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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Da Dood

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                            mega man x2 . in-depth guide
                                 written by Da Dood
    SPOILERS NOTE: This game's story revolves around an important event from 
    the first title. I might constantly refer to that event, as well as many 
    other details and situations in the 16-bit Mega Man X trilogy. Even 
    though the series has no intention of providing a deep storyline with 
    groundbreaking twists, it's always a good idea to be careful.
    THE MEGA MAN WAY: While this guide aims for extensive information and 
    acknowledges its didatic nature, it also assumes that the player is 
    familiar with basic elements of the Mega Man X formula. Such being the 
    case, instructions on how to dash-jump, controls or any piece of 
    information available in the game's booklet will not appear here.
    COPYRIGHT STUFF: Initially, the guide will only be published and updated 
    by the author at GameFAQs[dot]com. Visit Chapter XIII for contact info.
    UPDATES: Scroll down to the last three lines of the file for the most 
    recent updates and the original publishing date.
     Table O' Contents
          -I  Intro Jumbo
          GM  Table O' Contents
           I  Getting Started ................................. [x2_gs]
          II  Story ........................................... [x2_st]
         III  Arsenal ......................................... [x2_wp]
          IV  Enemies ......................................... [x2_en]
           V  Mini-Bosses ..................................... [x2_mb]
          VI  Bosses .......................................... [x2_bo]
         VII  Areas ........................................... [x2_ar]
        VIII  Items and Upgrades .............................. [x2_ip]
          IX  The X-Hunter Affair ............................. [x2_xh]
           X  Secrets & Tidbits ............................... [x2_se]
          XI  No Upgrades Challenge ......... (Do it!) ........ [x2_nu]
          X2  FAQ ............................................. [x2_fq]
        XIII  Contact ......................................... [x2_co]
     I . Getting Started                                             [x2_gs]
    Take a quick peek at the few sections below to find more about the guide 
    and precisely how it'll work.
    Why X2?
    My favorite aspect of the videogame experience is being able to interact, 
    the fact that I'm part of an adventure, and not just the fuzzy feeling of 
    winning in the end. Like board and card games, there are tools and rules 
    you must follow until you reach the final destination and claim the 
    prize, but videogames' greatest strength lies in the journey.
    The Mega Man series is a master at porting this interaction factor into a 
    disc or cartridge. Back in 1987, there wasn't much to spark exciting new 
    playthroughs outside of high scores, and the few exceptions were quickly 
    regarded as revolutionary. Mega Man borrowed the concept of 'rock paper 
    scissors' and created a delightful formula that still finds new cultists 
    every now and then.
    There's a lot of strategy in Mega Man games, even though they're not 
    strategy games. The Blue Bomber was a pioneer at giving us enough freedom 
    to choose the type of challenge we want to tackle the moment we begin a 
    new run. Most players immediately link the weakness system of Mega Man 
    games to the bosses, but the _entire_ game, including level structure and 
    lesser enemies, revolves around the concept. Everything has a strength 
    and a weakness. Not a fan of large pits with evil robotic platforms? Try 
    another level, maybe combat is your thing, or maybe the gimmick of that 
    other stage is closer to your current skill. Eventually you will bump 
    into an item that creates platforms for you, and suddenly those evil 
    robotic platforms that gave you so much trouble are no longer an issue. 
    And that's your personal experience unfolding right there.
    If the series had a pinnacle in originality, I'm willing to bet on Mega 
    Man X and its first sequel. Both not only delivered the good fun and 
    challenge that bless gamers since twenty years ago, but did so with 
    remarkable style and polish. X2, in particular, offers creative enemies 
    and stages, useful and balanced weapons, fan service and many now 
    traditional features like sidequests and the lame non-animal boss. 
    Despite using the same formula and sharing many characteristics with the 
    other two 16-bit Mega Man X titles, X2 manages to stand out, mostly for 
    its rock solid design and minute attention to detail.
    About the Guide
    This guide's motto is "straight to the point". A lengthy walkthrough 
    built to hold the player's hand is unnecessary in such a fast-paced and 
    dynamic game; instead, I have gathered both precious and trivial 
    information about weapons, enemies, bosses and levels, ranging from in-
    depth strategies to curiosities. It is, basically, everything you need to 
    know to enjoy the experience to its fullest.
    The guide is filed under FAQ/Walkthrough on GameFAQs because that's the 
    most common and widest category.
    Chapter XI is dedicated to an interesting challenge: going through the 
    entire adventure without a single upgrade. No Hearts, no Sub-Tanks, no 
    Armor Parts. Translation: no Shoryuken to make short work of bosses, no 
    air dash, no half-damage body armor and yes, sixteen miserable health 
    units to get through the final boss trio. You'll learn to love and hate 
    your arsenal in this old-school challenge that focuses on endurance and a 
    little bit more strategy. It's a fantastic opportunity to witness how 
    painfully cheap Violen's spiked ball can be. Highly recommended!
    Formatting Hierarchy
       oooo Chapter
       =-=-=-= Section
       [] or  Item
    Timeless info: you'll find quick search tags close to each Chapter's name 
    in the Table O' Contents. Input Ctrl + F and type or copy/paste the in-
    brackets tag to use the shortcut. If you wish to get back to the Table O' 
    Contents for another shortcut, press Home.
     II . Story                                                      [x2_st]
    Things don't look good. You fight your ex-colleague Sigma, who's been 
    spreading a virus that turns your breed against you. He's defeated, but 
    posthumously swears revenge. Your Maverick Hunter buddy dies saving your 
    life, which mustn't be the most pleasant feeling for the first combat 
    machine ever built with a conscience of its own. To top it off, three 
    funky-looking dudes have gathered Zero's body parts for their own evil 
    purposes. The so-called last Maverick batch is taking shelter in an old 
    Reploid Factory, and it's your job to get rid of 'em while dealing with 
    digital sadness. 
    It's a good thing you have your ol' green-colored replacement Maverick 
    Hunter buddy for support. Might wanna hold on to that one!
    Mega Man X
    X, new-generation model coded CPS-9204, is the first of an endless 
    population of robots that were given the ability to think, feel and make 
    decisions with no human consent. Questioning his fate, X charges at the 
    island hideout to defeat the new Maverick wave and seek Zero's Parts.
    Experienced and honorable, Zero gave his own life to save X from the Boba 
    Fetty hands of Vile. Zero's death should have naturally diminished his 
    role in the story, yet what happens is quite the opposite. Depending on 
    the choices you make during the game, Zero reappears as friend or foe, 
    and a revelation about his past will certainly surprise even the sharpest 
    Soon after dealing with the giant mechaniloid in the abandoned Reploid 
    Factory, you'll meet [silhouettes of...] the unforgiving Violen, the 
    bright Serges and the swift Agile, as they viciously observe X's current 
    actions (jogging, apparently). Dubbed the X-Hunters, they guard Zero's 
    Parts with a masterful plan in mind. What could it be?
    Dr. Cain
    The man who found and brought X to the Maverick Hunting world finally 
    makes his first physical appearance in the series. In one of the control 
    rooms at the Maverick Hunter base, Cain helps X in his journey and might 
    hold sufficient knowledge in order to rebuild Zero.
    Sigma's evil insignia is seen everywhere, though his status remains 
     III . Arsenal                                                   [x2_wp] 
    As you defeat bosses, collect Armor Parts and advance, X will gain utile 
    abilities and progressively become too powerful for his own good. 
    Choosing an effective weapon for each spot adds to the game's astonishing 
    strategic approach, since having a particular ability at hand means that 
    you must overcome stage A's dangers before nailing stage B.
    Most weapons in Mega Man X2 serve practical purposes, and some of 'em 
    might even hold a surprise or two to amaze us players. I've compiled 
    decent information about weapon effectiveness, along with curious facts 
    and Easter Eggs. Enjoy!
    __/ Basic stat sheet \________________________
    - Former Owner: Boss you got the weapon from.
    - Colors: Armor color scheme while the particular weapon is equipped. To 
      clarify, the main color is always visible on X's helmet, and the sub 
      color appears underneath Armor Parts, mainly on X's arms, abdomen and 
      legs. (Main/Sub)
    - Effective Against: Bosses and mini-bosses that are considerably 
      vulnerable to the weapon.
    - Consumption: How many ammunition units X spends when using the weapon 
      once. Keep in mind that equipping all four Armor Parts halves ammo 
      consumption. (Regular/Charged)   _____________________________________/
    NOTE: You need the Arm Parts (X-Buster upgrade) from Wheel Gator's level 
          to be able to charge boss weapons.
    X's default weapon. Works in every situation and is pretty fast overall.
        Three egg-shaped pellets can be shot horizontally at once.
        If charged for a brief moment, a comet-looking emerald beam is shot. 
        Goes through weak enemies, but packs virtually the same punch as the 
        regular pellet. If charged until X summons yellow energy, a stronger 
        Hadoken-looking blast is fired instead. Deals additional damage to 
        enemies and bosses.
        Upon finding the X-Buster upgrade in Wheel Gator's tank, X will be 
        able to charge his weapon into a higher level. The purple-ish stored 
        energy unleashes dual blasts when released. The first blast is 
        similar to the normal charged shot, while the second one adds small
        blue fireballs (resembling the pink wavy beam in X1) that deal extra 
        damage to anything they touch. Given how the second blast ignores 
        invincibility frames, you'll shave off five or six health units from   
        bosses in a single attack if both shots are combined. You don't need 
        to release both shots at once -- the second one is stored for as long  
        as you judge necessary.
    Strike Chain
    - Former Owner: Wire Sponge
    - Colors: Light Purple/White
    - Effective Against: Wheel Gator, Sigma Virus
    - Consumption: 0.5/0.5
        A short-ranged grappling hook is fired. Only the tip of the chain 
        inflicts damage. It can be used to collect out-of-reach items more 
        easily; additionally, if the weapon destroys an enemy and the bot
        drops an item, the chain will automatically bring the item to X on 
        its way back. It also enhances X's mobility, pulling him close to any 
        wall with little effort.
        Larger and stronger version of the normal grappling hook. Same   
        mechanics apply.
    Spin Wheel
    - Former Owner: Wheel Gator
    - Colors: Green/Light Purple
    - Effective Against: Magna Quartz, Old Robot (body) and Chop Register 
      mini-bosses; Bubble Crab
    - Consumption: 1/3
        A metallic spiked wheel drops to the floor and rolls forward, causing 
        major trouble for a few seconds. The Spin Wheel hits targets 
        continuously until they're obliterated or until the rather short time 
        limit expires. It can also be used to cut through specific tiles and 
        blocks, creating passages that lead to items.
        The wheel explodes into acidic particles that fly straight across the 
        screen in all eight main directions. You may charge the weapon while 
        a regular Spin Wheel is on-screen, but you must wait until it's gone 
        to release the charged shot.
    Bubble Splash
    - Former Owner: Bubble Crab
    - Colors: Yellow/Light Pink
    - Effective Against: Old Robot (Paraloid S-38 parasite) mini-boss; Flame 
      Stag, Violen
    - Consumption: 1/*
        A stream of bubbles that travel in an upward arc. This weapon is 
        pressure-sensitive, indicating that both speed and the amount of 
        bubbles to be shot respond differently to tapping or holding down the 
        button and X's movements. Each bubble inflicts damage separately. 
        When underwater, bubbles will ascend much higher and faster.
        X casts a bubble shield that stays on and *drains weapon energy until 
        the ammunition bar is empty. Bubbles spin around X and damage 
        anything they touch, though he'll remain susceptible to attacks 
        whenever a part of his body is unprotected. Underwater, jumps will be 
        much higher while the shield is active.
    Speed Burner
    - Former Owner: Flame Stag
    - Colors: Red/Light Blue
    - Effective Against: Raider Killer mini-boss; Morph Moth, Serges, Zero
    - Consumption: 1/3
        X fires two rapid flaming torpedoes at the same time. Standing on a 
        plain surface and shooting will leave a subtle fire trail behind, 
        Back to the Future-style. If the weapon is used while in a pool of  
        water, only the torpedoes are seen and the flame effect is gone.
        X surrounds himself with fire and dashes forward, damaging anything 
        he touches. This move has an interesting mobility add-on: aside from 
        allowing an air dash without the Leg Parts, the charged Speed Burner 
        resets the air dash counter. So, it's possible to air dash three 
        times consecutively by jumping and boosting forward normally, then 
        using the charged attack and air dashing normally again. Because of 
        the fire, X is completely invulnerable while performing this move and 
        may pass through enemies, lava and right over spikes. Naturally, the 
        invulnerability does not apply while X is underwater, since there'll
        be no fire protecting his body.
    Silk Shot
    - Former Owner: Morph Moth
    - Colors: Orange/Light Green
    - Effective Against: Old Robot (body and parasite) and Chop Register 
      mini-bosses; Magna Centipede, Serges
    - Consumption: 1/2
        Using debris or prominent objects in the environment, the Silk Shot 
        launches a small mass of junk that hits the floor and explodes into 
        four minor projectiles that travel diagonally. There is a catch, 
        however: depending on which area X stands at the moment he decides to 
        use the Silk Shot, the actual type of material to be sucked and 
        tossed by his weapon will vary, ditto for overall effectiveness.
               Buildings, concrete: Junk
                Stone, sandy environments: Rock
                 Weather Control: Leaf
                  Energen Crystal: Crystal
                   Silk Shot Chambers: Nothing (!)
