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                        Joe and Mac - Caveman Ninja  
                                Joe and Mac
                               (Version 1.0)
                               Super Nintendo
                                By: Anthony M 
                           Date: April 30th, 2003
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I. Introduction
II. Story
III. Starting Joe and Mac
IV. Game basics/Controls
V. Walkthrough
    A) Stage 1
    B) Stage 2
    C) Stage 3
    D) Stage 4
    E) Stage 5
    F) Stage 6
    G) Stage 7
    H) Stage 8
    I) Stage 9
    J) Stage 10
    H) The Last Stage
VI. Item List
VII. Weapon List
VIII. Key Locations (Coming soon)
IX. Bonus Level Walkthrough (Coming soon)
X. Version History
XI. Closing
XII. Credits

I. Introduction

Hi there Joe and Mac is one of the most underrated games out there, and over 
looked. Luckily my friend (Who by the way as told me about a lot of SNES games 
that were great, and I started to love) told me about this game, I remember
not even paying attention one time when he rented it, and I rented Tokyo 
baseball 2040. The fact is if it wasnít for him I would have missed out on this
really fun game. The game can be quite challenging, the levels and the bosses
especially. This FAQ should help you get through the game quite easily with
level and boss tips. Ok, so get ready to have some fun with a great game enjoy.

Note: !!=Taken from the games, text.

This game actually has quite a funny story line, and it actually makes it a 
bit more fun to play. Joe and Mac's storyline is;

!! Back in the distant past (Way back-like when *Rock* and *Roll* was just
*Rock* and *Fast Food* was dinner you couldnít catch) Lived two cave dudes 
named Joe and Mac. Wether it was 'Dinosaur Demolition Derbies' (Tyrannosaurs
Wrecks) or 'Pterodactyl Hang Gliding' (Peaking' the break). Life for the boys
was pretty cool.

!! Cool, that is until a bogus bunch of Neanderthal nerds crashed their
village and scared off all the cave babes. (Neanderthals still hadn't
discovered toothpaste! Phew!)

!! Now all the cave babes are out there somewhere, lost and lonely...... It's
up to Joe and Mac to get' em back.


III.Starting Joe and Mac

-One Player Game- 
You go on the Joe and Mac adventure by your self.

-Two Player Game- 
You can go on the adventure with a friend or someone taking turns.

-Two Player Super Game- 
This is the mode where you and someone can play at the same time, no taking 
turns, you both can be controlling your own character through out the levels. 

The first player is Joe. (Always)
The second player is Mac. (Always)

Mode: You can choose your difficulty to your skill level. Easy, Normal, Hard.
Music: Choose, Stereo or Mono (Monaural)
Key: Assign the buttons to make it comfortable for you.

IV.Game basics/Controls


Select...Scroll to choose your different weapons you pick up.
Start....Pauses game.

        Back -  N - Forward                  

The only thing you do in Joe and Mac is jump and shoot. So you donít need to
worry about the L and R buttons as they do nothing.

Other things Joe and Mac can do:

Jump High- ..............Hold up and Jump
Crouch- .................Press down on D-Pad
Drop down- ..............Hold down and Jump.
Roll Forward- ...........Press right quickly two times.
Roll Backward- ..........Press left quickly two times.
Shoot Up- ...............Hold up and shoot.

V. Walkthrough

A) Stage 1-

Ok, when you start the levels a egg will fall down on a ledge that is pretty
high up, you can either try and get it or continue forward. Now that you are
going forward watch out for the first flying baddie to come at you. Crush him
with you club, continue and there will be two more, crush them and get the
meat at the top of the medium high cliff. Once you get the egg you will see
a caveman carrying an egg, go crush him with your club. Take note he will take
three hits before he is dead, now he drops the egg, so crush the egg and get
the new weapon upgrade, it is your same club but now you can throw bones by
pressing shoot. Now continue on and you will get attacked by three more of 
them flying baddies, crush them until you reach a ledge, get on to the ledge
and jump to the next.

