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Mega Man X2
Items FAQ 

Table of Contents

I - Introduction
001.0 - Contact Info 
002.0 - Legal Info
003.0 - Version History

II - Items 
001.0 - Heart Tanks  
002.0 - Sub-Tanks 
003.0 - Miscellaneous Items 
004.0 - Enhancements  
005.0 - Weapons 
006.0 - Zero Parts/X-Hunter Locations
007.0 - The Shoryuken/The Dragon Punch  

Welcome to my Mega Man X2 Items FAQ. 

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Version History: 

First Submission: Version 1.0 

II - Items 

001.0 - Heart Tanks 

X begins the game extremely weak, and this is never more apparent than 
in his pitifully small energy meter, which has a meager sixteen bars. 
However, you can find eight heart tanks - one in each stage - to 
increase his maximum energy by two units, sixteen in total. That's 
right, you can double X's maximum energy by the end of the game! 

- Volcanic Zone (Flame Stag's Stage) - In the volcano, there's a part 
where the rising lava chases you up a narrow passage. After an inlet on 
the right with energy and weapon capsules, there's a cubby on the left 
being guarded by a robot that looks like a pillar. Destroy it and grab 
the heart tank. You'll have to be quick, however, so you should ignore 
all of the energy items before this to save time. Even then, there's a 
good chance you won't make it out alive, but as long as you obtain the 
heart tank before dying, you're good. There's even an extra life at the 
top of the mountain before entering the volcano to make up for the one 
you lost.

- Dinosaur Tank (Wheel Gator's Stage) - Once you've ditched the Ride 
Armor, climb up the ladder and look to your left. The heart tank is on 
a small ledge near the ceiling above a row of spikes. Use a charged up 
Speed Burner (using the enhanced X-Buster) in mid-air to claim your 

- Deep Sea Base (Bubble Crab's Stage) - When you drop down into the 
water, a large, robotic fish with a searchlight will appear. In this 
area, climb to the top of the right wall until you find an inlet above 
water with an energy capsule, and dash-jump to the left to reach a 
cylindrical platform hovering in the water. Climb on top and jump to 
the ledge where the heart tank is. 

- Robot Junkyard (Morph Moth's Stage) - In the beginning when you're 
outside, you'll fight a few levitating Reploids and a discus-throwing 
robot. Use Crystal Hunter to crystallize him, and use it as a platform 
to reach the wall of the junkyard building. Climb up, grab the extra 
life, and find the heart tank at the end. 

- Central Computer (Magna Centipede's Stage) - During the first section 
of this stage, there are searchlights that will cause the base to go 
into an alert mode if they spot you. Avoid them all, and at the end 
you'll find a large, square block that moves horizontally. Stand here 
and use a charged up Speed Burner to grab onto the block on the ceiling 
that would have fallen if you'd been spotted. Use it to climb up 
through the passage in the ceiling and find the heart tank. 

- Energen Crystal (Crystal Snail's Stage) - Hop in the Ride Armor near 
the beginning of the stage and backtrack to the first large gap about 
two screens to the left. Drop down and hug the left wall to land on a 
platform, and you'll see a wide crevice, but not the other side. Using 
the Ride Armor, dash and fly across the crevice, jump out as you begin 
to fall, and use the Spike Chain to latch onto the rock wall on the 
other side. This can be incredibly annoying at times, and it's probably 
going to require a few attempts to get the hang of it. Luckily, since 
it's near the beginning of the stage, you won't have to travel very far 
if you get game over. 

- Desert Base (Overdrive Ostrich's Stage) - After you ride through the 
desert on the hover-bike, you're supposed to continue through the base, 
jump onto the ledge covered in spikes, and pick up the heart tank 
without crashing into the wall. Not only have I never been able to 
accomplish this, I can never even keep the bike long enough to reach 
the base. If you can, that's how you're supposed to go about getting 
it. For us mortals, use an air-dash combined with a charged Speed 
Burner to reach the heart tank, but make sure you land on it and not 
the spikes. You'll die, but it's a fair trade. 

- Weather Control (Wire Sponge's Stage) - In the opening screen of this 
level, climb up the left wall to find a hidden area where the heart 
tank is. Well that was easy! 

