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Asked: 5 years ago

How do the options in the Options, Custom, and Special Custom work?

Some parts of the Options Menu I understand, like Input Test and Face Position and stuff like that. But some options I cannot determine the effect on gameplay or anything for that matter. Especially the Special Custom.

"Sampling" (On/Off)
"Battle Color" (3 and 4/4 and5)
"Earthquake" (On/Off)
"Fall Blob" (Minus/Normal/Plus/Panic/Hurry)
"Mode" (0/1/2/3)
"Stage ..." [16 options, one per CPU opponent]
"CPU Player" [16 options, one per CPU opponent]

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From: Camden 3 years ago

Sampling - Turns the Avalanche voices ON or OFF.

Not sure what the other options are myself, but a MrPiness posted the following on a Youtube video that sheds light on some of them.

BattleColor: reduces or increases the color blobs from 4 to 5
Earthquake (only for 1P vs. 2P & PRACTICE) causes earthquakes when the blobs fall. (As Dedede)
Blob fall: (MinusNormalPlusPanicHurry) increases or decreases the amount of boulders sent by chain reactions
Mode 0VsComp 1Battle 2Endless 3Watch ???
Stage (choose): select a stage and play it in "competition - learning stage"
CPU Player (choose) in the demo after the title, Kirby will play like that CPU player. Try with Dedede or Waddle Dee

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