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King Arthur & The Knights of Justice FAQ/Walkthrough v. 2.3
By Azel
Azel (at) otakumail (dot) com [And YES, the "A" HAS to be CAPITALIZED.]
(Sorry for having to write it this way, but those spambots are kinda
Former writer: Aru Sulato (Steve Bergstrom)
Last Updated: 03/20/2004
Please - don't eMail asking for game tips - I'm including everything I'm
capable of answering in this FAQ. If you wish to make corrections to the FAQ
[though I doubt there is anything still left to correct] or just comment on this
fine piece of work Steve and I have created, etc, feel free to eMail me at
Azel (at) otakumail (dot) com.
Include something like 'King Arthur & The Knights of Justice FAQ' in the
subject so I can sort legitimate emails out from the junk mail and other useless
stuff I might receive. ...though I really doubt I'll receive many eMails regarding
this game as about no one is going to play it. On the other hand, it was one of the
top requests among SNES games at GameFAQs if I remember correctly. ...in any
case, I welcome contributions to and comments about the walkthrough, but I
will not even reply to requests for game tips. Anything I can help you with is
already in this walkthrough. Thanks.
1. Introduction
2. Updates/Revision History
3. Frequently Asked Questions
4. Walkthrough
5. Character Info
6. Passwords
7. Thanks
8. Disclaimer
Born from a saturday morning cartoon show of the same name, this SNES game is
arguably one of the worst on the planet. (As if you didn't know already.) It
suffers from tedious errand-running, long, boring battles, and bad, bad, play
control, among other things. Still, theres a complete lack of info on it on
the web - hence this walkthrough.
The game is, again, based on the cartoon about the adventures of Arthur King,
(not King Arthur - this one's a punk kid from present day) and his football
team, the Knights, who are brought back in time by Merlin to save the real King
Arthur. (Actually, I don't know the exact plot of the series - never saw it.)
In the game, it's your job to fetch the Keys of Truth to save Arthur. Yay.
And - might I add - it's physically impossible to write an FAQ on this game
without a liberal dosage of sarcasm. Enjoy.

Azel's introduction:
Why, hello everybody. You might wonder who I am and what I'm doing here but
that's quite simple. You see, as Steve has lost interest in FAQs and the FAQ still
was unfinished, but I already had written a finished walkthrough because Steve
originally planned to add it to his FAQ, I decided I might as well take over the
maintenance of this FAQ, check the walkthrough, add missing pieces of information
here and there, correct the mistakes I found, add my personal introduction and
thanks and so on. And of course add my finished walkthrough as well. And this
is where we are now. Everything that could be done is done, thus the little jump
from v. 1.5 to now v. 2.3. See Revision History below for more details if you're really
As I already mentioned, originally the only part by me was the finished walkthrough
I had written. Now you might wonder why I didn't just submit that document as
"complimentary FAQ" or something to GFAQs. Well, that's mainly because Steve
has utterly and completely lost interest in anything related to FAQs. And given this
I don't think he'd like to be bothered by any eMails he might receive asking for
something already covered in here. And some people always seem to ask such stupid
questions... Being the friendly person that I am I decided I should take this feat on
alone and thus, this is now officially MY FAQ, with Steve being its former writer.
Though I can't stress enough that even now only 1/3 of the whole document was
written by me. Most credit for everything in here goes definitely to Steve, without
whom I myself would have been stuck at some point. But enough talk already. Don't
just praise me, but be sure to remember Steve's hard work on this FAQ as well. I even
decided to use his format throughout the whole document for the sake of consistency.
Anybody who wants to see my personal format style has got to wait for my first own
FAQ/Guide which should be available at GameFAQs as well as of now.
...though this here's kind of my first own FAQ as well. Wah, I'm scared. ;)
Nah, only three things left:
First, I absolutely agree with Steve on having to be sarcastic when it comes to
this game. Just in case anybody wondered about my sarcastic remarks here and
Second, man, am I glad that this supposedly stupid-as-hell cartoon show never
was to be seen on TV in this country. Could've caused many brain deaths...
Third, now go and read this thing. While it was some hard work at times, it has
been quite a pleasure writing it and I sincerely hope that it came out well.
Now, about in time for the third anniversary, I release the King Arthur & The
Knights of Justice FAQ fully completed to the public. Yay.
v. 2.3 - 03/20/04 - Just running through some loose ends. Most important change
probably the fact that I finally was able to find Phil's key thanks to a tip from William
Nicholas Ruddick. Given this news, I updated the Character Info and Thanks sections
and also edited the walkthrough a bit - the part about the Cape of Death, to be specific.
Plus, I had to alter the disclaimer yet again as this FAQ/Walkthrough is currently
available ONLY at GameFAQs and will be for quite some time. Oh yeah, I also added a
short notice on how to WRITE my eMail address. *sigh* That should be about
everything... Update: I gave the FAQ/Walkthrough another overhaul before submitting it,
resulting in several more small notes, like the one at the very beginning of the walkthrough.
 I ALSO have FINALLY FOUND out how you acquire that dreaded shield of Tone's. Yet
again thanks to a tip from William Nicholas Ruddick. This feat achieved, there's little left
in the way of bettering this FAQ/walkthrough and the next update will *very probably*
be the FINAL version of this guide.
v. 2.2 - 01/10/04 - Another minor update. Once again I had to update the URL of my
"home base"... But hey, I won't be bothering you anymore with this, as we've now got
a "movable" kind of domain which will stay the same under all circumstances. Good, eh?
Also I added the only thing one might think to be missing from this FAQ: that darned
"See Ending" password which was the only thing on the whole web relating to this
game -at least before this FAQ/walkthrougfh was created. Of course, still EVERY single
game codes or something site has got that code, but I see nothing that would speak
against it being added to this FAQ. So I created the all-new Passwords section which is
the first and most likely also last bigger change I'll ever apply to Steve's layout. If you'd
like some more passwords, just tell me -preferably while sending me some of your own
passwords during different sections of the game.
v. 2.1 - 12/23/03 - A really minor update, don't worry. I just corrected all of MY spelling
Írrors I must've overlooked last time, added some small notes here and there, edited
the introduction a little bit and also updated the URL of my "home base" as the URL
has changed just a few days ago.
v. 2.0 - 12/13/03 - Anybody who has been trying hard to finish this game but couldn't
now finally has got a finished walkthrough available, thanks to me, Azel. I also edited
some things and corrected all errors I found in this document -don't worry, nothing big.
Mostly only some directions which were wrong like E instead of W and such.
This is about as close to FINAL as I could get it and unless somebody manages to
find the two last missing Shields, I doubt I'll need to update it again. Though it
quite annoys me that I misplaced the information on where to find Tone's Shield as
I HAVE found it. Only I can't remember where...
At least the walkthrough is finally complete -nearly three years after it was started.
Kudos to Steve for starting it in the first place.
v. 1.5 - 4/24/02 - Yes, its been a while since I've updated this, but I was
having TONS of trouble with Warlord Viper. Updated through him, and the next
2 Keys of Truth. Approaching the end....
v. 1.4 - 9/15/01 - Wow. Lots of progress. Walkthrough updated through next 4
Keys of Truth. Cool. I may actually finish this thing.
v. 1.3 - 9/13/01 - Glory be! An update! Walkthrough slightly updated, and a
thanks to JasonSensation20@cs.com for helping out with Welton. Not much at the
moment, but a sign of things to come...
v. 1.2 - 7/1/01 - Walkthough updated through the next 2 Keys of Truth. A
few basic FAQs added.
v. 1.1 - 6/30/01 - I deeply, profusely apologize to anyone whose needed help
on this game - I haven't had the time nor motivation to put in the necessary
work on this guide. I now vow to finish it up, since summer's here.
Don't worry, the next update won't take 6 months. Walkthrough updated through
Blinder's Way (a toughie), useless character info added, though it is
incomplete, more to come.
v. 1.0 - 12/20/00 - Created walkthrough. Preliminary version - only covers thru
the first 2 Keys of Truth. More to come - but I thought I'd supply all you
eager people requesting this game with a shiny glimmer of hope. After all -
there is absolutely nothing on the net about this game - I've looked.
Don't worry - I'm working on this as you read...You've waited 5 years for a
walkthrough - you can wait a little while longer...
[Q: Why is it not advisable to play through the game in an order different
from the one outlined in the walkthrough?
A: Now, that's quite simple and you most likely found out the answer to that
question by yourself. The game is buggy as hell and JUST CRASHES on you if you
do anything you should not do at_that_time. Like running around in ANY dungeon
you can GET TO early on in the game - but SHOULDN'T go to yet. William Nicholas
Ruddick even found a way to do *a lot of* things out of order and collected
several items before you're supposed to get them. And guess what happened?
The game *freezed*. Heh. To conclude this: If you want to avoid corrupting
your game, DON'T just run around visiting locations, but stick to the order
given in the walkthrough.]

