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"A very good game with a deeper story than many see"

This is a very good game. Although some see it merely as a zelda clone it is not. This game has a rich and informative plot it is just hard to recognize the difference between plot elements and sidequests.

Graphics 9/10 It has very good graphics esp. for the time and system it was made for. Many people say it does not have any good graphics but they may just be comparing it to the 3-D perspectives and 1024 by 768 resolutions. This game was made with the top technology of the time and its graphics and the detail show that. Some of the graphics were better than others but all showed magnificent detail and work

Sound 9/10 The music is awesome. It had the perfect elements to show the mood of the feeling esp in places that were meant to be sad. The drama music was very moving. The only bad thing is some of the move sounds.

Story 10/10This is where this game shines. Although many people see it as shallow and uninspiered or inspiered as merely a ''Zelda Clone'' (not that thats a bad thing by any strech of imagination) but its not. The two stories of Freejia, the castle and many other ruins help make this game one of the best I have ever played. Also the red jewels add an intresting sidequest and the bosses usually have a plot for being where you find them. And you dont only collect items but your collect melodies too! One thing though. If you dont like partially difficult games then dont play this one. It gets very difficult around the third ruin.

Gameplay 10/10 not much to say here. the controls were easy to learn and i never missed a button. Completly begginer friendly. As you go through the game as Will you only have a few moves and you only have your trusty flute to help you and those are basic controls.

Overall i give this game a 10/10 for the excellent story and the wonderful gameplay music and graphics. This is one of the few games i have ever belived that is better than some games in the Final Fantasy series. That is a thing I only say about a few games. The only simmilarities between it and any of the Zelda series of games is the same function for the weapon= You swing the flute link swings the sword

Reviewer's Score: 10/10 | Originally Posted: 06/08/02, Updated 06/08/02

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