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Mortal Kombat II for SNES glitch/secret list
BONUS: OCF's Mortal Kombat II Game Genie Codes version 4.0
Filename: mk2snes.v09
December 9th, 1994
Revision 9
Send comments/additions/corrections to (that's me).

What's New (changes since the last revision) --------------------------------
* Assimilated OCF's MK2 Game Genie Codes into this file.
* New glitches
* New stuff is marked with <NEW!!>

Coming soon  ----------------------------------------------------------------
* A FAQ of MK 1 arcade glitches, as soon as me and AL can get some free time!
* Rats will take over the world with me as thier leader.

Overview --------------------------------------------------------------------
Why not a FAQ?
Secret Select codes
Alternative intro to game
Tournament mode
Game genie codes
Bugs/Glitches that keep the game interesting

Why not a FAQ? --------------------------------------------------------------
Somebody else already did a FAQ.
The FAQ contains all the arcade moves, fatalities, etc..
Mine only has SNES specific codes, cheats, etc...

Secret Select codes ---------------------------------------------------------
These codes work in 1 Player mode only. (except for "extend fatality time")

You can combine any code that doesn't involve getting to a secret character.
In other words, if you do the code to get to Kintaro, then do the code to get
to Smoke, you will just end up fighting Smoke.

While at the screen where you choose your character, push the following
directions followed by select. You can do it anytime before both players have
chosen their character. As soon as you hit select after doing the movements,
you will hear the same exact sound that you hear when you choose your
character (same pitch and everything). If you are not hearing the sound after
pressing select, try it faster (you have to be fast). You can also combine
any code except for the ones that involve skipping to secret characters. For
example you can fight Shao Kahn and win with an uppercut and a jump kick
(Super Strength + Fight Shao Kahn).

Example: Down-Up-Right-Up-Left-Select will give you super strength.

D U R U L = Super Strength- CPU only. Your hits 4X damage, their's 1/4 damage
L U R D L = 30 Kredits
U U L U D = Extends time to do the fatality/friendship/babality/pit/spikes
R U U R L = Skip to Shao Kahn. Just as if you got there legally.

The following codes work as follows. You play the named character, and you
play them forever until you lose (get the "push start to continue" screen).
At that point you play someone else, then play the game normally (as in playing
against Shang Tsung until you win the game) just as if you got there legally.

U L U U R = Skip to Smoke,                   then play from Shang Tsung.
U D D L R = Skip to Jade, then smoke,        then play from Shang Tsung.
L U D D R = Skip to Noob Saibot, then Smoke, then play from Shang Tsung.
U D D R R = Skip to Kintaro,                 then play from Shao Kahn.

hey dummy, don't forget to hit select after the movements!

Alternative intro to game ---------------------------------------------------
Hold L and R buttons, then reset game. hold buttons until screen turns red.
Shao Kahn comes out, points, taunts, Kintaro comes out, stomps logo, Kahn
points again, game starts. See it for yourself!

Tournament mode -------------------------------------------------------------
Hold L and R buttons and hit start at title screen (where you can choose
between starting, or options) to get into a 4 person endurance match. Choose
your character by hitting left and right (hit select to get random select).
When you lose, the next character you chose pops down and you fight them
until you lose all 4 characters.
Note that they always jump in from the side they started in. So after you kill
on of their players, you can snatch them out of the air if you're Jax or
Scorpion. But they can do the same to you if you're not careful. As soon as
you jump in, you can do a move 'in the air' before you hit the ground. Kung
Lao's aerial kick is really good for this. Well, you get the idea. There are
a lot of strategies involving the time that the character jumps in.

Bug: Getting to smoke in this mode is very strange. Instead of fighting
Smoke, you will fight the first fighter of your opponent's 4 fighters, and
then the other 3 will either hold a direction on their controller (eg. they
will duck the entire round), or just stand there and let you waste them.

Reminder: Random select in this mode -- hit the select button.

Game genie codes ------------------------------------------------------------

* Stolen with permission......

OCF's Mortal Kombat II Game Genie Codes
by Orlando C. Fernando (
SNES Version 4.0
Last Updated: 11/29/94

Codes have been tested.  Additional "safe" effects may be possible, esp. w/
character specifics' finishing move codes.  CPU stands for the
computer opponent.  Names in [] brackets indicate outsiders that discovered a
certain "side effect" from the code (bulleted by the dash).
Interruptible's are codes whose move effects can be interrupted in
mid-execution.  Some code effects are harder (intermediate) or very hard
(expert) to use, but useable nonetheless. The codes all took a long time
for me to come up with, so go crazy with 'em folks!

This will probably be the final major version of this FAQ, unless I
stumble on some earth-shattering boss code or something in the near
future (in my dreams!).