Now there will be two cavemen waiting for you on the other side, but in the 
middle there will be some meat, so crush them and get the meat to restore 
any lost life. Jump to the next cliff and more caveman and flying baddies will
be there to greet you, crush them and move on. Now when you get to the other
side you will be taken away by one of the flying baddies, but this time it
is a purple one. You will end up in like hills and see a huge piece of meat
get that meat and restore your life and continue on forward, you will get
to eat more pieces of meat and get a free life on the way. Continue forward
again at the end you will be carried away again.

This time you end up on what looks like some grassy steps, jump onto each but
before you jump watch out because when you get to the third step a flying 
baddie will come crush it, and then jump to the next cliff. Ok now on your
way jump on the next flying creature and ride it so you can pick up the flames
to add to your club, if you miss it, donít worry and continue jumping on 
forward until you reach the levels boss. A sleeping T-Rex, but before you can 
fight him you must make your way through a lot of baddies, just be on your 
guard and crush all who come, make your way to the face of the sleeping T-Rex.

Stage 1 Boss: T-Rex

This boss is no real challenge, just stay on the little platform on the right
side of your screen and keep shooting your clubs bones. If you stay far enough
the boss wont even be able to touch you the whole time. You need to hit the
bosses face a couple times to bring down the bosses health which is on the top
left of your screen. Also since you stay in the back you will be able to move
out the way when the boss spits out rolling caveman. Just jump a lot and shoot
at the bosses face. Once you defeat the boss, a cave babe will be rescued and
kiss Joe and then you move on to stage two.

B) Stage 2-

Ok, right in front of you, you can see a bridge, go forward and cross it.
Now once you get to the other side, right below you there is a upgrade so drop
down so you can get the fire upgrade to your club. After you get that, 
jump back up, and continue forward. Now you reach a cliff where you see little
water spurts sprouting up as platforms for you to jump on, before you go and 
jump on that though wait and kill the flying creature carrying the egg, it 
will drop another upgrade to you club, wheel. So now that you got that, pick
what you want with "Select" and jump onto the water sprout. Now jump off the
sprout and onto the next cliff, before you jump again though watch out because
a fish like creature with electrical stuff around him jumps out, so either
crush him with your wheels or wait for him to go back in and then jump to
the next platform.

Now, continue on forward there will be more cliffs to jump with the same 
fish baddies popping out, so continue to just crush them and go forward, so
now you end with another cliff, but you see another water sprout, jump on that
and jump to the other side. Now just keep jumping from cliff to cliff until
you reach a red egg, get that and continue on forward more until you reach
another club upgrade, this time it is a boomerang get this and continue on
forward, now you see plant like creatures, crush them and keep on going,
until you reach a huge plant, this is the boss so get ready.

Stage 2 Boss: Plant Eater

This boss is not that tough, but he can be, you need to basically watch out
for his vines he tries to whip you with and the plant spawn he drops to
create baddies. The best bet now is to use the boomerangs, not anything else 
because these will travel the farthest, and you donít want to get to close to
this guy. Pick one spot to stay in and just keep on shooting your boomerangs,
but you are going to need to jump and shoot if you stay far back like I did.
What he does is use his vines so you can jump up because you need to crouch
so his vines donít hit you, as soon as he lifts up, jump and shoot, do this 
twice each time he lifts his vines, and then duck, if you have life to spare
you might want to try for three times every time he lifts, but if your unsure
just go with two, this is the best strategy to beat this boss.

C) Stage 3-

Ok this stage starts off on the ground and above you, you see a tree with
lot's of branches. Jump up onto the branches and make your way up. Make sure
you have your boomerang equipped and you use the high jump a lot. When you 
are on a branch, if you fall of or down to far it will cost you a life.
After the first couple of branches you go up and the crushing of many flying
baddies you will start to notice bee's start to fly out from places. 
Make sure you are watching so no bees get you, try and destroy the bee 
hives but donít do it while standing directly underneath it because it will 
fall on you. Crush the bee hive and continue on up. 

