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What a Great Game!!!Andy0078/10
Maybe the best Mega Man game of them allBlackjack4x9/10
Mega Man X - A whole new Mega Man world!BlueEye9/10
5 and 6 were bland, but X is just as good (if not better) than Mega Man 2!Brak10/10
Great change from NES to SNES!Cactuar10/10
My personal favorite in the series.....dgiglio849/10
The best SNES Mega ManDoodleheimer8/10
A wonderful game!FFrulz200010/10
Good Ol Shoot em up actionhero of time 438/10
The perfect action game!JetHyena10/10
Get ready for a new wave of MegaMan games, possibly better than the originalsMacDaddy Mike9/10
Once upon a time, I played my first Video Game...Mega Man X!MegaManXPowered10/10
I was actually surprised how much better this game is then other Megaman's before it.Ratking7/10
Mega Man fan or not, try this game out!!!Rikimaru138/10
"An excellent start for an all new Rock Man series!"RockForte10/10
Blue Bomber's début in Super NintendoRockman X10/10
A new revolution in the Megaman series.....shigman10/10
The first game I can beat finding everything and not dying once.SovaltheRogue9/10
My revised reveiw- this game is much better than I originally thought!Spektre9/10
A New Age of Mega Man Has BegunSuperPhillip9/10
The Blue Bomber has never played better.SwigGYx_x9/10
Simply "Xcellent"Tekneek34410/10
The coolest MegaMan game ever!Trunks564GT10/10
My favorite Mega Man game everVertabreaker10/10
Mega Man X, A Great Mega Man TitleWarhawk10/10
A classic and important game for the platform-catagory.Yakuza8/10
Perfect. Period.Z-Master300110/10
It's amazing how a great game can be.Zylo the wolf9/10

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