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"Long, but WELL worth your time!"

This is the 3rd best RPG, no make that the 3rd best game, you can buy (or download) for the SNES! I would put only Final Fantasy 3/6 and Chrono Trigger respectively above Lufia! And now for the reasons:

Graphics - 8/10
Not exactly spectacular graphics because of the datedness of the system but for it's time they were awesome. The character sprites appear fairly proportionate to the enemies and other things on screen except maybe for the final Sinistrals. The spell effects are nothing for your mouth to water over but still above average by much!

Story - 10/10
The story didn't exactly grab me right at the beginning but after awhile it gets much better with the inclusion of people from all sorts of places such as a female knight, a teenager from the country, and a big shot who is full of himself. This is one place the game shines.

Battle/Control - 9/10
This is a great part of the game. The battles are FAST. Compared to some modern RPGs (ahem...FF,LoD) the battles are blazingly fast. Another great idea put into this game was the exclusion of random battles. The enemies move about the screen so there is some randomness but mostly you can pick and choose which battles to fight with the help of some other special weapons that can be used outside of battle (i.e. hookshot, arrow, hammer etc.). This will keep you interested in this game. Another quirk I'm glad was fixed from Lufia 1 is that you are now able to actually choose which enemy you will be attacking.

Challenge - 10/10
The thing I really loved about this game is that it was HARD! While the there was some disappointment at the end with difficulty, the entire rest of the game was difficult to the exent that some time must be spent leveling up but not in excess. It is almost a perfect balance. Dungeon, level up 2-3 levels and go on. Of course if you forget to do this then the dungeons remind you in a hurry.

Replay - 10/10
Here is something else I love because there are incentives to finishing the game. If you go through once you unlock a new mode and if you go through again you can unlock yet another different mode. And there is NO WAY you can possibly get everything there is to get on your first time through the game. This is without a doubt the longest game I have ever played (yes it is longer that FF3/6 and Chrono Trigger) and the replay value is great.

The Last Word - In case you haven't already figured it out, I love this game, and even though you probably won't be able to find it anymore, it is well worth the play via emulation if you are into that. A great job to a company that isn't traditionally RPG.

Reviewer's Score: 10/10 | Originally Posted: 11/09/00, Updated 11/09/00

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