On your way up you will see two more bee hives, only crush the one on the
far right, this will allow you jump up where you need too. Jump up crush
the caveman and get the stick of meat to restore any lost health. After
getting that meat you will continue up and see a caveman and two bee hives
crush them all and go up. Now you will see a flat platform, this is the top
of the tree, and you know what that means...Boss fight ahead.

Stage 3 Boss: Green Pterodactyl

This boss is fast, so you need to be quick with your duck and shoot moves.
First things first, he swoops down quickly at the start, crouch and run to
the middle of the tree, wait till he comes back around (In Range) and fire 
your boomerangs, and then run to the left and be ready to high jump when
he swoops by low to the ground. Once you avoid this, run to him and fire
again at him. Once you hit him a couple of times he will start to bring back
eggs, he drops them and the flying baddies from regular stages pop out, try
and crush them but if you donít have the time, keep an eye on the boss
because he likes to swoop his low seep by when he drops his eggs. This boss
is really easy because he does the same thing over and over, drops his eggs
swoops, comes down and lets you get hits, Just be patience and donít try and
get in to many hits, just hit and run and he will fall in no time. One tip
though, donít follow him, pick one spot and jump and fire at him from there.
If you follow him he will always get you with his sweep as you will have to
little if any at all time to react and get out of the way.

D) Stage 4-

Ok, you start this level at a beach/ dock plank, this level is kind of tough
because you have to actually go fast because the screen forces you to move
along and you have to crush fish jumping out and caveman and other baddies
along the way. First off just start to walk and crush the fish, after the
first three you will an egg, crush the egg and continue on forward.
Soon after you will see a plank with a caveman, crush him quick so you have
a place to jump on, crush him and continue you will see a big piece of 
meat, skip the meat trust me, and jump to the top level, it will be so
much easier this way. Once your on the top just keep on going forward, it
will just be a lot of fish jumping out, so watch out and continue to fire
a lot. (Your boomerangs). After that you will come up to a water sprout
jump onto that and go forward still watching out for jumping fish. After that
you will have to walk around more of the planks and fire at more jumping
fish until you reach a red egg, break the egg and get carried away.

You will end up on a grassy plain, (Much like the first level) just go 
forward. Take the bottom rout if you need some lives because you will be
able to pick up two extra lifeís, if you are set on lives, take the top
rout and pick your self up a bonus level key. At the end you will be again
carried away. You will end up again on a water plank walk way, this time
be extra careful because there are not only jumping fish, but cavemen in 
race cars coming very fast at you, so always be ready to jump. Ok so
now as you start to walk up, a caveman in a race car will come at you
avoid him and get the meats above you, watch out because there are still 
some jumping fish out there. Crush them and continue forward.

Now keep on crushing the baddies, now you come across three more meats
above you, same thing is going to happen, a caveman in a race care is going
to come after you, jump over him, get the meat, and then crush the incoming
baddies and continue on forward. Now you have a blank walk with no baddies
after you...yep it's boss time.

Stage 4 Boss: Two Angry Dolphins 

I'll be honest, this boss is pretty tough, you have to watch out for a lot
of things in this fight, the best thing to do is stay in the middle and
keep your eyes open. I suggest using again the boomerang for this boss.
Sorry but there is not much to say for this boss because he doesnít have 
any surprises baddies come out, they just keep jumping out and when they
jump out just shoot at them. One tip though would be too use the high
jump a lot so when they jump you can out jump them and not take damage.
So just shoot, shoot and get out the way. (If I come up with anything else
I will make an update and let you know right away)

E) Stage 5-

Wow, so short of a level I almost donít even need to cover it =) Any wayís
the level is basically you carried by a flying baddie and you need to 
avoid boulders falling down at you, and it only last for about one minute
then you drop down to the boss. Am I sure thatís it? Yep, thatís all, have fun.