        -45 new functional codes added (indicated by ! following code).
        -new effects/warning found for older codes 78, 128, and 152.
        -"In the Works" replaced with "Imperfect Codes," codes left entirely
         for you to play with if you want to perfect them...and there are
         QUITE a few juicy ones that demand more modification!
        -short "Programming Basic Tips" included for any future code-breakers
         out there destined to find a Kintaro code, Akuma code, or whatever :I

OCF1    82A2-3D6E       Damage Meters Covered
OCF2    97AD-3D6E       Fighters Need No Names
OCF3    1BED-1497       All Projectiles are blackened or neon
OCF4    F9A9-CFF7!      Player 2/CPU has some blackened weapons, blood, and
                         finishing moves
OCF5    F9AC-CFF7!      All Weapons, Blood, Finishing Moves Blackened / Shang
                        Tsung Morphs, Morphed Finish Moves Are Yellow/Blue Neon
OCF6    CD3B-C7AC        Background Strobe/Flicker on Some Rounds
OCF7    2462-3F0F       Background Doesn't Move
OCF8    5D3B-3D6E       Fighters Stay Posed before Fight
OCF9    CFE4-44B7!      Fighters and Finishing Moves are Invisible
OCF10   1B28-140A       Player 2/CPU Always Wins "In Writing"
OCF11   7E6B-340F       Players move across ground / "Conveyor Belt" effect
                        (even in Armory Stage!)
OCF12   92BB-4767       Blood "Spurts Out" Differently
OCF13   82B4-34A4!      Blood Falls Like Rain / Slight Game Slowdown
                        (turn off to complete body part explosion fatalities)
OCF14   4780-CD0A       Camera Always on Left-Side Player / Players can
                        Walk through each other / Make use of FULL Screen!
                        -slight odd effects on Dead Pool stage when jumping
                        -COMBOS (be on right side, off-screen):
                         Reptile's Teaser: Force Ball - Two Acid Spits
                         Sub-Zero annoying Re-freeze: Freezeball - Freezeball
                          etc. (timed right, victim will thaw as next arrives)
                         Kung Lao Surprise: Straight Hat Throw - Teleport+Kick
                                                                (33% damage)
                         Rayden Surprise: Elect Bolt (let it hit) - Teleport+
                          move a little closer - Shocker (33% damage)
OCF15   82E4-1D6E!      Screen Doesn't Darken Upon Finishing Moves
OCF16   5EEC-370A!      Projectiles & Other Special Moves May Create Neon
                         Artwork of Kung Lao
OCF17   5538-3FAA!      Most Projectiles Don't Explode On Contact / Some
                         Moves Missing Animation (fan lift,whirlwind spin,etc.)
OCF18   4661-CDAA       Jax n' the Shadow A (try an energy wave)
OCF19   4661-C46A       Jax n' the Shadow B
OCF20   886C-146A       Jax's Energy Wave Pose Altered
OCF21   1726-3FDE       Mileena's Roll looks more like a "ground scraper"
OCF22   9581-4D27!      Kitana's Fan Lift Produces Ghost of Sai-Stabbing Mileen
OCF23   DDBE-1F67!      Kitana's Fans Throws Are Extremely Bloody! (if connects


OCF24   E2BA-3D6E       No Finishing Moves
OCF25   5C85-C4F7!      No Friendships
OCF26   8888-C797!      Dramatic Pause Before Friendships
OCF27   DD88-C797!      Friendships Executed Immediately
OCF28   5688-470A       Moving Forward Prevents Contact
OCF29   5DBC-3D6E       Screwy Referee for Sore Losers
                        -player 1 always wins Round 1
                        -winner of Round 2 wins match, but...
                        -player 1, even losing, always gets the finishing
OCF30   4385-47AA       Players can walk through each other
                        -all close range fatalities can now be done "on top

                         of" victim (overlapping them).
                        -new Liu Kang's "Bust the Oooooh Move" fatality
                         (perform cartwheel fatality on top of victim)
OCF31   1BED-1D27       Player Select can be done Invisibly
                        (always turn off before a round actually
                        -can turn back on during round for
                        invisible/stationary projectile effects
OCF32   80E5-1F0A       Fighters Don't Pose on Player Select Screen
OCF33   11B7-3D0E       Cooler Player Select Screen ([Jenn]don't random select)
                        -fighters are shadows.
                        -Rayden "electrifies" when selected.
OCF34   18B5-C4F7       Wins too "exhausting" for Player 1
                        (without a finishing move)
OCF35   B68A-1F6A       CPU/Player 2 is Stationary (nice punching bag!)
OCF36   81E2-CDAA       Crossing Opponent Stuns Him/Her
OCF37   CEC2-3F6E       Win One Round to see your OWN Ending!
OCF38   1B2C-140A       Rounds End Quickly, Regardless of Finishing Move
OCF39   2C3E-3FF7!      Loser is More Dazed than Usual!
OCF40   2C3A-3727!      Loser Sprawls on Ground, Avoiding a Fatality


