Question from azurillkirby

Asked: 6 years ago

Is it necessary to use the mouse?

I got the game (and the system) today. The people who sold it to me said it isn't necessary to use the mouse accessory. I put in the SNES controller, put in the game, and turned it on. I tried pressing start. Didn't work. I tried moving the controller. Didn't work. What's wrong? Do I NEED the mouse in order for the game to work?

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From: hoopty309 6 years ago

Yes, you do need the mouse.

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The mouse is required to play the game, and is the only peripheral that'll work and be used. It comes with the game when the whole set is bought (box, manual, game, mouse, and mousepad).

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Yea, you need the mouse, and you can find them on ebay and other sites for cheap.

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