        A larger and more aggressive mass of junk is shot, and the explosion 
        sends out projectiles in extra directions. Same mechanics apply, with 
        a welcome exception: scattered throughout the game are Silk Shot-
        sensitive chambers. You'll notice that the Silk Shot isn't able to 
        suck any kind of solid material in these rooms, therefore literally 
        shooting out air. Charging the weapon is the answer: an insane number 
        of health or weapon energy refills will be sucked out of nowhere and 
        into the room. With this technique, you might have four completely 
        charged Sub-Tanks in a matter of seconds. Visit Chapter VII (Areas) 
        for detailed locations.
               Desert Base: large health power-ups
                Deep-Sea Base: large health power-ups
                 Energen Crystal: large weapon energy
    Magnet Mine
    - Former Owner: Magna Centipede
    - Colors: Dark Gray/Yellow
    - Effective Against: Chop Register mini-boss; Crystal Snail, Agile
    - Consumption: 1/3
        X shoots a tiny red mine, which navigates slowly and horizontally. 
        You may control its y-axis and play stealthily by pressing up or 
        down. Upon colliding with a wall, an object or another mine, it'll 
        cling and explode after a couple of seconds. Any foe that touches the 
        mine or its explosion will be mildly damaged.
        This is gorgeous. An equally tiny magnetic well is released and 
        functions almost exactly like the regular mine. Still, there are two 
        properties that render this charged attack unique: first, it cannot 
        be destroyed. If an enemy moves horizontally in the same direction as 
        the well, the latter will inflict multiple hits. Second, the well 
        constantly draws enemy projectiles and certain background elements 
        and grows around five times its normal size when enough objects have 
        been pulled into it. The result is a massive-looking black hole 
        simulation that eradicates anything that dares to cross its path.
    Crystal Hunter
    - Former Owner: Crystal Snail
    - Colors: Light Blue/Light Purple
    - Effective Against: Overdrive Ostrich
    - Consumption: 1/2
        Sends out a funny round goop that crystallizes a few lesser enemies. 
        You may use them as platforms to reach high ledges or to get past 
        spike corridors safely. Furthermore, your dash is capable of 
        destroying both the crystal and the now encased enemy, and doing so 
        will _always_ net you a weapon energy capsule. Below is a list of 
        enemies that may be frozen with the Crystal Hunter.
               Scriver              Batton Bone type G
                Paraloid V-1/R-5     Tiranos
                 Barrier Attacker     Disk Boy 08
                  Crash Roader         Overdrive Ostrich
        X borrows Crystal Snail's desperation move to slow down action for a 
        short period. Though unconfirmed, it is believed that he'll move 
        slightly faster than his enemies. Nothing special.
    Sonic Slicer
    - Former Owner: Overdrive Ostrich
    - Colors: Dark Purple/Orange
    - Effective Against: Old Robot (Paraloid S-38 parasite) and Sea-Canthller 
      mini-bosses; Wire Sponge, Serges, Neo Sigma
    - Consumption: 0.5/2
        Up to four crescent-shaped sonic boomerangs are fired in a timid 
        upward arc. Will bounce when they touch walls.
        Fires a group of crescent blades vertically. When they reach the 
        highest spot, they spread and fall. You may take advantage of this 
        charged attack's double-stage nature and hit certain enemies twice 
        for high damage: once on the weapon's way up and another time when 
        the sonics rain down.
    I. Tracer
    An optical reticle that searches for hidden alcoves which might contain 
    goodies or secrets. When any suspicious location is found, the crosshair 
    blinks. Even though you see a full ammo bar when using the I. Tracer, 
    there is no energy consumption.
    You must find and install the Head Armor Part to use the Tracer. Refer to 
    Chapter VIII (Items and Upgrades) for clear information on how and where 
    to find it.
    Giga Crush
    Instant classic display of power, the Giga Crush unleashes all the energy 
    X has converted from damage taken into a colossal detonation that covers 
    the entire screen. Minor enemies and certain mini-bosses won't even know 
    what happened. One use per full weapon bar.
    You need the Body Armor Part to witness Giga Crush madness. Scroll down 
    to Chapter VIII (Items and Upgrades) to check out its exact location and 
    how to reach it.
    Oh yes. Scorching one-hit kill. It simply destroys anything, from bosses 
    to Spin Wheel blocks to the sandstorm machine at Desert Base. You cannot 
    control X until he touches safe ground. Forward, down, down-forward + 
    attack in a single smooth move. To balance things out, X must have full 
    health to use the move. Straight out of the Street Fighter series.
    Visit Chapter X (Secrets & Tidbits) for precise instructions.
     IV . Enemies                                                    [x2_en]
    Regular enemies are listed following the in-game cast scene order. Some 
    of 'em present entertaining traits like weak spots, death animations and 
    diverse behavior influenced by the environment.
    Kudos to Marshmallow Man for confirming the official names.
    NOTE: Capcom also added elevators and vehicles to the cast list. Since 
          this Chapter concerns actual enemies that exist solely to prevent X 
          from doing his thing, you can find information about other cast 
          members on Chapters VII (Areas).
    __/ Basic stat sheet \______________
      [Enemy Name]                    Area
       HP: n                          Area 
    - Enemy Name: As officially released by Capcom.
    - HP: How many regular X-Buster shots are needed to dispose of the enemy.
    - Area: Levels where the enemy appears.
    [Cannon Driver]                                        Reploid Factory
                                                           Dinosaur Tank
     HP: 4 (intro); 14 (other)                             Robot Junkyard
                                                           X-Hunter Base #2
                                                           X-Hunter Base #3
       The first enemy you see in the game. They usually guard important 
       gates and entrances, repeatedly shooting out high and low cannon 
       balls. A simple dash is enough to dodge the low one. During the 
       introductory cutscene, it loses its bottom half; jump to avoid its 
    [Scriver]                                              Reploid Factory
                                                           Weather Control
     HP: 2                                                 Deep-Sea Base
                                                           X-Hunter Base #1
       A cutesy screwdriver bot. Jumps forward, occasionally rotating and 
       thrusting the screw.
    [Bar Waying]                                           Reploid Factory
                                                           Volcanic Zone
     HP: 9
       Column enemy that blocks passage from ceiling to floor, preventing X 
       from advancing. Can only inflict damage if X is caught right under its 
    [Scrambler]                                            Reploid Factory 
                                                           Central Computer
     HP: 1                                                 X-Hunter Base #1
       Mass-produced copter mechaniloid. Dances around with its long arms and 
       drops down to greet X. Since X invades the factory in the middle of 
       the enemy's production line, it'll respawn indefinitely even if you 
       kill it and don't scroll back. When this enemy dies, its propeller 
       rises free.
    [Mecha-Arm]                                            Reploid Factory
                                                           X-Hunter Base #1
     HP: N/A
       A mechanical arm. Picks up X and drops him over dangerous terrain or 
       pits. Can't be destroyed, can't deal any damage by itself.
    [Slidame]                                              Reploid Factory 
                                                           X-Hunter Base #1
     HP: 1
       Chubby mechaniloid with incredible strength. It'll race X to the top 
       of a shaft, then stretch out its arms and pull both walls together. 
       Needless to say, winning the race and getting rid of the enemy is the 
       wise choice.
    [Croak Hopper]                                         Weather Control 
     HP: 4
       Frog daddy and son. Hops to move from one place to the other, attacks 
       by opening daddy's mouth and shooting out three slow green orbs. Will 
       occasionally launch the frog son like a bomb. In high temperatures, 
       they agonize for a few seconds and die.
    [Sole Solar L/M]                                       Weather Control
     HP: 3
       Camouflage mechaniloid snipers supported by metal poles. Can attack 
       with lasers or missiles, charged with solar energy. During rainy 
       weather or in extremely low temperatures, they hide beneath ground 
       level. They can also be used as platforms.
    [Sky Farmer]                                           Weather Control 
     HP: 2
       They quickly fly into the screen and drop one out of two capsules, 
       depending on the current weather. The capsules will shatter and 
       generate either Rightods or Sabotteins. When their work is done, Sky 
       Farmers swoop down to damage X and fly away.
    [Rightod/Sabottein]                                    Weather Control 
     HP: 1 (Rightod); 2 (Sabottein)
       Rightods appear from shattered blue capsules, dropped by Sky Farmers 
       during rainy weather. They'll attach themselves to X's head and 
       prevent him from performing high jumps. They will attempt to cast a 
       thunder, which can be attracted and channelized by their lightning rod 
       taillike appendages. If the thunderbolt hits Rightod, it'll die, but 
       X will get hurt. When the temperature is normal or high, Sky Farmers 
       will drop green capsules that birth Sabotteins, weak cactus vines that 
       disappear after a few seconds.
    [Hanged Reploid]                                       Robot Junkyard  
     HP: 1 (hanging); 3 (floor)
       What looks like a suicidal Reploid is actually patiently waiting for a 
       clear attack opportunity. When X approaches a Hanging Reploid, a red 
       light will indicate its cautious state. If he runs past it, it'll 
       release itself from the laser noose and jump after him. This enemy has 
       a considerable number of hit targets while it's hanging: a direct shot 
       to the head will instantly kill it, dropping the inanimate body to the 
       floor; shooting the laser rope will cause it to fall and chase X; 
       shooting any other part of its body will leave the head hanging and 
       trigger an acid attack when X gets closer. If a Hanged Reploid ends up 
       alive on safe ground, its defense will increase a bit. Finally, much 
       like X, the height of their jumps is directly influenced by the 
       junkyard's magnetic disposers.
    [Garakuta Robot]                                       Robot Junkyard  
                                                           X-Hunter Base #2
     HP: 8                                                 X-Hunter Base #3
       This one's hilarious. It's a bunch of enemies from the first game 
       recycled into a single clumsy robot: Dig Labour, Spiky, Gulpfer and 
       [of course] a Metool on its shoulder. As you damage it, those 
       improvised body parts will be destroyed: the hats (miner's and 
       Metool's), then the heads (miner's and Metool's), then the core. If 
       you take too long to finish it, however, the enemy will magnetically 
       attract new body parts and restore an amount of health.
    [Paraloid S-38/V-1/R-5]                                Robot Junkyard  
                                                           X-Hunter Base #3
     HP: 12 (S-38); 2 (V-1/R-5)
       Parasite mechaniloids. Think Alien facehuggers. They latch onto 
       healthy organisms and control their movements. Type S-38s are durable 
       pink Paraloids that usually choose Old Robots as hosts, appearing 
       exclusively at the Robot Junkyard. The other two types are weaker and 
       green-colored: V-1 Paraloids will hug X's head and plug their tails on 
       his spinal cord equivalent, controlling his abilities. As a result, X 
       will jump, fire or dash involuntarily. Multiple V-1s might control X 
       simultaneously. Winged R-5 Paraloids are inexplicably hostile and only 
       try to collide with a threat.
    [Beetron]                                              Volcanic Zone
     HP: 16
       Kamikaze beetle that rams the volcano's outer walls. If X is found 
       right in front of the enemy, it'll charge and hit the rocks. This 
       mechaniloid can be lured into hitting weaker portions of the wall, 
       destroying them and creating new tunnels for X. Part of a Beetron's 
       carapace may be used as a platform.
    [Barite Lastar]                                        Volcanic Zone
                                                           Central Computer
     HP: 2                                                 Deep-Sea Base
                                                           X-Hunter Base #1
                                                           X-Hunter Base #2
       Spider-like foes. They mark a potentially strategic position on a wall 
       and shoot three weak projectiles in fixed directions.
    [Morgun]                                               Volcanic Zone
     HP: 1
       Strange-looking mechaniloids that float down a volcano shaft, setting 
       gas canister leaks on fire. As a secondary form of attack, they'll use 
       their flaming tails to send two fireballs at mirrored angles.
    [Blecker]                                              Central Computer  
     HP: 6
       Central Computer's security system readies harmful machines disguised 
       as background blocks to attack trespassers. Bleckers will be activated 
       if yellow spotlights perceive X, proceeding to down the target with 
       electric orbs. Whenever Bleckers are found inactive, X may scale their 
       sides like regular walls.
    [Barrier Attacker]                                     Central Computer
                                                           X-Hunter Base #1
     HP: 1                                                 X-Hunter Base #3
       Patrolling hallways in a dull path, Barrier Attackers will raise a 
       blue shield to protect themselves from weak shots. A fully charged 
       blast or some of X's weapons will disable the shield and stop the 
       enemy until the barrier is raised once more. Their backs are always 
    [Installer]                                            Central Computer 
     HP: N/A (gray); 7 (purple)
       Lifeless crates that line or pile together to block Central Computer's 
       corridors. Purple variations can be destroyed.
    [Crash Roader]                                         Desert Base 
                                                           X-Hunter Base #1
     HP: 3
       Wheeled warthogs. They simply drive until they hit a wall (and act 
       surprised!), then turn around and repeat the process.
    [Road Riders]                                          Desert Base
     HP: 3
       Roam the open desert with Ride Chasers. Will use a thin cannon to  
       throw weak time bombs. They also [stupidly] crash into walls.
    [Batton Bone type G]                                   Deep-Sea Base
                                                           Energen Crystal
     HP: 1                                                 X-Hunter Base #1
                                                           X-Hunter Base #2
                                                           X-Hunter Base #3
       Beloved series trademark bats. Chase X, fly back to the nearest 
       ceiling, rest, repeat.
    [Fishern]                                              Deep-Sea Base
                                                           X-Hunter Base #2
     HP: 1
       Fish mechaniloids that travel horizontally, ascending or descending 
       preset water levels to damage X.
    [Jelly Seeker]                                         Deep-Sea Base
     HP: 2
       Jellyfish motivated by the slim possibility of electrifying X to 
    [Tubamail-S]                                           Dinosaur Tank
                                                           X-Hunter Base #3
     HP: 2
       These jetpacked bird mechaniloids are indefinitely launched out of a 
       generator. They rise until X is at their direct sight, then jet 
       horizontally. If X deals enough damage, they'll continue to move 
       forward as they explode in a fancy animation.
