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How do i get the moon pearl without falling in the hole?


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Swift_Strider answered:

Like others have mentioned, you'll need to fall from the floor above. The trick to landing in the correct spot is:

1. Go to the floor above the big chest.
2. Step on the star tile to change the holes in the floor.
3. Go to the the hole closest to the north wall and fall in from the <b>top</b>. This should put you right in front of the chest with the Moon Pearl.
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HyperDude255 answered:

Because of the way the floor tiles are, the stars will make your path a hole if you try to go straight to the big chest with the moon pearl. To avoid this drop down from the floor above it. The holes on this level are the same as the ones on the boss level and are safe to drop down.
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DaedsiLuap909 answered:

HyperDude255's answer is right. You can also propel yourself over the hole next to the moon pearl with a bomb blast. Also, you would need to step on a star tile on the floor above the moon pearl to get the hole in the right spot if you want to do it that way.
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