[Q: How come there is this key and I can't get it?
A: This has actually got something to do with the last question. For example, you
*could* go to the Cape of Death as soon as you're on the quest to save Squire
Everett. You *would* even find Darren's Key at the end of the dungeon there,
but you WILL NOT be able to collect it. That's simply because the trigger/switch
for the appearance of the boss has not yet been activated and thus the boss
fight "necessary" for retrieving the key won't be initiated yet. This also
applies to other items which aren't guarded by a boss as switches are used
about everywhere in this game. And quite crappily, if I may say so.
Conclusion for this problem: Don't try to get items you shouldn't get yet -
and you won't have to ask this question.]

[Q: What the heck? According to the walkthrough, there's an item supposed to
be here. But I can't find it...?
A: Three questions in a row dealing with more or less the same problem, yay...
I only encountered this problem once playing the game "the normal way", when I
was trying to collect the elemental keys, but couldn't find the fire key. It
already was at Castle Vilor's gate. But later, when I was testing alternate
strategies a bit, I realized that items quite often do not appear if you visit
a location earlier than you should. Remembering my search for the fire key, I
can't really say that this phenomenon is *only* caused by doing things and
visiting locations out of order. A slight possibility for something like this
seems to always exist - in other words: BAD PROGRAMMING. (As if that were news
for you...) BUT, on the other hand, this possibility is MAJORLY increased WHEN
you do things out of the "normal" order. So, if you don't want to seriously
mess up your game and probably even restart the whole last quest, follow_the_way
that is outlined in the walkthrough. That's about it.]

Q: Who fights the bosses?
A: A question I had a while ago - thanks to those who emailed me with the
answer. Whoever's Key of Truth the boss holds will fight the warlord. If that
knight isn't in your party, Arthur will fight. Therefore - you shouldn't take
the person whose Key you need if they don't have their Shield - since Arthur
gets his near the beginning of the game.

Q: How do I save Welton Village from its curse?
A: Again, a question I had myself. You need to find 3 items - an Emerald, a
Goblet, and a Ruby. These are all on the screens east of Welton Village -
they aren't too hard to find. Heres some directions: Head N out of Welton,
then east a couple screens. You'll find the Emerald. Go east one screen.
At the top of the screen is the Goblet. Go east another screen, go down to the
bottom and find the Ruby at the edge of the cliff.
Take all of them to the church in Welton, and place them on the
altar. (Go into your inventory while standing next to the altar and select
them.) I don't think the game ever tells you explicitly to do this, but I'm certain
it's neccesary to proceed at a certain point. (And it helps if Blinders Way is
killing you.)

Q: How do I get through Blinder's Way?
A: This info is in the walkthru, but it deserves repeating. The symbols on the
teleporters are actually a code that spells out 'BLINDERSWAYKEY' - follow the
instructions here so you don't have to look up the code yourself;
Go to the entrance N-NW of Welton Village - take the right path til you find
some teleporters.
Take the upper right teleporter. Take the only available teleporter.
Take the right teleporter. Take the upper teleporter.
Head through the trees on the bottom-right of the glen - head right take the
teleporter on bottom. Take the left teleporter.  Head down, into a glade to
the right, then feel your way through the trees and take the upper teleporter.
Take the upper teleporter. Head way, way down, to the right, then back up -
take the teleporter on the left of the circle of trees. Take the left
teleporter. Take the only available teleporter. You should be in a castle by
now - Take the top teleporter. Take the right teleporter. Take the bottom
teleporter. You've made it into Castle Sanguine.

Q: Where is the Zug?
A: The Zug's a beast - it's not gonna just stand around and wait for you. So,
wait for it - head to the Swamp of Zagar, then stand next to the tree on the
big island in the center of the swamp.

Q. Where are the Elemental Keys?
A: More detail is provided in the walkthrough, but for a quick rundown:
Fire - Guarded by fire monsters in the NE area of the forest N of the swamp.
[Or can not be "found" at all, see walkthrough for more details.]
Water - Held by the alchemist Druas out the NW exit of swamp - bring him
pitchblende, found by killing rock monsters in the E part of the same forest
Earth - Find the Gnome King on the same screen as the rock monsters, just N
of a pack of Black Knights. Go N, find his son, go back to the gnome.
Wind - Go N from the N exit of the swamp, find the meadow with the big shadow,
go see Blaise out the narrow E exit of the swamp.

[Q: What is the use of being able to look at Merlin's BED in his room?
A: None as of yet. I've been really thinking about this one, as you can do it all
the time but never ever something seems to happen. Weird. Probably this is
just there to confuse the players who might discover this phenomenon. ...has
got no meaning at all. ...I think.]

