• Codes

    AFC and NFC teams in Pre-Season ModePress Y, B, Y, B, Y on the Copyright screen
    Rookie TeamsPress Start, Y, Down, Y, Start, Start on the Copyright screen

    Contributed By: LaxSean182.

  • Codes that are usable during gameplay

    Enter the following codes at the legal/copyright screen for the code to take effect. You will hear a "Click" noise if the code works. Also, you must first unlock the code on the cheat code screen while playing Simulation mode (Historic, not Custom) by beating a certain amount of the Simulation scenarios.

    Blackout Mode (Play on a pitch black field during the game.)Start Y Down Start Y Down
    Chaos Ball (All 13 other previous codes activated simultaneously.)Down Start A Y B Down
    Fumble Mode (The first two possessions of each play, if the player is hit, that player will fumble the ball).A Y B A Y B
    Iguana/Acclaim Mode (Enable Iguana/Acclaim teams in preseason mode.)Down Y Down Down Y Down
    No Fumble Mode (No matter how hard you hit a player, no player will fumble the ball during the game.)B Y B Y B Y
    No Play End/Late Hit mode (As long as a player is on the ground, you can dive with another player and the play will keep going.)B Y Start Start Start Start
    Power Team Mode (Any team you pick will be a powerhouse/have maxed out or near maxed out attributes.)B Y Down Y Start Start
    Speed Burst Mode (Hit X during a play to active a players unlimited speed boost. Hitting another button after X usually cancels the effect.)B Y A A Y Start
    Spring Mode (Players are tossed in the air at random times by springs.)Down Down Start Down Down Start
    Stealth Mode (CPU team's players becomes invisible.)Start Start B Start Start B
    Super Slippery Mode (Players will slip and slide all over the field no matter what the weather and field conditions are.)Y Y Y Y Y Y
    Up and Over Mode (Each dive performed in the game is an up and over dive.)A Y Start Start Y B

    Contributed By: gogamerscott33.

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