, speak with
Erik.  On his suggestion, the group goes to visit the inventer Neil, who
happens to be Will's long lost cousin.

[ Neil's Cottage ] ----------------------------------------------------------

   ITEMS:  none

After the not-so-subtle exchange of greetings, Neil will tell Will to check
out his four inventions.  The camera is on the right, the telescope is to
Neil's immediately left.  The airplane wing and oxygen tank are on the
opposite side of Neil.  After checking all four out, speak to Neil again.
You will prompted to head to the Nazca Painting.  Since you can't do anything
in Neil's Cottage, say yes.

[ Nazca Painting ] ----------------------------------------------------------

   ITEMS:  none

Everyone will split up to check out the ground painting of the Condor.  Speak
to everyone.  Remember to follow Kara and speak with her a second time.  Now,
head to the southwest corner and find a spirit.  Chase him until it says "Ku
Ku Ku" and leaves.  Now go to the north and find your entourage altogether.

Speak with Neil, and the party will figure out what the stones are for.  You
will then be asked where the red star recently appeared in relation to the
Cygnus constellation.  The correct answer is the Condor's Left Foot.  If you
choose anything else, Will will just say "I would think it would be at the
bottom" and you get asked again.  Follow the group to the joint of the left
foot.  Examine the area they are surrounding and you'll be teleported away.

[ Sky Garden ] --------------------------------------------------------------

   ITEMS:  Red Jewel (x2), Herb (x2), Crystal Ball (x4)
MONSTERS:  Ball Worm (34), Blue Sentry (25), Jumping Ball Worm (27), Red
           Sentry (21), Viper (boss)

You will arrive on a platform in the air.  There are several Moon Tribe
spirits that will give you background information if you speak with them.
There are four pathways from this first area: in the east (closest to you at
the moment), the southeast, the southwest, and the west.  A Dark Space
gateway is on the opposite side of Will's starting location, but you cannot
do anything in there but save.  Go to the east path.

Head down from here and encounter two strange Ball Worm creatures that need
to be killed.  Continue south -- be sure to avoid the lasers fired off by
inaccessible enemies at the moment -- and you will find two more Ball Worms
after rounding a U-shaped cooridor.

As you continue north you will find two of the Blue Sentry monsters that fire
lasers.  If you stand just to the left or right instead of directly infront
of them, you won't be hit by the lasers.  Once you attack it once, it will
start to move and advance on Will.  At this point, they will only fire off
both their hands as projectiles.  If Will stands directly infront of them at
this point, the hands will pass right by him.  The laser cannot be blocked by
telekinesis, though the hands can be.  Finish off both and head further
north.  Charge a Psycho Dash while you are at it.

Up ahead are two more Blue Sentries.  Psycho Dash one and kill it quickly,
then dispatch the other.  Head up the stairs and across the raised platform.
There are two Ball Worms here.  After defeating them, head down the steps on
the other side.  This area has four Ball Worms and two Blue Sentires.  Make
sure you grab the Red Jewel in the northeast raised platform.  The exit is in
the south (a dropoff point).

This dropoff point will lead you to the Back Sky Garden area.  It is simpler
to just show you the map rather than describe it:

    ###########   ######################                        LEGEND
    #         #   #    #               #        ############
    #         #   #    #            W  #        #          #    # Border
    #         #   #    ########## ######        #          #    - Pathway
    #         #   #         R    R     #        #          #    x Statue
  #################    #### ########## #####    #          #    _ Leads
  #                    #             #     #    #          #      back to
  #                    #         W   #     #----# ######## #      the Sky
  #                    ###############            #      # ###    Garden
  #                    #                         ##      # ###
  #                    #                   #----#        # ###  R Red Sentry
  #                    #                   #    # #      # ###  W Jumping
  #                    #                   #    # #      # #      Ball Worm
  #                    #####################    # #      # #
  #                    #                        # #        #    (Map is drawn
  #      W             #                        # ######   #     to correct
  #                    #                        #      #   #     scale)
  #      xx    xx      #                        #####  #####
  #      xx    xx      #                            #  #
  #    R xx    xx R    #                            #  #
  #                    #                            #  #
  #                    #     ###########            #  #
  #      xx    xx      #     #         #            #  #
  #      xx    xx      #     #         #            #  #
  #      xx    xx      #-----#  #####  #            #  #
  #                             #   #  #            #  #
  #                           W #   #  #   ##########  ####
  #                    #-----#  #   #  #   #      #       #
  #                    #     #  #   #  #---#      #       #
  #                    #     #  #   #      #      #       #
  #                    #     #  #   #             #   R   #
  ##########__##########     #  #####  #---#      #       #
     (starting point)        #         #   #      #       #
                             #         #   #              #
                             ####   ####   ################
                                #   #
                                #   #
                                #   #
                                #   #
                                #   #
############################    #   #            ##########
#         W                #----## ##------------#        #
#                                 R                       #
#      ##############                                     #
#      #            #      #----## ##------------#        #
#      #            #      #    #   #            #        #
#      #            #      #    #   #            #        #
#      #            #      #    #   #            #        #
#      #####################    #   ###########  #        #
#            W             #    #       W     #  #        #
#                          #    #             #  #        #
#######################__###    ###############  ##__######
               (to Crystal Ball)         (to Herb and Blue Sentry)

There are two types of enemies in this area of the Back Sky Garden: the Red
Sentry and the Jumping Ball Worm.  The former is quite similar to the Blue
Sentry, though the AI is no more intelligent (the Red Sentry will often face
the wrong direction and fire off its hands all the same).  The latter can now
jump (though that should be readily obvious).  The big difference is that now
when it blows up, the falling sections, and their explosions can damage Will.
Be wary of this, less you take too many hits.

There are a total of thirteen enemies in this large area.  Six of them are
Jumping Ball Worms, and the other seven are Red Sentries.  Additionally,
there are several richocheting fireballs (most of them secluded to the
eastern region) that cannot be removed, though they can damage Will.

Run around and defeat all thirteen enemies.  This will be granted a boost in
defense.  Once you've accomplish this, take the southeast dropoff and you
will emerge back on the correct sided Sky Garden, in an area with a treasure
chest containing an Herb and a Blue Sentry.

Now jump back down into the Back Sky Garden and head toward the southwest
dropoff point.  Defeat the Ball Worm here and you will receive a boost in HP.
Walk up to the guard statue and it will activate.  The sword will spin out
and attempt to impale Will.  It can only go in the four cardinal directions,
and the four diagonals, so choose your blind spot of choice and dodge.  Hit
it three times and it will be destroyed.  Now, use the telekinesis and move
the statue aside.  The chest contains one of four items you need, the Crystal

Now head back into the first area and insert the Crystal Ball into one of the
holes in the floor.  Once you've done that, head to the southeast pathway.

Head south, defeating the Ball Worm along the way.  Further down, you need to
circle around and take out a Blue Sentry.  When you do that, climb down the
short ladder, across, and up the next one.  Two more Blue Sentries are around
and need to be eliminated.  A well-placed double-hit Psycho Dash will kill
one by itself.

Head south and you come across a ramp and a guard statue.  There's no point
to face off with this one, as you can access and use the ramp without moving
him.  So jump across the chasm and head north.  You'll come across another
Ball Worm and a guard statue (this one is activated upon being hit, not
proximity).  Defeat both.  Now move the guard statue and reveal a hidden
room.  Inside is a Dark Space gateway, which you need to use to transform
into Freedan.

As Freedan, exit the Dark Space, and the hidden room.  Head to the right and
up to find two Ball Worms and a Blue Sentry.  Eliminate all three.  Now jump
down the dropoff and emerge back onto Back Sky Garden.

Head to the right and take out a Jumping Ball Worm.  Further to the right are
two more.  Once you have killed them, charge up Dark Friar to kill the Red
Sentry that is otherwise inaccessible.  If you shoot from the top, you'll hit
twice, as opposed to hitting once from the side.  Then jump off the dropoff
to the right.

Go to the right and kill off four Ball Worms.  Use the Dark Friar to take out
the Blue Sentry.  This will grant you a boost in strength and a blue energy
will open up the path to the south.  Go that way and jump off into the Back
Sky Garden again.

Go to the left and kill off three Jumping Ball Worms.  Go to the right and
face off against three Red Sentries and a Jumping Ball Worm.  Head north and
there is one more Red Sentry here.  Defeating it will net an HP boost and
the blue energy will open the blockade.  Grab the chest to get a second
Crystal Ball.  Backtrack to the starting area of the dungeon and insert the
second Crystal Ball into a slot.  Now go to the southwest path.

Head south and defeat the Ball Worm.  To the left are two more Ball Worms and
a Blue Sentry.  The death of the sentry will prompt a blue energy to break
open the new path.  Go north and kill off two Ball Worms.  Jump off to the
Back Sky Garden.

Immediately, go to the left and open the chest for a Red Jewel.  Now go back
to the right and hit the switch.  Jump back to the regular Sky Garden.

Go to the left and take out the first of three Blue Sentries.  The lowest one
will cause a blue energy to free the other two once you kill it.  Now head
south and kill off the Ball Worm (its death will cause a blue energy to make
a shortcut).  Go to the left and kill three Blue Sentries.  Once they are
gone, you receive a defense boost.  Head north and jump to the Back Sky
Garden when you see the opening.

Use Dark Friar to hit the switch from outside the enclosure of suppressed
pillars.  Now jump back to the regular Sky Garden.  You can now enter the
Dark Space gateway, but I find it easier to just stay as Freedan.  Head all
the way to the south and all the way to the right until you run down a ramp.
If you are playing as Will, you can Psycho Dash to break them apart.  If you
are Freedan, then use telekinesis to bring the bottom statue closer to the
left.  Now circle back and run down the ramp again.  Jump down into Dark

Head to the right and up.  Defeat the Red Sentry, which causes a blue energy
to open the path further.  Head to the right and destroy two Jumping Ball
Worms.  Head south and kill off the Red Sentry.  If you'll notice, it is
standing on some type of switch.  Run to the right and kill the guard statue
sword.  Now, use your telekinesis to drag the statue to the left and cover
the switch with it.

Charge up a Dark Friar.  Run to the right then up.  Here, there are three Red
Sentries left.  Nuke them with your Dark Friar and regular sword attacks.
When all three are dead, you receive a strength boost.  Now, head left, left,
down, left and jump back to the regular Sky Garden.

As Will, simply Psycho Dash the two statues.  As Freedan, stand just infront
of the ramp, and drag the two statues with telekinesis.  Now stand in the
bottom-left side of the area, and drag the two statues down with the
telekinesis.  You have now cleared the path with either character.  Climb up
the stairs, and run down the ramp.

You will make it all the way across the area, and up two ramps to the chest.
It contains the third Crystal Ball.  Now, return all the way to the original
area, and insert this Crystal Ball into another slot.  Three down, one to go.
Take the western path.

Head south and defeat the Blue Sentry.  Head up the stairs, and run down the
ramp.  Hold up on the control pad, so that you make it across the chasm.
Defeat the two Blue Sentries as you head to the left.  Take out the Ball Worm
in the general vicinity, and use Dark Friar to eliminate the Blue Sentry on
the other side of the barrier.  Head north to an area with a ramp and a Ball
Worm.  Jump down to the Back Sky Garden.

Here, defeat the two Jumping Ball Worms.  You can't do much else, so jump
back to the other side.

Now, climb up the stairs and run down the ramp.  As soon as you are crossing
the first ramp, hold back so that you stop before jumping the second ramp.
Otherwise, you'd end up back at the beginning, and have to circle around
again.  Head down and kill the two Ball Worms.  Jump down the dropoff at the

Run to the right and kill three Jumping Ball Worms.  Head up, and take the
first left that you can.  Kill the Jumping Ball Worm along the way.  Head
further left and kill two more Jumping Ball Worms.  Then go north and take
out the last one in this area.  There's a Dark Space here, if you need to
save.  Backtrack by going down, to the left, and circle around to the right,
all the way across and back down (if you go up from here, you'll just reach
the area where you cleared two worms earlier).

From here, head to the bottom left and take out a Jumping Ball Worm and Red
Sentry.  Go fruther left, then down and to the right.  There is one Red
Sentry and two Jumping Ball Worms here.  Take them out.  Now charge Dark
Friar and go to the left, up and back all the way to the right.  Release
Dark Friar on the guard statue to get the sword to attack.  Be careful,
because the sword has a new attack pattern.  Don't try to run from it, cause
it moves more fluidly.  Instead, just attack it head on.

Once you kill the sword, pull the statue up one square, then to the left to
cover the switch by using the telekinesis.  This removes the creature statue
so you can progress further.  In this new section, take out two Red Sentries,
and once you have them out of the picture, you receive a boost in defense.
Jump off the hole to the Back Sky Garden.

Ignore the ramp for now.  In the northeast direction is a single Ball Worm.
In the northwest is a Ball Worm, a Blue Sentry and a guard statue.  Run down
the large ramp now, and hold up.  When you jump across the chasm, open the
chest for another Herb.  Drop down the platform and kill the Blue Sentry.
Go up and kill three Ball Worms.  Upon their defeat, you get an increase in
HP.  From here, jump to the Back Sky Garden.

Head to the right, then down.  Drop off back to the Sky Garden area again.

Mount the ramp, and run down.  This time, hold down on the control pad to
take the other ramp over the chasm.  Defeat the guard statue sword here.  Use
the telekinesis to move the statue, then open the chest for the final Crystal

Now you have to backtrack.  Drop down, head up and to the left and into the
Back Sky Garden again.  Run to the right, up and further to the right.  Now
head all the way to the north.  Drop down a platform and back to the regular
Sky Garden.  Go up the ramp, and all the way across and exit.  Use the
Crystal Ball on the last slot to open the north passage way.  Save (and
switch to Freedan if you aren't him already) because you are about to face a
boss.  Run to the north across the collapsing bridge (you can't actually fall
off, so don't worry) and face off against Viper.


 BOSS FIGHT:  Viper [40 HP]

 This is a fairly simple fight.  Viper only has three attacks, none of which
 are particularly dangerous.  It will swoop around the area, then go into
 one of its attacks.  If you ever stand directly infront of Viper, its wings
 will push you back (though you do not actually take any damage from this).

 Viper's first attack launches a slow moving, spinning feather at you.  This
 is simple to dodge, because you can just out-walk it.  Once it gets far
 enough, it will split up and fire off four smaller feathers.  These don't
 go very far, and again, you can out-walk them.

 The second attack has Viper shoot off a stream of crystals in a straight
 line.  It can only fire straight down, to the down-right, or in the
 down-left directions.  If you stand to the direct right or left of Viper,
 you cannot be hit.  Additionally, since this attack locks Viper down so
 that it cannot move, this is the ideal time to hit it as much as you can.

 The final attack has Viper firing a volley of six feathers, going in one
 direction.  So long as you aren't directly infront of Viper and you are
 standing in the middle of the platform, vertically-wise, the attack will

 After the third attack, Viper will go back into the same routine of its
 three attacks.  It will continue until one of you is dead.  Tag him with
 your sword between its attacks, and especially during the second attack.
 Freedan does 2 HP per hit (20 hits to kill), and Will does 1 HP per hit (40
 hits to kill).
 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Upon defeating Viper, Freedan will transform back into Will.  Jump off the
falling platform by the broken square where you entered from.  After a few
scenes, you will be standing in another dungeon.

[ Seaside Palace ] ----------------------------------------------------------

   ITEMS:  Red Jewel (x3), Purify Stone, Palace Key
MONSTERS:  Blob, Sludge

The first thing you should note is that there are only two types of monsters
in this area that you can actually fight.  There are both very easy, and not
at all dangerous.  The problem is that you get no power-ups here, so there is
no reward for fighting them.  Just clear them when they are in the way.
Otherwise, don't bother, as they reoccur anyway.

From your starting point, head to the right.  Ignore the skeleton.  It can't
hurt you (even if you make it a point to run into it), and attacking it will
only cause it to go into a blinking state of invunerability.  Basically, you
cannot actually do anything to it, and it can't actually do anything to you.
Just a decoration, I suppose.

You'll first find a Dark Space Gateway.  Ignore it for now, unless you want
to save, or heal.  Otherwise, ignore the staircase as well (the doorway), and
enter the far right side room.  Here you will meet an apparition-like Kara
who offers you nothing.  The chest contains a Red Jewel.  Now leave the room,
and take the staircase down.

Head all the way to the left -- again, ignoring the Skeletons as they do
nothing -- and you will find two staircases.  Choose the left one (leads up).
From here, you can go to the left to enter a room with an apparition-like
Erik.  Since that room is useless, go instead to the right and grab another
Red Jewel from the chest.  Head back downstairs.

Now take the other set of stairs next to you (leads down).  Run to the right
and pass up two staircases.  Go into the far right room instead.  Here you
will find Lilly, who will go along with Will.  Exit the room.  Now take the
first staircase you encounter (i.e. the staircase immediately in sight) and
you will go down.  Head to the left and take the only other staircase there.
You will head down to another cooridor.  Again, head to the left and take the
only other staircase available.

Go to the right, and encounter enemies for the first time (Blobs).  At the
end of the hall are two staircases.  Take the right one to go upstairs.  Here
are three caskets, two shut and one open.  Examine the one furthest to the
left, and Lilly will open it.  You then gain the Purify Stone.

Head back downstairs, then take the stairs immediately next to Will leading
down.  Head to the left, ignoring the Sludges if possible.  Pass the first
staircase you find and take the one in the far left end.  In here, you will
find a chest containing the third and last Red Jewel found in Seaside Palace.