    [Tubamail Generater]                                   Dinosaur Tank
                                                           X-Hunter Base #3
     HP: 8
       Generator that launches Tubamail-S.
    [Tiranos]                                              Dinosaur Tank
                                                           X-Hunter Base #3
     HP: 4
       Small triceratops tank. Shoots out three arrow-shaped bullets 
    [Disk Boy 08]                                          Robot Junkyard
                                                           Dinosaur Tank
     HP: 6                                                 X-Hunter Base #3
       Joe's substitute in X2 throws a spiky red disc. He still holds a 
       shield, and still jumps for no apparent reason. This time, however, 
       you may temporarily disable his shield with some of your weapons.
    [Aclanda]                                              Weather Control  
                                                           Desert Base
     HP: 16 (body); 8 (tail)                               X-Hunter Base #1
       Large, immobile scorpion. Shoots fast single or triple lasers from its 
       claws. Its tail is a weak spot that can be destroyed separately; 
       it'll swing and spit out small bombs if X doesn't take care of it.
    [Ride loid-G]                                          Dinosaur Tank
     HP: 1 (lone); 16 (riding)
       Ride Armor mimic. While in control of the EG-2, the enemy will use 
       violent punches and dashes to get rid of X. If X approaches without a 
       Ride Armor of his own, the enemy will be standing next to the vehicle. 
       In that scenario, should X jump into the Ride Armor before the enemy 
       does, he'll be able to use it freely and Ride loid-G will resort to a 
       pitiful buster imitation to try and hopefully turn the tables.
    [Refleczer]                                            Energen Crystal
     HP: 2
       Pseudo-organic mechanism engulfed in a protective crystal layer. Its 
       shots will reflect at a 90 angle when touching walls and objects.
     [Savor Moon R]                                         Energen Crystal
     HP: N/A
       Magna Quartz's satellites. They move quickly in the air as to 
       carefully aim their laser shots.
     V . Mini-Bosses                                                 [x2_mb]
    Too important to be considered regular enemies, not important enough for 
    a boss label. These in-between foes are admired by players due to their 
    solid presence, semi-urgent fights, unusual design and varied move lists.
    __/ Basic stat sheet \________________________
    - Found At: Level where X meets the mini-boss.
    - Fights: Number of times you encounter the mini-boss.
    - Recommended Weapon: Most effective power or powers available in order 
      to deal with the mini-boss.
    - Weak Spot: Where you should aim your shots to damage the foe.
     HP: How many regular X-Buster pellets you need to get rid of the enemy.
       Description of the mini-boss' attack.   _____________________________/
    Old Robot
    - Found At: Robot Junkyard
    - Fights: 2
    - Recommended Weapon: Spin Wheel, Silk Shot (Old Robot); Bubble Splash, 
      Silk Shot, Sonic Slicer (Paraloid S-38)
    - Weak Spot: Chest (Old Robot)
     HP: 10 (Old Robot); 12 (Paraloid S-38)
    Robot made of junk. A Paraloid S-38 revives and commands it. Though the 
    junk body is considered the mini-boss by this guide, you must reveal and 
    destroy the Paraloid to advance. Old Robot might occasionally lose limbs 
    and its head when it lands. Its attacks are influenced by the huge 
    gravity-altering magnetic disposer on the ceiling.
    Every recommended weapon works equally well.
       [Trash Hopper]
       Old Robot hops around aimlessly. Depending on the magnetic disposer's 
       orientation, these hops will be either high, normal or low.
       [Aerial Strike]
       A high jump followed by a quick downward charge. Old Robot stops for a  
       brief moment in the air before attacking, just enough to allow dashing 
       under the enemy and away from any trouble.
       Old Robot shoots a number of slow-moving junk parts from its chest 
       opening. Those projectiles' final direction also vary according to the 
       magnetic disposer.
       [Desperate Parasite]
       Paraloid will hop around when Old Robot's body has been destroyed. 
       This is the sole chance you're given to defeat the mini-boss for good. 
       After a while, it'll stop in the air and quickly dive into the trash 
       pool, rising with another Old Robot to attack X.
    Chop Register
    - Found At: Central Computer
    - Fights: 1
    - Recommended Weapon: Spin Wheel, Silk Shot, Magnet Mine, Giga Crush
    - Weak Spot: Base
     HP: 30
    Chop Register is a sword made of demonstrative C4 polygons. What makes it 
    challenging, even in comparison with some bosses, is how hard it is to 
    hit the blue weak spot, since the green blade absorbs damage and the 
    sword points at you 50% of the time.
    Using the Magnet Mine, you can get away with hitting the blade and 
    hurting the whole sword. If you don't have it - likely possibility -, try 
    a fully charged Silk Shot. For optimal results, get as close as you can 
    after dodging one of its two attacks.
       [Pendulum Taunt]
       Chop Register swings like a child who has no idea about swordplay, 
       taunting and approaching X after five seconds or so. Then, it'll end 
       the move with a circle-ranged swipe or the infamous touch. Hope for 
       the swipe, as it makes counter-attacking easier.
       [Dizzy Stinger]
       Several loops precede Chop Register's horizontal stinger. If X is 
       found above or beneath the sword's current level, it'll rise or 
       descend while spinning, until both attacker and victim are aligned. 
       Not difficult to dodge, as long as you jump or scale a wall just 
       before the sword performs its final move. Given this move's 
       predictability and the long vulnerability time at the end, it's best 
       to keep your strongest weapons ready and charged.
    Raider Killer
    - Found At: Central Computer
    - Fights: 1
    - Recommended Weapon: Speed Burner
    - Weak Spot: N/A
     HP: 32
    With defensive capabilities rivaling those of a fully-upgraded X, Raider 
    Killer is also the most interactive mini-boss in the game. The enemy 
    itself is pretty simple, in fact; it's the condition in which the battle 
    starts that determines its uniqueness.
    At the gigantic room with falling blocks and X blueprints, three lock-on 
    reticles will target intruders for a fair treatment shortly after. That 
    system actually feeds Raider Killer, who will promptly study the newly 
    acquired data and adapt its moves before the long fight. Think of it as a 
    multi-difficulty battle, where the enemy gains a new attack each time you 
    get caught by a reticle. The mini-boss will always start at Level 1. Note 
    that Raider Killer might and will use lower level moves on higher levels.
    Level 1: Green
       Easily avoidable ground-level blast.
       [Laser Shower]
       Raider Killer will perform a high leap across the arena. At the peak 
       of its jump, it'll shoot three lasers. The middle shot is released in 
       a straight vertical line, while the others are angled and reach the 
       ground relatively far from the central one. Because of that, it's 
       recommended to position X under Raider Killer and then dash between 
       the middle laser and one of the other two. Both the attack and the 
       dodging process happen much faster than the sound of it.
    Level 2: Blue
       [Hi-Low Fireball]
       The first upgrade available will make Raider's main attack a bit less 
       predictable. Instead of firing solely at ground level, the robot might 
       also send high shots. X will be forced to dash under the fireballs or 
       time his jumps over them. Make sure to keep your distance and it won't 
       be an issue.
    Level 3: Magenta
       The second upgrade available will make Raider's _secondary_ attack a 
       bit less predictable. When the enemy decides to jump and attack from 
       another spot, it may choose between using the high jump with triple 
       laser shots or a new short lunge, which forces X to be closer in order 
       to avoid the move. Dash under it.
    Level 4: Purple
       [Homing Shield]
       If those new moves weren't enough to limit X's offensive capabilities, 
       Raider Killer still has one last card under its sleeve. Our strangely 
       bearded enemy will cast a pink shield that moves toward its adversary. 
       You may destroy the shield (which comes with whopping 4 HP) or jump 
       past it with good timing.
    Try a Level 4 X-Buster fight without upgrades. ;) It's great fun.
    - Found At: Deep-Sea Base
    - Fights: 1 (Optional)
    - Recommended Weapon: Sonic Slicer, Giga Crush
    - Weak Spot: Mouth, Eye, Fins (5), Searchlight Core
     HP:  4 (mouth)               10 (pectoral fin)
          4 (eye/preoperculum)    14 (searchlight core)
          8 (soft dorsal fin)     24 (er... orifice fin)
         10 (spinous dorsal fin)  40 (caudal fin)
    A very, very stubborn fish you don't want to mess with unless you have 
    recommended weaponry. Sea-Canthller opens a red shutter in the beginning 
    of the level and moves steadily until it docks near the end of the area. 
    If you stay ahead, it'll pick up speed; if you stay behind, it'll travel 
    This is not a mandatory fight, meaning that you may ignore the enemy and 
    finish the stage without getting punished. Nevertheless, Sea-Canthller 
    must be destroyed if you need full access to the Deep-Sea Base X-Hunter 
    room, so it's wise to learn about this mini-boss' particularities.
    First of all, damage. As you've probably noticed by the scary amount of 
    separate weak points, Sea-Canthller is, quite simply, the strongest enemy 
    in the game as far as sheer defense goes. Mathematician apprentices and 
    hasty worriers, take it easy: you don't have to deal 114 points worth of 
    damage to sink the fish. You don't even need half of it. Sea-Canthller's 
    demise requires destroying any six of its eight weak spots. Still, even 
    though you may choose the weakest points and go nuts, its caudal fin is 
    sadistically big and often protects other parts of its body.
    It must be said: this is all a bunch of unnecessary technicality when you 
    can just use a Giga Crush and get it over with. A fully charged Sonic 
    Slicer might also do the job, but the attack must be launched precisely 
    underneath the fish. If the Slicer doesn't destroy six weak spots, it'll 
    probably destroy five. Shoot a couple of extra boomerangs and celebrate 
    your victory. If you don't have either of those powers, adopt a careful 
    approach and take out the body parts that launch its three attacks.
       Mouth. It'll spit out slow mines.
       [X-Seeking Missiles]
       Spinous dorsal fin. Three missiles will chase X for a few seconds and 
       explode. They can be destroyed.
       [Obtuse Laser]
       Searchlight core. Sends out a sweeping laser when X is perceived by 
       the searchlight. Jump as high as you can when it's coming.
    Magna Quartz
    - Found At: Energen Crystal
    - Fights: 1
    - Recommended Weapon: Spin Wheel
    - Weak Spot: N/A
     HP: 20
    A beautiful crystallized mechaniloid. It cannot attack by itself, so a 
    Savor Moon R satellite deals with X by shooting carefully aimed lasers. 
    When these shots hit the ground or a wall, they're reflected and keep 
    moving along their path, disappearing a number of seconds later. Savor 
    Moon R satellites can't be harmed.
    As far as damage and patterns go, this is a simple enemy. Drop a Spin 
    Wheel and focus on dodging lasers. When Magna Quartz's energy has been 
    reduced to half, the crystal shield will appear slightly cracked. This 
    enemy has invincibility frames; it will only be damaged once per stun 
       [Back-Up Summon]
       A second Savor Moon R will be called into action.
     VI . Bosses                                                     [x2_bo]
    They have their own theme songs and those fancy energy bars. Bosses are 
    normally found at the end of a level, and in eight cases out of 18, they 
    guard interesting weapons that might be used against other bosses.
    Like all things Mega Man, fighting bosses with weaknesses can make the 
    game almost too easy, but fighting them without proper weapons might be 
    frustrating and sometimes even unfair. Make your choice wisely.
    __/ Basic stat sheet \________________________
    - Found At: Level where X meets the boss.
    - Weakness: Most effective power or powers available in order to deal 
      with the boss.
    - Reward: Weapon obtained from the Maverick.
       Description of the boss' attack.
       [Desperate: Attack]
       Description of the boss' desperation move. Usually happens when
       they have about 30% of energy left.   _____________________________/
    - Found At: Reploid Factory
    - Weakness: N/A
    - Reward: N/A
    This is the kind of huge boss guy they use to intimidate players in promo 
    videos. CF-0 received faaaabulous facelift and a stylish blue paintjob in 
    Mega Man Zero 4.
    First things first: there's no need to panic over the dude's size, and 
    you don't even need a towel here. Most of CF-0's body can't hurt X, with 
    only his fists and feet as potential dangers. The head is the weak spot.
       [Jump Stomp Or Something]
       The concept behind this attack is a little hard to swallow since it's 
       only mildly effective while X is at ground level.
       [The Most Boring Punch Ever]
       He'll try to hit you with his spiked fist. It's a very shy punch, as 
       if he's trying to dust off some old box. No big deal.
       [Lazy E. Honda]
       Three slow consecutive punches with the same arm.
    He's a weak fellow. Be careful with his fists and feet, and always stay 
    on a platform where the head is visible. Charge your shot and follow the 
    universal #1 rule of an outbreak: aim for the head.
    Wire Sponge
    - Found At: Weather Control, X-Hunter Base #4
    - Weakness: Sonic Slicer
    - Reward: Strike Chain
    First model of a notorious line of Mavericks with unfitting design that 
    plagues and/or entertains the series since X2. Other members include 
    Split Mushroom, Tornado Tonion and Optic Sunflower.
       [Silly Ceiling Sealing]
       Wire Sponge will use his vine chain to pull himself up to the ceiling, 
       where he may try to...
       [Dude Just Cut That Nail Already]
       ... throw a few harmless tiny spheres in your direction. They will 
       stick to the walls and floor, and a short spiky vine will grow 
       instantly. You may destroy them with two regular shots, but it might 
       be more conveninent to just trick Wire Sponge into throwing them on 
       the wall.