002.0 - Sub-Tanks 

Instead of the E-Tanks from the original Mega Man series, X has Sub-
Tanks to accomplish the same goal. Once you find a Sub-Tank, any energy 
capsules you collect when X has full energy will be stored in any 
available Sub-Tanks. Should X ever be in a tight situation and need to 
recover, you can tap into these reserves to boost X's health. A full 
Sub-Tank will recover X's entire energy meter, and unlike E-Tanks, you 
can reuse Sub-Tanks as many times as you want as long as you refill 
them. The only drawback is that the passwords don't remember if any of 
your Sub-Tanks were full, so you'll always have to refill them when you 
return to play. 

- Volcanic Zone (Flame Stag's Stage) - In the very beginning of the 
stage, there's a large hornet robot that you're supposed to trick into 
ramming the breakable blocks. Instead, lure it up to the top of the 
mountain, and use its back as a platform to jump to the otherwise-
unreachable cliff on the left. The Sub-Tank is sitting against the wall 
on a ledge. 

- Deep Sea Base (Bubble Crab's Stage) - Following the area where the 
heart tank is, drop down into a similar section of the stage with more 
robotic jellyfish. Using a charged Bubble Splash, which allows you to 
jump higher underwater, jump up to a small spot in the middle of this 
area that's above water. X will just break the surface, and you can 
actually jump on the surface if you press the B-Button as you're about 
to land. With this in mind, the Sub-Tank is on a ledge to your left. 

- Central Computer (Magna Centipede's Stage) - After the puzzles 
involving the large blocks that move around and try to crush you, 
you'll see a small gap in the ceiling with a bit that sticks out, 
begging to be climbed up. Stand on the raised platform just off screen 
to the left and perform an air-dash coupled with a charged Speed Burner 
to reach it. 

- Weather Control (Wire Sponge's Stage) - Near the beginning of the 
stage, you'll come across the first weather control orb, followed by 
some cylindrical rocket platforms hovering over some spikes. Stand on 
the first platform and air-dash to the left wall. Follow this up and 
stay on the highest set of platforms to find the Sub-Tank on the last 
one. If you step on the elevator, you've gone too far.  

003.0 - Miscellaneous Items

Besides heart tanks and Sub-Tanks, there are a few other items that 
will help X as he blasts his way through the various stages. A list of 
these items and their uses can be found below. 

- Small Energy Capsule - These small, golden capsules refill X's energy 
meter by two units. They're rarely found throughout the levels, but 
enemies frequently drop them when destroyed. If you have full energy 
and empty Sub-Tanks, the energy will be stored there. 

- Large Energy Capsule - A much larger version of the energy capsule 
that recovers eight units of energy instead of two. Enemies can also 
drop these, but they're often found placed in the stages themselves as 

- Small Weapon Capsule - If any of X's weapons meters are low, these 
small, blue capsules will recover them. Even if you're currently 
equipped with a weapon that's full, the capsule will transfer to 
another that does need it. Weapon capsules are dropped by destroyed 

- Large Weapon Capsule - Similar to the larger energy capsules, the 
upgraded weapon capsule is a more effective version, and can also be 
dropped by enemies. 

- Extra Life - These helmet icons will grant the player another life 
and allow them to start at one of the check points throughout the 
stages instead of getting game over and replaying the entire level. 
Extra lives are often tucked away in secret locations, but they also 
have a tendency to drop from enemies, particularly the robot bats. 

004.0 - Enhancements  

It seems that Dr. Light was a clever fellow. Recognizing that the world 
may need a hero in the future, he stored away several item enhancement 
capsules that would boost X's abilities. 

- X-Buster Enhancement - 
Where It's Found: In Wheel Gator's stage, after you enter the tank and 
climb down the ladders, you'll see an opening in the ceiling above a 
pit that you would normally drop down to continue the level. Instead, 
climb up the wall and perform an air-dash to reach the lip that sticks 
out, and climb up to reach Dr. Light's capsule. 

What It Does: The enhanced X-Buster allows X to charge up both of his 
arm canons simultaneously, so he can fire off two charged shots in 
succession or hold one in reserve without having to continue pressing 
the Y-Button. Also, you can once again charge up your other weapons as 
well, and several of them, most notably the Speed Burner, are pretty 

- Armor Enhancement - 
Where It's Found: As you enter the junkyard in Morph Moth's stage, 
you'll see a large, orange column in the foreground. Make a mental note 
of it, and head into the magnetized junkyard. After fighting a handful 
of Reploids, you'll come across another orange column just like the 
previous one. Jump up onto the next step to the right of this column, 
and release a Spin Wheel to the right. The Wheel will hit the corner 
created between this level and the next step and begin to dig down. If 
you're having trouble finding it, use the enhanced helmet to pinpoint 
the correct location. Release another Wheel to finish it off, and drop 
down into the area to find the capsule. 