OCF41   00E0-3DAE       Sound off on Menu Screens
OCF42   B162-EF76       Sounds more like a "Genesis" version (no
                        announcer, sounds missing, etc.)
OCF43   6D61-EF76       Music Sped Up (Porky Pig Announcer)
OCF44   9366-EF76       Sounds of Quiet Snorkelling (louder sounds
                        come out like blowing big bubbles)
OCF45   1DB6-EF76!      Evil-Sounding Background Music
OCF46   E820-8F76!      Bass Has Buzzsaw-like Sound
OCF47   E860-8F76!      More Bass Than Strings In Music
OCF48   C1BB-5F76!      Less Strings In Bkgrd Music / Finishing Music Lingers
OCF49   258A-C797       Friendships Declared...Babalities???
OCF50   8882-CD97!      Friendships Declared...Fatalities???
OCF51   003B-EF56       Some Finishing Moves have New Audio
                        (Warning beeps, etc.)
OCF52   793B-E476       Some Finishing Moves Play a Musical Tune
                        (esp. Johnny Cage's and Rayden's)
OCF53   8866-146A       Jax's Energy Wave has Pop Audio
OCF54   33B6-376A!      Kitana's Air Fan Throw Has Pop Audio
OCF55   33B9-346A!      Kitana's Fan Throw (long range) Seems To Scare Opponent
OCF56   B584-170F       Scorpion's "Flame" Fatality Has New Audio
OCF57   E18E-44D4       Shang Tsung's "Soul" Fatality Has Neater Audio
OCF58   B261-CD27!      Extra "Uh!" when Shang Tsung Defeats Opponent
OCF59   1B61-CD27!      "Toasty!" Audio when Shang Tsung Defeats Opponent
                        -tons of other audio possible by changing 1st 2 digits
                        -my favorite ones ;) :
                          04: "Fight!"          OA: "Gotcha!"   15: "Superb!"
                          09: Woman's Scream            54: Dead Pool Sound
                          17: "You will die mortal!"    1F: "All too easy!"
                          14: "You weak pathetic fool!" 06: Raiden's Cry
                          1D: "Is that your best?"      94: Liu Kang's Gobble
                          65: Some Odd Audio            10: A Guy Scared Silly!
OCF60   016B-CD27!      Round 1 Means...Friendship!
                        -exact same wacky 2-digit possibilities as previous cod
                        -TIP: use 17 to make "Round, you will FIGHT!" ;)


OCF61   41B0-CF27       All Attacks Often Have Longer Range
OCF62   41B0-C797       Punches on Right Side of Victim Useless /
                        Liu Kang's "Cartwheel" Fatality Tamer
OCF63   9AB4-47AE!      Projectiles are Short-Range on Left Side
OCF64   41B0-CDF7       Ground Projectiles & Ground Freeze Useless
                        -CPU's will occasionally inflict damage
                        -air projectiles still inflict damage
OCF65   F722-34AF       Fallen CPU Temporarily Immobile
                        -watch out, it's sometimes a trap!
OCF66   B5E9-3F0F       Shang Tsung's Uppercut Useless
OCF67   21B6-3707!      After Successful Uppercut/Roundhouse, Get Invisible
                         Weapons & Minor Screen Changes
OCF68   423F-3D6E +     Automatically Duck (blocked or not) Rapid
        AB34-3D6E       Punches & Projectiles (40% of time)
OCF69   AA38-3FAA!      Projectiles, Other Special Moves, & Finishing Moves
                         Have Odd Pauses (don't do teleport moves)


OCF70   B163-3D6E       Liu Kang's Standard Fireball Stuns Himself
                        -opponent can do strange combos, which could
                         even inflict damage on himself!
                        -[Jenn] Opponent "flickers" if hit stunned Liu Kang
                         with certain special moves
                        -[Jenn] mirror morph possible. For e.g., "try Liu's
                         (Player 1) bicycle kick while 'being' Scorpion
                         (as player 2)..."
                        -[Jenn] "Flickered" Shang Tsung makes odd fireballs.
                        -do Rayden's Friendship in his "flickered"
                         state (exhausting!)
                        -Kung Lao can do 3 "hits" with Whirlwind Spin
                         near victim upon Finishing Move time
OCF71   2BB4-47DA       Liu Kang's New Change-up Fireballs (interruptible)
                        -TIP: Fireball CPU from a distance, CPU will stay
                         ducked.  Go up & throw CPU & he'll fly into it!
                        -[Richard] Extra "pain" can occur during Fatalities
                         if Liu Kang's fireball "sits" over victim
                        -[Richard] ...even possible on victory poses if
                         winner touches the overhead fireball (e.g. Kitana)