       [Use Protection]
       So common that it might as well be considered a fighting stance. 
       Basically, Wire Sponge will spin his vine chain real fast and you 
       won't be able to cut through without the Sonic Slicer.
       [Strike Chain]
       His version of the WEAPON you eventually GET is a lengthy horizontal 
       extension/thrust of his vine chain. If the grapply tip touches a wall,   
       Wire Sponge will pull himself that way.
       [Desperate: Steaming Pickle]
       Oooh, he's really pissed! Pissed enough to get a new haircut and make 
       some weird cactus pose. Sponge will cast some lightning bolts, period 
       during which he's invulnerable. The bolts will land on random spots of 
       the boss arena, so just dash around and hope for the best.
    With the Sonic Slicer you only have to worry about aiming right, since 
    the weapon will bounce off walls and even cut through the vine shield. If 
    you have the X-Buster Parts, stand close to Wire Sponge and release a 
    charged Sonic Slicer shot to hit him twice.
    It's actually possible to defeat him without ever seeing his desperation 
    move. You need your regular X-Buster and the dash trick. As he lifts 
    himself up with the ceiling grapple, having about 30% or less health, 
    give 'im four or five dash-powered shots and he should die before the 
    game can trigger his desperate attack. Visit Chapter X (Secrets & 
    Tidbits) for more information.
    If you deal the killing blow with the Sonic Slicer, it'll cut the boss in 
    half before the explosion.
    Morph Moth
    - Found At: Robot Junkyard, X-Hunter Base #4
    - Weakness: Speed Burner
    - Reward: Silk Shot
    When you finally open the second gate to Morph Moth, you'll face a rather 
    underwhelming robotic cocoon that vomits trash. Nowhere close to the 
    menacing winged dude in the mugshot, right? Oh well. La dee doo.
       [Motion Sickness]
       The cocoon will swing like a pendulum, supported by the silk line. All 
       that drunken dancing can't be good for anyone, and it shows just as 
       the boss starts puking out garbage, literally. There is no apparent 
       pattern to this, although they don't travel fast enough to bother.
       [Serious Disorder That Affects Teenagers With Low Self-Esteem]
       After vomiting, the eyed cocoon will feel like eating stuff all over 
       again. The problem is that the guy has zero manners, so to us 
       this scenario looks like a cocoon furiously looking for a precious 
       item in a trash can. It'll cross the room from side to side, throwing 
       garbage at various angles. Climb either wall to be safe.
       [Circle Back To Square One]
       The cocoon will get back to the silk routine with a sweep projectile 
       attack. I can't tell if it's shooting or drawing in, but I like to 
       think it's sucking the junk in because it's coherent with Silk Shot. 
       The thin line of trash will rotate around the cocoon clockwise, 
       forcing X to climb the wall and air dash or dash-jump to the other 
    Prepare your Speed Burner and burn the thing speedily.
    The charged Magnet Mine actually sucks all the garbage in, just like what 
    it does in the junkyard. It's not especially accurate and you don't need 
    anything like this at all, but it can be amusing.
       [Desperate: Morph Moth]
       WOOT! This boss is unique in that his desperation move is actually his 
       Maverick form. Now that's more like it! So scary, I'll call him Morth.
       [Magic Dust]
       Morth will fly side to side dropping slow shiny things. There is often 
       a gap between the shots, so look for it and stay put.
       [Pretty Random Attack For An Insect]
       This is a laser beam that Morth shoots out of his hands. He will try 
       to aim at X, but it's a general direction at best.
    Same weakness. The charged Speed Burner does wonders, but you shouldn't 
    have trouble dealing with him normally. Keep the fight on the ground, 
    never mind the extra space. Note: getting hit by Morth hurts real bad.
    Flame Stag
    - Found At: Volcanic Zone, X-Hunter Base #4
    - Weakness: Bubble Splash
    - Reward: Speed Burner
    Mandatory fire boss. His antlers are made of fire, much like Fire Man's 
    slick toupe.
       [88 MPH]
       Flame Stag likes to charge at you with a powerful dash, where he's 
       entirely covered with fire and leaves a scorching trail on the floor. 
       If he hits X with this move, he will perform...
       [... The Malfunctioning Piledriver]
       The boss will carry X all the way to the top of the room and then drop 
       him violently, dealing considerable damage.
       [This Here Is No Etecoon, Samus]
       Wall jumping is Flame Stag's specialty. Pay attention to the pattern 
       as he touches left and right walls so you'll know when to dash or jump 
       away from trouble, just like the first Sigma form in X1.
       [88 MPH Vertical]
       This is why _you_ shouldn't rely on walls too much. Flame Stag can 
       dash along the wall and punch you in the FACE.
       [Speed Burner]
       Stag's version burns out of his fists. The two fireballs will travel 
       in a low and a high angle, then crawl along floor and walls.
       [Desperate: Feeling Blue]
       His flames turn blue. No real gameplay influence, it's just the 
       threat. At the revenge fight, he'll be blue from the start.
    Bubble Splash traps Flame Stag in a loop. He'll always try to recover 
    with Speed Burner, and you can hit him again before he's done with the 
    Magna Centipede
    - Found At: Central Computer, X-Hunter Base #4
    - Weakness: Silk Shot
    - Reward: Magnet Mine
    And the award for coolest Mega Man X boss goes to... a crippled 
    centipede? Yes! Even Metal Shark Player likes him.
       [A Love Story About Tail Segments]
       They split up, then they chase each other around X, then they make up. 
       Sometimes it's a threesome. Get out of their way as soon as they stop 
       on their tracks and decide to get back together. Trust me, you don't 
       want physical contact with these guys. Just read the next item to find 
       out why.
       Contrary to my belief as a child, Magna Centipede's name is not a 
       typoed MagMA Centipede. Magna stands for magnetic, a force the 
       Maverick is more than comfortable with. He will draw X near his tail, 
       then sting his robo butt. Effects vary and stack up if you let him 
       violate you more than once: no charge ability, no dash, low jump. This 
       attack is very tricky to avoid without Silk Shot or air dashing.
       [Gravity Who?]
       Magna Centipede might take the fight upstairs. Not on a higher floor, 
       on the ceiling. X is not affected by this, but it can be disorienting.
       [Shuriken Shower]
       Three magnetic shurikens that ever so slightly home in on X.
       [The Slow-Mo Ninja]
       Magna will dissolve and then reappear in one of the four corners of 
       the room. X cannot damage him while the animation plays.
    Much like Armored Armadillo's weakness in X1, the first Silk Shot hit 
    will destroy Magna's main feature, his tail, preventing him from stinging 
    X. Unless you want a challenge - and this is one of the hardest outside 
    of fortress bosses -, make sure he eats junk.
    Overdrive Ostrich
    - Found At: Desert Base, X-Hunter Base #4
    - Weakness: Crystal Hunter
    - Reward: Sonic Slicer
    Overdrive Ostrich sure runs with style. The fight takes place in an open 
    area, as opposed to the claustrophobic one-screen rooms of Mega Man fame. 
    Expect a lot of dodging.
       [Run, Ostrich, Run]
       A very intimidating running strike. He runs with his head low, kinda 
       like a bull. Dash-jump over and hit him when he steps on the brakes.
       [Run, Ostrich, R-- Wait, What?]
       Overdrive Ostrich actually has two different running styles. This 
       second one is a bit more, um... unique. He will hop and skip just high 
       enough to allow dashing under him.
       [Sonic Slicer]
       Sucky boomerang that might just fly by without you even noticing. Your 
       version is better. Thank Capcom.
       [Sonic Slicer Charged]
       This one is a whole other story. Overdrive Ostrich will jump and then 
       launch a bunch of boomerangs that rain down at great speed. There will 
       always be one boomerang exactly above X, so you can't stand still.
       [Do A Background Check]
       One of the first attacks in the series that involve... a background. 
       The boss will dash past dunes until he's directly behind X's sprite, 
       then he'll jump and try to stomp our hero. It doesn't matter where in 
       the background he and X line up, because he will always catch up when 
       he drops back. Sharp timing for a quick escape.
    When the Crystal Hunter hits Overdrive Ostrich, he'll freeze in place and 
    then usually counter with a Sonic Slicer shower. You may counter his 
    counter by hitting him just before he sends the attack. Also, you can hit 
    him twice in one round if you land another shot a few frames after his 
    blue damage filter starts blinking. Easier done than said.
    Bubble Crab
    - Found At: Deep-Sea Base, X-Hunter Base #4
    - Weakness: Spin Wheel
    - Reward: Bubble Splash
    "Very well. If we can't make you into metrosexuals, then we will make you 
    into Crab People!"
       [A Shield Of Bubbles, Why Not]
       This is more like a pre-attack. Bubble Crab will put on his futuristic 
       bubble vest which is totally in fashion, darling, then he will use any 
       other attack of his repertoire. Spin Wheel tears it a new 'un.
       [Bubble Splash]
       Crab's version of Bubble Splash is just one shot, a circular circle of 
       circly bubbles. Your version is better. Thank Capcom.
       [Little Enemy Crab]
       Like any father, Bubble Crab sends his newborn babies to do his work. 
       They float inside small bubbles and hang out on the surface until X 
       shoots or touches the bubble. This causes the little crab to rush in 
       your direction.
       [Little Bouncy Enemy Crab]
       The crabs will bounce around aimlessly. He can summon a ton of these.
       [Hey Flame Stag, Your Antlers Suck]
       Jump over Bubble Crab and you'll trigger his secret energy horn-like 
       attack. This is your best friend. You can manipulate Bubble Crab in 
       any situation if you have decent timing. When he jumps, he's 
       vulnerable and you'll be on the ground already, so you have a lot of 
       time to cook some kani-kama.
       [Wet-Dry World]
       Remember in Super Mario 64 that awesome area where you could control 
       the water level yourself? Yeah, you can't do that here, but the boss 
    Forget the charged weakness. Drop a normal Spin Wheel directly above 
    Bubble Crab and you'll have a good chance of stunning him with a powerful 
    4-hit combo. More bang for your buck.
    The revenge fight arena is decorated with spikes on the ceiling. Just be 
    careful not to jump too high.
    Wheel Gator
    - Found At: Dinosaur Tank, X-Hunter Base #4
    - Weakness: Strike Chain
    - Reward: Spin Wheel
    Wheel Gator does his meditation in a room filled with some kind of engine 
    oil. This is an annoying fight because it's one of those situations where 
    you have to wait for the boss to do something before you can attack, over 
    and over and over. Fortunately, there are ways to exploit his vulnerable 
    on-screen time.
       [He Will Dive And Lurk Under The Engine Oil]
       That's pretty much it.
       [Submerged Attack: Spin Wheel]
       Gator's version of the Spin Wheel is a wall crawler. He will shoot one 
       far from X, which can be avoided by staying high on the opposite wall, 
       then another one closer, which you will have to avoid by jumping away. 
       Immediately after the second Spin Wheel, the boss will use the next 
       submerged attack, so try to get back to the wall as soon as possible.
       [Submerged Attack: Eat Me]
       This is how Wheel Gator jumps back to surface. If you get caught, he 
       will drain your health bar a little. Sometimes he likes to surprise X 
       with a sudden jump if you're at range, so make sure our hero is high 
       and hugging a wall while Wheel Gator takes a swim.
       [Spin Wheel Surface Redux]
       Now you know where the Spin Wheel comes from. Wheel Gator will 
       activate his shoulder weapon and a couple of Spin Wheels will bounce 
       around until they touch a wall, then they will crawl as usual. Time 
       their arc motion and stay on the floor, or climb the wall and try to 
       jump over them.
       A strange move where Gator will charge up energy and then shoot a few 
       predictable pellets in several directions. You can't hit him with 
       regular shots while this lasts, but the charged X-Buster still works.
       [Drill Man Would Be Proud]
       I have trouble filing this under desperate because I _have_ seen him 
       use it early on several times. Gator will jump and spin his way to the 
       opposite wall, drilling a hole conveniently shaped like spikes. Don't 
       worry too much, they're not "Mega Man" lethal.
    Wheel Gator's weakness is a pain in the ass, because he will dive every 
    single time after you hit him. However, you have a very small open window 
    just a couple of frames before he fully recovers from a Strike Chain hit. 
    Shoot again and repeat the process until he's dead. Getting the timing 
    right takes some practice, but it's by far the fastest and most effective 
    way of dealing with him.
    If you can't or don't want to use that trick, it's recommended to avoid 
    the Strike Chain and use the the dual blast upgrade for the X-Buster.
    For some obscure reason, finishing off Wheel Gator with a charged Strike 
    Chain makes him drop an item pickup before he explodes. *shrug*
    Crystal Snail
    - Found At: Energen Crystal, X-Hunter Base #4
    - Weakness: Magnet Mine
    - Reward: Crystal Hunter
    Worse than a regular snail is a snail with God complex. Crystal Snail 
    believes the world should slow down to his pace. Can you believe this 
       [Shell Missile]
       His main attack. Crystal Snail will hide under his shell, hover, spin 
       a few times and then charge in your direction. He might repeat the 
       process a couple of times, then land.
       [Crystal Hunter]
       Three blobs of something that encase X upon contact. Mash all buttons 
       to get out as fast as possible.
       [This Is Why Shells Exist]
       Shoot Crystal Snail enough times on the ground and he'll hide under 
       his shell for a brief moment. I'm pretty sure I've seen him use this 
       move as a taunt of sorts.