What It Does: The enhanced armor absorbs certain energy-based attacks, 
which in turn can be used to create a gigantic explosion known as the 
Giga Crush, damaging everything on screen. Like the enhanced helmet, 
the armor has its own separate energy meter. 

- Helmet Enhancement - 
Where It's Found: After fighting the mini-boss in Crystal Snail's 
stage, dash under the second green crystal that slides after you and 
jump up to safety. There's a seemingly bottomless pit in front of you, 
so slide down and destroy the crystallized robots in this passage - the 
helmet capsule is at the end. 

What It Does: The enhanced helmet has its own energy gauge, and an "X" 
will hover over any secret areas to give you a clue about how to find 
it. If your helmet's trying to tell you something, make sure you 

- Boots Enhancement - 
Where It's Found: In Overdrive Ostrich's stage, there's a scene that 
involves riding through the desert on one of the hover-bikes you saw X 
using in the opening sequence. Past that, there's a bed of spikes with 
a heart tank at the end and a scorpion that shoots lasers at you. Just 
behind this robot is a series of blocks that you can destroy with a 
Spin Wheel, and the boots enhancement capsule is in this secret area.

What It Does: Since you begin with the dash ability, the upgraded boots 
allow you to perform a dash in mid-air, which comes in handy when 
attempting to climb up to hard-to-reach areas. Combined with a charged 
Speed Burner, you can fly across the entire screen without a problem.

005.0 - Weapons 

The X-Buster is going to be the workhorse of your arsenal, but the 
weapons collected from defeated Mavericks certainly come in handy, 
particularly against bosses. In this section, you'll find descriptions 
of how each weapon works and how effective they are against the bosses. 

005.1 - Weapons Database

- Speed Burner - 
Obtained From: Flame Stag 

What It Does: A normal shot will fire a large fireball that does 
moderate damage. However, the charged variation is infinitely more 
useful, as it turns X himself into a fireball and launches him across 
the screen. On top of that, you can still perform an air-dash before or 
after the Speed Burner, allowing you to cover a much greater distance. 

Most Effective Against: Morph Moth is the enemy that's particularly 
vulnerable to Speed Burner, and he'll become charred momentarily like a 
cartoon character when struck by it. Otherwise, Speed Burner is the 
only weapon besides the X-Buster that damages Zero, and because the 
charged version gives X more flight distance, it's one of the most 
useful weapons to use when trying to reach secret areas or items. 

- Spin Wheel - 
Obtained From: Wheel Gator

What It Does: When fired, a small wheel will fall in front of X's feet, 
spin in place for a moment, and then roll across the floor, plowing 
through anything in its path. Charged, the Spin Wheel releases beams of 
energy in all directions around X. 

Most Effective Against: The Spin Wheel has the unique ability of being 
able to cut through Bubble Crab's defensive bubble on top of dealing 
three units of damage, so it's the obvious weapon to use against him. A 
Spin Wheel can also cut through weak walls and floors, so if you see 
some blocks that look out of place, launch a Spin Wheel and see if it 
cuts through. As an offensive, attack, however, you won't find yourself 
using it very often.

- Bubble Splash - 
Obtained From: Bubble Crab

What It Does: The uncharged form of Bubble Splash isn't terribly 
inspiring, since it releases a stream of bubbles that float up to the 
ceiling after traveling about halfway across the screen. The charged 
Bubble Splash creates a ring of bubbles that surrounds X and protects 
him, and as a bonus, makes him more buoyant underwater, allowing him to 
jump higher when submerged. 

Most Effective Against: To be honest, it really isn't a great weapon to 
use against anyone. Of the fourteen bosses, it does the most damage 
against Flame Stag, though I personally prefer to use charged X-Buster 
shots or the Sonic Slicer. However, you have to use the charged Bubble 
Splash's jumping boost to reach the Sub-Tank and heart tank found in 
Bubble Crab's stage. 

- Silk Shot - 
Obtained From: Morph Moth

What It Does: Curiously, the Silk Shot doesn't actually shoot silk. 
Instead, the X-Buster fires some garbage, which breaks up and fires 
smaller bits of debris diagonally. Once charged, an enormous ball of 
garbage will collect in front of X, which, when released, fires across 
the screen and releases debris in all directions. 