OCF72   6535-3D6E       Reptile's Special Reverse Invisibility A
                        -doing reverse invisibility (the move twice) gives
                         you "shadow" invisibility.
                        -other Reptile oddities (Liu Kang's Bicycle Kick
                         won't make Reptile reappear, possible to do
                         fatality on an invisible Reptile)
                        -[Trent] If Shang Tsung and are a "shadowed" Reptile
                         morph, you can still be "shadowed" when you
                         lose morph!  Can do ANY Fatality Invisibly on victim!
OCF73   6535-3DDE       Reptile's Special Reverse Invisibility B (Player 1)
                        -doing reverse invisibility makes you invisibly
                         stuck until hit <FROWN>, but is excellent for doing
                         invisible tongue fatality!
                        -To do invisible tongue, upon "Finish Him/Her" stand at

                         appropriate distance, do invisibility twice, perform
                         tongue fatality.  Now us SNESers CAN do it!
OCF74   C1B9-3DDF!      Reptile's "Tongue" Fatality Leaves Less Blood
OCF75   C1B2-3DDF!      Reptile's "Tongue" Still Leaves Victim Bloodily Intact

OCF76   3663-1F6A       Jax's Energy Wave has much longer recovery
OCF77   3663-17AA       Jax's Energy Wave passes opponent without harm
OCF78   DD6F-CD0A       Jax's Energy Wave is Stationary
                        -very effective vs. Shao Kahn!
                        -COMBO A: Set up Energy Wave (near opponent's face)
                         - walk up + "Wide Out" Quadruple Slam (50% Damage)
                        -COMBO B: Set Wave - "Far Out" Gotcha Grab (45% Damage)
                        -NIGHTMARE COMBO (expert): Set Wave - Turn Around Kick
                         - Air Back Breaker - Ground Smash (55% & lots of pops!
                        -Upon Finish Time, set wave, jump to other side of
                         victim, & perform an unusual "Arm Rip" Fatality!
                        -try other unusual fatalities, being Shang Tsung,
                         morphing to Jax, setting wave (in front of or behind
                         victim), and doing another morph's fatality (e.g.,
                         Tsung's "Soul" & Baraka's "Torture" displaces victim)

OCF79   4960-3DAE       Kung Lao's Hat Throw has longer recovery (if connects)
OCF80   57E9-CD0A       Smokin' Kung Lao
                        -do hat throw to get "charged," wait until you're hit.
                        -[David] Hat throw close to opponent may cause
                         "spontaneous combustion" (declared a "fatality"
                         at round's end if you win!)
                        -[Trent] Odd reactions by opponents after explosion.
OCF81   57E9-C4AA       Kung Lao's New Stun Beam! (vs. CPU) (do hat throw)
                        -New possible combos:  (Safe) Jump Kick - Stun Beam -
                         Teleport w/ Kick;
                         (Risky) Jump Kick - Stun Beam - Whirlwind Spin
OCF82   51E9-CD0A       Kung Lao's New Levitator! (do hat throw, get hit)
                        -don't do Fan Lift on Levitated Lao.
                        -turn off to resume normal hat throw if desired
                        -Levitated Teleport will oddly glitch, but opponent
                         can eventually punch him out of it.
                        -Fatalities on Levitated Lao are weird (Kitana kisses
                         his feet, Johnny Cage nut punches his heads off then
                         Lao lands in his hands, etc.)
OCF83   DD32-4DDA       Kung Lao's Air Kick Has "Float" if Connects
OCF84   DD33-47AA       Kung Lao's Air Kick Won't Bounce if Blocked
OCF85   C93C-44AA       Kung Lao's Air Kick Causes Multi-Hit 75% Damage
OCF86   C938-440A       Kung Lao's Air Kick Can Pass Through Opponent
                         if Connects
                        -COMBO (intermediate;VS. CPU): Air Kick - Whirlwind Spi
OCF87   2231-440A       Kung Lao's Air Kick has Longer Range