       [Desperate: Lucy In The Sky With Crystals]
       Poor Crystal Snail can't reach you, so he'll spin really fast in the 
       air (faster than usual) and then command the world to slow down with 
       his antennae. This _can_ get tricky if he follows the attack with the 
       Crystal Hunter. He may use this before 30% health, but he will use it 
       a lot more often as he realizes he's about to bite the dust.
       [Desperate: At Times Of Crisis, Jump And Dash]
       This type of desperate attack is exclusive to Crystal Snail. When the 
       boss is out of his shell, he will try getting it back by all means 
       necessary. Alas, his only moves here are dumb jumps and a slow dash.
    The Magnet Mine is a must. See, when you hit Crystal Snail with one, it 
    will stun him, forcing him out of the shell and consequently out of 
    control. He will then try to rescue his portable home via desperate jumps 
    and dashing. The catch is that you're also equipped with these moves, and 
    you can interact with the carapace yourself! When you hit it with a dash, 
    it'll bounce around. You may juggle the thing with headbutts and make 
    Crystal Snail go crazy as you hit him with more Magnet Mines. Haha!
    At the second fight, it's possible to "destroy" the carapace with a 
    Shoryuken. Hit Crystal Snail with a Magnet Mine, then quickly switch to 
    the X-Buster and Shoryuken him during the stun animation. If you're 
    successful, the carapace will disappear and Crystal Snail will jump and 
    dash around aimlessly.
    - Found At: Various
    - Weakness: Bubble Splash
    - Reward: N/A
    Violent like his name almost spells. It also almost spells violin, but I 
    think I'm going with violent here. With his insanely huge ball and chain, 
    he will redefine cheapness in 2D boss fights.
       [Ball And Chain: Arc]
       Now why isn't he a Maverick so we could have this weapon? It's a 
       gorgeous attack, to those who don't get crushed by it anyway. The 
       first pattern is a series of arcs that narrow down progressively. 
       Since you know it gets closer to the boss, it's the easiest to dodge.
       [Ball And Chain: Bounce]
       Not sure we can call this a pattern, but hey. This attack is the bane 
       of everything. Still standing, Violen will launch the spiked ball 
       randomly across the room. Sometimes it looks like a homing attack, 
       sometimes it looks like it follows decent physics, but in the end this 
       is just one big shenanigan.
       [Energy Rain]
       At points during the fight, Violen might choose another attack spot in 
       the room. At the peak of his jump, there's a good chance he will shoot 
       a crapload of energy orbs down in a splash pattern. The first shot 
       tells you where to go to avoid the rest.
       [Energy Shotgun]
       Same as the splash shower above, but on the ground. You have enough 
       time to jump behind him and counter.
    If you have the X-Buster Parts, charge the Bubble Splash and just stand 
    close to him, trading hits. If your defense is low, then use the regular 
    Bubble Splash shot or your trusty X-Buster from a distance.
    This is the hardest battle in the game if you're going naked and without 
    upgrades. Dying after three random hits is not fun.
    - Found At: Various
    - Weakness: Speed Burner
    - Reward: N/A
    He looks Russian, and more importantly his name sounds Russian. So he's 
    really cool. Serges uses a hover platform to move.
       [Cape of Doom]
       The cape he tosses at the start of the fight actually hurts. You have 
       to pretty much throw yourself on it to get hurt before it disappears, 
       but it's a nice touch.
       [Quite A Dumb Mine Field Since You Can See The Freaking Mines]
       Serges may place up to five mines on scripted bits of the floor. You 
       can destroy them with a charged shot or Speed Burner's fire trail. Try 
       to get rid of the mines as soon as they appear. You don't want any 
       explosion cluster in this fight.
       [Why Robots Can't Perform In The Olympics]
       A somersault that scatters evil rays all over the place in a clock 
       pattern. Like Violen's energy rain, the idea is to dodge the first 
       shot and then take shelter near it. The problem here is that you must 
       jump past Serges if you want to clear the rest of the move, so quickly 
       step on his hover platform then jump to the other side while he's in 
       the air.
       [Hover Shield]
       His hover platform will frequently cast a shield to block your shots. 
       The shield is erratic and most of the time you can bypass it by aiming 
       at the tip of Serges' hat.
    You have probably noticed from his move list that this fight is one big 
    display of acrobatics. If your defense is well handled, you can ignore 
    the somersault attack and trade hits, since he's mostly vulnerable while 
    performing that.
    - Found At: Various
    - Weakness: Magnet Mine
    - Reward: N/A
    Agile like his name spells rather obviously. Fast fight.
       [Shoryuken With A Catch]
       From a distance, Agile will perform a Shoryuken-esque move that ends 
       with a big, dangerous beam. He will shoot the beam based on X's height 
       in the room. Even if you're on the floor it's possible to avoid this, 
       by dashing under it, but then he'll figure his other move will cause 
       more trouble.
       [His Other Move]
       Agile will chop chop chop from one side of the room to the other, 
       likely from a far spot to where X stands. This move is darn fast and 
       he tends to repeat it if you get hit. Avoid it by not staying on the 
       ground too much.
    This fight is odd in that it can go from one of the hardest to one of the 
    easiest in seconds. As long as you realize that you are in full control 
    of Agile's actions, there's no way to fail here. Hug the wall opposite of 
    Agile, as high as possible, then wait for his saber beam. Drop down, 
    shoot, climb the wall back up and repeat until he's dead.
    Violen 2
    - Found At: X-Hunter Base #1
    - Weakness: Bubble Splash
    - Reward: N/A
    This fight is exactly like the first, with the exception of...
       [Disappearing Blocks]
       Yes, Violen may summon disappearing blocks of Mega Man fame. 
       Thankfully, no endless pits or spikes are involved. They act as old 
       fashioned obstacles, mainly. The ball and chain will not get through 
       them, and both X and Violen can use 'em as platforms or to protect 
       themselves from incoming attacks.
    Serges 2
    - Found At: X-Hunter Base #2
    - Weakness: Giga Crush, Silk Shot (cannons); Speed Burner, Sonic Slicer
    - Reward: N/A
    Still too lazy to walk, Serges turns to another machine to do his dirty 
    business. Who is the mad scientist guy we know that prefers to operate 
    huge machines to deal with the protagonist in Mega Man games? This gives 
    me ideas...
    I kid, I kid!
    This fight consists of two parts: on the first, Serges will use four 
    cannons, and on the second he will try to end X with spread shots. The 
    floor is decorated with deadly spikes and you have to manage annoying 
    floating platforms. X cannot damage Serges until all four cannons are 
       [Top Cannon: Bouncy Orb]
       An energy orb that bounces back as high as the cannon that shoots it.
       [Second Cannon: Frisbee]
       Really, a frisbee.
       [Third Cannon: Homing Orb]
       Slow and not very durable, but combined with the constant jumping from 
       one platform to the next, it's not exactly a treat.
       [Bottom Cannon: Laser]
       Standard laser shot. It's kinda sudden. Jump away as soon as you sense 
       that Serges will stop here.
       [No Cannon: Spread Shot]
       After you destroy the front part of the machine, Serges will resort to 
       concentrated spread bullets that alternate between X- and plus-shaped 
       patterns when they explode.
    If you have Giga Crush, the first part of the fight is a piece of cake. 
    Unleash to destroy all four cannons. If you don't, try one or two Silk 
    Shots per cannon. Serges will always use the cannon directly in front of 
    X to attack. Pick the move you're most comfortable with dodging and hit 
    the cannons as you dodge it.
    When you destroy a cannon, the machine will get a little closer. When all 
    four cannons are offed, the machine will have destroyed a couple of 
    floating platforms. You may stand on that front tip sticking out of the 
    machine if you're seasick. From down here, charged Sonic Slicers make 
    short work of Serges. Speed Burner still helps, but you must be on the 
    floating platforms for better results.
    Agile 2
    - Found At: X-Hunter Base #3
    - Weakness: Magnet Mine
    - Reward: N/A
    He's in a... he operates this... he... ah, screw it. Here's Agile and 
    that's his complex spike maker thingy.
       [The... This, uh... This...]
       This THING that ate Agile's head has the power to create spiky 
       obstacles that hurt a lot. They're not lethal, but it might be a good 
       idea to watch out for the gap between both sides (just follow Agile) 
       to walk out safely. As these spiky tiles pile up, the floor underneath 
       X will change. The trick is to anticipate which dominant side will get 
       the bigger spiky obstacle and jump to the other side.
       [A Spark Of Hope]
       Along with the spikes, Agile will send two spark crawlers down the 
       [Backstage FX]
       A group of missiles launched from somewhere behind the action. The big 
       scary one getting closer is the only one you should be careful with.
    Got Shoryuken? One-hit kill.
    No Shoryuken? Use Magnet Mine. Don't forget that the mine can be directed 
    manually by pressing up and down. If you're lucky, the charged shot might 
    hit the boss multiple times.
    No Magnet Mine? Climb up the wall and try to land a hit when there's no 
    spiky menace coming. Sounds impossible, but there's a certain rhythm to 
    it and you'll get it in no time.
    - Found At: X-Hunter Base #5 aka Central Computer
    - Weakness: Speed Burner
    - Reward: N/A
    Can't blame you if you didn't get all Zero Parts back from the X-Hunters. 
    This is a fast paced, meaningful battle against who eventually became the 
    star of the series. In my runs, I actually avoid collecting Zero's Parts 
    just so I can fight him later. Great music, too.
    See the beam saber? I've heard people claim that Zero's trademark weapon 
    is not the one Sigma used in X1, but the idea is just too cool to waste!
       [Ground Zero]
       Zero will punch the floor and a bunch of cracked tiles will rise. The 
       best way to avoid this is by hugging a wall high and dash-jumping or 
       air dashing to the other side. You'll barely clear it. Notice that the 
       computer in the back is also destroyed with this move.
       [The Artist Formerly Known As Sigma Saber]
       Zero uses the now Z-Saber to help him cross the room quickly and to 
       finish a 3-shot combo started by his Z-Buster. He will shoot two 
       yellow blasts similar to X's, then crown his work with a green beam 
       sent from the Z-Saber. It's a ground move, so any wall will do.
       [Oh Zero You Tease]
       When X is close, Zero will shoot a clumsy emerald pellet instead of 
       his triple combo to trick X.
       Zero can block your attacks, and will do quite frequently, in fact. 
       This will force you to hit him while he attacks or recovers from an 
    Much like the first encounter with Agile, this is a fight that might 
    cause you to break your controller in anger and then regret it a few 
    seconds later. The secret is to make him follow your lead.
    Climb a wall, wait for him to dash closer, then dash-jump or air dash to 
    the other side. He will punch the floor and you will avoid the earthquake 
    before he's done with the move. Turn around, shoot, rush back to the 
    closest wall and repeat the process.
    Speed Burner should be your weapon of choice. The cool thing about the 
    Burner here is that you can use the charged version to dash through Zero 
    as he tries to dash through you himself. Looks great.
    Neo Sigma
    - Found At: X-Hunter Base #5 aka Central Computer
    - Weakness: Sonic Slicer
    - Reward: N/A
    Abandoning his saber for a double set of Wolverine claws (bad move, 
    Siggy, bad move), Sigma's first form borrows some from his original 
    Maverick Hunter days.
       [Wolverine Claw]
       Sigma plays squash with X. You will bounce like a rubber ball if you 
       get hit by Sigma's claw swipe. He will use this pretty much every time 
       you get close.
       [Teleport Dive]
       Humanoid Sigma still loves walls. Whenever he jumps and kicks the 
       wall, stay on the floor and wait. He will teleport directly above X 
       and dive. Dashing is good enough, but try to go as far as you can or 
       he'll use the claw as he lands.
       [Sweet Tooth For Shock]
       In a rare concern with easter-eggy continuity (or just a ridiculously 
       huge coincidence), Capcom arranged this Sigma fight as a spiritual 
       sequel to X and Sigma's first encounter in X1. Neo Sigma will summon 
       five Electric Spark shots that zap in your way, one at a time. 
       Electric Spark was Sigma's first form's weakness in X1.
       [Desperate: Electric Spark Charged]
       And his desperate move is the charged version of Electric Spark, down 
       to X's main armor color flashing before the shot. Sigma will send a 
       lightning pillar using his claws. This attack is telegraphed about 
       sixteen years before he shoots, so you're simply not allowed to have 
       trouble here.
    Luckily for X, Neo Sigma's weakness here is Sonic Slicer. A weapon that 
    bounces around and takes a while to disappear will help a lot in such an 
    intense battle. Evading becomes easier when you don't have to constantly 
    find an opportunity to deal damage.
    Sigma Virus
    - Found At: X-Hunter Base #5 aka Central Computer
    - Weakness: Strike Chain
    - Reward: N/A
    Here, have some final battle. Sigma takes shape of a wireframe virus, 
    whatever that is.
       A good ol' headbutt. Jump away just as the attack starts and it'll 
       [Vertical Laser]
       Sigma will sweep the room floor with a laser beam. You have to jump 
       over this, there's no other way around it.
       [Poor Sigma, There Were Much Better Minions To Choose From]
       Siggy will create a couple of lesser bots out of thin air. He shoots 
       two wireframe spheres that turn into enemies when they hit a wall or 
       the ground. You can kill every summoned enemy in one hit with the 
       Strike Chain, which is the boss weakness here, anyway. These enemies 
       still drop energy and health like any other. This is your Pot O' Gold 
       if you don't have Sub-Tanks.
       [Desperate: Cage]
       When Sigma turns red, he'll ignore headbutts for a fancier method of 
       transportation: teleporting. The cage will trap X if Sigma Virus 
       disappears and then reappears on top of him. Just don't stand still.
    There is no health bar for Sigma during this fight. You can tell he's 
    getting hurt by the color of the wireframe. The closer to red, the closer 
    you are to the end of the game.