Most Effective Against: Magna Centipede, though it does even more 
damage against all three of the X-Hunters, three energy units per hit. 

- Magnet Mine - 
Obtained From: Magna Centipede

What It Does: A small mine will be fired and attach itself to a wall 
before exploding a few seconds later. As a bonus, you can control, or 
at least guide, the mine up or down. When charged, a small energy orb 
will slowly float across the screen and destroy anything that comes 
into contact with it. The charged Magnet Mine can also be controlled, 
but it will survive any interactions with enemies, unlike its uncharged 
little brother. The only way to lose the charged Magnet Mine is by 
letting it float off screen. 

Most Effective Against: Not only does the Magnet Mine do quite a bit of 
damage to Crystal Snail, but you can also attach it to his outer shell 
and let it explode as he pokes his head out. Since it can be 
controlled, you won't have to worry about chasing Crystal Snail around, 
and instead focus on avoiding attacks safely on the ground. 

- Crystal Hunter - 
Obtained From: Crystal Snail

What It Does: The uncharged Crystal Hunter will spurt out a small blob 
that will instantly crystallize some enemies, allowing X to step on 
them to use as a platform. Charged, the Crystal Hunter slows the game 
down for a few moments. 

Most Effective Against: Offensively, the only time you ever want to 
consider using the Crystal Hunter is against Overdrive Ostrich. Not 
only is the weapon weak against other bosses, it doesn't inflict damage 
at all. However, as mentioned, you can use the Crystal Hunter to 
solidify enemies, who can then be used as a platform to reach an 
otherwise unreachable ledge or ladder. 

- Sonic Slicer - 
Obtained From: Overdrive Ostrich

What It Does: The uncharged Sonic Slicer fires a pair of boomerang-
shaped blades that bounce against the walls until it finds a target. 
When charged, the Sonic Slicer fires five large blades vertically to 
attack anything in the air before falling back down and destroying 
anything on the ground. 

Most Effective Against: Considering the Sonic Slicer sounds a bit like 
a product from a Ron Popeil infomercial, it's only fitting that it does 
the most damage against the Maverick that looks like a zucchini, even 
if it's actually a sponge. In fact, if the final blow against Wire 
Sponge is a Sonic Slicer, it will be sliced in half as it explodes. 
Otherwise, you can also use the Sonic Slicer to defeat Serges in the X-
Hunter's Base. After destroying the front of his machine, you can stand 
under him on the base of the machine and fire charged Sonic Slicers 
straight up. 

- Strike Chain - 
Obtained From: Wire Sponge

What It Does: For any Legend of Zelda fans, the Strike Chain resembles 
the Hookshot, since it releases a horizontal chain that will attach 
itself to any wall and pull X to it. The charged version is identical 
to its uncharged counterpart, but has a longer reach. 

Most Effective Against: The Strike Chain inflicts three units of damage 
against Wheel Gator, but more importantly, it's the only weapon besides 
charged X-Buster shots that do any sort of damage to Neo Sigma. Once 
again, Capcom takes the most useless item in the game and makes it 
effective against the final boss. Clever girl... 

- Giga Crush - 
Obtained From: Dr. Light's capsule in Morph Moth's stage, where you 
find the armor enhancement. For more details, see the Enhancements 
section of this FAQ. 

What It Does: When X is injured by certain attacks - mainly from 
energy-based ones, as opposed to simply running into an enemy - the 
Giga Crush meter will increase. When full, X can harness this stored 
energy and release it in an enormous blast similar to an Item Crash. 

Most Effective Against: Though not very effective against powerful 
enemies or Mavericks, you can use the Giga Crush to quickly wipe out a 
group of weak enemies. Personally, I like to use the Giga Crush against 
those awful bats that always attack in groups and at awkward angles. 

- The Shoryuken - 
Obtained From: Dr. Light's capsule in the third stage of the X-Hunter's 
Base. For more information about its location, check out the last 
section in this FAQ, which is entirely dedicated to the Dragon Punch.

What It Does: Anyone who's ever played Street Fighter will immediately 
recognize this move. Just like Ken and Ryu, X will shout "Shoryuken!" 
and perform a rising uppercut before falling back to the ground. X must 
be at full energy and perform the quarter-circle + attack combination 
to use the Shoryuken. 

