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Nintendo gets it right.bachewychomp10/10
The Ultimate Game For The Ultimate SystemBaradur10/10
The best game ever createdBlackjack4x10/10
A powerful RPG, fun, classic, challenging, and all that other neat stuff!David GoldLetter10/10
Walked in my daddy’s shoes…no time to be a peaceful manDenouement8/10
In my opinion, the greatest Zelda game ever made.Joe the Destroyer10/10
If you own a SNES, there isn't a reason not to own this gameMenji10/10
A Link to Greatnessnastynate311810/10
RPG? Action? Adventure? Who cares? I love this game!NT2208/10
A connection to a time beforehand, but is it still a gem?phoenix850447/10
Now, you may call it a LegendPlasmawarriorX10/10
A link to perfectionRageBot10/10
Mmm... Heart Pickups...roosterpeacock610/10
Wow, Zelda must really be stupid to get kidnapped twice in the same game...Serge1610/10
A Link to a Timeless Creationsneggid10/10
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past; A Perfect 10 out of 10.SSJ4 Link10/10
Thy masterpiece unsheathedStephenYap310/10
Quite possibly the greatest game ever made.striker6410/10
A Journey to the PastTrambient9/10
One of the Super Nintendo's greatest games.Triforce_Wolf9/10
Funny how a title from 1991 still remains as one of the best games ever made.UltimaterializerX10/10
The best of the 2D Zeldas. It's simply perfection.Watcher1910/10
Classic Zelda At it's Best!!!XtremeGundamX10/10
Well, all I have to say about this game is that it can't be beatenyoshiking10/10
One of the Greatest Games I Have Ever Played!ZeldaGuy10/10
There are countless ways of enjoying this!zorzioule9/10

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Is this the best Zelda game? You bet it is!BrakZero10/10
My favorite Zelda.Calamity10/10
The best zelda game...DarkAngel1310/10
Zelda on the SNES Face Palms the NESDarkdoomsday9/10
Easily the best 2-D Zelda and Super Nintendo game.DarkMark4210/10
A CLASSIC Zelda game for the Super NES.Dave 008 Bond10/10
A Link to my PastDETHSHADO10/10
There are no words for thisDoomion3310/10
One of the best games on the SNES returns to the virtual console.Edge5789/10
A classic through and through...EPoetker10/10
The Apex of the Zelda seriesFalsiloquos9/10
The game destined to be a classic.fduboo9/10
Pure genuis! Zelda strikes again!Jeff_10/10
One of the best if not THE best Zelda gamesJustinakacube10/10
Out for the Virtual Console and as good as ever.kirkinout9/10
The definition of ZeldaLeetdude10/10
Link has red hairLegendaryFrog8/10
I have only one word: FlawlessLJones10/10
Amazing Rendition.Maester_Link9/10
One of the best Super NES games ever made!MI4 REAL10/10
Has anybody noticed that there are no bad Zelda games?Mr Socko10/10
This Game does Zelda justice.PContaminator8/10
You Don't Know Zelda Until You've Played ThisSmash_Adept9/10
The kid's still got it.SuperPhillip10/10
I could play this game until I go blind from tv raysswyg10/10
Sweet fancy moses, there's only one review for the best game ever made? I'll fix thatThe Lone Duck10/10
One of the best games I've ever playedwaychung9/10
Sheer brillianceWild Gunman10/10
Sweet, sweet nostalgia....xXhakuhyouXx9/10
The Ultimate Zelda series from the world's best designer, Shigeru Miyamoto!YSF10/10

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