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Where can I find the hammer?

I cannot get the first crystal in the dark world without the hammer.

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TriforceSD answered:

I am not the best at explaining things, but let's see how I do here. There is a long hallway where you have a bridge that is two tiles wide. You step on it and move up, and it begins to break away. You race up to avoid falling down, and even have to watch out for those two enemies that come towards you. (hopefully you know the area I am talking about) You should have seen the big chest to the left. So, at the top of the hallway, hang left. You will be in a dark room. Down below, there is a place you can bomb the wall (lower right). On the other side, you can get to the chest. :-)
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TTF answered:

Yes, the Hammer is in the first Dark World dungeon. Just follow the steps above to get to it.
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