    This fight has a pattern: headbutt > laser > headbutt > minions. When he 
    goes desperate, he might use laser and minions one after the other.
    Most enemies that Sigma summons can be frozen with the Crystal Hunter. 
    Remember that dashing into frozen enemies always gives you a small energy 
    pickup. If you're out of Strike Chain and not having so much luck with 
    item drops, this might be a fair alternative.
     VII . Areas                                                     [x2_ar]
    Interactive and visually packed, X2's levels shine with exclusive 
    features that make multiple trips worthwhile. From something as simple as 
    a passage of time to action packed high-speed slopes, they offer more 
    than enough to entertain the player while providing decent challenge.
    This is not meant to be a walkthrough. It's a compilation of features and 
    interesting info found in X2's levels.
    NOTE: I'm not listing X-Hunter Arena locations here, since they're much 
          closer to the X-Hunter predicament than areas themselves as far as 
          gameplay goes. Refer to Chapter IX (The X-Hunter Affair) for 
          detailed information.
    __/ Basic stat sheet \________________________
    - Power-Ups: Major items and upgrades available in the place.
    - Mini-Boss: Mini-bosses located in the area.
    - Silk Shot: Interaction effects you'll find for the Silk Shot.
       Description of a particular detail, event or feature in the 
       area. Features listed won't appear in any other level.   _____/
    Reploid Factory
    X2's intro level is a major production line of a giant Reploid factory. 
    No power-ups here.
       [Henry Ford Lives]
       Oh, the hoorayness. Witness a Scrambler's birth from scratch. Each 
       station displays a distinct step in the fast process (mass-produced is 
       an understatement! O_O), and the enemy is taken to the next one by a 
       powerful magnetic laser device. The best part? You can actually ride 
       the device yourself. Be careful not to let the Mecha-Arm violate your 
       robotic pride.
       [Scriver Parts and... Health?]
       Scrivers and their cute screwdriver noses can be spotted rushing below 
       ground level through a transportation tube. Wait a few seconds and get 
       lucky to watch as the automatic belt carries health power-ups and 
       takes them nowhere. Sadly, we can't have 'em, but it's still exciting.
       [CF-0... 1... 2...]
       You can see many unfinished models of the boss you're about to face, 
       at the background, shortly before the laughable fight.
    Weather Control
    What looks like a giant futuristic greenhouse has the purpose of studying 
    Reploid behavior and reaction to extreme temperatures. It also has many 
    artificial trees, in a clear "Go ahead and burn them while you're there, 
    we can make new ones out of metal in the future!" message. The charm is 
    being able to control weather ourselves.
    - Power-Ups: Heart, Sub-Tank
    - Mini-Boss: N/A
    - Silk Shot: Leaf
       [Weather Cristal, Not 'Crystal']
       With an 'i', unfortunately. Weather Cristals allow the player to alter 
       current weather for a brief moment with one out of four weapons. You 
       may use a Weather Cristal as many times as you need, but it'll shatter 
       with enough damage. Some enemies display unique patterns in particular 
       temperatures. Check out Chapter IV for details.
               Strike Chain: Normal (yellow)
                Bubble Splash: Rainy (green)
                 Speed Burner: Sunny (red)
                  Crystal Hunter: Freezing (gray)
    Robot Junkyard
    Robot cemetery/limbo. Very nostalgic level.
    - Power-Ups: Heart, Body Part
    - Mini-Boss: Old Robot (x2)
    - Silk Shot: Junk
       [Magna Junk]
       The actual facility is responsible for sorting and sending junk to 
       recycling. Since those massive disposers are magnetic, X is also 
       susceptible to forced ups and downs. Depending on the direction the 
       machine points at, your [and enemies'] jumps will be much higher or 
       much lower. Because so many junk blocks travel at the background, you 
       may use the charged Magnet Mine for an amusing black hole effect that 
       wipes out anything in your path.
       [Old Friends!]
       Take a closer look at the background and you'll find a number of dead 
       robots from the first Mega Man X title. The bee mini-boss found in the    
       highway intro stage is used as a floor tile, the mini-boss from Sting 
       Chameleon's level appears in piles of junk and Metools are everywhere. 
       Garakuta Robot is also made out of X1 enemies.
    Volcanic Zone
    Feel like racing a volcano? With a pumped musical track (reminds me of 
    Deep Purple's "Burn", fittingly), this is the kind of place where taking 
    your time is not recommended. Get ready for a colossal eruption, suicidal 
    robots, melting pillars, gas canisters and lava, lots of lava. This stage 
    is often praised for the absence of bottomless pits and one-hit kills.
    - Power-Ups: Heart, Sub-Tank
    - Mini-Boss: N/A
    - Silk Shot: Rock
       [Selfless Insect]
       The kamikaze Beetron is nice enough to help X make ledges and invade 
       volcanos. If a Beetron disappears, scroll back and it'll show up 
       again, as long as it wasn't killed before. We should face more minions 
       like this.
       [Fahrenheit 21XX]
       Books? In the future, we burn robots alive! Thankfully, X is equipped 
       with the ability to climb walls and dash-jump. As the volcano decides 
       to vomit the unwelcome being inhabiting its stomach, X is caught and 
       forced out of the magma shaft in what feels like a couple of seconds. 
       This section received a well-deserved homage in the anime intro from 
       the PS1/Saturn version of Mega Man X3.
       [Lava and the Polite Columns]
       You won't die in a single touch from the abundant lava in Volcanic 
       Zone, but those weaker pillars scattered around the second half will 
       do their best to invite X for a hot bath.
       [Don't Hit the Gas]
       Take out Morguns before they set gas canisters on fire. Unfortunately, 
       we can't set them on fire ourselves to get back at the enemies, though 
       it'd be kinda pointless to revisit the area just for that.
    Central Computer
    The very nexus of Mega Man X2. Armed with an intricate security system, 
    Central Computer is a base level designed for careful exploration and to 
    make you run like hell at the same time. You'll interact *a lot* with the 
    environment here, though the point is actually to avoid that.
    - Power-Ups: Heart, Sub-Tank
    - Mini-Boss: Chop Register, Raider Killer
    - Silk Shot: Junk
       [*The* Central Computer?]
       X arrives in the reunion place where the X-Hunters were planning his 
       demise. Apparently, that's not the Central Computer from the title, so  
       you'll have to take a look around. In Mega Man Zero, one of the desert 
       mission objectives consists of destroying six computers that look 
       exactly like the one seen here.
       [No Fame]
       The star of the series must avoid the spotlights if he wants future 
       recognition. In Central Computer's first section, yellow tracers will 
       activate Bleckers, which deattach themselves from the ceiling to poke 
       X with their annoying orbs. Not only that, certain fake tiles will 
       fall and reveal bottomless pits. Play stealthily and you're fine.
       [Installer Parade]
       Shooters didn't work, but crushers might. You must think fast here in 
       order to stay clear from gray Installers and destroy the purple ones. 
       Study the patterns. The last Installer is an ally.
       [Solid Rain]
       Soon after the first mini-boss, you'll find a much-too-protected 
       shaft leading down. Spotlights and a few enemies are there to greet X. 
       The following room has a couple of giant monitors that display X in 
       his naked blueprint form. Aside from those, you'll quickly notice that 
       a number of blocks fall from the heavens for no apparent reason. Each 
       spotlight you touch in the previous shaft will increase the speed at 
       which the blocks fall. And that's when you realize that the reason
       they fall is quite simple: to literally block your path, slowing you 
       down for the *real* treat (or threat?) there.
       [Reticle Informant]
       Raider Killer sends a cunning reticle to study X's data. If the 
       falling blocks slow you down and you get caught by the alarm, chances 
       are you're giving ol' Raider some new moves.
       [Last Minute]
       Central Computer is the last area you'll visit in X2. Things you 
       haven't collected on your first trip won't disappear. Extra minutia: 
       if you choose Central Computer at the stage select screen instead of 
       the final insignia, the place will still be arranged for the final 
       [Don't Die, My Darling]
       Lose a life at one of the final battles and you'll be forced to do the 
       whole first half of Central Computer all over again. Ouch indeed.
    Desert Base
    A fast-paced desert-themed level with the one single optional Ride Chaser 
    in the series.
    - Power-Ups: Heart, Foot Parts
    - Mini-Boss: N/A
    - Silk Shot: Junk, Rock, Chamber
       [Ride Chaser]
       Desert Base's main attraction is the hoverbike seen in X2's intro 
       sequence. Unlike future versions of the Ride Chaser, X2's Cheval works 
       a lot like regular Ride Armors, in that you're not forced to use them, 
       may leave 'em behind at any time and may turn left or right as you 
       wish. The whole level was designed for a pleasant Cheval ride, with  
       strategically placed ramps and platforms. Ride Chasers reappear if you 
       go back to one of their initial points and you can literally take it
       to the boss gate if you have skill. Check out the Ride Chaser garage 
       at the background where the first one is found.
       [Silk Shot Chamber]
       To the left of the giant levitating bridge is a tunnel with several 
       Spin Wheel blocks. Clear the path and you'll reach... a dead end? Arm 
       X with the Silk Shot, make sure you have the Arm Parts (X-Buster 
       upgrade) and charge up. Tons of free health power-ups in just a few 
       [Multi-Layered Background]
       The open desert section contains hundreds of dunes in the background. 
       They move/scroll on multiple layers and speed depends on how distant 
       they are, creating a nice 3D-esque effect. Never used again in 16-bit 
       MMX titles.
       [The Perfect Sandstorm]
       One of Capcom's mysterious efforts, the sandstorm machine can be 
       destroyed by crashing it with the Ride Chaser. Aside from a sandstorm 
       filter vanishing, no other consequence is known. You may also destroy 
       it with the Shoryuken.
       [It's No Rocket Science]
       There is no second boss gate in Desert Base. Instead, X hops on a 
       rocket and rapidfires as it takes off. You'll land in the open desert, 
       where Overdrive Ostrich awaits.
    Deep-Sea Base
    Underwater base preceded by an ample rocky structure and jellyfish with 
    affection issues. Classic theme song, restless mini-boss, hiiiiigh jumps 
    and stuff, man...
    - Power-Ups: Heart, Sub-Tank
    - Mini-Boss: Sea-Canthller
    - Silk Shot: Junk, Rock, Chamber
       [Silk Shot Chamber]
       Wait for the first red horizontal gate to open and slide down the left 
       wall. You'll enter a secret room with another dead end... but this one 
       looks kinda different. There's a familiar symbol at the background 
       that hints at something very obvious. Arm X with the Silk Shot, make 
       sure you have the Arm Parts (X-Buster upgrade) and charge up. Yet 
       again, tons of free health power-ups in just a few seconds.
       [Wet Arsenal]
       Following the small tradition that would sadly end in the third game 
       (though, to be fair, Mega Man & Bass and Powered Up made good use of 
       these), some weapons react differently when used underwater. Try 
       Bubble Splash and Speed Burner for a number of entertaining effects.
       [Bubble Bath]
       Deep-Sea Base's open area has several hidden rooms with health power-
       ups and weapon energy. Ready your charged Bubble Splash and enjoy the 
       jumpy ride. :)
    Dinosaur Tank
    A Reploid city is annihilated by a dinosaur-shaped tank of immeasurable 
    size, and X gets to watch the whole thing in the front row. Land vehicles 
    in motion are sort of a recurring Mega Man level theme, having also 
    appeared in Mega Man 5, Mega Man X4, X5, Mega Man Zero, Z2, Z4...
    - Power-Ups: Heart, Arm Parts
    - Mini-Boss: N/A
    - Silk Shot: Junk
       ["Night and Day..."]
       Wave the sun goodbye! Wait a few minutes and the city background will 
       slowly switch from day to night. Pretty cool effect.
       [The Logic That Stands]
       An armor capsule... placed one hundred years ago... on a moving 
       tank... that wasn't even built yet. Okay, then...
       [The Rabbit]
       Ah, that's the stuff. No longer a discardable novelty such as the Ride 
       Armor representing the first game, X2's is a freakin' powerhouse. With 
       hover capabilities and a powerful charged punch, this is the kind of 
       headless mech you wanna show your friends. You'll only get to use the 
       EG-2 Rabbit for a brief part, but it's truly intense while it lasts.
    Energen Crystal
    What appears to be a mining cave. Either that or someone spent future 
    money on a very weird decorator.
    - Power-Ups: Heart, Head Part
    - Mini-Boss: Magna Quartz
    - Silk Shot: Crystal, Chamber
       Slippery slopes for your pleasure. Dash along and you'll pick up 
       insane speed. Going the other way is a bit tricky, but possible if you 
       have patience (and Speed Burner).
       [Not a Triforce Shard]
       Inside the cave, mostly on inclined surfaces, a giant piece of broken 
       crystal will often drop from the ceiling and slide until a hole or a 
       wall finally ruins the party. You can stand on top of 'em, and 
       thankfully, finding them doesn't involve ghost ships or sailing.
       [Cook the Rabbit]
       The Rabbit is available in Energen Crystal as well, and it plays a 
       considerably larger part in comparison with the Dinosaur Tank 
       version. In fact, you can take the Ride Armor a bit further into the 
       level by abusing a programming hiccup that allows X to hop on a 
       crystal block that's just out of reach, if you manage to carefully 
       combine hovering and certain animation frames. Doing this, you can 
       fight Magna Quartz with the Rabbit.
       [Silk Shot Chamber]
       After the large mid-level pit, you'll have to deal with crystal pieces 
       out of control. One of the convenient ladders leads to an empty room 
       with a bunch of Battons that seem to replicate at the speed of light. 
