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How do I get the pendant of corage?

I cannot get past the dungeons in the esstern palace? how do I get the pendant of courage?

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radblast answered:

BTW, there's an Ice Rod available around the southern edge of Lake Hylia. Although it's not mentioned until after you beat the dungeon, you can get it now, and it'll help you early on.
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TyVulpine answered:

Go see the Wizar...oh, wait. Wrong Courage. Just try harder. Getting through the Eastern Palace shouldn't be that hard...
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Si1entG answered:

If you are having that much trouble with the Eastern Palace, I recommend exploring Kakariko Village a bit more. Find 2 bottles and the bug catching net there and catch some fairies for extra lives. Maybe find some heart pieces too and get more hearts. If you do that, you should be able to complete the Eastern Palace.
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Si1entG answered:

To be more specific you need to defeat the Armos Knights to get the Pendant of Courage.
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MI4_REAL answered:

To make your journey a bit easier:

-Make sure you get the Magic Powder (inquire if you want me to tell you precisely how and where)

-Sprinkle it on Anti-Faeries (those red spinning skull things) and they will turn into faeries. They will restore your life, and you can catch them with the Bug-net and put them in bottles for later use, or to come back if you run out of hearts.

-In the room with the Big Chest, drop off the ledge directly above the vases and you will enter them. You'll find a small pond and 2 Faeries. You can restore your life (by 7 Hearts per faerie) and catch them in bottles. Repeat as needed.
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