Most Effective Against: Unfortunately, the Dragon Punch isn't nearly as 
useful as the Hadouken was in the original Mega Man X. It's just as 
powerful and is actually a bit easier to perform, but since it mainly 
attacks vertically, it can be difficult to effectively attack anything. 
Likewise, because X still does jump diagonally and you lose control of 
him until he lands back on the ground, you run the risk of accidentally 
landing on an enemy or spikes. Still, the fights with Agile in the X-
Hunter Base and Neo Sigma, both of which involve attacking an enemy 
above you, are designed perfectly for a well-timed Dragon Punch. 

005.2 - Damage Chart 

While each Maverick is vulnerable to a specific weapon, occasionally 
there's a second or third weapon that can also be used in case you're 
low on energy for the other. Below is a comprehensive list of each 
weapon, including the X-Buster, and how much damage it inflicts on all 
eight Mavericks, the X-Hunters, as well as both of Sigma's forms. 

- X-Buster -         Uncharged   Charged 
Flame Stag             One        Three  
Wheel Gator            One        Three  
Bubble Crab            One        Three  
Morph Moth             One        Three  
Magna Centipede        One        Three  
Crystal Snail          One        Three  
Overdrive Ostrich      One        Three  
Wire Sponge            One        Three  
Violen                 One        Three  
Serges                 One        Three  
Agile                  One        Three  
Zero                   One        Three  
Sigma                  One        Three  
Neo Sigma              Zero       One    
- Speed Burner -    Uncharged   Charged  
Flame Stag             One        One    
Wheel Gator            One        One    
Bubble Crab            One        One    
Morph Moth             Three      Six    
Magna Centipede        One        One    
Crystal Snail          One        One    
Overdrive Ostrich      One        One    
Wire Sponge            Two        One    
Violen                 One        One    
Serges                 Two        One    
Agile                  One        One    
Zero                   Two        One    
Sigma                  Zero       Zero   
Neo Sigma              Zero       Zero   
- Spin Wheel -      Uncharged   Charged  
Flame Stag             One        One    
Wheel Gator            One        One    
Bubble Crab            Three      Four   
Morph Moth             One        One    
Magna Centipede        One        One    
Crystal Snail          One        Two    
Overdrive Ostrich      One        One    
Wire Sponge            One        One    
Violen                 One        One    
Serges                 One        One    
Agile                  One        Two    
Zero                   Zero       Zero   
Sigma                  Zero       Zero   
Neo Sigma              Zero       Zero   
- Bubble Splash -    Uncharged   Charged 
Flame Stag             Two        Two    
Wheel Gator            Two        One    
Bubble Crab            One        One    
Morph Moth             One        One    
Magna Centipede        One        One    
Crystal Snail          One        One    
Overdrive Ostrich      One        One    
Wire Sponge            One        One    
Violen                 Two        Two    
Serges                 One        One    
Agile                  One        One    
Zero                   Zero       Zero   
Sigma                  Zero       Zero   
Neo Sigma              Zero       Zero   
- Silk Shot -        Uncharged   Charged 
Flame Stag             One        One    
Wheel Gator            One        One    
Bubble Crab            One        One    
Morph Moth             One        One    
Magna Centipede        Two        Four   
Crystal Snail          One        One    
Overdrive Ostrich      Two        Two    
Wire Sponge            One        Two    
Violen                 Three      Five   
Serges                 Three      Five   
Agile                  Three      Five   
Zero                   Zero       Zero   
Sigma                  Zero       Zero   
Neo Sigma              Zero       Zero   
- Magnet Mine -      Uncharged   Charged 
Flame Stag             One        One    
Wheel Gator            One        One    
Bubble Crab            One        One    
Morph Moth             One        Two    
Magna Centipede        One        One    
Crystal Snail          Four       Six    
Overdrive Ostrich      One        One    
Wire Sponge            One        Two    
Violen                 One        One    
Serges                 One        Two    
Agile                  Three      Four   
Zero                   Zero       Zero   
Sigma                  Zero       Zero   
Neo Sigma              Zero       Zero   
- Crystal Hunter -   Uncharged   Charged 
Flame Stag             Zero       Zero   
Wheel Gator            Zero       Zero   
Bubble Crab            Zero       Zero   
Morph Moth             Zero       Zero   
Magna Centipede        Zero       Zero   
Crystal Snail          Zero       Zero   
Overdrive Ostrich      Three      Zero   
Wire Sponge            Zero       Zero   
Violen                 Zero       Zero   
Serges                 Zero       Zero   
Agile                  Zero       Zero   
Zero                   Zero       Zero   
Sigma                  Zero       Zero   
Neo Sigma              Zero       Zero   
- Sonic Slicer -    Uncharged   Charged  
Flame Stag             Two        Two    
Wheel Gator            One        One    
Bubble Crab            One        One    
Morph Moth             One        One    
Magna Centipede        One        One    
Crystal Snail          One        Zero   
Overdrive Ostrich      One        One    
Wire Sponge            Two        Four   
Violen                 Two        Two    
Serges                 Two        Five   
Agile                  One        One    
Zero                   Zero       Zero   
Sigma                  Two        Four   
Neo Sigma              Zero       Zero   
- Strike Chain -    Uncharged   Charged  
Flame Stag             One        One    
Wheel Gator            Three      Five   
Bubble Crab            One        One    
Morph Moth             One        One    
Magna Centipede        Two        Two    
Crystal Snail          One        One    
Overdrive Ostrich      One        One    
Wire Sponge            One        One    
Violen                 One        One    
Serges                 One        One    
Agile                  One        One    
Zero                   Zero       Zero   
Sigma                  Zero       Zero   
Neo Sigma              One        One    