Head back downstairs and head to the right.  Take the first staircase you see
(the one you passed up earlier which is the middle staircase in the room).
From here, if you go left, you will encounter the ghost versions of Lance and
Neil.  There is no point to do so.  Instead, go to the right and take the
stairs at the very end.  You'll arrive in a room with a grotesque pool.
Stand infront of it and use the Purify Stone.  Once that is done, leave the

The first thing you'll notice is that you can no longer attack.  This is
because there are no more enemies.  Instead, there are humans who were
apparently turned into monsters.  None of them provide any useful information
so they can be ignored if you so please.  In addition, the apparition
versions of your friends are no longer anywhere to be found.

Run to the left and take the first staircase leading up.  Go to the right,
and take the staircase at the end.  From here, run left, up the large set of
steps, and into the doorway at the far end.  Run to the right and take the
stairs up at the end.  Again, head right and upstairs.  Head left and take
the first staircase down.  In this room, speak with the man, and you will be
given the Palace Key.  Exit the room the same way you entered.

Head further left and take the stairs up.  Head to the right and take the
staircase at the far right side.  You will emerge back at the top floor.  Use
Dark Space, if you need to then head all the way to the left.  Use the Palace
Key on the door.  Enter and cross the connecting cooridor to Mu.

[ Mu ] ----------------------------------------------------------------------

   ITEMS:  Statue of Hope (x2), Red Jewel, Rama Statue (x2)
MONSTERS:  Blob (50), Rock Warrior (25), Ghost (15), Sludge (14),
           Vampire (Boss x2)

This is your third successive dungeon.  It also happens to be, up to this
point, the most difficult and annoying.  For the earlier parts of this
dungeon, you are likely going to want to abuse the Jump Attack.  It kills
Blobs in one shot, defeats Ghosts in half the time, and makes life so much
easier against the Rock Warriors so much easier.  Later, after you have the
Psycho Slide, you will instead be abusing this.

Head to the right and kill three Blobs.  Head south and take care of the Rock
Warrior with Jump Attacks.  Be sure not to be too aggressive, or you are
going to eat a rock and lose HP.  Your telekinesis blocks its attacks, so
take care to use it.  If a Rock Warrior starts glowing red, and has steam
pour out of its head, block, because it will launch a circle of rocks in
every direction.

Head further south, and kill two Blobs in the way.  Walk to the bottom of the
screen and eliminate the Blob here.  Circle to the left and around to take
care of one more Rock Warrior.  Killing it will prompt a blue energy to break
open the passage so you can venture further.

Go to the right and face off with three more Blob.  Up ahead are two more
Rock Warriors.  Stand in the middle of the pathway, and you can attack both
at once, and avoid the majority of their attacks.  At the end of the road,
exit to the right.

Walk a little to the right, and you will encounter a Ghost monster.  Their
projectile does not follow a linear path, so take note of it, and do not be
fooled.  It can be blocked by telekinesis, so use this to your advantage.
Ghosts will teleport around and fire off shots.  Once they appear, hit it,
and this will interrupt their attack, and force them to teleport away.  Rinse
and repeat.  If you time a Jump Attack correctly, you can get both hits in,
making encounters shorter.  Additionally, if you use the standard hit, and
you are fast enough, you can connect twice before they phase out.

To the southeast is a Rock Warrior guarding a treasure chest.  Take it out,
but don't even bother with the chest (it is empty).  Run up and right to find
three Blobs and one more Ghost.  In addition, there is an energy ring here.
It isn't an enemy, cannot be damaged, and cannot damage you.  The point of it
is to cause you to run really fast if you bounce against it.  Not of any use
now, but you will use them later.  You can move them by hitting them or the
telekinesis.  Charge a Psycho Dash.

Head to the right and south.  Here are two Rock Warriors.  Move close to them
to activate, and stand in the dead center of the pathway.  Wait for them to
fully stand, and unleash a Psycho Dash.  Then repeated smack them with the
flute to finish them off (their attacks should miss if you stand in the
center of the path).

Use the telekinesis to pull the energy ring out of the way.  Then advance
south and kill the Blob.  There are also five Sludges in the area.  Be wary
not to be too aggressive.  Their movements are awkward, and if you're not
careful, they can get a few hits in.  Wait for them to start moving before
committing to an attack, less you swing in the entire wrong direction.

As you defeat them, blue energies will open up the path further for you.  Go
down then left.  There are two Rock Warriors here, but it is simple, because
they are separated.  Further left is a Blob, then the exit to this screen,
which you should take.

Go down and to the right to find a set of spikes that continuously retract
and reappear.  Wait for it to retract, then run across.  Hug the bottom of
the path, so you avoid the Blob until you are past it.  Then come back around
and take it out.  Head to the right.  There is a "Room of hope" here (the
temple), but ignore it for right now.  Further right is a Ghost that you
should quickly dispatch.

Face south and pull the energy ring up and away.  Then go south.  At the
fork, continue south.  There are two Rock Warriors.  Stand behind the barrier
of obstacles and hit from there.  If you stand a little lower than each Rock
Warrior, their attacks will completely miss.  Now head to the left and take
out five Blobs.

At this next fork, go up and take out a Rock Warrior and a Ghost.  Because of
the cramped confines of this little strip of land, make sure you make good
use of the telekinesis to negate the attacks of the two enemies.  Head up
some more, to the right, then up again.  Kill the five Sludges here.  Go back
south, then left and exit.  Ignore the chest you pass on the way, because
this one is also empty.

Here is a dead end, with no enemies.  There are two statues here.  Follow
their gazes and stand on the intersection of them.  Attack, and you will find
a Statue of Hope.  Now exit via the right, and head past the chest.  Lilly
will make some annoyingly obvious commentary as you go by.  Head all the way
to the right then all the way up.  Hit the energy ring out of the way.  Head
to the left and into the Room of hope.

Place the Statue of Hope on the alter and get a cryptic message.  This causes
the water level to lower so you can access new areas.  Exit the room.  Go to
the right, then down and into the new area via the runway.  Kill the four
Blobs in this area.  Now head back up the runway, go right, up, then left all
the way past the Room of hope and the set of spikes and exit the screen.

Run to the right and north.  A Ghost will ambush you along the way, so repay
him.  Run down the runway and take a left and down.  Take care of the Rock
Warrior in the way.  Go to the left (avoiding the spikes, of course) and
enter into Dark Space and transform into Freedan.  Now leave Dark Space and
head up a bit to kill of three Blobs.

Now run back to the runway and go directly south, then left and further south
to the exit of this screen.  In the next section, head down, then right.
Take out the Rock Warrior and the Blob impeding your path.  Take the south
passage on the conjuction and kill the next Blob.  Now, charge and fire Dark
Friar at the Rock Warrior at the top of the ramp.  It should take three.  Now
run into the energy ring, and Freedan will rebound up the ramp.  Run to the
other side of the raised platform and down the steps.

You'll likely be ambushed by a Ghost, so take it out.  Run to the left and
exit.  In this area, you will find five Blobs when you go left.  Four of them
are trapped by enclosures.  One is free.  By defeating the free one, a blue
energy will release the other four.  Instead, take out the trapped four,
then kill the free one.  From here, go southwest to a new area.

Go down, then navigate through the obstacles.  Kill off the Blob monster.
Now, stand to the right of the switch and hit it.  Run up, then around past
the spikes quickly, or the spikes will appear.  Exit to the right.

Charge up Dark Friar.  Head right, up, right, and down.  Along the way,
expect a Ghost to attack.  Hit it with a Dark Friar and if you get two hits,
it will be over.  Otherwise, you're going to have to do it the old fashioned
way.  Follow the linear path to the exit at the southwest.

Head to the left and take out two Blobs.  Navigate through the obstacles,
and kill two more Blobs.  Make sure to only run across when the energy orbish
things retract.  If you have enough HP, don't worry too much about getting
hit as you're about to enter Dark Space.  After you clear the obstacles, run
north for an excessively long time.  To your right is a Dark Space gateway
which you should enter.  Here, you will be granted Will's Psycho Slider.

Exit Dark Space and backtrack.  Head south, past all the obstacles and to the
right.  Then head up and you will find a small hole in the wall.  Use the
Psycho Slider to go through the hole and emerge on the other side.  Go right,
down, left, down, and right to find a energy ring.  Bring it all the way
around to the ramp you just passed up by hitting it, or dragging with
telekinesis (the former is faster).

Bounce off of it, and up the ramp.  Run to the left and take out a Blob.  Go
up and take out two Sludges and a Rock Warrior.  Further to the right are two
more Blobs.  Heading south leads to four Rock Warriors and one of those
energy orbish things you cannot destroy.  Bait each Rock Warrior and fight
them one-on-one away from the energy orb thing.  Abuse the Psycho Slider
against them.

To the left are three Sludges.  Defeat them and reveal a statue.  Head to the
south, then to the west.  Walk past the spikes and take out the Blob.  Then
walk past the second set of spikes.  Kill the Rock Warrior here, and the
second statue will be revealed.  Head further north, then kill the Blob.
Upon doing so, you will receive a long-deserved strength boost.  Run back and
examine the spot where the two statues' gazes intersect.  If you can't tell,
then stand next to the retracting spikes, move one square left, then one
square down.  This is the spot.  It grants a second Statue of Hope.

After you have that, head to the right past both set of spikes (remember, the
Psycho Slider has frames of invincibility, so you do not have to wait for the
spikes.  Just slide through them.  Head all the way north, all the way to the
left, down, and right.  Run down the ramp.  Head right, up, then left.  Slide
through the hole you used earlier to access this area.

Head left and exit this screen.  Hit the switch and pass over the spikes (you
cannot slide through these).  Exit via the north.  Continue all the way north
and up the runway.  There is a Blob here so take it out.  Slide through the
hole here.  Go to the left and up.  You will come across a runway that you
should head down.  Walk to the right then up and enter the second Room of
hope.  Place the statue on the alter like last time, and the water will lower
some more.  Exit the Room of hope.

Run south and down the newly accessible runway.  Grab the chest for a Red
Jewel.  Go back up two ramps, and head south, then east.  Slide back through
the hole you just used before.  Go left, down the ramp, then right, and down
another ramp.  Go to the right, and exit to the next screen.

Two Ghosts should attack you and when you kill them both, you get a boost in
defense.  Then run north and enter a new screen.  Head north some more
(taking out the Ghost along the way).  Run down the cooridor to the right.
At the next bend, you will need to kill a Blob.  Up ahead are two Rock
Warriors.  Take care of them, and receive a boost in strength.  Grab the
chest that was behind the two Rock Warriors and you get a Rama Statue.

Now backtrack by going down, left, and down to exit this section.  Go further
down, and then left to exit this screen as well.  Head to the left and slide
through another hole.  At around this point, another Ghost appears to attack,
so kill it off.  A bit southwest are two Blobs and a second Ghost.  Dispatch
them all and get a boost in HP.

You can go up the ramp and use Dark Space to save or heal, if necessary.
Head all the way to the north and exit the screen.  Here, head up and kill
two Blobs and a Ghost.  Continue further north, and up a ramp.  Kill the Rock
Warrior impeding your path.  To the right is a chest, a Rock Warrior and a
Blob.  Killing the two enemies nets you another HP boost.  The chest contains
a Rama Statue.  Now, head down the ramp and all the way south to the previous

Head south a bit and then Slide through the hole to the right.  Walk a bit
more to the right, then up the ramp.  Head to the left, up another ramp, then
to the right.  Slide through the hole.  Run to the right, then all the way up
and exit via this northeast pass.  Head right, then up, then right until you
reach the ramp.  Go left, down, then left (past the spikes) and enter into
Dark Space.  Here, transform into Freedan.

Leave Dark Space, and head right, across the spikes.  Go up, right, down,
left and down through the exit.  Head down, right, down, and right to find a
ramp.  Bounce off the energy ring and up the ramp.  Head over the raised area
and back down the steps.  Go all the way left and into a new screen.

Head all the way to the left and exit via the southwestern passage.  From
here, head south and take out the Ghost that attacks.  When you reach as far
south as you can go, expect to be attacked by a second Ghost.  Kill it and
get a defense boost.  Now hit the switch and run to the exit, past the spikes
in the ground.

Go all the way to the right, then down, then left and through the exit.  Run
further left, all the way up through the obstacles and into the next screen.
Advance up some more and enter into Dark Space.  Save, as you are soon to
meet a boss.

Go down the ramp and all the way to the south and exit to another screen.
Continue all the way to the south, then right, and into the next screen.
Follow the path into a big hole in the wall.  In this room, place a Rama
Statue on each alter.  You will now find yourself in a burial ground.  Run to
the top and speak with the unique statue head, who happens to be your host,
Rama.  Speak with each one of the spirits.  After you do that, shoot the
breeze with Rama again, and he opens your way for you, and hands over a
Mystic Statue, to boot.

Go into the new doorway, and through the connecting cooridor.  Eventually,
you will find yourself in the middle of a boss fight against _two_ enemies,
not one, and you must defeat them within 140 seconds, because a bomb is
strapped to Erik, who somehow ended up as their hostage.  If you let the
timer run out, though, don't expect to see an explosion, you'll simply go
through the normal death animation.


 BOSS FIGHT:  Jack and Silvana [40 HP each]

 Unlike the previous two bosses, the vampire duo actually poses a threat.
 Enough, in fact, that you may end up needing to use an Herb.  Probably not,
 but they are very dangerous if you're not careful, and they sure aren't
 pushovers.  There are only three different attacks to watch for when facing
 the Vampires.

 The first is the standard attack that you're going to see over and over
 again.  The vamp is going to stand on an intersection, and fire off a shot
 along the ground.  You touch it, you take damage.  Very simple.  The blond
 one only fires one blast each time.  The black-hair one fires four in each
 of the cardinal directions.  The blasts are very fast, so don't expect to
 outrun them at all.  It is telegraphed when the vampire stops, then opens
 its cape.  Stay near the intersections, so that you can dodge them.  Don't
 try to use telekinesis, because it won't work.

 The second attack is a counter.  It won't ever be triggered unless you hit
 a vampire.  When you do, four energy orbs are emitted from the vampire, and
 will orbit them for a short period of time.  The vampire also tends to move
 when this attack is activated, and if its coming in your direction, the
 wide angle of the attack may snag you, so be careful.  You can safety hit a
 vampire twice before needing to run backwards to avoid the orbs.  If you
 are fast, and happen to have been in a good position to attack, you can get
 of three hits.

 The final attack is a combination.  The two vampires will line up, then
 each fire a ball of energy that will collide and form a very big ball o'
 doom.  Avoid this at all costs, because it will obliterate your HPs.  When
 you see them line up (and it will become quite obvious once you see it),
 run to the opposite end of the screen immediately.  I shouldn't have to
 tell you that it won't be blocked by telekinesis.  Trying to do so won't be

 Now then, the fight is actually quite simple.  You won't have to worry
 about the timer, because it is plenty of time.  Likewise, you won't have to
 worry about colliding with the vampires, because you won't take any damage
 from that.

 Obviously, the black-haired one is the more dangerous of the pair, since
 his attack goes in four directions, whereas blondie's only goes in one.  I
 suggest you concentrate on him for this reason.  This does two things: it
 makes you more aware of his attacks (which have a better chance of hitting
 you), and if you hit a vampire before they perform their attack, the
 counter will take its place in most cases.  Since blackie's is the more
 dangerous, you effectively snuff it as best you can.

 Upon the start of the fight, walk up to whichever vampire you are closer to
 and hit it seven times with Freedan's sword.  Then runaway.  Continue to
 track the black-haired one and peg it two or three times, and retreating.
 You should eventually take it down, and then you're left to fight against
 only the blondie, which is a very simple battle.

 Freedan's sword strikes do 2 HP per hit.  Dark Friar does the same damage,
 so stick to the regular attack because you can almost always get into two
 hits if not three, and still runaway in time to be safe.  The impassable
 block areas around the scene are three blocks wide.  It may not seem it,
 but Freedan's sword can reach to the other end.  Use this to your advantage
 as it comes in very handy.
 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Once you defeat the vampires, walk up Freedan will transform back into Will.
Walk up behind the bomb and attack it.  You will be given a choice of which
wire to cut.  It won't make a difference so just pick one.  Then head down to
the bottom of the screen and you'll go through various cutscenes.  Eventually
the party will emerge in Angel Village.

[ Angel Village ] -----------------------------------------------------------

   ITEMS:  Red Jewel
   EXTRA:  Psycho Dash powerup from Gem

Head down the well.  Speak with Lance to advance some story.  To his first
question, choosing the first answer gets an additional line of dialogue.
When what he should give Lilly, say a necklace.  You'll find out why later
on.  Lilly will make an interesting though entirely moot point.  Your buddy
Erik, master-of-the-obvious, tells you the sun is bright.  Neil, the more
subtle master-of-the-obvious will tell you he thinks the Angel Village
denizens are descended from the Mu.

Head back up and go to the left.  Go down another ladder to the main area of
Angel Village.  The first thing you will notice is that the people actually
appear to be tall.  If you speak with the various people, you'll eventually
find out why.  Head to the far right side and go downstairs.  Head left and
you will slowly make your way over a ledge.  Go into the room here, and
search the fountain.  You have found a Red Jewel.  Exit this room.  All the
way to left is Gem.  Speak with him, and hand over all your Red Jewels.  At
this point, he will grant you an increase in power to the Psycho Dash.

Go into the staircase behind Gem.  Down here the room to your left has a Dark
Space gateway.  Go all the way to the right, and through the big door to
head through a dungeon to Ishtar's.

[ Angel Village Dungeon ] ---------------------------------------------------

   ITEMS:  Red Jewel (x3), Herb, Magic Dust
MONSTERS:  Cave Bat (35), Blue Skeleton (18), Carnivore Lizard (5), Skull
           Turrent (9)

After going through a gauntlet of three dungeons, this one is a cakewalk.  It
is simple, and for the most part, straightforward.  The enemies pose little
threat at all.  The greatest thing about it, though, is that there are an
abundance of power ups, for very little work.

