Question from omarpasos

Asked: 5 years ago

How do I get the moon pearl?

after I beat the wizard and go to the dark world, Im supossed to get the moon pearl but it seems that Im not able to dash, attack, use any items, all I do is move around and I cant get anything done.

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From: Eat_KFC_Today 5 years ago

It's in the tower of hera (the palace on top of death mountain)
When you are on the top level (the one before the boss), step on one of the stars to change the locations of the holes in the floor. Go to the top most one that isn't touching a wall, and drop down it an you'll be at the treasure chest. You must drop down from the top of the hole though, meaning go to the north side of the hole and jump from there, as jumping down from the south side will land you on the wrong side of a barrier.

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