[Q: Where the heck is Tone's shield to be found?
A: Well, this is probably the greatest "mystery" this game has to offer. Had to
offer - as the mystery has been unsolved by me. You see, Tone's shield is
somewhat like Lancelot's shield, in a way of "being the odd one out". Like you
don't need to fight a boss ONLY for Lance's key, Tone's shield is the only one
that is_not_lying around somewhere, waiting for you to collect it. Instead you
get it automatically - and guess when... Exactly, when he fixes the Staff of
Rhiotamus and Arthur tells him to keep the staff for use in battle. Only his attack
animation doesn't even change. Nor does the strength of his attack. The solution
for this is easy, once you think about it. The staff *is* in fact Tone's shield.
And don't ask me how the heck the guys at Enix America got THIS crazy idea.
Or why the game never explicitly tells you this. No wonder neither Steve nor I
could remember where we had FOUND the shield - as it is not to be "found".]
[First of all, wait a few seconds while on the title screen. Otherwise you
won't get to see the "real" intro which is at least quite neatly done.]
You are Arthur King, teenager from the future, sent back in time by Merlin
along with your football team, the Knights. Merlin appears to you. He tells
you that Morgana has trapped the real King Arthur and his knights in the Cave
of Glass - and to get home, you must rescue them.
To do this - you must retreive the Keys of Truth. Each knight has their own.
You must take each knight to retrieve their own Key of Truth.
But your first goal is to obtain the Sword Excalibur for Arthur. To do this,
you must meet the Lady of the Lake, to the NW.
Find the Lady of the Lake
Nab two knights - it doesn't matter at this point who you take. Head out of
Camelot. Go north, killing all the black knights. You'll reach the forest.
Head northwest towards the lake on the map. (You can look at the map by
pressing START, and selecting the map.) You'll find a horde of black knights.
Obliterate them. The Lady of the Lake will appear - she'll only give you the
Excalibur if you retrieve the Pendragon Shield from Shield Heights, to the
east. Going to Shield Heights, however, requires walking through a wall of
fire - so head back to Camelot and talk to Merlin.
Merlin instructs you to get the ingredients for his potion of Fire Protection -
hairball, monkshood, nightshade, and eye of newt. So, head out to the forest
to find these. Bring Breeze and one other.
Find the potion ingredients
Head north to the forest - as soon as you enter, you should see some bees.
Them bees is guarding the Hairball - kill them and grab it. West, then north
of the Hairball is the Nightshade, sitting by the big ol' clump of trees. Go
back to the Lady of the Lake - look at the northeast corner of that screen to
find the Eye of Newt. West of the forest screen where you got the Hairball
and Nightshade, you should find the Monkshood.
On the screen where you got the Monkshood, you should be able to see a shield
lying in a little meadow in the middle of some trees. Head to the lower right
corner of that clump of trees - you should be able to find a hidden path to
the shield. Its Breeze's magical shield - this enables him to use Shield Attack
orbs to launch his pike - which will be a neccessity later. Head back to
Camelot. Give Merlin the potion ingredients and he'll give you Fire Protection.
Head now to Shield Heights.
Get the Pendragon Shield from Shield Heights
Bring Breeze with ya. I don't care who else.
Walk through the wall of fire. There, in the first screen of Shield Heights,
you should see a bunch of Black Knights and a few orbs. Those orbs are called
Shield Attacks and they let Knights of Justice who have magic shields to do
special attacks. You'll want a buttload of these. I highly recommend putting
on some music, then wasting some of your life entering and re-entering Shield
Heights until you have 99 of these. Yes, its painful. Yes, it's boring. News
flash, buddy: Thats what this game is. If you can't take it, then I'd advise
you quit now before you die from boredom. If you ever run out in the course of
the game (or you quit and reload from a pass), come back and get more.
Anyway, head through Shield Heights, slaughtering black knights left and right.
You'll eventually see a bridge going off into the distance - this means you're
almost at the boss. Get prepped. Walk across the bridge, and Breeze will
volunteer to go ahead, since he has his magic shield and all. Boss time.
Breeze fights this boss alone. This boss will shoot fire out towards you,
which lingers momentarily and goes away. Getting hit by fire nicks off a little
life - however, don't ever stand in fire for more than a moment, as the damage
is cumulative.
I find the easiest way to do this boss is this: Move all the way to the bottom
of the screen, in the center. Wait. The dragon will typically fire to your left
and right; you are fairly safe - but this isn't a perfect safe spot - be on the
lookout. When the dragon moves his head over far enough to expose his belly,
fire off Breeze's pike (his Shield Attack.) Careful though - when the dragon
does this, it also mean he is going to fire a burst straight towards the center
- your safe spot. In other words, move.
A couple hits to the belly will make a nice welt - a couple more will kill the
dragon. Celebrate, have a beer, then nab the Pendragon Shield. Now that you
have proven yourself to the Lady of the Lake, return to her to claim Excalibur.
Get the sword Excalibur
Go back to where you found the Lady of the Lake (if you cant find it, wander -
its NW of Camelot.) She'll congratulate you for getting the Pendragon Shield
and award you with Excalibur - as soon as you cross the lake. She'll show you
a path via a little ball of light - you can either a) have a photographic
memory and remember it, b) guess and guess again till you get it, or c)
follow this handy dandy little guide, that I've so graciously provided you:
Go - 2 blocks up, 3 left, 4 up, 3 right, 2 up, 4 left, 1 up, 3 left, 2 down,
1 left, and 2 down. Walk down and the sword Excalibur will appear. Celebrate,
do a couple shots, then go back to Camelot. Merlin will tell you to go to
Castle Tintangel.
Get into Castle Tintangel (Get the Warlord Helmet, get Erek's book)
Castle Tintangel is west of Camelot. (slightly northwest.) Take Breeze. Walking
up to the Castle results in a fight with a bunch of black knights, but you
cannot gain entry. No biggie. Go south of Castle Tintangel, to find a cave.
There you will find Erek of Tintangel. He has a secret passage into the castle,
where you can find Warlord Spike (and the Key of Truth), but he won't let you
in unless you get his book back. The blacksmith in the forest has it, so go
back to the forest screen where Shield Heights is. There is a big clump of
trees in the center - at the top of this clump in an entrance. Go in. The
blacksmith has the book - but he won't give it up unless you dispatch the
nearby Warlord patrol. Head out. You know that clump of trees just west of
Shield Heights? Feel your way around the bottom of that. You'll find a small
glade, where the patrol is waiting for you. (Because, you know, patrols always
stay in one place and wait for you.) Kill them crazy black knights, and grab the
helmet that is sitting there. Return to the blacksmith. He takes the helmet as
proof that you took out the patrol - he gives you the book. Take the book to
Erek, completing another pointless errand-running to accomplish an otherwise
simple task. Grab the flower and head into the passage.
Recover Breeze's Key of Truth
The passage is fairly straightfoward - it branches off into two paths, but
both lead to the same place. The castle itself is a bit more confusing - but
you should be able to find your way through with a little exploration. When
you find a long gray passageway that goes down and to the left, you are almost
at the boss. (I say this because, most likely, 99.9% of you don't actually
own this game, and have some sort of ROM. *cough* save state *cough*) Its
killing time, boys and girls.
Breeze fights this battle by himself. Warlord Spike drives a big tank. He has
three methods of hurting you. One - he'll charge at you and catch you with the
spikes on the front of his tank. THIS IS A LETHAL ATTACK. As in - if you are
slow or stupid enough to get hit by that attack, you are pretty much dead,
granted that you stand there for more than an instant. Touching the tank, in
general, is a bad idea. Two - he'll swing at you with a big axe thing. Keep
your distance from the tank. Three - he'll charge up a big blue ball of
electricity and fire it at you. Keep moving. Here's a fairly surefire way of
nailing this guy - Run in front of the tank quickly. He'll charge, but you of
course are too fast for him. He'll be stunned for an instant - have Breeze fire
off his Shield Attack directly at the big purple guy piloting the tank. Move,
because he's charging up his blue ball to shoot at you. Lather, rinse, repeat
this over and over til he is dead. Grab the Key of Truth and Merlin will jet
you off back to Camelot.
Your next task? Go to Welton Village so you can get into Gruesome Keep and find
the next Key of Truth.
Get into Gruesome Keep (Get the Warlord Armor, get the key to the passage)
You can now pass those statues at the east end of the forest north of Camelot.
Go through the southern statues to get to Welton Village. Everyone there is
loyal to Morgana and won't help you. Go to the blacksmith - you'll ask for 3
suits of Warlord Armor. He'll need wood and metal. Go back to Welton. Find the
wood outside a house - find the metal inside a house near that house. Go back
to the blacksmith. He'll want some cider. Go back to Welton. Find the cider
outside the inn, the most NE house. Go back to the blacksmith. Get the armor.
Go into your inventory, put on the armor, talk to the man in the gem shop.
He'll give you a key to the secret passage into Gruesome Keep. It needs to be
charged. Go to the house in the NW corner. Go in, and the old woman will
enchant your key. Go out. Wasn't that fun?

Outside the old woman's house are healing herbs - stand on them. Go into your
inventory. Come out. The herbs will come back, you'll pick them up. Repeat
until you have 99 herbs. This is optional, of course, but herbs are somewhat
useful. (Keep in mind - if you quit, your herbs get reset to 23. Sorry.)

Go north out of Welton. Go one screen east. See that opening in the trees?
There should be some fairies attacking you there. Kill them, then head into
the trees there. There is a trapdoor if you continue through the trees there.
(If you see skeletons and orange trees, you went the wrong way - that takes
you to the main entrance of Gruesome Keep, which is inaccesible to you.)
Go into the trapdoor, and you'll find the back entrance into the keep.
Recover Gallop's Key of Truth
Yes, I know I said to bring Gallop in previous versions of this FAQ. I was
mistaken. I apologize. Bringing Gallop causes him to fight the boss in this
level - and Gallop doesn't have his shield. So, don't take him, so that Arthur
will fight the boss.