The Cave Bats are simple enemies.  They stay on the ceiling until you come
close.  At this point, they swoop down to attack.  It should take Will two
hits to kill one.  Once they swoop at you, hit them with a single hit, then
turn it into a Jump Attack and you've killed it.

The Blue Skeletons are much the same as the Edward's Dungeon breed, except
they now seem to enjoy rushing you.  Their bone projectile is still present,
and can still be blocked by telekinesis.  Four hits to take them out.  If you
hit one with a well-placed Psycho Slide, and it does two hits, then it is
instant kill.  To do this, begin the slide just infront of the enemy, and it
will be dragged with you, and hit a second time.

The Carnivore Lizards are somewhat strong if you are not careful.  The
simplest way to defeat them is via the Psycho Dash.  Stand out of their
range, so they remain dormant (i.e. you cannot see their red mouths) and
charge up.  Once you it ready, walk up to it and stand to one side of its
head.  Release and one dash should kill it.  Just be sure to move after you
kill it, less its death sequence, complete with explosions, harms you.

The Skull Turrents are fairly simple.  They cannot move at all.  Periodically
they will fire a burst of flame to either side of them.  This projectile can
be easily blocked by the telekinesis.  You can use much of anything to defeat
it with relative ease.  Because it is always stationary, a Psycho Slide will
almost always score a double-hit, more than enough to kill it.

In the first room of the dungeon, there are three Cave Bats and one Blue
Skeleton.  Dispatch them all.  There is only one other doorway on the right
side, so take that downstairs.  This next room has four Cave Bats, and two
Blue Skeletons.  Again, there is only one other doorway, to the far left.

Here, there are two Cave Bats and three Blue Skeletons.  In addition, once
you eliminate all of these guys, you will receive a strength power up.  Aside
from that, there is nothing new; the door is at the far east side.

In this room, there are three Cave Bats, two Blue Skeletons, and a pair of
Carnivore Lizards.  This is the first room with multiple doorways.  Ignore
them all for now and kill every single enemy in sight.  Now, from the left,
the first door is the one you came in from.  The second and third doors lead
to the same area.  Go down the second one to emerge in a room with a lone
Blue Skeleton who needs to be killed.

In this room, go down the rightmost door.  In here, you will find a pair of
Cave Bats and a pair of Blue Skeletons.  Kill them, then go back upstairs.
From there, go up the staircase to your immediate left and you'll be back
in the earlier room with the many doors.

Head to the right, skip the fourth door, and head down the fifth, that is,
the one at the far right.  Kill the two Blue Skeletons and lone Cave Bat in
here.  When that is done, head back upstairs.  Run to your left and enter the
first door (it has a candle on either side, and the flames are blowing in
opposite directions).

In here are two Cave Bats, a single Blue Skeleton, and one Carnivore Lizard.
Eliminate them all, and your HP will be augmented.  Take the only doorway
available.  You will find a dark room.  There are six Cave Bats here.  Defeat
all of them, and you will receive a strength boost.  The Cave Bats are more
difficult to see here than normal, but just swing when you see a black shape
move.  When done, take the door at the far right.

There are no enemies here, and seemingly no exit as well.  Obviously, that is
not the case.  Run to the right a bit and stand between the first and second
flames (counting from the left).  Notice how they are both blowing in
different directions?  Examine the middle of the flat wall section between
the two flames.  A hidden doorway will be revealed.  Enter.

There are three Cave Bats, two Blue Skeletons, two Carnivore Lizards and a
single Skull Turrent here.  When you take out the last one, your defense will
be increased.  Slide through the only hole here.  In here is a chest that
contains a Red Jewel.  Slide back out and take the rightmost door (just next
to the slide hole).

This is the Wind Tunnel.  Wind constantly buffets Will, and pushes him back.
You can make very slow progress by running against the flow.  To move along
more quickly, dash then turn it into a Psycho Slide.  Once you recover, do it
again as much as needed.  The Psycho Slide is apparently uneffected by the
wind.  There are two Skull Turrents in here.  A well-place Psycho Slide will
kill them.  Also, because of the move's invincibility, it also negates the
threat of the enemies' projectiles as well.  This is good, because with the
wind, you cannot effectively stop and use telekinesis to shield yourself.
When you defeat the two, you will get an HP boost.  Exit through the door at
the far east end.

This long cooridor contains nine Cave Bats, a pair of Blue Skeletons, and
half a dozen Skull Turrents.  Nothing fancy.  The Skull Turrents are grouped
in two sets of threes.  If you aim a Psycho Slide just a hair lower than dead
on against the middle ones, you can take out three at a time with one shot.
Defeating all the enemies gets you a defense boost.  Aside from this, exit
the cave at the far right end by sliding through the hole.

In here there are no enemies.  Counting from the left, stand between the
fourth and fifth statues (i.e. the last two).  Move to the only flat section
of the wall between the two.  You should see Will's hair blowing against the
wind.  Examine the middle of this flat section to reveal a hidden door.  Go
through it.

Head over to the right, crossing the ledge and waterfall along the way, and
you will find three doors.  Enter the second door and search the red jar on
the left.  You will get a Red Jewel.  Now exit and enter the third door (the
one that is furthest to the right).  If you speak with Ishtar, he says he
will release Kara if you can solve his puzzles.  Why Will just doesn't kick
his sissy-ass is beyond me, but I suppose the peaceful approach is just as

Go through the door along the northern wall.  Enter this first door directly
infront of Will.  Remember the surroundings of the room.  Now, exit and go
into the second room.  Ishtar asks you to tell him what has changed.  Use
the pointer to select something, then hit the attack button to confirm.  If
you forgot, it was the lone jar on the right side -- it changed from a red
one to a blue one.

Do this for the second set of doors (the third and fourth).  The objects to
point at in this case are the two vases to Will's left.  They were red and
have changed to blue.

When you enter the fifth room, make absolutely sure you open the chest for
the Herb inside before you leave, otherwise, you lose it forever.  Then go
into the sixth room, and on Ishtar's prompting, select the treasure chest.
The difference is the contents.  Again, make absolutely sure you grab the Red
Jewel from the chest before you leave.

The final set of rooms is trying too hard to be tricky.  You won't find a
thing different about the room, because there is none.  What you need to do
is select Will's sprite.  In the seventh room, there was no wind.  In the
eighth, Will's hair and clothes are flowing.

Now run all the way back to the left and go back to Ishtar.  You'll find he
has trapped himself in a painting.  The chest contains Magic Dust.  Exit the
room via the south, and enter the third room from the right.  In here, you
will find Kara trapped in her painting.  Use the Magic Dust to free her.
After a few brief scenes, speak with Neil and take his suggestion to go to
the Floating City.

[ Watermia ] ----------------------------------------------------------------

   ITEMS:  Red Jewel (x2), Lance's letter

Will gives you a brief re-cap of what has happened since leaving Angel
Village.  Apparently, the gang has taken up the residency of Young Luke,
someone who is so trusting, it amazes me the guy still has any furniture.
Speak to your friends if you wish, then leave via the ladder.  If you search
behind the house (where you can no longer visibly see Will's sprite, you can
find Kara's diary.

Head south until you get to the raft that leads in four directions.  Go left
from here seach the northwestern-most pot for a Red Jewel.  In this house is
a Dark Space gateway, if you feel the need to save.  Head all the way to the
right and enter the Gambling House.  Search the top-right pot in this room
for another Red Jewel.  Now speak with the Jeweller Gem who is disguised as
one of the gamblers.

Once you've done this, exit the Gambling House and head back up toward Luke's
house.  From there, head all the way to the left and enter the house.  Speak
with Lance and the other man to get some background information.  Once
neither of them says anything new, leave and go back to Luke's house.  You'll
go through various cutscenes.

When you finally have control again, access your inventory screen and find
the item Lance's letter.  Use the item, then leave town (the exit is at the
south end).  Make your way to the Great Wall.

[ China's Great Wall ] ------------------------------------------------------

   ITEMS:  Red Jewel, Herb
MONSTERS:  Archer (59), Fireball Eye (33), Snake (20), Sand Fanger (boss)

Head to the right, and defeat an Archer, and a pair of Fireball Eyes.  You'll
reach a small unpassable ramp.  Take the stairs down.  Head to the left,
battling through a Fireball Eye, and four Archers.  Abuse the Jump Attack on
the former, an the Psycho Slide and telekinesis against the latter.  Jump
down the hole in the far left side.

You'll find yourself in a long cooridor with sand.  There are several exits,
and enemies, including seven Fireball Eyes and three Archers.  First, clear
out all of the enemies.  Now, counting from the left, the first ladder is
the long one that leads back up to the hole you jumped down from.  From that
first one, head right and go up the next ladder (the second one from the very

Run all the way to the left and take out two Archers.  Now, run all the way
back to the right and jump down the same way you came up.  Go up the next
ladder, which is the third from the left, and also the rightmost.  You should
find a shiny object on the floor.  Pick it up.  There are four Archers in
here, and an exit to the right.

Take care of the Fireball Eye that's immediately next to you when you emerge.
To the left are three Archers, and past them, three more Fireball Eyes.  You
know the drill: hack, slash, and dropkick them all to oblivion.  The exit is
on the left side.

You will come back out to the top of the wall, on the other side of the
barrier that originally impeded your path.  Run to the right a bit and take
out the final Fireball Eye.  When you've done that, Will should get a boost
in defense.  Be sure to take note and avoid the retracting spears set along
the way.  The next area is on the rightside.

As yo move to the right, youo'll be shot at by two Archers.  You can only
attack one, so kill him off and leave the other for later.  Jump down the
hole when you've removed the one Archer.  You'll fall down a ridiculously
long shaft and land in a room full of Archer-like statues.  Run to the right.
The rightmost statue along the top row is actually a real Archer and not a
fake.  Be sure to take care of it.  Then exit through the only door.

There are two Archers and a Fireball Eye in here.  Take them all out.  Then
take the leftmost door upstairs to a small room with a treasure chest.  It
contains a Red Jewel.  Go back downstairs, and enter the middle door.  In
here are two Fireball Eyes.  Eliminate them and head up the other set of
stairs on the right side.

Walk left and stand under the first Archer.  From here, take him out.  Go a
bit more to the left and defeat a Snake and another Archer.  Run past the
spear, and go upstairs via the middle doorway of the room.  In here are two
Snakes and a Fireball Eye.  Make sure you take them out, then head back

Take the leftmost stairs.  In the next room, head upstairs further (since you
have little else to do).  Run along the bottom of the room to the right and
take care of the pair of Archers and pair of Snakes.  A few well-placed
Psycho Slides is all it takes (since they are all lined up anyway).  Once
they are all out of the picture, walk up to the door that is second from the
right side.  You should find another shiny object on the floor along the way.
Enter this door to go upstairs.  Now hit the switch to send a blue energy off
to the unseen left.  Head back downstairs one level and head all the way to
the left.  Go into the staircase that is second from the left.

Kill the two Archers, then head further upstairs via the stairs on the left
side.  Sneak up on the Archer from earlier that you could not reach.  Should
not be too difficult given the dumbass is firing at nothing in the wrong
direction.  Walk over to the right and kill off the Fireball Eye.  Upon doing
so, Will is given an HP increase.  Avoid the spears and exit to the right, as
always.  (You'll be stopped by a companion for a short but useless cutscene
before you can exit completely, though).

Walk a bit to the right and enter the door.  To the left is a treasure chest
containing an Herb.  Defeat the Archer to the right who is firing at no one
in particular.  Stand against the railing and take out the lunging Snake as
well.  Since you cannot advance any further, exit the way you came.  Run down
the four ramps, and Psycho Slide immediately.  Head right and enter the door.

In here are three Archers, a Fireball Eye and a Snake.  Take care of them
all.  Strike the switch and move past the spear.  Go through the doorway (you
should recognize it from earlier).

Now, run to the right, and make sure you hold down the control pad, so you'll
pass three doors and exit the screen on the far right side.

 NOTE:  You could use the Psycho Slide to stop your running abruptly in a
 position to further continue on, but there's little point, as you can get
 stuck in the wrong place, forcing a reset.  Even if you make it just fine,
 it doesn't really serve any purpose to do this area before the next.

Anyway, in this new screen, there are three doors, and a hole you can jump
down.  Take the first door down a level and take care of two Snakes.  Then
head back up and take the last door down a level again.  Here, you will find
two more Snakes.

Now head back up and stand to the right of the middle door.  Jump down from
here.  To illustrate the exact spot:

  ====--==================--==================--====   == Wall
                                                       -- Door
  ##  ##  ##      ##      ##......##      ##  ##  ##   ## Obstacle
  ||                                              ||   || Other obstacle
  ||______________________________________________||   __ Bottom of screen
                                                       .. Area in which you
                                                          should jump down

As stated in the legend to the right, jump down the are marked by periods.
Will should fall past one floor and land two floors down, flanked by two
Archers.  Take them out.  The room is laid out with five different holes.
Just down the middle one (third counting from either end).  You'll land in a
room with one even enormous pit that runs the length of the screen.  Without
moving either left or right, jump straight down from where you landed.

At this point, you land onto a small ledge with a Dark Space gateway; enter
it and learn the Psycho Spin technique.  Exit Dark Space and jump down to the
lowest level.  There are three Snakes here, and when you kill them all, you
receive a defense boost.  There are two sets of stairs here.  Take the one
toward the left and it leads all the way back to the surface.

Run to the left and back a screen.  Here, ignore the door, and use the Psycho
Spin to get past the barrier and land in a previously "blocked" area with a
door.  Enter it.  Advance to the left, killing the four Snakes and single
Fireball Eye in your way.  Take the stairs on the left side of the room.

When you come out, you'll immediately be ambushed, literally, by a Floating
Eye.  As soon as possible, walk down, so Will avoids the attack.  Kill it for
its trouble.  Run all the way to the right killing the gauntlet of enemies,
which includes six Floating Eyes and a trio of Snakes.  Most of the Floating
Eyes are trapped anyway, so it shouldn't be much a problem.

Once that is done, head back to where you entered the room from (i.e. the
left).  Walk up to the switch and strike it.  Then run around, past the spear
that retracts against the wall.  By the time you get past, the spear should
come back out.  Strike the second switch, then the one you hit just a second
ago in rapid succession.  Now run straight to the left quickly and Psycho
Slide to kill the Snake.  This should take you well beyond the "safe" zone
from the retracting spear.  Take out the Fireball Eye from across the barrier
(the flute will comfortably hit that range even if it doesn't seem like it

Further to the left are two more Archers.  Take care of them (avoid using
either the Psycho Slide or Jump Attack so you won't accidently get tagged by
a spear.  Doing so will net you an HP boost.  At the west end is a Dark Space
gateway.  Enter it and transform into Freedan.  Leave Dark Space, head right,
hit the switch along the way, and enter the doorway when you get to it.

From here, head right and ignore the next door.  Strike the switch through
the barrier twice and run through where the spears where.  Enter this door at
the far right end.  Then exit to the right.

Run past this screen and exit to the right again.  Charge up Dark Friar and
advance to the east.  There's an Archer out of attack reach, so fire off
three Dark Friars to kill it off.  It will prompt a blue energy to open the
doorway for you.  Enter.

A Fireball Eye should attack you, but it will retreat to the other room, so
just ignore it.  To the left is a line of four Archers.  Take them out
quickly.  Now exit this room via the doorway on the far left.

You'll come into a maze like area.  Strike the first statue once to move it
out of the way.  Move into the bottom little groove and face the right.  Use
the telekinesis once to move an unseen statue.  Then strike the second
statue only once.  Move to the top row and just above the second statue.
Strike it to get it out of the way.  Stand above the third statue and move it
once with telekinesis.  Now get on the same row as the third statue and pull
it a bit with telekinesis.

You now have a pathway.  Continue on to find two more statues blocking your
way.  Stand on the same row as the fourth statue, but behind the barrier and
move it with the telekinesis.  Now stand above it and strike once.  Your path
should be clear.  Strike the switch at the far end, and the six statues come
to life as Archers.  Take them all out.  Then exit to the right.

Run past the two sets of three spears.  Before going through the door, wait
and you will be attacked by the runaway Fireball Eye from earlier.  Kill it
for being annoying and you'll get a powerup for strength.  Now head upstairs,
and exit the screen to the right.

Enter the first doorway your find and emerge in a room full of enemies.  Six
Archers, two Fireball Eyes and one Snakes makes up the opposition.  Eliminate
them all first.  Of the two doors in the room, take the one further to the
right (the other is obviously the one you entered from.

You will find a room with many statues.  Six of them are actually disguised
Archers.  Hit them to activate them.  Once this is done, you will find a new
Dark Space gateway has emerged near the door in this room.  Enter it.  Be
sure to save.  Transform into Will, then leave Dark Space and head up two
floors to the surface.  Use the Psycho Spin to get past the ramp and exit to
the right of the screen.

Here, jump down the first hole you see (and jump down again when you land).
You will reach a sand pit.  Be ready for a boss fight.


 BOSS FIGHT:  Sand Fanger [40 HP]

 This boss is relatively simple, but may take awhile because you are forced
 to fight as Will.  Additionally, though it is not a threat, the windows of
 opportunities to hit the Sand Fanger are short and few.  Note that you can
 only damage its head and nothing else.  Also, do not bother using anything
 fancy for this battle.  No Psycho Slide, no Jump Attack or anything else.
 Doing so is more trouble than its worth, and may cost you an extra Herb or

 The first of the Sand Fanger's attacks begins with a telltale whirldwind in
 the sand.  After a second or two, Sand Fanger will erupt from it and head
 up.  Following this attack, Sand Fanger will eventually come back down in
 much the same manner.  You can hit it has it is going up and down, but you
 will likely get in one or two hits at best.