       Pick the Silk Shot, charge it up (again, make sure you have the Arm 
       Parts) and you'll receive free weapon energy instantly.
    North Pole
    In classic Mega Man fashion, the final fortress is basically a rehash of 
    challenging elements seen in previous areas. This time, X-Hunters took 
    control of Santa's land.
       [Separate Ways]
       Levels 1 and 3 in the fortress offer alternate paths at some point for 
       a bit of variety. The one in level 3 leads to the most powerful weapon 
       in the game. Visit Chapter X (Secrets & Tidbits) for more info.
       [Emo 1-UP]
       At the second X-Hunter level, you'll reach a rather convidative wall 
       of Spin Wheel ownage. Destroy it, and... that's a lot of spikes, 
       wouldn't you say? So much that air-dashing and using the charged Speed 
       Burner isn't enough, right? Remember, the charged Speed Burner resets 
       the air dash counter after you use it. Find the lone 1-UP sitting in 
       the corner complaining about life (haha!) and tip your helmet to those 
       clever developers.
       [Broken Path]
       Mystery at X-Hunter Base #4: there's a completely destroyed 
       teleporting device at the start. Hmmm... did it perhaps lead to a 
       place where we don't have to annoyingly refight bosses?
       [Giant Enemy Spikes]
       Bubble Crab has got a hidden trick under his armor to deal MASSIVE 
       DAMAGE to X. His mandatory revenge fight at the North Pole reserves a 
       nasty surprise: the ceiling is filled with deadly spikes. Be careful 
       when Crabby ups the water level.
       [Over here, Overdrive!]
       As soon as X teleports into Overdrive Ostrich's revenge arena, you're 
       strangely free to walk around. The battle won't start until you stop 
     VIII . Items and Upgrades                                       [x2_ip]
    One truly great aspect of Mega Man X titles is that powering up your 
    character is optional, a sidequest of sorts, a bit like what's seen in 
    Metroid games since you have to explore and experiment to find these 
    While the game will become less and less challenging if you have full 
    health and Armor Parts on, it also means that you have more fun gadgets 
    to try out! Plus, working on an optimal path that'll let you grab all 
    optional items as fast and easily as possible shows yet another facet of 
    X2 as a deep videogame.
    Scattered throughout the game and normally hidden, most items will aid X 
    in his quest by improving his stats, mainly health, power and mobility.
    Heart Tanks
    A Heart Tank will increase maximum health by two units. When you collect 
    all eight, X's health bar will be four units larger than the ammo bar.
    [Weather Control]
       - Requirement: N/A
       At the very first screen, climb the left wall 'til you enter the 
       hidden spot with the Heart Tank.
    [Robot Junkyard]
       - Requirement: Crystal Hunter
       Right before the first indoor section there's a Disk Boy 08 playing 
       fool next to the facility entrance. Trap him with the Crystal Hunter 
       and use him as a stepping stone to climb the wall to the right.
    [Volcanic Zone]
       - Requirement: N/A
       - Recommendation: Spin Wheel
       Racing a volcanic eruption is the very epitome of stupidity. Add in 
       how there's an item around and you can see the irony in trying to 
       expand your energy at the cost of your life. Still, turns out that X 
       is equipped well enough for the task. Seek the Bar Waying enemy and 
       use the Spin Wheel or another powerful attack to get rid of it and 
       claim the Heart Tank.
    [Central Computer]
       - Requirement: Stealth
       Past the first set of alarm spotlights you'll see a narrow shaft on 
       the ceiling with a Blecker extending the wall. You can touch the 
       inactive Blecker and climb the wall to find the hidden room holding 
       the Heart Tank. Note that setting off the alarm will activate the 
       Blecker, so you must run by that first short section unnoticed. (Or 
       just race forward and back when the alarm is over.) This Heart Tank 
       will actually still be there if you revisit Central Computer at the 
       end of the game without the item.
    [Desert Base]
       - Requirement: Ride Chaser, X-Buster Parts + Speed Burner or Strike 
       If you manage to take the Ride Chaser all the way through the Desert 
       Base, you may use it to collect the Heart Tank located just after the 
       open desert section. The item is sitting at the end of a spike bed, so 
       be sure to turn the Ride Chaser _before_ you think you should. You can 
       also charge up either the Speed Burner or the Strike Chain and use 
       them along with an air dash to cross the distance without touching the 
       floor, but it'll probably result in death when you get the Heart Tank.
    [Deep-Sea Base]
       - Requirement: N/A
       - Recommendation: Leg Parts
       Don't follow the Sea-Canthller. Instead of dropping when the first red 
       horizontal gate is open, dash-jump to the right wall (above the red 
       gate) and climb it. You'll see a small opening with some energy. Still 
       hugging the right wall, blindly dash-jump or air dash to the left. 
       Grab the Probe, let it take you up and voil.
    [Dinosaur Tank]
       - Requirement: X-Buster Parts + Speed Burner or Strike Chain
       - Recommendation: Nothing! :)
       Halfway through the tank, after you give up the Rabbit, quite hard to 
       miss. Usually, the game demands both the X-Buster upgrade and either 
       the Speed Burner or the Strike Chain to reach the Heart Tank platform. 
       Kill the Tiranos and use the bump for necessary height. However, you 
       can use a cheaper method that doesn't require any weapons at all: 
       tease the Tiranos by getting close to it, so that it'll shoot. Follow 
       one of the shots until immediately before they disappear, then take a 
       hit and quickly dash to the spike wall. Climb it and claim the item. 
       Might take a couple of tries at first, but there's no secret. You can 
       also lure a Ride loid-G and get hit at the top of the ladder, but it's 
       tricky. Abuseth thy invincibility.
    [Energen Crystal]
       - Requirement: Ride Armor, Ride Armor + Strike Chain, X-Buster Parts + 
         Speed Burner + Giga Crush, combination of previous elements
       This one can be collected in many different ways. It's located between 
       the first and second speedy slopes seen in the area. Fall into the 
       hole and head left. You must cross this insane pit with whatever you 
       have at the moment.
       The first method involves another Rabbit programming hiccup: take the 
       Ride Armor to the secret area, stand relatively close to the edge 
       (facing left), fully charge the punch and release it. The Rabbit will 
       hover at least twice as fast when you do this, so much that you'll 
       have enough juice to grab the Heart Tank and backtrack in one go! Tap 
       the hover button instead of holding it down to save fuel. You may also
       cross the pit with the normal Ride Armor dash-jump hover (will carry 
       you about 80% through), then jump out of the Rabbit and use the Strike 
       Chain to cover the remaining feet.
       Alternately, you can abuse the Speed Burner to cross the pit without 
       the Rabbit, but you'll need the X-Buster upgrade and the Giga Crush as 
       well. With this method, you can air dash five times consecutively: air 
       dash once normally with a charged Speed Burner ready (1), release the 
       shot (2), air dash again (3) and pause. Switch to the Giga Crush and 
       use it. While you watch the animation, charge the weapon. Pause, 
       switch to the Speed Burner, release the charged shot (4) and air dash 
       again (5).
       You may combine methods, too, like charging up the Strike Chain 
       instead of the Speed Burner when using the third method, or jumping 
       out of the Rabbit, using the Giga Crush and charging up either Speed 
       Burner or Strike Chain for the same purpose.
    You may store life energy in Sub-Tanks to refill X's health at any time. 
    Sub-Tanks will only register stored energy when your actual health bar is 
    [Weather Control]
       - Requirement: N/A
       Inside the first base with the Probes, take the highest path available 
       and dash-jump to clear the gaps. The Sub-Tank is sitting at the end of 
       that highest set of platforms. You can also cross the room in any way 
       you want and then grab the Sub-Tank from the other end.
    [Volcanic Zone]
       - Requirement: Beetron, X-Buster Parts + Speed Burner or Strike Chain
       First Beetron encounter, just let him take you way up. Jump to the 
       left, right before you both hit the "roof", and grab the Tank. If you 
       wish to spare the poor insect, use a charged Strike Chain or a triple 
       air dash combo with the Speed Burner from a high spot to grab the 
    [Central Computer]
       - Requirement: Installer, X-Buster Parts + Speed Burner
       Before the first mini-boss room there's a very suspicious hole on the 
       ceiling. Cheat the last Installer attack (the one with six blocks; 
       dash-jump or air dash before all six are down), then stop behind the 
       Installer that you can see in position above. As soon as it drops, 
       jump on top of it and ride it 'til it sinks. A dash-jump is enough to 
       grab the right wall of the suspicious hole. You may also use the 
       wonderful triple Speed Burner air dash (though two should be enough) 
       from one of the bumps there if you miss the Installer. Like the Heart 
       Tank located in Central Computer, the Sub-Tank will be there if you 
       visit the final area of the game without the item.
    [Deep-Sea Base]
       - Requirement: X-Buster Parts + Bubble Splash
       - Recommendation: Inclination glitch
       Huge underwater open section, big stony ground with a hidden alcove 
       underneath (you can see a refill shining there). The stone has a 
       slight inclination at the top, to the left. Charge up the Bubble 
       Splash and jump to grab the left wall. Climb it, then hop on the water 
       surface to your right, until you clear the ledge. Turn around and jump 
       to get the Sub-Tank. Note that you can hop on the water surface 
       indefinitely, so take your time and keep jumping until you're 
       confident about moving forward.
       Still, obviously, you'd need to revisit the area in order to use this 
       method (Bubble Splash and all), so there's a small trick to save you 
       some painful backtracking. Reach the big stone and notice the slight 
       inclination I mentioned before. Now run to the left and, as soon as X 
       starts descending (or as soon as he's standing on the inclination 
       while running), jump straight up. You'll see that his jump will be 
       much higher than usual. Grab the left wall and repeat the rest of the 
       process to collect the Sub-Tank. This might take a few tries, but it's 
       totally worth the trouble.
    Armor Parts
    Stylish series staple. Given how important they are to the Mega Man X 
    mythos, it was kinda surprising to find out that they're fully optional 
    here, especially since two Parts were mandatory in X1. Another unique 
    detail is how this is the only game out of the first three that allows 
    you to collect any Armor Parts you want, how many you want and in any 
    order you wish.
    Note that collecting all four Armor Parts halves ammo consumption.
    [Body Part]
    Overall defense is doubled and the Giga Crush becomes available.
       - Location: Robot Junkyard
       - Requirement: Spin Wheel
       At the first indoor section, not far at all, a small part of the floor 
       can be destroyed with the Spin Wheel. It's two blocks wide, right 
       before an odd bump that'll force you to climb past it. You may use the 
       I. Tracer if you're having trouble finding the spot.
    [Leg Parts]
    Ability to air dash.
       - Location: Desert Base
       - Requirement: Spin Wheel
       Final base, after the spike bed with the Heart Tank, behind a very 
       distinguishable wall made of Spin Wheel blocks. 
    [Arm/X-Buster Parts]
    May charge boss weapons, may use the fully charged double X-Buster. X 
    will also climb ladders faster.
       - Location: Dinosaur Tank
       - Requirement: Leg Parts, Strike Chain
       Before the first Switch-type Elevator (to the right of a Tiranos  
       enemy) there's a funny opening above with the left wall of that 
       opening being sort of... stretched. Hug the wall on the far right, 
       jump and air dash to grab the left wall of the small opening. 
       Alternately, the Strike Chain might help you grab the left wall if you 
       don't want to use the air dash. Just make sure you launch the chain at 
       the _start_ of your jump, and not as you fall.
       In fact, you can grab the wall with a very well timed dash-jump from 
       the far right wall, but I don't personally recommend it since you'll 
       depend on a really annoying clipping exploit. The idea is to dash-jump 
       off the far right wall in a way that makes X start his jump from the 
       very first pixel of the wall instead of six or seven pixels "within". 
       That's interestingly just enough to reach the opening. Jump once as if 
       you were climbing the wall, but as you hit the wall again, immediately 
       dash-jump to the left before X is "in" the wall. Much easier said than 
       done, of course.
    [Head Part]
    The I. Tracer becomes available.
       - Location: Energen Crystal
       - Requirement: N/A
       After the mini-boss, large gap with all the bats, can't miss it. Slide 
       down the left wall and cross the corridor.
     IX . The X-Hunter Affair                                        [x2_xh]
    X-Hunters' role in the story is clear early into the game: defeating a 
    second Maverick will trigger an ominous cutscene, where our shadowy 
    guests reveal that Zero's Parts are in their possession and that X will 
    have to break an oily sweat to have 'em back.
    But how do X-Hunters influence the player's choices during the adventure? 
    In other words, how is gameplay affected?
    Mega Man X2 was the first game in the Mega Man universe to feature 
    optional boss fights. Finding and beating the X-Hunters for Zero's Parts 
    will reward the player with different cutscenes and events. Understanding 
    the conditions and mechanics behind their involvement is the only way to 
    guarantee those rewards.
    Violen, Serges and Agile hold one Zero Part each, and they only give 'em 
    away _before_ the eight Mavericks are defeated.
    The overworld map at the stage select screen will have a new function as 
    soon as the X-Hunters decide to join the party: their exact location will 
    be marked -- that is, the area where each of them appears. Every time you 
    exit a level - by defeating the main boss, escaping or dying -, the 
    remaining Hunters will relocate.
    NOTE: X-Hunters only appear in areas where the Maverick boss has _not_ 
          been defeated yet.
    An X-Hunter will vanish permanently if:
       1) You enter an area where one of the X-Hunters is located, defeat the 
          Maverick and don't beat the X-Hunter. In this case, you can no 
          longer get the Zero Part he was holding.