OCF88   AA6D-47AA       Johnny Cage's Low Green Bolt Disabled
OCF89   DD6D-47AA       Johnny Cage's Low Bolt Keypresses does High Bolt
OCF90   22B5-140A       Johnny Cage's Green Bolts Can Be Launched Quicker
OCF91   22B8-17DA       Johnny Cage's New Homing Missile! (throw green bolt)
                        -causes harmless trip animation after
OCF92   6DB5-CDDA       Johnny Cage's New-Range Green Bolts
                        -low bolt is multi-range triple spread!
                        -high bolt is super-high-and-level
OCF93   ECB9-C70C       Johnny Cage's Torso Fatality Randomly Altered
                        -sometimes "And? And? Come on?" Fatality
                        -other times, "No Hands Ma!" Fatality
OCF94   F3B5-C76C       Johnny Cage's Torso Fatality "Splits" Differently
                        -Baraka's split is DISGUSTING!
OCF95   DC37-3D0E       Johnny Cage's "Header" Fatality Sends Heads Right Down
OCF96   DC37-3DDE       Johnny Cage's "Header" Fatality Makes Heads Shoot Away

OCF97   1727-3D0E       Mileena's Teleport Kick Has Better "Dropback"
OCF98   1724-3D0E       Mileena's Teleport Kick Has Major "Float"
OCF99   172D-3DAE       Mileena's Teleport Kick Kills (Unblocked)
OCF100  DD28-346E       Mileena's Roll More Defensive
                        -only travels when close to opponent
                        -switch DD digits to EE to prevent roll from
                         bouncing up when blocked.

OCF101  06E1-17A4       Kitana's Fan Lift Useless
OCF102  33B1-346A!      Kitana's Fan Throws Has Major Recovery
OCF103  11BE-340A!      Kitana's Fan Throws Are Slightly Higher
OCF104  3DB1-3F0A!      Kitana's Ground Fan Throw Disabled
OCF105  BAB0-3F0A!      Kitana's Ground Fan Throw Has Major Delay
OCF106  33BB-3F6A!      Kitana's Air Fan Throw Has Major Delay
OCF107  BAB6-3F0A!      Kitana's Low Air Fan Throw Is Tossed Along Floor!
                        (throw air fan just before landing)
OCF108  C6C8-44A4       Kitana's "Kiss" Fatality Makes Quicker Explosion
OCF109  C6C2-4F04       Kitana's "Kiss" is Just a Kiss (awwwwwwh! :)
                        -don't do Shang Tsung's "Vapor" Fatality
OCF110  C6C9-44A4       Kitana's "Kiss" Victim Forever Expanded!
OCF111  C6C6-44A4       Kitana's "Kiss" Gives Victim a Final Moment,
                        then...Fatality (cone-like organ parts, ewww!)
OCF112  C6CE-4704       Kitana's "Kiss" & Shang Tsung's
                        "Vapor" Fatality Levitates Kit/ST to Heaven...

OCF113  06EC-17AF       Sub-Zero's & Reptile's Slide Useless
OCF114  FF84-170A       Sub-Zero's Ground Freeze Worse (hard to uppercut victim
OCF115  EE84-170A       Sub-Zero's Ground Freeze Better
                        (after ice, duck.  Better chance of getting
                         uppercuts if opponent slips away, 'cuz you "slide")
OCF116  CC84-170A       Sub-Zero's Ground Freeze Can Corner-Warp Both Players

OCF117  226F-470A       Scorpion's Trick Spear (interruptible)
                        -can "pullback" spear (tap BACK as last motion)
                        -hit any button to interrupt cast or grip
                        -BLOCKABLE COMBO: Pullback spear (wait until
                         casted) - Teleport (10% blocked damage)
OCF118  5735-C4AA       Scorpion's Teleport Transports Him (and
                        Opponent) To Opposite Corner
OCF119  5734-C4AA       Scorpion's Teleport Goes Random Places
OCF120  B58C-146F       Scorpion's "Flame" Explodes Differently (skull rises)
OCF121  B584-146F       Scorpion's "Flame" Fatality Randomly Altered
                        -one is normal.
                        -another is "Victim Spared".
                        -yet a third is "Watch ME Explode!" (love it!)

OCF122  06E7-34DF       Rayden's Body Launch Pushes/Passes Opponent Unharmed
                        -SURPRISE COMBO: Teleport - Body Launch - Shocker
OCF123  06E7-3DAF       Rayden's New Uppercut Lightning Bolt! (80% of time)
                        -DISTANCE JUGGLE COMBO (VS. CPU,): Lightning Bolt
                            - keep tossing more each time CPU falls down.
                        -COMBO (expert): Lightning Bolt - Teleport (wait a
                         little) - Shocker/Uppercut (25% damage w/uppercut)
OCF124  C538-1D0E!      Rayden's Teleport Returns Him To Same Side
OCF125  C535-1D0E!      Rayden's Teleport Is Quicker