 The second attack effectively has the Sand Fanger leaping from one area to
 another.  The attack is roughly shaped like the letter M.  You can damage
 it during this attack, but you'll likely be on the receiving end, so don't
 even bother.

 The final attack is the one that puts Sand Fanger out in the open.  It
 begins with the same whirlwind found in the first attack, but Sand Fanger
 will pop its head out and not come all the way out.  From its mouth it will
 release two enemies.

 The first type of enemy is a mini Sand Fanger.  These will burrow into the
 ground then re-emerge every so often and fire off a projectile.  This can
 be blocked by telekinesis.  These little buggers should be priority number
 one, otherwise you'll find you're facing a ton of them, and caught in a
 crossfire, all the while trying to attack the big Sand Fanger to no avail.

 The second type of enemy released is a rock like creature.  It will spout
 tiny legs and walk around the area, richocheting off any wall.  These are
 not as bad as the mini Sand Fanger, and they will die on their own after
 awhile, so you can ignore them if you wish.

 Both of these lesser enemies have 3 HP each.  If you stand and hit the Sand
 Fanger while performing this attack, you can get anywhere from 5-8 hits in
 cleanly.  Additionally, if you stand a bit away from the Sand Fanger, you
 can kill one of the lesser enemies is spouts just by attacking the Sand
 Fanger (the lesser enemies will fall into Will's hit zone).

 That's all there is to this battle.  Just avoid the attacks, and attack
 when it is using the last attack.
 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Once you defeat the Sand Fanger, you will receive a Mystic Statue.  The blue
energy will have already done its thing while you where watching the statue,
so head to the right end of the screen and find a newly formed ladder.  Exit
to the right.  Here go into the doorway and head left to find your ol' buddy.
A few cutscenes ensue.  Be sure to leave when you have control of Will.
After the scenes, you arrive back at Watermia.

[ Watermia ] ----------------------------------------------------------------

   ITEMS:  Will
   EXTRA:  Dark Friar powerup from Gem

Head out to the gambling house and speak with Gem.  You should hand over the
30th Red Jewel, and be awarded the Dark Friar powerup.  Exit the gambling
house.  Head to the upper right corner of this raft and wait for a green
lilly pad to come.  It can take a _long_ time, so expect to wait.  Board it
and be taken to the Russian Glass Player game.

Speak with the man impeding your path and answer yes twice.  Then talk to the
guy wearing a straw hat.  He will drink a glass.  Your turn.  Pick any aside
from the rightmost glass.  (Given Will is psychic, you will be given a very
obvious warning not to drink it if you try)  After you down a glass, speak
with Straw Hat to get him to drink another.  Continue until the guy commits
suicide on account of cheap pride (a damned fool, if there ever was one).

You'll be rewarded for killing the man by inheriting his four Kruks.  The
wife, it should be noted, seems none-too-shaken-up.  She is, in fact, talking
about joy after Straw Hat's death.  Such a lovely lady.  Anyway, return to
your friends and give them the news.

Speak with Lance and Lilly, then with Neil.  Eventually the group, sans Lance
and Lilly, take the Kruks across the desert to Euro.

[ Euro ] --------------------------------------------------------------------

   ITEMS:  Red Apple (x3), Red Jewel (x3)
   EXTRA:  HP boost from life potion, Dark Friar powerup from dark potion

You begin in the guest room at Rolek mansion.  Exit the room, then the manor.
Head straight south to the end of the market area.  There should be a red
head here standing behind a stack of apples.  Speak with her to get a single
apple.  Take this back to the leftmost room of Rolek mansion and hand it over
to Ann.  Do this three times and she will give you a Red Jewel.

To the right of the apple stand is a building with a line of customers.  Go
into the door to the right and get pushed back out.  Now hurry, and cut in
line, two places ahead.  You now have to wait for nearly five minutes as the
line progresses fairly slowly.  Once inside the room, drink both potions.
One will give you a boost in your HP, and the other powers up Dark Friar.  If
your Dark Friar is already boosted, as it should be because of Red Jewels,
Will won't drink it.  Now exit.

The building just to the right of this exit has a Dark Space gateway on the
second floor if you want to make use of it.  Take the alley next to this
house north.  The second blue-haired woman will speak about Rofsky and
Erasquez.  Enter the door close to her and you'll find two guys arguing over
something.  Speak with both, and you get Mt. Kress marked on your map.

Exit the house and head directly left until you run into a wall.  Face north
and examine the wall to find a Red Jewel.  Run back to the right into the
original alley.  From here run north, past the first intersection street you
see and go further ahead.  You will find a little unseen alcove where two
houses stop.  Enter this small alcove and continue along up a ladder.

Enter the shrine and examine the statue.  You'll find a hidden room, and the
dirty little secret of Neil's parents.  Search the southeast barrel for a
third Red Jewel.  Exit and head back to the alley you came from.  Head a bit
south and take the intersection you ignored earlier.  The second door from
the right should lead into a building where a green-haired man was jumping up
and down infront of the window.  Speak with him to find out he is none other
than Gem.  Hand over all your Red Jewels.

Now leave town (you can do so in the southeast) and head back to Watermia.

[ Watermia ] ----------------------------------------------------------------

   ITEMS:  Red Jewel

Find Lance and he'll give you a Red Jewel he found (stole) from his father's
possessions.  Of course, he's shacked up in Luke's bachelor's pad and not his
father's home.  Go to the gambling house and give the Red Jewel over to Gem.
Cross the desert back to Euro, and head onward to the Mountain Temple.

[ Mountain Temple ] ---------------------------------------------------------

   ITEMS:  Mushroom Drop (x3), Red Jewel, Teapot
MONSTERS:  Blue Skull (52), Gold Skull (53), Spider (56), Flute Player (19)

This is, hands down, the most annoying dungeon in the entire game.  I wish
it weren't part of the game, but you can't win them all.  The monsters aren't
any help either.  The Blue Skulls are trouble some because they move either
vertically or horizontally along the screen, then turn around and come back.
A few will even leave the screen, forcing you to wait until they turn around
and come back.  The Gold Skulls are simpler, staying primarily in the same
area and firing projectiles at you.  Spiders will fire off projectiles than
become blobs of acid, I suppose, that impede your path.  Either Jump Attack
or Psycho Slide past the acid.  The Flute Players are the most annoying.
They float around with four flames orbiting them.  The flames also move
around rapidly, causing you to have to dodge.  If you don't kill them as you
encounter them, and run, they will gang up on you and take off massive HP.

You will be using Freedan for the majority of the dungeon.  As such, make
good of the newly acquired powered-up version of the Dark Friar to take
opponents out quickly, and effectively.

This first area has 11 enemies, seven Blue Skulls and four Spiders.  Run
around the area and defeat them all.  This will grant Will a powerup in
strength.  The exit is in the northwest corner.

In this next screen, there are 24 enemies: 6 Blue Skulls, 10 Gold Skulls, 5
Spiders and a trio of Flute Players.  Run around the area (use the Psycho
Spin to traverse the ramps) and kill them all.  You will be rewarded with a
defense boost.  Now head back to the beginning of the area.  There should be
three paths, two going north the last going south.  Take the left one going
north, as far as you can.  Then opt to go to the left, then down.  Jump the
ramp with the Psycho Spin.  Enter the Dark Space gateway and transform into
Freedan.  Now exit Dark Space and head left, then up.  You should come out of
the mushroom area and see two paths going north.  Take the left one, and it
will exit into another screen.

Run around killing the enemies, as usual.  There are 5 Blue Skulls, 3 Gold
Skulls, and half a dozen Spiders, making the grand total 14 enemies.  Killing
them all grants an HP boost.  From the entrance, head north, then right all
the way and exit the screen.

You only have one direction to go in this screen: east.  Make you way across
the area, fighting off 5 of teach type of skull, and 10 Spiders.  If you kill
them all, you will be granted a strength increase.  At the end of the road is
a Dark Space gateway.  Heal and save, if necessary.  You can still make use
of Freedan, so don't change into Will just yet.  Exit Dark Space and head
first south, then west all the way.  You'll come to a lone screen with a
single treasure chest containing a Red Jewel.

Backtrack to the Dark Space gateway.  Now, there are two paths going back to
the left.  They both lead to the same area, but the bottom path is quite a
bit faster.  Exit to the left into the previous area.  From here, head left
and go up the second north path you see.  Then go left, down, and left to
exit into a new area.

This area is infested with enemies.  Be on your toes, because there are a
total of 26 enemies: 10 Blue Skulls, 9 Gold Skulls, and 7 Spiders.  An HP
increase awaits you for defeating them all.  Also note that defeating one of
the Gold Skulls will create a shortcut back to the beginning.

From the starting point, head down south as far as you can go.  Then go left
and up.  Head further left (ignore the north path), down, left, up, left,
then go all the way up.  From here, head left, up, right, up, then all the
way to the right.  Take the north path and circle all the way to the chest
sitting atop the mushrooms.  It contains the Mushroom Drop.  Now backtrack to
the starting point (make use of the new shortcut) and exit back to the area
before this.

From here, go right, up, right, down, right, and up all the way.  There's a
dead end on the left.  Use the Mushroom Drop on this area and a vine will
spout and bridge the gap.  Exit into a new area.

The path toward the right is fairly linear.  Take out all the enemies along
the way.  This consists of a trio of Blue Skulls, three Gold Skulls, half a
dozen Spiders and two Flute Players.  An area is still inaccessible at the
moment, so you won't get a powerup just yet.  Exit to the right.

This new area contains 15 enemies, made up of 1 Blue Skull, 5 Gold Skulls, 3
Spiders, and six Flute Players.  Use the detonating Dark Friar to devasting
use due to the clumping of the enemies.  Defeating them all nets an HP boost.
First, head as far right as you can to a dead end and take out all the
enemies.  Then backtrack and head north, then west as far as you can go.  You
will eventually reach a treasure chest containing a second Mushroom Drop.
Now backtrack to the previous screen.

Go left, up, left up, and right to a dead-end stalk.  Use the Mushroom Drop
and have it grow back into place.  Cross to the right, and up.  Kill the lone
Blue Skull.  Go to the west and use Dark Friar to take out the Gold Skull who
hides behind an inaccessible area (requiring another Mushroom Drop).  Head
north and left to take out a Spider.  Then go back to the right and north and
north to exit the screen.

This screen is probably the largest and most confusing of all the screens in
the Mountain Temple.  There is a Dark Space here, a chest, and 39 enemies.
Among them, 11 Blue Skulls, 12 Gold Skulls, 13 Spiders and 3 Flute Players.
Once you track them all down, and kill them, you are awarded a much deserved
boost in defense.  Your first order of business is to go to the Dark Space
and acquire Freedan's new skill.

From your starting location, head up, right, down, right all the way, then
up and right a bit more to access the mushrooms.  Enter Dark Space and be
granted the Aura Barrier skill.  Exit Dark Space, go left, down, left, up as
far as you can go, all the way to the left, up, and right to jump the ramp
to some mushrooms.  Go right, across some mushrooms, then right some more.
When you reach the end, head down as far as possible, and left to jump a
second ramp.  This takes you to a lone mushroom with a third ramp that you
should make use of.  This will take you right to the last Mushroom Drop
treasure chest.

Now, go left, over the ramp, north as far as possible, then east, and over
another ramp.  Head left, and then continue down as far as possible to exit
into a previous screen.

Here, go all the way down (ignore the first path) and left to the last dead
end vine.  Use the Mushroom Drop to grow it back.  This next section in the
same area contains three more Blue Skulls, two more Gold Skulls, a Spider and
Flute Player.  Killing them all nets a defense boost.  Anyway, from where the
vine grew back, head left all the way, up and left to exit the screen (right
to take out the remaining enemies).

This area is entirely linear.  There are four Gold Skulls and four Flute
Players scattered about.  Take them all out and get a boost in strength.  The
exit is in the northwest.

This last area has nothing save a treasure chest.  Inside is the Teapot item.
Take it and leave the screen.  Time to backtrack.  This screen is, again,
entirely linear.  Follow the path and you're out.  Now, head right (ignore
the first down path) and over the ramp.  Go left and down all the way to
exit this screen.  Go down, right, down, left and down to finally exit.  Now
head all the way down (through the mushrooms as well) and right to a Dark
Space gateway.  Enter and become Will.  Exit Dark Space, head left and up
back to the two vines.  Take the right one and go up.  When you see it, use
Psycho Spin to jump a ramp on the right.  Continue to head right, across the
mushrooms, then down.  Go right and exit the screen.  You are now at the
last screen.  The exit is in the southeast.  You are finally done with this
annoying dungeon.

[ Euro ] --------------------------------------------------------------------

   ITEMS:  none

Drop by at Gem's if you haven't already sent the Red Jewel to him.  When you
are ready to proceed with the story, enter Neil's parents' mansion and go
into the middle doorway.  Use the newly acquire Teapot on Neil's mother to
reveal the truth.

A few cutscenes will ensue, with Neil leaving the party, and one of Kara's
old friends joining the entourage.  Speak with Kara and you will head west.

[ Natives' Village ] --------------------------------------------------------

   ITEMS:  Red Jewel

There are only two houses here.  In the northeast corner is a Dark Space
gateway.  Enter to right house (the one Kara and co. are not standing infront
of.  Search the pot along the southern wall for a Red Jewel.

Now speak with Kara, and the party enters the abandoned shack.  Speak with
her again to force a cutscene.  For all of his psychic powers, Will gets his
ass handed to him by the local natives.  After Hamlet sacrifices himself,
Will's mother will release the trio.  Erik also proceeds to make a very bad
joke, but what did you expect from him?

Speak with the northern boy on the right side.  Show him your map, and he'll
mark a location.  Now, you can leave and head to Ankor Wat.

[ Ankor Wat ] ---------------------------------------------------------------

   ITEMS:  Red Jewel (x4), Herb, Black Glasses, Gorgon Flower
MONSTERS:  Bush (27), Neck Creature (19), Dragonfly (13), Demon Head (21),
           Rock Golem (22), Purple Demon Head (48), Scorpion (18)

Ankor Wat may not be as confusing and annoying as the Mountain Temple was,
but the enemies are significantly more difficult.  The Bush monsters are
quite simple.  When you get near them, they will shake so that you can tell
them apart from regular bushes.  The Dragonflies are very fast, and move in
various patterns.  The problem lies in trying to hit them and avoiding taking
hits yourself.  Obviously, using the flute is out of the question.  Instead,
stay away from them and charge up a Psycho Spin to cut a path right through

The Neck Creatures are the most annoying.  They will walk up to Will, then
stretch their heads at him (kind of like a walking varition of the Carnivore
Lizards in Angel Village).  To kill them you have to first remove the head.
To do so, you must deal 3 HP (or three individual strikes with the flute)
while the head is stretched out.  Once it retracts back, the HPs are restored
and you have to try again.  Obviously, it would be quite troublesome to try
and land three hits, especially when you consider the heads recoil on hit.
To get around this, smack the head with a single Psycho Dash which will
destroy it.  Now, an eye will sprout on the monster's chest.  Its attack
pattern now is simplified; all it does is walk in straight lines.  A few hits
and they go down like all the rest.

In this first area, there are 15 different enemies.  There are three Bushes,
seven Neck Creatures and five Dragonflies.  The Bushes are all on ground
level, in the bottom half of the screen.  One is on the left and two on the
right.  The Neck Creatures are primarily wondering around on top of the stone
platform, though a few of them are on ground level, on the top half of the
screen.  The Dragonflies reside in the top half of the screen as well.
Wonder around, and kill all the enemies.  Conintuously charge the attack
button, becuase you'll want to put Psycho Dash to use against the Neck
Creatures and Psycho Spin to use against the Dragonflies.  Normal attacks are
sufficient for the Bushes, as they pose no threat at all, but you might want
to use Psycho Slider to kill them quickly.  Once you defeat all 15, you will
be granted a boost in HP.  The exit is in the north, on the raised stone

Destroy the floating Demon Head.  Charge a Psycho Dash and go to the right.
Use it to damage, then kill the two Golems here.  Along the north wall of
this little section, you can either use the opposing ramp or the Psycho Spin
to climb the hill and access a treasure chest.  It contains a Red Jewel.  Now
go further to the right, and take out one Demon Head and a pair of Rock
Golems.  Exit the screen along the north wall.

Head north and take out the lone Demon Head.  Perform the Psycho Spin to
traverse the ramp, and you will encounter a Purple Demon Head.  It only moves
along the perimeter, so stand near teh center and strike safetly.  Continue
north, down some steps and encounter a Rock Golem and Scorpion.  Further
north are two more Purple Demon Heads.  Go up some more and face a dead end
and two more of the Scorpions.  Defeating the right side one causes a blue
energy to open the path further.  Slide through the new opening.  Ahead is
one more Demon Head and a pair of Rock Golems.  Kill them all and be granted
an increase in defense.  Exit to the north.

Run up onto the raised platform via the steps.  Here, take out the two Purple
Demon Heads.  To the left is a drop-off section that you should use.  Once
you jump, the floor will break open, and drop you further.  You arrive in a
pitch black room.  Wait a few seconds, and the lights will come one.

Head to the left and go up the stairs.  Head south, then down teh steps to
get back to ground level.  The field to the left contains three Demon Heads
and a pair of Purple Demon Heads that need to be killed.  In the northwest
corner of the area is a lone Scorpion (this one apparently much weaker than
the ones you usually encounter).  Defeat it, and you get a defense boost.  In
addition, a blue energy will create a staircase so you can advance further.
Obviously, make use of these steps.

Head right and down a bit to find a lone Demon Head.  Further to the right
are four Scorpions.  Defeating them all nets you a boost in HP.  Now go back
to the left (further right just leads you to a previous area of little use),
and exit in the southwest.