Stage 5 Boss: Water Dinosaur

This guy is pretty easy, this guy is big so he donít move around to much at
all, and when he does it isnít fast at all either. Just watch out for the
water he shoots out his mouth also the fish, and keep firing the boomerang 
at him, this boss is one of the easier ones and will go down in no time, 
just donít get to cocky and make sure you fire every time you get the chance, 
but donít be afraid to not take chances and only fire once in a while, after 
all better safe the sorry.

F) Stage 6-

This level starts off in some sort of cold ice cave. Fist things first,
as you go forward watch out because a caveman will be right there, crush
him and move along, when you get the egg he drops though it's nothing 
special, and your boomerang upgrade is still better, so keep on using
that. Ok so continue on forward, you will come up to some steps, best
thing to do here so you donít loose any life hearts is to, crush the
first caveman without actually jumping onto the step, then jump on and hit
the second one a couple of time then jump off so the one on top doesnít
jump on you. Crush them both and then go up the steps.

Now you have a choice, to go on the top route, or the bottom, choose
which ever one because they both lead to the same path anyways, now
after you come up from either one you should see a baby dino, crush it
and move along. Now you will see two cavemen on some ledges, go to the
bottom so they can't hit you with there rocks they are going to throw at
you. Keep going forward and you come to what you see to be rocks rolling
over spikes. Now there are little ledges if you look closely for you to
jump on, the first one you are going to need to high jump to reach, so
jump to it and then jump to each one avoiding the incoming boulders.

Ok so your past that and you see a double sided wall with spikes along
both sides, carefully jump straight up and position your self to land right
in between them thus not being touched on the way down. Get to the bottom
and watch out because a rolling caveman will come quickly and try to roll
on you, crush him and continue forward. Now on the way there will be a lot
of jumping caveman but just be patience and crush them all, after that
continue forward and you will be at the boss.

Stage 6 Boss: Angry Mastodon

This boss is actually pretty tough, and he is also quick. Make sure you have
your boomerang equipped as it will do best against him. Ok so start off the
battle with Joe as far left as he can go, jump and start to throw your
boomerangs at him, hitting his face, now watch for his charge and stay
back to the left. After the first couple of hits he will start to pick up
boulders with his trunk and swing them at you, avoid them the best you can
and continue hitting his face over and over. Sometimes he comes really
close so you will have to crouch to get out of the way, and then hurry
and press forward so you can get out the way of the boulders. Just keep
doing this and throwing your boomerangs and slowly but surely he will fall.

As you get him to about the last four spots on his health meter he will
start to stomp the ground and cause boulders to fall from the top of the
screen, donít worry because he is almost dead, just avoid them, and keep
shooting. Stay as far left as possible at all times, and remember, it is
better to be hit with the boulder then to be hit by the boss, because the
boss take one and a half hearts away as a boulder only takes half. So
just shoot while you watching the boulders and you will be fine.

G) Stage 7-

Ok you start off this level in some in some kind of like red rock place.
First you start off by jumping up on the first ledge but watch out because
a big boulder will coming fall down. On your way up caveman will be on 
ledges, either trying to roll and get you, or waiting for you to jump right
into them. So now that your up about three levels crush the caveman and 
continue on up this mountain path and now...your at the boss, yep another
really, really short level.

Stage 7 Boss: Flying Red Baddie

Ok, this boss is really easy, all this boss does it float really slow 
around the stage until you get him to about two health bars, after that
then he starts to swoop down really fast, but you only have a little to
take him down then so you crush him in a few hits. The only thing you need
to do is shot your boomerang, and that is all, you donít need any quick
moves or anything, just a thumb =)

H) Stage 8-

You start this level off on a ledge with a volcano in the back ground, just
go forward. (Have your boomerang equipped) Ok, there will be a couple of
baddies coming up, just crush them and move along, jumping over the fire
because it will hurt you. Go forward and then jump on platform moving up
and down. Now just keep jumping on across, when you land you will have to
crush some caveman, just keep going. Now some big boulders are going to 
start to fall down this cliff, when you see them, just high jump out there
way. Now after the cliff you will see a big meat over the fire, jump on the
fire and get the meat because it will restore more then what the fire takes
away from you. Now continue on forward, jump the next boulder and on to the
next platform.