OCF126  ADBA-C7B7!      Baraka's "Torture" Fatality Slips Victim Between Blades

OCF127  E239-1497       Shang Tsung Becomes Neon after Losing Morph Power
OCF128  E23B-1727       Shang Tsung Becomes Stuck in Morphing State after
                        Losing Morph Power
                        -good handicap for expert Tsung players.
                        -stuck to round's end even in won/lost pose.
                        -if attacked, can do one quick move before "refrozen"
                        -try morphing only upon Finish Time, then do a
                        morphed fighter's finishing moves (most of them).
OCF129  E23B-1D27       Shang Tsung Becomes Frozen Statue after Losing Morph
                        -see 1st three notes from previous code
                        -try morphing only upon Finish Time, then do a
                        morphed fighter's finishing moves (most of them)
                        to do a "Floppy Fish" Act! ("Reverse Leapfrog" better?)

OCF130  E18C-47A4       Shang Tsung's "Soul" Fatality Zaps Soul Differently
OCF131  E18A-4DD4       Shang Tsung's "Soul" Just Wilts Victim's Body
OCF132  E183-4DD4       Shang Tsung's "Soul" Is Faster!
OCF133  E182-4DD4       Shang Tsung's "Soul" Keeps that Soul a-Glowin'
                        -code 5583-4DD4! produces slight variation.
                        -use code E18E-4F64! to extend "suck" audio.
OCF134  E18B-47A4       Shang Tsung's "Soul" Exorcises a Kung Lao Spirit
                        Out of the Victim (ooooooh!)
OCF135  32C1-4D27!      Shang Tsung's "Soul" (round 1) causes a demo game
                         next round, then game over (unless you rejoin)
                        -must combine with Fatality every Round code B2B8-3D6E
                         (not derived from myself)

OCF136  EE67-470A       Shang Tsung & Scorpion Have "Walking" Projectiles
                        (intermediate) (interruptible)
                        -after projectile keypresses, tap BACK (to go back),
                        FORWARD (forward), or BLOCK (normal).
                        -TSUNG UP-CLOSE COMBO: "Forward Walk" Triple
                         Fireball - Elbow (tap HIGH PUNCH)
OCF137  D367-470A       Shang Tsung, Scorpion, & Rayden Have Reverse
                        Projectile Capabilities (expert) (interruptible)
                        -tap last keypress twice to fire in correct
                         direction (e.g. for Rayden: Quarter Circle -
                         LOW PUNCH - LOW PUNCH)

OCF138  AAB9-4D64       Reptile's "Tongue" & Johnny Cage's "Torso" Fatalities
                        Has Funny "Disappearing Acts" (not like code 102's)
OCF139  203B-C7F7       Decapitation Fatalities Altered (Johnny
                        Cage, Kitana, Baraka)
                        -do Cage's "3 Header" on victim at or near corner
                        (at is best!) for "Take It Outside"
                        -otherwise, Cage does "Look Ma, No Heads!"
                        -Kitana's and Baraka's can even make
                        victim disappear!
OCF140  9F38-C4F7       Decapitation Fatalities Leave a Frozen Body Part
OCF141  3EB5-4FD4       Severing Fatalities Cause "Disappearing Acts"
                        (Johnny Cage, Kitana, Liu Kang, Reptile, etc.)
                        -Don't do Johnny Cage's "3 Header" Fatality
OCF142  C0CD-3467!      Body Part Explosion Fatalities Shifts Winner a Bit
OCF143  C0C1-3D67!      Body Part Explosions Wipe Out All Parts
                        -use variation C0C0-37D7 to leave 1 bone from Raiden's
                         "Shocker" Fatality
OCF144  3DC3-CFA7!      Body Part Explosions Keeps Parts in a Pile
OCF145  C0CC-3467!      Body Part Explosions Suspend Parts
OCF146  C0C9-37D7!      Body Part Explosions Dances Parts Along the Top
OCF147  C0CF-3467!      Body Part Explosions Leave Some Parts Top, Some Bottom
                        -some parts drop later in some fatalities
OCF148  4DEE-1F0A       Everyone's Second Fatality Altered (predictable)
                        -to either "Death by Projectile" Fatality (Kitana's #1)
                        -or "Phantom Launch" Fatality
OCF149  4DEE-1F6A       Everyone's Fatalities Altered (Player 1)
                        -one fatality is like previous code's effects
                        -other is always "Morphed Kung Lao Slicer"!
                        -don't do Spike Fatality nor Player 2 Fatalities
OCF150  81E7-CF0A       Fatality causes a spazz-out until you do another
                         non-fatality move (e.g., special move, friendship)

Imperfect Codes:

OCF151  1720-37AE       Mileena's Teleport Kick produces Roll Combo!!!...then
                        blacks out.  Suspected that changing the first two
                        digits in code may unglitch it.  Any volunteers to try?