First - go up at the first intersection, then left - and you'll find Lug's
shield. Take it. Now, go back, head down, and right at the bottom passageway
to get into the Keep. Making your way through the keep, (its pretty
straightfoward) find your way to the next Warlord.
Arthur faces off against this guy alone.
This Warlord is riding in a little train/cable car sort of thing - meaning it
has very limited motion. It moves back and forth, left to right, at a steady
speed. It has two attacks - it'll shoot stuff at you, and the main face of
the vehicle will shoot a big burst at you.
A couple options for killing it: Theres the hard way - dodge its shots, use
Arthur's shield attack and try and hit the warlord piloting the thing.
Or, the easy way - stand in the center, fire off shots as fast as you can -
the guy will go down in like 5 seconds. Sure, you'll lose some life, and use
up a few Shield Attacks, but who cares? Go back to the room with the big
skulls, all lined up. (It's the front entrance.) Go back to Camelot, take
Gallop, and come back and get the key. Yay.
Navigate Blinder's Way
Merlin'll transport you back to Camelot after you bring Gallop to Gruesome Keep
and recover his key. He'll inform you that Wally's key is being held by Warlord
Blinder in Castle Sanguine. To get there, you must navigate a forest teleporter
maze known as Blinder's Way.

UPDATE! Thanks to JasonSensation20@cs.com for helping me figure this out.
Apparently, there was some bug that gave me 'la bijou du porte' when I was
supposed to get the Ruby of Compassion, so I wasn't able to save Welton. But,
I got it figured out now.

HOW TO SAVE WELTON: East of Welton Village, you can find 3 items - the Emerald,
sitting on the edge of a tree line, the Goblet, in the northern part of one of
the screens, and the Ruby, along the cliffs by the sea. Take all of these, and
place them on the altar in the church. Though there will be no fanfare, the
curse is now lifted. This gives you access to a map, which would help you
through Blinder's Way, assuming you weren't already reading this guide.

Merlin makes reference to a 'book' which would help you through the maze. This
book, is, of course, the book you gave Erek. Pay him a visit, if you like,
he'll show you an elaborate code. If you happened to want to do it the hard
way, (or were writing a FAQ), you could copy it down. Or, just go straight
to Blinder's Way - it lies NW of Welton. Get ready, cause here it comes.
(oh - grab Darren's shield while you're at it - shouldn't be hard to find.)
Before I begin the explanation of Blinders Way, please note -
DONT TAKE WALLY. If you do, Wally will fight the boss, and he doesn't have
his shield. We want Arthur to face this boss.
Head down the right path, and you should see some little teleporters with
symbols on them. Those symbols represent the path you should take - it should
spell out 'BLINDERSWAYKEY' in Erek's code.

Take the upper right teleporter - 'B'.
Take the only available teleporter - the no-smoking sign is 'L'.
Take the right teleporter - 'I'.
Take the upper teleporter - the Internet Explorer symbol is 'N'.
Head through the trees on the bottom-right of the glen - head right and find
the teleporter that looks like a sideways P on an X - 'D'.
Take the left teleporter - 'E'.
Head down, into a glade to the right, then feel your way through the trees -
the sideways smiley face is
code for 'R'.
Take the upper teleporter - 'S'.
Head way, way down, to the right, then back up - the teleporter on the left of
the circle of trees is 'W'.
Take the left teleporter - 'A'.
Take the only available teleporter - 'Y'.
Take the top teleporter - 'K'.
Take the right teleporter - 'E'.
Take the bottom teleporter - 'Y'.
Wow! You've made it into Castle Sanguine.
Recover Wally's Key of Truth
From the trapdoor from Blinder's Way, head down this long winding passageway,
killing a couple black knights. At the end, go up into the door.
From this point on, Castle Sanguine is fairly symmetrical, so these directions
are just one path (in case you get lost.)
Head left one room, left another room, then up the hall. Head right into the
hall, then up into the door. Head to the left room, left again, up into the
door, then right to the end of the hall. Go up into the door, then get ready
to face off with Warlord Blinder in the next room up.
Arthur faces this guy alone. Blinder's axe attack is pretty much unavoidable -
but it doesn't do much damage. Your best bet - brute force. Stand in the
center, directly below Blinder, and fire off shield attacks as fast as you
can. Assuming you positioned yourself right, they all should connect and the
boss should go kaput. Dont waste time, cause time = damage as he swings that
axe back and forth. EZ.
Wally's key of truth appears - however, now you must go back and get Wally.
UUUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHH. Why? Cause that means going all the way out of the dungeon,
warping back to Camelot, getting Wally, then DOING BLINDERS WAY ALL OVER AGAIN.
Yes, I've tried to find another way - but for some reason, you can't warp to
Castle Sanguine. IT SUCKS, but you have to do it to proceed. Get to it.
Save Squire Everett (Acquire the Horn of Zug)
Squire Everett (whoever that might be) has been poisoned! His only hope - a
potion made from the Horn of Zug. The Zug lives in the Swamp of Zagar - and
you must go fetch some horn, chop-chop.
To get to the Swamp of Zagar, go the the entrance of Blinder's Way, and take
the left path. Then, on the next screen, take the first path up.
Once in the Swamp, go left, across the bridge, then up once you reach a bridge
that goes up. You'll end up on a big center island. Hang out by the lone tree
that has a little face. The Zug will charge at you, crash into the tree, then
run off. Grab his horn shavings that drop.
Before you return to Camelot, walk across the left bridge and grab Lancelot's
shield. Yay! Now, warp to Camelot. Merlin will make the potion, then instruct
you to meet with Blaise, who will get you into the Castle Stone.
Get into Castle Stone
Head back to the Swamp, this time looking for a narrow exit east of the main
center island. Go talk to the man in the little hut, Blaise. He'll instruct
you to collect (groan...) 3 items for his potion - all found in the outlying
areas of the Swamp of Zagar:

Eye of Newt - N of the main center island in the Swamp

Hairball - on the screen south of the Swamp, look on the upper part of the
east-west path

Nightshade - I couldn't find this in the Swamp, but warp to Welton, go
one screen north, and one screen east. Look in the trees above.

Once all these are found, head back to his hut and he'll cast a spell that
turns you into birds, and you'll fly into the castle. Before you do so, make
sure that you DONT TAKE PHIL. (Actually, I've tried this boss with Phil - its
possible, but much harder than fighting with Arthur.)
Recover Phil's Key of Truth
Castle Stone is basically a one-room maze. Here are some directions:
From the entrance, head left until you reach the far left corner - then go up.
Follow the path up and around, then take the right-most passageway at the fork.
Head up the passage, then at the next fork, go down a little then take the
passage right. Follow this, then at the next fork, go right. Follow this long
winding passage, then take a right at the fork. Go down at the next fork, then
when you reach the next fork, keep going up. Right after that fork, there is
another one - head left, then to the door. You'll find Warlord Hammer.
Not too hard, but harder than Blinder. Hammer shoots stuff out of that white
cone on his front, fires stones at you from the sides, and if you get close
enough, drops big hammers on his sides. (Those hammers are why this boss is
hard if you use Phil.) The easiest way to hit him is to dodge until he's at
the top of the screen, then hit the guy in the tank with Shield Attacks, while
dodging his projectiles. You can also get him from the sides or back, but then
you're more vulnerable to his rock attacks. Wear him down, take him out.
You'll have to return with Phil, (unless you killed him with Phil - in which
case, congrats) - though going back through this castle isn't nearly the pain
in the butt that re-doing Blinder's Way and Sanguine was. Nab the Key of Truth.
Collect the four Elemental Keys
I didn't include this in the walkthrough earlier, but you can find Gallop's
shield sitting in the mountains west of the swamp. But, you don't really need
it all that much. Anyhoo...

Merlin informs you that you're looking for Brick's key next - and its in the
possession of Warlord Lucan, in Castle Vilor. To enter his castle, though, you
must collect the four elemental keys to open it up.
Here's how to get each key:

Fire Elemental Key - Head NE of the swamp (E, then N). You'll know you're
headed in the right direction when you see some rock monsters and then black
knights - keep going up. (Actually, given the wandering paths of this forest,
theres more than one way to get there.) You'll find a bunch of fire monsters
- kill them, and then nab the key, sitting right there.
[On a side note, I (Azel) couldn't find this key here when I was playing the game.
Instead, it already was at Castle Vilor's gate. So if you can't find it as well, don't
worry, just go on and search for the other keys.]

