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Asked: 5 years ago

Where can I find the flute?

I cant find that flute some one help me please

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From: banditthedog 5 years ago

To get the flute ,you need to first get the shovel.The shovel is given to you by a little creature sitting on a stump in
the dark world.The stump is located in a huge alcove of trees near the pyramid of power. After getting the shovel,
use the magic mirror to go back to the light world.From there, head all the way north,then head west. Somewhere in the area is the flute.

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1. In the Dark World, get the shovel from the "creature" sitting on the stump in the grove southeast of Kakariko Village where the boy played the flute for the animals in the Light World.

2. Warp back to Light World

3. Go to the grove and dig in the northwest corner, you will eventually find the flute.

4. Go play the flute for the old man in the bar in Kakariko Village.

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