006.0 - Zero Parts/X-Hunter Locations

After defeating two Mavericks, a trio of robots known as the X-Hunters 
will reveal themselves to Mega Man X, claiming that they have the 
pieces of his fallen buddy Zero. In order to recover Zero's parts, X 
has to locate the X-Hunters and defeat them. 

The X-Hunters will randomly appear on a stage that you haven't beaten 
yet, and you'll have to locate their hidden boss room to fight them. 
Keep in mind that if you destroy too many Mavericks before recovering 
all of Zero's parts, any of the remaining X-Hunters will disappear and 
you won't be able to finish this side-mission. However, you can play 
through as many of the levels as you want, collecting heart tanks and 
equipment enhancements, as long as you don't defeat the Maverick. Also, 
if you don't want to play through a certain stage but still fight an X-
Hunter, you can enter a stage you've already completed and immediately 
exit to reshuffle their locations. 

If you're wondering which two Mavericks you should destroy before the 
X-Hunters appear, the only important weapon you'll want is the Spin 
Wheel since it's required to break through walls in some of the stages. 
In terms of actually fighting, however, charged X-Buster shots are more 
than enough firepower to take down their first forms. 

- Volcanic Zone (Flame Stag's Stage) - After escaping from the volcano 
and the rising lava, you'll come across another insect robot that rams 
into the mountain walls. Use it to break through the rocks above the 
normal entrance, and climb up to the area above to find the boss room. 

- Dinosaur Tank (Wheel Gator's Stage) - Once you've gotten rid of the 
Ride Armor, the next area contains platforms that start moving when you 
jump on them. Take the platform that goes up the second vertical tunnel 
all the way to the top and enter the X-Hunter room on the right.  

- Deep Sea Base (Bubble Crab's Stage) - Follow the big robotic fish 
until it "docks" in an area above the actual path you have to take to 
reach the Maverick. The boss room is just above the fish.  

- Robot Junkyard (Morph Moth's Stage) - After the first mini-boss, 
climb down the ladder and destroy the discus-throwing robot at the top. 
Jump to the platform it was on, and enter the next area to find the 
door to the boss room being guarded by a levitating Reploid. 

- Central Computer (Magna Centipede's Stage) - Race the falling blocks 
and reach the end before they can barricade the X-Hunter's room off.  

- Energen Crystal (Crystal Snail's Stage) - Use the Ride Armor to break 
through the two large, green crystals blocking your path, but you'll 
notice that there's a purple crystal that won't allow the Ride Armor to 
fit through the gap. Ditch it, and head forward into the next screen. 
Allow the enormous crystal to slide past you and destroy the purple 
crystal. Now jump back in the Ride Armor and continue on. Fly up to the 
platform with the ladder, and use the Ride Armor to destroy more green 
crystals. You'll appear in a large rectangular room with several 
cylindrical rocket platforms above you. Hover in the Ride Armor, and 
then jump out to reach the lowest rocket on the right. Jump to the 
higher ones above it to reach the door to the boss room. 