Water Elemental Key - Held by the alchemist Druas in the house beyond the NW
exit of the swamp. He'll give it to you if you if you bring him pitchblende.
Where do I get pitchblende, you ask? Head out the N exit of the swamp, then
head east. You should find a bunch of rock monsters. Kill them all, and grab
the gray rock on the ground. If you find the gray rock and can't pick it up,
leave the area and come back again to activate the monsters. Once they're all
dead, you can pick it up.

Earth Elemental Key - Theres a Gnome King just SE from the Fire Key, along the
path. He not visible, but he's just off the path slightly north of the Black
Knights in that area. (Be warned - theres more than one pack on Black Knights
on that screen. Don't look in the wrong place.) A gnome should jump out of a
hole, asking you to find his son. His son is just north of where he is - go
N to the next screen and you'll see him tied up, surrounded by knights. Kill
them, and release the boy by cutting his ropes. Then go back to meet the gnome,
and he'll give you the Earth Elemental Key.
NOTE: Try to remember where you found him - you'll be coming back here in just
a sec. There's a Key of Truth here. If you have Tone, you can get it right now.
If not, come back later with him. (Details on that below.)

Wind Elemental Key - From the north exit of the Swamp of Zagar, head straight
north. Somewhere there, in the upper tree line, you should see a path leading
off. Go there, and you'll be standing under a large island casting a huge
shadow. Go back to the swamp, and head out the narrow east exit back to Blaise.
Talk to him, and he'll turn you into birds. You'll automatically fly up to the
island and grab the key.

That wasn't TOO bad. You can head toward Castle Vilor now, but first, lets nab
Tone's Key of Truth, hence the title...
Find Tone's Key of Truth
Before we start, if you haven't yet, you must save Welton Village. See the
FAQ portion for more detail. Once you have, there is an old woman in the house
in the NW corner - talk to her to get a scroll.
Heading back to where you found the Gnome King, (and BRINGING TONE WITH YOU)
you'll find a nifty little puzzle leading to Tone's Key. (That's what the
Gnome meant when he said 'confused note', BTW) This puzzle involves walking
through a little glade without falling in invisible holes.

Heres a little _crude_ map of the glade;
 *     *
 ***    **
 **dd*   ***
   dd  *****o
 X   *   *
** *    *  **  I
On that map, * is a bush, d is the dirt patch, o is a rock, I is the ivory
pedestal, and X is your starting position.

First, I'll draw the path, then try to describe it.
 *     xxxx
 ***   x *x
 **ddxxx *x*
   ddx ***x*o
 X   x   *xxxx
 x   x      *x
 xxxxx o     x
** *    *  **  I
Again, thats some crude artwork. Follow the trail of X's.

In English: From where you start, nudge forward just a tad (your fellow justice
knights will stop you from moving.) Go down until you're just above the bush.
Go right until you're in line with the two bushes right of the dirt patch -
go up until you are over the top bush. Go right 2 blocks - you should be in
line with the rock below you. Move up til you hit the top - go right til you've
passed the column with 4 bushes. Head all the way right, then all the way down.
The puzzle is now solved, and you can walk freely in this area.
(Note - thats only one path through that area - but it works, so whatever.)
Go into your inventory and select the scroll - go out of the pause menu and
Arthur will read it. A key will appear - try to lure Tone over there to grab
it. Yay. Didn't even have to kill a boss.
Recover Brick's Key of Truth
Since this is Brick's key, and Brick doesn't yet have his shield, your best bet
would be to NOT TAKE BRICK.
From the entrance to the meadow with the floating island, head directly east
and you should find the trapdoor that leads into Castle Vilor. With all 4 keys
in hand, enter. Head straight up til you hit a wall, then straight right. Get
onto the star teleporter, then prepare yourself for the boss as you enter the
upper door.
Once again, speed and overkill beats finesse and aim. The easiest way to kill
this warlord is to come in with full life, and immediately fire off shield
attacks as fast as you can. I've had varying success with this - at times, I
can kill the warlord in 5 hits and not get a scratch on me - other times, I
have to fire off 20 shield attacks and lose half my life. Its still pretty
simple, though. Trying to dodge the attacks of the boss will simply result in
the tank charging at you - trying to get around the side will result in your
getting stuck. Aim for the guy in the tank and don't stop shooting til he's
Depart this fortress, warp to Camelot, grab Brick, head back, nab Brick's key.
Easy. The hard part of this area was meant to be finding those crazy element
keys. But, whatever.
Back at Camelot, Merlin informs you that you are now searching for Darren and
Lug's keys in the vicinity of Crownhorn Village. Other than that, he gives no
clues whatsoever. But, you definitely won't need them to...
Find Lug's Key of Truth
Allow me to try to convey how easy it is to get this key. Take Lug, obviously.
First, find Crownhorn Village. From the N exit of the swamp, go north until
the turn in the path, then head into the trees to the left. Walk up the path
and you'll arrive at Crownhorn. Simple enough, eh?
Now, go to the bottom edge of town. Start looking through the buildings.
In one mostly empty building, you'll see the key, lying there. Take it.
THATS IT. ITS THAT SIMPLE. Have a hearty laugh at the rushed placement of this
key, and start the quest to find Darren's key.
Oh - while you're at it, find Trunk's shield sitting above a stable in the
village, east of where you found the key.
Destroy the Power Stone
Crownhorn Village is fairly deserted - apparently, most villagers were scared
off by the strong Warlords. One woman remains in a house in the NW part of the
village. Talk to her, and she'll tell you about the Power Stone that is making
the warlords strong, and - GROOOAAANNN - which ingredients to collect to be
able to destroy it. Errand running! YAY!

PLEASE NOTE: The lady was correct in saying that the Warlords in this area are
much stronger - they're pretty much invincible. Try to avoid activating them,
if you can. There are 2 packs you should be aware of - one, on the south edge
of the screen where you find the Mordraine Wood, and one at the fork in the
path as you approach the Saltmoss. Avoid them.

The ingredients are as follows:
Mordraine Wood - From Crownhorn Village, head out the south exit, then follow
the path to the west. There, on the west edge of the screen, you'll find the
wood. Also note - Zeke's shield can be found on this screen as well, near
the NE corner.

Pixie Dust - Head out the W exit of Crownhorn Village. Kill some pixies, then
grab the dust at the NW corner of the area.

Saltmoss - Out the N exit of Crownhorn Village, following the left path at the
fork where the black knights are, (try to get your knights stuck behind a tree
so you can stealthily sneak by) you'll find a river and a broken bridge. Step
off the bridge and you'll be floating downstream. Dodgethe rocks. (Its almost
a mini-game, cept it isn't.) You'll end up in a littlecave as you fall into a
whirlpool. You can find herbs and shield attacks in this cave - a rarity. You
can also find Wally's shield, as well as the coveted saltmoss. Depart.

Return to the lady and she'll give you the Mordraine Crystal. Head out the N
exit of Crownhorn, walk up to the big rock tinted purple, and use the crystal.
Now, the warlords are weaker, and you should be able to enter the Cape of Death
without dying instantly.
Recover Darren's Key of Truth
Before we start - return to Shield Heights and make sure you have 99 Shield
Attacks. Thats a little more than you really need, but you don't want to run
out. Also make sure you have Darren's shield, found right of the S entrance to
Blinder's Way.
On that note, BRING DARREN. It really isn't necessary, but if you bring him,
you don't have to come back with him to get the key. And since this is the
first time in a while you've had someone with their shield, you might as well
take advantage of it.