OCF152  E3B7-EF76       Sounds like Rap Music (mostle just drums, effect/words
                        rapped), tends to blackout upon uppercuts, Force Ball
                        hits, choosing Tournament, and possibly other actions.

OCF153  E4E8-3FAA!      Baraka/Johnny Cage's Projectiles Can Produce Fighting
                         Doppleganger!! (20% change of blackout)
                        -should turn off once produced dopple until next round.
                        -don't use Tsung's, the ninja's, Jax's, Kang's, nor
                         Mileena's projectiles until dopple is "activated".
                        -subsequent projectiles (from anyone if Shang Tsung)
                         can recreate different ground & air dopples.
                        -TIP VS. CPU: set dopple in corner, hit CPU so that
                         he/she bumps into dopple.  Dopple will do throws,
                         throw projectiles, or even do multi-hit juggle combos!
                        -odd occurences during fatalities if dopple is around.
                        -can get stuck at times, but still playable.

OCF154  6FB9-C797!      Loser can still fight during Finishing Move Time!! /
                         No Fatalities
                        -very similar to the code discovered by Neto San
                        -amusing for Shao Kahn matches.
                        -works best when combined with "fatality every round"
                         code B2B8-3D6E (may freeze without this 2nd code)
                         and/or Player 1 always wins each match
                        -simpler alternative is to turn on only during
                         winning match for either player.
                        -both winner and loser can do their friendships!
                        -loser can stop you from doing your friendship
                         even if completed, & it's declared a "Fatality"!
                        -if attack "Babality" baby, will turn back to adult!
                        -if no finishing move is successfully performed, CPU
                         can beat up on you.
                        -doing finishing move at last possible moment may
                         cause game freeze.
                        -loser not receiving finishing move nor not attacking
                         winner may also cause game freeze in 2-player game.

1) Play around with first 2 digits of an existing code.
2) When testing, play as Shang Tsung and do different morphed character's
        special moves and finishing moves to experiment.
3) Enter published codes B2B8-3D6E (finish every round) and DDB5-1FF7
        (Player 2 quick kill) to test finishing moves quicker.
4) Remember that on some occasion, several codes can cause just 1 effect.
5) Mix 1st 4 digits with one existing code with the last 4 digits of another.

--  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --
My thanks to the "Rat"man and John D. Evans for additional INTERNET
support of this FAQ.

Special Thanks to Jenn Dolari, Richard Y. Choi, David Charles Marotti, and
Trent Troop for their bloodhound investigating of the "side effects".

Please send any ?s, problems, or comments to
Play on!

                                                "Mortal Kombat Rules On!"

Bugs/Glitches that keep the game interesting --------------------------------
These are fun things you can try to keep the game fun. The one's that also
work in the arcade aren't included here. Or at least I haven't tried them in
the arcade! :)

    Players: This means who you have to be, and who the victim has to be.
Description: How to do the bug and other comments.

*** in order of newness to this list ***

(part of this also works in the arcade)
    Players: Any male ninja (Sub-zero, Scorpion, Reptile), Baraka, Lui Kang
             vs. Anybody
Description: If you kill the victim with a throw, the victim can get off any
move, special move (including morphing), friendship, babality, or dead pool
just before going into their death stagger (where they just look like they
are loosing their balance waiting for you to kill them). You can't do a
fatality, pit/spikes or babality, but any special move will work. If the
victim does a friendship/babality, the winner is free to move around and bash
them out of it, or anything except a fatality/ babality or pit/spikes.
  -- There are many possiblities with this.
* Pick shang tsung and morph into someone who can do the throwing, and you can
morph into someone else after they are dead. Then you can do many combonations
of double friendships.
* Have the winner be Scorpion, and since you have to kill them with a throw, tr
the air throw! This means you haven't hit any punches and both players can get
off a friendship/babality.
* Reptile's invisibility works. So you can pick reptile, and have an invisible
person kill Reptile. Or try using the shang tsung trick, and turn into
Raiden, have the victim turn invisible, and do Raiden's uppercut fatality
(you will never even see reptile die).
* Dead pool. Nuff said.
* <NEW!!> If the loser is  Kung Lao, do the shield move (just rap really fast
on up and LK) and have the winner get smashed by it. You can do the move
again and again! If Kung Lao didn't hit punch, you can do the shield move,
and if you hit your opponent with it immediatly, Kung Lao can do the
friendship/babality right right after.

    Players: Anybody vs. Shao Kahn
Description: If you win by running out of time, he will just snap into his
winning pose after the first screen flash.
Variations: If you make it run out of time when Shao Kahn in in the air, and
you end up being the winner, provided the move you did to put Shao Kahn in the
air does not kill him, it will crash.
Notes: Previous FAQs said that only Katana's fan lift would do this, but any
move that sends Shao Kahn into the air will crash it.