Run down and slide through the opening in the wall.  Two Rock Golems will
jump down to fight you.  Avoid standing under a shadow, as a rock (caused by
the mini-earthquake of the golems) will fall on Will's head.  There are also
two Purple Demon Heads in this little section.  I suggest you stay away from
the Rock Golems first, and use Psycho Spin to safely kill both Purple Demon
Heads, then use normal attacks on the pair of golems.  When they are all
beaten, slide further south.

Same drill as before, this time, with one less Purple Demon Head.  Head south
some more and find two of the weaker variations of the Scorpions.  Circle
around the raised platform and go up the steps.  The chest contains an Herb.
Now, go back down, and around to stand infront of the ramp and use the Psycho
Spin.  This will cause Will to fly across a section and land in a new area.

Jump down the drop off point.  There are two Rock Golems poised to jump down.
If you are quick and get to their sides, you can get three hits in before
they come down, severely weakening them.  Kill them both and get a strength
increase.  The exit is in the south.

Go down and a bit to the right and kill a Demon Head and Scorpion.  To the
right is an area with 10 Purple Demon Heads, seven of whom are inactive.
Kill them all (Psycho Dashes work well on the inactives).  Go to the right,
up the steps and around to meet the Scorpion.  Killing it grants Will a
boost in strength.  A blue energy will also create a shortcut to the
beginning area.  Exit in the north (marked by the two weird statues).

Welcome to the Garden.  This place has 39 enemies (no joke) scattered across
an enormous area, with paths blocked off by bushes, and their camouflaged
monster counterparts.  Oh the joy.  There is also a Dark Space gateway here.
You will want to get to it and transform into Freedan.  Of the 39, 23 of
them are Bush monsters (you can tell the difference between them and normal
bushes because they are slightly darker in shade.  Adjust the Brightness and
Contrast settings of your television set if you are having trouble telling
the difference.  8 of them are Neck Creatures and another 8 are Dragonflies.
Make use of the radar to find them all.  Also, you can fire off random
powered-up Dark Friars to clear lots of enemies at a time.  The only hidden
enemy is a bush in the northwest section against the northern wall.  You have
to use a powered-up, detonating Dark Friar to kill it.  Once they are all
killed, you get an HP bonus.  The exit is on the raised platform in the north
(stay as Freedan).  In case you are interested, there is a journal of one of
Explorer Friezer's companions halfway through the garden.  Serves no purpose
to read if you do not with to.  It is on a skeleton that is lying on the

You should immediately be able to see a Rock Golem poised to jump.  Freedan
is strong enough to kill him before he gets the chance.  Head to the right.
You'll find another maze like field with seven Purple Demon Heads.  Two or
three powered up Dark Friars will waste them all with relative ease.  Go
through the exit in the northeast.

Take out two Rock Golems and head further north.  Be sure to charge a Dark
Friar along the way.  There are two Purple Demon Heads and a pair of
Scorpions to complete the set.  A well placed Dark Friar can take them all
out.  The Purple Demon Head will cause a blue energy to further the path when
you kill it off.  Defeating all the enemies nets you a defense increase.

Head north and enter into Dark Space.  You will be granted the Earthquaker
ability.  Exit Dark Space, and head all the way south to backtrack.  Head to
the left to come back to the entrace to this area.  Go further to the left
and up the steps to kill a Rock Golem.  On the side of your screen, you
should be able to see another apparently dormant Rock Golem.  Jump off the
long dropoff point, and perform Earthquaker.  This freezes the dormant Rock
Golem.  Now head over and take it out.  If you didn't do this, the golem will
move into place and continue spinning indefinitely, keeping you from going
any further.  If this happens to you, just go back to the entrance, leave and
re-enter the screen to reset its position.  Exit to the north when you take
care of it.

Walk up and encounter a regular Demon Head.  Further ahead are two Scorpions.
Go all the way north, through a gauntlet of two Rock Golems, two Purple Demon
Heads, and a lone Demon Head.  Killing them all grants you an HP increase.
Go up the steps and open the chest for a Red Jewel.  Now backtrack south
until you come across the fork in the road.  Choose the right side one and
exit the screen.

To the right are two Scorpions; defeat them and get a strength boost.  Head
further left and exit into the garden area again.

Explorer Friezer's journal can be viewed by examining his corpse in the west.
It gives you a hint on a "puzzle" later on in the dungeon.  Run up the main
stairs and jump off to a lower level on either side.  Each side contains two
Neck Creatures, so you will have to run up and down the stairs a few times.
After that is taken care of, run all the way north to enter a new area.

Charge a Dark Friar, then go left and up.  You'll find three Demon Heads that
a single Dark Friar should take care of.  Go around the bend and to the right
(ignore the stairs for now, as you need an item to effectively traverse that
section).  Circle to the south and kill two Purple Demon Heads and a single
regular Demon Head.  This grants a strength increase.  You will pass an
inaccessible Dark Space gateway.  Exit to the south.

Run down the stairs, and go across the set to the right.  Kill the Bush
monster and get a boost in defense.  Examine the ground where the Bush was
standing, which happens to shine every so often.  You will pick up the Black
Glasses.  Equip them, then head back inside and backtrack up and to the left
to reach the stairs you ignored earlier.  Go up into them.

If you entered without the glasses, the entire background would become white
making navigation more trouble than it is worth.  With the glasses, though,
nothing of the sort bothers you.  There are five Purple Demon Heads wandering
aimlessly around.  Kill them all.  Be sure not to fall down any of the holes
just yet.  When you kill them all, fall down the large hole on the right side
of the screen.  You will land on the platform of the previously inaccessible
Dark Space gateway.  Enter it and change back to Will.  Then jump down, run
around to the left and back upstairs.

Head around to the right (where you previously jumped down), and a bit
further to find a hole you can slide through.  Do so, and you'll immediately
be attacked by a Demon Head.  Kill it off, then head around to the left
(ignore this staircase for now).  You will find another Demon Head.  Kill
this one too, and you should get an HP boost.  Jump down the hole that is
near here as well.

You will land in a previous area.  Grab the chest for one more Red Jewel.
Then jump down, go left, up, right, down, right and upstairs again.  Circle
around and slide back to the other side and go up the stairs you ignored just

Head to the right and kill of two dormant Purple Demon Heads.  Psycho Slide
works very well for this task.  Head all the way to the left and take out a
Demon Head and Rock Golem.  Slide through the hole.  Go right, and up to find
one more Demon Head that needs to be killed.  There should be six more
enemies on the screen (check the radar).  Don't worry, we will get to them
later.  Go to the right and up the stairs.

You'll immediately see two different Purple Demon Heads.  Psycho Slide each
one to kill them.  Go left, then down and fight a regular Demon head.  Go to
the right (past the hole), down, and left.  You will fight through a Rock
Golem, and three Purple Demon Heads.  Killing the last will get you an HP
bonus.  At the end of the hall, go up and grab the chest for the fourth and
final Red Jewel in this area.  Circle all the way back and jump down the hole
you passed up earlier.

Immediately use a Psycho Slide to kill the lazy Purple Demon Head.  Now
circle around along the path and find a Rock Golem to kill.  To the left is
a Demon Head.  Go left some more and find a Rock Golem and two more Purple
Demon Heads.  Dispatch all three and get a defense boost.  Exit in the
northwest staircase.

Go right, down, right and up the stairs.  This area is entirely linear, with
nothing of interest.  You'll end up in another room with no enemies, but this
one contains your prize.  Speak with the blue flame on the raised platform,
and it will show you the future.  When the cutscene ends, Will has the Gorgon
Flower in his possession.

Now there's nothing to do but leave.  Backtrack to the 3rd floor.  Head
straight down, and jump off the platform.  Run around to the right and back
downstairs.  Remember to wear the glasses.  Go to the left, up and right.
Jump down the hole to return to the first floor.  Jump off the raised
platform and exit to the south.  Go south into the other building.  From
here, go left and up into another screen.  Circle around and exit to the
south on the other side.  Go down and right to find the exit.  Navigate out
of the garden area (remember the exit is in the south).  In the next building
head up the steps, then down the other way and exit.  You are now almost
there.  Just run all the way down and you're finally out.  Return to the
Natives' Village.

[ Natives' Village ] --------------------------------------------------------

   ITEMS:  Red Jewel

Head into the house on the right.  Use the Gorgon Flower on all three girls
to revive them.  Then speak with the one standing in the middle to acquire a
Red Jewel.  Once that is done, speak with Kara, and say yes to head to your
next destination, Dao.

[ Dao ] ---------------------------------------------------------------------

   ITEMS:  Lola's Letter, Father's Journal, Red Jewel (x3)

Exit the house you are staying in.  In the alley to the left is a Dark Space
gateway if you need to use it.  Speak with the man playing the flute infront
of the house you are staying in.  He will give you the Lola's Letter and
Father's Journal items.  Go to the inventory screen and use both.

Enter the house next to yours and you will find Neil (who apparently after
becoming company president _still_ can't afford a decent shirt and pair of
pants).  Nothing much to be gained here, but talk to him nonetheless.  The
man standing in the alley next to Neil's residence happens to be the ever
present Gem the Jeweler.

Enter the house on the other side of this alley.  Speak with the man and then
hit one of the jars.  This prompts a mini-game where you strike as many of
the snakes coming out of the jars as possible.  The simplest way is to stand
just under the middle jar.  From this position, Will has enough reach to hit
either of the other jars, and his hit has enough range to strike the middle
jar as well.  After the game, your prize is two Red Jewels that the guy sends
to Gem himself.  Exit the house once you have your prize.

Head to the right of here, and you will find two merchants and a pair of
Kruks.  Stand above the left Kruk and search the vegetation to acquire the
third Red Jewel in Dao.  Hand this over to Gem.  Now, that there is nothing
left to do in Dao, leave and head to the Pyramid.

[ Pyramid ] -----------------------------------------------------------------

   ITEMS:  Aura, Red Jewel (x5), Heiroglyph (x6)
MONSTERS:  Laser Ball (118), Tomb Guardian (24), Invisible Birdhead (22),
           Mummy (47), Mummy Queen (boss)

Pyramid isn't too bad of a dungeon.  The solution to defeating it is simple
enough.  The problem lies in the enemies, which tend to be difficult to fight
in the cramped confines.  The one saving grace is that you will be using the
Dark Space gateway often, and thus, can conserve many of your Herbs.

Head down the steps to the right.  You'll immediately encounter two Laser
Balls.  Psycho Slide or Jump Attack to kill them both.  Doing so will give
you an increase in defense.  Killing the right side one will cause a blue
energy to free a Dark Space gateway.  Enter it.  Speak with Gaia to gain the
Aura item that is acts as a skill for Shadow.  use the right statue to become
the "ultimate warrior."

Exit Dark Space.  Either of the exits on the left or right lead out of the
Pyramid, so there's little point in using them.  The door in the center, at
the top of the stairs leads into a puzzle room you won't need to make use of
just yet.  Instead, equip the Aura item, and head to the right.

At the top of the stairs, you should see that the ground beneath is brick,
instead of solid black like most of the other parts.  These bricks mark an
area Shadow can make use of the Aura.  Do so, and this will drop you into a
seemingly empty room.  Examine the pillar on the left to acquire a Red Jewel.
When you have gotten this, use Aura again to fall into another chamber.

This area contains six doors, a Dark Space gateway, and a puddle.  This
puddle acts as a gateway back to the upper level.  The room is laid out like

 .====--====--====--========================--====--====--====. == North Wall
 |    D1    D2    D3    | DS          |     D4    D5    D6    | -- Door
 |                      |____     ____|                       | ~~ Stairs
 |                           |~~~|                            | DS Dark Space
 |                           |~~~|                            | WP Warp
 |                                                         WP |    Puddle

This Dark Space will allow you to transform into any of the three characters.
The basic idea is simple: the northern room on the upper level (the one I
told you had little use at the moment) contained six indentions.  You will
place stone plates into those slots (you should have gotten the general idea
after reading Will's father's journal.  Now, each of these doors eventually
leads to one of these plates.  Your job is to complete each "mini-dungeon"
and acquire all six plates to use in the puzzle.

Each room can only be completed using a specific character.  Will can
complete rooms 1 and 4 (and is necessary in gaining a Red Jewel from room 3).
Shadow is useful in completing rooms 2, 3, and 5.  Anyone can complete room
6.  Since you are already Shadow, enter into Door 2 first.

DOOR TWO:  Head down the steps to the left and defeat the first Laser Eye.
Go up to the platform and dispatch the pair camping out here.  Finally, there
is one more back on "ground level."  Now, the door at the left end leads to a
useless room with only a dead end, so ignore it.  There are two spots where
you can seep through the ground, as always marked by bricks.  Choose either,
as they lead to the same place.

Ignore the pit that should be immediately visible (it'll just take you to the
aforementioned useless room).  Go all the way to the right, down some stairs,
and enter the doorway to go down a level.  Destroy the pair of Laser Balls
that are in the immediate area.  Go to the left and encounter one more Laser
Ball, accompanied by a Tomb Guardian.  Defeating them nets you a defense
increase.  Continue further left and into the doorway at the end of the hall.

Head to the right and down the stairs.  Eliminate the two Laser Balls and
continue past them.  Further right are four more Laser Balls.  Use the steps
as cover while you take them down slowly.  Go down the long staircase and
fight it out with two more Laser Balls and a Tomb Guardian.  Go down these
stairs as well.  To the right are six more Laser Balls (get used to them,
there are plenty).  Again, go down this long staircase.

To the west are two more Laser Balls.  If you are afraid of advancing on
them, you can seep through the floor, and use the staircase below to sneak up
behind them.  When you kill them off, go down this last set of stairs and go

Kill the last two enemies of the area, a pair of Tomb Guardians.  Your reward
is a strength increase.  The end of the cooridor contains a chest and another
Red Jewel.  Now, time to backtrack.  Go up _four_ sets of stairs.  When you
clear the landing, you should see bricks in the floor.  Aura down from here
and land in a deep room.  There's a puddle, a hole (which leads back to the
Red Jewel chest) and a door.  Enter it and acquire a Heiroglyph.  Exit the
room, and use the puddle to go back to the top floor of the Pyramid.

Enter the door directly behind you and place the Heiroglyph in the second
slot from the left.  Now, get back down to the chamber with the many doors.
Enter door 3.

DOOR THREE:  Go to the right and defeat the gauntlet of four Laser Balls.
Further right lies a Tomb Guardian and one more Laser Ball.  Kill them both.
Ignore the ramp (you can't make use of it right now, since you are Shadow)
and go down the steps and through the door at the end.  Here, you will find a
Tomb Guardian and Laser Ball right off the bat.  There is nothing of interest
to you at the right, so head down the steps instead.  At the end, you will
find a seemingly empty room.  Actually, there are four Invisible Birdhead
monsters that will fire blockable projectiles at you.  They are lined up
against the back wall.  After killing them, use Aura to get further down.

Immediately, you will face a Tomb Guardian and Laser Ball.  Go to the right
and take out the Laser Ball.  Then go into the door at the far right end.
In here is a single Laser Ball.  Defeat it, then head back through the door
you came in from, and go all the way to the left.  Go through the door.

Move to the right and step on the weird switch on the floor.  This will move
a block so that your path is cleared.  Follow the path to the right and
destroy two Laser Balls.  Again, step on the switch to create a path to go
on.  Head all the way west and take out the quartet of Laser Balls.  Step on
the switch (by now, this should go without saying).  Dash all the way to the
right and enter the door.

You will emerge into another room, with two Invisible Birdheads flanking you.
After dispatching them, step on the switch (you'd think they'd throw in a
little variety).  Go left, take out one more Laser Ball and step on this
switch.  Head all the way to the right and stop just infront of the switch.
There is an Invisible Birdhead here, so kill it, _then_ step on the switch.

Run all the way to the left and meet up with half a dozen Laser Balls.
Because of the cramped confines of the area, you will likely take some
damage.  I suggest you just swing like a madman because you will likely end
up on top.  Plus, you do not encounter another enemy until you reach a Dark
Space, so it is safe to do so even if you have meager HP at the moment.  For
those true perfectionists, you can use Aura to temporarily dodge some attacks
but it is realistically more trouble than it is worth.  Defeating them all
should grant you a strength boost.

Step on the switch, then go all the way to the right.  Enter the door and
grab the Heiroglyph.  Exit and use the puddle to warp back to the top of the
pyramid.  Again, place it into the puzzle; this belongs in the third slot
from the left.  Now head back to the chamber with many doors and enter the
fifth door.

DOOR FIVE:  Head right and defeat two Tomb Guardians.  At the end of the hall
lies a set of stairs and a Laser Ball.  If you just wait, standing out of
the line of fire, but close enough to see the Laser Ball on your screen, it
will slowly advance on you.  This way, it will get close enough to kill
without exposing Shadow to any direct hits.  Go down the stairs and Aura
through the area with bricks.

You emerge in an ambush by a Laser Ball and a Tomb Guardian.  Head to the
right and take out an Invisible Birdhead.  Standing here, use Aura and you
will arrive at a room with a treasure chest.  Open it for a Red Jewel.  With
no other apparent exit, use the puddle to get back to the surface.

Now head back down to the chamber of many rooms, take the fifth door, go all
the way to the right, down the steps and Aura through.  You are back to the
area we left off.  Go up the steps to the left and take out a pair of Laser
Balls acting sentry.  At the top of the stairs there are six other Laser
Balls.  Do take the trouble of killing them all.

Now, on the far left end of this floor are bricks.  Seep through using Aura.
When you land, take out two Invisible Birdheads.  With that done, you will
receive an HP boost in the entire game.  Enter the only door in sight.