The Cape of Death (I'm not sure where this title comes from - I'm gettin it
from the map in my Nintendo Power, but I never saw it mentioned in the game)
is found by going 2 screens west of Crownhorn, then heading north. The path
through it is fairly straightforward - everywhere that isn't the right way to
go is a dead end. One note - when you reach a bunch of passageways downward
that lead to teleporters, the second one from the left is the correct one. [But,
BEFORE you go there, take the rightmost teleporter once. You'll end up in a room
in which you can find Phil's shield. Thanks to William Nicholas Ruddick for this
info. After grabbing the shield, you can return to the second teleporter from the
left and...]
Ready Darren for battle - make sure he's fully healed as you step onto the
[If you're short of Shield Attacks, you might want to look out for a hidden
passage found close to the Shield Attacks lying along the way. The passage
leads to a room where you will find another bunch of Shield Attacks.]
Wow! A boss that actually requires some strategy! Thats right - you're not
fighting some guy in some stupid tank - you're fighting a beefed-up giant
Warlord. He'll hop around like a frog, and fire spikes at you. Note, though,
that he only fires spikes down-left and down-right of himself - he doesn't
fire any directly in front of himself, or any to his sides or behind him.
You can only hit him when he's landed from his jumps, though, so learn to time
your shots accordingly.
Your best bet is to stay directly in front of him, firing Shield Attacks when
he lands. He'll start jumping towards you, though - when you run out of room,
run all the way around him so you're directly to the left or right of him, or
directly behind him. Don't linger down-left or down-right.
I'd guess he takes a good 20 hits to kill him - I couldn't say exactly how
many, though. Assuming you can dodge well, and you've brought enough Shield
Attacks, you should fare well.
Darren's Key is yours, and you're warped back to Camelot for your next mission.
Apparently, you'll need to collect the pieces of the Staff of Rhiothamus in
order to smash some big wall. Yay.
Collect the Pieces of the Staff of Rhiothamus
The pieces should all be in the new chunk of forest now accessible to you,
up near the top of the map. Of course, its quite difficult to give directions
through a huge area of non-descript forest. So, hopefully this won't be too
confusing. You'll be doing a good deal of wandering, trust me.
There are 6 total pieces to the Staff - Merlin gave you one, you'll need to find
5 more. Good for you. I think the closest place you can warp to on the map is
the square of forest 2 blocks to the right of the river. Head straight up from
there, into a nice, dark part of the forest.
(Somewhere, near the top of this dark part of the forest, you should see a
piece of bread guarded by some bees. Get it.)
Here are the five pieces, in no particular order:
- Up near the wall, in the 'light' part of the forest, there should be a piece,
sitting in plain site by some trees. You'll of course be attacked by oodles of
knights while trying to retrieve it, of course. Yay for tedious battles.
- Theres a giant tree, somewhere in the lower-left section of this forest. Go
in, and hit the giant there with a couple shield attacks. He'll die and leave
behind a piece.
- From that giant tree, go down, then right and you should see some traveler
with a pitchfork. Give him that piece of bread and he'll give you another
piece of the staff.
- On the screen north of the big tree, there should be a trapdoor at the
bottom of the screen. Head in there, be sure to take Zeke.
The little dungeon under the trapdoor leads to both castles - one has Zeke's
key, the other has Trunk's. Go into the left castle first. If you try to fight
the boss without Zeke's key and all 6 staff parts, Merlin will stop you.
These castles had names in my Nintendo Power - but, I don't remember then,
and I don't have the mag around.
[I believe their names were mentioned in the game as well. One castle was called
"Blackroot Keep" and the other "Dark Citadel" with the Dark Citadel being the
castle on the right side. But as I can't tell for sure, I'll just leave it as "left castle"
and "right castle". Steve would be proud.]
Anyway - wander around that left castle. You should be able to find one piece
lying around.
Go into the big green room - this is NOT a dead end. Its just hard to see
the exit into the next room, at the upper-right. The exit from the next green
room is on the bottom. Grab Zeke's key, and you'll be warped back to Camelot.
- The last piece is in the right castle. Bring Trunk. Go back to the trapdoor,
and this time, head up the stairs on the right side. Theres another piece
in here, wander around til you find it. The boss is on the right side.
The first part is simple, but get used to doing it. The boss, a giant snake,
will weave back and forth through the room. Dodge it, hit it with your Shield
Attacks. Not too hard, but try to get through this part with as much of your
life as possible. Full, if you can manage.
If you don't have the cart of this game, and are using an emulator, FOR GODS
SAKES, ABUSE SAVE STATES. For those of you with the cart, well, I'm sorry,
you're going to be screaming at the TV for a while.
The pillars at the top of this little arena will explode, and the boss will
come down as a sword-wielding snake-man. Your initial impression is, "Oh, this
can't be that hard." Then you discover that he is IMPERVIOUS TO SHIELD ATTACKS.
Thats right - you have to hit him with your little bitty axe. 20 TIMES.
Ok. The first thing you should note is that all hits are not created equal.
You can't just run up to him and whack him a zillion times. You'll need 20
FULLY CHARGED hits in order to kill him. Luckily, the bottom of the screen is
safe from his attacks, giving you a spot to charge up.
The idea is to wait for your weapon to charge, run up, hit him, and run back
to safety without getting hit. Its possible, but its VERY hard to do with any
amount of consistency.
So, once again, people playing on emulators - If you get a hit in on him
without getting hit back, SAVE STATE. If he hits you, load your previous state.
You'll be able to wear him down eventually. Its the only way I was able to
beat him, and believe me, I tried.
People with carts - I'm extremely sorry, but there isn't any special trick to
beating this boss. You'll be fighting this battle over and over, believe me.
Just let Trunk's weapon charge, rush up, hit him, and rush back, avoid the
swords at all costs, and be EXTREMELY LUCKY.
That's the best I can do for you. I'm willing to bet that this game wasn't
tested very thoroughly.
[Azel's side note: I took pity on all you people playing this game on a real
SNES as this battle is definitely MIND-NUMBINGLY HORRIBLY DIFFICULT.
But the only thing I could do for you was to create a little PAR Code which'll
give you 99 Healing Herbs. It's not of that much use as this game doesn't allow
you to heal DURING a boss battle, but at least it's useful if you weren't fully healed
before the fight and didn't have any Healing Herbs left. In this case the PAR code
will come in very handy. Here it is:
7E0FBF63 --Unlimited Healing Herbs

...ha, after double-checking every possible location, I was finally able to find
out where the game stores the HP values for the active party and thus was able
to create the ultimate aid for anyone playing this game on a real SNES: the Unlimited
HP PAR code! Yay. It goes a little something like this...
7E107D37 --Always have 55 HP (which is = MAX HP in this game)
...now about everybody should be able to beat that darned Warlord Viper...
...if you don't have a PAR and are playing this game on a real SNES...
Well, you're about screwed. :/ I can only repeat what Steve said above:
You need to be EXTREMELY LUCKY. ...not only EXTREMELY lucky, but
also lucky about the whole time you're fighting Viper. ...Good luck to you.]
Trunk's key is yours, and you're whisked back to Camelot.

