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Asked: 5 years ago

Moldorm strategy?

What is the best way to beat Moldorm in the tower of hera?

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From: Si1entG 5 years ago

Moldorm has an internesting patteren. When it appers Moldorm is charging right at you, back away from it and it will change direction leaving the tail wide open for an attack. Just stay away when it turns around and repeat. When it starts to move really fast stay as far away as you can and use the same trick. Moldorm is really a big chicken.

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Somewhere in the message board for this game is a series of links I posted to emulator vids. One of them shows what you want to see. To describe it in text, either dash your way through it, ready to stopyourself from going over the edge. Another method is to charge your sword, stand near the pit in the platform, away from moldorm, and then when it gets close, do a spin slash on the tail and run off.

You can easily deliver your first hit by charging your sword and waiting at the top platform until Moldorm comes near. Then jump down onto moldorm's platform, releasing your swing. You should give him that first hit easily.

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Just follow it and chop it's tail away.

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