Head right and encounter a pair of Mummies.  Be sure to kill the spirits
before they make contact with you.  Go further right and encounter a Tomb
Guardian with a Laser Ball.  If you need to, seep through and up the steps
to attack from behind (or below, rather).  Further right is another Laser
Ball, this time accompanied by a pair of Mummies.  You now have two sets of
stairs to choose from (ignore the bricks, they just lead to the same areas
as the staircases).

The two will eventually circle around to the same area, but for simplicity's
sake, let's take left staircase for now.  You will find a Tomb Guardian soon
enough.  At the end of the cooridor lies a trio of Mummies.  Take the next
set of stairs further down.  You should see a pit.  Past that is an Invisible
Birdhead.  After killing it, dive into the pit.  Go to the right, kill the
Invisible Birdhead, and through the door.

Head left and kill a Tomb Guardian on the landing.  Go further left and face
a quartet of Mummies at the top of the stairs.  Once you've kill them all, go
back down to the landing and Aura through it.  You will arrive in a familiar
area.  Jump down the pit, and this time, head to the left.  Near the end of
the cooridor are two Tomb Guardians.  Your strength will be boosted once you
eliminate them.  Then go through the door in the west end and grab the
Heiroglyph.  Exit the room and use the puddle to get back to the top of the
Pyramid.  This is the Heiroglyph from the fifth room, so insert it into the
fifth slot.

Using Aura, go back down to the chamber of many rooms.  Enter Dark Space,
and transform into Will.  Now go into the third door.  Charge a Psycho Spin
and go all the way to the right.  Spin over the ramp to the other end.  Be
sure to kill the lone Invisible Birdhead hiding out here.  This grants a
defense increase.  Now grab the chest for another Red Jewel.  Psycho Spin
back over, go to the left, and exit back into the room with many doors.
Now enter the first door from the left.

DOOR ONE:  Ignore the door and go to the left.  Take out the Laser Ball at
the bottom of the landing.  Psycho Spin up the ramp.  Then charge another
Psycho Spin and use it on the next ramp to jump over a chasm.  Go all the
way to the left and kill two Laser Balls.  Now step through the door.

Immediately take out the Laser Ball in plain view.  Then go to the right.
There are two more Laser Balls here.  After dispatching them, jump down the
pit.  There is a Laser Ball to your left and a Tomb Guardian to your right.
Head right and up the stairs to encounter another pair of Laser Balls.  Then
head through the door.  You emerge right at the beginning.  Psycho Spin
across two ramps and go through a door.  Now, head into the door to the left.

Kill the two Laser Balls in immediate sight.  This grants a defense increase.
Take the right door to exit.  Go left and take out the Laser Ball on the
landing.  As you approach the left, you will find half a dozen Laser Balls
blocking the way.  Psycho Spin one way and back to kill them all.  At the far
left end are two more of the oh-so-lovable Laser Balls.  Go through the door

Charge a Psycho Spin.  When you get to the first ramp, stop infront of it
and Psycho Spin across it.  This gives you the momentum needed to traverse
the long hill further down.  Past that is a Tomb Guardian.  Past it are three
more Laser Balls.  Head down the steps and take out the Tomb Guardian to get
a boost in defense.  Charge a Psycho Spin and use it to jump the ramp further
left.  Here, enter the room, take the Heiroglyph and use the puddle to exit
to the top of the Pyramid.

This goes into the first slot.  Now, enter Dark Space, transform into Shadow,
Aura back down a level, transform back to Will and enter the fourth door.

DOOR FOUR:  Go left and take out the pair of Laser Balls.  Past them is a
Tomb Guardian.  Then take the door down at the far west end.  Here, there are
seven Laser Balls in your way.  Use either the Jump Attack or Psycho Slider
to take them all out.  Do not use Psycho Spin, or you may move so far as to
fall down the hill.  Once you defeat all the Laser Balls, then run down the
ramp.  Head in the doorway.

Emerge in the room flanked by four Mummies.  Psycho Slider is quite effective
against them, and their spirit counterparts.  Use the left doorway/stairs
when you kill them off.  In here, there are two Mummies and a Laser Ball.
After you eliminate them, go into the rightmost door.  You will find a lone
Mummy.  Kill it and head back downstairs.  Now enter the leftmost door.

In here are three Mummies and a pair of Laser Balls.  Advance slowly so you
only activate one Mummy at a time.  Once you defeat them all, use the left
door.  This room also contains a trio of Mummies, but no Laser Balls.  Again
go through the doorway on the left.  Here, there are two Tomb Guardians and
another trio of Mummies.  Due to amazing creativity on the parts of the game
creators, the door is on the left side (again).

This seemingly empty room is home to four Invisible Birdheads, two on each
side.  Make sure you attack before they do.  Once you kill them all, another
defense boost is granted.  Exit through the left door.

Go down the steps.  Head right and go down the stairs again (ignore the Laser
Balls for now.  You will arrive in a chamber that contains four Laser Balls
and four Invisible Birdheads.  Make sure you don't advance too far before
seeing the fireballs so you don't accidently run into the unseen foes.  When
you kill them all off, head further right and up the steps.  Take out the
Tomb Guardian.  Then go left and you will come around behind the Laser Balls
you ignored earlier.  There are three of them.  Now, go left and up the steps
that you came from earlier.

At the top of the stairs, head around them to the right.  Charge up a Psycho
Spin.  Now slowly make you way through the dropping spiked ceiling.  When you
pass the next one, stand infront of the second section and begin the Psycho
Spin.  Go once you have a clear lane, and you will pass up both the dropping
ceiling and a ramp beyond.

Stop before the steps going down.  Charge up another Psycho Spin.  Release it
once the third section gives you a clear lane and take out one lone Laser
Ball, and four more atop a ramp area.  Go past an unremarkable fourth and
fifth section of the wall.  When you can, go into the door along the north

Six Mummies will immediately ambush you.  Psycho Slider, Psycho Dash and
Psycho Spin are all essentially useless in this cramped area, so just stick
with the regular Jump Attack.  Once you defeat the six, you earn a strength
augmentation.  Grab the chest for a Red Jewel.  Head back upstairs, and take
the rightmost exit.

Move to the right and stop infront of the falling ceiling section.  Once it
retracts up, run to the right, down and up a set of ramps, and stop just
infront of the next ramp.  This should provide you a small bit of space to
charge a Psycho Spin.  Run across to the right, and through two Invisible
Birdheads.  You'll have to stop after passing them, and another section of
falling ceiling, them come back to take them out for good.  Psycho Spin
further to the right and take out two Laser Balls.  Now, go into the door
at the far right end.

You should know the drill by now.  Grab the Heiroglyph, exit the room, and
use the puddle to get back to the top of the Pyramid.  Place this stone into
the fourth slot.  Now, transform into Shadow, Aura through the bricks and
arrive in the room with many doors.  Now, transform to whomever you like and,
and enter the sixth, and final door.  Shadow can take use Aura, but you don't
really need it.  At this point, Freedan is still your strongest with the
powered up Dark Friar, so I suggest you use him.

DOOR SIX:  Head to the right into a chamber with one Laser Ball and a trio
of Mummies.  Go further right and find another chmaber with three Mummies and
three Laser Balls.  It would appear you've reached a dead end, but you can
use the slot the middle Mummy was in as a staircase.

Go left and take out three Laser Balls and two Mummies.  Enter the hole in
the right to go down a level.  From here, run east and find a lone Invisible
Birdhead.  Head back up, and go left.  Take out three more Mummies.  The
middle slot will take you further.

There is a lone Invisible Birdhead along the right wall and another along
the left wall.  A single Tomb Guardian also roams the room.  Kill all three
and get an HP boost.  Take the left door to another area.

Run to the right, ignoring the staircase, and plow through the enemies.  By
the time you finish, you should be at the far right wall, with another set
of stairs going down, and you should have killed 9 Mummies, 5 Laser Balls,
and a Tomb Guardian.  The second mummy slot from the right contains the
hidden staircase you need to get further.  For now, take a detour to the

Heading left, you should eventually find a single Tomb Guardian and a single
Invisible Birdhead.  Kill them both, and you get a defense boost.  Now head
back to the right and down the second mummy slot from the right.

Enter the right door and grab the Heiroglyph.  Exit the room and use the
puddle to warp back up.  Go into the room with the other Heiroglyphs, and
confront Jackal.  When prompted, play Lola's Melody and fry Jackal.  After
Kara's little dialogue, place the final Heiroglyph in place.  Then exit the
room.  You should notice a new puddle on the floor.  This takes you to the
boss.  Ignore it for now, and enter Dark Space.  Heal and save, then choose
which warrior you want to use to battle the Mummy Queen.  Will has not real
advantages to the fight, so he shouldn't be used.  Freedan has the Friar
Shot making it easiest for him to connect.  But Shadow is overall the most
useful.  His attacks deal more, his range is good enough, and Aura is
deceptively useful for dodging.  Whichever you choose, take them into the


 BOSS FIGHT:  Mummy Queen [40 HP]

 She is a rather simple boss fight to win.  Will deals one damage, Freedan
 two, and Shadow three.  You have two platforms to roam around on.  On the
 lower level, either puddle on each side will warp you up top.  On the upper
 level, you can jump down to the bottom at the middle point.

 The Mummy Queen only has three real attacks.  The first occurs whenever you
 decide to hit her.  She will turn into a spirit, then eight version of this
 spirit will fly out.  It is simple to dodge because the trajectory of each
 spirit is obvious.  They go in all four cardinal directions, and the four
 diagonals.  Once they are spread out, the spirits will then chase you for
 awhile before reforming the Mummy Queen.  Either warp upstairs, or jump
 down whenever you are being chased.

 The second attack shoots a giant blue energy ball from the Mummy Queen's
 sceptor.  Rather easy to dodge.  Aside from just moving out of the way, you
 can again change levels to avoid it.  Shadow can even melt into Aura to
 achieve much the same effect.

 The final attack causes tremors which make large slabs of rock fall.  It is
 generally safer to be on ground level during this attack.  Shadow has the
 added benefit of avoiding the attack through Aura.

 Now then, all you really have to do is smack the Mummy Queen, then dodge
 the spirits.  Keep an eye open for her other attacks in case she ever gets
 to pull them off.  After taking off a good majority of her HP, the Mummy
 Queen will change up the spirits attack.  Rather than have all eight shoot
 out, they will form a ring and continue rotating.  In this manner, they
 will roam around the area.  To make her revert back to her damageable form,
 you must strike the single spirit that is still normal appearing (all seven
 others will be blinking).  Shadow can hit them safely with his reach, but
 be wary because the ring of spirits contracts and expands at intervals.
 Freedan has an easier time because Dark Friar will rip this attack up.
 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

After you defeat her, there will be a brief cutscene.  You will arrive back
at Dao, in Neil's current residence.  Speak with him and you will fly to the
fabled Tower of Babel.

[ Tower of Babel ] ----------------------------------------------------------

   ITEMS:  Red Jewel, Crystal Ring

Head into the building.  Then go all the way to the right, and you will be
stopped as Will remembers the spot between two Freedan statues that he found
his flute.  Search the box-like object and find the final Red Jewel of the
entire game ('bout time).

Further right is a row of spikes.  Use the ledge to cross.  At the end of the
cooridor is a doorway cut off by laser beams.  Run headlong into them, and
cause Will to be thrown back.  Coincidentally, the long-sought Crystal Ring
falls off of the flute.  Grab it, equip it, and run through the lasers, this
time unscathed.

On this next floor, Kara has followed you (though this should be evident
after the parachute scene earlier).  She apparently used the ring found on
the Incan Gold Ship to get passed the lasers.  Anyway, head left and speak
with all the spirits as you go along.  They reveal more of the story.  The
exit is at the far west end.

On this floor, again speak with the spirits as you go by.  Eventually you
will reach an ornately decorated door in the middle of the room.  A Dark
Space is to the right, so use it to save.  Enter the distinctive door to face
off with Castoth again.  The battle is rather simple, with only two changes.
For starters, you face this (and all other repeat boss battles) using Shadow.
Secondly, Castoth now fires off two of the fire-electric ricochet things.
Don't worry about taking too much damage from him, you just need to survive.
Of course, you should get through this with relative ease.  Once you defeat
him, re-enter teh Dark Space, heal, and exit.  Go to the door on the far east

Same drill as before.  Go to the west, and enter the door.  Shadow should
take out Viper extremely quickly.  As far as it seems, Viper has no new
attacks, and is still vunerable during his second technique.  Enter the far
left door.

Move into the center of the weird stones on the floor.  They will transport
you high into the tower.  Exit this room.  To the right, and enter the by-now
familiar door.  Shadow will fight off against the two Vampires, Jack and
Silvana.  More than likely, this is where you will take the most damage.  If
you have to use an Herb, it isn't a big deal.  Once that is done, take the
door at the far right side.

Go left, and enter the door.  This battle is against Sand Fanger.  Like the
others, nothing much has changed.  It should be quite a bit easier, as Shadow
deals way more damage than Will ever did.  Likewise, Sand Fanger's little
offsprings are taken out with one hit from Shadow.  Once that is over with,
exit in the left.

You emerge in a balcony area.  Speak with the Viper-like creature to be taken
higher.  Once you are put down, the door is on the left side.  Go left and
into the chamber to face off with the Mummy Queen.  She is no different than
before.  Just make sure you survive the encounter, it does not matter with
how much HP intact.

Take the door on the right to go up another level.  Go to the door on the
left.  Speak with the Vampire and be taken further up.  Exit this room and
find Kara again.  Run to the right and enter Dark Space.  Save, heal and
listen to Gaia.  At this point, you can either head through the doorway to
the final sections of the game, or you can speak with the spirit and head
back to Dao.  Doing so allows you to take the 50th Red Jewel back to Gem and
access a secret dungeon.  This side quest is described in a later section.

Anyway, head through the door.  Now go to the left and enter this door.  Here
lies the physical remains of Olman.  Speak with his spirit and be transported
to the roof of the Tower of Babel.

Here, speak with each one of the spirits.  Converse with Olman, then Kara.
All the spirits and Kara merge with Will to unlock the Dark Warrior Shadow's
ultimate powers.  He will fly to the comet and the final stages of the game


 BOSS FIGHT:  Comet [20 HP]

 This boss only has twenty HP and one attack.  Once it opens its mouth, hit
 it with one of Shadow's Firebirds.  It will fire off a blast, and then
 many mini-blasts fall from the sky.  They are relatively easy to dodge.
 Just repeat this dance for a couple of turns and it'll be defeated.

 Once you defeat the Comet's face, Dark Gaia appears...


 BOSS FIGHT:  Dark Gaia [40 HP]

 This battle isn't particularly difficult, but it is very long.  Dark Gaia
 only has three attacks, but they go on constantly.

 The first is the one that is non-stop throughout the entire fight.  To the
 left and right sides of Dark Gaia, blue water bubbles will appear, and come
 out Shadow.  Simply fire off Firebirds to stave them off.  Nothing else you
 can really do about them.

 The second attack has Dark Gaia firing two green electric blasts from her
 two spires.  These will make a bee-line for you and are incredibly fast
 compared to the water bubbles.  They also home in on Shadow, so straight up
 dodging is difficult.  The secret: they are blockable.  Just use your handy
 telekinesis, and from any direction, they will be nullified.  The only
 danger they pose is that using telekinesis may put you in danger of being
 hit by one of the bubbles.

 The third attack occurs when Dark Gaia opens her mouth.  There is a brief
 lag, then she fires a green energy beam straight down.  Generally, it is
 not wide enough to really warrant danger.  The problem, though, is that
 only at this time (i.e. when she has her mouth open) can she be damaged.
 So this forces you to stay in teh line of fire to be able to do any damage.

 The counter is simple.  Stand under her head, and fire like a madman when
 she opens her mouth.  After you get a few good hits in, use Aura and this
 will cause you to avoid the giant beam-o'-death.  When you re-emerge, you
 may be hit by a few water bubbles, but it is a small price to pay.

 Just remember, hit the water bubbles, telekinesis against the fast energy
 balls shot from the spires, and Aura after getting a few hits in.  Since
 this is the final battle of the game, feel free to blow all your Herbs.
 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

You've just beaten the game; congratulations.  The ending and especially the
credits are long and drawn out.  At the end there is a nice picture of how
Will and Co. fare in the new world.

     V.  Gem's Mansion Side Quest

The reward for collectingly all fifty Red Jewels in the game is a secret
bonus dungeon.  The enemies are plentiful, but you will gain _no_ bonus for
defeating any of them, aside from the paltry Dark Gems.  Don't expect bonuses
in HP, strength, or defense.  Additionally, defeating the boss does nothing
as well.

All you can gain from this is an Herb, and some severe eyestrain (I kid you
not).  Those spirits make a nifty effect for the dungeon, but I'm lucky it
hasn't blinded me as of yet.  Still, the dungeon is a short one.

To get here, you'll have to acquire all fifty Red Jewels, obviously.  The
final one is in the Tower of Babel.  Once you get to the final save point, a
spirit will offer to take you back to Dao.  Accept the offer, then speak with
Gem.  He will transport you to his mansion.

   ITEMS:  Herb
MONSTERS:  Red Lizard (12), Blue Floating Eye (17), Green Land Worm (9),
           Solid Arm (boss)

You'll notice that all the enemies in this dungeon are essentially powered up
versions of those you fought in the Diamond Mines.  Take note that there are
no Dark Spaces in this dungeon.  Again, don't bother killing any enemies you
do not have to.  It serves no purpose.  Psycho Slider is your best friend
here, because of its invunerability frames, and the fact that it takes you
through the enemies.  Psycho Spin is just as effective, though it takes a bit

Go left to find two Red Lizards.  You have to kill the left one, so that a
blue energy will break open the barrier.  Further left is another pair of Red
Lizards, and a Blue Floating Eye.  Kill the latter to cause a second blue
energy to free your path.  Now go left, up, then left to find two Blue
Floating Eyes and another Red Lizard.  Walk up to them and hit them with a
single standard attack.  This pushes them all back, and you are free to go
further north.