    Players: Baraka or Kitana vs. Kintaro
Description: If you do Baraka's blade fury or Kitana's fan throw to Kintaro
while he is in the corner, he won't land. I think this works in the arcade

    Players: Sub-zero vs. Computer or Human anybody
Description: ** This one is a rewrite of a bug that was in here before. **
Win with Sub-zero. Make it so you're fairly close the the center of the stage.
Do the perma-freeze, then jump over them and do it again. Look behind you,
see it? If not, jump away from them, then towards (so that the screen scrolls
back so you can see more), then do the perma-freeze again. See it? The idea
here is to do the freeze, then get on the other side of them and make it so
that you can see what's way behind them. There is the freeze going
in the opposite direction. Do it and you'll see what I mean. Notice the area
where the perma-freeze hits them. It doesn't "bounce" off them where the ice
is hitting their body. This is probably what that is behind you.
You can correct this by doing it the perma-freeze normally, but as far away as
possible. Don't jump over them or anything, just do it, but as far as
possible without being so far that you can't do it. (redundant, but you know
how some people are!)

    Players: Shang Tsung vs. Lui Kang
Description: At 'finish him' morph into Sub-zero, perma freeze until you morph
back, then morph into Jax, then do head-pop fatality. His color map will be
screwed up, and Lui Kang's body will look extra bloody.

    Players: Scorpion vs. Anybody
Description: After doing the harpoon, you can usually do another one that is
not blockable. Even works against the computer!

    Players: Raiden vs. Anybody
Description: This is extremely hard to do, but since it's consistent, I
decided to include it. If Raiden is his at the same time as he is warping,
he will appear wherever he warps to in his 'getting hit' animation. If you
warp unscathed, you did it too soon. If you simple get hit, you did it too
late. Looks great with Baraka's blade fury or Sub-zero's ground freeze.
Missile weapons are easiest to do this trick with (letting Raiden get hit
with the missile weapon of course).

    Players: Jax vs. Jax
Description: If you do his arm ripoff fatality, the victim's arms won't land.

    Players: Jax vs. Raiden
Description: If you do his arm ripoff fatality, Kung Lao's arms will appear
instead of Raiden's.

    Players: Reptile vs. Shao Kahn
Description: Win the game with Reptile. But be invisible. Instead of doing
his pose, he will just stay invisible.

    Players: Anybody vs. Shao Kahn
Description: If you win by running out of time, he says "No, No, No!" even
though he's frozen in time from running out of time.

    Players: Shang Tsung vs. human or computer
Description: Morph into Sub-zero. Wait until the last second before you morph
back, then freeze the ground. After you morph back into Shang Tsung,
immediately do single-flaming skulls really fast (tap back and HP really
fast). This causes the ground freeze to disappear (which is a SNES bug in
itself) and the Flaming skull will turn into Kung Lao for a second, or
flaming skull will disappear (among other strange things).

    Players: Shang Tsung vs. Computer (anybody, even hidden characters)
Description: When the computer is kind of far away, do single flaming skulls
really fast. If they don't just keep ducking, you're doing it too slow. After
a time (it can happen anytime from a second to a minute) they will just slide
across the screen at you in their ducking pose! Try it to see what I mean.

    Players: Lui Kang vs. Human Anybody (works for me best with Cage)
Description: Have victim continuously jump straight up. Charge up the bicycle
kick. This takes some timing. If you can high-punch them AS they are jumping
up, and immediately do a bicycle kick, they will go very very high up and you
will see the ceiling. This crashes the game often.

    Players: Baraka or Kitana vs. Kintaro
Description: Baraka and Kitana are the only one's I know that can do it.
Maybe others can, I don't know. All you have to do, is kill Kintaro any
round with either the blade fury or a fan throw making Kintaro land in the
corner. The bug is that Kintaro won't land, he'll just be half-fallen.

    Players: Baraka, Jax, Lui Kang vs. Computer anybody
Description: This is more of a stupid-computer bug. Just continuously keep
doing Baraka's blade spark, Reptile's spit, Jax's Energy Wave, or Lui Kang's
low-fireball (but they usually block it), and the computer will keep jumping
away, and into your projectile like a moron.

Kredits ---------------------------------------------------------------------
A friend and I figured out all the bugs, but the codes were from other FAQ's
and the USENET newsgroup (thanks guys!)

The following contributed in the form of additions/corrections:
(without their permission, of course)
Orlando C. Fernando ( for Game Genie codes.
Edward Charle Allen (
Jeff Kilsdonk (
Rapid Veta (

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