Now on this platform there will be a lot of tiny dino's coming at you
so just crush the and let the flying baddie take you to a new area. It will
take you to a grassy place, well take the top rout and you can get the secret
key. Then again get carried away from the same baddie, this time you end up
at a red rock place that looks the same, now just go forward and crush
the flying baddies coming at you. Now go up the hill and continue on
forward and you end up at the level boss.

Stage 8 Boss: Big Dino

This boss is really easy all the times I have played this game I have beat 
him with only getting one heart taking away from me. All this guy does it
shoot out rocks and caveman out his mouth. Now the easiest way to beat him
is to stay under his mouth and just keep shooting the (Rock Wheels) not the
boomerangs at him. After each health bar you take down from his he will
lower his head and shoot out a caveman so back up, then when he goes back
up go back under his mouth and continue to keep shooting up at him. In no
time at all this boss with be history.

I) Stage 9-

You start off on a cliff on top of some hot lava, go forward and donít jump
yet and shoot the red egg. Get carried away to a grassy plain, jump on the
top so you can get three extra lives and a secret key. Now you start right
back in the beginning, so now just go forward. Crush the tiny dino's and
continue on forward. As you continue watch out for the hot lava splashing
up trying to get you, also watch out for the medium dino's coming at you.
The best weapon to have equipped now is the 'Stone Wheels" because they
can roll and help crush some baddies ahead of you a little bit. So
crush the medium dinoís and continue on forward. Now there will be some
platforms to jump from, watch the flames and jump across, you end up at
some steps, watch out for these because rolling cavemen will come down on
each step, so throw a couple wheels and hurry up the steps.

Now continue on forward and you will see two eggs on the bottom level, do
not get them stay on the top. Those two eggs are full of baddies who will
attack you. So stay on the top and continue on forward, now there will be 
some more platforms you need to jump from. Just jump across the few left
and you end up at the boss.

Stage 9 Boss: Armadillo

This boss looks hard when he firsts comes out but he is actually really 
easy. The only thing he does is jump around with his spikes, and you can
high jump over all of it and duck under the rest, then you just wait for
him to open up from his ball and fire the wheels at him. They will take the
most damage from him. So avoid his spike suit and wait and shoot. Quite

J) Stage 10-

Ok this is actually a pretty hard level, start it off by a baddie coming
quickly towards you, jump and get your self out the way. Now continue 
forward but watch out for the lighting attacks, and they can be hard to
dodge because if your no rolling the follow you and get you. They a quick.
Basically what you want to do for this level is run through it as quickly as
you can because the quicker you go, the less lighting that hits you. Ok so
now you are running through the lighting and you see a life up over a cliff,
donít get it, unless you really need it. Now continue on forward and there
will be a cliff for you to jump, jump to the other side and keep going.

Now you have to jump another cliff and watch out because a caveman is going
to be pushing a huge boulder at you. Jump that with the high jump and 
continue on. Now you come to more cliff steps but they are on the bottom
of the screen, be careful and time your jump, jump across these and move 
along. Now you come up to two tall cliffs with some caveman ready to drop
rocks on you, move out the way, watch them run and then continue on crush
the medium size dino and get the large piece of meat. Now, get ready for a 

Stage 10 Boss: Dino Bones

This boss is really tough, the basic help I can give is suicidal so to
speak. Since I donít actually have a full proof plan like the others, here
is what I have done each time.