Run through a gauntlet of four Blue Floating Eyes.  Single standard strikes
are most effective in moving them out of the way.  After this, use Psycho
Slider to bypass two Red Lizards and two Blue Floating Eyes and go right.

Head south, through another gauntlet, this one consisting of one Red Lizard
and four Blue Floating Eyes.  Head all the way south, then right to get to a
staircase.  Head across it, killing or avoiding the Red Lizard standing atop
it.  When you reach the floor again, go up to a dead end with two Blue
Floating Eyes.  Move them out of the way in whichever manner you prefer, and
grab the chest for an Herb.

Now, go back down, past the stairs, and to the left.  There is one Blue
Floating Eye, and one Red Lizard.  Now, use Psycho Slider and pass through
the black space under the left set of stairs going up.  This takes you to the
rest of the mansion.

Head north.  Psycho Slide through the Blue Floating Eye that is in your way.
Go left, past a Red Lizard, over the stairs, and past another Red Lizard.
This will take you to a door, where the boss lies.


 BOSS FIGHT:  Solid Arm [40 HP]

 Here, you will find the optional boss of the game.  You'll have a brief
 conversation with Solid Arm, on who he is, and how he has been manipulating
 you throughout your journey.  Such a nice guy, eh?

 The battle is laid out in a small room.  There are two platforms, the north
 one where Solid Arm starts and stays, and the south one where you start.
 Aside form this, there are three conveyor belts that allow you to get to
 the other side.  Solid Arm has three main attacks.

 The first occurs when Will is on the south platform, and the two foes are
 more or less lined up.  Solid Arm will fire three fireballs from his mouth
 at the same time.  These will reach the south platform, then turn and
 somewhat track you.  These can be blocked by telekinesis given you are
 facing the correct direction.

 The second occurs when Will is on the south platform, and the two are not
 lined up.  Solid Arm fires a single fireball that goes at a 45 degree
 diagonal, then semi-tracks like his other fireballs.  Again, you can block
 using telekinesis so long as you face the correct direction.

 The third occurs if Will is on the north platform.  Solid Arm will move
 close, and start swinging his arms in attack.  During this attack, he is
 completely invunerable.  An added bonus, Solid Arm can do this continuously
 so do _not_ let him trap you in a corner, or you are screwed.

 There are two particular strategies that work well in defeating Solid Arm.
 The first is to get to the north platform, then Psycho Slide back and forth
 all the while, avoiding Solid Arm's attacks.  You should ideally start the
 Psycho Slider close to Solid Arm while it is still walking (so that the
 move actually connects and is not negated by *its* attacks).

 The second is slightly more difficult to do, but much more effective.  At
 the start of the fight, walk right up to the beginning of the middle
 conveyor belt, but not on it.  Immediately use telekinesis to block the
 fireballs shot your way.  Then swing the flute once.  It should connect.
 If not, you are too far away.  Don't get too close, or the conveyor belt
 will pick you up and run you right into the enemy.  After one hit, block
 again.  Then hit again.  Rinse and repeat.  Eventually, the fireballs
 blocked will push Will away very slowly.  When this happens, walk up a
 hair to get back into position.  Again, avoid getting caught by the belt.

 If you are feeling lucky, you can effectively get two hits per block on
 occassion.  If you do it twice in a row, do not attempt the third, or you
 will take damage, because Will's recovery isn't _that_ good.  Also, be sure
 that when you are blocking, you block the middle and left fireball.  If you
 only block the middle one, the other two will curve in and hit Will.  Lucky
 for you, Solid Arm starts off slightly off center, so if you just walk
 straight up, you'll be in the perfect position.

 Each hit deals one damage.  Be patient.  Once you beat him, you get some
 praise, and are taken back to the final Dark Space in the Tower of Babel.
 If you try and go back to Gem, you will find that he is no longer available
 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    VI.  Appendix

- Items -

  Item Name:  Herb
Description:  Restores Strength.
       Note:  Restores 8 HP.
   Location:  Gem (3 Red Jewels), Edward's Prison (chest), Larai Cliff
              (chest x2), Freejia (garbage can), Diamond Mine (chest), Sky
              Garden (chest x2), Angel Village: Ishtar's puzzle (chest),
              China's Great Wall (chest), Ankor Wat (chest), Gem's Mansion

  Item Name:  Lola's Melody
Description:  Melody learned from Lola.
   Location:  Will's House (before going to Edward's Castle)

  Item Name:  Prison Key
Description:  Edward Castle Prison Key.
   Location:  Edward's Prison (Hamlet brings it to you)

  Item Name:  Meat
Description:  Large roast from Edward Castle.
   Location:  Edward's Castle (barrel)

  Item Name:  Inca Statue A
Description:  Statue shaped like a spirit.
   Location:  Itory Village (cave)

  Item Name:  Inca Statue B
Description:  Statue shaped like a spirit.
   Location:  Home of Moon Tribe (cave)

  Item Name:  Blue Block
Description:  Diamond-shaped block.
   Location:  Larai Cliff (chest)

  Item Name:  Wind Melody
Description:  Melody played by Incan Wind.
   Location:  Larai Cliff

  Item Name:  Elevator Key
Description:  Diamond Mine Elevator Key.
   Location:  Diamond Mine (laborer gives it to you)

  Item Name:  Mine Key A
Description:  Key found in morgue.
   Location:  Diamond Mine (morgue)

  Item Name:  Mine Key B
Description:  Key obtained from Laborer in Diamond Mine
   Location:  Diamond Mine (laborer)

  Item Name:  Memory Melody
Description:  Memory Melody from Laborer.  Restores Memory.
   Location:  Diamond Mine (Sam the laborer)

  Item Name:  Crystal Ball
Description:  Fits into Crystal Tile.
   Location:  Sky Garden (chest x4)

  Item Name:  Purify Stone
Description:  Purifies fountain in Palace.
   Location:  Seaside Palace (casket)

  Item Name:  Palace Key
Description:  Key to Mu tunnel.
   Location:  Seaside Palace (man in a dead-end room gives it to you)

  Item Name:  Statue of Hope
Description:  Statue containing hopes of Mu people.
   Location:  Mu (floor x2)

  Item Name:  Rama Statue
Description:  Statue which breaks the seal of Rama.
   Location:  Mu (chest x2)

  Item Name:  Magic Dust
Description:  Magic powder.  Releases person from painting.
   Location:  Angel Village, Ishtar's room (chest; must complete puzzle)

  Item Name:  Lance's letter
Description:  Letter from Lance.
   Location:  Acquired after Watermia cutscenes.

  Item Name:  Will
Description:  Will given to Russian Glass Opponent.
   Location:  Watermia (after winning Russian Glass game)

  Item Name:  Red Apple
Description:  Apple from Euro Market.
      Notes:  You need to give 3 of these to Ann.  Must get them separately.
   Location:  Euro (market)

  Item Name:  Mushroom Drop
Description:  Grows plants from ends of stalks.
   Location:  Mountain Temple (chest x3)

  Item Name:  Teapot
Description:  Jar filled with tears.
   Location:  Mountain Temple (chest)

  Item Name:  Black Glasses
Description:  Protects from bright light.
   Location:  Ankor Wat (in the garden area on the ground)

  Item Name:  Gorgon Flower
Description:  Restores things turned to stone.
   Location:  Ankor Wat (received at the end of the dungeon)

  Item Name:  Lola's Letter
Description:  Letter from Bill and Lola.
   Location:  Dao (man playing the flute outside your house gives it to you)

  Item Name:  Father's Journal
Description:  Will's father's journal.  Info on Pyramid.
   Location:  Dao (man playing the flute outside your house gives it to you)

  Item Name:  Aura
Description:  Dark Knight Shadow's Body turns to water.
      Notes:  Though this is an item, it serves more as Shadow's ability.
   Location:  Dark Space in Pyramid (Gaia)

  Item Name:  Heiroglyph
Description:  Plate with heiroglyph.
   Location:  Pyramid (end of mini-dungeon x6)

  Item Name:  Crystal Ring
Description:  Ring hidden in Flute.
   Location:  Tower of Babel (falls off of Flute)

- Red Jewels -

-- The Jewel Locations --

RED JEWEL 01:  South Cape; to the left side of the school tower bell.
RED JEWEL 02:  South Cape; inside the rightmost pot along the north wall in
               Lance's basement.
RED JEWEL 03:  South Cape; from the pot next to the fisherman.  Only occurs
               when the fisherman is in his third position, the one next to
               the seaside cave entrance.  Use the cave entrance to enter and
               exit continuously until the fisherman appears there.
RED JEWEL 04:  Edward's Castle; on the first floor, in the right end is a
               large pillar.  There is a person hidden behind this pillar
               unseen.  Speak with this person and be given a Red Jewel.
RED JEWEL 05:  Edward's Prison; along the dungeon, there will be a switch
               that is rusted shut and cannot be activated by a simple hit.
               Climb the stairs to the left and jump down onto the switch.
               This will open a room in which a treasure chest contains this
RED JEWEL 06:  Edward's Prison; within a treasure chest in the pier area.
RED JEWEL 07:  Edward's Prison; in the screen directly after the dungeon
               there will be a row of barrels to the right side.  Stand on
               the right side and search the lowermost barrel.
RED JEWEL 08:  Itory Village; the logs infront of a house near the entrance.
RED JEWEL 09:  Larai Cliff; within a treasure chest.
RED JEWEL 10:  Incan Gold Ship; once you are awake, head to the deck and
               speak with Seth.  Do this _before_ finding the queen's corpse,
               or a sequence will occur making Seth... no longer available.
RED JEWEL 11:  Oakton; search the jar to the right of the house door.
RED JEWEL 12:  Freejia; search the pot on the second floor of the inn.
RED JEWEL 13:  Freejia; speak with the shady guy in the far right alley.
RED JEWEL 14:  Freejia; turn in the escaped slave and be rewarded.
RED JEWEL 15:  Diamond Mine; free a laborer from behind a wall using the
               Psycho Dash.  The thankful laborer sends three Red Jewels to
               Gem for you.
RED JEWEL 16:  Diamond Mine; see above.
RED JEWEL 17:  Diamond Mine; see above.
RED JEWEL 18:  Sky Garden; treasure chest contains this.
RED JEWEL 19:  Sky Garden; another treasure chest contains this.
RED JEWEL 20:  Seaside Palace; treasure chest contains this.
RED JEWEL 21:  Seaside Palace; another treasure chest contains this.
RED JEWEL 22:  Seaside Palace; still another chest houses a Red Jewel.
RED JEWEL 23:  Mu; from treasure chest accessable after second Statue of Hope
               is used in the second Room of Hope.
RED JEWEL 24:  Angel Village; search the fountain where everyone is dancing.
RED JEWEL 25:  Angel Village; in the dungeon, slide into an extra room to
               find it in a treasure chest.
RED JEWEL 26:  Angel Village; search a jar in the room left of Ishtar's.
RED JEWEL 27:  Angel Village; during Ishtar's puzzle sequence, it is in a
               treasure chest in the sixth room.
RED JEWEL 28:  Watermia; search the northwestern most part in the southwest.
RED JEWEL 29:  Watermia; search the northeastern pot in the Gambling House.
RED JEWEL 30:  China's Great Wall; search a treasure chest.
RED JEWEL 31:  Euro; bring an apple to Ann from the market three times.
RED JEWEL 32:  Euro; search the wall inside a hidden alley.
RED JEWEL 33:  Euro; search a pot inside the slave "holding pen" behind the
               statue in the shrine.
RED JEWEL 34:  Watermia; once you go to Euro, leave and wander back to
               Watermia.  Speak with Lance and he'll hand over this jewel he
               found in his father's belongings.
RED JEWEL 35:  Mountain Temple; a treasure chest houses this jewel.
RED JEWEL 36:  Natives' Village; search the southern pot in the right house.
RED JEWEL 37:  Ankor Wat; a treasure chest contains this jewel.
RED JEWEL 38:  Ankor Wat; a treasure chest contains this jewel.
RED JEWEL 39:  Ankor Wat; a treasure chest contains this jewel.
RED JEWEL 40:  Ankor Wat; a treasure chest contains this jewel.
RED JEWEL 41:  Natives' Village; after using the Gorgon Flowers on the girls,
               "speak" with the one in the middle.
RED JEWEL 42:  Dao; Win the snake mini-game and you get two jewels.
RED JEWEL 43:  Dao; see above.
RED JEWEL 44:  Dao; search the vegetation in the right side of town.
RED JEWEL 45:  Pyramid; from the starting floor, seep through at the far
               right hand side.  This will take you to a hidden room.  Search
               the left pillar.
RED JEWEL 46:  Pyramid; within a chest in the door 2 mini-dungeon.
RED JEWEL 47:  Pyramid; a chest in the door 5 mini-dungeon.
RED JEWEL 48:  Pyramid; use Will in door 3 mini-dungeon to jump a ramp and
               find a chest at the far end.
RED JEWEL 49:  Pyramid; the door 4 mini-dungeon contains a chest with this.
RED JEWEL 50:  Tower of Babel; search the alter where Will found his flute.

-- Gem's Inventory (a.k.a. your rewards) --

Herb            3  (can be acquired before leaving South Cape)
Defense Force   5  (can be acquired after returning from Edward's Prison)
Life Force      8  (can be acquired after you reach Itory Village)
Strength       12  (can be acquired as early as Freejia)
Psycho Power   20  (can be acquired as soon as you get to Angel Village)
Dark Power     30  (can be acquired as soon as you reach Watermia)
My Secrets     50  (can be acquired at the Tower of Babel)

For the most part, the items are rather self-explanatory.  Any "force"
rewards are just stat boosts.  "Strength" is really "Strength Force," but the
screen couldn't fit the entire name, so it is shortened.  Psycho Power is a
boost to the power of Psycho Dash.  Dark Power is the powerup that allows the
blast to detonate and split into four spiralling attacks.

"My Secrets" refers to Gem taking you to the extra dungeon, Gem's Mansion.
Here, you can earn an extra Herb and fight a special boss, Solid Arm from the
Soul Blazer game.

- Monsters -

A few notes on this section:  For starters, the names used are those that I
personally made up.  For the most part, they are descriptive names that came
to mind when I first saw them.  I have little idea what the official names
are, or if official names exist.  The instruction manual does not seem to
list them at all.

Additionally, the amount of Dark Gems they drop may not be accurate.  I have
listed all that I have personally noticed dropped, but it could be entirely
possible there is some random variance occuring, that could make a monster
who normally only drops one Dark Gem drop five; I can't be sure.  Also, the
ones that are listed as "varies" are those that seem to drop 1, 2 or 5
randomly and these values will fluctuate often.

Finally, the number in parenthesis at the end is the number of those specific
enemies you encounter throughout the course of the game.  The listings are
done by location of the enemies.

-- Edward's Prison --

Bat                 3 HP    1 DP                                         (32)
 There is really nothing to these guys.  They just run around with hopes of
 colliding with you and doing damage.  Attack or Jump Attack to kill them
 off quickly and without hassle.

Tentacle Eye        5 HP    1 DP                                         (16)
 These guys are also nothing to be worried about.  They will spring up in
 the water and attack.  When they fire the projectile, simply block with
 telekinesis.  Just be sure not to be standing so close that the projectile
 goes around your defense.

Skeleton            6 HP    1 DP                                         (14)
 This is another of those generic try-to-run-into-you enemies.  Aside from
 that, they can throw a bone-like boomerang.  No worries as this can either
 be dodged, or more conveniently, blocked by telekinesis.

Brown Skeleton      14 HP for the body, 10 HP for the head    1 DP        (2)
 The difference with these guys is that after you deal 14 HP of damage, the
 body is destroyed, but the head remains.  This will float around and try
 to damage you.  Just dodge and attack.  10 HP will take out the head.

Brown Bat           10 HP                                                 (1)
 There is only one of these in the entire game.  It will circle around a
 certain area in a set pattern.  Just stand back and watch it for a bit and
 you should pick up on it.  Stand outside its range and smack it whenever it
 comes by.  No threat at all.

-- Larai Cliff --

Caterpillar          6 HP    1 DP                                        (16)
 These little critters will turn into a ball and roll at you.  The horror,
 the horror.  Not at all dangerous, because even if they come at you in
 their "attack" you can simply hit them, and knock them back.  Just a note,
 of the 16, six of them are in the Itory Village Cave.  The remaining ten
 are at Larai Cliff.

Mudman               8 HP    2 DP                                        (23)
 You generic attempt-to-hit but completely incapable of such monster.  Just
 smack them until they fall over (or rather, what passes for falling over as
 far as Mudmen go).

Four-Head            9 HP    1 DP                                        (27)
 These things are stationary.  When you approach, they will spin and stop,
 then fire off projectiles in four directions.  They will either shoot in
 the four cardinal directions, or in the four diagonals.  You _can_ blcok
 these with the telekinesis.

Slime                6 HP    1 DP                                        (29)
 These guys will seep into the floor, then reappear in another area shortly
 after.  Just keep moving and there is nothing to fear from these guys.

Floating Head        8 HP    5 DP                                        (11)
 Be wary of theses guys.  They will spin around attempting to ram into you
 like most other enemies.  Just keep an eye out for their "flight-pattern"
 so to speak and strike whenever you can.

Blue Caterpillars    6 HP    1 DP                                        (11)
 Not much different than their green counterparts.