More or less IMPORTANT NOTE: Azel completely taking over from now on. Hehehe.
Destroying Hadrian's Wall (Oh my...)
After having wasted probably about as much time as for all of the
previous bosses together (and this goes for people with emulators as well... ),
Warlord Viper'll leave this crazy videogame world and Trunk can get
his Key of Truth. Only two left,eh? Well, let's stop wasting our
precious lifetime and finish this damn stupid game... (Why am I still
playing anyways? Hmm.. ...it's all because of you, folks. So don't
forget who you should be thankful to...) Merlin will teleport
you back to Camelot once more and it's about time to assemble the final
party. As Lance's key is still missing, put him in the party, and take
Tone as well - he's the only one who can handle the Staff of Rhiotamus
- but don't ask me why... [Most likely because you can get Tone's shield
without even noticing it only this way and Enix America LOVED to confuse
us all...See also the FAQ section for more info on this matter.]
Now, just get outside of Camelot and Tone will fix the Staff and boom,
the famous Hadrian's Wall is even more of a tourist sight with this big
hole in it... And of course Arthur and friends want to be good tourists
and how many times are you going to visit medieval England, huh? So
let's go check it out and teleport there. Oh, and do me and your nerves
a favor and get 99 Healing Herbs and, most importantly, 99 Shield Attacks
before going there, yah? You might need them...
[Of course, if you'd be of very low integrity, you could also use the above
mentioned PAR code for Unlimited Healing Herbs and this one here:
7E0FC763 --Unlimited Shield Attacks
...but come on, if I was able to run over to Shield Heights again and again
just to collect 99 Healing Herbs and 99 Shield Attacks, why should YOU
not be able to? ...your laziness could prove to be fatal some day...]
So, back again? Then let's go! Teleport the party just in front of the
part of Hadrian's Wall that lies directly (about 25 squares apart ;) )
above our beloved Castle Camelot... (Sounding pathetic, am I?) This's
the one with the hole in it. Enter and get ready for the final episode.
The Dark Forest, Part 1
(Would have sounded much cooler if it would have been called "Black
Forest" or "Schwartzwald", don't you think?)
This is a somewhat large dark forest, as the name suggests. Luckily, we
do not have much business here. March straight to the upper edge of
this area, going slightly to the left when being blocked by one of
those big, creepy-looking trees. Eventually you should find the way to
another area. There you'll see a small bridge leading upward. Cross it,
kill those bees and enter the nearby cave. You'll find yourself in
the smallest dungeon you will encounter in this game. Just a passageway
and three tiny rooms. Yay. Enter the rightmost first and get the Ring
that is lying on the floor. Then enter the leftmost room and be
surprised that you'll find Lance's Key of Truth here... Clock Check.
Since we entered the Dark Forest, on my clock only two minutes have
passed. Ah, guess you can't really say that this Key is difficult to get...
On the other hand, after beating up stupid Viper for the last Key, it
surely is fair to just let the next one lie around here. Only thing I
don't get is why the Key has got a different color than the others. All
Keys of Truth are green, except for this one, which is blue... I sure
could understand it if it was Arthur's Key, Arthur being the leader and
all, but this... Hmm, probably the designers want us to think that the key
has been corrupted by darkness or something, lying around so close to
Morgana's domain. Or maybe I'm just thinking too much...
The Dark Forest, revisited and The Plain of the Dead
...ehm, let's better go on. Merlin is so "kind" teleporting the party
back to Camelot yet again... Argh... Just go back outside and teleport
back to Hadrian's Wall and re-enter the Dark Forest. This time go to
the right side of the area and exit through the upper exit. In the next
area, head right and after reaching the right side of that area, go for
the upper edge yet again, being ambushed by a bunch of red warlords on
the way. Soon after that you should see a strange cave entrance which you
can't enter yet. Continue on your way and read the inscriptions on the
gravestones if you wish. Isn't this creepy, boo... *yawn*
Anyway, enter the crypt just above this little graveyard and follow
the way, leading to a cave with another bunch of red warlords and a
statue of Morgana. While the party is still wondering what kind of
sense of aesthetics Morgana must have to own such an ugly piece of art,
the statue suddenly comes to life and fires a lightning bolt at the
party, KILLING the two party members accompanying Arthur. Instead of
being relieved that no one ever'll stand in his way again while trying
to collect Shield Attacks, Arthur heroically decides to rescue his
buddies. Ah, well, since he can't leave this forest anyway without the
magic map one of the others was holding (...ahem... Kind of strange
twist in the story, eh?), he might as well give it a try. Return to the
cave entrance you could not enter earlier and enter. This is a direct
way to the Plain of the Dead, the most famous Holiday Club for the
dead! Bad joke, wasn't it? Well, you get the idea, I guess. Don't
bother entering the other crypts - you'll only get to know that you
need the Ring of True Seeing to proceed. And you already have this ring.
Simply go down and down, collecting these nice-looking white flowers
along the way. You apparently don't really need them, but it's not as
boring as just going down without collecting them.  On the bottom of
the screen, you'll find a way leading to the right. Take it and you'll
arrive in the Village of the Dead. Isn't it a somewhat calming thought
that we're gonna live in houses, have cupboards filled with useless
stuff and a fire to keep us warm even after we die? Or maybe just
another proof for the hasty development of this game...  Anyway, at
this moment there are only three houses of interest here. Enter the
upper right one and talk to the "person" to get a cloak, then enter the
leftmost small house and talk to the "person" there to get two coins.
Now that we have all that's needed to go for the real thing, let's go
to the building in the upper left corner. The doorkeeper waits there,
only willing to let Arthur pass if he owns a cloak of the Dead and can
pay the usual two gold coins. Since we just collected these things, we
can go inside. ...whoa, so this is what it feels like being dead...
This looks somewhat more complex but it is definitely not... You did
not still hope this game would have some well designed dungeons, did
you? That would be too optimistic, I fear... But let's concentrate on
finding and resurrecting the other two knights.
Go straight until you reach the first intersection, there go up and
follow the path, fighting against some dead warlords along the way (It
is amazing what variety of different enemies happens to exist in this
game...). Enter the teleporter. On to the next intersection, take the
left path, enter the teleporter. So, now we're down under...
Our old friend, the guy who gave us the cloak, is standing close to
where you come out. As he helped us out in the first place, we might as
well give him one of these useless flowers if it helps to save his soul
I suppose... He only tells us where to find the other guy, though. Not
that we wouldn't have found this out by ourselves... Anyway, just go
to the upper right corner here and take the teleporter there. After
meeting the goldsmith and getting some more useless information, just
go on, taking teleporters where you find them. It's pretty darned
straightforward. Finally you'll encounter your friends and wake them
from the deep eternal sleep of death... Now let's get out of here!
Oh, and in the case you were wondering how to get out, don't worry.
Just take the teleporter, take the teleporter below and be surprised
that a GIANT DOOR appears out of nowhere just beside you... (*banging
my head against the wall* Oooh, this game is a disgrace for all RPGs
and Action-Adventures... Only excuse being really if the story would be
as senseless in the TV series as well.. Ah, soo good that it's nearly
finished now...) Go through the door and find yourself in front of the
Gate in the Village of the Dead. Now for this big mansion in the
middle... This is just another worthless piece of cake-like puzzle you
need to solve in order to get access to the final dungeon. So, enter
the mansion, enter the second room, a large hallway and there enter the
leftmost room and take up the necklace lying around. Out of there, and
into the next room to the right, talk to the "person" there, then go to
the rightmost room and talk to the guy there - he will trade his gem
against the necklace you just picked up. (Kinda stupid actually, since
it probably already belonged to him, or how was it lying around in this
mansion?) Then take the gem to the first guy and get the key to the
Baron's room who will tell you of a way into Morgana's domain. Only
thing left to do is going to the only woman in this house, in the first
upper right room. She'll tell you the name you need to call in order to
open the crypt which leads into the final dungeon. So, out of the
mansion and enter the door in the upper right corner of the village.
Finally there.
The Final Dungeon (Woo-hoo. Yeah. Yippieh. Finally!)
Actually pretty straightforward again, but just to be nice a detailed
description of the way you need to go.
Just follow the path until you run into some annoying fire monsters.
Dispose of them then go up as far as you can. You should find another
of these boring cave entrances leading to boring dungeon caves... At
least it's the last one of these... Enter and go up again as far as you
can, staying on the left side of the cave. You should reach some stairs
going up. Go up, then up another two stairways and finally you have
reached the last room. Simply go up and check your Inventory and Health
before entering the final Gate. Save the State when playing on an
...not that the last boss would be that tough. People might think of
some killer machine even stronger and more annoying to beat than
ol' Viper, but guess what this boss is like? It's just a huge, more
powerful version of the very first boss we encountered -that kid dragon
way back on Shield Heights, remember? At least this one here is
somewhat more agile and aggressive, going around and spitting "fire".
There's also this annoying glowing ...stuff on the ground where the crystal
was -don't stand on this spot as it'll drain your health. Fast. Very fast.
There are two approaches for this battle: You could easily just stand in the
middle of the screen and fire off Shield Attacks -after several hits
you'll finish it. However, this is what I would call a strategy for
people who are bad players but can incredibly quick mash down buttons.
...hmm, I don't think there are many people of this kind playing this
game... So the advanced strategy: Mainly evade the dragon's attacks, get
the one or other shot at him, don't ever forget you CAN'T HEAL yourself in a
boss battle and after about five minutes you've done it as well.
Arthur's Key of Truth will appear and Athur will automatically collect it.
Hooray. Congratulations for finishing this stupid game and for reading this
thing up until here. Nice of you. :) So it wasn't totally useless writing this down.
Oh, and for all those guys reading FAQs only for descriptions of the
storyline (Tss...), here's what happens after you beat Morgana:

The Crystal Cave collapses, setting King Arthur and the real Knights
of Justice free. King Arthur thanks Arthur King for his help and asks
him what his most important wish may be. Of course Arthur does not wish
for more than being able to get back home and thus, they all go to the
fabled Stonehenge and Merlin teleports 'em back. The End.

