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                        The Fighting Edition 

Complete Move List By KageKaze

Release 2 (11-16-98)
   All Tabs Removed



        1.  CHARACTERS
        3.  SECRETS
                A>  GETTING IVAN OOZE
                B>  KOMPUTER KOMBATANTS
        5.  KEY
        6.  MOVES


(from left to right)

Top Row:
Thunder Megazord
Ninja Megazord
Shogun Megazord
Mega Tigerzord

Bottom Row:
Lord Zedd
Silver Horns

Hidden Character:
Ivan Ooze



Below your life line is a super power bar.  When you do a
special move when this bar is full, your moves will do more
damage and may fire more projectiles depending on what
character you have.  If you do it just right, you'll also
move up to the next power level.  On the 3rd power level,
the power bar will turn into lighting, meaning that you've
reached your maximum power.  Then all your special moves
will be upgraded without having to wait for the power bar
to reach full.  This also means that you can preform your
characters Super Move.  Using your Super Move will put
your power bar back at zero, so you may want to use some
powered moves before you activate your Super Move.



When selecting your character, Hold down X + Y and push START
        *(only works in Fighting Mode)*

Ivan does not fight conventionaly.  He's a very unique
character.  Ivan flys, so your directional keys control
his flight movement.  He can stay in the air (jump
height) indefinately, but he cannot block.  Knowing how
to dodge and be heavy on the offensive can be your best
assets as Ivan Ooze.  Ivan does not appear to have super
moves either, but if you play as him abit, you'd realize
that he doesn't need it!  =)



In Fighting Mode (Vs. Mode) if you push the SELECT button,
you will notice that "Player" is replaced by "CPU".  This
way, you can challenge any character you want as any
character you want.  For example you can play as Ivan Ooze
against a computer controlled Ivan Ooze.  This is also a
way to watch computer controled fights.



Y       --  Weak Punch
X       --  Strong Punch
B       --  Weak Weapon
A       --  Strong Weapon
L       --  (not used)
R       --  (not used)
Select  --  (not used)
Start   --  Pause



Weapon          --  Any Weapon
S.Weapon        --  Strong Weapon
W.Weapon        --  Weak Weapon
Punch           --  Any Punch
S.Punch         --  Strong Punch
W.Punch         --  Weak Punch
2atk            --  Any 2 Attack Buttons
U               --  Up  (Goldar and Lipsyncher only)
T               --  Toward
B               --  Back
DT              --  Down Toward
DB              --  Down Back



Thunder Megazord--

Lunge Punch             --  T + S.Punch
Fireball                --  D, DT, T + Punch
Uppercut Barrage        --  T, D, DT + S.Punch
Rising Uppercut         --  T, D, DT + W.Punch
Sword Combo             --  D, DB, B + Weapon
Dive Kick               --  D + 2atk
(SUPER) Thunder Crush   --  D, DT, T, D, DT, T + S.Punch

Ninja Megazord--

Flying Kick             --  <jump>, D, DT, T + Punch
Spinning Rise           --  D, DB, B + Punch
Slashing Combo          --  D, DT, T + Weapon
Spinning Jump           --  <jump>, D, DB, B + Punch
Fire Bomb               --  D + 2atk
(SUPER) Ninja Clones    --  D, DT, T, D, DT, T + S.Punch

Shogun Megazord--

Backhand                --  T + S.Punch
Fire Wave               --  D, DT, T + S.Weapon
Upper Fire Wave         --  D, DT, T + W.Weapon
Sword Cyclone           --  D, DB, B + S.Weapon
Low Sword Cyclone       --  D, DB, B + W.Weapon
Stomp                   --  D + 2atk
(SUPER) Spire of Fire   --  D, DT, T, D, DT, T + S.Weapon

Mega Tigerzord--

Wind-Up Punch           --  T, D, DT + Punch
Energy Ball             --  D, DT, T + Weapon
Double Kick Dive        --  D + 2atk
(SUPER) Pheniox Strike  --  D, DT, T, D, DT, T + S.Punch


Air Dash/Jump           --  T, T  or  B, B
Double Jump             --  U, U
Spinning Kick           --  <jump>, D + S.Punch
Heel Kick               --  <jump>, D + W.Punch
Music Strike            --  D, DT, T + S.Punch
High Music Strike       --  D, DT, T + W.Punch
Heel Dive               --  D + 2atk
(SUPER) Energy Sphere   --  D, DT, T, D, DT, T + S.Punch


Fly                     --  U. U
Straight Kick           --  T + S.Punch
Eye Beams               --  D, DT, T + Punch
Air Eye Beams           --  <jump or fly>, U, UT, T + Punch
Sword Uppercut          --  T, D, DT + Weapon
Dive Kick               --  D + 2atk
(SUPER) Energy Strike   --  D, DT, T, D, DT, T + S.Punch

Lord Zedd--

Far Lightning Strike    --  D, DT, T + S.Punch
Near Lightning Strike   --  D, DT, T + W.Punch
Magnetic Hand           --  T, D, DT + Punch
Teleport (High)         --  T, DT, D, DB, B + Punch
Teleport (Low)          --  T, DT, D, DB, B + Weapon
Teleport Grab           --  DB, D, DT + Punch
Staff Dive              --  D + 2atk
(SUPER) Fingertip Spears--  D, DT, T, D, DT, T + Punch

Silver Horns--

Swipe                   --  T + S.Punch
Ground Pincier          --  D, DT, T + Punch
Pinciers                --  T, D, DT + Punch
Claw Drill              --  D + 2atk
(SUPER)Lightning Strike --  D, DT, T, D, DT, T + S.Weapon

Ivan Ooze--

Spark Punch             --  W.Punch
Energy Ball             --  S.Punch
Near Fire Collums       --  W.Weapon
Far Fire Collums        --  S.Weapon
Homing Fireballs        --  D, DT, T + Punch
Invulnerable Strike     --  T, D, DT + Punch



This FAQ is Copyright KageKaze (Troy Ludwig), this document may
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