Guardian            11 HP    2 DP                                        (16)
 Let these monsters come straight at you, then attack them from a side or
 behind.  Don't stay in their line of sight for very long or they will hurl
 a projectile at you, be it fiery blast along the floor, or a spear.

-- Diamond Mine --

Lizard              10 HP    2 DP                                        (27)
 These guys are big and slow.  There attack consists of backing away, then
 pausing for a while, and finally sending out a chain.  The chain has quite
 a large range, and covers a lot of distance, making it fully capable of
 hitting you.  Simply go after these guys quickly, and take them out fast.
 If they manage to throw the chain out and it misses you, give it a wide
 berth when closing in.

Land Worm            5 HP    1 DP                                        (20)
 Land Worms will pop out of the ground, then fire the standard, slow-moving
 and easy to dodge projectile.  You can also block it with telekinesis if
 you prefer.  Just watch the length of these guys, because their size is
 somewhat deceptive at times.

Floating Eye         5 HP    1 DP                                        (23)
 The main course of attack for these guys is to back away, then fire a
 laser at you.  You cannot block these with telekinesis, so do not try to.
 If you cannot approach them from a side so you avoid the blast, advance
 with Will's Jump Attack, or blast it with Freedan's Dark Friar.

Purple Land Worm     6 HP    1 DP                                         (6)
 Not much has changed from its non-purple counterpart.

-- Sky Garden --

Ball Worm           12 HP    1 DP                                        (34)
 This is a simple enemy with the run-into-you mentality.  Shouldn't take
 much more strategy than hit-it-until-it-dies to defeat them.

Blue Sentry         16 HP    1 DP                                        (25)
 Before you attack it, it will remain stationary, firing off shots in one
 of eight directions.  These blasts are simple to avoid; just take care not
 to attempt blocking them, as it won't work out too well.  Once you hit
 them, the battle plan changes.  They will begin to advance on you and
 periodically fire off their fists as projectiles.  These you can block
 with the ever-trusty telekinesis.

Jumping Ball Worm   12 HP    2 DP                                        (27)
 Similar to the regular Ball Worms, but much more dangerous.  For starters,
 they can jump around, so don't get caught in a position where this could
 hurt.  Approach from the sides, and never above or below them.  After you
 kill one off, prepare to move away, as the segments coming down can damage

Red Sentry          20 HP    DP varies                                   (21)
 These guys are fairly similar to the Blue Sentries.  The only real
 difference lies in their hand projectiles.  These guys fire off their's,
 and it will return to them.  This can cause you to get hit when you are
 advancing to attack, and the retracting hands smack you from behind.  In
 addition, it causes some problems with telekinesis blocking.  Sometimes
 you block, other times you take damage.  Try to avoid the hands altogether
 just to be safe.

-- Mu --

Blob                12 HP    1 DP                                        (50)
 These guys possess some scary AI, so watch out.  I mean, there whole game
 plan of sit-around-doing-nothing can be deadly if you are not careful.
 Seriously now, just hit these guys until they die.  These guys also appear
 in the Seaside Palace, but you don't have to fight any of them.

Sludge               8 HP    1 DP                                        (14)
 Sludges are little buggers that are deceptively dangerous.  They move
 primarily in diagonals, and if you're not careful, your attack can miss
 completely, leaving you _wide_ open to being attacked.  The key to
 fighting these guys is to be very patient and attack only after they have
 first committed to a movement.  These guys also appear in the Seaside
 Palace, but it is pointless to fight them.

Rock Warrior        26 HP    2 DP                                        (25)
 Be careful of their projectiles.  You can block the rocks with the
 telekinesis, but know that they throw many of them.  Do not be overly
 aggressive.  Jump Attacks and Psycho Slides are effective in taking them

Ghost               22 HP    DP varies                                   (15)
 These phantoms are pesky.  They teleport around, and fire off energy blasts
 at you.  Though you can block the projectiles, they travel in a weird
 curving path, so it can often slip around your defense.  Try to dodge them
 altoghter.  If they end up teleporting near you, you can get one or two
 quick hits in before they teleport away.  Also, if you hit them before they
 fire their attack, it will cancel it altogether.  Keep a Psycho Dash
 charged up as well.  Since you should generally be avoiding the projectiles
 altogether, you won't need telekinesis anyway.  This way, when one pops up,
 they eat your dash.

-- Angel Village --

Cave Bat             5 HP    1 DP                                        (35)
 Cave Bats will hang around on the ceiling of the cave.  When you approach,
 they will swoop down, then rise back up.  You cannot continuously attack
 them for this reason.  Either hit them with a Jump Attack, or a Psycho
 Dash to maximize damage.  Don't worry, as they pose little threat with
 their obvious attacks.

Blue Skeleton       20 HP    2 DP                                        (18)
 Talk about the dumb AI!  Blue Skeletons are at the bottom of the barrel
 when it comes to reasoning.  Once they see you, they simply dash straight
 at you continuously, without any thought as to what might happen.  The
 beauty of this is that you can just keep mashing the attack button, which
 knocks the skeletons back, and they keep coming straight into your attacks.
 If they ever hit you, be ashamed.

Carnivore Lizard    10 HP    2 DP                                         (5)
 Carnivore Lizards are forced to stay stationary.  They stretch their long
 necks out to attack.  If you try to take them up close and personal, you
 should expect to be hit several times in the process.  The best way to
 take them out to is to stay away from them, so they don't feel threatened,
 and will keep their head from moving (or so you can no longer see the
 insides of their mouths).  Now, charge a Psycho Dash.  When one is ready,
 walk up to the side of its head, and release.  One dash should be adequate
 to kill one off.  After the hit, back away, because the explosions that
 ensue can damage you.

Skull Turrent       10 HP    DP varies                                    (9)
 Likewise, these guys, too, are stationary.  Every once in awhile, they
 will fire off a projectile to each side.  This slow-moving, sorry excuse
 for an attack can be blocked.  Aside from that, the attack is signalled
 by the glowing red eyes, so you will never be caught by surprise.  Psycho
 Slider is very effective in killing them quickly.

-- China's Great Wall --

Archer              25 HP    2 DP                                        (59)
 These guys are all over China.  Their arrows come in a continuous stream,
 but aren't fired very fast, so they don't pose much of a threat.  Further,
 you can block them with ease using the telekinesis.  Psycho Slider and
 Jump Attacks kill them off very quickly.

Fireball Eye        22 HP    DP varies                                   (33)
 There are two breeds of these guys.  The first is one that acts much like
 Angel Village's Cave Bat.  It will stay high, then swoop down.  Again, make
 use of the Jump Attack to defeat it.  Be careful, because unlike the Cave
 Bats, these guys will drop fire onto the ground that can damage you.  The
 second variety stays on ground level.  Instead of the swooping attack, they
 can cause fire to erupts from the top of what passes for their heads, and
 it will come raining down.  Once this attack is done, move out of range to
 avoid taking damage.  Standard dashing and Jump Attacks are suitable for
 this purpose.  To defeat them, simply hit them like anything else.

Snake               13 HP    1 DP                                        (20)
 Snakes will start off in a coiled position.  Then they will spring out and
 attempt to bite you.  If they do, in addition to taking damage, they will
 latch onto you for additional damage.  Run around attacking blindly to
 "shake" them loose.  The best tactic is just to Jump Attack at them; the
 recoil is great in avoiding getting bitten.

-- Mountain Temple --

Blue Skull          18 HP    1 DP                                        (52)
 These skulls have no real AI.  Instead, they just go in one direction, in a
 swerving pattern.  After they get to a certain point (sometimes off screen)
 they will turn back, and come in the opposite direction.  This loop just
 continues to repeat until you kill it off.  There is nothing dangerous
 about these guys, but do be careful not to get too antsy.  Otherwise, you
 may run into them on accident while trying to kill them.  If you are having
 problems catching it, just Dark Friar and detonate the attack.

Gold Skull          18 HP    1 DP                                        (53)
 Gold Skulls are very much unlike their blue counterparts.  They don't make
 it a habit to move more than is necessary, and they shoot projectiles off
 with great frequency.  These attacks can, of course, be blocked.

Spider              16 HP    2 DP                                        (56)
 Spiders are very annoying enemies indeed.  Do not bother trying to after
 them; they will use their webs to get over to wherever you are.  At this
 point, they will spit acid at you.  While it is still a projectile, you
 can block it.  After a while, though, it will hit the floor, then turn
 into an acid puddle.  At this point, you can obviously no longer block it
 since it is not a projectile anymore.  You also cannot walk around it
 because of the terrain of the Mountain Temple.  Instead, just use Will's
 Jump Attack or Psycho Slider to go _through_ it.  If you are playing as
 Freedan, Dark Friar it from afar.

Flute Player        15 HP    DP varies                                   (19)
 These guys just float around all day, with four flames orbiting them.
 These flames form a ring that contracts and expands at intervals.  Be
 careful to keep your range.  Also, immediately take out any you see.  If
 you wait and move away, you will likely encounter more of them, and get
 caught in a bad position because the flames will be everywhere.  With
 Will use Psycho Slider, or if you have space, psycho Spin.  With Freedan
 just blow it away with the powered up Dark Friar.

-- Ankor Wat --

Bush                15 HP    2 DP                                        (27)
 Bushes aren't at all dangerous as an enemy.  They just run around like
 idiots for you to hit.  The difficult part of them is not accidentally
 running into them when they are in their camouflage mode.  You can usually
 tell the difference between these and real bushes because these guys tend
 to be a bit smaller, and a tad darker.  Adjust the brightness/contrast
 setting of your TV if you are having problems spotting them out.

Neck Creature        3 HP for the head, 20 HP for the body    DP varies  (19)
 Ordinarily, a Neck Creature gets near you, then elongates its neck to
 attack.  To destroy the head, you must take off three HP.  The catch is
 that you must do so before the head fully retracts, at which point its HP
 is fully restored, and it cannot be effectively damaged (not in a way that
 counts, anyway).  Striking it with a standard attack doesn't work too well
 because of the hit recoil that knocks the head away.  So, smash it with a
 Psycho Dash instead.  When the head is destroyed, an eye opens on the
 monster's chest, and it starts to run around like a steam engine.  Just
 strike it to death at this point.
Dragonfly            8 HP    1 DP                                        (13)
 This breed of insect is incredibly fast, and flies in a random pattern,
 going in any of the eight directions.  In addition, it can change its
 trajectory rather rapidly.  The result is a difficult to hit target, and
 one that can continually collide with you before you can kill it.  The
 best approach to fighting them is to hang back, and start a Psycho Spin.
 When you are in it, run into the Dragonflies and they drop like... flies.

Demon Head          25 HP    2 DP                                        (21)
 They will fly around the room is a loose figure "8" pattern.  Strike them
 as many times as possible during this.  Eventually, it will stop, and split
 into two blinking parts and chase you around.  At this point, you can no
 longer damage it, so just avoid it (a feat not at all difficult because
 Demon Heads are very slow in this form).  When a set time has passed, they
 will move back to the point they split and remerge.  Then they continue the
 origin pattern.  Again, strike to kill.

Rock Golem          28 HP    2 DP                                        (22)
 These guys just walk around, and when they feel like it, go into an attack
 mode.  This consists of glowing green, while gyrating their arms around
 them.  In this mode, they cannot be damaged, so do not bother.  Just note,
 both Freedan's sword, and even Will's flute outrange the Rock Golem's
 spinning hands.  So once they enter the mode, stand just outside of their
 reach.  When they stop, start the onslaught.  Some of them begin on a level
 above you.  They will drop down, and cause an small earthquake that drops
 various pieces of stone to the floor.  Watch for the shadows.

Purple Demon Head   20 HP    1 DP                                        (48)
 This variety of Demon Head acts much different than the other.  It moves
 around a set perimeter indefinitely.  Each time you hit it, its speed will
 increase dramatically.  There really isn't a danger to these guys because
 their movement is restricted.  The thing about them is that they can at
 time be difficult to kill because they are so fast after awhile.  You can
 always use Psycho Slider or Psycho Dash to kill them quickly.  Psycho Spin
 is better if you want to waste time charging it up.

Scorpion            30 HP    5 DP                                        (18)
 All of them are mounted against walls.  Their main attack comes in the form
 of a blockable projectile.  If you attack one, it will release three green
 objects that move around.  These can be killed by striking it.  Also note
 that there is a weaker variety of them, with only 20 HP and less defense.

Laser Ball          20 HP    2 DP                                       (118)
 You will fight more of these guys than any other enemies.  They are like
 cockroaches, all over the place, and just as annoying.  They move very
 little, but fire off a laser beam much like the Floating Eyes of the
 Diamond Mine.  But they do so with much more frequency.  You cannot block
 these blasts.  Be sure you are aware that they can only fire left or right,
 and it is safe to approach them from above or below.  If you are Will, use
 the Psycho Slider and Jump Attack to advance on them safely.  Freedan can
 use Dark Friar.  If you are Shadow, often times you can seep through to a
 lower level, then climb a staircase to come up behind and closer to them.

Tomb Guardian       30 HP    5 DP                                        (24)
 Tomb Guardians are one of the most effective monsters out there.  They
 carry a shield, and if you attack when they have it covering them, they
 take no damage.  The only time they lower the shield is prior to their
 customary attack, a simple lunge.  Wait for it, hit them, then back away.
 Will can make use of the Jump Attack for greater effect.

Invisible Birdhead  25 HP    2 DP                                        (22)
 The name says it all.  They are usually invisible.  Be sure to check your
 radar periodically to see if you can spot them that way.  Elsewise, wait
 until they attack.  Their standard technique is the simple fire projectile
 that can be blocked.  Additionally, if you watch it will reveal their
 position (these guys cannot move).  If you attack them enough, they will
 come into plain view and start firing a faster projectile.  It too can be

Mummy               12 HP for body, 28 HP for spirit    2 DP             (47)
 The regular mummy form is simple enough.  It follows the standard, try to
 collide with your mindset.  Once you defeat it though, a spirit is released
 into the air.  It too will try to collide with you.  It will float around
 in long straight "strides," so sidestep and kill.  If one touches you, it
 will disappear as well, since it has already done its part.

-- Gem's Mansion --

Red Lizard          20 HP    2 DP                                        (12)
 Nearly identical to their Diamond Mine brethren.  Either kill it quickly,
 or avoid the chain then attack while they are vunerable.

Blue Floating Eye   16 HP    2 DP                                        (17)
 Psycho Slide or Jump Attack to get in close while avoiding their laser
 blasts.  Otherwise, you can use a Psycho Spin to both get close and kill
 them off with relative ease.  Usually, just smack them with a simple flute
 strike, and it will push them back.  You can then just run past them.

Green Land Worm     30 HP    2 DP                                         (9)
 Do not even bother killing any of them.  Just run past them.  If they catch
 you in a crossfire, block the projectiles with telekinesis.

   VII.  Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Where do I find more Herbs?  I used up all my others.

A:  You would be out of luck than.  There are only 12 herbs in the entire
    game.  Unlike most RPGs, there are no shops.  You cannot just enter a
    town and purchase more.  You'll have to rely on Dark Space gateways and


Q:  What are the highest stats you can get in this game?

A:  HP: 40, Strength: 29, Defense 32.  This is done by defeating all
    necessary enemies in the game (i.e. every enemy save for those in the
    Seaside Palace and Gem's Mansion), grabbing enough Red Jewels to gain the
    boosts from Gem and by waiting in the line at Euro for the HP potion.


Q:  Are there any sequels to this game?

A:  Well, Illusion of Gaia is actually part of a trilogy.  If I am not
    mistaken, it is the second part.  The first was Soul Blazer, and the
    third was Terranigma, a game many people hail as one of the best to ever
    grace the SNES, even though it is relatively unknown.


Q:  Does Illusion of Time have anything to do with this game?

A:  It is the name given to this game when it was released in Europe.


Q:  Is there any point to collect all the Red Jewels?

A:  Not really.  Once you get twenty of them, you can collect all the rewards
    from Gem that are truly worthwhile.  The Dark Friar powerup is at 30, but
    you can wait just a bit longer and acquire the ability from the shop room
    in Euro where you have to wait nearly five minutes in line.  Since you
    are likely going to want the free HP bonus, you might as well grab the
    Dark Friar powerup here.

    Then there's Gem's Mansion for collecting all fifty.  There are no
    rewards for doing so.  The enemies do not grant any powerups, and
    defeating Solid Arm doesn't grant you anything more than a bit of side
    story revealed.  You can grab an Herb here, but you really shouldn't need
    it (especially not at the expense of grabbing twenty extra Red Jewels.
    Still, if you are a completionist, might as well.  When have people ever
    needed a reason to do something, eh?


Q:  Who is Solid Arm?

A:  Aside from being the "true" form of Gem the Jeweler, Solid Arm was the
    first boss of Soul Blazer.  According to himself, once Blazer (main
    character of Soul Blazer) defeated him, his powers were locked into the
    various Red Jewels and scattered throughout the world.  He was the
    catalyst behind the entire slave trade, in an attempt to use human labor
    to recover the Red Jewels (which is why, I assume, many of the jewels
    come from the laborers or slave traders).  Of course, that took to long,
    so he went ahead and baited Will into helping him by offering him various

  VIII.  Footer

- Credits and Special Thanks -

* GameFAQs <http://www.gamefaqs.com/> and CJayC:  for the gamer's paradise
  that is GameFAQs.

* Enix and Quintet:  for creating one hell of a game.

- Final Notes -

You know, it is the damnest thing.  When you are writing the guide, there's
just too much to say.  But when the end comes, you are left with nothing.  So
instead of the usual stuff you'd find at the end of a guide (the send me
praise, don't send me crap, and all the legal crap), I'll leave you with
something equally as useless:

"The world is so fast that there are days when the person who says it cannot
be done is interrupted by the person who is doing it."  - Anonymous.

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