- Desert Base (Overdrive Ostrich's Stage) - In the very beginning of 
the level, there's a scorpion robot with a ladder behind it. Instead of 
climbing down, shoot a Spin Wheel at the square rocks on the right. A 
secret passage will open up that leads to the X-Hunter's room. 

- Weather Control (Wire Sponge's Stage) - When you reach a long, 
vertical tunnel with elevators rising up, drop down after one passes by 
and slide to the bottom. There's an opening on the right wall, so air-
dash to it. Follow this path to an energy capsule and the X-Hunter's 

007.0 - The Shoryuken/The Dragon Punch  

After Capcom included Ryu and Ken's Hadouken in the first Mega Man X, 
fans of the series were hoping something similar would be in the 
sequel. Not wanting to disappoint, Capcom decided to throw in another 
Street Fighter movie for X to learn, this time the Shoryuken, also 
known as the Dragon Punch. As before, however, obtaining this special 
move won't be easy. 

Just like in the previous game, before even thinking about getting the 
Shoryuken, you're going to need all of the weapons, heart tanks, Sub-
Tanks, and equipment enhancements. Luckily, all of this is outlined in 
the FAQ you're currently reading. 

Once you've managed to collect all of the items, enter the X-Hunter's 
base at the North Pole. After completing the first two stages and 
defeating Violin and Serges, begin the third level normally, though 
you'll want to make sure you have at least one full Sub-Tank on hand, 
since you need to be at maximum energy for the capsule to appear. 
There's a fairly lengthy puzzle involving the platform with directional 
jets on it, and after you've completed it there's a platform with 
several energy capsules surrounded by robotic bats. In the next screen, 
you'll see two ladders, one leading up and another leading down, next 
to a bed of spikes against the wall. Just using X's abilities, reaching 
the higher ladder is impossible, so return to the previous screen and 
lure one of the bats over. When it follows you to the ladder, use 
Crystal Hunter to solidify it, allowing you to stand on it and jump up 
to the ladder. 

From here, there's another one of those discus-throwing robots with a 
shield above you, so destroy it and climb up to where it was standing. 
Grab the energy capsules if you'd like, and destroy the bat to your 
right. The area below you has spikes on the floor and some of the 
ceilings, so you'll have to drop down and use a charged Speed Burner to 
safely reach the platform in the next screen. Afterwards, destroy the 
two robots that roll towards you, and make your way up to the next 
platform. This screen has spikes on the walls and floors, with the 
floor you're standing on blocking you from simply jumping down. To make 
it through, you have to perform an air-dash to the right, drop down, 
and use a charged Speed Burner to fly over the spikes on the floor and 
land on the platforms that is sans any spikes on the left, but does 
have an extra life on it instead. It really isn't that difficult once 
you get the hang of it, but until you've had enough time to practice 
it, getting through in one piece can be a challenge. Luckily, the extra 
life near the ladder where this section branched off always reappears, 
so you'll never get game over. 

Once you've completed this puzzle, use a Sub-Tank to replenish your 
life if you have to, and slide down the left wall, which switches 
between solid purple squares and pipes. The fourth purple block is 
hollow, and if you're sliding down you'll fall through it and land on a 
platform. Follow this left to find the Dragon Punch's capsule. 
Thankfully, unlike in Mega Man X, as long as you've met the minimum 
requirements and have full energy, the capsule will always appear. 

Dr. Light won't be dressed in Ryu's gi or headband, but he also isn't 
quite as calm as before either. In fact, it looks like he's been 
watching a little too much Wayne's World, because he proclaims, "Wow! 
You are so cool! I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy!" when you talk to the 

Like its predecessor, the Shoryuken can only be used at full energy and 
is extremely powerful, but it's not quite as useful since you mainly 
attack vertically. Not only that, but you have no control over X while 
he's performing the Dragon Punch, so if you don't aim carefully you may 
be forced to watch as X lands on a bed of spikes or something equally 
as unpleasant. That being said, if you're able to use the Dragon Punch 
against Agile and Neo Sigma, it will make the fight much easier. 

Dragon Punch in hand, you can return to the vertical tunnel and drop 
down to return to the main level. However, since this is an Item FAQ 
only, you're on your own from here. Hopefully all of the information in 
this guide was easy to follow and useful, and that I somehow made your 
Mega Man X2 experience more enjoyable. Thanks for reading, and good 
luck with the rest of the game!