       2) You defeat the X-Hunter. In this case, you earn the Part he was 
    X-Hunter Arenas
    When an X-Hunter appears in a particular area, you must still find him 
    there if you want to accept his challenge. They'll be waiting for you in 
    one of the eight optional X-Hunter Arenas, each of 'em located somewhere 
    in one of the eight Maverick levels. They're normally hidden or demand 
    accomplishing a task to become available.
    [Weather Control]
       - Requirement: N/A
       In the giant lift section. Instead of hopping on one of the elevators, 
       dash to the other side and slide down the wall. You'll see a large 
       health power-up and the entrance gate.
    [Robot Junkyard]
       - Requirement: N/A
       - Recommendation: Leg Parts, X-Buster Parts + Speed Burner
       Soon after you deal with the first Old Robot mini-boss, you'll stumble 
       upon a ladder on the floor. Climb down, take out the first Disk Boy 08 
       you see and use your imagination to grab the ledge. You don't need any 
       equipment, though using Leg Parts or a charged Speed Burner will make 
       things much easier.
    [Volcanic Zone]
       - Requirement: Lure a Beetron
       When you find the second wave of Beetrons, lure one of 'em into 
       crushing the highest thin wall. Exit to the right.
    [Central Computer]
       - Requirement: N/A
       - Recommendation: Stealth
       A vertical passage leads to the enormous room with the falling blocks 
       in Magna Centipede's area. If X is tracked by a spotlight, it'll cause 
       the falling blocks to drop faster. You can imagine the horror if every 
       spotlight manages to target X. Should one of the blocks fall right in 
       front of the X-Hunter Arena entrance gate, you won't be able to enter.
    [Desert Base]
       - Requirement: Spin Wheel
       Behind the first Aclanda scorpion. Use the Spin Wheel to break through 
       the rocks.
    [Deep-Sea Base]
       - Requirement: Destroy the Sea-Canthller before it docks
       The room is located at the Sea-Canthller's docking spot. Don't enter 
       the base that leads to Bubble Crab; dash-jump to the left wall and 
       follow the path until you find the room. If you still can't find it, 
       follow the Sea-Canthller but make sure you destroy it before it docks. 
       If the X-Hunter is there, a red door locks the room and the battle 
       starts. The door on the upper-right corner of the room will open when 
       the X-Hunter is defeated.
    [Dinosaur Tank]
       - Requirement: N/A
       Take the last Switch type Elevator available (it's the second 
       vertical) and skip the first exit. It'll lead to an extra life and the 
       X-Hunter Arena. If you defeat the X-Hunter, a door will open to the 
       right. There's a large health power-up on the first platform you see, 
       behind the steel pillar.
    [Energen Crystal]
       - Requirement: Ride Armor
       This one can be kinda tricky. You need the Ride Armor. Past the first 
       giant crystal shard that slides down, look for a piece of solid floor 
       with a ladder and keep moving forward. You must use the platform where 
       a Refleczer is stationed at and dash-jump + hover to the ladder floor. 
       There, use jumping Ride Armor punches to destroy the first two crystal 
       blocks and clear a passage. Exit the Ride Armor, climb onto the new 
       opening and use the floating Probes to reach the entrance gate. The 
       exit will open to the right. Careful with the spikes on your way out.
    Zero's Parts
    Ultimately, the X-Hunter predicament offers a couple of different 
    situations to take advantage of, both involving Zero's Parts. There are 
    two possible scenarios. *SPOILERS* ahoy.
       1) You defeat the X-Hunters before all Mavericks are wiped out. X 
          gathers Zero's Parts and delivers them to Dr. Cain, who rebuilds 
          Zero as we know him. Sigma appears with a half-assed [but really 
          awesome-looking] version of the blonde. Zero enters the room and 
          destroys the pirate copy himself. After the credits sequence, real 
          Zero shows up to thank you for playing the game.
       2) You fail or ignore defeating the X-Hunters before the first North 
          Pole stage. Sigma appears with the real Zero, rebuilt and 
          reprogrammed for evil. An epic fight between Zero and X takes 
          place, but Zero's conscience eventually awakens. At the closing 
          screen, fake Zero will thank the player instead.
      - Gathering one or two of Zero's Parts will not affect anything.
      - Defeating the X-Hunters in optional battles does not affect the 
        mandatory second encounters. You cannot skip or alter those.
     X . Secrets & Tidbits                                           [x2_se]
    Very hidden stuff.
    It couldn't have been any different. X1 had the Hadoken, so X2 followed 
    the trend with the Shoryuken. Fear not, for getting it isn't as tedious 
    as the equally overpowered fireball in the first game. To be able to use 
    the Street Fighter trademark, you must have:
      - 4 Sub-Tanks (they do _not_ have to be full)
      - 4 Armor Parts
      - 8 Hearts (X's health bar will be 4 units larger than the ammo bar)
      - Full health bar
    At the third X-Hunter Base level, you'll eventually reach a branching 
    point, with a menacing spiked wall to the right. The low path takes you 
    to the end of the level normally, and is much easier, but the high path 
    has our secret reward. First of all, lure a Batton Bone type-G and use 
    the Crystal Hunter to freeze it. Hop to the new platform, grab the 
    ladder, climb it up.
    Take care of the Disk Boy 08 and either freeze the Batton Bone or kill 
    it. Air dash or dash-jump your way past the spiky floor, arm the Silk 
    Shot and kill both Garakuta Robots. Make sure you have full health (use 
    one of your Sub-Tanks if you don't) and proceed. Switch to the Speed 
    Burner and charge it. This is the tricky spot. You have to air dash and 
    stop just before you kiss the rightmost spike wall, then face left and 
    release the Speed Burner before X bites the dust to make the 1-UP ledge. 
    It's not easy to do, and you'll probably retry many, many times until you 
    get the hang of it. Once you do, however, it's cake. Conveniently enough, 
    you'll restart right at the branching point and there's a 1-UP near Disk 
    Boy 08, so retrying isn't a big deal at all.
    If you succeed, slide down the left wall until you enter a hidden room. 
    If all requirements have been fulfilled, you'll see a capsule. Dr. Light 
    will shout some hilarious nonsense and grant you the Shoryuken. It comes 
    with extra height and neat-looking flames a la Ken. No kiddy "Shoryuken!" 
    voice, though, which is a bummer.
    Forward, down, down-forward + attack in a single, smooth move. Like 
    Street Fighter games, the command takes some getting used to, but deals 
    unbelievable damage. Most enemies and bosses will die in a single hit, 
    and it destroys several things it shouldn't (Spin Wheel blocks, crystal 
    blocks, Ride Armor wall at the Dinosaur Tank, sandstorm machine).
    You need full health to use this power.
    Zero in my Soup
    Finish the game without collecting any Armor Parts and Zero will appear 
    during the Cast scene, more specifically just as the screen transition 
    happens. It's very brief, but kinda cool as a reward. Good to know that 
    developers thought of these challenges back then.
    Five Consecutive Air Dashes
    Also known as Let's Break Speed Burner. Air dash once normally with a 
    charged Speed Burner ready (1), release the shot (2), air dash again (3) 
    and then pause. Switch to the Giga Crush and use it. While you watch the 
    animation, charge the weapon. Pause, switch to the Speed Burner, release 
    the charged shot (4) and air dash again (5).
    Invisibility Click
    At the stage select screen, click on the "X" icon to make levels' general 
    stats disappear. Click again to go back to normal.
    The Holy Commonly Missed
    Gameplay features the game never shows or warns the player about. Some of 
    these were already mentioned in the guide, but are still worth checking 
    out from a different angle.
       [X-Buster x2]
       Firing a regular X-Buster pellet while dashing or dash-jumping deals 
       double damage to enemies and bosses. In many cases, this is actually 
       more effective than using proper weaknesses.
       [Weapon Cancel]
       Instead of pressing L or R multiple times to re-equip the X-Buster on 
       the fly, press L and R simultaneously.
       X may hop on a water surface indefinitely: simply jump as soon as you 
       touch the water. It will also reset the air dash counter. Quite a 
       lenient feature, despite not working on fights against Bubble Crab.
       [Fast Climber]
       Collecting the X-Buster Parts not only lets the player charge boss 
       weapons, but also makes X climb ladders much faster.
       [Double Resources]
       When you collect the four Armor Parts, ammunition required by every 
       single boss weapon is halved.
     XI . No Upgrades Challenge                                      [x2_nu]
    If you're looking for definitive proof of Mega Man domination, this is 
    the way to go. It's not the hardest thing you'll ever do in a videogame, 
    but it's certainly a fresh approach. The idea is to run X2 with bare 
    minimum requirements, the "low percent" equivalent of Metroid titles.
    Mega Man games are not the kind of thing walkthroughs were created for, 
    so this little guide is essentially a compilation of hints and highlights 
    about the challenge.
    Why Do It?
    Choose one or more:
    [ ] Games get old and I need that extra incentive to keep the flame lit.
    [ ] I need those bragging rights. Gimme!
    [ ] It's the hardest thing I can do in this game.
    [ ] Other: _____________________
    Do it! Do it!
    The Rules
    1. No Heart Tanks. This means you'll have only 16 health units.
    2. No Sub-Tanks. This means you'll have only 16 miserable health units.
    3. No Armor Parts. This means you cannot cut damage in half or air dash 
       or fire the uber dual shot or Giga Crush or... *sigh*
    4. No Zero Parts. You have to fight Zero at the end of the game. Doesn't 
       sound all that complex until you realize there are two more bosses 
       after that, with no health pickups between.
    5. Boss weapons are your call. Honestly, I've completed this challenge 
       both with and without special weapons, and the difference is not that 
       huge with the exception of two fights. If you want the ultimate badass 
       title, ignore the boss weapons, but don't feel bad if you follow all 
       but this rule. Even because Mega Man games without weapons lose much 
       of their appeal.
    The Heads-Up
    Just a little perspective:
    1. Violen 2 is the cheapest guy ever. You will hate him.
    2. You must go through some of Central Computer plus the final bosses 
       in one life. There is no boss gate or any other check point.
    3. Fortress, as usual, must be conquered in one sitting.
    4. You will need extreme luck in one or two situations.
    5. You will probably need extreme luck in four or five situations.
    The Hints
    - You should always have 9 lives before you enter a hard battle. There 
      are easy 1-UPs at the beginning of Weather Control, Robot Junkyard and 
      Deep-Sea Base. Collect, escape, repeat.
    - If you're going without weapons, master the dash shot. You won't always 
      have time to charge your buster and then shoot. By using this technique 
      you'll cut a boss battle time by 30% or so, which is very important in 
      an endurance challenge. Visit Chapter X for details.
    - Fortress in one sitting in Mega Man games is a big deal. People hate 
      this. You don't want to be tired in the middle of your lucky run, so 
      feel free to pause the game and take a breath or do something else 
      before tough boss fights.
    - Some players are more than accustomed to the default control scheme in 
      early X games, but no matter how we break this, sometimes it's hard to 
      juggle charge shots, jumps and constant dashing with one hand. Using 
      one of the shoulder buttons to dash can help a lot during X2's frantic 
      boss encounters.
    The Weaponless Boss Hints
    For bosses I consider tricky in this challenge.
       [Flame Stag]
       More difficult without his weakness because Bubble Splash traps him in 
       a loop. Climb a wall and shoot him while he wall kicks. Be careful not 
       to get caught in his vertical dash.
       [Magna Centipede]
       More difficult without his weakness because Silk Shot gets rid of his 
       tail. Mastering the dash shot is very important here, because there's 
       a good chance you'll spend most of the battle without charge shots.
       [Violen 2]
       Do not miss a single opportunity to shoot. This is a western duel. You 
       will die eventually because his bouncy spike ball attack is too cheap, 
       so you better finish him faster. Sorry, not much of a hint, but that's 
       because there's no other way. :( There's always the possibility that 
       Violen will ignore the bouncy attack and just stick with his other 
       moves, so don't give up.
       [Serges 2]
       My personal order of cannons: top, bottom, 2 from top, 3. The second 
       half of the fight is very easy if you play it safe and anticipate each 
       spread shot.
       [Sigma Virus]
       You will probably get lots of health pickups during this fight. Try to 
       memorize his pattern and especially lure him after the laser beam in a 
       way that makes him spit the wireframe spheres from above X and not in 
       front. Usually works like this: stay glued to a wall, high enough, and 
       when he's _almost_ done with the laser beam, jump as high as you can 
       and drop to the middle of the room. Dash behind him, shoot the enemies 
       and repeat.
    Good luck!
     X2 . FAQ                                                        [x2_fq]
    You know the deal!
    Q: Why do you list enemy HP if all it takes to kill them is one or two 
       shots from the recommended weakness?
    A: For comparison and curiosity. Plus, when you're running the game with 
       only the X-Buster keeping you company, it works pretty well as an 
       amateur difficulty measuring device.
    Q: Do you plan to add individual damage data for every single enemy 
       attack in the game?
    A: Right now I don't see how that would help anyone. In my eyes it's more 
       important to know how the enemy attacks, how to defend yourself and 
       how to counter.
    Q: Do you have any updates planned already?
    A: Yes. I will add an OHKO item to the Enemies Chapter (IV) showing what 
       weapons can kill each enemy in one hit.
    Q: What do you think is the best Mega Man game ever?
    A: The best is Mega Man 9, followed by MM2. My personal favorite is the 
       ultra zany Mega Man 3. Counting only the X series, I consider X1 more 
       memorable and more important, while X2 is deeper and more refined.
    Q: Do you plan to write a guide for another Mega Man game?
    A: If _you_ like this one, I don't see why not!
     XIII . Contact                                                  [x2_co]
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