(If I hadn't already played good old Kid Chameleon on the Genesis,
I would surely say that this game here had the shortest and most
obvious ending I've ever seen in a video game. But as the ending in Kid
Chameleon basically consists of one screen saying that you just saved
the world, I only need to say that the ending of King Arthur and the
Knights of Justic is ONE of the shortest and most obvious endings I've
ever seen in my whole career as a video gamer. I for example did know
that such things would happen in the ending right after I saw the intro
but anyway... It's just the final proof that even a great company like
Enix does have some bad games in an awesome collection of real classics
like the Dragon Quest series, Illusion of Gaia/Time, Star Ocean,
Valkyrie Profile and more.
Go check these out if you wanna play some great games!
Also, I'd really like to point out that Enix AMERICA is solely responsible for
this piece of cra...zyness... Enix Japan had about nothing at all to do with it.)
(Note: All stats are from the beginning of the game - seeing as how this game
runs on a password system, I sincerely doubt they change. The stats are fairly
irrelevant anyway - but they're here for you obsessive types, and they weren't
all that hard to do. All stats are appoximations from the little meters.)
[Note#2: I rearranged the order so that every character has got his shield
at first. Originally they were listed in the order in which you could find them
in the game which sometimes led to the Key of Truth being mentioned first.
But I thought that the order in which you find these items is already covered
quite sufficiently in the walkthrough itself and this section here would be used
mainly as a reference. As such, I've always put the shield first and the Key of Truth
last. It's simple, huh?]
[Note#3: Oh yeah, should anybody care, my favourite party consists of Arthur,
Tone and Lance. Those are the fastest characters there are and it's more important
to be fast than to be strong in battles, at least in my opinion. You *could* use
Gallop instead of Lance as well - but personally, I really can't stand his pink armor...]

Life Force:7
Defense   :3
Strength  :2.5
Speed     :3.5
Arthur's Pendragon Shield is found by defeating the Dragon at Shield Heights.
Arthur's Key of Truth is found after beating the very final boss.

Life Force:6.5
Defense   :2.5
Strength  :1.5
Speed     :3.5
Breeze's shield is found in the forest near Camelot and Castle Tintangel, in a
glade hidden in a clump of trees.
Breeze's Key of Truth is found by defeating the Warlord in Castle Tintangel.

Life Force:7
Defense   :4
Strength  :3.5
Speed     :2
Lug's shield is found in the passageway into Gruesome Keep.
Lug's Key of Truth is found in Crownhorn Village.

Life Force:7
Defense   :4
Strength  :3
Speed     :2
Wally's shield is found in the river cave north of Crownhorn Village.
Wally's Key of Truth is found by defeating Warlord Blinder in Sanguine Castle.

Life Force:7
Defense   :2.5
Strength  :2
Speed     :5
Tone's shield is acquired automatically when he fixes the Staff of Rhiotamus.
Tone's Key of Truth is found in Gnome Woods.

Life Force:7
Defense   :2.5
Strength  :2
Speed     :4
Lancelot's shield is found in the Swamp of Zagar.
Lance's Key of Truth is found in the mini-dungeon at the
Dark Forest.

Life Force:6.5
Defense   :2
Strength  :1.5
Speed     :4
Darren's shield is found in Blinder's Way.
Darren's Key of Truth is found by defeating Warlord Slasher in the Cape of
Death. (the dungeon NW of Crownhorn Village)

Life Force:7
Defense   :4
Strength  :3.5
Speed     :2
Trunk's shield is found in Crownhorn Village.
Trunk's Key of Truth is found in the right castle N of the river.

Life Force:7
Defense   :3.5
Strength  :3.5
Speed     :2
Phil's shield is found in the Cape of Death dungeon.
Phil's Key of Truth is found by defeating Warlord Hammer in Castle Stone.

Life Force:7
Defense   :3
Strength  :2
Speed     :4
Gallop's shield is found in the mountains west of the Swamp of Zagar.
Gallop's Key of Truth is found by defeating the Warlord in Gruesome Keep.

Life Force:7
Defense   :2
Strength  :1
Speed     :4
Zeke's shield is found in the mountains SW of Crownhorn Village.
Zeke's Key of Truth is found in the left castle N of the river.

Life Force:6.5
Defense   :2.5
Strength  :2
Speed     :2.5
Brick's shield is found in the castle where you get Trunk's key.
Brick's Key of Truth is found by defeating Warlord Lucan in Castle Vilor.
At the moment, about the only thing here is the obvious "See Ending" code for
people who want to see the 30 second ending without even having played the
game... If I remember correctly, such people are called "lamers"... Well, anyway,
here you go:

Password                                Effect

Enter all Lady pictures                        Lets you see the ending
Woman, Arthur, Lady, Arthur, Hermit        Start right in the last section

As it is generally very hard to find out who was the first to discover/submit a
code, I'll only give credit to the person who submitted it to GameFAQs first.
Thanks for the password, incrediblehark.

The second password was one I "created" myself. It's from when I was standing
just in front of the last room. But guess what? As passwords ALWAYS only let
you restart from Camelot, you'll have to walk all the way through the Dark Forest
and the last dungeon AGAIN, even when using this password... Not to mention
that ALL items from the inventory will be lost, thus making it necessary to do all
the quests in the last part of the game like collecting the Cloak of Death again...
Who ever got that useless idea of letting the game have a password system?
In 1994? *sigh*

Now, if there'll ever be any demand for it, I might add some more passwords,
someday perhaps covering every bigger section of the game. Which should not
be that difficult as most of the time a new password is only given after you start
a new quest or even only after Merlin tells you something new at Camelot... But,
I sincerely doubt I'll play through the whole game again so if something like this
would be desired, I'd like to ask you to send me your passwords during different
sections of the game. Is this a deal or what? Time will tell what will become of this
Passwords section...
Special thanks to:

First, the standard yet totally sincere thank-you to CJayC for running the
fabulous GameFAQs, king of websites and website of kings.

Enix, even though they made this game, we can still credit them with many,
many other games - Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile, to name a couple.

Nintendo Power, from which I got a bunch of information. Good thing I kept so
many of my old issues - dating back to the original NES.

And every website on the planet from which I got that 'See ending' code - which
happens to be the only information existing on the web anywhere on this game -
at least before I made this walkthrough.

Thanks to Fry (boatslayer@hotmail.com) for some general info on this game, as
well as clueing me into who fights the bosses.

A third thanks to JasonSensation20@cs.com, cause I probably wouldn't have
figured out what was up with Welton without him.

Azel's thanks go to:

-CJayC of course. If I've ever seen a person dedicated to his work, it's him. He
 has been doing incredible work at and for GameFAQs for years and is still not
 getting tired of it. Way to go.

-Steve for starting this whole thing here. And for helping ME out when I was stuck
 once. Guess I kinda repayed him with finally getting the dang thing finished.

-William Nicholas Ruddick for being the very first person who eMailed me about
this FAQ/Walkthrough. Thus showing me that there actually ARE people who
couldn't beat the game without my finished walkthrough. :) Oh, and of course he
told me where to find Phil's key. He also corrected "Warlord Vehicle" to
"Warlord Bash"... And, most important thing: His comment on Tone's shield
suddenly having popped up in the inventory WITHOUT collecting it pointed me
in the right direction and finally lead me to discovering how and where you acquire
Tone's shield. Thanks for everything, man.

-Jim "Red Phoenix" Chamberlin for his FAQ Theft guide which helped to create the
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