I first off use the wheels not anything else and I just throw and throw
the whole time, not caring about getting hit or anything, I do this until
I loose one life, and by then he is a good more then half way done for.
So with my new life, I play it a little safer and just continue to 
throw and dodge what I can, this works all the time...hoping you have the
lives to spare. Hope this helps.

(If I come up with anything new or anyone sends me ideas, I'll be sure to
update as soon as possible)

H)The Last Stage-

First run and roll to quickly pick up the four weapons, just incase your
missing one or two. Now get up and continue to go forward, but be careful
because lighting still strikes. The thing I did for this level was just
go as fast I can ignoring all things until I got to the end.

Ok, so now you have you four weapons, now you just jump across platforms
for the rest of the stage, except once you come across a lava pit but
then you just jump across the flying baddies. No real baddies for you to
crush, just worry about getting to the end. After you cross the lava pit
be ready for the boss.

The Last Stage Boss: Super Angry Dino

Really not has tough as you may heard, actually I found him quite easy,
what you want to do is use the wheels and stay under his jaw and fire up
the whole time. Moving every once in a while so you can avoid when he hits
down to the ground. Other then that, just stay under and keep firing, he
does have a lot of health but you shouldnít have to much trouble with him
if you do this.

H) The Real Final Stage-

So you thought you were done, but now your in the dino you just beat, well
looks like you have one morel level to go through, go forward and crush the
caveman in the cave car and then go forward. This level is really short
and nothing really to explain, the whole thing is straight and no drop
off cliffs or anything, just caveman who drop a lot of meat so you can
restore your health. After you crush about 10 or so rolling caveman you
will finally reach the final boss...and this time it's for real.

The Real Final Stage Boss: Devil

This boss is pretty damn hard, well what do you expect he is the final boss
after all. Anyways he is really fast so you need to be watching out all the
time. Ok so his first form you fight and your like "Hey this is pretty easy"
but when you kill him " it says good job you donít it, but really he comes
back (Like K Roll in DKC) anyways, now you have to fight his second form
of him and it is hard. He likes to throw a lot of different things out
like fire and rings and stuff but all you need to do is be quick. When he
comes down hit him once or twice at the most and run so you donít get hit.
You cant hit him when he is flashing so donít even try. Just wait get your
hits and soon you will beat him, and that is it, you've done it. Enjoy the

VI.Item List

*Small Piece of Meat- Half heart life

*Medium Piece of Meat- One Heart

*Large Piece of Meat- One and a half piece of meat

*Key's- Open secret levels on the map

*1up Stone Pieces- Extra Life

VII.Weapon List

*Stone Wheels- They might be the strongest, but you can only shoot two at a
time and they roll until they hit something or roll off the screen.

*Fire Club- Shot's fire like balls.

*Boomerang- Weak but you can shoot a lot at a time and they hit in the front
and can come back and hit them again on the way back.

*Bones- Just throwing bone type fragments, not to strong, but they are not

VIII.Key Locations (Coming soon)

IX.Bonus Level Walkthrough (Coming soon)

X.Version History

This FAQ is version 1.0

The next update will be all the secret keys and bonus level walkthrough's

Also newly added Boss strategies and Tips and hints section


Well you have now beaten the game and I hope you enjoyed it, because I think
this game is a really great game, I also had fun writing for this game so
hopefully you had a good experience playing this game. Also if you have any
tips or any of your own ideas to improve this FAQ make sure you email me at
Droptopbently@msn.com I will get back to you as soon as possible, and all
credit for your ideas will be provided. Well until my next SNES classic
FAQ, Bye and happy gamming.
                             XII. Credits

      -CjayC- For letting this FAQ be on his site and hosting all my 
      other work.

   -Ricky H- My friend who told me about this great game, if it wasnít for 
        him I would have missed out on a classic game.

       -Matt M- My brother, for just being, well my brother.

      -Gabe-(Projekt Phantom)- Always for reading my stuff, and support =)